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--"I will curse him that curseth thee!"--Gen.12:3.

1. (MARIA: I WAS TELLING DAD ABOUT POOR KITTY & all the mistakes she was making & that the situation seemed similar to Lydia's problems in the past where it had seemed she was so accident-prone. It seemed like Kitty was the same way. He said that she needed to be more careful & prayerful & move slower, because a lot of times when you're in a hurry & you're impatient & you move fast, it results in these accidents happening in an unguarded moment. So he prayed for her:)
2. LORD REBUKE THE ENEMY WHO IS TRYING TO DEFEAT HER & YOUR WORK & PLEASE DELIVER HER! You know the words "hindering spirit" just came to me! It came in a flash sort of like it had something to do with her parents, like her parents had cursed her with a hindering spirit because she joined us. But the Lord is able to deliver her. There are curses, you know, & only the Lord is able to protect from them. In that flash, I could see her parents, like they have cursed her with a hindering spirit. People have a certain amount of spiritual power, we just have to be delivered, & the Lord is very able to do it.
3. SHE JUST HAS TO CLAIM THE VICTORY & REBUKE THE DEVIL, quote Scriptures against him, & "Resist the Devil & he will flee from her." (Jam.4:7) Of course she doesn't want to make those mistakes, so it's got to be the Devil that's hindering her.
4. (MARIA: I DON'T THINK THAT MOST OF OUR FAMILY REALIZE THAT A REAL CHRISTIAN CAN BE CURSED IN SOME CASES.) Do you remember me telling you about Kathryn Allison, one of Mother's dearest friends & most faithful supporters? I can remember how she sent Mother $5 or $10 a month for years when that was a lot of money & it was a big help, & she could always count on it. She was saved in Mother's meetings in Pennsylvania, but her mother was a witch & witchcraft was quite rampant in Pennsylvania.
5. WE'VE HAD EXPERIENCES WITH SEVERAL PEOPLE THAT SUFFERED FROM CURSES. This is a very appropriate story for Kitty, because it was Kathryn Allison's mother who cursed Kathryn because Kathryn received the Lord! Her mother was a practicing witch in Pennsylvania, & Kathryn knew that her mother was able to do real weird things, etc. At this time Kathryn was still sort of wavering under her mother's influence after she got saved & was supporting my Mother's ministry in Pennsylvania in some of those meetings. Kathryn was an old maid school teacher.--Well, she wasn't all that old, I can remember her being about 40, but her mother was about 70 or 80, a very old woman but still a practicing witch. So when Kathryn got saved in one of our meetings, she went home & told her mother about it, & oh, her mother cursed her! She finally left her mother & went to living alone & taught school. She taught school all those years, that's why she was able to help support us faithfully with donations.
6. I DON'T REMEMBER EXACTLY HOW IT CAME ABOUT but we came back to hold another meeting in Pennsylvania close by & Kathryn came out to our meetings again. She at this time lived separately from her mother. But she had to go visit her mother for some reason or other, since she was quite old, & her mother told her not to go to our meetings. She said, "If you go to those meetings I'm going to curse you again!" And Kathryn said, "Oh, I don't believe in that stuff anymore. I don't believe that you can do that to me anymore!" Even though she knew the Lord, Kathryn didn't realize it was possible, she thought somehow or another that she was completely free now of her mother & her mother's power, & so she pooh-poohed the idea & said, "You can't do me any harm anymore, you can't do anything to me, I have the Lord & the Lord will take care of me & protect me." Her mother said, "Oh yeah? Well, just until you get home & see! You open up your pillow & see what's inside! You're going to find some really strange things."
7. WELL OF COURSE, THE THING I THINK KATHRYN REALLY SHOULD HAVE DONE WAS NOT TO HAVE BELIEVED IT OR EVEN LOOKED! But when she got home she ripped open her bed pillow to see if what her mother said was true, to see if her mother did have such power. And to her amazement, she found the feathers in the pillow woven into all kinds of shapes & forms like owls & snakes & fiendish things of the Devil!
8. WELL, IT NEARLY SCARED KATHRYN HALF TO DEATH! She came to us for prayer & was afraid of her mother & afraid of the Devil who was trying to scare her. See, the Lord hadn't let the Devil touch her, but Satan was just saying, "Boo!" to scare her & try to frighten her & upset her to test her. But my Mother prayed & rebuked the Devil & rebuked the curse & rebuked her mother, & as I recall, Kathryn's mother died just a few weeks later! The Lord really took care of her & Kathryn was completely free & liberated after that. But she did have some other weird experiences during that time before she really rebuked the Enemy, although that's the one I remember that was the most outstanding to me as a young boy.
9. (MARIA: SO PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY PUT A CURSE ON YOU AFTER YOU'RE SAVED?) Those who are filled with the Devil, even people who are supposedly Christians, self-righteous Christians who think they know the Lord & even think maybe they're saved, they can curse someone, thinking they're doing it in the Spirit of God, while actually they're of their father the Devil! And since they worship the Devil & they're faithful to him, even though they may not realize it, he'll do'm favors, so if they curse a person, if the person is not protected by the Lord, it can really hurt them. This is how all this witchcraft & occult operates. (Maria: I know, but what about in the case the person is protected by the Lord?) I said if they're not protected by the Lord it can really hurt them.
10. WELL, YOU SEE, THE LORD DIDN'T ALLOW THE DEVIL TO ACTUALLY HURT KATHRYN OR KITTY ANY or touch her, her body or her spirit, but he was just trying to upset her, mischievously, trying to make her hit the wrong buttons on the computer & things like that. (Maria: Yes. It's not been anything that couldn't be repaired, nothing that bad.)--Just a mischievous hindering spirit that's trying to hinder her work for the Lord, & it has something to do with her parents. I got that immediately, it has something to do with her parents. Maybe she really needs to really [DELETED] get them completely out of her mind & maybe just turn around & curse them from the Lord! (Maria: She has pretty much cut it, but maybe she needs to go further.) Maybe she really needs to curse them in the Lord. If they're going to curse her like that & cause her trouble, then just tell the Lord to take care of them like He would any enemy!
11. BOY, MY MOTHER USED TO DO THAT & I KNEW OTHER MEN & WOMEN OF GOD THAT DID THAT! There was one dear old brother in New Kensington, Pennsylvania who had been a pickpocket in his early days in London & he had gotten wonderfully saved & was pastoring an Alliance Church in New Kensington. But the elders of the Board wanted a young new fancy pastor & they wanted to kick this poor guy out. So he invited us to come for a meeting & he told us his story. It was really interesting especially for a little boy like I was then, all these stories about his crime in London when he was young. He had been a regular professional pickpocket but he had been wonderfully saved & filled, but now he was old & these board members wanted to get rid of him & get a young pastor they thought would be more aggressive, etc. He didn't want to build a new church & he didn't want to do all the fancy things they wanted him to do.
12. SO HE SENT FOR US TO COME HOLD A MEETING, & HE TOLD US WHAT HAD HAPPENED. He had been having trouble with those board members. I think they were three different men who were sort of controlling or trying to control the board, & he told us how within one year all three of them died suddenly under very unusual circumstances, that he literally cursed them in the Lord!--By the power of the Spirit he had cursed them.
13. CHRISTIANS CAN CURSE PEOPLE TOO YOU KNOW, IF THEY DON'T BEHAVE OR GET IN THE LORD'S WAY! You've heard me curse some before, & things have happened because if ... how about that, I just got that verse! I hadn't thought of that ever before along that line.--Hmmm. Well, praise the Lord! The Lord curses some people you know! He told Abraham He would curse them that cursed him, so maybe she can claim that verse. Her parents must have cursed her, so she can just pray the Lord will curse them. For it says, "I will bless them that bless thee & curse them that curse thee."
14. ABRAHAM WAS A GOOD MAN, A RIGHTEOUS MAN, BUT HE WAS BEING CURSED BY SOME OF THE DEVIL'S PEOPLE, SO THE LORD SAID HE WOULD CURSE THEM. So it has something to do with her parents. That's what I got just like a flash! It's just so simple, those little revelations. I mean I don't know what prompted it. I do think I started to pray for her. (Maria: You were praying for her, you asked the Lord to rebuke the power of the Enemy...) I prayed for her that the Lord would help her & it immediately came to me it's a hindering spirit & that it was a curse sent by her parents!
15. SEE, THOSE IN TUNE WITH THE DEVIL CAN LITERALLY PRAY TO THE DEVIL THAT HE'LL SEND HIS ANGELS OR HIS HINDERING SPIRITS TO BOTHER PEOPLE! This is common knowledge in the occult & in witchcraft, that zombie stuff & sticking pins in dolls & all that kind of stuff. It's the Devil's own evil spirits that do the dirty work, sent by Satan as the result of a devoted follower of the Devil. They may even think they're Christians & be church people & think they're serving the Lord, but at the same time really not serving the Lord but the Enemy. You know good & well when they caused her all the trouble they caused her they weren't serving the Lord, they were serving the Devil.--They even kidnapped her!
16. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK THEY COULD HAVE POSSIBLY PUT THIS CURSE ON HER WITHOUT DOING IT DELIBERATELY & SPECIFICALLY SAYING "I CURSE HER," BUT JUST BY THEIR HATEFULNESS?) Yes, just because they hate us!--Just their wishing to cause her trouble because she won't leave us. Just their wishing in their hearts that something evil will befall her or that she'll have trouble or she'll get fed up with us or she'll get sick & come home or whatever, just wishing that evil on her, that's a curse, that's cursing!
17. (MARIA: AND IT WORKS FOR SOME PEOPLE & OTHERS IT DOESN'T? SOME PEOPLE MUST BE IN MORE DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE ENEMY OR HIS FAVORITES for whom he does favors because a lot of people have hate in their hearts for others, but it doesn't necessarily cause trouble. Some evidently have Satanic power.)--Those who are really in tune with the Devil & really not working for the Lord but the Enemy, I'm sure the Devil is happy to do them favors, & of course he's always happy to cause us trouble, especially if it's a child of God, which she is obviously & has been faithfully serving the Lord in spite of them.
18. SO THEY PROBABLY HAVE "WISHED" HER OR US TROUBLE--YOU COULD CALL IT A WISH IF YOU WANT TO, BUT IT'S A CURSE--they wished this on her, wished she'd have trouble so that she'd quit us or give up. So the Devil granted their wish by sending her a hindering spirit. It's that simple, since they obviously are pleasing him through their opposition to her & to us. You know if they don't receive us, they're not receiving the Lord. "He that is not for Me is against Me" (Mt.12:30), & if they're against us, you know they're serving the Devil. It's just that simple. No matter how much they go to church or claim to be Christians, let me tell you, if they're fighting us, they're fighting the Lord & serving the Devil! So the Devil is happy to cooperate with them & try to cause us trouble.
19. THAT'S WHAT I GOT ALL IN AN INSTANT FLASH!--THAT THIS IS A HINDERING SPIRIT AS A RESULT OF A CURSE FROM HER PARENTS! It can happen. She just needs to recognize it, claim the victory & rebuke the hindering spirit, have the Home gather together & lay hands on her, pray for her & rebuke the hindering spirit & ask for a complete deliverance. And she may have to deliberately pray against her parents, outright pray against them that the Lord will either deliver them or hinder them in some way, really pray against them. Maybe I could put it so strong as to say, curse them, ask the Lord to curse them for their defiance & rebelliousness against the Lord & His children & for causing her trouble. It says, "I will trouble them which tribulate you." (2Thes.1:6) So she has a perfect right to pray the Lord will give them trouble so they'll stop troubling her. She has to rebuke that evil spirit & those behind it.
20. (MARIA: WHAT IF NOW THEY'VE STOPPED TROUBLING HER & are resigned to her wishes & have found there's no use actively fighting her anymore?) If they have not repented & asked for forgiveness, God will not forgive them--it's that simple. (Maria: And any curse that they put on her, even a long time ago at the height of their anger, still remains, right?) As long as they're controlled by the Devil. As long as they're serving the Enemy, & in fighting us & fighting her they're bound to be serving the Enemy no matter how good Christians they pretend to be.
21. (MARIA: WHAT IF THEY STOPPED FIGHTING US, but they never really have made a full repentance & said they were completely wrong & that they were fighting the Lord?) Well then the Lord hasn't forgiven them, so therefore they're still in sin. (Maria: And so therefore their curse is still in effect?) Yes, & therefore the curse of the Lord is still on them because they're not forgiven. Their evil attitude toward her has got to still be there or they would have asked for forgiveness. Because their own hearts & their own spirits are still against her & against the Lord's Work, yes, the curse is still in effect, their curse against her, because they're still serving the Devil.
22. THE LORD HIMSELF SAID, "THE TIME WILL COME WHEN HE THAT KILLETH YOU WILL THINK THAT HE DOETH GOD SERVICE," THINK OF THAT! (Jn.16:2)--When they're actually serving the Devil! There are lots of people in the World who think they are serving God who are serving the Devil!--Millions of them in false cults & religions! I mean some of the most horrific massacres in history were carried out by Catholics carrying crosses before them as they slaughtered the Protestants, the true people of God, really thinking that they were doing God service by killing all these Protestants, even their little children! (See No.1239:45.) Think of that! The religious fanatics are the worst of all, the Devil really seems to have them abound. You know, some of these so-called Christian fundamentalists are our worst enemies!
23. SO AS LONG AS THEY'RE NOT RIGHT WITH THE LORD & IN TUNE WITH THE DEVIL, I'M SURE THE DEVIL IS DOING HIS BEST TO TRY TO PLEASE THEM BECAUSE THEY'RE PLEASING HIM & TRYING TO PUT A CURSE ON HER. Those things are very real, but thank the Lord Jesus is more powerful! "Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the World!" (1Jn.4:4)
24. (MARIA: THE THING TO DO IS TO RECOGNIZE IT, RIGHT?--RECOGNIZE IT AS THE ENEMY.) Recognize it & admit it. She needs to recognize it, admit it & confess it herself that her parents are not serving God, but in their opposition to her & our work they are serving Satan! And since their curse is causing her trouble, she needs to turn around & literally curse them in order to stop it! In other words, if they won't repent & get right & ask for forgiveness & beg her pardon, she has to pray against them. They ought to be helping her. What are they doing to help her? Are they supporting her? (Maria: Nothing but a rare $10.) A lot of antagonistic parents do that, just to keep their kid's sympathy!
25. [DELETED] Well, this is another test the Lord is putting her through, probably to test her loyalty, faithfulness & devotion to Him & His Work to see if she is worthy. She's gotten this far & now the Devil is being used by the Lord to test her to see if she can take it & see if she'll have the right reaction.
26. I MEAN YOU'VE GOT TO BE MILITANT ABOUT THESE THINGS, YOU'VE GOT TO BE POSITIVE, YOU'VE GOT TO RISE UP & FIGHT THE DEVIL, NOT JUST BE PASSIVE! You've got to be active & aggressive & attack, & obviously, from what we both got, this is a hindering spirit, & what I got was that it is from her parents! (Maria: Yes, three days ago I wrote her a note telling her she must rebuke the hindrances that the Devil is bringing to her, & I used that very word! I never told you about that until just now, after you got this about a "hindering spirit"!)
27. I WONDER IF SHE OR HER PARENTS EVER HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH WITCHCRAFT? Of course a lot of our young people, hippies & all, have been in the occult in some form of tinkering around with Ouija boards & witchcraft & charms, etc., when they were in the World. I wonder if she's ever had anything to do with it? Once those spirits have a channel like that they hate to let it go. Once they have made that contact, it still sometimes plagues them for years afterwards if they don't really get definite with the Lord & be positive & aggressive & attack & ask for complete deliverance & for the Lord to rebuke the evil spirits. We have power over the evil spirits! The disciples came back & said, "Even the evil spirits are subject unto us." (Lk.10:17) They are subject to us, but we have to be positive & definite about it & recognize the opposition & contradict it & oppose it & curse them & send them away, command them to depart!
28. SO HER HOME REALLY NEEDS TO GET TOGETHER & PRAY THAT THE LORD WILL CURSE THAT DEVIL & GET RID OF HIM SO HE WON'T CONTINUE TO GET INTO THE OFFICE MACHINERY! I told you before I think evil spirits are now getting to the point with these electronic machines, etc., particularly where they're very sensitive to electric impulses, etc., to where the demons can fritz up the works & cause trouble in these machines so that if they can't attack us they try to attack our machines or even cause our fingers to make a slip & punch the wrong button & things like that. (Maria: And then as a result of that, the Enemy is really trying to discourage them. Then it gets to be very very discouraging, then you feel like you want to give up.)
29. SATAN IS THE HINDERER, HE'S TRYING TO HINDER HER, & THROUGH BEING HINDERED YOU CAN GET DISCOURAGED. So she needs to take a very positive active stand against the Enemy & even pray against her parents, because it has something to do with her parents. I got that definitely that they've either wished it on her or cursed her, or because of their pleasing the Enemy in opposition the Devil is trying to please them by causing her trouble.--Of course that pleases him very much too. So they need to just get together & rebuke the Devil & tell him to go, & stop bothering her.
30. EVEN PAUL THE APOSTLE, THE GREAT SAINT THAT HE WAS, WAS BUFFETED, HE SAID, BY A MESSENGER OF SATAN, which is what he called his thorn in the flesh. (2Cor.12:7) But he said it was definitely the Devil, it was an emissary of Satan, a messenger of Satan that caused him trouble & still hadn't gone at the time of his writing that. But I have an idea he probably got some people to pray for him & he probably was later delivered. But he had to come out & confess that he, the great Apostle Paul, was being bothered by the Enemy. He had to openly face his fears & problem & confess that he had a thorn in the flesh, he was being buffeted by an emissary of the Devil. But I don't doubt that once he confessed that, if he asked for prayer, the Lord delivered him. He said he had prayed several times that the Lord would deliver him, but what he needed to do was confess it as he did in that letter & get others to pray for him, & I'm sure the Lord would have delivered him.
31. SO THAT'S WHAT SHE NEEDS TO DO NOW: SHE NEEDS TO COME OUT IN THE OPEN & CONFESS THAT IT'S A HINDERING SPIRIT & RECOGNIZE IT & REBUKE IT, & THEY ALL NEED TO CAST IT OUT OF THE HOUSE SO THAT SHE CAN BE COMPLETELY DELIVERED. Just because her parents are not bothering her physically doesn't mean they're not still opposing & fighting her in the spirit--if not literally with their mouths, they're cursing her in spirit, just by being against her serving the Lord with us.
32. I MEAN THEY'RE BOUND TO BE DOING ONE OR THE OTHER: EITHER THEY'RE BLESSING HER IN HER WORK OR THEY'RE CURSING HER IN HER WORK! Either they're asking God to bless her or asking the Devil to curse her, whatever. So she needs to really get in the Spirit & ask the Lord to rebuke them & their evil spirit, or even curse them if they won't stop, curse that spirit! Just take an active stand, be positive, specific, pray definitely, now that the Lord has revealed what the trouble is. But then ask the Lord to deliver her, rebuke the spirit & cast him out of the house, the hinderer. (Maria: So he doesn't get into somebody else.)
33. WELL, I DON'T THINK HE CAN GET INTO ANY OF US, AT LEAST NOT COMPLETE POSSESSION. He can sure annoy & aggravate & oppress & buffet & be a nuisance. They need to ask the Lord to take him away & send him off some place else, stop bothering her, because her mistakes & accidents are too persistent & consistent to be just accidental. She needs to recognize that, instead of blaming it on herself. Just pin the blame where it belongs, on the Ol' Boy himself, the Devil, & all gather together & pray specifically for her & rebuke the Enemy!
34. (MARIA: MAYBE THAT'S WHAT WAS WRONG WITH LYDIA, you used to say you thought she was jinxed--maybe her parents did it because they were so out of it.) They were a mess! Lydia's parents were awful! The father always opposed us & he was out to have me arrested, called the cops & everything! She had to sneak out[DELETED]! (Maria: And after she left he wouldn't even speak her name in the house!) He practically cursed her in spirit! And her mother, though she pretended at first to be friendly & be hospitable, I remember when we went back to Florida, we stayed across from her house & all, & she pretended she wanted to have these classes, but she wanted to do all the teaching & the preaching, it was all "Body" stuff, that's what she was into. She wasn't really interested a bit in what we had to say, she wanted to teach us, convert us, ha! And when it didn't work, later on we found out she hated us just as much as anybody & fought & opposed us.
35. SO I DON'T DOUBT THAT CURSES OF SUCH PARENTS PROBABLY PESTER THEIR CHILDREN. Even though they may not realize it, they're cursing their children in spirit, because they're in a sense praying against them & wishing against them & are angry with them, out of tune & touch with the Lord & in tune & touch with the Devil, so the Devil is able to answer some prayers too! (Maria: Even if you're a Christian you could still get on the Devil's channel when you get out of it & get angry or jealous, you could still think terribly bad thoughts & hateful thoughts & you could probably still cause trouble. Maybe they have accepted Jesus at one time, but if they haven't been living for Him, they could still be in touch with the Devil, right? On his channel?)
36. IF THEY'RE OUT OF TOUCH WITH THE LORD, THERE IS ONLY ONE OTHER ONE THEY COULD GET IN TOUCH WITH & THAT IS THE DEVIL! And they're doing the works of Satan if they're not blessing the works of God. Jesus said "He that is not for Me is against Me." (Mt.12:30) (Maria: Even if they have been saved at one time or other, right?) Well, if they're in rebellion against the Lord in some way or refusing to accept us or the truth, truth resisted loses its power over them. They resist it & they become hard, harden their hearts to where they're actually fighting against the Lord. "Beware lest ye be found to fight against God." (Acts 5:39) That was said to some very religious people!
37. I WOULD SAY THIS IS A LAST RESORT FOR PARENTS WHO HAVE CURSED THEIR CHILDREN in that way & have constantly been a problem & caused trouble, etc. If worst comes to worst & there is no other way to stop the parents but for the children to turn around & ask God to curse them so they'll stop bothering them, they'll have to do it.
38. KING DAVID EVEN PRAYED FOR THE DEATH OF HIS ENEMIES!--I sure have sometimes, & the Lord has answered the prayers, some of them. [DELETED] He sure cursed those damn Greeks that were giving those poor Turks all that trouble in Cyprus! He answered that prayer, & thank God they've still got their freedom! What those Turkish Cypriots need to do is quit trying to make peace with the Greeks & quit trying to even consider having a joint state with them. They ought to just declare the independence of the Turkish State of Cyprus & go ahead about their business & forget it.--And go ahead & open up Famagusta & use it! They've been trying to please the Greeks by keeping their hands off Famagusta, trying to come to some kind of terms.
39. YOU CAN'T DO BUSINESS WITH THE DEVIL! Obviously God was on the side of the Turks. He gave them their part of the Island that they deserved, a third of the Island, & to protect their people He sent in the forces of Turkey to save them. Now they ought to rebuke those damn Greeks & quit trying to make peace with the Devil & go ahead & take over Famagusta & use it! It's a beautiful place, one of the best tourist spots in all the Island! You can't do business with the Devil. You can't make peace with the Devil. You just have to fight him & curse him & get rid of him! Obviously those Greeks are going to the Devil, or they wouldn't have caused us & Angelo so much trouble! The guy who's running Greece now is practically a Communist!
40. SO ANYHOW, YOU CAN'T DO BUSINESS WITH THE DEVIL! The only kind of business you can do with him is against him, fight him, curse him, curse his work & ask God to rebuke him & deliver you. Get rid of him! So, that's what they need to do. Praise the Lord! Amen? (Maria: She's been desperate & looking for the answer, so the Lord didn't fail to give it. I wonder if she could have been completely delivered without having gotten this answer about her parents, even if she didn't know who instigated the trouble?) If she would recognize it was the Devil, yes. (Maria: The thing is, they did have prayer & they rebuked the Enemy.)
41. BUT THERE MUST BE SOMETHING ABOUT HER PARENTS THAT SHE NEEDS TO KNOW, THAT THEY'RE NOT REALLY THAT CHANGED, that she needs to know that, whether they may not even realize it or not, in the spirit they are fighting her & literally in the spirit they are cursing her & have thereby cursed her, so the Devil has sent this hindering spirit, but they're behind it. That's the thing I got, definitely, they are behind it. They are the ones that are causing the trouble by sending this hindering spirit, & she needs to recognize that & curse both the spirit & those that are behind it & realize that they are not changed in any way. Maybe it's the last straw that's finally going to break that connection so that she will realize how evil that sort of thing can be & how wicked parents can be. She ought to know that already, from what I've heard that they've tried to do to her.
42. OF COURSE YOU DON'T ALWAYS HAVE TO KNOW WHO IS BEHIND THE CURSE, JUST AS LONG AS YOU KNOW IT'S THE DEVIL. But in Kitty's case, she needs to know that so she won't be discouraged, & so she can realize how evil this thing is. What she needs to know, so she won't be discouraged, is that it's not any fault of hers nor any weakness nor sins of hers that brought this on her, or her carelessness or negligence or even just being accident-prone or anything through which the Devil can condemn her & make her feel condemned & feel discouraged, that's why she needs to know that it's not her but it's the Devil, & that her parents are behind it, whether they realize it or not.
43. MY MOTHER USED TO SAY, "DISCOURAGEMENT IS THE DEVIL'S FAVORITE TOOL WITH CHRISTIANS!" If he can't keep them from getting saved or serving the Lord, he tries to get them discouraged, so they quit. So the Devil is obviously trying to discourage her. But it's a hindering spirit, the Lord said that specifically when I prayed, & it was just like I got a picture that her parents were behind it somehow or another, it's because of her parents. It's no fault of hers, unless the Lord is just trying to reveal to her how wicked they are in spirit against her, even whether they realize it or not & whether she realizes it or not.
44. THIS IS ALL-OUT WAR! AND YOU'RE EITHER ON ONE SIDE OR THE OTHER! HE SAID, "IF YOU'RE NOT FOR ME YOU'RE AGAINST ME!" THERE ARE NO NEUTRALS! (Mt.12:30; Lk.11:23; 16:13) So just because they've kind of let up on their attacks doesn't mean that they have changed sides. So she'd better watch out about her attitude toward her parents. She'd better beware & realize that apparently they're still serving the Devil, or the Lord wouldn't have given that revelation that it was a hindering spirit from her parents that was causing her the trouble! It's just as though they have cursed her & are trying to cause her trouble. They couldn't literally do it, they tried physically to do it before but failed, so now they're just praying against her.
45. AND A PRAYER AGAINST GOD'S WORK OR ONE OF HIS CHILDREN, WHAT IS THAT BUT A CURSE, & WHO COULD THEY BE PRAYING TO BUT TO THE DEVIL! Because the Lord is certainly not going to answer that sort of prayer, to curse one of His own children! So when they're praying against us or even wishing against us or one of ours, one of the Lord's children, it's a curse! A wish is a prayer in a sense, if it's on their hearts to cause us trouble or her trouble or wish she did have trouble or wish she'd get discouraged & quit & give up & come home.--That is in effect a curse! (Maria: Well, I know they want her to come home, that's for sure.)
46. AND IN PRAYING FOR SUCH A CURSE, THEY CERTAINLY COULD NOT BE PRAYING TO THE LORD! So literally in effect they are praying to the Devil to curse her, & so he has obligingly sent one of his hindering spirits to try to cause her trouble & get her discouraged so she will quit & go home, just on the verge of her greatest victory! So she should be encouraged that God can get His greatest victories out of seeming defeat. Somehow or another her parents are responsible, just like they've cursed her & sent that evil spirit, whether they realize it or not.
47. (MARIA: MAYBE EVEN IF THEY THINK THEY'RE PRAYING TO THE LORD, IF THEY'RE NOT SERVING HIM THEY'RE PRAYING TO THE DEVIL.) There are millions of people throughout the World who think they are praying to God & don't know even know Him & have no line through to God at all, for they belong to the Devil, they're unsaved, they're wicked & the Devil's children! (Maria: So their prayers are going to the Devil & being heard by the Devil & answered by the Devil.) Yes, exactly, certainly not by God, because they don't even know Him!
48. HE HAS SAID OF SUCH PEOPLE, "DEPART FROM ME YE WORKERS OF INIQUITY, I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU." (Mt.25:11-12,41-45) But they said, "But Lord, Lord, have we not done this & that & that in Thy Name?--Lord, Lord!" He said, "Why callest ye Me Lord & do not the things that I ask." He said, "Depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I never even knew you!" So there are oodles who think they are Christians & think they are praying to the Lord, but He doesn't even know them. But I'm sure the Devil is happy to try to answer their prayers, especially if they're against the Lord & His Work & His children. (Maria: And I bet he doesn't mind letting them give God the credit for it.) Yes, to keep them deceived!
49. OF COURSE! SATAN'S THEIR GOD! If they don't know the Lord & He doesn't know them, then their god can only be the Devil, without them even realizing it! If the god they serve is not God, then who is he?--The Devil of course! Jesus said that the time would come when "he that killeth you will think that he doeth God service!" (Jn.16:2) Well obviously, if he killed one of God's children thinking he was doing God service, he was certainly not serving God, was he?--So who was he serving? The Devil!--Of course! So there are lots of people serving the Devil who think they're serving God. There are whole religions that think they're serving God who are serving no one but the Devil!
50. SO THERE ARE LOTS OF THOSE ANTAGONISTIC PARENTS WE'VE HAD TO DEAL WITH & HAD TROUBLE FROM WHO THINK THEY'RE SERVING GOD BUT WHO ARE ACTUALLY SERVING SATAN! Every prayer they make is a wish of the Devil against the children of the Lord, which means curses, which means that these 10:36ing parents that have caused us so much trouble & caused their children so much trouble are hinderers & hindering spirits serving the Devil, not God, & their work & spirit against us are curses of Satan with which they're trying to curse us!
51. WE KNOW THERE ARE PLENTY OF PEOPLE THAT CURSE US & would wish trouble on us & try to cause us trouble if they could, & if they can't then they wish it on us, & a wish that is in the form of a prayer literally means a curse, & since certainly such a curse against us is not of God, then it's bound to be of the Devil, so they are praying to the Devil to curse us! We need to pray that the Lord will curse them if they won't stop or repent! (Maria: Right, that's an important point for our Family to remember!--Don't just immediately start cursing without having prayed first for their salvation & deliverance.)
52. THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT PAUL DID, IN AN UNREPENTANT DISOBEDIENT CASE obviously, he said he had prayed that God would turn their body over to Satan that their soul might be saved! (1Cor.5:5) He had cursed them, in other words, that they would die, because that's the only way they could get deliverance. (Maria: You mean even if they were saved previously?) Yes, they were saved previously, somebody that was saved obviously, but who was being used of the Enemy.
53. I THINK LOTS OF THOSE PARENTS ARE PROBABLY SAVED BUT THEY DON'T REALIZE THAT THEY ARE NOW DEALING WITH THE DEVIL IN FIGHTING US & CURSING US! In cursing us they are doing the Devil's dirty work. (Maria: We want to make it clear to the Family that they don't all just start cursing their parents unless they have a good reason, unless they've really prayed for their deliverance but their parents have persisted in fighting them & really causing them trouble.) Yes, when all else fails & there is no other way or no other means, then you have a perfect right to curse them, to ask God to get them out of the way, to hinder them in some way [DELETED] so they'll not cause their children, God's children & the Lord's Work, any more trouble.
54. THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT ONLY A POSSIBILITY BUT IT'S DONE BY MEN OF GOD, IT'S IN THE BIBLE & I'VE HEARD OF MANY others including this pastor I spoke of in New Kensington who prayed against these men & literally cursed them in a sense, because of what they tried to do to him, & God [EDITED: "removed"] them! And my Mother did the same thing in Miami, prayed against the men who caused her the most trouble, & one right after another something happened to them! The Lord really dealt with them.
55. WE CAN CURSE PEOPLE AS WELL AS WITCHES CAN CURSE PEOPLE! We can curse people in the Spirit of God & in the power of the Lord. Just like we rebuke devils, we can rebuke people. See, if you forgive people when they really shouldn't be forgiven, perhaps when you shouldn't be so lenient, but if you forgive them, then God has to forgive them. But perhaps you shouldn't forgive them, because if they're not repentant & they're causing you trouble, why should you forgive them? You don't have to forgive people who know what they're doing & are causing trouble, if they're not repentant & if they don't come & ask you for forgiveness. If they're truly repentant they'll ask you to forgive them & try to make it right. But if they're not, then they're not repentant. I mean if they don't, then they're not repentant. "He that confesses his sins shall be forgiven. But he that covereth his sins shall not prosper." (Pro.28:13) In other words, he'll suffer the curse of God!
56. FIRST OF ALL WE SHOULD PRAY FOR THEM, if there is any hopes for them that they will change & repent & ask forgiveness & start trying to help instead of hinder. But if it looks like they've just hardened their hearts & hardened their necks after being often reproved, God says that those people will be "suddenly destroyed & that without remedy!" (Pro.29:1) So if you can't get rid of them by having them join, then you've got to get rid of them somehow. Ask the Lord to get rid of them & stop them & stop letting them cause trouble, which is, in essence, a curse. So if God can curse them who curse us (Gen.12:3), we can curse them by the power & the Spirit of the Lord! If they cause us too much trouble & won't stop it, just curse them in the name of the Lord!
57. THIS IS IN EFFECT WHAT PAUL DID WHEN HE SAID HE WAS DELIVERING THEIR BODIES TO SATAN that their souls might be saved, because their body was causing them so much trouble, so obviously he told the Lord to get rid of them--in effect he told the Lord to kill'm, which was certainly a curse against them, but apparently a blessing to him to get rid of them!
58. SO IF HER PARENTS HAVE NOT STOPPED PRAYING AGAINST HER BECAUSE OF HER WORK WITH US, THEN SHE BETTER START PRAYING AGAINST THEM, WHICH IS, BY ANOTHER NAME, A CURSE! When you pray against somebody you're cursing them. When the Devil's people pray against somebody they don't like, they're cursing them, they're asking the Devil to curse them. And when we come to the point that we have to pray against people for God to stop them for their hindering & the trouble they're causing us, then we're cursing them literally, because God will curse them because they've cursed us!
59. AND THIS IS SOME KIND OF CURSE SHE'S DEALING WITH, & THE SOURCE IS HER PARENTS SOMEHOW. It's a hindering spirit, & she'll just have to take a stand against it, & they all will have to take a united stand against it & curse this devil, this hindering spirit & the parents behind it, because obviously the Lord wouldn't have showed us that it was that unless they were still against her, which means they're still fighting the Lord.
60. SO NOW SHE HAS TO START PRAYING AGAINST THEM, NOT JUST PRAYING FOR THEM. I think a lot of our folks may need to realize that with some parents who after all these years still are fighting them & the Lord's Work. They've all these years been praying for them & for their salvation & for a change & all that sort of thing. Now it may be time they give up & start praying against them, that the Lord will just remove them & get them out of the way & keep them from being a hindrance, in other words curse them!
61. WE'VE HAD SOME OTHER SHOCKING TITLES, BUT MAYBE WE COULD CALL THIS ONE "GOD'S CURSES!" We've had "God's Witches," "God's Whores" & a lot of other things. Well, God also has His curses, & some people have suffered from the Devil's curses & the curses of the Devil's people for too long. We need to start turning around & using the curses of God against them. I've done it, & the Lord has rebuked some people & delivered us.
62. I'M CONVINCED IT WAS DUE TO OUR PRAYERS THAT THE LORD SPARED THOSE TURKS OF CYPRUS! I prayed the curse of God upon those Greeks because we knew how they treated & massacred those poor Turks, & I cursed them & the Lord answered prayer & the curse & the Turks won! (See No.309A.) I prayed the same thing against the Jews of Israel for their persecution of the Palestinians & now the Lebanese. Well, maybe Israel's losses & her war against Lebanon is part of their curse. It's turned out to be a big defeat instead of a big victory, which has caused them more trouble, more deaths & more injuries than the Palestinians ever caused them, their own war in which they've slaughtered thousands of Lebanese & Palestinians & Israelis in the same war! But the answer the Lord gave me as to why He didn't stop them is because their cup of iniquity is not yet full & God has waited until they really fill it to the brim before He starts clobbering them. But He's also giving them a little taste of their own medicine already. They're having plenty of trouble.
63. I CURSED BEGIN & NOW HE'S SICK. HE'S QUITTING!--Not as quickly or as badly as I would have liked, but the Lord is not quite as impatient as we are. He has other things to work out sometimes before He can answer our prayers. It looks like now Begin is going to die in defeat & discouragement & grieving bereavement over his wife. See, God knows how to make them suffer without just immediately killing them. (Maria: You even said that maybe Begin's wife was coming back to sort of haunt him & show him where he had been wrong.) Yes, I wouldn't be surprised.
64. SO THERE COMES A TIME "THERE'S A TIME TO BLESS & A TIME TO CURSE" (Ecc.3:1,8), & apparently it's the time for this young lady to curse them who are cursing her & get rid of that evil hindering spirit that they've sent! (Maria: She had a dream just recently of her brother being killed in a car crash, I think that's what it was.) She better warn him! (Maria: That could be part of the curse of the Lord on the parents & also on him. He helped to kidnap her & he's been of the same opinion as his parents, although he claims to be a good Christian.)
65. A LOT OF OUR WORST ENEMIES CLAIM TO BE GOOD CHRISTIANS--FreeCOG IS LED BY A WHOLE BUNCH OF CHURCH CHRISTIANS! So how Christian are they, huh? What kind of Christians are those that fight God & fight God's Work & fight God's children & who try to cause us trouble? If they're Christians, I certainly wouldn't want to be one! Because if they are actually Christians & that misled & deceived by the Devil because of their rejection of the Truth, I'd hate to be one, because God is certainly going to deal with them! And if they're not Christians, they're going to go to Hell anyhow! So they'll all get their just deserts someway. Some of them are going to be ashamed & despised forever, though saved!
66. I THINK IN THIS KIND OF CASE PEOPLE NEED TO BE DEFINITE & SPECIFIC WITH THE LORD & START PRAYING AGAINST PEOPLE THAT JUST WON'T STOP GIVING THEM TROUBLE!--Curse'm! If there's no other way, in the last final analysis, you'll have to curse'm as a last resort. It was done all through the Bible & it's done by God Himself! (Gen.4:1; 9:25; Deut.30:7; Ps.37:22; 69:22-28; Mt.25:41.)
67. AMEN.--LORD, HAVE YOUR WAY, IN JESUS' NAME. Amen. If this is the last tie that has been binding her in any way, Lord, hindering her, deliver her & free her through this now, in Jesus' name! Help her to rebuke the Enemy & rebuke her enemies, even her parents, & even curse them if need be, rather than to continue to suffer & allow that spirit to hinder her! In Jesus' name, amen.--And anybody else who is having the same trouble.--May the Lord deliver them!
68. WHEN PEOPLE PRAY FOR DELIVERANCE, THEY DON'T ONLY NEED TO PRAY FOR DELIVERANCE FROM THE DEVIL & HIS EVIL SPIRITS & HIS DEMONS, BUT AGAINST SOME OF THE PEOPLE WHO ARE BEHIND THEM, backing them & sending us their curses by means of these little devils--get at the root of the trouble! Devils can't do anything but what you allow them to do. They're subject unto us, but sometimes they're also subject to those who send'm, messengers of Satan! So we not only need to fight the Devil but the Devil's people, or at least to pray that God will fight them & curse them, in Jesus' name, amen! Amen. PTL! GBAKY from the Devil's curses!--You can only "Bless them that curse you" (Mt.5:44) so long--then you have to start cursing them before they cause you any more trouble!--Amen?--God does it!--In Jesus' name, amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family