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MOVIE REVIEWS!--"Superman II", "Emanuelle", "Roll Over", "War Games", "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"!       DFO 1657       9/83

       1. I DIDN'T THINK IT WAS A VERY GOOD IDEA TO HAVE THE HEAVENLY ART ISSUE NUMBERED 13! I thought some of the folks might not think that was a good idea. So since most of the news is pretty unlucky news anyhow, World News & Current Events, all pretty bad, I thought that was a good one to number 13! I don't know whether you notice sometimes that we try to give those so-called bad numbers to bad things, like 66 & 13! (Family: No.666 was "Alexander the Evil Magician"!) Yes! Well, that sure deserved that number, that's for sure! He must be working right along with him! So we got all that bad news off our chest in that one issue, & issue 14 is mostly beautiful good news about the poster!
       2. GN 15 BEGINS WITH COMMENTS ON THE COLOUR POSTER AS WE'RE BUILDING THE HOLY CITY IN COLOUR! I don't know whether you enjoy those discussions on the art or not, but there are a lot of little lessons in them & a lot of little fine points. They're almost like a commentary, an art critique. After all, we've never had any great masterpiece of art for the critics to judge, so we're safely judging our own! The critics are always judging the art masterpieces & discussing every little fine point about them, when they probably don't even know if that's what the artist really intended or not!
       3. IN THIS CASE, WE ARTISTS ARE JUDGING OUR OWN & TELLING YOU WHAT WE REALLY MEANT, NOT JUST WHAT THE CRITICAL INTERPRETERS THINK WE MEANT!--And that's what most of that art criticism is, you know. The guy may have been dead several hundred years, but of course they can tell you all about what he thought & what he intended & what he meant & why he did it this way & that way & blah blah blah, & they don't know a damn thing about it! All they know is what they're looking at, that's all. Sometimes it's good, but a lot of times when I looked at it, I didn't have the same impression at all.
       4. --LIKE THAT MOVIE BOOK YOU BOUGHT US! I'm telling you, they must have been so sick of movies--& I don't blame'm--& so fed up, they don't give a good rating to hardly anything! I mean, everything is so sour & cynical & sceptical! Some of the best movies I've seen they gave the lowest ratings! And some of the worst with the most violence & the most Americanism & all that blah they give the biggest ratings--these extravaganzas & spectaculars & blah blah! But the ones with really deep meaning & thought-provoking & really some of the very best I've seen, they give bad ratings! It shows you that we have a totally different mentality, totally different interpretation of things from the World. But apparently even that guy was sick of his own World, whoever wrote those movie rundowns. (Movies on TV, Scheuer, Bantam)
       5. (MARIA: DID YOU WANT TO COMMENT ON "SUPERMAN II"?) "Superman II" wasn't too bad. I understand it's "Superman III" that's the bad one where they make him evil. "Superman II" was pretty good, he was still a good guy. It's really almost significant. Of course, these Superman things are actually partly comedies, they're sort of spoofs. They're always making fun of things & sort of spoofing things. Even Clark Kent is kind of a comical character. I don't know what "Superman III" is like, I haven't seen it, but I hear it's pretty bad because it makes him a bad man. But in the others, at least, he's a good guy & of course there's quite a bit of comedy & sort of spoofing things.
       6. WE THOUGHT "SUPERMAN II" WAS QUITE SIGNIFICANT--HE'S SORT OF LIKE A GOOD ANGEL! You notice there's even sometimes a faint vague parallel or analogy to--I almost hate to say it, it's so ridiculous, from the sublime to the ridiculous, some would probably think I'm even sacrilegious in even mentioning it--but there is a vague resemblance to Jesus being sent from God to save the World. I notice they've even got the Holy Spirit Mother there! In the first one that analogy was even more so--I think they seem to be deteriorating as they go along. They had a lot more kind of slapstick comedy in this one & a little bit more silliness, more violence, more destruction.
       7. YOU KNOW, THIS WORLD REALLY LOVES DESTRUCTION! IT JUST LOVES IT! Even some of the best movies love to tear up cars & show these huge accidents. Think of the amount of money they waste--thousands of dollars! They don't look like old junkers out of the junkyard either! When I was a kid & they were going to have a car explode or burn up or drive off a cliff, you could tell it was some old junker out of the junk yard & they'd have to practically push it, but now they use almost brand new cars, beautiful cars that can actually drive at fast speed & everything else & bust'm up! They love violence! They love destruction! As I've said before, I think some people just can hardly wait until the Atomic War! They just want to see the World blow up! They're hoping that will end it all, but it won't.
       8. WELL ANYHOW, THE FIRST "SUPERMAN" MOVIE HAD QUITE A STRONG RESEMBLANCE TO THE IDEA OF GOD SENDING HIS SON TO SAVE THE WORLD, & in this one there's a faint sign of that left. But I thought it was quite significant that in this one they have this guy who's not called God, but Zod, who comes in from the same planet or realm in outer space--some outer realm, really what amounts to a spiritual realm--from which Superman also came.--Only he's the antithesis of Superman, he's the exact opposite.
       9. HE KIND OF LOOKS LIKE MY IDEA OF THE DEVIL, & I THINK THAT'S WHAT HE'S SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT. And then he's got this right-hand man, a big giant of a fellow that can't talk, he just grunts & growls & groans, sort of a beast--the Devil & the Beast! Then he's got this beautiful woman, this evil woman, & I guess she's sort of his False Prophetess. So they've got this Satan's Trinity from the same outer World coming to Earth to try to destroy Superman & get vengeance on him as vengeance against his father for having imprisoned them, etc. It's a very striking parallel.
       10. SO ZOD GAINS CONTROL OF THE WORLD & RULES THE WORLD & YOU EVEN HAVE THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES KNEELING DOWN TO HIM & WORSHIPPING HIM! That's the part I liked best, when you saw him make the U.S.A. knuckle under! It was kind of funny though, it was as though the U.S. was at this time now ruling the World, & he is surrendering the whole World to this Satan. I said to Maria, "Well, how can he surrender the whole World when he doesn't yet have it? I guess they're figuring he's going to have it by that time." So Zod makes him & all the leaders of the countries kneel down & worship him. You'll see some significant similarities to the Antichrist, not altogether, but it's there.
       11. I WOULDN'T BE SURPRISED IF THE GUY WHO WROTE IT GOT THE WHOLE IDEA AS A SORT OF A PARODY ON THE BIBLE! I tried to see who wrote it this last time but the credits went by too fast. Have you noticed the difference between British credits & American credits? The British credits go by slow enough that you can read'm, the American credits go by so fast you can't even read'm! You can't even find out what you want to know, they go so fast! Nobody can read that fast!--Well, I can't!
       12. THEY'RE SO HELL-BENT FOR DESTRUCTION THEY CAN'T EVEN WAIT FOR YOU TO READ THE CREDITS ON THE MOVIE!--Besides, that wastes time, you know, in which they could put in another commercial at the end! That might save a whole 10 seconds for one of those 10-second TV commercials. So they zoom the credits through so fast you can't even read'm. Whereas in the British movies, it's so nice & comfortable, they go by slowly at a rate that you can read & study & appreciate & it has a chance to register. Good night, I can't even find out what I want to know from these damn American credits on most American movies!
       13. THE OTHER NIGHT WE WERE TRYING TO FIND OUT WHETHER THE MOVIE WE WERE WATCHING WAS AMERICAN-MADE OR BRITISH-MADE, because it was a mixture of British & American actors in this movie, & it was made in Europe, etc. So I told Maria, "Wait till the credits come on & we'll know."--Not just by waiting for what the credits said, but by their speed! And sure enough, along came the credits & they moved nice & comfortably slowly by. I said, "What do you bet it's a British movie!" And sure enough, it got to the end & it was British! In fact, the Europeans in general, I think, move at a slower pace than the Americans. Americans are just push push push push everything's on a high strain tension & stress & distress, absolutely hell-bent for destruction!
       14. SO THAT'S ONE PART OF THAT MOVIE I REALLY ENJOYED, WHEN I SAW'M TEARING UP THE WHITE HOUSE & BOMBING THE CAPITOL BUILDING! I must say, I must be a little bit anti-American! I really relished it when I saw the President kneel down to the Antichrist! This guy really represented the Antichrist, & of course he had supernatural powers & super powers like Superman, only he used them all for evil. Maria was asking me, will the Antichrist really have powers like that to be able to do things like that? I said, yes, it says so right in the Bible!--Signs & wonders & miracles so that everybody will worship the Beast. (Dan.11:36-39; Mt.24:24; 2Thes.2:9; Rev.13:13-15)
       15. THEN OF COURSE SHE WAS ALSO ASKING ME ABOUT SUPERMAN, IF WE WILL HAVE SUPERNATURAL POWERS LIKE SUPERMAN where they can not only appear & disappear & fly & have such great strength & all that, but just point their finger at somebody & go zap!--Or just even zero-in their eyes on somebody & they catch fire! I said, yes, we'll be like the angels of God so we'll have supernatural super powers, probably a lot more than Superman! How else do you think we could rule this unruly World without supernatural miraculous powers?
       16. EVEN YOU WHO LIVE DURING THE TRIBULATION ARE GOING TO GET SOME OF THOSE POWERS FOR YOUR OWN PROTECTION, THINK OF THAT! You'll be able to call down fire from Heaven to devour your enemies if they get too close for comfort! (Rev.11) So not everybody is going to die a martyr or be persecuted or whatever, some of you are going to have tremendous supernatural powers & be able to defend yourselves & call on the monsters of God to defend you! All these monsters & horrible creatures you read about in the Tribulation are on your side!--Devouring the Enemy's people & terrorising them & protecting you! Don't forget that! PTL! So it's interesting to see some of these movies that man has created, & I think some of them were almost inspired.
       17. THEN THERE'S THIS GUY LUTHOR, THE HUMAN CROOK, WHO'S THE SUPER-DUPER CROOK. He's quite representative too of the kind of people who will sell their souls & do anything just to get in the good graces of the Devil & his anti-Christs & ruling the World, cooperating with him all he can. He's symbolic & typical of the kind of people that'll work with him. So it's very interesting! Well, I didn't intend to give a movie review tonight! (Maria: That's so good, because the Family watches all these movies! Tell them about "Emanuelle.")
       18. "EMANUELLE" WAS DISGUSTING! I consider that an artistic porno. It was, however, what they call "soft porn." It was rather beautiful & some of it was pretty & artistic, but some of it was pretty coarse, crude, crass & just downright disgusting! I think one of the worst things in the whole movie, which seemed to be the theme of the movie & the outstanding statement of the movie, was made by that nasty old man, the reprobate. Did you notice what that was? (Family: That you can get revenge through sex.) That's one, it portrayed sex as a form of revenge & hate & all that.
       19. LOOK HOW PERVERTED THE WORLD IS IN THEIR ATTITUDE TOWARDS SEX, THAT IT'S EVIL & THEY CAN'T ENJOY IT UNLESS IT'S EVIL! But he makes the worst statement of all! I don't even like to think about that movie, it's so sickening & disgusting! Please don't get us any more movies like that. I saw enough of that junk, that trash, that garbage, that sewage when we were in France! We went several times to one of those sex movies just to see how bad they were, the hard porn. I liked what the customs man said in Portugal. He said they were not trying to censor pornography, he was only socking it to the films in which the sexual organs were the principal characters! He said he didn't think that was art, & that's a fact!
       20. SO THAT "EMANUELLE" WAS SICKENING! I've forgotten exactly how he put it, but he said that sex really can't be enjoyed in full unless unnaturally! Ugh! It made me want to puke! Can you imagine that? (Maria: He said "against nature.") That's what he said, unless it's against nature.--Took a Scriptural expression! (Romans 1) He was like the Devil, like Satan in person trying to corrupt this poor girl. Well, she was already pretty bad off, but she was rather pure & innocent at first.
       21. SHE STARTS OUT AS A PURE INNOCENT GIRL WHO WON'T EVEN CHEAT ON HER HUSBAND IN PARIS, even when he's cheating on her in Bangkok, & she just wants to be faithful & loyal & natural & normal & stay true to her husband even when he's gone, etc. It winds up with this old man getting her to do all kinds of unnatural sickening horrible things, taking her down to the opium dens & the gutter & letting these dirty men ... I wouldn't want to stoop to use the expression in front of the children with any nice words! But just literally, the whole thing was how to totally corrupt a sweet young pure innocent girl from beginning to end!
       22. AND IN THE END SHE'S FINALLY TOTALLY CORRUPTED since he made her be raped & violated & everything else by these lowest kind of men in opium dens & dirty hovels! When the guy got her back to his palatial mansion, Maria looked at her & said, "Look, she hasn't even had a bath!" She still had the same clothes on! My goodness, if I had been he, I certainly at least would have wanted to have given her a bath before I brought her back in the house after being in such filthy places & having sex with those sickening filthy beasts! That's about all you can say. I mean, it came probably as close to bestialism as you'd want to see. So I don't care to see that kind of movie & I don't like to even have them in the house. That one was enough, too much, let's not have any more of that please!
       23. ARTISTIC SEX, BEAUTIFUL SEX, NORMAL SEX, LOVING SEX IS BEAUTIFUL! I don't think there's anything physical that's any more beautiful than real love & beautiful nudity & normal sex & lovemaking. But that kind of thing made me furious! (Maria: I don't think anybody knew what it was like.) Well, I don't suppose they did. It was supposed to be one of the most outstanding sex movies of this time, a very famous movie! I've seen it advertised everywhere & discussed, blah blah blah blah blah! It was about as coarse & crude & bestial & animalistic as almost anything I ever saw! And he summed up the whole thing when he said, "You can't really fully enjoy sex, you can't understand sex & you won't understand yourself--it takes sex that's against nature to really enjoy it."--Ugh!
       24. NOW IF THAT ISN'T OF THE DEVIL, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS! That's absolutely promoting the Devil's kind of gospel. I hate to grace it with the name "gospel," but his message--the ultimate in corrupting sex, in other words, in making it something ugly & dirty & nasty & vile & against nature, evil, horrible! That was one horrible picture & I hope you never bring us another one! I wouldn't have known by the title either.
       25. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A VERY FAMOUS SEXY FRENCH ART MOVIE, shown in what is known as the art theatres of the United States where the minimum age is 18 to 21. They call them art movies, art theatres, art cinemas.--When some of them are nothing but gutter cinemas, sewer cinemas, garbage cans! God deliver us & our Family from that kind of ... I can't give it a name better than just sewage!--Worse than sewage! At least sewage is normal & natural. That kind of a statement to say that you can't really enjoy sex to the full unless it's against nature, unnatural, not normal--how horrible!
       26. THEY HAD ABOUT EVERYTHING IN THERE EXCEPT HOMOSEXUALITY, & they even had a touch of that, a hint of it at least. But apparently at the time that was made it wasn't quite as popular & wouldn't have probably been as acceptable as heterosexual sex or lesbianism, which was already quite accepted in this film, or various other forms of odd, peculiar, unnatural sex. Perhaps they avoided it simply because that would have limited its distribution & a lot of cinemas couldn't have gotten away with it. They gave a hint of it though. I don't know whether you noticed some of those flashes that came on so quick & off so quick, you could hardly tell what was there, but that's what they were hinting at in some of that threesome junk!--Disgusting, sickening vomit! "The dog returning to his vomit, the sow to her wallowing in the mire." (2Pe.2:22.) Well, that's even more natural than the depths to which perverted corrupted man can sink! It just turns my stomach to even talk about it, so let's talk about something better.
       27. (MARIA: DID YOU WANT TO COMMENT ON "ROLL OVER" & "WAR GAMES"?) Tonight's movie review! Well, I think those things are self-explanatory. "Roll Over" is about the Crash & a lot of very interesting information where & how it could happen. Of course, here again you have your typical anti-Christs' propaganda blaming it all on the Arabs. But there was an outstanding statement in there & I thought, "Well, once in awhile God gets in something good!" I think perhaps even that shocking statement made by this vile old man in "Emanuelle" maybe could have awakened some people, because he used the exact Scriptural words, sex which is "against nature," & somebody might wake up & be shocked by that. That was the theme.
       28. IN EACH OF THESE MOVIES THERE'S A VERY SIGNIFICANT STATEMENT. Also don't let me forget that British movie "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy." There was an extremely significant statement in there & the most striking in the whole movie! Let's see if you can remember what it was. If you don't get a message out of it, if you don't get the point, what's the use of wasting your time watching them?--Just for entertainment? Well, okay, for amusement, & maybe you'll get something out of it.
       29. IN "ROLL OVER" WHEN THE WORLD WAS TUMBLING DOWN AROUND THE EARS OF THIS BIG BANKER, supposed to be head of the biggest bank in New York who finally shot himself, etc., he was saying, "Don't you realise that the World is crumbling about our ears! It's going to destroy our World!" And this big tall calm Arab looks down at him & says, "Your World--not mine!" It reminds me of how Godahfi used to love to go back to his tent all the time. [DELETED] He didn't feel natural & normal unless he was out in his tent. Houses were unfamiliar & uncharacteristic to him, they weren't natural & normal. He loved his natural, normal desert nomadic life of tent-dwelling, & whenever he wanted to pray or wanted to meditate or have an important discussion, he always went to his tent.--Not to his big palatial mansion [DELETED], but he preferred his tent.
       30. AND WHEN THE FINANCIAL WORLD CRASHES & THE PAPER MONEY WORLD CRASHES, & the stocks & bonds & stock market World crashes & the industrial World crashes, there are going to be some people in this World who won't even know the difference!--Especially the poor of the Third World & the Arabs living in the desert. Whenever the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia want to get away from it all, they still like to go out & live for months on the desert in their tents just like they have for thousands of years. So it's going to be nothing new or unusual for them. After all, they're not really used to having money. You'd think the way the Jews talk about them they've been rich forever. They only got rich just within the last few years, actually just since this generation & mostly just since the '73 Oil War when they finally began charging what the oil was worth. They'd been robbed to the hilt before that!
       31. BUT I JUST LOVED THAT SMUG, ALMOST AMUSED SORT OF SARCASTIC WAY HE LOOKED DOWN AT THAT LITTLE [DELETED] SHRIMP OF A SUPPOSED BIG BANKER & SAID: "YOUR WORLD--NOT MINE!" It was certainly not the World which the Arabs created! It's not the World which the Arabs have made, but it was made by the anti-Christ Westerners & the industrialists & moneychangers & the loan sharks! So much for "Roll Over," that was about the most important thing there.
       32. AND OF COURSE THE MEANING OF "WAR GAMES" WAS OBVIOUS! And the message of that, of course, was conveyed by the usual mad scientist who has more reason in his madness, like Don Quixote, than the foolishness of this World, in which he was condemning the World to death for its sins. And of course the message was there. I thought it was really terrific! I can't remember how to quote it all, but that was the general idea, that they want to play these war games so they deserve it! Let them play it! They're going to do it sooner or later, why not now? And he wanted to be around to enjoy it, to watch their destruction as they destroyed themselves.
       33. AND OF COURSE THIS YOUNG AMERICAN TEENAGER WHO CRACKED THE COMPUTERS WAS THE GUY WHO WINDS UP AS THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD, persuading the mad scientist not to destroy the World & let them go on a little longer. The teenage girl said, "But I'm only a teenager, I'm only 17"--something like that--"I've never had a chance to even get married or have a home or have a baby!" Apparently that starts working on his sympathies & he's finally persuaded to relent in his self-destruction of the World.
       34. AND I THOUGHT IT WAS INTERESTING THAT THE U.S. TOOK THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE FINAL KEY-PUNCHING OF THE FINAL MESSAGES TO THE MISSILES OUT OF THE HANDS OF HUMAN BEINGS that they couldn't trust, because they suddenly had a wave of compassion so that they couldn't turn the key. The guy who was supposed to turn the key said: "I just can't kill 20 million people!" And the other guy pulls out the revolver & points it at his head & we're never shown what happened after that. Apparently they decided that one of the human frailties is compassion.--One of the uncertain human propensities is love or compassion, in other words, & that they can't trust this destruction to human beings, they have to trust it to a machine. It was called WOPR!--And it looked like a Whopper Burger!
       35. THEY HAD TO TRUST IT TO THIS MACHINE, BECAUSE A MACHINE COULD BE TRUSTED TO GO RIGHT THROUGH WITH IT WITHOUT ANY HUMAN COMPASSION. So they took all these guys that you've seen opening code envelopes & turning keys out of NORAD there in that mountain near Denver, Colorado, & they turned the whole responsibility over to this big super-duper computer. And of course the story was that the scientist programmed the computer to not only just play games with war, but to actually play war & to give instructions to the missiles & to fire, etc. And this teenager got into it accidentally through his cleverness, etc., & found out that this was not just a War Games company that was making computer games, but was the actual NORAD big super-duper computer that was controlling the missiles, etc., which almost caused the missile war!
       36. AND I GOT THE POINT AT THE END THAT THE SCIENTIST HAD DESIGNED THE WHOLE THING JUST TO SCARE'M & to think that this was all going on when actually it was just a simulation. Did you notice at the end? Nevertheless it could have happened, he could have made it bring on the Atomic War. So that was quite a message! What was the main message or slogan of that?--You can't win! The computer analysed all these games & all the possibilities & all the different wars & all the different conflicts & gave the names of the countries & what'd happen if they tried this & tried that like you would if you'd play a game of chess, & each time it came up with the final conclusion: "No Win! Winning Impossible!"--Which of course is certainly true now of war.
       37. NOBODY'S GOING TO REALLY WIN THE NEXT WAR EXCEPT THE ANTICHRIST, & he's not going to win the final one, but we will, thank the Lord! So that's one place where that slogan is wrong, because they weren't analysing Armageddon. They thought they were, but that war is not Armageddon! Armageddon is our war, & we're going to win! In fact, the one we're fighting right now we're winning, thank the Lord! They don't think so, they don't know it, but we are! Maybe you don't know it, but we are.
       38. THE BRITISH MOVIE "TINKER, TAILOR, SOLDIER, SPY" WAS NAMED AFTER AN OLD MOTHER GOOSE NURSERY RHYME: "Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, richman, poorman, beggarman, thief!" I don't know where they got the spy in there, I don't think that's really part of it! The idea was that each of these guys were being investigated at the top of the British Secret Service--about half-a-dozen guys who were under suspicion--& these were their code words for them. They just picked this old Mother Goose rhyme to code the names of each of these fellows so they wouldn't use their real names to tip'm off in case anybody cracked their security. One was the tinker, one was the tailor, one was the soldier, one was the sailor, one was the poorman, beggarman, etc. I wonder why they never got around to thief?
       39. HOW MANY OF YOU GOT THE MESSAGE?--WHAT I THOUGHT WAS THE STRONGEST MESSAGE IN THE WHOLE THING! (Family: Was it at the end when they asked him why he did it?) This super spy who is one of the heads of the British Secret Service is asked why he turned traitor on his own country, etc., why did he do it?--And it shows you how it kind of grows on them. He started out for apparently idealistic reasons. (Family: He said that he didn't want to hurt Britain but he wanted to hurt America, so he was just trying to trade off information that would hurt America & not Britain.)
       40. AND ONE OF THE MOST DESCRIPTIVE STATEMENTS HE USED WAS: "BECAUSE I SAW THAT BRITAIN WAS JUST BECOMING AMERICA'S STREETWALKER!" So I thought that was quite significant! He said: "When I saw that Britain was just becoming America's streetwalker, used by America for her purposes, I decided to go against Britain too!" If you ask me, that film was almost pro-Russian or pro-Communist propaganda, & a lot of British movies are getting more & more that way. Some knowledgeable Europeans with a little insight are becoming more & more sympathetic to the Soviet Union, especially since they would rather be Red than dead!
       41. I ALWAYS TRY TO SEE WHAT THEY'RE DRIVING AT, WHAT KIND OF PROPAGANDA, WHAT MESSAGE ARE THEY PUTTING ACROSS? When you watch these movies, don't just watch them for entertainment & amusement! That's fine & you're welcome to that, you've done a hard day's work, but see what they're trying to put across! What does it say? As they say nowadays, they're trying to make a statement--what is the statement? Almost every one of them has got some kind of statement, & most of it's propaganda!--Anti-Christ propaganda!--Watch out!
       42. THEN OF COURSE "REVENGE OF THE STEPFORD WIVES" is out-&-out WOMEN'S LIB & ANTI-CULT propaganda, & "THE BOYS FROM BRAZIL" blatant anti-Christ ballyhoo praising the notorious Nazi-hound Weisenthal & threatening that there may be another Hitler under every rock!--Absolutely paranoid & hysterical about Hitlers when they themselves are now leading the whole WORLD to destruction!
       43. SO YOU CAN'T ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU SEE IN THE MOVIES!--Like another anti-Christ movie, "Evita Peron," which made out Eva Peron, the very beautiful wife of President Juan Peron of Argentina, to be a cruel selfish villainess, when she actually worked herself to death to help the poor! God help us & deliver us from these anti-Christ lies!--"1984" is here!--Ugh!

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