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YOU CAN TOO! DFO 166511/83--What He's Done for Others, He Can Do for You!

1. I'D LIKE TO PUT THESE HEAVEN GIRL PICTURES IN A SIMPLE LITTLE BOOK FOR SIMPLE PEOPLE with as little text as possible, probably just the "Heaven's Girl" Dream for an introduction to show how I got started on it, how the Lord gave me the dream to start me off & that gave me the idea. Then sort of have a picture every page. The pictures are powerful, they tell the story, & it would almost be like a child's colour book. The children could colour it & it would give them something to do, because you always have to try to find things for kids to do. They are busy little bees & they really like to keep busy!
2. I WAS JUST THINKING ABOUT WHAT TO PUT ON EACH PAGE & THIS IS THE THING THAT CAME TO ME! I already had the idea of putting the titles as the headline on each page, of what she's doing in each picture, like "Healing the Sick", "Raising the Dead" & things like that, & then underneath it just a line or two describing it: "She will be doing so-&-so."
3. IT WOULD BE THE FIRST BOOK EVER WRITTEN IN ADVANCE ABOUT SOMETHING THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, OUTSIDE OF THE BIBLE! Instead of writing it like a story that's already happened, each one will be a prediction of what she's going to do, & then in fine print the Scripture where it's been done before. You could even put little simple headings like: "It's been done before in the Scripture", & then the wind-up: "You can do it too!"
4. I WANT THIS BOOK TO BE AN INSPIRATION TO HELP THEM EXERCISE THEIR FAITH & TO KNOW THAT THEY CAN DO THESE THINGS, THAT GOD HAS PROMISED! I want someone to find me a lot of good Scriptures to put in the front part too--that promise you miraculous supernatural power.--Like, "Call unto Me & I will answer thee & show thee great & mighty things which thou knowest not!" (Jer.33:3.) "Greater things than these shall ye do!" (Jn.14:12.) "Ye shall tread on scorpions & not be hurt" (Lk.10:19)--all those various Scriptures about the miraculous supernatural powers that the Lord has promised us. "You'll remove mountains" (Mt.17:20)--miraculous, supernatural, superhuman powers that God has already promised us, the promises are there in the Book!--Not in specific instances of individual people, but the ones that He's generally promised to all Christians, Power Promises!--Promises of supernatural, miraculous, superhuman power that God has already promised us!
5. THIS IS GOING TO BE PROMISES OF POWER! I don't want it to just be silly little stories, I want to do it to inspire them, to show them what has been done, what she is going to do & what they can do too if they'll believe God's Word! This is going to be a booklet to encourage their faith, & the pictures have already encouraged some people's faith! I want somebody to get me those verses together.
6. I WANT EMAN TO JUST START WITH THE VARIOUS MIRACLES IN THE OLD TESTAMENT & WORK HIS WAY RIGHT THROUGH THE NEW TESTAMENT, right through the Bible in all these situations. I want it to be a systematic history of the miracles of the Bible, showing her in these same situations & how that because she will do these things, we also will be able to do these things. That reminds me of a Scripture: "Greater things than these shall ye do, because I go to My Father." (Jn.14:12.)
7. SO I'D LIKE TO USE ALL THESE PROMISES OF POWER, POWER PROMISES PROMISING SUPERNATURAL, SUPERHUMAN, MIRACULOUS POWER TO US, trying to show'm that it's nothing new, God has had these promises there for ages & these things have been done before, & she'll do them again & we'll do them too! I want to show them what they can do! And maybe it can even encourage their faith for right now, for what to expect--expect miracles! (Maria: Yes, you wrote a whole Letter about that!) (No.717.)
8. SO I WANT EMAN TO DO THE PIX IN ORDER RIGHT STRAIGHT THROUGH THE BIBLE & NOT HELTER-SKELTER, HAPHAZARD JUMPING AROUND! We'd expected him to begin at the beginning & work his way right on through the Bible to the end.
9. I WANT TO SHOW THE PEOPLE THAT GOD HAS NOT ONLY PROMISED ALL THIS POWER, BUT HE'S PROMISED IT FOR NOW & that He has promised it for ages & it's been done before! And it can not only be done in the Tribulation, but it can be done now if you have the faith for it & you need it! I want it to encourage them & inspire them that God empowered ordinary people just like us to do the same things before, & they're not only going to be able to do them in the future like Heaven Girl, but they can do them now if they believe God's promises!
10. SEE, THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH THE CHURCH, THEY EITHER PUT EVERYTHING IN THE PAST OR IT'S FUTURE! The past was wonderful, glorious, supernatural & miraculous with its heroes & saints & angels & God's miracles, & the future's going to be marvellous in Heaven--some kind of marvellous, they don't know what kind--but they don't have faith for any of those things for the present. To them, these are just things that God did once upon a time & just in the beginning, & like every happy fairy tale, they make it as unreal as possible. In other words, "once upon a time" covers the past, & then they put everything else in the future, in Heaven, "& so they lived happily ever after"--but for them it hasn't got anything to do with the present! They say, "These things used to happen, & maybe they're going to happen in the future, but of course you couldn't expect anything like this now."
11. I WANT THEM TO KNOW THAT GOD IS THE SAME, "JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY & FOREVER!" (He.13:8.) That was the main Scripture my Mother got healed on, & that convinced my Father that the Lord could still heal today, not just in the past or some future Heaven, but that He could do it now! So I want to inspire them & encourage them that God is still the God of miracles, & what He's done before He can do again, not only later, but right now if you need it & have faith for it!
12. (MARIA: MAYBE SOMETIMES WE DON'T HAVE FAITH ENOUGH FOR HEALING, BUT ON THE OTHER HAND, SOMETIMES IT'S NOT THE LORD'S WILL TO JUST ZAP YOU BACK TO HEALTH IMMEDIATELY WHEN YOU GET SICK. Sometimes it's His will to work things out, that you do suffer a little while & that you learn things. It sometimes may look like we're sort of defeated by not being able to do it & we don't have the faith, but it's not always that He just zaps people immediately & they come back to complete health.) If that were true, you'd miss a lot of lessons, & a lot of times you'd miss what God's trying to show you or tell you.
13. I DIDN'T GET THIS CONCRETE, ACCURATE MESSAGE OF EXACTLY HOW TO GO ABOUT THIS HEAVEN GIRL BOOK UNTIL I WAS SO DESPERATELY SICK THIS AFTERNOON. I thought, "Well, maybe this is it, maybe I'm going to die, but Lord, what haven't I finished? I finished almost everything I ever wanted to do but this Heaven Girl project, so Lord, how do You want me to do it?"--And those things just came to me as clear as anything, the pictures with the titles explaining what she's doing & a Scripture to show that the same thing has been done in the past & that they can do it again!--With an introduction & all the Scriptures on Promises of Power--supernatural, miraculous, superhuman power! Maybe this will be in the introduction to the book!
14. I DON'T WANT IT TO BE JUST A LOT OF TALK & A LOT OF FAIRY TALES & A LOT OF IMAGINATION! I've never ever told them fairy tales & imaginative stories that just came out of my imagination, I always had some concrete foundation for every single story. Either it came from a dream or a vision or a revelation or the direct word of God or a prophecy or something definite & concrete that you can really get ahold of & claim & know is the Word of God!
15. AND I KNOW BECAUSE OF THAT DREAM I HAD ABOUT HEAVEN GIRL, THAT THAT IS THE WORD OF GOD, that she is the promise of God to encourage the little people to believe God, that if she can do it, they can do it! And if all the little people in the past have already done it by the scores & scores of miracles, both Old & New Testament & even in Church History, then they can do it again & they don't have to wait for the Tribulation or the Millennium or the New Earth, they can do it now!
16. I'M SURE IN GREAT SHAPE TO BE PREACHING THIS KIND OF SERMON RIGHT NOW, SICK AS I AM, BUT I GOT INSPIRED ABOUT IT WHILE I WAS SLEEPING. It came almost like a picture, that that's the way I'm to go about it.--Because I was desperate, really desperate in prayer asking the Lord, "How shall I do this book on Heaven Girl? They're expecting so much, & yet I don't even know how to do it & how to present it or what to say!"--And it was just as clear as a picture how I was supposed to do it! If I hadn't stayed sick this long & gotten that desperate & thought I was dying, I probably wouldn't have gotten this answer. I guess the Lord has to really get my nose right down in the dirt to make me finally say "Uncle" & then plead desperately for an answer, & I believe I got it! How does it sound to you? (Maria: It sounds wonderful!)
17. WOULDN'T THIS MAKE AN INTERESTING BOOK?--All pictures with just these titles & subtitles & Scriptures & descriptions of things that she'll be doing & that have been done before & that they can do now! They don't have to wait for Heaven Girl, they're already Heaven's boys & girls!--Why not start now?
18. (MARIA: IT'S SO GOOD THAT YOU'VE GOT THIS BALANCE, THAT YOU'RE EVEN SICK RIGHT NOW WHILE YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT THIS! It shows that people shouldn't be discouraged if they don't get this supernatural power immediately in every situation, because then the purposes for these things wouldn't be accomplished if they could immediately zap, zap, zap when something was wrong. If when Angelo had been taken to prison we could have immediately gone to the prison & waved our magic wand & sprung him out, he wouldn't have learned any lessons & there wouldn't have been any purpose in his being there. And if you hadn't gotten sick & had a chance to get desperate with the Lord, the purpose for your getting sick wouldn't have been accomplished. So sometimes while we can have this power, it's good to have the balance to know that if we pray & the miracle doesn't immediately happen, we shouldn't get discouraged. Because if it's the Lord's will, we do have that power & it will happen in the Lord's time & within the Lord's will.)
19. I GOT ANOTHER THING THAT I'M ASHAMED TO CONFESS. I said, "Why did You let me get so sick, Lord, & our children & family & all so sick?" And it came to me just as clear as anything that I had told the Lord I didn't want to do the Series! I told you & a few other people I didn't want to do it because I didn't know how to do it, I hadn't the first idea of how to write a book or a story & I'd never done it before. (Maria: Remember the first day when you were so sick? You were sitting on the toilet & you said, "Why did I get so sick?" I said, "Well, Honey, maybe the Lord had a job for you to do & you didn't want to do it." And you looked at me like that & you said, "Out of the mouths of babes & sucklings!") (Ps.8:2.)(See No.1245:116-117)
20. WELL, WHEN I WAS SO SICK TODAY, I WAS PRACTICALLY UNCONSCIOUS, THAT'S WHY I SLEPT SO LONG, I THOUGHT, "WELL, I COULDN'T BE MUCH SICKER WITHOUT DYING!"--And I really got desperate with the Lord & prayed, & that was the thing that came to me, that I hadn't been willing to do this Heaven Girl Series. (Maria: Well Honey, why didn't you accept the answer I gave you when you first got sick? You would have saved all this trouble!) Because I didn't want to! That's plain enough, isn't it?
21. (MARIA: SARA TOLD ME SOMETHING ABOUT TECHI, that on the night that she was sickest, she said, "Mommy, I'm dying!" Sara thought maybe she was awake & saying it, but she realised it was almost like she was in her sleep. Then Sara just really desperately prayed for her & a minute later she said, "Mommy, I'm okay now!" Just like that. But she didn't really wake up, it was like in her sleep. And then later about the next day or so I told them what you had said, that you felt like you were dying & Sara said she really saw how serious it was. And poor David, he's very sick. So it's been real serious & the Enemy's really attacking!)
22. I JUST TOLD THE LORD, "OKAY LORD, YOU'LL HAVE TO DO IT, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DO IT! If You want me to do it, okay, I'll do it, but please show me how." And right away I began to get the idea of how to do it. It was so simple, it's funny I hadn't seen it sooner. Of course we don't know what to do or how to do it, the Lord has to do it. But He's not going to do it until you say yes, that you're willing, even if you don't know how or what to do. So I just told the Lord, "Okay, I don't know what to do or how to do it, but I'll do it & You'll have to show me what to do." And that was the plan that came to me, very similar to what the Lord had already shown me & we were doing step-by-step. We were starting with the pictures & paralleling the miracles of the Bible & all.
23. HERE WE WERE GETTING ALL THESE PICTURES BUT I JUST DIDN'T KNOW EXACTLY WHAT TO DO WITH THEM! It was coming time to start publishing them & I really got desperate & asked the Lord how to present them, & that's what came to me: Make it simple, make it all pictures with the simple titles & subtitles & Scriptures underneath & some little word maybe describing the action to make it personal.--Not just talk like, "Heaven Girl will do this & Heaven Girl will do that"--they can see that from the picture--but say, "You'll be able to do so-&-so, you can do so-&-so, you can do this, you can do that by the power of God," & impress upon them that it includes them!
24. SEE, THE CHURCH HAS GOTTEN OUT OF THE JOB BY SAYING, "THAT'S NOT US, THAT'S NOT ME! He doesn't expect us to do it, that was for the miraculous days of yore or the coming days of Heaven, but not me, Lord, not now!" So they've squirmed out of the responsibility to do the things that God has told them to do, including evangelising the World & doing miracles to help people. That was the only reason that Jesus did miracles. He wasn't doing them to show off, He was doing them because He had compassion upon the multitudes. It says that He healed them because He had compassion upon the multitudes. (Mt.14:14.)
25. HE WASN'T DOING IT JUST TO SHOW OFF HIS POWER OR HIS MIRACLES OR EVEN TO PROVE HE WAS THE SON OF GOD--IN FACT, THEY OFTEN GOT HIM INTO TROUBLE WITH HIS ENEMIES! They hated His miracles because it proved His power & His Divine right claim. He often did'm & even told people to be quiet & not to tell anybody because He knew it might cause some trouble, but He did it for their sake because He loved them & He hated to see them suffer & He wanted to help them. He did it because He had compassion upon them & He wanted to heal them & He wanted to help them, & that was His motivation.--Not to go around showing off that He was a great miracle-worker & therefore: "Look at Me! Believe in Me! Look how great I am!" He went around humbly & most of the time really trying to stay out of sight & out of trouble, & He just did the miracles because the people needed them & He loved them & had compassion on them & was sorry for them, so He did something about it.
26. AND THAT HAS TO BE THE MOTIVATION, NOT TO SHOW OFF & SAY, "LOOK, I'M SUPERGIRL! I'M HEAVEN'S GIRL! LOOK AT ME! Look how wonderful I am, how powerful I am & look at the mighty signs & wonders I can do! Believe in me!" That is not what she's really doing. She's going around quietly, sweetly & humbly with lots of love & compassion trying to help people, like Jesus did. He went about everywhere doing good (Ac.10:38), having compassion on the multitude. (Maria: I guess that's one reason the Lord doesn't give that power to more people, because they'd become very proud & they wouldn't be able to handle it.) Yes, spiritual pride to try to show off.
27. I KNOW FOR MANY YEARS HE DIDN'T GIVE ME THE GIFT OF TONGUES, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT I WANTED MOST OF ALL. I wanted to show people I had the Holy Spirit & I wanted to prove it & I wanted to do the supernatural, miraculous thing of speaking in tongues. I even wanted it to prove to myself I had the Holy Spirit! But He refused to give me the gift of tongues because I think I wanted it for the wrong reason, because of spiritual pride, I wanted to show it off like all the other Pentecostal people, that I could speak in tongues too.
28. IT'S DIFFICULT FOR SOME PEOPLE TO BELIEVE YOU'RE ANY KIND OF A SPIRITUAL LEADER, MUCH LESS A PROPHET OF GOD, IF YOU CAN'T EVEN SPEAK IN TONGUES!--It's the simplest, littlest, most common, childish gift that is the most prevalent amongst Pentecostal people, a lot of whom wouldn't even believe I had the Holy Spirit because I didn't speak in tongues! And I refused to fake it like some of them did, because when I got it, I wanted the real thing!
29. SO THE LORD GAVE ME ALL THE HIDDEN GIFTS INSTEAD, WHICH ARE ABSOLUTELY THE MOST ESSENTIAL FOR LEADERSHIP, & none of the showy gifts--no tongues, no miracles, no prophecy, no interpretation, no gifts of healing, none of those manifest, showy gifts that everybody can see are miraculous & supernatural. He only gave me the hidden gifts like wisdom & knowledge & discernment & things like that, & I just had to trust the Lord that I had them, because you couldn't see them & you couldn't show them off & say, "Look here, look what I can do! Look what a great man of God I am! I have all these supernatural, miraculous, showy gifts & you can see that I'm a man of God!"
30. THEY COULDN'T SEE IT, & MOST OF THEM DIDN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER, BUT THANK GOD THEY WORKED & HERE WE ARE, & I NEVER GOT THE GIFT OF TONGUES UNTIL ALMOST THE LAST ONE OF ALL! Some people won't even believe in prophecy & will accuse you of faking it because it's in your own language that you already speak. That's why the Pentecostals count so much on tongues, because it's such an obvious, apparent, audible miracle to speak a language that you haven't even learned, & even one that you don't even know what you're saying. You either have to get the gift of interpretation or somebody else to interpret it for you.
31. SO THAT WAS QUITE A MIRACLE, THE MOST OBVIOUS CHILDISH LITTLE MIRACLE OF ALL OF THE GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, & THAT'S THE ONE THE LORD GAVE ME LAST! I even got interpretation first, & then prophecy. I don't know about gifts of healing, but I've prayed for people who were sick & they got well. I don't do quite so well on myself, I have to have somebody else pray for me, but anyhow, I know it works.
32. BUT I NEVER GOT THE GIFT OF TONGUES UNTIL I WAS PRAYING FOR SOMEBODY ELSE! I wasn't even praying for tongues, I wasn't even expecting tongues, that was the thing furthest from my mind. It was early that morning in the rear bed of the camper, I was lying there between you & Martha & had been making love to you both I think, when I heard Ho start up that big huge yellow school bus with about 40 people he was taking to the University of Texas in Austin, I think it was to some football game where they were going to pass out tracts to those hard-hats & rednecks, those Texas cowboys!
33. I WAS SCARED STIFF OF WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THIS BUSLOAD OF HIPPIES GOING DOWN THERE TO PREACH TO THOSE TEXAS COWBOYS! I thought, "My God, they could get massacred!" So I heard the bus starting up & everybody yelling goodbye & everything. It was so early in the morning we hadn't gotten up yet. I'd told them goodbye the night before & that I wasn't going to get up at 6 o'clock in the morning to see them off--that would have been a miracle in those days!--And as you recall I just started praying desperately for Ho & that busload of young people, for the Lord to take care of them & really empower them & keep them & just supernaturally protect them!
34. I WAS PRAYING DESPERATELY, AS YOU RECALL, & YOU GUYS WERE PRAYING WITH ME, WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN I WAS JUST PRAYING IN TONGUES AT THE TOP OF MY VOICE & I didn't even realise it until it began to sink in that I was actually speaking in tongues! And then I got so happy I couldn't quit speaking in tongues for three days, I was just babbling & chattering all over the place, I couldn't even interpret it most of the time! I couldn't even speak in English any more!
35. I'D HEARD OF THAT HAPPENING TO SOME PEOPLE, BUT I NEVER EXPECTED IT TO HAPPEN TO ME! I thought my gift would come in a nice, dignified, sensible, reasonable manner, that I wouldn't just go hog-wild & crazy over it! But I was like a child with a new toy & I just couldn't stop chattering in tongues! All day long, everywhere I went, everybody I talked to, all I could do was talk in tongues! And you were all amazed, that was for sure! I had to even try to make hand motions & everything to tell you what I meant, because I was getting sort of the general gist of what I was saying, or what Abrahim was saying through me.
36. AND THE GRAND FINALE WAS WHEN I FINALLY WENT PUBLIC, & THAT WAS ANOTHER BUSLOAD OF KIDS THAT INSPIRED THAT ON THE THIRD DAYS OF MY TONGUES, when Big Josh & all them were coming back with this whole busload of new fruit from California, so I just had to go out & greet them. I greeted Josh & I remember he looked so dumbfounded because all I could do was chatter in tongues. And then I thought, "Well, I'd better hide away, I'd better not let these new kids see me or hear me, they'll think I'm really crazy!"
37. BUT THEN THEY GOT OUT ON THE HILLTOP & HAD THIS BIG PRAYER MEETING, THANKING & PRAISING THE LORD FOR BRINGING THEM SAFELY THERE, & I WAS JUST INEXORABLY MOVED TO THAT HILLTOP! I don't think I could have resisted it, I was just moved like by the hand of God to go there & lay hands on each one of them & pray for them in tongues! That was the first time I began to get a little bit of interpretation of it as I would try to explain to them in a few words of English what each prophecy for each one of them meant. I knew it would be a great encouragement to them, because the Lord was telling each one of them how He was going to mightily use them & what they were going to do. When we finally got through that session, I think we'd prayed for every one of them, & then we just had a shoutin' hallelujah happy time of praise & I got out of there & went back home! Eventually I simmered down & began speaking some English, but as you recall, even then it was Abrahim still speaking, but in very broken English. Isn't that amazing? He'd just taken over!
38. IT SURE WAS THRILLING & INSPIRING & EXCITING & ENCOURAGING TO ME, SUCH AN OBVIOUS MIRACLE, but the Lord had done lots of miracles before that, I just had to have the faith to believe them! They were the kind of miracles you had to have the faith to believe that they were miracles, that I had the right wisdom & the right knowledge & the right discernment & the right leading & that I was doing the right thing, because you couldn't actually see it or necessarily hear it.
39. I'D ALREADY GOTTEN THE GIFTS OF INTERPRETATION & PROPHECY ON THE ROAD, BUT THE LAST ONE I GOT WAS TONGUES! The Lord really tried my patience on that tongues business! Here I was 50 years of age & already leading the Jesus Revolution & had a number of Colonies & hundreds of kids, I mean it was already rolling before I ever even got the gift of tongues!--Ha! What did I tell you that story for? (Maria: Because you were talking about spiritual pride, that it's not in the Heaven Girl.) Right!
40. SHE'S NOT DOING ALL THOSE THINGS BECAUSE SHE'S PROUD & WANTS TO SHOW OFF, SHE'S DOING THEM BECAUSE SHE HAS COMPASSION ON THE MULTITUDE & THE PEOPLE & WANTS TO HELP THEM, so she has the faith that the Lord will help her to do it, to save them, to heal them, to help them. And what the Lord wants me to show our folks is that, look, she's just a little nobody, a little weak woman, so if she can do it, you can do it! If the Lord can give her such faith & power & love to do such miracles, so can you! Why not? You need it?--You can have it! Do it! Amen? Don't just sit there, do something! Amen? Do something about it! Don't just sit there even like some of the Prophets did & say, "Well Lord, I can't do that, I can't talk, I can't do things like that, I don't know how to do it, I don't know what to do!"
41. THAT'S WHAT I WAS TELLING THE LORD A FEW DAYS AGO WHEN I DIDN'T WANT TO DO THIS HEAVEN GIRL SERIES, I WAS PRACTICALLY BACKING OUT. I was almost ashamed because here was Eman doing all these pictures & I didn't know what to do with them! I knew I was supposed to do it & knew we were supposed to use them, so I thought, "Well, we'll just publish a nice pretty little picture book of all his pictures, it's nice to think about." I told you I didn't know what to do & I couldn't write the story & I didn't want to do it. I told you that flat-out, period, that I didn't want to. (Maria: And I said, "The Lord has a job for you to do!") I know you did.
42. WELL, IT FINALLY DAWNED ON ME WHEN I ASKED THE LORD TODAY, IT CAME VERY CLEAR! I'd been a naughty boy & I was getting spanked for saying "no" & refusing to do the job the Lord gave me to do.--Till today, thank You Lord, when I thought I was going to die but I didn't, I finally said "okay" & told Him, if He'd show me what to do, I'd do it!--And right away I began to see how to do it! It's probably the first story that's ever going to be written in the future tense--in the future & the present instead of the past!
43. SO IT CAME TO ME CLEARLY TO USE THE PICTURES & GIVE'M THE TITLES, DESCRIBE THE ACTION, GIVE THE EXAMPLE IN THE SCRIPTURE & THEN GIVE THEM SOMETHING ENCOURAGING LIKE, "DON'T WORRY, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!--And you don't have to wait till the Tribulation or the Millennium, you can do it now if you need to!" PTL! So there it is, God help me to follow through! But dear Eman is going to have to start getting his pictures in some semblance of decency & order & not just hop, skip & jump around according to what appeals to him! I had expected him to start at the very beginning of the Bible & go right through. That's the natural, logical way I would have done it & you know that's the way I do things. I've gotta tell him that he's just going to have to start at the beginning of the Bible & work his way through each one of those miracles & show her in that situation like I had expected him to do, & not start back at the end & work to the beginning & jump all around!--Because that's the only sensible, logical, reasonable way to do it!
44. THAT WAY IT ALSO GIVES OUR FOLKS & OUR LITTLE KIDS AN ACTUAL HISTORY OF THE MIRACLES OF THE BIBLE, showing her doing these things, to make it really have meaning right now in the present! In other words, if great heroes of the past have done it, it can still be done! She can do it! And if she can do it, you can do it! Amen? Get the point?

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