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THE COMPUTER CHIP DREAM!--The Brand of the Beast!        DFO 1666        11/83

       1. HERE IT IS A MONDAY, NOVEMBER 1983, & I'M SICK AS A DOG & I said I was too tired to even hold the tape recorder so I'm letting Maria tape this on her tape recorder. About all I can do is lay the microphone on my chest. But Maria has suggested that maybe the reason the Devil is attacking so hard is he's trying to keep me from telling about a dream that I had a couple of nights ago when I was real sick or just before I got real sick again, so maybe the Devil really is trying to keep me from telling it, so I figured, "Well, if that's what's causing me to be so sick, I better hurry up & get it over with or at least die trying!" So here I am! I think the Lord was trying to show me what the Mark of the Beast is going to be, because it was very clear & I still remember it vividly! There wasn't really an awful lot to it.
       2. I JUST SAW THIS LITTLE COMPUTER CHIP, it wasn't really all that little, I guess, because some chips I think are even smaller, but I think the Lord was trying to show me what the Mark of the Beast is! It was only about an inch-&-a-half long, like maybe three centimeters, & I'd say about a half-an-inch wide, which is a little over a centimeter wide. It was real thin like a little tiny plastic strip but it had this needle-like pin attached to the back of it like a straight pin & just about the size & length of a straight pin, only it seemed to be even finer, like a needle, even very very slender. The head of the pin was attached to the centre of the back of the chip or printed circuit board or whatever the thing was, but it was quite small.
       3. FIRST OF ALL THEY WERE PUTTING IT ON THIS BIG COMPUTER PROGRAMMING BOARD OF SOME KIND, apparently all of its circuitry was attached to the head of that pin & they were setting it down in different squares on this big board that had a little tiny hole in the middle of each one of these rectangles actually, & they would set it down on this one & leave it there for a few moments. Then set it down on that one, leave it there for a few minutes with the pin thrust down into the hole in the middle of each rectangle, & somehow or another this big board with all of these rectangles was wired up to some big giant computer of some kind, & what was evidently happening was that this little chip was being pre-programmed by the big computer.
       4. THEN I WATCHED AS THEY TOOK THE CHIP, & THIS SOUNDS HARD TO BELIEVE, I KNOW, BUT THEY SANK THE PIN INTO SOMEBODY'S FOREHEAD! I don't know whether they'd already previously drilled a hole right in the middle in the centre of their forehead into the brain, but they inserted the pin right into that little hole in their forehead & they sliced open the flesh & made a slice right across the forehead like that (motioning), horizontally, pulled the skin back so they could put the chip inside the skin & then they pulled the skin over the chip. Then on the outside of the skin they apparently closed it up with something, it seemed like they used some kind of surgical tape or something, just taped it together, because it's not a place where you bleed very much or anything, so that it would heal back together.
       5. THE CHIP HAD BEEN ALL PROGRAMMED IN SUCH A WAY THAT IT NOT ONLY CARRIED YOUR NUMBER & ALL YOUR RECORDS, name, address & phone number & tax records, everything, but the shocking revelation I got in the dream was that it was not merely an identification tag just to identify you & to tell the authorities what your records were & all that, but it was to tell them even what you were thinking & to also be able to actually program your thoughts & your behaviour so that once you had that chip implanted in your forehead you were their slave! I just assumed from what I was watching that it must have been the Mark of the Beast & it seemed like some kind of a number that showed through on your forehead after they put the chip in & sealed the skin, that there was a number there but I don't remember that too distinctly.
       6. THE MAIN THING THAT SHOCKED ME WAS HOW THEY PUT THE CHIP INSIDE THE SKIN THERE WITH THAT PIN GOING INTO YOUR BRAIN & that thereby somehow their big main-frame computers could even tell what you were thinking! It was even sort of a little broadcasting thing of some kind or maybe they had to bring you up near the computer or scanner, I don't know, I didn't see all that. All I saw was them insert that thing, & I was horrified when they punched that pin right into the frontal lobe of the brain!
       7. IT'S THE FRONTAL PART OF THE BRAIN WHICH HAS TO DO WITH YOUR DECISION-MAKING & YOUR SELF-CONTROL & your discernment between right & wrong & all that sort of thing. It's the first part of the brain to be paralysed when you drink too much. It starts numbing there it seems for some reason, I remember I read a book on that in school one time. It starts on that front part of the brain to paralyse your inhibitions, your self-control, your sense of right & wrong, & as it paralyses that part of your brain it makes you sort of not much better than an animal! You are more prone to follow your animal instincts & the lusts of your flesh etc. because that is apparently sort of like the spiritual control centre of the brain, the frontal lobe just behind the forehead, as I recall. I may be wrong, some of you smart guys out there that are always checking up on me & correcting me, you can go ahead & do that, but that's what I recall. GBY!
       8. ANYWAY, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE VERY SMART, THANK THE LORD, TO GET DREAMS & VISIONS & REVELATIONS FROM THE LORD. He just gives them to me, that's all I know. But I was so impressed by the dream, it was so shocking, & the most shocking part about it was not that they were going to implant this pin through your skull into your brain like an electronic electrode, which they do in some cases when they're testing brains when they're trying to find a tumour or something on the brain. They do sometimes stick electrodes in trying to discover things. God knows how much damage those surgeons do, they're always wandering around exploring like little boys, but at least they've come up with a few answers.
       9. THE HORRIFYING THING ABOUT IT WAS not the seeming horror or to think they were actually planting this thing, this needle-like electrode into your brain & then slitting the flesh & embedding the computer chip or printed circuit board or whatever it was under the skin right up there, but that it not only just bore your number & your record & all that but it made you a literal slave under the absolute control of the authorities so that they could control your behaviour & know your thoughts & you were a complete slave!
       10. NOW THAT MUST BE WHAT IS SO HORRIBLE ABOUT THAT ANTICHRIST SYSTEM THAT GOD IS SO DEAD SET AGAINST IT & where He insists that all of them be slaughtered at the end of the Antichrist reign, because apparently they're all like brute beasts, created to be destroyed as He says in one place. (Rev.14:9-11 & 19:20-21, 2Pe.2:12.) They have become the absolute robots of the Antichrist system, automatons, humanoids, in other words, robotic humans under the total control of the System, & that if you permit them to implant that thing in your head you've sold your soul to the Devil, because you no longer have your own self-control but they control you completely!
       11. NOW THAT SOUNDS ALL VERY SCIENTIFIC OF COURSE & it looked very scientific, but when you add to that the spiritual power of Satan & his demons & the control that they will have over minds & hearts in those days, then you realise what a heinous, fiendish, demonic system it's going to be & all of its subjects will be absolute robots who will take their commands & orders directly from the central computer & broadcasting station or whatever it is, & it will control their thoughts, behaviour, actions, everything, they'll become absolute human robots, those who receive this Mark of the Beast!
       12. IT'S SO AMAZING HOW IN THESE DREAMS sometimes I get words, some actual words are spoken to me that I remember especially if the words are extremely important, but if He can get across a thought without that, you just know some things & it was just like He was explaining it to me & showing me how it worked & what was going to happen, that the Mark of the Beast was going to be much more serious than we had ever dreamed!--Not merely an identifying mark or merely to identify you as one of the Beast's people, but to make you literally one of his absolute soul-slaves so that you no longer had control over your own mind or body or actions but you were a complete absolute automaton governed by the central computer, big computers or whatever.--Your thoughts, actions, you got messages on it, they could read your thoughts by it, all these things. It was just like someone was explaining it to me, almost like you might say an angel or somebody was sort of talking to me, although I can't remember all the specific words, but you get it more like sort of mental telepathy.
       13. THANK GOD HE HAS HIS SYSTEM OF COMMUNICATION & you yield to His Holy Spirit, His medium of thought-control too, thank the Lord, & His Spirit can govern our thoughts & actions & deeds as well & is far superior to that! But that apparently is why He considers accepting the Mark of the Beast virtually selling your soul to the Devil & you are doomed & damned & finished, because once you have accepted that Mark, it does not merely identify you as one of his people, but it makes you forever, or at least for the rest of his time, an absolute slave, where you have no longer any control, self-control over your self or your thoughts, mind, actions etc., except perhaps the natural normal automatic reaction of the human body & mind etc. to carry on your normal daily activities.
       14. BUT THIS THING COULD ACTUALLY READ YOUR MIND & CAUSE YOU TO MAKE DECISIONS TO PLEASE THE SYSTEM with that electrode planted right in your brain in the frontal lobe, which is the decision-making power portion of your brain. See, there are lots of other parts of the brain that control your hearing, eyesight & physical actions, all kinds of other things you know, so apparently the people who've got it could carry on normally in every other way. But this thing sealed their fate as far as being a total slave of the Antichrist system, because if there were any decisions to be made or messages to be received or thoughts to be read, it was all settled. You were no longer your own, you were tagged by the Devil & no longer under your own complete self-control. So that anybody, in other words, who would submit to that operation lost all self control. It was a seemingly small almost insignificant little operation & didn't seem to apparently be anything major.
       15. I SAW IT IN FACT, IT SEEMED THAT THE PERSON RECEIVING IT WAS SITTING IN A CHAIR LIKE A DENTIST CHAIR, just tilted back while they were implanting that inside the skin of the forehead with this very sharp needle-like pin, the pin that looked like it was maybe an inch long, something like that. I presume they were under some kind of sedation or something where it didn't seem to hurt all that much, but it was inserted there & then covered up with the skin & was sort of taped shut for it to heal. Now I can't swear that I even saw a number on the outside but I suppose, I had the feeling that there was going to be a number there, but maybe the number won't even show through. Maybe it can only be read by a computer or some kind of electronic gadget or something!
       16. YOU KNOW, THAT WOULD BE VERY CLEVER & VERY TREACHEROUS IF THEY COULD HIDE THAT THERE SO THAT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW WHO WAS WHO! You wouldn't know who had one & who didn't, whether you were talking to friends or enemies, wouldn't that be clever though, huh? We've always supposed that it was a big bold number emblazoned on their forehead, "666" or in their hand or something that you could see outright, but when they sealed up that slit, they pulled the skin back over it & sealed it with that tape, that's the last I remember. I don't remember seeing if there was a number on the outside or not, but that would be clever, wouldn't it? That would even be more dangerous if they would hide it so you couldn't really tell who was one of theirs & who was one of yours, because it would be hidden there. And a small well-made slit like that wouldn't leave much of a scar, so it could be very dangerous & treacherous, you wouldn't really know who had the numbers & who didn't! How about that?
       17. WELL, IN THESE SCI-FI MOVIES THEY HAVE THINGS SIMILAR TO THAT. I'm sure they're inspired by either the Lord or the Devil, where they get some kind of an implant in the back of their neck or some kind of a bug or something so that they possess their body & control it, & the "Aliens" have invaded in human form so that you don't know who's who & who's one of them & who's one of you & who's the alien & who's the human!
       18. SO THAT WAS THE DREAM! That was all there was to it. I just first saw, which somehow I just knew that they were programming the chip by putting the needle in those various holes on this sort of board, program board or something, it was being programmed, probably inputting all the various information on this person, you know, so that they could get a read-out on that person on one of their scanners almost any place. Then I watched while they were inserting it in the forehead of this person sitting there in that sort of dentist chair. They took like a scalpel & very skillfully just made a little careful slit right across the forehead, & I presume they must have already drilled a hole for the pin, for the electrode or something, small needle-like hole in the front of the skull to insert the pin or the electrode. They put it in there & they just pulled the skin down & up over it, the skin up on the top & pulled it back together & pressed the skin together & put this kind of tape across it like it was some advanced type of healing surgical tape that kept it together until it healed. By this then they not only had your number, but they had you under absolute control, you were a total slave to the Antichrist!
       19. NOW FROM WHAT ALL I'VE HEARD & READ, THOSE THINGS REALLY ARE POSSIBLE, stuff like that, but this idea of the needle-like electrode right through the middle of your forehead into the frontal lobe of the brain, your decision-making control centre, I've never heard of anybody doing anything like that, but apparently they've figured out some way to do it, made it possible. You could receive messages like that or you could transmit messages to their receiver or whatever it was, just like they could read your thoughts & they could control your decisions & actions & everything, so you became an absolute robot, a total robot, completely totally theirs!
       20. SO IT'S NO WONDER THAT THE LORD HAD SUCH TERRIBLE THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THE PEOPLE THAT RECEIVE THE MARK OF THE BEAST because they were literally selling their souls to the Devil permanently with no possibility of return, because thereby Satan had completely taken over their decision-making capabilities so they could no longer make any kind of a decision on their own that could not be controlled by the System. You were totally sold-out to the Devil with no return, no possibility of making a decision on your own anymore, or no repentance, no turning back, no wishing you didn't have it or wishing you could get rid of it or anything! I mean from then on you were just theirs, period, that was it!
       21. AND AFTER WHOEVER WAS EXPLAINING IT TO ME, I MEAN I GOT IT LIKE IN THOUGHT COMMUNICATIONS RATHER THAN THE WORDS, I just knew from his explanation just exactly what he was telling me, how it operated & all, that that was why it was so serious to receive the Mark of the Beast, because it meant absolute control from then on, no turning back, no repentance, no way to make the right decision anymore. You were totally & utterly under the control of the Devil through his machinery, & therefore that's why all the followers of the Antichrist have to be slaughtered, all those that have the Mark of the Beast, according to the Book of Revelation, along with the Antichrist & his False Prophet & all, they all have to be slaughtered because they no longer are under their own control at all & they can't change!
       22. SO I PRESUME, OF COURSE, AFTER THE BODY IS KILLED THEN THE SPIRIT AT LEAST IS, YOU MIGHT SAY, SET FREE & PERHAPS IN THE NEXT LIFE THERE MIGHT BE SOME HOPES FOR THEM, having been through such a horror & experience as that, that they might be given some future chance to repent or something, I don't know. But it doesn't sound too encouraging or too hopeful for them, if you read the Book of Revelation, because God seals their doom apparently the moment they accept one of those chips, their doom is sealed along with the skin on the forehead & that's it, it's over, they're just nothing but a humanoid, a automaton, a human robot under the total complete control of the Antichrist system! So that was the dream.
       23. (MARIA: IS ANYONE THAT HAS RECEIVED JESUS EVER GOING TO SUBMIT TO THAT?) NO, NEVER! That seems to be what the Bible indicates, that the people who have the seal of God in their foreheads will absolutely refuse the Mark of the Beast! They will absolutely refuse to take it, they would rather be killed! (Maria: Even if they only received the Lord when they were small?) When you receive the Lord you are the Lord's, thank the Lord! So nobody who has really received the Lord, who has Jesus & the Seal of God in their forehead is going to receive it! (Rev.7) They're going to know how bad it is & that it means Hell for sure, so they're going to prefer to die than to receive it! And of course, the Lord is going to give them places to flee to in the wilderness to hide & be fed & nourished, He says. (Rev.12) No matter what kind of a flood the Devil casts after them to try to capture them or whatever, the Lord is going to take care of His Own.
       24. (MARIA: WELL, THAT'S GOING TO BE AN AWFUL LOT OF PEOPLE THAT ARE GOING TO REFUSE THE MARK, THEY THAT RECEIVED JESUS?) Yes! Sure! I think there are going to be millions of people in the Rapture! (Maria: If you just looked at it as for the people that are serving the Lord, there sure wouldn't be very many!) Well, obviously the forces of the Lord are going to be considerable if the Antichrist thinks that he has to conjure up whole armies & everything to fight the Saints of God & has to carry on wars against them, why, they must be pretty considerable & pretty powerful!--Look at Heaven Girl, what one little girl can do! If she can do that, just think what a lot of other people are going to be able to do too! The Lord is really going to protect His own.
       25. (MARIA: PLUS ALL THE PEOPLE THAT AREN'T SAVED BUT DON'T LIKE THE ANTICHRIST, WILL THEY REFUSE THE MARK?) Yes, there could be many people of other religions who would flatly refuse! See, "The Lord knoweth them that are His" & "His sheep know His voice" (Jn.10:4,5) & "a stranger they will not follow." So if they have strong enough convictions in their own religion to resist that operation, why, I presume there's still a chance for them.
       26. SO THAT WAS REALLY A SHOCKING DREAM! You asked me a couple of times, "Aren't you afraid you'll forget it?" How could I ever forget that picture? Whew! I mean it was really something to see them stick that needle right into the forehead of the guy after they'd slit the skin open & stick that needle in & push that chip in & cover it up with the flesh again, tape it together! (Maria: They must have that stuff about ready.) I wouldn't be surprised.
       27. SO THERE IT IS!: THE "COMPUTER CHIP DREAM--THE MARK OF THE BEAST"! We have never gotten anything so specific before on the Mark of the Beast, right? That was just as vivid as it could be! I could never forget that scene, seeing them take that chip & insert it! First they were programming it on this big board in these different positions, which apparently were each different bytes of information, like they do, & then they just made this little slit in his forehead & stuck the needle in & covered up the chip & taped it together again, & it didn't seem to be all that serious an operation & fairly simple. And there will be people of course who will submit to that just to enjoy the advantages of the Antichrist license to buy & sell & get food & live!
       28. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK THE WHOLE WORLD WILL KNOW WHAT IT MEANS? I MEAN EVEN THE UNSAVED, WILL THEY KNOW THAT IT MEANS HELL?) Well, that's our job, to tell them. I mean we're supposed to be telling them now what it means--the difference between accepting the Lord & not accepting the Lord. (Maria: Yes, but will they know that this little operation means that they're going to Hell?) Well, that's what the Bible says, just read it. All those that accept the Mark of the Beast are cursed & damned & doomed! (Rev.14:9-11; 16:2; 19:20.)
       29. I THINK EVERYBODY HAS THEIR CHANCE. And I believe they will know what they are doing, they're surrendering themselves to the Antichrist, that's for sure! They're certainly going to know he is anti-Christ, anti-God & evil, if they don't know anything else, & to surrender themselves to this evil Beast & his total control, I mean what worse could you do? That's selling your soul to the Devil for sure!
       30. SO THAT WAS THE DREAM, THAT'S ALL I KNOW, & IT WAS JUST LIKE IT SETTLED THEIR FATE! It settled their doom, & then there's no chance any longer for salvation, for repentance or to change your mind! Your ability to change your mind was gone, your ability to control yourself was gone, & it was impossible to turn back! You had sold your soul to the Devil & were under his total complete control, & that's how bad it's going to be! Thank God for Heaven Girl & all the rest of the dear Folks like her, & I believe there are going to be millions of us who are going to still be witnessing & resisting the Enemy & hiding out & be preserved by miracles until the Lord comes, until everybody has had their chance & the Devil is exposed & all his awfulness & the whole World sees what a horror he is, & Jesus comes & takes His Own! TTL!
       31. (DAD COUGHING REAL BAD.) SO THERE!--IF THAT'S WHAT THE DEVIL IS ATTACKING ME ABOUT, revealing one of his secrets, now that I have revealed it & it's off my chest, let's hope he gets off my chest with this damn cold!--And the Lord delivers me because I have obeyed the Lord anyhow, & I've delivered my soul & the message. So may God bless & keep you in that hour, & I know He will, because you're His & you have the Seal of God in your forehead & you will never accept the Mark of the Beast! HAL TYJ!
       32. I REMEMBER THEY USED TO SCARE YOU IN CHURCH WITH THOSE SERMONS ABOUT THE MARK OF THE BEAST & they made you absolutely terror-stricken that maybe you might actually be so terrorised that you might be forced to accept it, you know, that somehow that if you'd make the wrong decision & wrong choice, even though you're a Christian & saved, if you accepted the Mark of the Beast, that damned you, because of course, they were saved off again, on again, gone again, & never knew for sure they were saved! Thank God we know that once you're saved you're saved & you have the Seal of God in your forehead & you will never die in that sense!
       33. JESUS SAID, "I AM THE RESURRECTION & THE LIFE; HE THAT BELIEVETH IN ME, THOUGH HE WERE DEAD, YET SHALL HE LIVE: AND WHOSOEVER LIVETH & BELIEVETH IN ME SHALL NEVER DIE!" (Jn.11:25,26) So it's settled once & for all with us already! The Lord has got the jump on'm, the Lord got here first & He's already got us sealed! Praise the Lord! And the Devil can never take that away from us by any amount of any kind of force or whatever.
       34. I PRESUME IF THEY TRIED TO IMPLANT ONE OF THOSE THINGS EVEN BY FORCE IN A CHRISTIAN'S FOREHEAD IT JUST WOULDN'T WORK! The Lord would even negate it somehow, because we already have the Seal of God in our foreheads, so thank the Lord! He could really fritz up the wiring in the circuitry & make it go dead or help us to flee in some way so that we don't get caught or have anything forced on us that we don't want! Thank the Lord! So I know the Lord is going to take care of His Own. Amen? Praise the Lord! God bless & keep us all busy for Him, faithful & loyal to Jesus & He'll always be faithful & loyal to us & He never fails, & He won't fail us then anymore than He will now! Thank the Lord! He never has failed us now, why should He fail us then? Thank You Jesus!
       35. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT! But I just thought I'd better tell you about it since the Lord gave me that dream, that that's how bad the Mark of the Beast is going to be, that's what it's going to be. I believe it with all my heart & soul because I saw it, & I never ever even thought of this thing before or dreamed of such a thing! I had heard, you know, about them maybe tatooing the Mark on you in some way, electronically-read with a black light or blah, blah, but nothing that final & complicated as to become a total complete human robot of the Beast! But thank the Lord, He'll give us the strength to resist & we would rather die than receive it! So thank You Lord! We know the Lord will bless & keep us in that day! In Jesus' name, amen.

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