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THE CHINESE & THE WORD!--The Water Level Test. DFO 166911/83

1. I WAS HAVING SUCH A NICE DREAM ABOUT THE CHINESE! They were testing us, proving the Word! And they were just making sure that it was right. They were testing it by the level to make sure it was on the level. They liked it because it was, it tested true just like you test the water level.--You test it & it proves true. Every test proved true. It was almost worth getting waked up for but not worth getting chilled. I don't know, maybe it was.
2. THEY JUST WANT TO MAKE SURE IT'S TRUE & they'll receive anything that's really right & true & honest. They're very honest & they really hunger for what's right & true but they want to measure it & test it & make sure, 'cause they've been fooled, hoodwinked by the white foreign devils so many times, so they can't trust them.
3. SO ALL THEY REALLY WANT TO DO IS JUST PROVE IT & they've found out that at every test, it measured up & measured down exactly. Just like you test the water level. I can't explain it, it's too complicated but it came out exactly right every time & they liked that. It was such a wonderful dream & so satisfying that the Chinese are really fair & they really wanted to know. They just wanted to test it & make sure, & when they found out for sure it was OK, they liked it.
4. GOD BLESS THE CHINESE, they've got things under control! Thank the Lord, the Lord's taking over. I sometimes wonder if the new rulers of China are secret Christians because they sure sound like it! They don't want any of these evil things of the West. They're trying to make China pure.--Trying to protect their young people & I sure agree with them, against the spiritual pollution of the West! I agree with almost everything they've said about Western pollution. My God! Lord save these Eastern countries from the horrors of the evil West!
5. THE EAST HAS COME OUT TO BE THE SAINTS OF THIS DAY COMPARED TO THE WEST & THE WESTERN WHITE FOREIGN DEVILS! It's true! The West are white foreign devils trying to pollute the East! God bless the East, it's trying to resist them, help them in Jesus' name! Help them all to resist that God-damned Western pollution!--In Jesus' name, amen. They like the Truth. They like to test it & make sure it's true & they were testing it. And they found out what we said was true & therefore they liked it.
6. IT WAS REALLY A BEAUTIFUL DREAM, I don't think I can even explain it! It's like these metering rods were hanging down, their tips were testing the water level & they were sticking up testing the water level to make sure it was true. See, the water is the Word you know, & they found out it was accurate. On every level of the test it was true, it was accurate, it was right. It tested right on, exactly! Thank the Lord! They liked that.
7. IF YOU STICK TO THE WORD YOU CANNOT FAIL, because "My Word shall never pass away! Heaven & Earth shall pass away, but My Word shall never pass away!" (Mat.24:35) They're measuring it with the rods so they know it's true! Amen! GB'm!

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