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DAD & LUTHER--Two of a Kind! DFO 167110/83

1. PEOPLE WHO CAN'T TAKE IT, I JUST CAN'T TAKE THEM, I'M SORRY! I guess that's why the Lord made me the way I am. We were just reading about Martin Luther yesterday, boy, was he like me! (See WND 4, Pg. 40.) There are so many similarities between us it's almost funny. He was explosive, violent & outspoken! He gave the antichrists hell & he gave the half-hearted hell & he really told'm off! And besides that, he was very carnal & sexy & married & had a bunch of kids & adopted ones & loved to eat.--Sounds like me except for the love of eating. Well, I like to eat too.
2. HE SAID, "WHAT DO YOU THINK THE LORD MADE ALL THESE PLEASURES FOR?--FOR US TO ENJOY!" He really blasted his enemies & took on the whole World & won!--Actually lived a long life & died of old age! Can you imagine a guy like that living that long with that many enemies? He tackled the System from top to bottom!
3. OH, I JUST REALLY LOVE THAT GUY! I'm just going to really enjoy seeing him when I get up there! I think we're two of a kind, two peas in a pod. I was thinking, well, maybe he was the first one, I'm the last one. Well, I'm sure there've been lots of others. But when that guy suggested in his article: "Are we approaching another time for another Luther?" I thought, "Boy, where've you been? There's already one!"--Ha! I'm glad you like me too! GBY! ILY!--D.

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