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CROWNS!       DFO 1672        11/83

       1. ONE PICTURE THAT COMES TO ME FOR THE COVER OF "BIGGER JOBS" IS WHERE JESUS IS HANDING THE YOUNG COUPLE A CROWN! The crown is not only a reward, but it symbolises something else. Do you know what Queen Elisabeth I said about a crown? Well, what is a crown symbolic of? What do kings & queens do? Most people's idea of kings & queens is that they have lots of money & lots of fun & sit around feasting all day. A crown symbolises something more than that!--A lot of work & heavy responsibility! She said, "The crown is never so heavy as to him who wears it!"
       2. THAT'S SOMETHING I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THOSE HEAVENLY CROWNS, that those are going to symbolise differences of brilliance etc., "some shine as the stars" (Da.12:3), not only their reward & their place & status & position & some outshining others, but obviously they're also going to be some indication of their job or responsibility! How about that?--To show you that we still have responsibilities & jobs even there. Of course, I'm sure it's going to be a lot easier & a lot more fun, but that little picture sort of symbolises that. He's handing them crowns. That will kind of give them the point about the crown idea too.--That it's a big job!
       3. THE CROWN IS NOT JUST A SYMBOL OF WEALTH OR RICHES OR JUST BEING A KING, BLAH BLAH, BUT IT'S A SYMBOL OF POSITION & RESPONSIBILITY for which you have the power & the authority & for which you wear the crown as the symbol of that place & of that job. So what could be a better illustration of "Bigger Jobs"? That'll give'm the point that they're gonna get bigger jobs in the coming World too!--Amen?

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