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"BIGGER JOBS!"--Dad Talks to His Staff.       DFO 1673       Switzerland, 11/8/78

       1. HAVE YOU READ "GREATER VICTORIES" YET? (No.727) That's one of the toughest Letters I think I ever wrote! It took me longer to edit that one than most, about two weeks, because it kicked back so hard! I can preach some sermons that don't kick back, but some lessons I teach backfire & they hit me pretty hard!--Because you can't preach it without living it! That's a tough one, & when you get it, you'll see!
       2. EVERY DAY IS A BATTLE, LET'S FACE IT! Every day is a battle of some kind, & hard work. Most of us have hard work to do, we have struggles with all kinds of things, with our own personality & with other personalities, struggles with problems & struggles with besetting sins & struggles with this & struggles with that--every day is a battle! Just because you get saved, as I put in "Fighters" plain enough (No.551), doesn't mean your battles are over!--You've just joined the army & the battles have just begun!
       3. THE WHOLE THEME OF THAT LETTER, "GREATER VICTORIES," IS THAT WHEN YOU HAVE WON TODAY'S BATTLES & PROVED YOU ARE A GOOD FIGHTER & ABLE TO HANDLE THESE LITTLE ONES, TOMORROW GOD WILL PROBABLY GIVE YOU BIGGER ONES! You don't put a rookie that's just joined the army & hasn't even been through boot camp yet, out there in the front lines! You take the old seasoned soldiers that have really had some experience & those that really know how to fight & put them up in the front! So God is getting you prepared for the front lines!--The real tough ones! Isn't that encouraging?
       4. IN SOME WAYS, LIFE GETS EASIER! I don't have to fight the same battles that I used to have to fight when I was young. Then it was just a struggle to survive & to stay alive! That's when I camped out for 20 years & I never knew where my next meal was coming from! We were having our children & marriage problems & financial problems, & just existing, living! I think one of the biggest problems was never knowing what I was going to do next!--Or a lot of times not even knowing what I was supposed to do or what I was supposed to be!
       5. I THINK MOST YOUNG PEOPLE GO THROUGH HALF THEIR LIVES WONDERING, "WHAT AM I GOING TO BE? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BE? WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?" That's one of the biggest problems! You worry about it half your life, until you finally wind up being nothing!--Ha!--So you might as well not have worried about it! You'll be whatever God wants you to be--if you're willing! Don't worry about it! And don't think you've made the grade because you arrived at this place--you're just getting started!
       6. YOU WERE CHOSEN TO COME HERE BECAUSE YOU WERE OUTSTANDING! Every one of you were outstanding in some way--you had certain talents, certain outstanding skills, & you had a good recommendation of being faithful, loyal, hardworking & good at your job, & that's why you're here! But once you have come to this house, that does not mean that you have arrived!
       7. THE TALENT LOOKED LIKE A GIFT, DIDN'T IT?--BUT THE LORD EXPECTED SOMETHING BACK! He expected something out of it! He expected a little increase & a little profit! (Mt.25:14-30.) There are a lot of people out there who maybe have only been given one talent or two--you are here because you've got about five talents, almost every single one of you! You've had several talents & you're good at several things. Uli can drive, he knows how to fix things, he speaks German & we're in a German area, so he's got several talents that God is using here. Mark speaks German, he knows how to do good PR & how to talk to people & is a good provisioner. He has a lot of talents, that's why he's here. Maybe Bepi's wondering what in the World he's here for! I don't know!--Ha! We heard about you a long time before we sent for you, Son!--Every one of you! (Now head of ITALIM, GBH!)
       8. WOULD YOU BE INTERESTED TO KNOW HOW YOU WERE CHOSEN? Well, let me tell you, we studied your CQs, those big long 8-page Questionnaires you filled out! We studied & studied & studied those & analysed every answer & studied everything about you before you came. Then from most of you we got tapes to hear your voice giving your own testimony, etc. Some of you were a little slow, or whoever was recruiting you was a little slow getting the tape, & we didn't hear it till after you came! But because you had such good talents, it didn't matter what you sounded like, we still wanted you!
       9. WE HEARD BEPI WAS A GOOD DRIVER--WELL, WHEN HE DRIVES SLOW HE'S A GOOD DRIVER! We already heard about your driving, Bepi! You'll soon learn I like slow drivers! Of course, you don't want to be too slow either on these super-highways, or you'll get run over! But the best speed, as they always say in the States, is to just keep up with the traffic. Don't go passing everybody, & don't be a roadblock where everybody has to pass you, but keep along with the traffic, that's the safest, & nobody's having to pass anybody. It's when they're weaving in & out passing that the accidents occur.
       10. JUST KEEP UP WITH THE FLOW OF THE TRAFFIC! In the States, the motorcycle policemen go after the slow boys too & will stop you & even give you a ticket on these big speedways for going too slow! They not only have a maximum speed, they have a minimum speed! On any of those big super-highways you're not allowed to drive under 50 mph. They want you to keep up with the traffic, because slow traffic causes accidents too.
       11. IN THE U.S., ABOUT THREE OUT OF EVERY FOUR ACCIDENTS IS NOT A HEAD-ON COLLISION, BUT A REAR-END COLLISION! Somebody stops on the highway & can't make up their mind about pulling off or turning right or whatever they're going to do, or they're waiting for the traffic to turn left, somebody didn't see them in time, & whammy! Or they don't get out of the way in time, or there's traffic piled up & some guy comes whizzing along & doesn't see it in time. So the best driver is not a driver who goes too fast, neither a driver who goes too slow, but a driver who goes at the right speed along with the traffic.
       12. SO WE HEARD THAT BEPI COULD DRIVE & THAT HE WAS A HARD WORKER & HE COULD DO MOST ANYTHING YOU ASKED HIM TO DO AROUND THE HOUSE & THE YARD. We also heard he was a good shopper & provisioner. He used to shop & provision for three Homes in Madrid, & they all bragged about him! Do you know what "brag" means? They praised Bepi & said he's one of the best! He's a hard worker, he doesn't complain about hard work, he's fast, he works hard & quick, is willing-spirited & he's got all these talents! Besides, he's a male & we've got quite a few females around here who need their needs met!
       13. SOME PEOPLE THINK WE RUN A STUD FARM! You Americans probably know what a stud farm is, where they keep male horses who are of a very good breed & they rent them out for breeding. In other words, to fuck the female horses & have a lot of nice little ponies! They're male horses that are available to help the females! We like everybody to be happy! I'm just sorry you couldn't have brought Hopie with you. [DELETED] I think she wants to see me too, but she has a husband who's insanely jealous of everybody. I think he was even jealous of the bedposts! In America, the old-fashioned bedposts used to have a big knob on the top, & they used to say, "He's even jealous of the bedposts!" [DELETED]
       14. (SARA: I KEEP THINKING OF A FUNNY STORY ABOUT DAVIDITO TODAY! He was dictating a letter to Alf, & he was going real fast & said, "The garden is nice, & when Uli rode the lawnmower, the wheel came off so the man's coming to pick it up today & fix it, praise him!" I said praise who? Praise the Lord? He said, "No, the man who fixes the lawnmower!" I guess he was trying to say, "Good for him"!) That's pretty simple! I think you'll find that whenever you do well around here, I always try to praise everybody & encourage everybody!
       15. WE HEARD A STORY TODAY, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, FROM A GIRL WHO WAS IN THE FAMILY FIVE YEARS, but the Family was so prohibitive in those days about sex, she finally left the Family. I don't know where these people got this, but she claimed she was forced to marry this guy she didn't even like, & on their wedding night they were instructed that the only sex position which the Family considers correct is the man on top! Can you imagine? I just can't imagine any of our leaders forcing our kids together in the first place, much less telling them that the only accepted position is on top! They certainly never got that from me! Where did all this come from, for God's sake? It must have started with Jethro & Deborah or something!
       16. ANYWAY, ONE OF YOUR TALENTS WAS THAT YOU'RE A GOOD STUD, ONE OF THOSE THINGS THAT'S VERY VALUABLE AROUND HERE! (Sara: Thank God for a strong penie!) When you get to be my age you'll be very thankful if you have one at all! Well, thank the Lord, mine still works sometimes. I just fucked Maria yesterday morning, didn't I, Honey? Some of you girls know it works once in awhile, not always, but it still works occasionally when it gets in the mood. So anyway, that's one of your talents, Bepi, & that's one talent I think all you boys have! Well, here we believe in being open & honest & having no secrets, we tell everything! And I hope you all are getting well acquainted & know each other well.
       17. ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS WE SENT FOR SUE WAS WE HEARD SHE WAS A GOOD SECRETARY & A TYPIST & HAD A LOT OF OTHER TALENTS! At that time she had a husband who was supposed to be a good gardener, a good fix-it man, a good maintenance man & all-around helper, which he turned out to be fairly good at. Although sometimes he was like the gardener who quit his job & asked his boss for a recommendation. So his boss wrote him a recommendation, filled up a whole sheet of paper saying he can do this & he can do that & he knows how to take care of flowers & garden & all these things, & it continued on the other side & you turned the paper over & it said on the other side ... "But he won't!"
       18. SO DEAR MONTY COULD DO A LOT OF THINGS, BUT SOMETIMES HE DIDN'T WANT TO, OR HE WANTED TO DO IT HIS WAY! But his worst fault was he was almost insanely jealous of Sue--jealous of me, jealous of her fish--& he just made her life almost Hell on Earth by nagging her all the time about her other loves & being disrespectful & almost insolent toward me & disobedient. He just got worse & worse! I mean, either you're getting better & better, Beloved, or you're getting worse! There's no such thing as standing still. You're either going ahead, or you're going backwards, one or the other! I don't know how much he ever did progress, but whenever he started backsliding, he sure backslid! He's back in the U.S. working for his father at a System job now--went all the way back!
       19. AT THE TIME HE DIDN'T THINK THOSE LITTLE THINGS WERE IMPORTANT!--Like one day he was doing something to the walkway. We had a nice stone pathway of flat stones through the grass out to the gardenhouse with grass growing between the stones. It's supposed to look pretty & artistic that way, you know, & they call it a flagstone walkway.
       20. WELL, HE GOT THE BRILLIANT IDEA ONE DAY THAT THE GRASS DIDN'T LOOK GOOD BETWEEN THE STONES & HE WAS GOING TO DIG IT ALL OUT! He didn't ask anybody about it, & a flagstone walkway is supposed to look like that! Well, maybe you're not supposed to have weeds in these walkways, but there's supposed to be grass growing in-between, otherwise it looks ridiculous if you have the flagstones sticking out & nothing but bare ground there. So I came out & he'd already dug up about a third of the walkway, dug out all the grass between all the flagstones.
       21. I SAID, "MONTY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" He said, "Well, I'm digging out all this grass, I don't think it looks good!" I was trying to be nice about it & I said, "Did you consult with Dave about it first?" Dave was our maintenance man & gardener, some of you know him or have heard of him at least, author of "Rats & Roaches"! That's what's going to make him famous!--Ha! Dave was our maintenance man & yardman for years! In fact, he's been with us ever since the Road days of the Revolution. (Now head of BRALIM, GBH!)
       22. AND THE REASON DAVID WAS WITH US & WHY WE ASKED HIM TO COME & LIVE WITH US, even when we were travelling in the Ark, where we were very short on space & could only sleep so many people, was because we'd remembered that he was a good worker, willing-spirited & willing to do anything--wash dishes, clean the stove, sweep the floor, drive the car, help shop, whatever! You've lived with us long enough to know there are a lot of jobs that have to be done--somebody's got to do them, right?
       23. IF YOU'RE TOO GOOD TO GO OUT THERE & PULL LITTLE WEEDS OUT OF THE YARD, YOU'RE BETTER THAN I AM! I've been pulling them myself today! And people who are too good to do certain menial jobs around the house, because maybe they've got a big education or they've been a shepherd sometime or other, or they've done this or bigger jobs or more important jobs, are too good to be here! We have found that the best people are the ones who are willing to do anything that needs to be done! If you're too good to wash dishes or sweep floors or pull weeds or anything that needs to be done when there's nobody else to do it, then you're too good for us!--Because I've done'm all! That happens to be some of my victories that are in the past!
       24. WELL, I WAS OUT PULLING WEEDS TODAY & I ENJOY IT, IT'S FUN! I was out there pulling branches off the trees too! That's fun for me, recreation! The hard work is using my head! The inspirational Letters are not hard, they're easy, because God gives them. But when I have to try to write a Letter that teaches you something, or a hard Letter that hits me too like "Greater Victories," that's hard!
       25. BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE, & THAT'S MY PICK-&-SHOVEL WORK! I have to dig & get in there, & then I have to go back over it & edit it, sometimes cut it in half! Then I have to go over it again & again! By the time I finish & you finally get the Letter, I've been over that Letter several times from the very beginning! So it's hard work.
       26. SO ANY KIND OF MANUAL WORK OR YARDWORK TO ME IS A PLEASURE, THAT'S FUN! Of course, I don't have to do it as much as you, I don't have to do it all day. Then maybe I'd think it was hard work. But I have done it, many days, & I've done almost every kind of a job you can think of!--Heavy manual labour & hard tough construction! I built a house, I built a church with my own hands, & yardwork was my job from the time I was so high!
       27. THERE'S NOTHING I'VE EVER ASKED YOU TO DO, THAT I HAVEN'T DONE MYSELF! And there's nothing I ask you to do that I wouldn't be willing to do myself if I had the time--it would be a pleasure! To me, to get out there & do yardwork would be a pleasure. To work with your hands, in some ways, you don't have to worry about working with your head! Of course, it's better to use your head & your hands, because if you don't use your head, your hands might do the wrong thing!
       28. SO THERE'S NO JOB AROUND HERE THAT SHOULD EVER BE BENEATH ANYBODY OR TOO LOW FOR ANYBODY! You'll find out most of our people are willing to do most anything, including me if I have to! And I have done it, & I've done it as much & maybe more than you have. So I know what hard work is, & I'm willing to do it! If that was my job, that's what I would do! So you are here because we heard from you & from those who recommended you, that you were a good worker in some way that we needed. Some of you asked for the job, you wanted it.
       29. GOD BLESS DEAR SUE, SHE HAD THE TALENTS & SHE'S STILL USING THEM, THANK GOD! She's got a lot of talent--some ways you don't know about!--Or maybe you do! God bless her! She's a good FFer too. I'll tell you, this is the FF team I started off with, Maria, Sara & Sue! They're top notchers, they really know what they're doing! I started off with that little team in Tenerife--I think they can probably remember the first night we went out! Hallelujah! So if you want to know anything about FFing, you can ask them. Of course some of you are experts too now, thank the Lord!
       30. I'M SURE YOU KNOW BY THIS TIME WHAT DORA'S HERE FOR, SHE'S A CHILD EXPERT & TEACHER, more with older children than Davidito, but we've got a lot of older children in the Family that are older than Davidito who need educational materials & who need help, & we need somebody to work on them & write them or study them or research them, etc., as well as help in the Family any way she can help, & she's been a lot of help, so I hear. (Sara: Dito thinks she's great too!)
       31. WE HEARD THAT JOANNA WAS A SEAMSTRESS & A GOOD COOK & ALL THOSE NICE THINGS, BESIDES BEING SINGLE! Being single & childless is an advantage in working with this particular Family, because we've got enough to do without too many children or too many husbands who turn out to be a drag, like Sue's husband turned out to be. She's a lot happier now without him, & she can make a lot of other people a lot happier too. And you can see what he was like by the very fact he's backslidden all the way back to the System!
       32. OF COURSE, WE DIDN'T KNOW JOANNA WAS A SCIENTIST AS WELL!--Ha! To her, a kitchen is a laboratory for scientific experiments! We have eaten more different kinds of new foods we never heard of since Joanna's been around, God bless her! But now Maria's keeping her so busy sewing, she hasn't had too much time to spend in the kitchen. (Maria: She's so good at that!) She is, she's making beautiful clothes. We like to use your best talents--she's a good cook & she's also a very good seamstress.
       33. NOW WHY DID WE SEND FOR MONIKA? We got very excellent recommendations from people who didn't even want to let her go, because they thought she was indispensable in helping take care of children. We heard she was very good with children, & as you know, we have two who need a lot of attention. Most of us have other jobs & we haven't much time to give to the children, so we need somebody to take care of them. We also heard she's a good cook, which she has proven, good with children which she's proving, & good with men, which she's proving!--And all the talents that a woman has that she can use, she is using here, thank the Lord! God bless her! Besides, she's nice to look at!--As well as the rest of you girls & boys!
       34. YOU'VE ALL GOT TALENTS & YOU'VE ALL GOT REASONS WHY YOU WERE BROUGHT HERE, but the very fact that you're here shows that you're amongst the best & the most talented, & have the talents that we need & the Lord can use you with here in this Family, our Home. But that also gives you an even greater responsibility! "To whom much hath been given, of the same shall much be required." (Lk.12:48.)--Which means if you have all these talents, we're going to use them, & we're going to keep you busy & you'll have lots to do & you'll be able to exercise these talents & work at all of these things. Amen? Are you glad or are you sorry? Maybe by this time you're sorry, I don't know!
       35. BUT I HAVE SOMETHING EVEN BETTER IN STORE FOR YOU! You say, "How could it be any better? We have arrived! We now live with Moses & we're part of his family & we do his work!" Well, once you have proven that you can live here & be trusted & work hard & do a good job faithfully & loyally & well, the Lord is probably going to give you an even bigger job one of these days! This is part of your training--you haven't arrived!
       36. SARA ONLY CAME IN ORDER TO BE WITH US TO HELP TAKE CARE OF DAVIDITO. The first thing we heard of was that she had been a Shepherdess, & so had Alf! One of their main talents was they could both speak Spanish fluently, & Alf was also a good little manager, knew how to take responsibility of finances & Homes, etc., & been an officer. Sara had been a Regional Mother, so she was supposed to know all about children--until she met Davidito!--Ha! But she learned!
       37. DAVIDITO HAS TAUGHT A LOT OF US A LOT OF THINGS! Davidito's proven to be our teacher! Now don't let that go to his head & don't let it get the best of you! He's a pretty smart boy & he'll outsmart you if he can, but don't let him get away with it! I mean, if it's not important, well all right, but otherwise he's pretty smart. Sometimes he doesn't even like to be asked stupid questions. If you ask him a stupid question, you'll probably get a stupid answer, because it's his contempt for the question. "What are you asking me such a silly question for?"--So he'll give you some stupid answer because he thinks you're pretty stupid to ask him that in the first place!
       38. FOR EXAMPLE, WHEN I WAS OUT IN THE YARD TODAY & MARIA & SARA CAME OUT THE DOOR, I SAID, "OH DAVIDITO, LOOK WHO'S THERE, WHO'S THAT?" He looked at me like, "What's the matter with you?" He wouldn't even answer! He just looked at me like, "Are you crazy? You know who that is!" (Mark: And he said Bepi, because Bepi was standing in the yard!) Yes! He figured he'd pick somebody that maybe I didn't know! He thinks it's a silly question, & silly questions he doesn't like to answer! So he's pretty smart & he'll try to test you out to see how much you'll put up with.
       39. ONE OF THE FIRST NIGHTS AFTER WE CAME, MARK WAS DOWNSTAIRS TRYING TO MAKE HIS BED, & DAVIDITO WAS SUPPOSEDLY HELPING HIM. But then he decided to jump on the bed instead! Then he just sat there & he looked at Mark to see what he was going to do! And we watched Mark also to see what he was going to do! Neither one of them knew we were watching through the basement window--that's why they painted it!--Ha! But Mark passed the test & so did Davidito, because Mark very wisely stopped & reasoned with Davidito.
       40. HE SAID, "DAVIDITO, HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO MAKE THE BED IF YOU'RE GOING TO SIT ON IT?" And Davidito just sat there. "Now Davidito, I'm tired & I want to go to bed & I need to make this bed" & he persuaded him. He used a little reason & played on his sympathies a little bit, & Davidito saw the light & got the point & decided there was no point! I think he was trying to get a rise out of Mark & see if he'd lose his temper!--See if he'd haul off & sock him one or get mad or what he'd do! But Mark treated him like an intelligent boy & reasoned with him & explained to him, & Davidito got off the bed & started helping him make it instead.
       41. SO A LOT OF TIMES HE DOES THINGS JUST TO SEE WHAT YOU'LL DO, & to see if he can tease you & aggravate you or do something just to deliberately annoy you, to see if you'll lose your temper or something. He's a little mischievous fellow, a tease! His mother's a little bit that way too! Sshh! Don't tell her I said so! She's in there listening! He's got a streak of that tease in him too! She likes to kind of tease & needle people just for fun to see what they'll do, especially Timothy. She doesn't try it on me very often because I'm more like her father & Timothy's more like her brother! (Maria: Tim needs humbling & you don't!) She likes to tease people that she thinks need it!
       42. BUT ANYWAY, YOU WERE CHOSEN TO COME HERE & WORK FOR THE LORD & FOR US & FOR EACH OTHER & THE CHILDREN & ALL, BECAUSE YOU HAVE CERTAIN TALENTS THAT WERE NEEDED BY US & THE LORD TO WORK HERE. And from what we heard from your CQs & the people who knew you personally & all that, you were amongst the best. And since I met you, I agree! We've found you to be amongst the best that we have met!--But that does not mean that you have arrived & you will be here forever! Don't get scared that that means you're about to get fired or something, you'll probably be here longer than I am!
       43. SARA CAME IN 1975 WHEN DAVIDITO WAS ONLY TWO MONTHS OLD. Up till that time we had Rachel, Lydia & Juicy Lucy taking care of him. But we particularly wanted somebody who spoke Spanish & had more knowledge of children, & who could really be a teacher for Davidito, amongst her other talents, & Alf's. So they came as a couple & proved very worthy of the task, & as you have seen, more worthy even than we would have ever dreamed!
       44. WE NEVER DREAMED SHE'D BE WRITING A BOOK ABOUT DAVIDITO SOMEDAY & HIS REARING & LIFE & TRAINING, but she's doing it because she's lived it & she's proved it, & has done, I think, a very good job with Davidito. And a lot of people have benefitted through it! She's teaching the whole World what she had learned. Lucy has gone on to be a Shepherdess or Home Servant. She had never lived in a Selah Colony before, now she lives in one of the most Selah Homes in the World where they don't dare witness at all or litness or proselytise--living amongst the Arabs! They're doing a tremendous job, but she learned how to be Selah, living with us, & she learned a lot of other things living with us. Now she has a bunch of children of her own.
       45. SARA HAD NO CHILDREN WHEN SHE CAME, BUT SHE WAS FAITHFUL WITH DAVIDITO, & THE LORD GAVE HER ONE OF HER OWN! She had gone many years of marriage with no children, childless!--Not because of anything wrong with Alf either!--Although sometimes when I look at Davida, I wonder about that German that lived next door! No, I'm just kidding! But when they see Sara & Alf walking down the street with Davida & Davidito, it looks like she got mixed up somewhere! But I assure you, & she assures me, she's Alf's!
       46. WELL, THE LORD FOUND HER VERY VERY FAITHFUL WITH OURS, with Davidito, & I believe with all my heart the Lord rewarded her with one of her own! Because she was faithful with the Lord's little child, ours, the Lord gave her one of her own. Of course, she belongs to all of us! As far as I'm concerned, she's just like Davidito's little sister, which she is. That's the way Davidito looks at it too. As far as he is concerned, that's his sister, & she is! PTL? In this Family we're together.
       47. SO ALL THAT TO SAY THIS, THAT THE LORD HAS CHOSEN EVERY ONE OF YOU FOR SOME OUTSTANDING REASONS. You're either the best in your field, or one of the best, or at least the best we've heard of & know of or somebody else knew of! We liked your CQ, we liked your testimony, we liked your recommendations, we liked what we heard, we liked what we saw, we studied your pictures, & we decided you were the person for the job that we had, & here you are!
       48. WHEN WE FINALLY GOT A HOUSE WHERE WE NEEDED HELP, I THOUGHT OF DAVID HANDYMAN! There was a boy who was willing to do anything, willing-spirited, a hard worker, good boy, faithful, been with the family for years, so I sent for him! And one of the first jobs he had was taking care of Davidito & Machine-Gun Lucy! I have got to find some name to fit her rat-a-tat-tat, but I couldn't think of anything else but a machine gun! (Maria: But the trouble was, she wouldn't take care of him, like "The Girl Who Wouldn't"!) (No.721.)
       49. THAT'S WHERE HER FIRST PROBLEM AROSE! There was nobody for David, but she was there, she was the body & she was available, but for some reason or other, she didn't like him. She was selfish & didn't want to take care of him or help him. Well, a girl's not always in the mood & may not want to live with you all the time or sleep with you all the time, but she ought to be willing once in awhile to help you out if you need it & nobody else is available. But she just didn't like David.
       50. WELL, THAT'S ONE REASON SHE'S NO LONGER WORKING FOR US, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, AMONGST MANY OTHERS. She's the one about whom "Days of Heaven" was written. (No.395.) God is still using her, though, just the same, in a very important position to which He probably couldn't have trusted her if she hadn't succeeded, or at least halfway succeeded here first. And David, who was nothing but a rat-&-roach man, maintenance man, pool man, yardman, is now the Visiting Servant for all of Spain! Think of that!--With Carmen who was nothing but a childcare worker, just taking care of babies! Now she's the other VS of Spain!
       51. SEE, IF YOU ARE FAITHFUL IN A FEW THINGS, THE LORD SAYS HE WILL MAKE YOU RULER OVER MANY THINGS! (Mt.25:21.) So I'm sorry if this disappoints you, but arriving here does not mean you have arrived at the end of the road! This is only the beginning of probably much greater things & greater responsibilities! Some of you may stay on here, & some of you may go on to greater things, depending on how faithful you are, how well you do your work, how willing-spirited you are, how loyal you are, how obedient you are. So far I don't think I've found anybody here who is disobedient or disloyal or unwilling or hasn't been willing to do whatever they were asked to do, & cheerfully! PTL! Have you?
       52. [DELETED] I read your reports, but I read theirs too, & I thank God we get nothing but good reports, or almost nothing but good reports. That doesn't mean you're perfect, we all make mistakes! Sometimes I'm in a bad mood. Maybe the condition of your liver or your stomach or your headache affects you & you're not always feeling in the best of spirits. Everybody has their bad days.
       53. AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT, EVERYBODY HAS CERTAIN KINDS OF PEOPLE THAT THEY CAN'T GET ALONG WITH, OR DON'T GET ALONG WITH VERY WELL. Of course, we cannot have that kind of people in this Family, because we have all got to get along with everybody no matter what they're like! I think I get along with all of you as far as I know. And we get along pretty good, don't we?
       54. I KNOW I GET ALONG VERY WELL WITH MARIA! We have our bad days & we have our arguments some days, but it's very simple, when we disagree on anything, I go my way & she goes my way! Easily solved! We very seldom disagree on anything! We reason things out & talk things over. We don't always see exactly eye-to-eye on it, but it usually doesn't take me very long to convince her.--Or, sometimes it doesn't take her long to convince me!
       55. SOMETIMES SHE KNOWS MORE ABOUT IT THAN I DO, because she knows the people better & the stories better. She reads all the mail & does a lot of administrating & corresponding, so she knows situations & a lot of things better than I do. She knows personnel better than I do. She is in closer contact with most of you than I am. I'm busy in my little cave grinding out the seed. She's my liaison between you & me, or at least between me & Sue or Sara, & then they pass it on to you. Or sometimes she deals with you directly! If you're having her spend time with you personally, you can be thankful.
       56. CAN YOU UNDERSTAND MOST OF WHAT I SAY? GBY! I don't really try to talk slowly, I just naturally talk slowly!--Except when I get mad, then I can talk fast! Right? I think the girls have seen me mad a few times, aggravated at least about somebody or something! If I get mad enough, sometimes I don't want to talk at all, or I don't even want to talk to that person when I've talked enough--like Monty! I didn't even want to talk to him--I told Sue to tell him! A man who is disobedient & won't do things & won't confer, & then is insolent & insulting & disrespectful & rebellious, we just haven't got room for people like that! We've got enough problems without problem people!
       57. YOU'RE HERE BECAUSE WE HEARD THAT YOU'RE NOT A PROBLEM & YOU HAVEN'T BEEN A PROBLEM, AS FAR AS WE KNOW, ANYWHERE YOU'VE BEEN! You were good people, worked hard, got along well with others, knew your job, knew your work & did it! PTL! I don't keep you up late very often, do I?--Once a week maybe. Some of you have got a free day tomorrow, so sleep in. Most of us here sleep in anyhow, because we stay up late at night.
       58. IN SOME WAYS YOU COULD HARDLY HAVE AN EASIER JOB! Come on, let's face it! You don't have to set the alarm & get up at five o'clock & be at a construction job at seven, wheeling wheelbarrows full of concrete like I used to, & laying blocks, & a lot of other things all day long!--Some System job under a cruel slave-driver! I don't think anybody's treated you cruelly around here or been a slave-driver or forced you to do things you didn't like to do or didn't want to do. Hmm? I don't think your work here is harder than it would be in a System job, is it?--It's probably easier on you. We're not too tough on your schedule as long as you get it done.
       59. I USED TO WORK FOR A GOOD BOSS LIKE THAT--FRED JORDAN! I liked him, loved him, admired him--he just didn't go far enough, that's all, & the Lord picked me to carry on what he started, just like David carried on for Saul. Saul got the kingdom established & fairly well-organised, but then he didn't obey the Lord & didn't finish the job, so the Lord had to find somebody else to do it.
       60. WHEN I WAS OUT BOOKING TELEVISION & RADIO HE USED TO TELL ME, "AS LONG AS YOU ARE PRODUCING & I GET THAT REPORT EVERY WEEK & I get those bookings every week & we get the show on more stations every week, I don't care how you do it as long as you get it done!" But he said, "When I don't get that report on my desk Monday morning of what you did last week, you won't get your check either!" All I got was my expenses, but I had to have those. So he would wait until my report arrived & then he'd send the check. I think that's fair. We've used that system with some people in World Services who were a little slow about reporting & a little lazy about writing reports. I said, "From now on, no report, no check!" Boy, you ought to see those reports come in now, right on the dot, right on the button! Nobody's late making reports any more!
       61. WELL, YOU MAY NOT BE GETTING ANY CHECKS, BUT WE DO APPRECIATE YOUR REPORTS! Of course if we didn't see any results, well, you might not be here very long! But most of the people who have been with us have gone on to higher & greater, more important, more responsible jobs than they had while living with us. Because once you've found out a person is faithful, loyal, diligent, willing-spirited, hard-working, capable & really loves the Lord, you can trust them with almost anything! You can put them from the rat & roach man to the VS & it doesn't make a bit of difference, it's just another job! It doesn't go to their head. You can put them from childcare worker & dressmaker to director of the entire work in the Canaries!
       62. YOU'RE PROBABLY THINKING, "WELL, I DON'T WANT ANY BIGGER JOB, I LIKE IT HERE! I like the work, I like the place, I like the people & I don't want to have to work any harder or do any more." Well, I'm sorry but that just happens to be the way the Lord does things! If He finds you're good at this, He'll give you something more to do! If you're good at little things, He'll give you bigger things to do. If you're good at easy jobs, He'll give you harder jobs to do, & He keeps giving you greater victories all the time! If you win this battle, He'll give you a bigger battle tomorrow! If you lick this giant, he'll have you face a bigger giant tomorrow!
       63. HE'S TRAINING YOU FOR MUCH BIGGER JOBS THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO DO, until the time will come one of these days, Beloved, that you'll rule & reign with Him over all the Earth! The Lord was not kidding when He said He would make you ruler over so many cities & so many places. And you're not going to be much different from the way you are now, except you'll have a supernatural miraculous body--thank God for that--& a lot more power to do the job, & a lot more wisdom that you have learned! But your learning is not just going to be handed to you on a silver platter after you die or after the Resurrection!
       64. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, WHAT YOU ARE LEARNING NOW IS GOING TO BE OF HELP TO YOU IN THE FUTURE WHEN YOU ARE RUNNING WHOLE COUNTRIES! One man or woman of God, inspired by the Spirit of God, can have better wisdom to run the whole country of Germany than Helmut Schmidt or Willy Brandt or any of those politicians!--And one of these days that's what you're going to be doing! Since you're German, you know the Germans, you know the language, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised!
       65. SOME PEOPLE HAVE STRANGE IDEAS ABOUT THE FUTURE WORLD, that "Oh well, we're going to know everything then, speak any language, do anything!"--But it's going to take you awhile to get that far! God's going to take the talent that He's already given you & you have developed & used & profited by! He's going to take the knowledge you have already learned & the experiences you have already been through & the languages you know!
       66. ABRAHIM DOESN'T SPEAK TO ME IN FRENCH OR SPANISH! He has never talked to me in another language but his own language, & the little English he has learned.--And it was pretty poor at first! He had to use English because he had to interpret what he was saying, & he learned it. He learned most of the English he knows living with us, believe it or not! Maybe some of you look like maybe you think I'm a little crazy, but I know it's true, & Maria knows it's true!
       67. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER YOU'VE NOTICED BY THE LETTERS OR NOT, HOW MUCH HIS ENGLISH HAS IMPROVED! Well, of course some of the greatest prophecies I have received were not even through Abrahim at all, they came direct from his superior who uses the most perfect & beautiful English that you could ever possibly use! I think it must be Archangel Michael himself! I don't know for sure, but that's my impression. Such prophecies as "They Can't Stop Our Rain" & "New Nation" (Nos.128 & 64), pure prophecy which is beautiful & sounds like the Bible, that came from up the line further, somebody who knew better English than Abrahim.
       68. BUT DEAR ABRAHIM, HE'S GIVEN US A LOT HIMSELF, & THAT'S NOTHING TO BE BELITTLED! He's like my personal guardian angel! But he is still using the talents & the experience & the language that he learned here on Earth as a Gypsy Chief!--As well as the things he has learned since then in the Spirit World! I am convinced that the Lord sent him to help us when I received him through that Gypsy Chief in Houston, if you've read the Letters, because God knew we needed someone! I was a Gypsy Chief then too with a band of about 125 Gypsies on the road, & if anybody knew anything about travel & how to manage Gypsies & wagons on the road, it was Abrahim! If anybody would have been interested besides, & concerned, about a tribe of Gypsies travelling around the country & being persecuted & living like he used to do, it was Abrahim, right? Do you get the point?
       69. GOD NOT ONLY KNEW THAT WE NEEDED ABRAHIM, BUT GOD KNEW THAT THAT'S THE KIND OF A JOB ABRAHIM WOULD LIKE, BECAUSE IT'S SIMILAR TO THE KIND OF A JOB HE USED TO HAVE & THE KIND OF JOB HE KNEW SOMETHING ABOUT--people, travel, persecution & all of it! Don't think that this life is going to be just all thrown away when you get to Heaven. In the first place, you're not going to go to Heaven, not for long anyway, Heaven's going to come to you! PTL! Heaven's not really going to come for one thousand years!
       70. FIRST OF ALL, GOD'S GOING TO USE YOU TO TRY TO ESTABLISH HEAVEN ON EARTH IN THE MILLENNIUM, & He is going to use the experience, the talents & the languages that you now know, as well as the supernatural divine wisdom & miraculous powers that He will give you. But you're going to be very much like you are right now! It's going to be you, the same you! When I see you there, I'm going to look at you & recognise you! You're even going to recognise me, think of that! "We shall know, even as also we are known!" (1Co.13:12.)
       71. SO DON'T THINK THAT ALL THIS IS GOING TO BE A WASTE OF TIME & YOU'VE LIVED YOUR WHOLE LIFE & LEARNED ALL THESE THINGS FOR NOTHING! God intends to use your talents, your experience, your abilities, your languages, your arts, your skill & everything you know about! Uli's probably going to be teaching'm how to wire the whole city instead of sticking in light bulbs! Maybe Bepi's going to be purchasing agent for all Italy, helping run the whole country! God knows the rest of the Italians don't know how to run it, so He might as well have Bepi! I'm sure Bepi could do a better job of running Italy than Andrioti or Peloti or whatever their names are!--With the wisdom of God, why not? I believe it!
       72. IF WE'RE AS IMPORTANT AS GOD HAS SAID WE ARE, & AS IMPORTANT AS THE BIBLE SAYS WE ARE, WE'RE PRETTY IMPORTANT!--And the jobs you're doing now are pretty important! I don't know what kind of nurseries & schools God's going to run for the children, but you childcare helpers will probably be running the whole works! I don't suppose we're going to have any typewriters in Heaven, but there're still going to be typewriters on Earth!
       73. BELOVED, WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT FAIRY TALES OR LEGENDS, IT IS NOT OUR IMAGINATION, I'M TALKING ABOUT REALITY!--What's in the Bible & what God has shown me, what I've experienced, what you've experienced & what you know is the Truth! God is training you now to run the whole World! And if I am what I am supposed to be, & what God said I am, I must be a little important! And if you were important enough to be sent here, or willing to come here & work with me, then you're pretty important too, & I'm sure God has a pretty important job for you to do!--Not only in the Hereafter, but after here! Amen?
       74. I'M SURE MARIA COULD PREPARE A WHOLE LIST OF PEOPLE THAT HAVE WORKED WITH US & WHO ARE NOW OUT DOING MUCH MORE IMPORTANT, MUCH BIGGER JOBS WITH A LOT MORE RESPONSIBILITY! God will give you more to do as soon as He thinks you're ready to do it, & if you're willing to do it!--Because He's got a lot of work to be done & a lot of big jobs to be done. Do you believe it? If you think you've graduated by coming here, you're mistaken! You've maybe just moved from kindergarten to the first grade. You've got a lot more grades to go, & a lot more jobs to do, & a lot more things to get done!
       75. BUT YOU MUST BE PRETTY IMPORTANT--that's one thing you can be either thankful for or sorry for--because it's going to mean more work, more responsibility, more jobs, bigger victories & bigger battles in the Future, because if He learns that He can trust you this far, then He's going to trust you further & with more. If He can trust you with this much, He'll trust you with more! If He's trusted you this far, He'll trust you further! If you prove yourself here, He's going to give you a chance at there!--Where, I don't know! Don't look at me, I don't know the answers! I don't know where God's going to use you next.
       76. BUT I'M SERIOUS, BELOVED, THIS IS NO GAME WE'RE PLAYING! We are in a War for the Lord & His Family & His World, & once you have done your job here & done a good job & learned how to serve the Lord faithfully & loyally & obediently & willing-spiritedly & cheerfully & faithfully & well, He is going to give you something more & bigger to do!
       77. WHEN SUE CAME, WE DIDN'T EVEN REALISE HOW MANY TALENTS SHE HAD & WHAT A BLESSING SHE WOULD BE, but here she is with a lot of responsibility, & her biggest job turned out to be Maria!--Well, I guess me too. I think she fell in love with Maria before she fell in love with me! (Maria: She made herself indispensable!) That's a good point! She made herself so useful & so indispensable, Maria just figures she can't go on without her! Because she's always there, always willing, works night & day, knows no hours, brings Maria something to eat any time of day or night, is willing to go down & cook it herself, fix it if it isn't fixed, or fuck me, or go to town & shop or whatever is needed! She's willing to do anything, any hour of the day or night.
       78. SO THERE ARE BIGGER JOBS & HARDER THINGS TO COME, EVEN MORE IMPORTANT THAN THIS ONE! Look at Emmanuel & Hannah! Emmanuel was brought originally to help Maria with her paperwork, editing & all kinds of things. She needed somebody to give her a hand with administration, etc., because I was beginning to take the reins of government back again & be more directly involved in all of this. Hannah was a nobody secretary. Emmanuel was a nobody finance man. But they were very important to the Lord, & the Lord knew their talents. Now they're the KQSs for all of Northern Europe!
       79. THE LORD GOT SICK & FED-UP WITH ALL THE BIGSHOTS, SO HE DECIDED TO TAKE SOME LITTLE SHOTS TO START RUNNING THINGS! And when He gets sick & fed-up with all the bigshots who are now running the World, He's going to toss them all in the ash can & use you to run it! Think of that! Don't worry, Honey, they couldn't be in a worse mess than they're already in, so you certainly couldn't do any worse! So remember that if you don't remember anything else: You're here because you were some of the best & the cream of the crop, but God felt He could trust you with a greater, more important job, & you'll probably go on from here to something even more important--or maybe stay here & do something more important than you're doing now.
       80. DEAR MARK, WE DIDN'T KNOW HIM AT ALL, HE WAS JUST SORT OF INHERITED, but we did hear about him. We could have sent him away before we came, like we did some people that we weren't sure of, but we'd heard all kinds of good things about him & how indispensable he was!--So we kept him! TTL! He started out just by being a general handyman & running the furnace & scrounging things & provisioning things & talking to the Landlord & things like this, & probably one of these days he'll be running the whole works, like poor Emmanuel & Hannah!
       81. AFTER EMMANUEL WAS GETTING DELUGED WITH WORK, WE DECIDED HE NEEDED A SECRETARY, SO WE SENT FOR HANNAH TO DO HIS TYPING FOR HIM. I decided I'd rather read her typing than his handwriting! It's really not that bad, Timothy's the guy whose handwriting you have to decipher--or Emanuele! You need somebody who knows hieroglyphics! Some of you have beautiful handwriting! GBY! Uli's an artist! He's slow, careful & deliberate about his handwriting, like he is about his work.
       82. JUST BECAUSE SOMEBODY'S SLOW, DOESN'T MEAN THAT'S NOT GOOD! I'm slow, but I'm very careful & very deliberate. I've always been slow, slow with my schoolwork, but I did it well & I did it right. It's better to be slow & do it right, than fast & do it wrong. So you're all talented, you are the cream of the crop, some of the best in the country, & that's why you're here! But what I'm trying to tell you, is that doesn't mean that you'll be here forever! There are so many jobs to be done, you'll probably have even a better job to do one of these days--a bigger & greater job!
       83. YOU'RE STILL IN TRAINING! After you've learned how to take care of one yard & one house, He'll probably give you several, maybe a dozen, maybe a whole country, & you'll teach them all how to do it, like David is doing now! I told them, I think the best kind of Visiting Servant to have is a handyman! And the best kind of Visiting Servantess is a good housekeeper & a childcare worker, like Carmen!--A hard worker who likes to keep a home neat & nice & clean & take care of the children right & can go in & see if other people are doing the same, & if they don't know how to do it, show them how! There you are! PTL?
       84. ONCE YOU'RE GOOD AT ONE JOB, GOD WILL GIVE YOU MORE! You'd be amazed at your capacity! Like that woman that had the nine children! Mother Eve said, "I don't understand how you can bear it!" She said, "Well, you'd be surprised how much you can bear!"--She bore nine! PTL! You may think this is the limit of your capacity, but you may be like the man in Los Angeles, this funny foreigner who wanted to drive his big limousine into this parking lot & park his car. They'd stuck up a sign that the parking lot was full. It said "Filled to Capacity!" So he drove right up to the sign & the parking lot man said, "No, no, no, no, no, we're filled to capacity!" He said, "That don't matter, I'll park in the capacity!" So you may think you're filled to capacity, but the Lord may park another job in your capacity! Amen! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah!
       85. AMEN LORD, IT'S ALL FOR THY KINGDOM & YOU'RE PREPARING US TO RUN IT, so help us all to do a good job of whatever You ask us to do, in Jesus' name. As we pray together the prayer You taught us to pray: (Prays together the Lord's Prayer.) For Thine is the power, & help us, Lord, to be used of it & to use it to run Thy Kingdom & serve Thy Kingdom until Thy Kingdom comes on Earth as it is in Heaven, in Jesus' name!
       86. THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THESE LOVED ONES SAFELY HOME! Bless tomorrow & the visit of the landlady's daughter & her family. May we be wise as serpents & harmless as doves, but faithful always to show love & hospitality. You said to be given to hospitality & to love our neighbours as ourselves. (Rom.12:13; Mt.19:19.) Help the dear ones who are going to host them, Lord! We ask Thee to bless & give dear Mark & Hannah great wisdom & the right words to say, & to be faithful witnesses of Thy Love, but not in any way which could identify us or give her any doubts about us being here. Have Thy way, we ask in Jesus' name.
       87. BLESS & KEEP US ALL NOW & GIVE US A GOOD SLEEP ACCORDING TO THY WILL & our needs & strength for tomorrow, Lord, safe-keeping, & help us to think about the marvel, Lord, of Your trusting us with such an important work & such a Family, & each other & our children & such a big job, Lord! And help us to do it well so we'll be ready for the next one, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory! God bless you all! PTL!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family