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HEAVEN'S GIRL FOR KIDS!--A Talk to Our Artists       DFO 1676       11/83

       1. HI SON, HOW ARE YOU DOING? YOU'RE DOING GREAT NOW, YOU'VE REALLY GOT IT IN THE SWING! GBY! We loved all these last pictures & the corrections too were just beautiful. Maria loved that picture of the Guardian Angel over the Lion's Den so much that she says we ought to make a big colour poster of it to hang over the kids' beds. She just loved that! She took the big copy right in & hung it over their bed. It really is a masterpiece! You really hit it once in awhile with a masterpiece. We don't always have time for masterpieces, but once in awhile you're bound to get one, so PTL! Amen?
       2. THEY'RE ALL VERY GOOD & YOU'RE REALLY ON THE BALL NOW & REALLY ROLLING! You've really got it! GBY! We may still have a few little corrections to make once in awhile, but that's natural & we're all learning, & I think you're getting the right idea now. PTL! I'm not exactly trying to push you too hard, but we do need to keep rolling--which is why I suggested you do them GN-size now so that you can do them faster. You said in your letter that you found that they go faster. You're not so tempted to put in so much detail when you do the little ones, that's what Jac found out too. You just don't have room for detail.
       3. AND REALLY ALL WE NEED IS WHAT YOU'VE GOT, JUST HER & THE SITUATION & THE OUTLINES. We don't need any background unless there's something that's required, & we don't need any extra linework or shading or anything. Just like a cartoon comic strip, just do the bare outlines so we know what it's a picture of. So you're really doing them beautifully, Son, & I just wanted to encourage you that you're really on the right track now, thank the Lord!
       4. WE UNDERSTAND, OF COURSE, THAT SOMETIMES THERE WILL BE PICTURES THAT REQUIRE A LITTLE MORE DETAIL, a few more participants or perhaps some props or some kind of background, like some of these Old Testament pictures where it shows an army being destroyed by a falling wall or something, well, that's going to take a little more time. So if you have to take a day for one like that, okay, but try to avoid it as much as you can.
       5. THEY TYPED ME UP A SIMPLIFIED LIST OF MIRACLES HERE FROM THOSE PRINTED LISTS THAT WERE CUT OUT OF SOMEBODY'S BIBLE OR SOMETHING, a complete list, & you had already done about half of the appropriate ones that could be done. You did a really good job in picking them out, Son, & I don't blame you for skipping around a bit. I was amazed when I finally got that list & studied it & really saw what a mess it is, because they've got so many different kinds of miracles in there & God performing miracles without the agency of a person, which are really inappropriate for our series because we've got to have her in there doing something. So you really have had a tough job trying to pick out the right ones, but you sure did well. You really did pick out the right ones, the very ones I would have picked, nearly every one. You might've missed it once or twice, but anyhow, you got some good pictures.
       6. WHAT I DID WAS I WENT DOWN THE LIST & I CROSSED OFF EVERYTHING THAT I THOUGHT WAS NOT NECESSARY OR INAPPROPRIATE FOR HER PARTICULAR SCENE & ACTIVITY, & by the time I got done with the list, guess what?--You'd already done about half of the ones I picked out! So I crossed them off too, the ones you already did, & the ones that I didn't think were necessary, & considering the ones I just received from you, that only leaves about 20 out of the Old Testament! How about that! About three-quarters of them are either crossed-off or already done, so there only about 20 that are really appropriate for our series in the Old Testament.
       7. I HAVEN'T STUDIED THE NEW TESTAMENT LIST YET BUT THAT'S PLENTY TO KEEP YOU BUSY TILL THEN! I don't want to rush you, but we do want to try to keep'm rolling & you're doing great! I love these little ones! I like the big ones too, but I just know there's going to be the temptation to put more detail in the big ones. And if you hit a masterpiece like the Guardian Angel or something, we can always blow'm up & put on the fine lines & finishing touches later.
       8. BUT RIGHT NOW I THINK YOU'RE ON THE RIGHT TRACK TO KEEP'M SMALL & KEEP'M MOVING, & only when you hit something that's got a lot of extra stuff in it that they don't normally have--if you have to draw a few more people or a little more background or something that's required by the story or the scene or the action--then it's understandable that it might take you a little longer than half-a-day. But try not to get into too much of that.
       9. I TRIED TO CROSS AS MANY OF THOSE OFF AS I COULD THAT REQUIRED TOO MANY PEOPLE & TOO MUCH BACKGROUND. A few of them you just have to, like officers or soldiers coming to arrest her & stuff like that, you've gotta show the people, or a wall falling on the army. But don't put a whole army in there, just some police or a few soldiers is all you need. We don't have room for a whole army on one of those little pages, so the less you have to draw, the better. That way you can move along faster.
       10. I'M TRYING TO MAKE IT EASY ON YOU, REALLY! Some people are workaholics & just insist on overworking & doing more than necessary, & you're such a perfectionist & such a beautiful artist, you tend to be one of those workaholic artists & do a little more than we really need on this series. When you get all through with this series you can go back to your masterpieces, but right now this is all we need. So you're doing great!
       11. KEEP'M SMALL, KEEP'M SIMPLE & KEEP'M DOWN TO JUST THE MINIMUM OF WHAT YOU HAVE TO DRAW. And from now on I'm going to go over the list & pick out the ones that I think would be appropriate so that you can just judge from that what you really should do. I think when you see that list you're going to be very happy to see how many I crossed off! But about half of the ones I crossed off are the ones you'd already done, & you picked out the best ones really, so God bless you!
       12. I REALLY LIKED YOUR CORRECTIONS ON THESE OTHERS--THAT'S BETTER TO TRY TO MINIMISE THE NEGATIVE & ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE! Keep the positive & the good characters in the foreground, victorious, & keep those negative, evil & ugly characters in the background so that we don't emphasise the evil. I know you're good at drawing both, but nevertheless we don't want to hit the little kids in the face with the negative first crack, we'd rather have them dwell on the good things. "Whatsoever things are good & pure, think on these things." (Ph.4:8.) And where we've got to have somebody evil in the picture to describe the action, well, we have to have it there, but put him or her or whoever in the background somewhere or at least try not to make them the most prominent thing in the picture. So you're doing great, coming alone fine! I'm looking at your letter now trying to see if I answered all your questions. I already answered your letter--I scribbled all over it & it's a mess! Maybe you'll think it's a work of art! PTL!
       13. IN ANSWER TO YOUR QUESTION, YES, GO AHEAD & ADD A PROP WHEREVER SHE NEEDS ONE. In fact, I've even suggested on my list there that perhaps she ought to carry a staff as a regular thing, like Moses did & like the Lord told us to do, remember? That was supposed to be talking about our regular demonstration equipment, & she's doing demos every time! So I think a nice little staff for her would be just fine. Don't make it too big, I don't think it should be more than about shoulder-high & not too heavy, just what a girl might carry hiking & walking around. She does a lot of walking & hiking.
       14. THE ONLY PICTURE WE COULDN'T USE WAS THAT ONE OF THE PILLAR OF SALT, because our little kids really didn't understand it, they thought it was a ghost! And even when we told them what it was, their first impression is what really counts. Also that was accentuating the negative rather than the positive. I loved the little figures that were hiking off over the hill, though, & maybe we can blow them up & use them for a whole picture, like Mountain Men or Mountain Woman or something. Even though their backs are toward us, they're very characteristic & typical, so it's not lost! Don't throw the whole thing away, hang on to the original. As long as you send real good clear xeroxes that's all we really need, because we can almost do better with xeroxes than we can with originals for what we're doing.
       15. I'M PLANNING TO DO A LITTLE MOCK-UP OF WHAT YOU'VE ALREADY DONE! I think you've done almost 50 pictures already & that's quite a record in such a short time! GBY! You've been averaging about one a day, that's not bad, but if we're going to get there any time before the Crash or the War or whatever, we've gotta speed it up! I'd love to finish this up, I'd hate to have it not get out because we're a little late. That's why I thought if you could speed it up a little bit by doing these little ones in not so much detail, maybe you could do a couple a day when possible. You know how we're doing on the GN & the WND now, as soon as we hit 64--which is a 64-page signature in that size--then we just roll it!
       16. SO I HAD'M COLLECT ME A BUNCH OF GOOD SCRIPTURES WHICH I THINK WOULD BE A GOOD INTRODUCTION FOR THIS SERIES--"PROMISES OF POWER," I CALL IT.--Verses like, "Call upon Me & I will show you great & mighty things which ye know not of" & "Greater works than these shall ye do because I go to My Father," promises of such power. (Jer.33:3; Jn.14:12) The fact is that He's promised us power long ago & we already have it when we need it if we'll ask for it. There's nothing new about this. You got the Letter "You Can Too" & that about sums it up so I guess I don't have to preach it again!
       17. I'M TRYING TO SHOW THEM THAT THERE'S NOTHING NEW ABOUT THIS, there's nothing really new about her, because people have done it in the past & the promises have been there a long time & we can do it now if we need to or have the faith for it. We don't have to wait for the Tribulation or the Millennium.
       18. LIKE I DID WITH HEAVEN, I'M TRYING TO BRING IT DOWN TO EARTH! I'm really trying to bring this project down to Earth where people can see & believe it & really claim God's Word for these miracles when they need'm. And I'll tell you, we've been needing some of them now & we're certainly going to need them in the future!
       19. SO I'M JUST TRYING TO BRING IT HOME, BRING IT DOWN TO EARTH & BRING IT INTO THE NOW! People are always trying to put everything in the past or the future, but I'm just trying to bring it now!--And I think this is going to do it! I think it's really going to help & a lot of people have already said so.
       20. THANK THE LORD, BY THE WAY, MY COLD'S MUCH BETTER! I'm much better but my cold's worse, I mean it's leaving! I figure the cold's of the Devil, so when it's getting defeated & departing it's worse off, but I'm better. Anyway, thank the Lord for that miracle & thank the Lord for all your prayers, God bless you!
       21. DO YOU THINK THIS WOULD BE A GOOD ORDER FOR THE BOOKLET? I'd like to put the dream first about Heaven's Girl with that first picture. We finally got that stone whittled down to the right size, by the way! You really expect miracles, Boy! (Coughs.) Maybe I'm talking too much, but after your last pictures & everything you're doing so well, I just had to make you this tape. I told you I wouldn't be making these very much because I've got a lot of other things to do, but I just had to make this one tape to encourage you & tell you how well you're doing, all of you, God bless you!
       22. SO I THOUGHT ABOUT PUTTING THE DREAM IN FIRST BECAUSE THAT'S KIND OF THE KEYNOTE & HOW I GOT STARTED ON THIS.--Maybe with that picture on the cover or maybe a big head portrait of her or something. I like those portraits you did of her, they're just beautiful! We're all especially crazy about that flirty one looking over her shoulder, the one that looks so Jewish. I've got that posted up here on my wall beside my bed & it's a real inspiration.
       23. SO YOUR INFLUENCE IS REALLY GOING OUT, BOY! You're influencing & encouraging & inspiring a lot of people with this beautiful art, so keep it up! Keep on the right track, the inside track with Him, & then you'll get your right channel & be tuned in to the right place with the right kind of inspiration! Amen?
       24. I JUST THOUGHT I'D MENTION THIS TO YOU GUYS & SEE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THIS, BECAUSE AFTER ALL, YOU'RE MY TEST TUBE & MY FEEDBACK & I LIKE TO GET THE REFLECTION FROM YOUR MIRROR TO SEE WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT IT! I thought maybe I'd put the dream in first, then maybe put in all these verses on Promises of Power, then the pictures with captions.--Just put the caption & then maybe a subtitle describing the scene, what she's doing or something, & then maybe in fine print the actual Scripture verse from which this came with a reference, like documentation--here's proof that it's been done before, why can't it be done again?
       25. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT? WHEN I WAS GOING THROUGH THESE PROMISES OF POWER--WOW!--WE COULD GET SO MANY GORGEOUS PICTURES FROM THOSE, because there are a lot of good pictures there in those Promises! So I'm going to go through those too & send those on to you & see what you think about them. But I think we're about ready to put out our first little 64-page signature if we put the dream in. Maybe instead of putting all these Promises of Power in first as just a Scripture list, maybe we'll save'm & use'm for individual pictures. But I thought maybe if I'd list a few of these after the dream to show that the Lord has promised us this power & then go into the pictures, that that might make a nice little introduction. And with the pictures you've already finished, we've got about enough right now with the dream & the promises & the pictures for our first signature!
       26. I DON'T BELIEVE IN HOLDING BACK ANYTHING ANY MORE UNTIL WE GET A BOOK & ALL TOGETHER, WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT ANY MORE! I guess you read that in some of the Letters lately, haven't you? We've just gotta keep things rolling & as fast as we hit 64 GN-size pages, out it goes!--And the same with the WND, the little World News Digest. As soon as we get 64, close the door! So I'm pretty sure we've got enough pictures for our first one & I'm working on it. That's my next job.
       27. AND YOU'LL LOVE THIS, WE'RE GETTING OUT AN FN-SIZE KOLOURBOOK FOR THE KIDS, my own little inspiration from all you inspired artists, & I've got it here right in my hand. It says at the top in small letters: "Kids Kolour Book!"--KKB!--"For You to Colour!" In other words, especially with the emphasis on the children. Then the big title is "HEAVENLY PICTURES!--Other Artists' Conceptions of Heavenly Subjects!"
       28. WE'VE GOTTEN IN A LOT OF PICTURES FROM THE DIFFERENT ARTISTS NOW ON HEAVEN. Some are beautiful, some are funny, one or two are downright ugly, but anyway, you've gotta have a little bit of everything. The beautiful looks better by contrast with the ugly. So along with a few Maxfield Parrish Heavenly Pictures, we had enough for a 32-page FN signature & I said, "Well, let's knock it out!" So we've taken all the best ones we had, including yours, & tried to put them in a fairly interesting order.--Even those very funny ones that Hart drew, did you see those yet? They're a scream! His idea of Heaven is almost as funny as mine!
       29. I EVEN PUT A PICTURE OF THE BACH TOWER IN HERE! Did you ever hear of the Bach Carillon Chimes Tower in Lake Wales, Florida? It's just absolutely a Heavenly building & it has Heavenly music & it's in a Heavenly situation in a tropical paradise, so I thought that's a good picture, it looks like Heaven. And then we put in quite a few Maxfield Parrish's.
       30. WE'VE GOT THE PICTURES, WHY NOT USE'M? What else are we going to do with all these beautiful pictures of Heaven that you & these other guys have painted?--Even the Maxfield Parrish pictures. We'll print these in black-&-white & they can colour'm! You've gotta keep kids busy! So that's almost done. I added captions to each one, all except Hart's, he did his own captions. Wait till you see them, they're a scream! God bless him. He's really trying to do some interesting things here & some things I never thought of, about having a Heavenly Supermarket & grocery flying saucers to load up the groceries & stuff like that. They're really a scream! He's not exactly the best artist in the World, but they're very interesting. I thought if nothing else they'll give people a laugh.
       31. SO WE'VE ALREADY GOT THEM ALL PUT TOGETHER WITH A NICE PRETTY PICTURE ON THE FRONT OF TWO LITTLE KIDS BY PHILIPPE LA PLUME & "God is Love" & all the rest, & we're ready to knock it out! At first we didn't make the titles large enough, & for little kids like Techi & all, you've gotta have'm in real big print, real heavy bold type that they can easily read. So that's the next one! And the reason I got into telling you all that is that's now going to be GN101. After all, I wanna get credit for it, me & Jac worked on it, so what we work on, that's a GN, even if it's FN size! Ha!
       32. BUT WHAT I WAS GOING TO TELL YOU IS THAT WE'RE JUST FINISHING UP GN102, the regular GN, that's a new one that's coming soon, & I think you've even gotten a few rush Letters from it already. I hope you don't mind my putting in some of these little transcripts of tapes to you, but they're lessons to be learned, etc., & I think they're valuable to everybody. So I hope you don't mind my using you as my guinea pig to show everybody in the whole World what good lessons you're learning. After all, I spent a lot of my time doing this, I might as well get a little credit for it, even if you are the guinea pig! I'm the scientist & I'm working you over, Boy! Well, it's really paying off because you're really doing great, TTL!
       33. SO ANYHOW, "HEAVENLY PICTURES" IS GOING TO BE GN101 & WOULD YOU LIKE A LITTLE SNEAK PREVIEW OF THE SUBJECTS OF GN102? Would you all like to get a little inside information on our stock market? "You Can Too" is going to be the lead theme article, then there's going to be "WND Jewels,", "Eastward Ho", "The Chinese & the Word", "Biorhythms", "Red & Dead", & the final clincher is "Bigger Jobs", an old goldie from five years ago back in Switzerland. So we're ready to roll on GN 102.
       34. AND WHY NOT MAKE GN 103 THE FIRST IN THE "HEAVEN GIRL" SERIES! I know we've already put in a lot of those pictures, but it was like an art lesson. It was more or less like an art critique rather than just a simple little booklet for the kids. I'm even thinking about making it FN-size! But that's pretty expensive & we just can't get so many in, so I'm trying to keep it down to GN. I'm tempted to go FN, but don't you be tempted to go FN-size!
       35. THEREFORE I'M THINKING ABOUT MAKING THIS NEXT GN103 THE FIRST OF THE ACTUAL PUBLISHED GIRL SERIES, just the Girl, all about the Girl, nothing but the Girl & the Promises & the references & the dream & all that. We've got enough now for the first signature so I think we ought to roll it & you may get a sample soon!
       36. I THINK THESE SMALL LITTLE COPIES ARE BETTER THAN HAVING GREAT BIG BOOKS THAT YOU CAN'T SHARE AS MUCH. You get a WND, you get a GN, you get an FN, you get this, you get that, just a signature apiece, & with that much variety you've got enough to share & pass around & everybody has something to read! Good idea?--My idea! Once in awhile I have a good idea!
       37. WELL, I'LL SEND YOU A COPY OF THIS "HEAVENLY PICTURES" JUST AS SOON AS I CAN. We've taken some of your best & Philippe's best & Hart's & Maxfield Parrish's & it's a conglomeration, but I just wanted to show the people some of our other artists' ideas of Heavenly things. They're not actually all about Heaven, Maxfield Parrish wasn't necessarily trying to picture Heaven, although I sometimes imagine he did, or it looked like it at least, but I thought they were Heavenly. That's why I call them "Heavenly Pictures," not necessarily pictures of Heaven, but Heavenly pictures. So I think you'll enjoy'm. Then I think maybe the next one is going to be yours, after my GN that is, & yours will be a GN too on the Girl.
       38. SO YOU'RE ABOUT TO GO PUBLIC, SON--AS THOUGH YOU HAVEN'T BEEN ALL THESE YEARS ALREADY--WORLDWIDE! They're all going to see your Girl & my Girl too, our Girl, Heaven's Girl! Good? It's going to inspire a lot of people, Son! When you sit down at that table & you pick up that pen & look at that piece of paper & you think about what you're going to draw, just think about the millions of people that are going to see that picture & what it's going to mean to them!
       39. YOU'RE PREACHING A MESSAGE JUST AS MUCH AS I AM! When you sit down there to draw a picture, a picture is worth more than a thousand words, as the old Chinese saying goes, & you are putting into that picture the Message that is going to reach probably more people than the Words! So remember, that picture is going to be seen by millions & is going to be an inspiration, an encouragement & a feeding of people that need encouragement & inspiration, not only in the future but now!
       40. SO DON'T FORGET THAT YOU'RE THE PREACHER OF THE DRAWING BOARD! You didn't know you were a preacher, did you? Well, you are! You're the Doctor of the Drawing Board! They've got doctorates for each of those degrees & all that stuff. Let's see, how would you say that?--D.B.D.?--Drawing Board Doctor? Ha! Anyhow, you are preaching a Message every time you sit down at that drawing board, Son, & don't you forget it! And don't you forget to pray hard & ask for inspiration & ask the Lord to give you the Message & to help you put that Message into that picture! And I really believe that's what you've been doing because that's the kind of pictures you've been turning out lately, God bless you! Amen? Hallelujah?
       41. THAT'S A BIG JOB, BIG RESPONSIBILITY TO BE A PREACHER TO MILLIONS, & THOSE WHO WON'T EVEN OR CAN'T EVEN READ MY WORDS ARE GOING TO LOOK AT YOUR PICTURE! I believe that poster is going to be up yet in that railroad station in Russia, & I wouldn't be surprised if it's going to be yours!--Or maybe it's going to be our Heaven Poster, who knows? Or maybe a lot of them! They're getting in there already, I guess you heard about that! So praise God!
       42. SO MY DEAR DOCTOR OF THE DRAWING BOARD, D.D.B., YOU ARE A PREACHER OF THE GOSPEL WITH THESE PICTURES, & this kind of Gospel is going to reach people that even my Words would never reach! Little children, tiny tots are going to stand in awe as they look at these pictures & they're going to study'm while they colour'm, & the Message is really going to sink in! So you've got an awesome responsibility, Son! You're going to help to mold those little lives & mold their concepts of these events & Heaven & these actions & all of these things.
       43. YOU'RE REALLY GOING TO MOLD THEIR IDEAS, JUST LIKE THOSE SUNDAY SCHOOL PICTURES REALLY GAVE US OUR PRECONCEPTIONS OF ALL THESE THINGS. And they still stick with you throughout your whole life. When I think of those people & read the Bible, I still think of them in terms of those Sunday School posters, because I figure that's the way they look, & Jesus too.
       44. SO YOU ARE GOING TO MOLD THESE LITTLE CHILDREN'S' MINDS, SON, WITH THESE PICTURES, & don't draw anything that you wouldn't want them to see or that you wouldn't want them to know, that's not going to be a good influence on them. Be positive in those pictures! I mean, really accentuate the positive! Remember that old song that dear old Satchmo (Louis Armstrong) used to sing & play, "Accentuate the Positive"? That was an old popular jazz tune years ago & it really had a message. Accentuate the positive! Minimise the negative! Try to make it a good picture that'll give them a good feeling & have a good effect!
       45. YOU OUGHT TO SEE THIS OLD JEW SITTING HERE WAVING HIS HANDS & HIS FISTS, YOU'D THINK I WAS MAKING A VIDEO! Well, God bless you! I just have to do it, you know! Like that old joke about Abe & Isaac walking down the street of New York one cold morning. Abe said to Isaac, "Vat's da matter, Isaac? You ain't talkin' this mornin'!" And Isaac said, "Vat do you think I vant to do, freeze my hands?" You ought to maybe explain that Jewish accent to the folks there, you're probably more familiar with it than they are! That joke has to be explained. I found that when you deal with people that are accustomed to another language, my jokes don't go over too well. Jokes seem to be particularly colloquial to characteristics of a certain language, especially if they're accented or they're ethnic. Puns are the worst of all, they fall flat as a flounder! They just don't get'm. So you can explain that joke to them!
       46. GBY! ILY! YOU'RE REALLY GETTING RIGHT ON THE BALL, SON! You're not freezing your hands, thank the Lord! I guess they keep pretty warm where you are. Well, you keep at it, keep'm rolling! Think about the Lord most of all, but think about those little kids, those are the ones we have in mind. Those are the ones we owe the most to right now, all of our little kids. And you can even test your pictures on some of your little kids there. I know you may have never thought about being a child's artist, but you've gotta think about that now!
       47. THAT'S OUR GREATEST RESPONSIBILITY RIGHT NOW, OUR OWN CHILDREN! We need to mold their minds & educate them & inspire them & encourage them, especially when they've heard about all these horrible thing that are coming in the near future, we really need to build up their faith. So think about those children there, look at the children you have there! Test your pictures on them. Ask them, "How do you like this? What do you think this means? What is this? What do you see here?" They're your best test audience!
       48. THAT'S ALMOST THE FIRST THING WE DO WITH YOUR PICTURES RIGHT HERE, WE SHOW'M TO THE CHILDREN & SAY, "WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS?" They're our primary critics, believe it or not. You may think that's kind of silly to show your masterpieces to mere children, but remember what John Wesley said. He used to preach to crowds of 100,000 without a P.A. system! He did it in a kind of a hollow ampitheatre & he must have really screamed. They said, "Dr. Wesley, what do you do when you've got a mixed audience, some nothing but little children & then there's these great doctors of the law & doctors of religion, who are you going to preach to in a case like that?" He said, "I preach to the children, of course, then all of them will understand it!"
       49. JUST READ SOME OF THE STORIES & THE MESSAGES OF JESUS & YOU'LL SEE THAT THAT'S WHAT HE DID IN HIS. He was constantly painting Word-pictures & telling stories & things that even the little children could appreciate. And that's what I want you to do, Son. I believe the Lord really wants you to try to help us now to educate & inspire our children. Try your pictures on them & see how they like'm. I'll tell you one thing about'm, they won't mince any words about it, they won't pull any punches! They're not exactly diplomats, they'll tell you exactly what they think & it may not always be complimentary!
       50. SO HAVE YOU GOT THE IDEA? THINK ABOUT THE LORD & THINK ABOUT THOSE CHILDREN & THEIR PURE LITTLE HEARTS, THEIR SWEET LITTLE FACES & THOSE NEEDY LITTLE SPIRITS THAT YOU NEED TO FEED WITH THESE PICTURES! That to me is our primary responsibility. And then beyond our children, who are we trying to reach most of all in this World?--The childlike people, the childlike poor! The Lord said we all had to be like little children & you can't even get into the Kingdom without being like a little child. (Mk.10:15.)
       51. SO MAKE YOUR PICTURES APPEAL TO THE CHILDREN & THEN THEY'LL APPEAL TO EVERYBODY! Make the Message so simple & so clear that every little child, even the toddlers will almost understand what the picture's about. They'll get the point & they'll either like it or they won't like it. But draw pictures that children will love, they'll like it! You can get their reaction even if they can't talk. You ought to see our little baby here, the way she just breaks into smiles, her face just wreathed in smiles & grins ear-to-ear when she's shown pretty pictures. She even goes up & kisses my poster, the one of me! You'd be surprised! She's only 7 or 8 months old & she appreciates pictures already! They walk her up beside the poster & say, "Kiss Grandpa!" & she goes right over & kisses my picture. So they can understand real early & appreciate pictures & what they mean. I think she really associates it with me!
       52. SO GOD BLESS YOU, I'M JUST TRYING TO SHOW YOU EVEN THE BABIES CAN APPRECIATE THEM & EVEN THEY KNOW WHAT A PICTURE IS & CAN ASSOCIATE IT WITH A PERSON OR THE IDEA. So try to get those pictures across to the kids. After you get done doing a rough sketch or something, show it to the children, not just to the adults. These old bottles with already-made-up minds & critical ideas, they're not always your best critics. You've got some good ones there who really love you & who are really trying to keep you on the right track, don't misunderstand me, but your children are your best audience.
       53. YOUR CHILDREN ARE GOING TO BE YOUR BEST CRITICS! They'll either love it or they'll tell you they don't like it, it's ugly. Just like when I showed Techi your picture of [EDITED: "some sinners"], I almost hate to tell you what she said about that gal in the middle, or whatever it was. She said, "What is that? Who is that? It looks awful!" So if they say that about your picture you'd better change it!
       54. TRY TO MAKE THE MAIN THING SOMETHING THAT REALLY IS GOING TO APPEAL TO KIDS THAT THEY'LL LOVE! I loved those ones where you had children in them. The more you can bring children into the picture, then they feel included. Got the idea? So try to bring in the kids. Think about the kids. Think about it's for the kids, even put kids in the pictures. Now don't put too many & too much extra drawing, etc., but where a child or two will fit, put'm in. Then they'll feel like you're thinking about them too & that they're included, it's not just for the adults. Got the idea? Think you can do it? I know you can do it! You've already done it, Boy! It's already done. You can too, you can do! So PTL!
       55. LORD BLESS & HELP HIM & GIVE HIM CONTINUED INSPIRATION! Help him to stay so close to You on Your channel, Lord, that he won't get any static from anybody or anything else or the Devil or anywhere, but he'll just get the vision & the pictures that You want him to draw & really inspire him. We thank You for these inspired & beautiful pictures he's already drawn, Lord, that have already been a blessing & encouragement & inspiration to so many, we've had such good reactions from so many people that have already been blessed & encouraged & inspired by his Girl pictures. So Lord help him to keep it rolling & keep up the good work so they'll be able to go about everywhere, all over the World, seen by millions, doing good, in Jesus' name, amen! PTL!
       56. GBY! ILY! GOD BLESS YOU & KEEP YOU! Hope I didn't take too much of your time. Well, I don't make these tapes very often, so I sort of take advantage of the opportunity. I get going & preach you a sermon! Well, once in awhile we need it, so PTL! Amen? If you've got any suggestions, questions, comments, complaints or objections, let me know! I know they're trying to treat you good there, as well as they can, & just as long as you keep busy I know they will & the Lord will treat you good, & I'm trying to treat you good.
       57. I KNOW THAT IF YOU REALLY DO THESE PICTURES THE WAY THE LORD WANTS THEM & THE WAY THEY'RE NEEDED, IT'LL BE A GREAT BLESSING THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE WORLD! Just think of all the little children that you're going to inspire & bless & encourage to be thrilled with your pictures, & I know you're going to really do your best! Amen? GBY! You've already done tremendously, Son, & I just wanted to make you this tape to encourage you! PTL!
       58. THIS TURNED OUT TO BE A PRETTY GOOD LITTLE TALK, DIDN'T IT?--Ha! I wasn't planning to talk at all, in fact I was deliberately trying not to talk long this time because I didn't want to take too much of your time, but I got inspired! PTL! (Watch beeps) Well, I guess that's the signal for me to shut up & sign off so I'd better go! GBY all! ILY!
       59. JUST STICK TO THAT LIST NOW, SON, THAT'LL SAVE YOU TIME & TROUBLE. I just tried to pick out the best ones & if one of those doesn't even inspire you, well, skip it, & I'll be working on the New Testament list as soon as possible. So pray for me as I put our first little book together, that it'll be what the Lord wants & what'll bless people. God bless you all! ILY! Thanks for listening! Please let us know if there's anything you need & we'll either try to get it for you or tell you how to do without it! Give everybody my love! I love you all! Good night! xxxxxxx! 7 kisses for you!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family