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ECLIPSE!--Showing Techi an Eclipse of the Moon!        DFO 1678        1982

       1. IT KIND OF REMINDS ME OF THE TRIBULATION: THE EARTH IS GOING TO TRY TO BLOT US OUT, BUT WE'RE STILL THERE & WE'LL MAKE A COME-BACK! Amen? (To Techi:) See the ol' Devil trying to gobble it up? But look, now it's gobblin' up the Devil! (Techi: The Devil tried to gobble it up!) Yes, see it's like the Devil trying to gobble it up, but now it's going to gobble up the Devil! We're like the moon & he tries to gobble us up, but finally we're going to gobble him up!--Gobble him up & spit him out! (Techi: Into Hell!) Yes, into Hell! Yes, Sir!
       2. IT'S KIND OF LIKE THE TRIBULATION: FOR AWHILE IT'S GONNA CREEP ALONG & SEEM LIKE IT'S FLATTENED US OUT, BUT ALL THE TIME WE'RE STILL THERE UNDER COVER IN THE SHADOW & THEN WE'RE GONNA REAPPEAR! See? All the time we're still there & then we're gonna come out in a blaze of glory to go up to be with the Lord. (Sings:) "I'm gonna live forever! I'm gonna learn how to fly! I'm gonna get it together, people will watch me & cry! I'm gonna take you to Heaven! I'm gonna light up the sky like a flame! I'm gonna live forever! Baby, remember my name!"
       3. SEE, WE'RE COMING OUT, WE'RE COMIN' OUT FROM BEHIND THE OL' DEVIL & HE DIDN'T SUCCEED! He thought he gobbled us up! Look at that, we're gettin' out! See there? We're pullin' out from his shadow & his darkness. Isn't that good? (Techi: Yes!) He thought he had us but he couldn't keep us down. (Techi: We just got out!) That's right, like the Tribulation. Just when he thinks he's got us, jus' wait'll he shakes his head! We're gonna pop right out again like that, see? (Techi: We don't see the Devil 'cause he's in Hell right now.) He's not in Hell yet, but he gets around quite a bit & he visits there sometimes. He's still fightin', but he's gonna go to Hell one of these days, Jesus is gonna send him to Hell. He's still flyin' around givin' us trouble now & then, but he can't give us trouble very long, see? Only a little while & then we pop out again! He sort of blots us out for awhile & then we pop out again. Isn't that good?
       4. (TECHI: THE MOON WAS TRAVELLING! It was first there, but it travelled back there.) Oh, it did? How about that? (Techi: The Earth is there in the sky?) That's a shadow of the Earth, see? The sun is on the other side of us, down below us. That's actually the shadow of the Earth on the moon, the Earth's shadow, this big ball we live on. That's this big ball's shadow up there on that big ball, the moon. (Techi: It's the Devil's shadow.) Yes, it's just a passing shadow, like this old World!
       5. (SINGS:) "THIS WORLD, THIS WORLD IS NOT MY HOME! This World is not my resting place. This World, this World is not my home. This World, this World is not my home." We're just here a little while, we're on our way home to Jesus. (Sings:) "This World is not my home, I'm just a passin' through. My treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue. The angels beckon me from Heaven's golden shore & I can't feel at home in this World anymore! O Lord, You know I have no friend but You. If Heaven's not my home then Lord what would I do? The angels beckon me from Heaven's golden shore & I'll never feel at home in this World anymore!" (Firecracker goes off!)
       6. RASCALS! GOD-DAMN THOSE FIRECRACKERS! That sounds like it was almost thrown right over on top of the roof! Some fireworks are pretty & they're nice & we like'm, but those big bang fireworks, I don't like'm, do you?--Sounds like shootin', sounds like war & I don't like that kind of fireworks. (Techi: But if fireworks are just quiet then you do like them?) Right! Just like God's fireworks right there right now, see? Oh, & I saw a little firefly!
       7. THAT'S GOD'S FIREWORKS, SO QUIET & NOT A SOUND! Look, those whole big Worlds are moving & they don't make a single sound! That's God's fireworks up there, the moon. See? The moon's comin' up! I like fireworks, not firecrackers. I don't like crackin', that makes the noise. That's a crack that makes the noise--bang, crack! But fireworks are good works that make pretty pretty pretty patterns & pictures in the sky, & you look up & you see the pretty space & sounds & it's all colours like God's pretty things, like the sun.
       8. GOD HAS LOTS OF PRETTY FIREWORKS! (Techi: And you have a firework right in your garden.) Yes, we've got a firework right in our garden, right there!--The moon right here in our garden! Isn't that pretty? Not far away! And the sun & the stars. Look, there's a few stars around, can you see'm? (Techi: Yes, when I came out to see the black moon, then I saw one.) Yes, I can see one little tiny one twinkling right there. You can just barely see it. Now the moon is coming out & it's outshining the stars. (Sings:) "Well, when we get to Heaven we will outshine the stars, outshine the stars, outshine the stars! When we all get to Heaven we will outshine the stars & walk those streets of gold!"
       9. LOOK AT THE LITTLE LIZZIES OVER THERE, ABOUT THREE OF THEM CATCHIN' BUGS! They're smart, they stay over there where all the bugs are attracted by the lights. The little bugs are so dumb they come flyin' over there to the lights, to see the fireworks of our lights over there, & the little lizzies just gobble them up! (Techi: Thank the Lord we have lizzies!) Yes, to gobble up all the bugs! (Techi: The lizzies swat them!) Yes, that's true. That's right, the lizzies really swat'm, that's for sure! (Techi: They swat'm better than we do!)
       10. DO YOU WANT TO LOOK AT THE MOON THROUGH THE BINOCULARS? You can see the curvature & it gives it more of a three-D effect because of the shadow. That's why scientists are always anxious to study things when they're in eclipse, because they can see the profile in the shadow & all better. They'll travel halfway around the World to see a lunar eclipse. The next solar eclipse they're planning to see from outer space from one of the Skylabs or something, & especially when Halley's Comet comes. They're planning to see that from a satellite or one of the spaceships.
       11. (TECHI: YOU'RE LIKE A BIG LOUD FIRECRACKER!) Yes, Grandpa is a big loud firecracker, that's right, I really explode! When I explode things happen & people move & they get excited & they do things. (Techi: And they run!) Yes, they're scared not to run. I tell'm to run & they run. What a beautiful night, huh? Gorgeous night! (Family: It was really cloudy until an hour or so ago.) Must've been the Lord cleared it up for sure so we could see it. A lot of people want to see it!
       12. WELL, GRANDPA'S GOTTA GO BACK TO WORK ON HIS MOONLIGHTING! I'm gonna go & work on my moonlight with the moon, see? Jesus is the Sun & we're the moon & the Devil's like that ol' black shadow up there trying to gobble us up, but he couldn't. See, we're comin' out, we're comin' out of his mouth right now. See how we're coming out of his mouth? And since we're like the moon, I've gotta go in & work on my moonlight so I can let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! (Sings:)
       13. "THIS MOONLIGHT OF MINE, I'M GONNA LET IT SHINE! This moonlight of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! Don't let the Devil eat it up, I'm gonna let it shine! Don't let the Devil eat it up, I'm gonna let it shine! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine! Hide it under the shadows, no! I'm gonna let it shine! Hide it under the shadows, no! I'm gonna let it shine! Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!" That's a new way to sing it! "This moonlight of mine, I'm gonna let it shine. This moonlight of mine, I'm gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!"
       14. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU, OLD EX-PROPHET, FALSE PROPHET JOEL WAS SURE SCREWED UP! Can you imagine him saying that the moon was the Devil! Ha! The Devil is the darkness, he's the shadow, he's not the moon. We're the moon! We're the nice pretty bright moon that Jesus made to shine for everybody & to light up the dark night of the World. The whole World lieth in darkness & the evil one, but we come out & we shine like the moon to light up the whole World! Isn't that wonderful?
       15. (TECHI: THE SHADOW'S LIKE THE DEVIL, TRYING TO EAT US!) Yes, the Devil's like the shadows & the darkness trying to eat us up, but we're the lights that light the World! (Techi: The shadow of the Earth is just like the Devil.) Yes, trying to eat up the moon, us, our beautiful bright moon! But Jesus said, "Ye are the light of the World!" (Mt.5:14.) (Techi: Greater is he that is in the World than he that is in you.) No, greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the World. (1Jn.4:4.) Who's greater in you? (Techi: Jesus!) Yes, greater is He that is in you than he that is in the World. Who's in the World? (Techi: The Devil!) That's right. So greater is Jesus that is in you than the Devil that is in the World!
       16. GREATER IS HE THAT'S IN THE MOON UP THERE, THAN HE THAT IS IN THAT BIG BLACK SHADOW! See? God is saving it. It takes a little time & moves very very slowly 'cause God has lots of time, & He's getting us slowly but surely out of the Devil's big black mouth! He thought he had us all gobbled up, but look at us, we're comin' out! See there? Can't you just see the Devil's big black mouth trying to eat us up like a piece of pie? Looks like he took a bite right out of the top, doesn't it? (Techi: But really that's how the moon is like.) Yes, well I didn't realise you were so scientific.
       17. ANYWAY, I LIKE MY STORY JUST AS GOOD AS YOURS! It looks like that anyhow, doesn't it? And it makes a good story! It looks like a big bite right out of the top of the moon, just like you'd take a bite out of an apple or out of a biscuit or out of a cookie. (Techi: If you have a big round cookie & you take a bite, you're just like the Devil eating the moon up!) That's right, you can play like that's the Devil eating up the moon.
       18. (TECHI: YOU'D BETTER NOT PLAY THAT GAME!) No, no, you'd better not play that game, I don't think you'd better! (Techi: You'd better not pretend you're the Devil!) We don't want to play the part of the Devil, but sometimes in skits some of the kids have to play the Devil, don't they?--And play the bad people sometimes? So sometime maybe somebody might have to play like it's the Devil, not really the Devil, but just play like, so they can show how he takes a big bite out of the moon every now & then, or tries to.
       19. BUT LOOK, IT'S COMIN' RIGHT OUT, THE COOKIE'S COMIN' RIGHT OUT OF HIS MOUTH, SEE? The cookie's gettin' bigger all the time! He couldn't bite it, he couldn't really bite it! (Techi: It was so hard!) God's pulling it right out of his mouth, snatched us right out of the ol' Devil's mouth! Right out of the mouth of the ol' Devil! See there?
       20. (TECHI: I'LL TELL YOU A STORY WHEN DORA WAS A LITTLE GIRL. She was going out to witness, & all these people, they didn't want MO Letters, & this lady came up. And when Dora laid in bed, the Lord told her that the old lady was an angel!) Oh that's sweet, that's wonderful! Dora had an angel to heal her, just like you came to heal me when I was so sick. Before you were even born you came to see me & visited me & lay your hands on me & patted me & comforted me. (Techi: And then crept back in my Mommy's tummy & I got out again!) Ha, ha, ha!
       21. YOU WEREN'T EVEN IN MOMMY'S TUMMY YET THEN, YOU WERE JUST UP IN HEAVEN WITH JESUS! You'd make a trip down here through space once in awhile to visit me & encourage me & comfort me & pat me & pet me & lay your hands on me & heal me, then you'd go back up to be with Jesus until it was time for you to come down to Mommy's tummy, & then you came into Mommy's tummy & then you were born! XXX! Kind of like the moon, see? You were like the moon & you kept making trips like the moon, & you finally went into Mommy's tummy & then you came out again like the moon.
       22. (TECHI HEARS MORE LOUD FIRECRACKERS: THEY'RE WASTING THEIR MONEY!) Yes, imagine wasting so much money when they have so little, always blowin' those firecrackers all over the place! Terrible! So we'd better go in 'cause we're wasting time, & that's worth more than money, 'cause Grandpa's gotta work on his moonlightin'! I've gotta work on the Letters & shine the moonlight! (PTL! Are you spreadin' the moonlight? GBY! ILY!--D.)

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