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HEAVEN'S GIRL & OUR TRIBULATION TRIUMPHS!       DFO 1679       Compiled 12/83

       1. THE AWESOME "GREAT TRIBULATION" PERIOD, THAT LAST 3-1/2 YEARS OF THE REIGN OF THE ANTICHRIST DEVIL-MAN which immediately precedes the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, has been pitifully misinterpreted & misunderstood by millions of Christians! The Churches have cooked up their "Pre-Tribulation Rapture" doctrine, whereby they believe that Christ's Second Coming to rapture His Church will occur before this final 3-1/2 years of Great Tribulation--thus they hope to be wafted off upon flowery beds of ease & roses into the arms of Jesus before this time of trouble, trial & testing takes place!--A completely false, un-Scriptural doctrine with absolutely no basis in prophetic fact whatsoever!
       2. THEN OTHERS, INCLUDING EVEN SOME OF OUR OWN FAMILY--although they have correctly understood & realised from the Scriptures that the Church will be here for & go through the 3-1/2 years of Great Tribulation--have envisioned & pictured this period as a time of complete defeat & destruction for all saints & all Christians, a terrifying time of nothing but Hell & horrors & defeats for God's children!--Which I can prove to you from the Bible is not the case, thank God!
       3. AND AS IF THE SCRIPTURES WEREN'T PROOF ENOUGH, THE LORD RECENTLY GAVE ME A REMARKABLE DREAM about a young girl, who apparently was going through the Great Tribulation itself!--And she was endowed as one of the last Witnesses, with super powers! As the story unfolded, she was in these various vivid situations of seemingly impossible conditions & circumstances, but she got out of each one through a manifestation of her miraculous powers!
       4. IT WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL! IT WAS A TERRIFIC DREAM! IT WAS JUST LIKE WATCHING A MOVIE! I watched each scene, & as the script was unfolding before me, a voice was reading it & describing these tremendous events: How she got out of each one & how she gained a victory in each circumstance & how she continued her witness in spite of everything!
       5. IT WAS QUITE STRIKING & SHOCKING, THE MIRACLES SHE WAS ABLE TO DO, sort of like Wonder Woman!--Only it was all for the Lord & in defence of His people & herself--amazing things like you see in the sci-fi movies where they point their finger & zap or freeze or evaporate or burn up their enemies, etc.!
       6. IT WAS REALLY A SHOCKER & SO IMPRESSIVE & SO REAL & SO AMAZING that I realised how important it is & that the Lord must want me to present this to our folks to encourage you all about the Tribulation period!--After all, you're the ones "upon whom the ends of the Earth are come" & who are going to go through that "time of trouble such as was not since the beginning of the World to this time, no, nor ever shall be!" (Mt.24:21.)--So of course He wants you to know about it & be prepared!
       7. TRUE, IT'S GOING TO BE A TIME OF TERRIBLE & AWESOME EVENTS, but we are going to have terrible & awesome powers to protect us & defend us & deliver us & keep us going right to the End! And I think this is why the Lord gave me this dream of this young prophetess endowed with Heavenly powers, this Heaven's Girl: To emphasise the positive nature of the powers & abilities that God's going to give us during the coming times of terrible Tribulation!
       8. YES, IT'S GOING TO BE A TIME OF GREAT PERSECUTION & GREAT BATTLES.--But it's also going to be a time of great, phenomenal, supernatural, miraculous victories that will spare us & protect us & help us to survive & witness till the very coming of the Lord, when "we which are alive & remain shall be caught up, to meet the Lord in the air!" (1Th.4:17.) So you shouldn't be afraid of the Tribulation!--The Lord is going to take care of us & He's going to have mighty powerful saints & men & women of God, Prophets & Prophetesses, during those Last Days to lead us & protect us & help us win victories over the Enemy, to continue our witness until the very End & the Coming of the Lord! Hallelujah!
       9. THIS LITTLE GIRL I SAW IN THAT DREAM WAS FIGHTING LIKE SUPERMAN OR WONDER WOMAN!--And she always won! They were perpetrating all kinds of attacks on her, but she had every means of supernatural miraculous defence & ways of overcoming them every time! They never really got her down!--They tried to, but they couldn't! And I think we need to see that picture of the Tribulation, that it's not going to be a time of nothing but horror for us & defeat, but that it will be a time of horror & defeat for the World & for the forces of Satan!
       10. "THE PEOPLE THAT DO KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG & DO EXPLOITS!" (Dan.11:32.)--The people who really know Jesus & really know the Lord are going to be strong!--In spite of the Antichrist, in spite of the Image of the Beast & in spite of all their persecution! The worse things get, the more God's Spirit is going to be poured out from on high to help us withstand the dark evil forces that will be warring against us! "As thy days, so shall thy strength be!" (Deut.33:25.)
       11. THE LORD IS GOING TO GIVE HIS TRUE BELIEVERS, HIS MEN & WOMEN, HIS PROPHETS, PROPHETESSES & WITNESSES SUPERNATURAL, MIRACULOUS POWERS TO DEFEND THEMSELVES & even to attack the forces of the Enemy, to enable them to survive & continue witnessing until the Lord returns! Revelation 11 says that the Antichrist forces won't be able to do anything against God's final witnesses until the very End, because His witnesses will have power to bring curses & plagues upon the wicked & to actually call down fire from God to devour their enemies!--What a picture of mighty men & women of God fighting victorious battles over the demons of Hell!
       12. THERE WILL BE NOTHING THE ANTICHRIST CAN DO AGAINST THEM, nothing he can do to stop them, until just 3-1/2 days before the Lord comes.--Then he will finally be allowed to kill them, that the cup of iniquity of the wicked may be filled! And then, while they're actually rejoicing over their death, suddenly the Lord will return in power & great glory & will resurrect & rapture them!--A mighty triumph showing that God even has victory over death!
       13. I THINK THESE TWO WITNESSES OF REVELATION 11 ARE SYMBOLIC OF ALL WITNESSES, IN A WAY. I believe we'll all have greater "power for the hour" in that day to help us survive as long as possible! He says, "Where sin doth abound, grace doth much more abound!" (Rom.5:20.) And where Satanic power is going to abound, God's power is going to much more abound to protect His Own! God's purpose is not going to be defeated, He's going to have millions of witnesses right up to the End!
       14. BUT THERE'S NOTHING REALLY NEW ABOUT IT!--It has happened all throughout time! All through the Bible there are stories about how the Lord miraculously empowered & protected His prophets & apostles, so I'm sure our power's going to be tremendously increased & magnified & multiplied during the final Last Days! If you would go back through all the various miracles of the Bible, you'd realise that if they had these powers & were able to exercise such powers in the past, we also will be able to exercise such powers! If His children have had them for the past 6,000 years of History, certainly God will endue us with such powers in full in those Last Days for our defence & protection & deliverance!
       15. YOU'LL HAVE WHAT IT TAKES WHEN THE TIME COMES--POWER FOR THE HOUR, & EVERY HOUR! Even at the darkest hour you'll still have power to meet every difficulty & every problem & every opposition--the supernatural miraculous power of God!--Just like I saw in this dream of this Super Girl, Heaven's Girl! It's quite a thrilling picture & I guess the Lord used this symbolic figure of a woman, & a small woman at that, to encourage us that even the so-called "weaker sex" could be more powerful in the Spirit than all the forces of the Enemy!
       16. SHE WAS REALLY SUPERNATURALLY POWERED, IT WAS REALLY SOMETHING! She was able to keep right on defying the Antichrist government, able to call down fire out of Heaven to devour her enemies & soldiers & police who would try to grab her, able to break right out of jail & do all kinds of powerful, supernatural, miraculous things to protect her so that she could keep right on preaching & witnessing & prophesying!
       17. GOD'S WORD EVEN SAYS THAT THE LORD WILL DEFEND US DURING THOSE VERY LAST DAYS NOT ONLY BY MEANS OF MIGHTY POWERS, SIGNS & WONDERS, BUT ALSO WITH MONSTERS & PLAGUES that will be on our side to afflict our enemies! In Revelation Chapters 8 & 9, where we're told about the terrible Trumpets of Tribulation & the mighty judgements that they unleash during the Great Tribulation, we read about some horrible monsters released from "the bottomless pit," sent by God to torment the ungodly, the wicked, the unsaved.--But He gives them a strict command not to hurt those who have the seal of God in their forehead. He says, "Hurt not any green thing, neither any tree, but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads." (Rev.9:4.)--In other words, they were not to hurt the men who did have the seal of God in their foreheads!
       18. DURING THIS TRIBULATION PERIOD WHEN THE ANTICHRIST & HIS FOLLOWERS ARE ATTACKING THE TRUE FOLLOWERS OF JESUS CHRIST, God is going to let loose pestilences & plagues & monsters to attack the people of the Devil, the kingdom of Satan & the wicked!--So they'll have so much on their hands defending themselves from these monsters & plagues that they won't have much time to persecute you & me!
       19. WE'RE GOING TO MARCH TRIUMPHANT, PROTECTED BY GOD, RIGHT STRAIGHT THROUGH THE TRIBULATION FROM BEGINNING TO END, in the face of our enemies! While they're being tormented by monsters & plagues & fighting off all the horrors of Hell, we're going to march right through unscathed! They may catch up with a few of us & kill a few of us, as they promised they would if we don't worship their Beast & his Image & take the Mark; a few of us will die & suffer martyrdom even as we do today, but we're still marching!
       20. WE'RE EVEN GOING TO BE ON TELEVISION THROUGHOUT THE WORLD AS GOD'S FINAL WITNESSES!--Doing mighty signs & wonders & miracles just like Moses did under Pharaoh, when Pharaoh's magicians tried to do the same signs & wonders & said, "Oh well, we can do signs & wonders too"--as the Antichrist will! He'll be doing mighty signs & wonders & miracles by the power of the Devil! But we will be doing greater & mightier signs & wonders & miracles to defend the Gospel & defend God's work & defend God's children, & God will send mighty powers to protect & defend us!
       21. IN MY DREAM IT WAS JUST MARVELLOUS THE WAY SHE GOT OUT OF ALL THESE THINGS & how she conquered & won victories as an outstanding Prophetess of God, keeping on with her witness & her message in spite of everything all Hell let loose could try to do to her!--How she resisted all these attempts to kill her & enslave her & put her in bondage & make her a prisoner & everything else to shut her mouth & stop her! She was still able to do what she was there to do!
       22. SO DON'T LOOK ON THE TRIBULATION AS A HORRIBLE DEFEAT WITH NOTHING BUT PERSECUTION & SUFFERING! There will be some of that, but I'm convinced from both the Scripture & Prophecy He has given us & personal experience & the nature of God & His dealings with man, that it's going to be primarily a time of great victory over the forces of Satan & tremendous triumph over the anti-Christ wicked!
       23. MOST OF YOU YOUNG FOLKS ARE STILL GOING TO BE HERE WITH YOUR PRECIOUS CHILDREN, SERVING THE LORD, WITNESSING, LITNESSING, BEING MIGHTY PROPHETS OF GOD & prophetesses of God & little prophets of God, warning the World of their judgement & their wickedness & prophesying the soon-coming of the Lord.--God protecting you by mighty miracles, signs, wonders & monsters that attack the forces of the Devil!--Think of that!
       24. SO ALTHOUGH THEY WILL BE DIFFICULT DAYS, WE'RE GOING TO SUPERNATURALLY, MIRACULOUSLY WITNESS & shine brighter than we have ever shone before & be greater witnesses than ever!--Just through the mighty signs, wonders & miracles we will do, calling down fire from God out of Heaven to devour our enemies & being on Worldwide television as witnesses that even the Antichrist himself cannot stop! With all his power & miraculous abilities & signs & wonders, he will not be able to put an end to us nor kill us until God has ordained it to be so!
       25. SO DON'T WORRY ABOUT THE TRIBULATION! It's not going to be all lopsided, a rampaging victory for the Devil! We're going to win supernatural miraculous victories over him & all of his powers! Don't think that we're all just going to be cowering, hunted victims! Most of us are not going to be cowering, but powering in our fight & battle & defence of the Gospel right up to the End!--With all the forces of Heaven on our side! PTL!
       26. AND ALTHOUGH THERE'S GOING TO BE THE MOST HELL THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN, THERE'S ALSO GOING TO BE THE MOST HEAVEN THAT WE HAVE EVER KNOWN!--The most Heavenly power & defence & help & protection! So don't fear it!--Don't worry about it!--Look forward to it as a time when we're really going to fight'm face-to-face & defeat'm with all the supernatural miraculous powers of God! PTL!
       27. SO MAY GOD BLESS & MAKE THIS LITTLE BOOK ON "HEAVEN'S GIRL" A BLESSING & AN INSPIRATION TO YOU, to help you exercise your faith & know that you too can do these things that God has promised!--He says, "Call unto Me & I will answer thee & show thee great & mighty things which thou knowest not!" (Jer.33:3.) "Greater things than these shall ye do!" (Jn.14:12.) "Ye shall tread on serpents & scorpions & shall not be hurt!" (Lk.10:19)--All those various Scriptures about the miraculous supernatural powers that the Lord has promised us! "You'll remove mountains!" (Mt.17:20)--Miraculous, supernatural, superhuman powers that God has already promised us, all right there in the Book! Power Promises!--Promises of supernatural, miraculous, superhuman power!
       28. SO THE PICTURES IN THIS BOOK & THE STORIES THEY TELL ARE NOT JUST SILLY LITTLE FABLES OR FAIRY STORIES, but they are to inspire you, to show you what has been done, what she is going to do & what you can do too if you'll only believe God's Word!--To encourage your faith with God's wonderful Promises of Power!
       29. WHEN I REALLY GOT DESPERATE WITH THE LORD & ASKED HIM HOW TO PRESENT THIS BOOK, it came to me: Make it simple, make it all pictures with simple titles & subtitles & Scriptures underneath, & maybe some little word describing the action. Instead of a story that's already happened, each one is a prediction of what she & you are going to do, & the Scripture in fine print shows where it's been done before. In other words: "It's been done before in the Scriptures," & "you can do it too"!
       30. I WANT TO SHOW YOU NOT ONLY THAT GOD HAS PROMISED ALL THIS POWER, BUT THAT HE'S PROMISED IT FOR NOW & He's promised it for ages & it's been done before!--And it can not only be done in the Tribulation, but it can be done right now if you have the faith for it & you need it! I want it to encourage you & inspire you that God empowered ordinary people just like you & me to do the same things before, & we're not only going to be able to do them in the future like Heaven's Girl, but we can do them now if we'll only believe God's promises!
       31. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR HEAVEN'S GIRL, YOU'RE ALREADY HEAVEN'S BOYS & GIRLS!--So why not start now? God has had these promises there for ages & these things have been done before, & she'll do them again & we'll do them too! I want to show you what you can do! And maybe it will even encourage your faith for what to expect right now--expect miracles! PTL!
       32. "JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY & FOREVER!" (He.13:8.) And I want to inspire & encourage you that God is still the God of miracles & what He's done before He can do again, not only later, but right now if you need it & have faith for it! Men & women of God have always had these powers available to them from the very beginning to defeat & oppose & defend themselves against the powers of the Devil.--And we have some of these powers available to us even right now today before the Tribulation!
       33. THE SAME MIRACLES OF POWER, PROTECTION, JUDGEMENT, ETC., THAT OCCURRED BACK IN BIBLE TIMES CAN HAPPEN NOW!--And they're certainly going to happen during that trying time ahead when they'll be more needed than ever! He's going to give us amazing, supernatural, miraculous protection & powers for our defence & speed & deliverance & overcoming our enemies!
       34. THE FORCES OF GOD CANNOT BE DEFEATED & THE PLAN OF GOD CANNOT BE FRUSTRATED! We're bound to win! We can't lose! So praise the Lord! God's going to take care of you & use you like you've never been used before! Just think!--We're going to be able to zap'm, evaporate'm, freeze'm, burn'm--all the things you see in these Sci-Fi movies we'll be able to do, & more, to our enemies who fight against us & the Lord! Hallelujah! TYJ! C'mon!--Let's sock it to'm at last! Are you ready? GBAKYAMYAB to the very End!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family