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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.


1. (TO TECHI WHILE STIRRING TEA AT FAMILY DINNER:) WE LIKE TO PLAY A TUNE, DON'T WE? My Mama wouldn't allow me to do that, she said it wasn't polite, but I think it makes such a pretty sound! Tinkle tinkle little tea, I'm so glad that you're with me! We're playing a tune. One little bell & a big bell. These cups really have a beautiful bell-like sound, especially when they're empty. If you guys don't like the racket you can stick your fingers in your ears!
2. OH MY, WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY THERE WERE SO MANY THINGS THAT WERE IMPOLITE & NOT NICE! My mother was very particular. I think most of it was very good though, teaching us to be considerate of each other & not to be offensive to others. A lot of that was really old European, because all my grandparents were Europeans--Swedes, Germans, Jews, English & French--& Europeans used to be fairly conservative & quite traditional.
3. I SORT OF LIKE A LITTLE BIT OF THAT NICE BEHAVIOUR! I was taught to say "Yes, Sir" & "Yes, Ma'am" to my parents & older people, that was just polite. And anyone besides my relatives who each had their particular appellation, older people who were particularly dear to us or lived with us, we used to call them Uncle & Aunts, even if they weren't related. That's how I started out being called Uncle David in the beginning. (Sara: A lot of children in the Family call the older people Uncles & Aunts.) We go one better here, we call'm all Mamas & Papas!
4. SO I SORT OF LIKE THAT OLD EUROPEAN DISCIPLINE & ORDER & RESPECT OF ELDERS, but of course even the Europeans are getting away from it. I sort of like those old-fashioned ways, I guess I'm too old-fashioned. Well, at least you need to know a little bit about it if nothing else, & I do think our children should be taught respect for their elders.
5. I THINK WE HAVE THE NICEST CHILDREN OF ANY CHILDREN I HAVE EVER SEEN! They are the most respectful & best-behaved. I've never known'm to fight. They might argue a little bit once in awhile, & if they even do that I hardly ever hear'm. I suppose they have a difference of opinion once in awhile. And they're so unselfish with each other, it just amazes me how they're willing to share!
6. DAVID IS SO MATURE & UNDERSTANDS THEM. "THEY'RE JUST CHILDREN & LET THEM HAVE IT IF THEY WANT IT, OH WELL!" He acts more like their father than their brother! I really never saw such good kids as we have, thanks to Maria & Sara & Dora & Mark & all you folks that help take care of them & teach'm & train'm. (Maria: And you!) Oh Honey, I haven't been with'm enough to get much credit for it at all. (Maria: You've passed on your example.) I don't know, I'm not always a good sample, sometimes I'm a naughty boy!
7. I TAUGHT MY FIRST FAMILY TO OBEY & RESPECT & BE POLITE & ALL THAT, BUT MAYBE THERE WAS MORE JEWISH IN THEM OR SOMETHING! They were a bunch of little loudmouths, always yelling at the top of their voices at each other & with each other, & the table was almost bedlam because every one of them wanted to tell me their story. That's why I'm so appalled when I come down here & you all sit here like a bunch of wooden Indians & never say anything! Because at our table, whoever could yell the loudest got to tell their story!
8. THEY WEREN'T REALLY MEAN TO EACH OTHER, THEY DIDN'T REALLY HAVE KNOCK-DOWN DRAG-OUT FIGHTS OR ANYTHING! Could you ever imagine these sweet, beautiful little angels ever actually fighting with their brothers & sisters? I don't think we've ever had a fight between our children where they actually came to blows, actually hit each other. Dito even laughed, it's just so funny to think about hitting your own brothers & sisters. My kids didn't do it very often, but they got into it once in awhile.
9. DEBORAH WAS DOMINEERING, SHE WAS LIKE THE QUEEN & SHE WANTED EVERYBODY TO DO JUST WHAT SHE SAID & SHE RULED OVER THEM WITH AN IRON HAND! And poor little Ho & Faithy, they were the youngest, so she usually managed to get her way with them & tell'm off & tell'm what to do & they would wait on her hand-&-foot like two little servants. But dear Aaron, that was another story! I think he was more like I am, stubborn & bullheaded. She couldn't move him any more than if he was just made out of stone!--If she wanted him to do something, that's exactly what he didn't want to do! And really he was good for her because somebody needed to buck her instead of being her little slave. Even her mother was her slave. Mother Eve was more like a sister to Deborah & Deborah actually dominated her, domineered her really, just got her way all the time & that's why she got so spoiled.
10. I'LL NEVER FORGET WHEN DEBORAH CAME BACK FROM VISITING HER GRANDPARENTS. We had her till she was 10 months old & she was good as gold. You say, "Well, you can't tell much by that age." Well, you can tell quite a bit, look at our baby, Mary Dear. She's sweet & cheerful & mostly happy all the time. But who wouldn't be happy with a mother like that! Isn't that beautiful? Just gorgeous! (Topless Sara nursing Mary Dear.)
11. SO POOR DEBORAH GOT SPOILED WHEN SHE WENT TO SEE HER RELATIVES IN KENTUCKY, a bunch of rich people, & she was their first grandchild. She came back three months later absolutely spoiled rotten! At that age you can really spoil a child & she was never the same. Well, sometimes I think she was born that way, just like my sister.
12. DEBORAH WAS A TYRANT! She ruled over her mother & her brother & sister. She got her way with everybody in the family except me & Aaron, & we were two of a kind, two peas in a pod, really, both of us almost as crazy & both of us stubborn old mules & bullheaded! We just refused to budge. Mama Eve & Deborah could scream & yell their heads off & it just went right over our heads. It didn't even go in one ear & out the other, it just went over our heads. Let'm yell! If you know anything about Aquarians, we just sort of go silent.
13. I DIDN'T REALISE I HAD SUCH A HABIT OF HOLDING MY SPOON WITH MY THUMB HERE IN MY CUP! It's just an old habit, something my Mother would never have allowed me to do at all. If I had ever picked up my cup with a spoon in it, naughty naughty! I guess anything that just looks unpleasant or a little ugly or didn't look nice, they ruled it out. And we were taught to eat slowly.
14. HO & FAITH WERE ALWAYS VERY GOOD, VERY DOCILE, VERY OBEDIENT, VERY SWEET. How Ho got to be such a tyrant in later life, I don't know! I really think it was sort of an over-compensation for an inferiority complex, because as a little fellow he was extremely sweet & friendly. We had the most terrible time with him, he'd go to school & come back without his shoes because he'd given them to some boy who needed shoes or his shirt. He'd give away his clothes if he thought somebody needed them, anything he had to make a friend. He was always all smiles & that big grin!
15. WELL, POOR MOTHER EVE TRIED TO RULE OVER ME THE BEST SHE COULD FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END BUT NEVER QUITE SUCCEEDED. She did sort of suppress me & oppress me & hold me down for quite a few years until this little girl, Maria, came along & liberated me. Well in a way, Eve herself liberated me just by being overboard & too domineering like Deb. She & Deb are a lot alike. And I just was an old stubborn mule, like they used to say, a square-headed Swede or a bullheaded Jew or whatever, I just refused to be pushed around. I think she finally gave up on me as a hopeless case & let me go my way & she went her way.
16. [DELETED] I must say that for Mama Eve, she could have an orgasm just from caressing her nipples! She was really sensitive, I guess because she'd been so inhibited all of her life & so anti-sex. So if you really want to exaggerate the sex reactions, be reared in a prohibitive, anti-sex home where you're totally restricted & prohibited & inhibited & everything else, then once you get out of the cage you just go wild! You could hardly touch her or she'd flip!
17. YOU KNOW THE STORY, I COULDN'T EVEN GET IN FOR A WEEK, OUR WHOLE HONEYMOON! We were in Palm Springs, a beautiful place with a pool, & she was a gorgeous woman in those days, but she was so inhibited! It was fear & inhibition. And of course to her & her Holiness religion, it was just the same as sin as far as they were concerned. Sex was a kind of a necessary evil & something supposed to be bad, naughty, dirty & to be ashamed of. It takes a lot to overcome that, but boy, when they do let themselves go, they do sort of explode!
18. MAYBE THAT'S WHAT WAS WRONG WITH SARA, THE WAY SHE EXPLODES SEVERAL TIMES IN A ROW, & SOME OF THE REST OF YOU TOO! Were your folks very prohibitive about sex? Did you develop a lot of inhibitions until you finally got let out of the cage? They really explode now, praise the Lord! Mama too! Well, my finger never gets tired for some reason, TTL! It sure has come in handy with so many women to keep happy. Well, that was not our subject, & how we manage to always get around to that, I don't know!
19. WELL, THANK GOD AT LEAST WE'VE BEEN FAMOUS FOR SEX! I think some of our people have been ashamed that we're famous for that, but it's a good sign & it shows we've really practiced what we preach, that we're not ashamed of sex & we're not afraid to practice it & enjoy it. After all, that's one of our major differing doctrines from the churches. They're ashamed of the creations of God & ashamed of the pleasures the Lord created. In fact, most of them prohibit, ban or limit sex in some way.
20. IT'S JUST AMAZING TO ME HOW THE CATHOLIC CHURCH HAS SURVIVED WITH ALL THAT CELIBACY! I guess it's because they encourage such fruitfulness on the part of their parishioners. But look what they have lost in the fine intelligences & fine characters of the priests & all. Think of what wonderful children they could have had, reared in the manse & trained by good fathers & sincere priests.
21. THIS IS ONE PLACE WHERE THE JEWS HAVE GOT'M BEAT! Although Jews are terribly outnumbered & everything, the Rabbis marry & have children & rear fine, highly-educated families. The Rabbi is probably the most educated kind of clergy of any religious group in the World. Most of them have a string of degrees--doctors of law, doctors of medicine, doctors of religion, doctors of this & that--because they have to be all of these things to their parishioners. They are doctors, lawyers, theologians, brilliant minds! That's why they're so smart. You can't be a Rabbi, really, until you've had a tremendous education along these lines. And of course you can imagine what nice, intelligent, well-taught children most Rabbis have, & this is considered one of their strengths, besides the fact that they have religion in the home.
22. THE JEWISH RELIGION WAS BUILT ON A TEMPLE, BUT SINCE THEN IT HASN'T BEEN, IT'S NOT EVEN BUILT ON A SYNAGOGUE! A synagogue is just sort of a weekly fellowship meeting & all of the most important Jewish holidays & ceremonies are performed actually in the home right at the table with the family. They do, of course, celebrate those also at the synagogue, but they were driven to worship in the home by persecution. Therefore they attach great reverence & respect to the family & for the home, mother & father, the children for the parents, & their whole religion is tied up more in the home with the family, like ours, than with some outside contacts & buildings, etc., which has really been one of the strengths of their survival. That's why they have survived so well & stayed strong in spite of being [DELETED] such a small persecuted minority. Look how they have survived, they are real survivors!--And not only survived, but thrived to where they've now taken over the World!
23. ANOTHER ONE OF THEIR STRENGTHS, OF COURSE, HAS BEEN CLEAN FOOD & GOOD DIET. I remember Dr. Koger telling us how the incidence of cancer amongst the Jews was extremely low compared to Gentiles, several times as much amongst Gentiles because of all the unclean meats & foods they eat, terrible diets! Whereas the Jewish diet virtually excluded a lot of the diseases that the Gentiles had. So as far as health is concerned, their diet is just about superb if they stick to a kosher diet. Of course, there are plenty of Jews who don't, & those who don't usually go the other way to the worst possible kind of diets & sweets & all kinds of horrible stuff! They know they're violating the rules so they go whole hog[DELETED]!
25. [DELETED] But in spite of it all, as far as individuals they're a miserable people. If your parents had been happy & satisfied & they'd made you happy & satisfied, you wouldn't be here. Maybe some of them did. Some of you had good relations with your parents, thank the Lord, good parents.
26. YOU TALK ABOUT FRUITS, WE HAD A CENSUS HERE ONE NIGHT AT THE TABLE WHICH SHOWED THAT NEARLY EVERYBODY IN THIS HOUSE HAD SOME KIND OF RELIGIOUS BACKGROUND or a religious parent or parents or some basic religious teaching when they were children, or had some Godly grandmother or grandparent praying for them. Most of you are in the Family for a pretty good reason, not just your own getting fed-up with the System, etc., but somebody's prayers were answered & somebody taught you a few of the right things.
27. MOST OF YOU WERE REARED IN GOOD HOMES BY GOOD PARENTS, AS FAR AS THE SYSTEM GOES. I don't think we've got anybody here whose parents were criminals, robbers or cutthroats of any kind, nearly all of you had what would be called by the System good parents, most of them with some religious background at least. And nearly every one of you had some original religious training. You went to church or you went to religious school or you had a religious parent or grandparent that you learned from.
28. SO SOME DO THE SOWING & SOME WATER & I THINK I JUST CAME ALONG & REAPED WHEREON I HAD BESTOWED NO LABOUR (Jn.4:37,38), because somebody already started you off in the right direction, even if you went astray. Somebody was praying for you--even if not here they were praying for you in Heaven--& you were just ripe & ready when I came along. I just came along like the Grim Reaper & reaped the harvest, praise the Lord, on which I really bestowed no labour. It was a surprise to me! I was absolutely amazed how all our early disciples went for what I preached & for me & our way of life! It was all the Lord. It was all His preparation. He prepared you for it & He prepared me for it, to be the Reaper & the Shepherd & King of the Beggars!
29. WE'RE NOT QUITE SUCH BEGGARS ANY MORE THOUGH, WE'RE GETTING TO BE A PRETTY SUBSTANTIAL FAMILY & DOING PRETTY WELL! I was just telling someone the other day about our economy as a nation, as the Kingdom of God. We're the Kingdom of God, we're a nation, the greatest on Earth, really!--Maybe not the biggest, but the greatest! What did I tell you about our economy? We have no debts, no deficits, 100% employment, absolutely no unemployment, all expenses paid, complete, full, 100% production! Well, sometimes our production could be improved a little bit.
30. WELL, I GUESS THIS IS CHILDREN'S NIGHT TONIGHT, TALKING ABOUT KIDS, good kids & bad kids. We don't have anything but good kids, thank the Lord, at least not in this Home. Hey, Mary Dear, you're getting downright cute! Don't come now, Honey, that's okay. You just be happy there with Dora. She's really crawling & getting around now, look at this! She's ready to come right now! I was going to say that not all women come as quick when I call'm, but most of them do!
31. SO PRAISE THE LORD! I'M JUST ANOTHER COG IN THE MACHINERY THAT THE LORD USED TO DO IT! That night we sort of took a census here of everybody's religious background, there wasn't anyone here who didn't have some kind of religious background or parentage or some experience, mostly within those first five years, where you had some religious influence that got you started on the right track.--No doubt the clean children of clean parents & blessed by the Lord for faith, somebody's faith, maybe only one parent, maybe only one grandparent, but you were the fruits. All I did was come along & reap you, so I can't take much credit for that. (Maria: You've laboured a lot since!) Well, of course once you have children, then you have to rear'm & grow'm up & teach & train'm.
32. WE HAVE A WHOLE COMPLETELY NEW NATION, NEW CULTURE, ALMOST A NEW LANGUAGE!--Not really a new religion, it was God's religion in the beginning, although the Church sure has gotten away from it! But we've gotten back to good old Garden-of-Eden religion, thank the Lord, & we can enjoy all the creations of God & its beauties--all of you beauties--& its pleasures, so that we virtually have Heaven on Earth right now in our Home! Really! I often say to you, "I don't see how Heaven could be much better than this!"--Except that of course we wouldn't have colds & a few other problems, so it could be better. But as far as a wonderful Family & a wonderful life & a wonderful work, even a wonderful place to live, wonderful food ... where are the "amens" on this? The cook is sitting right here! In fact, both cooks, all cooks! GB'm! All our girls are good cooks! (Family: Amen!)
33. SO AT LEAST WE HAVE GOTTEN TO BE LIBERATED & FREED & HELPED BY THE LORD & HIS SPIRIT & THE RIGHT DOCTRINE & RIGHT INTERPRETATION TO ENJOY WHAT GOD HAS ALREADY GIVEN, & I think that's why our children are such unusual children, so unusually happy & good & obedient & well-rounded. It's notorious that in the most restrictive families, especially where it comes to sex & that sort of thing, that often when the children finally get their freedom they just go wild!
34. THIS WAS THE NOTORIOUS THING ABOUT BIBLE SCHOOLS & CHRISTIAN COLLEGES! Ugh! Those dear little preachers' kids & missionaries' kids that used to be little angels at home finally got turned loose & away from home & they just were like little Devils & just stirred up Hell! When they were finally free they just wanted to try out everything they'd never had a chance to before & they went wild! They say that some people who have been extremely prohibited, inhibited & suffered sexual repression are like little beasts suddenly being let out of a cage!
35. --WHICH IS ONE REASON THEY SAY THE AMERICANS HAVE GONE SO HOG-WILD ABOUT SEX & PERVERSIONS & EVERYTHING ELSE! Not even the Europeans are as horrible as the Americans! The Europeans are still fairly traditional & conventional, because they've had a sort of a normal attitude toward sex. But the U.S. to begin with was extremely prudish, puritanical, self-righteous & thought itself to be especially Christian & holier-than-thou & extremely restrictive & prohibitive. The children grew up with really a lot of inhibitions & frustrations so that when they finally kicked over the traces & got their freedom, they just went wild!--Because they were not taught the happy medium, they were not given a wholesome, normal outlook on sex.
36. THE EUROPEANS CAN HANDLE THEIR SEX LIKE THEY CAN HANDLE THEIR WINE, BETTER THAN AMERICANS! But when Americans got to drinking, they've got more alcoholics in America than any place on Earth! Did you know that they drink the most liquor per capita in the city of Washington, D.C., alone than any other place on Earth? No wonder the government's such a mess, they're half-drunk all the time! They just go from one party to another, liquor, liquor, liquor & all that junk food they eat!
37. EVEN THE JEWS ARE BROUGHT UP WITH A MUCH MORE NORMAL OUTLOOK ON SEX--in spite of circumcision, which, by the way, is another reason they're much more sexually protected regarding venereal diseases, etc. God had reasons! He knew what was going to happen & how crazy the World was going to get, how wicked, vile & perverted, & that He was going to have to wreak judgements on them with disease as part of their punishment. He didn't take away the foreskins of the males just to try to be mean & try to prohibit them from enjoying sex, & you who are circumcised I'm sure know that you can enjoy sex as much as anybody. But actually you're much more resistant to venereal disease by the toughening of that head of the penis through not having the protective covering of the foreskin. So the Jews are notoriously much more impervious to venereal disease than most Gentiles.
38. SO DUE TO THOSE RELIGIOUS RITES & THEIR DIET & OF COURSE TREMENDOUS EDUCATION, ETC., very smart & brilliant, & the marriage of their Rabbis to have many children [DELETED], they've really gotten ahead in the World. [DELETED]
39. SO YOUR BACKGROUND & UPBRINGING HAS A LOT TO DO WITH THE WAY YOU TURN OUT, & ONLY THE LORD REALLY CAN CHANGE THAT. You who had some kind of good religious background have a head start on everybody else. Fred used to get me up in front of classes at TSC & tell them that. He was a great big man, really quite a big fellow, & I was a little skinny shrimp, skin & bones. I used to be very sensitive about that but after awhile, after I really had the Holy Spirit, I don't think it bothered me any more. He'd get me on television right before the whole television audience, millions of people, & say, "Look at this guy, nothing but a bag of bones! He wouldn't weigh 80 pounds soakin' wet! And yet he can go out here & get all these stations," etc.--Really bragging about me, sort of a left-handed compliment.
40. HE USED TO STAND UP IN FRONT OF THOSE POOR SOUL CLINIC STUDENTS, they used to have about 100 prospective missionaries in a class, & of course some of them were just raw heathen right off the street & right out of totally pagan homes who never had any actual religion for maybe two or three generations. He'd say, "Now don't expect to be like Dave & me! After all, we're so far ahead of you, you'll never catch up!--For the plain & simple reason that our parents were good Christians & preachers, ministers of the Gospel, & our grandparents the same!" Fred & I both, our parents & grandparents were ministers of the Gospel, good Christians & Christian leaders for three generations.
41. SO HE SAID, "YOU CAN'T EXPECT TO CATCH UP ON A HERITAGE & HEREDITY LIKE THAT!" It's like inheriting wealth, money, only much better. You can't lose it, thank the Lord, & if you invest it wisely it grows. He said, "With our background, our teaching, our good Christian parents & grandparents, we've just got a head start that's hard to equal.--Years & years of religious training & three generations, it's pretty hard to beat!" Of course the Lord can do miracles, & He has done with some of you who didn't have very much religion or religious background.
42. BUT IT JUST SHOWS YOU, THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE HERE AT THE TOP IN THE TOP LEADERSHIP, EVERY ONE OF YOU HAD SOME KIND OF RELIGIOUS TRAINING. What were you, Son? (Fam: Methodist.) That's all right, we'll forgive you for that amongst all us Catholics & Jews!--Ha! We do have a few Protestants. We've got a couple of Methodists here & a couple of Baptists, I don't know how they managed to get in here. Sara must have got in on her looks I guess! Nevertheless, virtually all of you had some kind of religious background.
43. OF COURSE I DON'T KNOW WHAT KIND OF METHODIST CHURCH YOU BELONGED TO, THERE'S A WHOLE VARIETY OF METHODISTS, 20-SOME DIFFERENT BODIES! Maybe you just belonged to the Methodist Church. That's the largest Protestant body in the World & the largest Protestant Body in America, who are also notoriously the most modernistic & unbelieving as far as Fundamentalism, Bible & Salvation are concerned. So you don't get too much religion in the Methodist Church, that kind of Methodist. Of course there are extreme Methodists, Wesleyan Methodists & Free Methodists & they're real narrow-minded Holiness people, very extreme.
44. THE METHODISTS REMIND ME OF THAT OLD STORY I USED TO TELL YOU ABOUT THE COWBOY THAT HADN'T BEEN TO CHURCH FOR MANY YEARS & HE WENT TO THE METHODIST CHURCH. You know, they preach a lot about social Gospel & ethics, a lot of good things, always preaching against liquor & gambling & vice & all that sort of thing, & they're all into politics. Probably in your generation they were into integration, whatever happens to be the righteous cause they're promoting at the time, they're always preaching these things. They don't preach too much about Jesus & they don't even know Salvation, so they can't preach that. You can brag a little bit if you were reared a Catholic, at least you know something about Jesus. (Maria: We have lots & lots of Catholics in the Family.)
45. SO THE COWBOY WENT UP & SHOOK THE PREACHER'S HAND AFTER THE SERVICE & SAID, "PUT'R THERE, PARSON! THAT WAS A GREAT SERMON! You preached a great sermon there that had less to do with religion than anything I ever heard!" So some religions are not very religious. Sara came from a good old-fashioned church where they really preached Bible & Salvation, things like that, so she got a real head start so she could really train these children! TTL!
46. WE HAVE A LOT OF JEWS, IN FACT, MOST OF YOU SITTING HERE TONIGHT LOOK JEWISH! You may not know it, though, because America's tried to lose their Jewish identity by joining other churches etc. & forget they're Jews. Especially after WW2 they feared there was going to be another Hitler & they wanted to get lost as far as being Jewish was concerned. They changed their names, changed their religion, never even told their kids that they were Jews & tried to completely lose their identity. That was a very common practice in the United States, & I presume in Canada & some other places too.
47. SO THANK THE LORD FOR THE GOOD RELIGIOUS BACKGROUND YOU DID HAVE. Maria was Holiness. Hers & my religion were about the same. In fact, her father & mother finally wound up in the Christian Missionary Alliance. As a group you would call them Holiness denominations, quite narrow-minded & very restrictive & prohibitive. Some of them were not even allowed to do up their hair or wear short sleeves or short dresses or makeup or jewelry, & of course you never went to movies or dances. Smoking, drinking & card-playing is absolutely unthought of, all those were the wicked vices of the World, & I still think a lot of them are pretty useless vices.
48. AND OF COURSE SEX, THAT'S ALMOST THE GREATEST PROHIBITION OF ALL! Isn't that something, that that is the most common prohibition to all religions, some degree of sexual suppression, repression & prohibition? (Watching Mary Dear:) She's really getting around! Wow! I didn't realise how she's grown up! God bless her! Isn't it a joy to have a baby around?--Such a pleasure & so inspiring to watch them grow & develop. Like I've said, what would Heaven be without babies? That is really revolutionary doctrine, let me tell you!
49. WHEN THE CHURCH FINDS OUT OUR DOCTRINE ON A SEXY HEAVEN, THEY'RE REALLY GOING TO GO UP IN SMOKE! It's bad enough for us to be so sexy & have such a sexy religion here on Earth, but to have to carry it over into Heaven, oh! Blasphemy! Abomination! Sacrilege! Horror!--Ha! It shows you how little they know the Lord. How could they forget it was God who created sex & all the nerves that make it pleasant & feel good & for you to enjoy? You just wonder how they could be so blind! It was the Lord who made it & made it for you to enjoy, & it's going to of course carry over into Heaven. What would Heaven be without sex, children & babies?
50. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU, THAT IS SHOCKING DOCTRINE! I don't think I've heard any church or religious group ever preach that! I mean it & I believe it, we are the most enlightened & liberated religious group that this World has ever known! There have probably been some individuals, some small historical precedent in some very small cooperative groups & communal groups, etc. which have stressed sexual liberty & they used to call it "free love." Even in the early days of Pentecost there were quite a few "free love" Pentecostal groups because they really believed like we do, that they were liberated by the Law of Love, but then they got scared out of it. They stayed in their denominations & their churches & by far the large majority were against it so they succumbed to suppression.
51. THANK GOD WE BROKE LOOSE, IN FACT WE WERE NEVER REALLY IN IT! Very few of you were actually good Church members when we found you, so you didn't really leave any churches. You may have had some religious background in your childhood, but we are not any religious split-off, we're not a schismatic group. We're a charismatic group but not schismatic, we're not a split-off or splinter group of any particular denomination.
52. ALMOST ALL OTHER DENOMINATIONS, WITH A FEW RARE EXCEPTIONS SUCH AS THE MORMONS, ARE ACTUALLY, YOU MIGHT SAY, NOT NEW RELIGIONS BUT ORIGINATED AS A PART OF SOME OTHER DENOMINATION. The 20-some different Methodist groups were all originally part of the original John Wesley Methodist Church, & there are, I think, 29 different Baptist groups, 17 different Lutheran religious bodies & I could go on down the line.--Even all kinds of Presbyterians, several different kinds of Episcopalians & of course a lot of other religious shoot-offs.
53. VIRTUALLY ALL OF YOUR PENTECOSTAL & HOLINESS GROUPS, FUNDAMENTALIST EVANGELICAL GROUPS, ORIGINATED AS SPLIT-OFFS OF SOME FORMER DENOMINATION OR RELIGION. The Christian Missionary Alliance was a split-off of the Presbyterians. Dr. A.B. Simpson who founded the Alliance was a leading Presbyterian. The Seventh-day Adventists were originally the Adventists established by Miller. And when Ellen G. White got her "Seventh Day" revelation after Miller was long-gone, they split with the other Adventists & became the largest group. Then the Jehovah's Witnesses split off from there, all these split-offs.
54. BUT WE DID NOT SPLIT-OFF AS A GROUP FROM ANY PARTICULAR DENOMINATION OR RELIGION, WE HAVE COME OUT OF EVERY NATION & RELIGION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH TO BECOME ONE NATION, ONE PEOPLE UNDER GOD!--And not just under Him, but in Him, thank the Lord. And although Maria & I were, you might say, dropouts of the same religion more or less, as a group we were not formerly all members of one particular denomination who decided to split. Most of you had already split. In fact, most of you hadn't had enough religion to hardly split!
55. THE LORD JUST REALLY CALLED YOU OUT OF THE MASS OF HUMANITY BECAUSE HE KNEW YOU WERE RIPE & READY & HUNGRY & NEEDY & HE LOVED YOU & YOU NEEDED HIS LOVE & HERE YOU ARE! He just sent me along to tell you about it. Most of you here had already heard about the Lord & His Love but hadn't responded very much, but thank the Lord He let you go along far enough that you got fed-up with what you had or didn't have & the System & so was I.
56. I WONDERED WHY I NEVER FIT! I spent the first 50 years of my life looking for the right denomination, the right church, looking for the perfect faith & the perfect creed & the perfect doctrine, the perfect church with the perfect leadership & I never found it. I wouldn't say ours is perfect & I wouldn't say I'm perfect either, you know that, but like I said one night, we may not be perfect but as far as I'm concerned, we're the best! (See No.1385.)--Better than anything else I ever found! The Lord knew He was going to have to use me to start my own denomination so to speak.
57. SO WE'RE ONE OF THE VERY RARE & FEW RELIGIOUS GROUPS WHO DID NOT ACTUALLY START AS A GROUP AS A PART OF ANOTHER DENOMINATION & split under some schismatic leadership, but the Lord just drew you out of the hills & the valleys & the hidden places & sent out searchers to find you everywhere! Isn't that wonderful? What a miracle of God in this Last Day!
58. MOST FORMER REVIVALS ORIGINATED FIRST OF ALL WITH DEEPLY SPIRITUAL LEADERS IN SOME CHURCH OR DENOMINATION, which church or denomination was not spiritual enough for them so they left & a whole lot of people left with them. And that's the way the Lord managed to get the church revived every now & then about every generation, by all these split-offs.
59. BUT IN THIS GENERATION HE WANTED A REALLY PURE CHURCH that had never been a part of any other church & was not a mere split-off of some other kind of religion. He wanted to get us back to the real original religion--I suppose some of our critics would accuse us of the real original sin--but really what I would consider pure religion, completely liberated & completely free, not tied or bound by any other group or religion or doctrine or anything.
60. ONE OF THE FEW RELIGIONS WHICH ORIGINATED SIMILARLY & PERHAPS THE CLOSEST TO US IN SOME WAYS IS THE MORMONS. I'm convinced that Joseph Smith was another Jew, like me! He'd been to a lot of those meetings during the great New England Revival & I believe he apparently got saved. He was looking around for the right church & couldn't find one to his liking, so he just started his own, like me! And apparently it appealed to the people because he got followers by the thousands out of all different kinds of churches. They didn't come from any one particular church. In those days, of course, they did come out of the churches, but of course largely out of unchurched people too.
61. SO HIS FREEDOM & THE FREEDOM OF HIS RELIGION, NOT BEING BOUND & AS RESTRICTIVE AS SOME OF THE OTHER CHURCHES & RELIGIONS OR AS NARROW-MINDED & QUITE LIBERAL ABOUT SEX, ETC., MADE QUITE A HIT & BECAME VERY POPULAR! What other religion in the United States, for example, can boast that it owns a whole State?--In fact, several States really! The Mormons dominate Utah to begin with, but also the bordering States of Wyoming, Idaho, parts of Nevada, Arizona & the States all around them. They really did propagate in more ways than one! Brigham Young had 30 or 40 children, umpteen wives & whatnot, so they really believed in multiplication! I do too, I think it's a great idea, & we have multiplied that way almost as much as we've multiplied any way!
62. BUT YOU KNOW THE LORD WAS IN IT, BECAUSE WHAT BETTER DISCIPLES CAN YOU HAVE THAN CHILDREN if you really rear them in the faith from the beginning to be absolutely truly pure examples & samples of a pure & total Love religion! I think our children are good examples of being good products, good samples, proof of the pudding like I've always said! David even reads the GNs now, not just the Komixbooks. He's getting to be a little man & he reads the whole works, strong doctrine! He started on the Basic Book & now he's into the GNs. I'm sorry, Son, that not all those articles were really designed for children, but if you can comprehend them, there's some good stuff there! PTL!
63. SO I KNOW THE LORD CERTAINLY DESIGNED OUR RELIGION, & I BELIEVE IT'S THE ORIGINAL RELIGION, THE RELIGION OF GOD HIMSELF & THE LORD JESUS CHRIST & HIS HOLY SPIRIT! Other people think we're a very progressive type of religion, an advanced type, & they think most of the things are too advanced, but actually we're sort of a throwback to the early one. Look at the Garden of Eden--naked sex & complete liberty, no rules but one, just don't eat of that particular tree--Knowledge--& knowledge has been the curse of man ever since! Well, it has its benefits, some good, knowledge of good, but it let in the knowledge of evil. They already had the knowledge of good, they just didn't know it because they didn't have the contrast. But then came the knowledge of evil & that was man's downfall.
64. SO WE ARE BACK ALMOST TO THE PURE STATE OF ADAM & EVE IN THE GARDEN, IN DIRECT COMMUNICATION WITH GOD & PURE FREEDOM, PHYSICALLY, SPIRITUALLY, IN EVERY WAY! PTL?--To enjoy Paradise, freedom & all the wonderful things & pleasures that God has given us to enjoy, His whole Creation! PTL? I think it's wonderful, really, that you had the courage to finally break loose & come all-out for the Lord & dare to be different & to be free. It's dangerous business & most people don't like it. The World's against it, they like to be bound, or at least they don't like to know they're not free, & these religions are so bound it's pitiful!
65. AND ALTHOUGH THE JEWS HAVE A LOT OF ADVANTAGES OVER THE GENTILES, THEY'RE JUST AS BOUND, IF NOT MORE BOUND BY THE DEVIL & A LOT OF OTHER RESTRICTIONS & WHATNOT. They are more liberal in some ways but even worse in others, especially the Orthodox. There are, of course, differences in Jewish religious groups, but actually they haven't split up quite as much as the others. There are about 250 different Protestant denominations, most of which rose out of the Catholic Church, but there are only three major Jewish denominations.
66. THE ORTHODOX JEWS ARE THE MOST RESTRICTIVE, RIGID & BRITTLE. They're the ones that you see wearing the skullcaps & the phylacteries & everything, especially on holy days, & where even in the synagogues they separate the men & the women. The women are considered unclean & impure & they have to sit up in the balcony away from the nice pure men on the ground floor, not allowed to say anything or do anything, just go home & have babies & take care of the house. Well in a way that was God's plan & they've done a good job of it.
67. THEN OF COURSE THERE IS THE COMPLETE OPPOSITE WHICH IS THE REFORM CHURCH OR SYNAGOGUE. I call'm churches too because they're so much like churches. The Reform Synagogue even preaches Christ as a great Rabbi, great Teacher, perhaps even a great Prophet, but not the Son of God. Rabbi Wise in New York City used to be famous for preaching the New Testament & some Christian Jews in New York claim that on his deathbed he confessed Christ, that he was a believer all the time but he didn't dare admit it. When I was young he was the most popular Rabbi in the United States. He had a nationwide broadcast every Saturday morning & he really preached a lot of good & a lot of truth.
68. THEN OF COURSE THERE'RE THE ONES THAT ARE HALF-WAY IN-BETWEEN, THE CONSERVATIVES WHICH ARE A LITTLE BIT OF THIS & A LITTLE BIT OF THAT, SORT OF A HAPPY MEDIUM. They still have certain of the old traditions & restrictions but they're much more liberated than the Orthodox. So the Jews have had a lot of advantages. They had to try to survive & they kept their children pretty well--at least till we came along! That's why they're so furious with us, because we've gotten so many of their kids. I'm just astounded when I see video after video after video, I'm beginning to think we're nearly all Jews!--Especially the leadership & the leaders. They've got that drive & that push!
69. SO THANK THE LORD FOR OUR CHILDREN! I think they have had superior training, background, teaching & experience above any children perhaps that have ever existed on the face of this Earth!--Pure doctrine, real enlightenment, freedom & a natural attitude toward the natural things of life. [DELETED] I started out awhile ago to say that it's notorious how those suppressed Americans, when they finally get free of the church & religion just go wild sexually.--Like the British used to complain about the American soldiers over there during World War 2. They said, "The trouble with the Americans is that they're overbearing, oversexed & over here!"
70. WHEREAS THE COUNTRIES THAT HAVE HAD A MORE NATURAL ATTITUDE TOWARD NATURAL THINGS OF THIS NORMAL WORLD & LIFE, THEIR CHILDREN HAVE NOT GONE SO WILD ON SEX. They had greater freedom & liberty regarding those things & approached it in a more natural fashion. Their parents have not been so puritanical & restrictive & prohibitive so they've not gotten such inhibitions, neurosis & frustrations, etc., regarding those things.
71. PARTICULARLY IN THE ORIENTAL COUNTRIES, AMONGST A LOT OF THEM THERE'S A MUCH MORE NORMAL ATTITUDE TOWARD SEXUAL THINGS & GREATER FREEDOM. You say, "Well, not from what I've heard! In some Oriental countries they're even more narrow-minded & prohibitive than the West is!" Well, I don't know, it depends on how you look at it. When my Grandfather first went to Japan he was shocked to see on the main corners of the biggest cities the men standing around a urinal in the wide open just pulling it out & urinating right there in public! And not only that, then going completely naked into communal baths with perfect strangers, women & all, whole families, men, women & children bathing together nude in their nice hot baths, etc., not thinking anything of it, considered perfectly normal, which of course it is.
72. WHEN I WAS YOUNG, IMAGINE, IN MY LIFETIME, EVEN WHAT THEY CALL SOCIAL BATHING, CO-EDUCATIONAL BATHING, DIDN'T SOME OF THE CHURCHES THAT YOU WENT TO, MARIA, TEACH AGAINST MEN & WOMEN BATHING & SWIMMING TOGETHER? Some thought it was very evil to even put on a bathing suit, to go out there virtually naked & swim in the ocean at all! But for boys & girls to do it together, that was original sin, horrible! All I could see that was horrible about it were some of those early bathing suits that came down to your knees & long-sleeved & all kinds of things! The women wore almost as much clothes in the water as they did out of the water. I'm sure glad you girls got away from that!
73. I DON'T KNOW OF ANY CHURCH OR RELIGION WHERE THEY'RE AS FREE & OPEN ABOUT NUDITY & SEX AS WE ARE! But as far as I'm concerned, that's the way God planned it in the first place & that's the way He expected you to be. It's perfectly natural & normal & to be enjoyed like all the other wonderful things that He created & pleasures of life. I consider that it's the most natural, normal thing in the World, thank the Lord, & I'm glad we're liberated, aren't you?

[EDITED: "..."]

76. SO I THINK WE HAVE A MORE HEALTHY, NORMAL, SANE RELATIONSHIP & RELIGION THAN ANY OTHER THAT I KNOW OF, & I THINK OUR CHILDREN ARE BECOMING THE LIVING PROOF OF THAT!--Smart, well-educated, well-behaved, understanding, wise, full of faith in the nurture & admonition of the Lord, wise training. I think our children are just going to be the best kids on Earth & I think they already are! When I see some of those examples of kids in some American movies, if that's the way American kids are today, God help us! Well, thank God He has helped us, He helped us get out of there so that our kids don't grow up like American kids.
77. OURS ARE SOME OF THE FIRST REAL CHRISTIANS & IT LOOKS LIKE ALMOST SOME OF THE ONLY REAL CHRISTIANS OF THIS GENERATION with the real Christian training that is the best I've ever known any children to have, thanks to Maria & Sara & Dora & all of you parents who have had a part in their upbringing, training, etc. I think you girls ought to be so proud of these kids! They are your handiwork, your craftsmanship, examples of your art in having molded these little lives & taught them. They're so smart! They can read, they can write, they know the Bible, they know our religion, they know the Truth. Our kids are far more enlightened & adult than adult Christians in the average church! They know the Lord better & know more about the Lord & His Word & normal life than most church Christians, so I think we can be very thankful & very proud of them!
78. I DON'T MEAN THAT YOU'RE PERFECT, DAVIDA, YOU MAY MAKE A FEW MISTAKES ONCE IN AWHILE! Even David may make a mistake, although I've never hardly known him to. Last time I knew him to make a mistake was when he shoved that handful of dirt in his mouth when he was about a year old, a long time ago! And Techi of course, she's a little angel. I've never known her to do anything bad or naughty. (Maria: David wants to know, "Where has Grandpa been?") Ha! Like the old joke, "Is that you, John?" Well Honey, you're such an improvement on the stock, so much better than my first family, that you are shining examples, you look like saints compared to them. But thank God, they came along & some of them are still sticking. Aaron is a saint already now, & Ho & Faithy have done pretty well.
79. DEAR DEBBY, SHE'S STILL THE LITTLE DEVIL SHE ALWAYS WAS, BUT AT LEAST I HOPE SHE HAS FAITH IN THE LORD & LOVES THE LORD. I believe she has, I believe she'll be saved, but she's going to be awful ashamed to have been cooperating with our enemies. Can you imagine even cooperating with deprogrammers sponsored by the Jewish Defense League? See, if you go back, there's no stopping place. Just like Judas, you've got to go all the way. They're not satisfied until they've destroyed you!
80. BUT ANYWAY, PRAISE THE LORD FOR OUR KIDS! That may be a good title for this little talk: Thank God for our kids! They're the best kids. Like our religion, it may not be perfect, I don't know, but it sure is the best one I know of & they're the best kids I ever saw & thank the Lord for them! PTL? (Family: They've got the best Grandpa & Mommy!) Well, when I see those videos I figure I must have done something good, but after being sick this past month, sometimes I wonder what the Lord's spanking me for. Maybe some of these folks are right, maybe it's the Devil trying to put me out of commission. Well, he's been defeated, thank the Lord, I'm pulling through & it looks like I'm going to make it, thanks to your prayers & Maria's holding on & encouraging me.
81. I THOUGHT, WELL, MAYBE I HAVEN'T FINISHED YET! I finished all these major projects & books & posters & whatnot & I'm still working on Heaven's Girl. I'm having Eman & Jac revamp some of those pictures to put that shepherd's rod in her hand in virtually all those pictures. It'll really look good! I drew'm in myself just to see what they looked like & it really gives her a distinctive characteristic flavour of a shepherdess, really makes her look like the Little Shepherdess of Kingdom Come, which she is, so thank the Lord! So that's one reason the first Book's being delayed, they're having to go back over those & put the rod in her hand--not just a straight stick but a shepherd's crook--& it looks beautiful! It kind of looks like Little Bo Peep! I always used to like that little story & those little pictures about "Little Boy Blue Come Blow Your Horn" & "Little Bo Peep." She always looked so cute & pretty in those little old-fashioned dresses, I wished I could take a peep!
82. BUT ANYHOW, THANK GOD FOR OUR CHILDREN! PTL! I THINK WE'VE GOT THE BEST KIDS ON EARTH! I'm sure they know they're not perfect & I know sometimes they probably know they haven't been right & they may have even been naughty, but I haven't known about it. I just never saw such good kids in my whole life & I think they are a shining example to the World!
83. THEY HAVE FULFILLED WHAT I WOULD COUNT AS A REAL PROPHECY, & THAT IS SOME TIME AGO I SAID THEY WERE GOING TO BECOME OUR GREATEST TESTIMONY! The greatest proof of the pudding is our children & that's exactly what they've become! I even said that they were going to become part of our ministry, & they have become much more than I ever dreamed! Almost the chief ministry of many of these families is their children! That's what attracts the crowds & the people, to see those little tots standing up there singing away & happy & playing instruments & preaching the Gospel! What better example could you have than that of a religion that works? If it works on your children, let me tell you, it works! PTL?
84. THAT'S THE TROUBLE WITH THE WORLD TODAY, THEY KNOW THAT WHATEVER THEY'VE GOT HASN'T WORKED & THEIR KIDS ARE A MESS & they're just absolutely in chaos & frustration as to what to do about their kids. The kids are rising up in this generation against their parents, & for good reason too. They realise their parents haven't taught'm right, they haven't satisfied'm. Their parents are destroying the Earth, polluting it & haven't given them what they need, so they're angry at their parents because they know their parents have deprived them of something, they don't know what, but they're just not happy. So this World is reaping what it has sowed in its children, with all the chaos, anarchy & terrorism! But it looks like their children, sad to say, are going to reap what the parents have sowed in the horrors that are coming. So God help us!
85. THANK GOD FOR OUR CHILDREN, AMEN?--THE BEST KIDS ON EARTH & WONDERFUL! THEY'RE GOING TO BE THE SALVATION OF THE FUTURE! They're going to be the teenage--I started to say terrors--God's Terrorists of the Tribulation rising up in opposition to the Antichrist government & defying it & performing miracles, God doing mighty signs & wonders to protect them & keep them & help them to continue to preach the Gospel in spite of everything. God's going to take care of them right through to the End & they're going to see Jesus when He comes!--Along with lots of other Christians in the World, thank the Lord, who do have faith & who are saved, but I think who are going to be a little bit ashamed to face the Lord one of these days when they see how far behind us they were & what poor examples their children were because they themselves were such poor examples.
86. BUT THE REASON OUR CHILDREN ARE SUCH WONDERFUL CHILDREN IS BECAUSE YOU HAVE BEEN SUCH GOOD EXAMPLES TO THEM, & DON'T FORGET IT! I give credit where credit is due. You especially, their teachers & mothers, have been their shining examples & they believe in us & the Lord & what we believe, because they believe in you & know you live it & you are it & they don't doubt it & they love, respect & admire you & have faith in you.
87. WELL, WE JUST COULDN'T HAVE ANYTHING BETTER, I DON'T THINK, I'M VERY HAPPY ABOUT OUR RELIGION! PTL?--And most of all about our Lord, thank the Lord?--The Head of it all, our nation & its youth, the best on Earth & going to be an improvement on the stock, better than we were, praise the Lord? After all, they got a head start compared to what you had. Look at the training & education they're getting now, they're going to be terrific in another five or ten years!
88. IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO CONCEIVE HOW POWERFUL THEY COULD BE WITH JUST WHAT THEY'VE ALREADY GOT IN THE LORD & KNOWLEDGE OF THE LORD! And when you can keep your children & your teenagers & they're sold on your religion, let me tell you, you've got something! That's one reason I made it through school & all the unbelief & persecutions, I was convinced of my parents' religion. I knew they had the real thing & I believed in it, & nothing the atheists & the anti-Christs of school & education & evolution could say could shake that faith.
89. THERE WAS A VERY FAMOUS ATHEIST WHEN MY PARENTS WERE YOUNGER WHOSE NAME WAS BOB INGERSOL. My Father & another young man were listening to this famous atheist who attacked the Bible & God & tried to sweep it all away. They came out from that lecture & this young fellow, another Swede that was with him said to him, "Well, I guess he just swept it all away, didn't he? He just wiped it all out. There's nothing left. He debunked the whole religion & the Bible, God, the works." And my father said, "Yeah? Well, he didn't sweep away my mother & father's faith & the reality that I saw in their religion."
90. SO YOU HAVING LIVED IT BEFORE THEM HAS INSTILLED IT IN THEM, BEING TRUE & FAITHFUL & GENUINE, & THEY KNOW IT! You know Sara's a good woman, don't you? And you know Dora's a good woman, don't you Techi? You were Dora's little girl! She was a good mother to you for nearly four years & still is, & such a good mother she's got her second child now! No wonder God didn't let some of these girls have your own babies, you've had to take care of ours! And look what a good job you've done. God bless you! I guess maybe Mary Dear's going to be even the best yet, who knows?--An improvement on the stock!
91. --ALTHOUGH THE OLDEST SEEMS TO HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL THAT GIVES THEM A SPECIAL RESPONSIBILITY AS THE HEAD OF THE CHILDREN, a feeling of responsibility for their brothers & sisters, & they usually seem to work out in the end. In nearly all families the oldest child who's had that responsibility has a greater responsibility & concern for others instead of being a little spoiled brat & Mama's baby like me. I was the youngest child. How many of you were little spoiled brats like me, the youngest child, the baby of the family? My goodness, I'm surprised you made it! How many of you were the oldest child? You're kind of evenly divided. And how many of you were somewhere in-between? Almost three equal groups. I'm certainly amazed how many of you spoiled little babies made it, along with me! I guess if I could make it, anybody could make it! They usually call the youngest child the baby. Techi used to be the baby but now Mary Dear can get the blame for being the baby!
92. SO THANK GOD FOR OUR CHILDREN! Amen? As we pray His prayer together: (Prays the Lord's Prayer & Ps.19:14.)
"As now I lay me down to sleep,
I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to keep.
If I should die before I wake,
I pray Thee, Lord, my soul to take."

And Lord we know You will anyhow, because we know we're already Yours! TYJ! Continue to bless & keep us all, thank You for how You have blessed & kept us all. Give us a good night's rest, Lord, & strength for tomorrow & its labours.
93. WE KNOW NOT WHAT A DAY SHALL BRING FORTH, BUT WE KNOW THAT TOMORROW'S IN YOUR HANDS & WE BELIEVE YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE YOUR WAY! We just ask Thee to help us to stay in Thy will & obey Thee & follow Thee & we know everything will be all right no matter what, no matter what the conditions in this World or whatever. Thank You for healing us now & help the children to be careful & get lots of rest & not try to go too strong or too hard yet, & all of us, in Jesus' name.
94. BLESS OUR LOVED ONES AROUND THE WORLD! Thank You for all the faithful, loyal followers You've given who follow Thee & who preach the Gospel in all the World to every creature, in Jesus' name. Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen, amen, amen! GBY all! Thank you for your attention & I hope it's helped you to be thankful for our precious children. You were my subject tonight, you precious children, the best on Earth!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family