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WORLD CURRENTS NO.13: War or Pact?        DFO 1683        11/83

       1. THE WAY THE NEWS IS GOING RIGHT NOW IT'S NOT SO GOOD. You never know just when unless the Lord tells you, & He doesn't always give you advance notice--you might squeal & upset His plans. A Prophet could be a leak! Governments have a lot of problems with leaks, inside info leaks. Well, what He's revealed to us, apparently He wants us to reveal, but what He hasn't, He must not have told us for some reason, it might get into the wrong hands.
       2. BUT THINGS LOOK PRETTY BAD WITH THIS MISSILE DEPLOYMENT. I don't see how the Russians can possibly let'm do that, I don't think I would. But what they're going to do with it remains to be seen. They've said a few things they're going to do, but I wouldn't think that that would be sufficient. Why even let'm? Why just equalise it when they've already got the advantage? So I'll tell you, we need to pray the Lord's will be done, because a lot of the Family are going to be sitting ducks except for a miracle of God. I've been thinking very seriously about it & praying God's will be done.

       (Next day:)
       3. WE NEED TO PUSH, BELOVED, BECAUSE GOD ONLY KNOWS WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN BY THE END OF THE MONTH! We need to push these last most vital things of all & we need to keep those GNs, WNDs & FNs flowing just as fast as we can possibly keep'm going. Sorry to be so pushy but that's my burden. We would sure hate to have something blow & not have finished what we set out to do after all this work!
       4. IT COULD HAPPEN ANY MINUTE EXCEPT FOR THE MERCY OF GOD! Let's hope He's going to hold things off right now, because at the rate things are going, the Antichrist had better show up in a hurry with his Pact or we're going to have a War, period! He'd better hurry.--Or we'd better hurry! We'd better hurry, that's for sure, one way or the other.
       5. THERE ARE SEVERAL PROJECTS I'M TRYING TO WIND UP NOW BECAUSE I REALLY FEEL THE URGENCY OF THE SITUATION INTERNATIONALLY! And when either the bottom falls out or the top blows up, I would feel very bad if we didn't have these things done--especially these top priority things. After that, well, there'll just be the usual general run of the mill & I won't feel so bad if the Lord calls "time out", we'll have gotten the main projects off our chest & the main burdens accomplished & in the works & out & mailed, God willing, & I hope with time for you to receive'm.
       6. BUT THE RATE THINGS ARE GOING RIGHT NOW, WITH 18 PERSHING MISSILES READY TO OPERATE BY THE END OF THIS MONTH, BY CHRISTMAS, WHAT A CHRISTMAS PRESENT! Those are the ones they're afraid of the most. I don't see how they can let'm get away with it myself, but of course the price of not letting them get away with it is almost worse than tolerating it. I think they've been pretty patient myself. That's how urgent things are, so push! GBAKY busy!--In Jesus' name, amen.

       7. AS I TOLD SOMEBODY THE OTHER DAY, YOU'D BETTER PRAY THAT EITHER THE ANTICHRIST HEAVES INTO SIGHT WITH HIS SOLUTION IN A HURRY OR IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE WE'RE GOING TO HAVE THE WAR FIRST! They're sure spoilin' for it & it looks like the U.S. is itchin' for it & pushing the other side over the brink. I don't see how the Russians could even let that first batch become operational by the end of this coming month, why they'd even want to let them do that much. So who knows? We may only have a month to go. Let's hope by the mercy of God we'll have a little more time, because that would be one Hell of a Christmas present, wouldn't it?
       8. AT LEAST IT LOOKS LIKE WE'RE GOING TO GET MOST OF OUR MAJOR JOBS DONE BY THEN. I hope Sprint can finish up those two books before Christmas, the Index & BOF, so pray for them & that the Lord will supply the need to pay for it & keep us all safely & give us wisdom what to do whatever happens. Amen?
       9. SO LET'S HOPE SOME COVENANT STOPS THIS RUSH PELL MELL TOWARDS WAR BEFORE IT HAPPENS! As far as I can see now, the only thing that could stop it is that Agreement. So since he hasn't even appeared on the scene yet, I don't know how they could get it before the end of December. In other words, you guys better pray because our work is hanging in the balance!
       10. I KNOW THE LORD WANTS TO GIVE US AS MUCH TIME AS HE CAN, but He's working within certain limitations too of what He can allow, & if He lets things go on too much further it's going to be even more horrible & worse! So He's got to draw the line somewhere. There has to come an end to it somewhere, & soon, or we really will be in a mess! So let's hope they find some kind of a solution to it as soon as possible. So pray for the peace, praise God?--Before the pieces! Amen? GBAKY busy for Jesus!--In Jesus' name, amen.

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