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DAD'S CHILDHOOD!--"Heaven on Earth!"       DFO 1684       9/80

       1. IT'S A WONDERFUL FEELING THAT CAME OVER ME AS I THOUGHT ABOUT MY CHILDHOOD & really what a Heaven on Earth we lived in then, even in the midst of the Depression & shortages & being very poor. There were still people who were poorer than we were, for that matter! But there were no horrors & terrorists & Hell-bombs & World crises tottering on the brink of catastrophe!
       2. THERE WERE WARS & RUMOURS OF WARS, BUT THEY'D JUST GOTTEN OVER WORLD WAR ONE WHEN I WAS A CHILD & THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE NEVER GONNA HAVE ANOTHER ONE! They had the League of Nations then & it was gonna be World peace forever! There was no really great threat of any Worldwide disaster or catastrophe or World War or Hell-bombs or whatever. The enemies were far far away across the sea which took weeks to cross by boat, & it was unlikely they would ever be attacked by a European enemy or any other enemy. The U.S. was stronger than any other country in the Americas & there was peace.
       3. EVEN THOUGH PEOPLE WERE POOR, THEY WERE HAPPY! Even though they had no radio or television or anything like that, they were still happy. They could go to movies if they wanted to, which of course most Christians considered pretty wicked & sinful, & some of'm were!--Mostly cooked up by the anti-Christs!
       4. BUT THOSE WERE BEAUTIFUL DAYS with no great threat of the World ending in complete total economic or military disaster. The End of the World was not yet--but it looks like it's about to arrive now! You can understand why the Worldly young people would have a frustrated desperate "Devil-may-care" attitude of: "What does it matter what I do? The World can end any day, I might as well live it up & live like Hell!"--Since they don't know the Lord anyhow & they've been taught not to believe in God but to believe in stupid Evolution!
       5. WHEN I WAS A CHILD MOST PEOPLE STILL BELIEVED IN GOD, OR CLAIMED TO BELIEVE IN GOD. It wasn't yet popular to be atheistic in America, because America was supposed to be a Christian nation founded on God & godly principles! They were still pretty self-righteous & still claimed to be Christian, still read the Bible & had prayer in public school every day & celebrated Christmas & Easter & all the Christian holidays--not banned like it has been today by the [EDITED: "ACs"]!
       6. NEARLY ALL THIS BANNING OF ANYTHING TO DO WITH RELIGION IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS HAS BEEN DONE BY THE [EDITED: "ACs"] IN [EDITED: "AC"] COURT CASES! The God-damned [EDITED: "ACs"] finally got their way. Think of it, this is where a minority has managed to get its way through the courts.--Not through the vote, not through democratic processes, but through individual court cases judged by a few judges & an exaggeration or a stretching of or distortion of the interpretation of the laws of separation of Church & State!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family