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THE HUNGRY DOG STORY!        DFO 1686        Roquette, France 13/4/81

       1. TTL! HE REALLY DID A MIRACLE WITH THOSE DOGS LAST NIGHT! Well, you know sometimes we don't get specific enough or definite enough & we grumble & complain instead of praying about it. I kept complaining & grumbling at Maria about those damn dogs, they'd been barking & barking for an hour or two! (Techi: The people were selfish in the king's country in the "Rock in the Road" Story!) Well, I'll tell you another true story that happened last night!
       2. THE FARMER WAS SELFISH & HE WENT OFF & HAD A HOLIDAY & DIDN'T FEED HIS DOGS & left'm here all day with nothing to eat, & he didn't come home all day! And last night Daddy was trying to sleep & they were barking & barking & barking. What was it, about 12:30, 1:30 am? (Techi: Bingo & James barked at you.) They were barking & barking!
       3. I THINK THEY WERE BARKING TO ME BECAUSE THEY WANTED ME TO HELP'M!--Because they must have known I was a prophet & I would help them. Dogs are very sensitive in the spirit! So do you know what happened? I said, "Something's wrong with those damn dogs!" & I kept cussing'm & wishing they'd shut up, & finally I prayed!
       4. I SAID, "LORD, WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH THOSE DOGS?" & PLAIN AS ANYTHING IT CAME TO ME--"THEY'RE HUNGRY!" The farmer hadn't been here all day & they're hungry. So I told the boys to go feed'm! (Techi: Will you tell me a true story?) That's a true story! And the boys went out, which boys were they? (Peter: Me & James.) Peter & James went out to see & there was nothing else making them bark, was there? And they came back & I said, "Well, I prayed about it & I think the dogs are hungry!" So they took'm out some scraps & how did they do?
       5. (JAMES: THEY REALLY LOOKED LIKE THEY WERE HUNGRY! James, he was not so anxious, but the other one, he was more aggressive so we were a little more careful about getting close to him. So we started about ten feet away with this big stick pushing the little container of food to him & his tail was going back & forth like this! So we got closer & closer & closer & finally got it to him & then he just devoured it!) Was he barking all the time?
       6. (JAMES: HE PRETTY WELL BARKED UNTIL HE GOT THE FOOD & THEN HE JUST DEVOURED IT!) Dove in, huh? Did you feed James too? (James: Yes, but James didn't react in the same way. James wasn't the one that was barking so much, at least when we went out there. It was more the other one. Boy, but it really did the trick!)
       7. SO SEE, DADDY ASKED THE LORD, "WHY ARE THE DOGS BARKING?" & JESUS SAID "THEY'RE HUNGRY! They want you to feed them!" They're calling to the Lord when they're hungry. The Lord says that "the poor cry unto Me & I answer them & I feed the hungry." So the dogs were crying to the Lord for help & so the Lord told His Prophet to help them & to send out David's Mighty Men to take them a mighty meal for the mighty dogs, & they ate it mightily!
       8. AND I DON'T THINK THEY UTTERED A PEEP AFTER THAT, DID THEY? (James: No.) They were perfectly quiet, they went & laid down & went to sleep & so did all the rest of us. Thank God! So the Lord even loves dogs, huh? When the dogs barked, they were praying. They were praying rather loudly, but they were praying for something to eat!

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