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LATINS GO EAST!        DO 1690        12/83

       1. I'M SOLD ON THE EAST, LET ME TELL YOU! Apparently this is the place or God wouldn't have brought us here. And when you consider how few of us there are here compared to how many billions live here, it looks kind of silly to have so many people in South America, much less the North! We've got a lot of good people in South America that could come this way, even Commonwealthers that could come & stay in some of these places where some of us can't.
       2. SO I'M DOING EVERYTHING I CAN TO PROMOTE THE EAST & GET YOU TO MOVE & COME! Some of you are offended & think we don't care anything about the West any more, all we care about is the East & we don't care about you & we've forgotten you & we've left you behind, we're not even interested in you any more, we don't love you any more, blah blah! Well, that's a bunch of lies, that's not true!
       3. BUT WHY SHOULD WE BE SO BURDENED FOR ONLY 350 MILLION PEOPLE THAT ARE ALREADY NOMINAL CHRISTIANS who we've been preaching the Gospel to already for ten years & saturated them by radio & in person & had revival after revival & several harvests already in Latin America, when in the East we're not hardly scratching the surface, we're only getting started! There are only 350 million people in South America & nearly three billion in the East!
       4. IT LOOKS KIND OF RIDICULOUS FOR SO MANY OF US TO BE IN SOUTH AMERICA WHEN YOU'RE SO DESPERATELY NEEDED IN THE EAST, DON'T YOU THINK SO? I think God is a little bit peeved & angry about it. No wonder He wants some of us, at least, to forget South America & come East & go to work out here. Leave it with those that can't come, leave it with those that shouldn't come, leave it with those that should stay.
       5. I'VE EVEN SAID THAT SOME OF US WILL PROBABLY BE LEFT BEHIND IN THE NORTH TO MINISTER TO THE POOR, PITIFUL, HORRIBLE SURVIVORS! Well, some of us are still there in those places & I guess some of us will still be there when it happens, but I'd sure hate to be there! I'd rather be here where the greatest need is & where it's not over-worked & already a scorched earth, but it's fresh & vital & green & even white to harvest, but the labourers are so few! (Jn.4:35)
       6. THERE ARE 6 OR 7 TIMES AS MANY PEOPLE IN THE EAST TO EACH ONE OF US AS THERE ARE IN SOUTH AMERICA! Why should Christian South America have 6 or 7 times as many missionaries to so few people, only 350 million, when the three billion in the East have so few? I don't think it's fair, do you? I don't think it's right, do you? I think everybody that can possibly go East ought to go, even if you all leave! Don't worry, you won't! But most of you have spent enough time there already.
       7. I THINK WE'VE PRETTY WELL DELIVERED OUR SOULS IN SOUTH AMERICA LIKE WE HAVE IN NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE. We'll soon know. If you don't come voluntarily, you know what the Lord will do, He'll start putting the pressure on, the persecution, & start pushing you out! If you think those countries are collapsing economically now, that's nothing compared to the way it's gonna be, when they start really collapsing & going to pieces & falling apart & governments toppling & revolutions & civil war & all the horrors that are going to happen there without any atomic bombs!
       8. GOD HAS WAYS OF GETTING PEOPLE ON THE MOVE, just like He pushed us out of North America & Europe--& is still pushing you out of Europe. We're getting all kinds of horror publicity there, I never heard such ugly awful things ever said of us! I thought I'd read the worst, but some of the junk they're printing in Europe now about us is the worst I've ever heard!--Mostly lies, of course, but a lot of it twisted truths. But they're really calling us names & all kinds of rot! Horrible! Why?
       9. GOD'S FED UP WITH'M! HE'S GOING TO BLAST THE HELL OUT OF EUROPE FOR ONE GOD-DAMNED THING, because it's a God-damned area that has rejected us & persecuted us & He's doing His best to make'm force us out! They're going to get wiped out! I mean, London alone is just ringed with missile silos! They're going to be a bull's-eye bullshit target one of these days, & they're not even going to be worth bullshit when it happens! Those God-damned newspapers & some of those that publish all that kind of rot, they are the ones that are gonna rot! They're gonna get just what's coming to them. They're going to be ashes under feet! (Mal.4:3.)
       10. PEOPLE USED TO WONDER HOW THAT BIBLE PROPHECY COULD BE TRUE WHERE IT SAYS YOUR ENEMIES ARE GOING TO BE ASHES UNDER YOUR FEET. How could that ever happen? Well, now they know how it will happen! So praise God! Hallelujah! So long, ashes, you can blow away for all we care, & you're gonna blow, that's for sure, but we're gonna go! Praise God? And if you don't wanna blow, you'd better go!
       11. JUST GETTING OUT OF NORTH AMERICA & EUROPE IS NOT ENOUGH!--A LOT OF YOU PEOPLE NEED TO GET OUT OF SOUTH AMERICA! Right? I'm talking to you right now, not you folks here in the East. You're here, praise God, God bless you! You already have gone, you did the wenting already, praise the Lord, & you're here. Thank God! You've gone & you're here with us & you can be thankful. Things are going to be tough all over but they're not going to be half as bad in the East as they're going to be some other places. At least there's some chance of survival here, thank the Lord, whereas some places there's almost no chance.
       12. SO YOU SOUTH AMERICANS, INSTEAD OF GRIPING & BELLY-ACHING & COMPLAINING & MURMURING THAT WE'RE NEGLECTING YOU & we don't care about you any more & we don't love you any more & we've forgotten you, damn it, you ought to get out of that place & come East where there's something to do besides belly-ache & complain & murmur & gripe about how you're being neglected! You wouldn't have any God-damn time to do it out here! You'd keep so damn busy you wouldn't have time for all that murmuring & belly-achin' & gripin' about how we're neglecting you & forgetting you & mistreating you & don't love you any more. Well, just come East & I'll show you how much I love you! Come out here where I can love you! PTL?
       13. I MEAN, YOU'RE STARTING TO SOUND LIKE THE OLD CHURCHES, LIKE OLD ISRAEL: "OH LORD, YOU DON'T LOVE US ANY MORE! YOU'RE SO MEAN TO US, YOU'VE FORGOTTEN US!" Well, if you want God to love you & be good to you & remember you, go East where He's real busy & needs you! I'm not afraid to speak my mind & speak the facts, Beloved, let the chips fall where they may whatever you think about it! That's the way I feel about it, & I think if I feel that way, God must feel that way too!
       14. STOP ALL THAT BELLY-ACHIN' ABOUT US NEGLECTING THE WEST & FORGETTING SOUTH AMERICA & THE LATINS & WE DON'T LOVE YOU ANY MORE! BALONEY! IT'S BULLSHIT! We love you as much as ever & we're concerned about you, we're doing the best we can for you & we're trying our best to keep you going, trying to teach & train you so you can take care of yourselves. After all, you're not little babies any more, you ought to be grown up & able to take care of yourselves by this time!
       15. YOU'VE BEEN IN THIS FAMILY A LOT LONGER THAN MOST PEOPLE, certainly a lot longer than most of our Eastern Family, & you ought to be able to handle it yourselves & take care of yourselves & do the job yourselves & we shouldn't be needed there as much any more. Take care of yourselves & carry on. We've gotta go East where some people have never heard & know little or nothing & really need us & need the Gospel & need the Lord! Amen?
       16. SO I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ANY MORE OF THAT GRIPIN' & BELLY-ACHIN' FROM SOUTH AMERICA ABOUT BEING NEGLECTED & being forgotten & "Dad doesn't care about us any more, blah blah!" How much am I supposed to care about you? How much am I supposed to care about 350 million people compared to three billion? There's just a whole lot more people in the East to care about & be concerned about & preach the Gospel to & to get saved & show the Lord's Love! Why shouldn't we be more concerned about the East? Why shouldn't we be more concerned about three billion people here instead of only 350 million there? Answer me that!
       17. NO WONDER WE'RE MORE CONCERNED ABOUT THE THREE BILLION HERE INSTEAD OF THE MERE 350 MILLION IN SOUTH AMERICA WHO'VE HAD THE GOSPEL FOR SO LONG! They've had 500 years of Christianity & about ten years of us! There's hardly anybody on that whole Continent that hasn't heard about us or even heard us or gotten our lit! What country of Asia can you say that for, huh? There are still billions we haven't reached here, but we're reaching them!
       18. BOY, WAIT TILL YOU READ THESE NEW ARTICLES ABOUT THE JESUS REVOLUTION THAT IS GOING ON IN RUSSIA! It is astonishing! Their young people are now about where we were 15 years ago. It's sweeping Russia amongst the youth, tremendous! I think we're going to see those posters yet in the railroad stations!
       19. I'LL TELL YOU, THOSE GUYS IN RUSSIA ARE RISKING THEIR LIVES! They know more about what it is to risk their lives & a lot of them are going to jail & suffering real persecution compared to us. We never had to suffer that much even in the U.S.A. when we got started. It's costing them more than it cost us, but they don't care, they want Jesus! They want the answers! They want Heaven, praise God, & they're fed-up with Hell! And thank God they're so hungry they're eating it up! PTL? And we're making a lot of progress in China too! I sure enjoyed those photos & I'd like to hear more. I hope we've got some good videos along that line too.
       20. WE'RE GOING TO HELP YOU PEOPLE GET IN THOSE PLACES--THAT'S WHY I WANT TO SAVE MONEY! So if you have to make a few little sacrifices, just remember while you're doing it that you're helping us help some Missionary or some IHC or some Minstrel get into other places we haven't been in yet in India or China or Russia or some of these other countries that we are not able to reach right now because we just haven't had the personnel or the money. So we're gonna rob Peter to pay Paul, & in this case it's worth it! Peter's had it long enough & Peter's about to Peter-out! Paul is just getting started! So praise God!
       21. WELL, THAT WAS AN EXTRA SERMON I DIDN'T PLAN TO PREACH, BUT I'LL TELL YOU, I MEAN IT! You people who are complaining about us always emphasising nothing but the East now, well, I'll tell you, some of you people have something to learn!--And you're going to learn it too if we have to bring you out here & rub your noses in it! Then you'll understand why we're so gung-ho on the East & concerned about the East! God sure knew what He was doing when He brought us here, didn't He? I wasn't planning on coming out here at all, I was going West, so I just figure God must know what He's doing! But here I am & I'm glad I came!--How about you?

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