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WORLD CURRENTS!--NO.14       DO 1692       12/83

       1. I DON'T THINK THESE BIG WORLD BANKS ARE ALL GOING TO BE ABLE TO HOLD OUT VERY MUCH LONGER! In fact, they wouldn't have held out this long if they hadn't been holding each others hands & crying on each others shoulders & getting each other to help!--And if the governments hadn't persuaded the banks to shut their eyes to the facts & just ignore the horrors of the economic crash that's already upon us, just wishing it would go away before it really hits bottom!
       2. AND AT THE RATE THINGS ARE GOING, WE DON'T KNOW WHICH IS GOING TO HIT BOTTOM FIRST, THE CRASH OR THE WAR! And as I've said, the Antichrist had better show up pretty quick with his Covenant, or we're going to have a War!--And he'd better show up pretty quick with his economic solution, or we're going to have the end of the Crash!
       3. RIGHT NOW EVERYBODY'S JUST TRYING TO IGNORE IT & BE OPTIMISTIC IN SPITE OF ALL THE STATS & THE FACTS, saying that everything in every way is getting better every day, blah blah! They give big headlines to any little tiny grain or crumb of encouragement on the financial pages, whereas they put all the failures & bankruptcies of major banks & major industries down in little tiny squibs at the bottom of the finance pages & try to play'm down so they don't scare people or wake people up to what's actually happening.
       4. EUROPEANS ARE A LITTLE BIT MORE HONEST ABOUT IT, they're being honest that recovery is not here & things are more likely to get worse. It's the U.S. that's trying to brag to the whole World: "Everything's getting better! Don't worry, everything's fine! Economy's getting better, we're having a recovery, we're gonna lick Russia pretty soon, all we have to do is bomb her out & blah blah!"
       5. I FOUND THAT CARTOON THAT WAS IN THE PAPER THE OTHER DAY SADLY AMUSING. It's going to be in the WND. (See WND8, pg.16.) We've got three publications now that sound alike: The WND, the GN & the FN! If the one doesn't get you, the other one will! Either the Gin or the Mickey Finn or the Wind! But here were portraits of all these different types & ages of people staring aghast at that motion picture, "The Day After," every one of them in horror with terrible expressions! Then the last portrait was Reagan with a big grin, like he was really enjoying it! Well, that's about the attitude he's got! He seems like he's crazy enough that he thinks he can just go on doing what he's doing & the World can go on like that without any agreement or anything.
       6. I MEAN, WHAT WOULD ANYONE EXPECT THE RUSSIANS TO DO BUT WALK OUT OF THOSE CONFERENCES when the U.S. starts deploying more missiles virtually on her borders that can hit Moscow in eight minutes! I think I'd walk out too! Despite all the lies the U.S. Government has been telling, the situation has been fairly equalised--at least the Russians haven't been doing too much more about it. They've probably been sneaking in all the armaments they can, but it's been really nip 'n tuck.
       7. BUT THE U.S. WORLD-PUBLICISED INSISTENCE ON PUTTING NEARLY 600 MORE MISSILES IN EUROPE WITHIN JUST A FEW MOMENTS OF RUSSIA IS TO ME ABSOLUTELY INSANE, JUST INSANE! After all, the Europeans have a little pride, they've got a little sense, they like to save a little face--not only the Orientals--& they don't like to be pushed around. Neither East nor West Europeans like to be pushed around, but the U.S. is pushing'm both! Of course some of the Europeans are stupid & idiotic enough to vote for it anyhow! But it's obvious that the leaders are the ones voting for it, not the people in the streets, they're demonstrating against it.
       8. I GAVE AN ILLUSTRATION HERE FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE LITTLE KIDS ONE NIGHT. Let's say the Russians maybe do have the advantage right now, maybe they do have the edge.--Which they possibly do. They certainly do in land forces & maybe they do have it in missiles, we don't know. You can't believe any of the propaganda you read, most of it's all lies, just like during a war. Didn't some of you live through one war? No, you guys aren't even old enough to have lived through World War 2! I guess I really am ancient!
       9. WHEN A WAR IS ON, YOU'D ALMOST LAUGH AT THE NEWS, BECAUSE IT'S ALL LIES FROM BOTH SIDES! You can't believe either side, they just lie & lie & lie!--Just like the stuff that's coming out of Lebanon, or Iraq & Iran, both lying about the numbers killed & lying about what they did & didn't do, blah blah! When it comes to wars, that is man's best opportunity to tell his biggest lies! Like the Bible says, "Kings speaking lies at one table." (Da.11:27.) Well, there are a whole lot of tables & a whole lot of kings today & they're speaking a Hell of a lot of lies!
       10. BUT BACK TO MY ILLUSTRATION, I'LL PRETEND LIKE I'M THE U.S., YOU'RE RUSSIA & YOU'VE GOT THE ADVANTAGE. You're a robber, you're about to shoot me, you've got your gun out, your pistol poised ready, & I say, "Wait a minute! Wait a minute now, I've gotta run home & get my gun! This is not a fair fight. Let me run home first & get my gun first & come back & then we'll shoot it out!" That's what it amounts to if Russia does have the advantage. Why she would wait & let the U.S. deploy all those missiles is beyond me! Of course, we don't know yet if she's gonna wait!
       11. IT'S ALWAYS BEEN MY OPINION, AS YOU KNOW, THAT IF RUSSIA IS AS SMART AS I THINK SHE IS, THAT WHEN SHE SEES ALL HOPE IS GONE, SHE'LL PROBABLY PRESS THE BUTTON FIRST. And this--I have already expressed my opinion on that--is probably the will of God! (ML#s 1614-1615) Number one, the quicker it happens, the fewer lives are going to be lost. But the more missiles they let be deployed & the more missiles they let get set up to shoot, the more people are going to get killed & the more of the Earth's surface is going to be destroyed.
       12. FRANKLY, AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, I THINK GOD'S JUST WAITING ON US TO GET AS MUCH OF THIS JOB DONE & AS MANY OF THESE PEOPLE WON AS POSSIBLE! He's trying to hold back the floodtide within the tunnel of His will as long as He can to help us get our literature out & get these people saved & get'm informed & ready for what's coming before He has to let it go. But He can only hold it back so long.--Not that He hasn't got the power to do it, but it's a matter of His will & His knowledge of the damage that can be done in the future if He doesn't end it soon.
       13. AS I'VE SAID BEFORE, THE LONGER HE WAITS, THE MORE DAMAGE IS GOING TO BE DONE, the worse the War is going to be or even the worse the Crash is going to be, whatever comes first. Maybe I've been wishfully thinking & hopelessly hoping that the Antichrist would arise very soon & offer some solution before either the Crash or the War, so that it'll stave it off a little longer. It looked to me like that might be God's will, so that we wouldn't have total catastrophe & calamity & chaos too soon.
       14. BUT IT'S GOING TO COME, SOONER OR LATER! We got that "Warning Prophecy" from the very beginning of our ministry, that the Great Confusion is going to come & it's going to come suddenly & cause a great widening of the eyes of those who've not discerned the signs of the times! Only we who really know what's going on are preparing for it. (See No.655.)
       15. I DON'T WANT TO SCARE YOU OR WORRY YOU, BUT WE NEED TO FACE THE FACTS & KNOW THE TRUTH in order that we can know how to plan & prepare for it & how urgent it is for us to get our job done, or as much of it as we can get done before it all happens! I expect some of us to survive & carry on, thank the Lord, because we know that there're other events that are going to come. We know the Antichrist has to rise & he has to bring peace & economic recovery somehow through his Pact & his policies & his miracles, his supernatural fiendish wisdom, & establish his kingdom on Earth through the Devil--or the Devil through the Antichrist--& eventually result in the Great Tribulation & ending with the Coming of the Lord.
       16. SO WE KNOW THAT THE END IS NOT YET, NOT THE END, BUT SOME PRETTY BAD THINGS ARE GOING TO HAPPEN & WE ARE WORKING FAST & FURIOUSLY TRYING TO GET SOME BIG THINGS DONE BEFORE IT'S IMPOSSIBLE! We're trying to prepare for it, as I've said before. I'm just refreshing your memories a little bit on these reasons of why I'm pushing hard for some of these austerity measures & this wind-down & insisting that we are going to have to save money & time & work & personnel & do more combining & consolidating more ministries & withdrawing on some fronts, perhaps, where it's not profitable, not fruitful, & putting everything we've got left into what really pays in souls & disciples & in accomplishing what the Lord has sent us here to do.--And not wasting money or squandering time & personnel on things which are not as fruitful as they once were.
       17. SO AS THE RUSSIANS WALK OUT OF ONE CONFERENCE AFTER THE OTHER--I can't much blame'm.--It reminds me of the old joke in the famous movie "Flower Drum Song," which was a musical before that. There's this cute little Japanese girl who's now become sort of a musical star in the movie & her old boyfriend comes to see her & wants to try to revive their old romance. She said, "Things just aren't the same any more." He said, "Why not?" She said, "Well, you've gone off & gotten married!" "Oh," he said, "well, nothing's changed, only that!"
       18. THE U.S. SOMETIMES ACTS LIKE IT'S TRYING TO COURT THE RUSSIANS--although they're not trying very hard--& saying, "Well what's the matter? Nothing's changed!" Russia is saying, "Well, you've deployed all these missiles! What do you mean nothing's changed?" "Oh that! Only that!"
       19. SO THE U.S. IS STUMBLING & BLUNDERING ON IN BLINDNESS & CONFUSION, NOT HAVING ANY POLICY OR ANY GOALS OR ANY PLAN OR ANY IDEALS OR IDEOLOGY, NOTHING! They lost God & turned on the Bible & Christianity & faith--largely due to the efforts of the anti-Christs who have tried their best to get Christ & the Bible & prayer out of the schools & out of the government & out of everything, & they'd sure as Hell like to kick God out of this World if they could, especially Jesus! And they're winning!--Because the damn [EDITED: "people"] are so dumb & so gullible & are such dupes! They are blind now because they have refused to see the Truth, they refused to believe the Truth, even though they've had the Truth for centuries. They've turned on God, turned on Christ & are even turning on Christmas now!
       20. IT'S ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE THE WAY THE GREAT FORMER SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN PARTS OF THE WORLD ARE ALMOST AS ANTI-CHRIST AS ANY OTHER PART OF THE WORLD! The only difference is that Russia's honest about it. Russia's not a hypocrite about it. They're just openly anti-Christ, openly anti-God, openly anti-religious & openly anti-Bible. Whereas Europe & the Americas are in practice just about as anti-Christ as the Communist World, except they pretend not to be. They keep pretending to be Christian, pretending to have morals & ideals, therefore they're a bunch of hypocrites! They're the self-righteous Scribes & Pharisees!
       21. IN FACT, IT'S THE SELF-RIGHTEOUS SCRIBES & PHARISEES, THE ANTI-CHRISTS THEMSELVES, WHO ARE RUNNING MOST OF THE WESTERN WORLD & have turned it from being Christian & away from Christ & away from God & away from the Bible, & now steeped it in Evolution & unbelief & all kinds of fiendish deviltry!--Until the West is so confused & such a mess they don't know which end is up & which way they're going!
       22. BUT THE DEVIL KNOWS WHICH END IS UP!--HIS END IS UP & HE KNOWS WHICH WAY HE'S GOING! That's why the Communists are resolute & keep driving forward & progressing with determination & a purpose & a goal, an ideology. They know where they're at & they know where they're going & they're getting there, like it or not! Whereas the Christian World has abandoned its faith & the facts & is in total confusion! Just read the paper, they're in a constant mess! They don't know what to think, they don't know what to do. Most of what you read in the paper is just guesswork & rumours & opinions, very few facts. It's largely just: "It's assumed, it's reported, it's said, it's this, that & the other!"--Just all kinds of guesswork.
       23. YOU CAN'T MUCH BLAME THE RUSSIANS FOR GETTING FED UP WITH'M! Frankly, the U.S. & the Western World are going to destroy the Earth if the Russians don't stop'm, that's my belief, & I think that's the way the Russians feel about it. I don't like Communism any more than you do, although in theory it is more Christian than Capitalism--in sharing, "what's mine is yours & I'm going to share it with you," & all that sort of thing. But of course in practice it doesn't work out any better than Capitalism because of the evil hearts of men. It's just as selfish & just as evil & won't work any better. But with some people it may work awhile just because they believe it, just like Capitalism has worked quite awhile just because people believe in it.
       24. CAPITALISM IS FINISHED! AS AN ECONOMIC SYSTEM IT IS ALREADY FINISHED! The only reason it's rolling on is just from momentum & habit & the faith of the people in something that's already gone!--It is gone! The Capitalist Western World is bankrupt, totally bankrupt, & all you have to do is read the Protocols to know why! The anti-Christs have designed it that way so that now not only just businesses & banks & industries are their slaves, but whole countries are the slaves of the World Bank & the International Monetary Fund & the Council of Ten & this & that other organisation, these fancy-sounding names, all of which are a bunch of anti-Christs who are running the World & causing the rest of the World to get down on their knees & grovel & beg for salvation! And when things are bad enough that they're willing to sell themselves & their countries & their bodies & their souls for that salvation, then the anti-Christs will be where they want to be & have the rest of the World where they want'm & be able to dictate the terms!
       25. I DON'T DOUBT THE ANTICHRIST IS RIGHT NOW BEHIND THE SCENES PLOTTING & PLANNING IT & CONNIVING IT & ENGINEERING IT & WORKING ALREADY! He's probably one of the most cleverly concealed secrets the World has ever known! He's gotta be here! He's gotta be around! He's gotta be behind the scenes already! How else could they be so smart unless the Devil was running things & engineering all this exactly according to their plans! All you have to read is the Protocols, & if you don't believe in'm, just look at the fulfilments!--Like the Bible, if you don't believe the Bible, just look at fulfilled prophecy! If you don't believe in the {\ul \i Protocol}{\ul \i s}, just look at their fulfilled prophecies! They have virtually accomplished all of it already except to introduce what they called the "Supreme Lord," in other words, Satan in the flesh, the Antichrist! That's about all there is left to do!
       26. THEY'VE GOT CONTROL OF THE WORLD ON BOTH SIDES! I believe they're running Russia! And [DELETED] China & Japan & all the rest. [DELETED]
       27. THESE ARE SIGNS OF THE TIMES! These are signs of the fulfilments of what the Lord has said is going to happen & what's already happening. I like to show you the proof! Here it is in black-&-white taken out of the secular newspapers, that it has already happened & is happening! They've got the World by the throat, & they're going to keep on strangling it financially. [DELETED]
       28. WE'RE NOT TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN, WE'RE TALKING ABOUT SOMETHING THAT'S HAPPENING RIGHT NOW & HAS ALREADY HAPPENED & IS ALREADY HERE!--Only the stupid, idiotic [DELETED] Christian World, the Western World is so damn blind & confused they can't even see it! One thing about the Russians, they're pretty smart, they know what's going on. [DELETED]
       29. THE ANTI-CHRISTS HAVE GOT CONTROL OF THE WEST & THEY'VE GOT CONTROL OF THE EAST! [DELETED] You name it, almost any country in the World, except a few little rinky-dink countries [DELETED] like some of the Arabs. [DELETED]
       30. WHEN WE WERE IN ISRAEL, WE COULDN'T TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE JEWS & THE ARABS BECAUSE THEY LOOKED SO MUCH ALIKE, unless they happened to go walking down the street in one of their costumes. The Arabs would wear their long flowing white robes--any Arab that was bold enough to do it in Israel, that is. I mean, they had to be pretty bold to be blatantly Arab walking along fondling their worry beads! Whereas on the other hand there were the [EDITED: "Orthodox Jews"] with the black frock coats on & the big round black hats, fur hats or black hats or whatnot of the various Jewish sects. Then you could tell'm apart. Otherwise just in normal clothing, etc., you could hardly tell the difference between Jews or Arabs.
       31. WE COULD SURE TELL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE RESTAURANTS! All the Jewish restaurants were high-priced & the Arab restaurants were cheap, so that's where we ate!--And that's why we got to hear their side of the story so much. We heard it personally from them of how they were being persecuted & discriminated against & how they were not second, but third-class citizens! I wonder what they think about now?
       32. AT THE TIME WE WERE THERE, THE JEWS WERE THE ONLY FIRST-CLASS CITIZENS allowed every privilege in voting & army & university rights & jobs & everything else. The Druze, who at that time were Jewish allies, were considered second-class citizens, but because they were strong allies of the Jews they got a lot of favouritism from the Jews. So if you wonder why there's all this shoot-out between Druze & Christians still in Lebanon, remember that although for awhile the Jews made the Christians their allies & pretended to be their allies, their most loyal allies have been for a long time the Druze.
       33. SO THE JEWS [DELETED] GET'M BOTH KILLING EACH OTHER OFF, BOTH CHRISTIANS & DRUZE, & THEY'RE STILL SHOOTING IT OUT. And they'll never solve that problem, I don't think, until the Antichrist himself takes over. It's a block-by-block, house-by-house, family-by-family division of the country. And there's so much hatred & so much revenge, there's been so much killing that they'll never get it straightened out & they'll never get it evened off. It's just the same old Kentucky feud situation, the same old Sicilian vendetta, like the vendettas between the various mobs of the Mafia. They have periods of brief peace & then they shoot it out again.
       34. THEY'LL NEVER GET IT STRAIGHTENED OUT TILL THE ANTICHRIST TAKES OVER, & from the sound of things, even he can't straighten'm out, they're still a mess even then! He moves in & takes over by force, but he's still fighting wars & still having trouble with them. Only the Lord will be able to get this World really straightened out right, & we're going to have to help Him & that's going to be a pretty big job! Well, I'd better not get into that, we've got enough to do right now!--Ha! I don't want to worry you about what you're going to have to do then! GBAKY busy for Him now!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family