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A PLACE FOR YOU!       DO 1693       12/83

       1. (SARA: MARY DEAR'S 10 MONTHS OLD TODAY!) (Sings:)
       "Happy Birthday to you,
       Happy birthday to you!
       Happy birthday Mary Dear,
       Happy birthday to you!

       Happy Birthday to you,
       Only one will not do!
       Born again means salvation,
       We know how many have you!"

We know she's saved. You know how I know she's saved? (Family: Her mother's saved?) Well why leave out her father, Honey? Hey Alf, he seems to have a little doubt about your salvation! Have you been mean to him lately?--Ha! Just an oversight. Well, you can't blame him for being a little disconcerted at the moment & giving a little more emphasis to Sara over here! (Topless!) You can understand why he has his eyes on Sara & not Alf!
       2. WE KNOW SHE'S SAVED BECAUSE HER PARENTS ARE SAVED, THAT'S WHY, & THEREFORE SHE'S CLEAN, THE BIBLE SAYS. He says, "Else were your children unclean." (1Cor.7:14.) Whatever "unclean" means, I don't know, or how bad it is I don't know. It couldn't be too bad. But if the children of unclean parents die as children or babies, apparently they have to be re-routed through some different processing before they get cleaned up & ready for Heaven.
       3. I WAS JUST DISCUSSING WITH MARIA TONIGHT ABOUT, MY OH MY, ALL THE CHILDREN & BABIES THAT DIE EVERY YEAR, NOT TO SPEAK OF ALL THE OTHER PEOPLE THAT DIE EVERY YEAR THAT GO TO HEAVEN! Just think what a Nursery God must have up There! Just think what an organisation the Lord must have! How many million people did we figure die every year? What was the figure we finally came up with, does anybody remember? We work so hard to get these stats & then we all forget'm! Something like 150,000 die a day!
       4. WELL, IMAGINE HOW MANY CHRISTIANS & PEOPLE WHO ARE SAVED & BELIEVE--not to speak of all the people that go the other direction, which is a lot more yet & must really keep Hell busy--but anywhere, wherever they're going, think how many people He has to have on the Reception Committees! In Heaven it's usually a loved one or a friend they know, & if they don't know anybody or have any loved ones up There, usually an angel meets'm.--Although I think some of those people they thought were angels were probably just other citizens of Heaven that the Lord sent to take care of'm, because I don't see why any angel would have to necessarily do that job which anybody could do if they're already There.
       5. JUST THINK, THEY HAVE TO MEET'M & HAVE TO GREET'M & HAVE TO GUIDE'M & TAKE'M WHERE THEY'RE GOING. You're going to have a mansion, you're going to have a place There. That's what the Lord said, He's gone to prepare a place for you! (Jn.14:2.) So you're going to have a special place where you live in Heaven, one of those mansions. I don't know whether they're all going to look as nice as the one I designed, but that was my choice. If you prefer a little thatched hut, that's okay with me, to each his own!
       6. SO IMAGINE HOW MUCH ORGANISATION THAT MUST TAKE, ESPECIALLY TO TAKE CARE OF ALL THE BABIES & LITTLE CHILDREN THAT COME! I think it's especially hard for Christians & Church people to believe, as they think the babies are going to be floating around in the air all by themselves like little cherubs! But I think things are going to be so normal & natural There--although so much better & more wonderful of course--that the children are still going to need care, guidance, supervision, organisation & even education!
       7. SO I DON'T LIKE THAT CONCEPT THAT THEY LAND UP THERE ALL BY THEMSELVES & mull around & have no place to go & nothing to do but float around, do you? I think Heaven's going to be the best-organised place we were ever in! I don't know what kind of schedule we're going to have, but I know we're going to have the best security we ever had. PTL?
       8. THAT JUST AMAZES ME WHEN I THINK ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SAVED & CHRISTIANS, AS WELL AS CHILDREN & LITTLE BABIES & ALL WHO ARE GOING TO GO THERE, & WHAT A JOB IT MUST BE TO RECEIVE THEM ALL, thousands every day, to have to meet & greet'm & take care of'm! I always remember how I saw Timothy & Cornia's little baby that she lost at 7 months pregnant, There in the arms of her great grandmother! And when I described the woman to Cornia, she said, "That's my Grandmother!" So you see? The Lord really knows how to take care of things! Who else but her Grandmother would love to receive her baby granddaughter & take care of her till she grows up?
       9. "CLEAN" BABIES GO STRAIGHT TO HEAVEN & THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BECOME INSTANT ADULTS, THEY'RE GOING TO GROW UP IN HEAVEN JUST LIKE ANY PLACE ELSE. That's God's creation, His system here, so what makes you think it's going to be so different There? If He thought that was best for this Earth & this life, why not There? If you don't think they're going to Heaven & landing in Heaven as babies just like when they left, give me your idea! Do you think they're going to be some kind of spooks or ghosts floating around or something, like Caspar the baby comic-strip ghost?
       10. I THINK THEY'RE GOING TO BE JUST AS NORMAL & NATURAL & HUMAN AS THEY ARE NOW, JUST LIKE JESUS WAS WHEN HE WAS RESURRECTED. Therefore they're going to be so small & young, somebody's going to have to take care of them & they're going to have to have a place to stay, some kind of Nursery or something if they haven't got a relative already There to take care of them. Of course relatives are the naturals to take care of any of their departed loved ones, especially babies--grandmothers & grandfathers over There to take care of grandchildren that have gone on to be with the Lord.--How about that!
       11. JUST THINK HOW THAT MUST CHEER THE HEARTS OF THOSE DEAR GRANDPARENTS WHEN THEY RECEIVE A GRANDCHILD OVER THERE! What better job could they have than taking care of one of their own grandchildren? Isn't that beautiful? Isn't that a nicer idea of Heaven? In fact, I don't think the churches really give you any idea of Heaven!
       12. I NEVER THOUGHT SO MUCH ABOUT HEAVEN BEFORE--I GUESS BECAUSE WE'RE GETTING CLOSE! Of course, I'm probably closer than you are, but it's not going to be very long for all of us! I never realised how little the churches taught about Heaven until I began thinking about it myself, & the more I think about it, the more things I think of! HAL! Thank You Jesus for Heaven! GBAKY & help us get the job done so we can get There soon!--In Jesus' name, amen!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family