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GUARD YOUR CHILDREN!       DO 1698       12/83

       2. YOU COULD HARDLY TOUCH A MORE SENSITIVE NERVE IN MOST OF THE SYSTEMITES TO ENRAGE THEM & have them want to lynch you on the spot than to bring up child abuse & child sex & child pornography & all that kind of rot!--Which of course we're not guilty of!
       4. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO OBEY THE POWERS THAT BE & RESPECT THE OFFICERS OF THE LAW [EDITED: "Romans 13"]. We're warned to watch out because he doesn't carry the sword in vain, behave yourself & try to avoid crossing them, but there even comes a limit to that when it comes to witnessing, winning souls & preaching the Gospel. When they begin restricting such freedoms, then they begin to defy the Laws of God & they begin to touch the Apple of God's Eye, His Prophets, & they begin to get themselves in trouble by trying to get His Prophets & His witnesses in trouble. And of course the Devil is behind the whole program.
       5. ONCE ONE NEWSPAPER STARTS THE BALL ROLLING & REVIVES THE ISSUE, THOSE THINGS ARE PRETTY WELL SYNDICATED. Quite often they just wait around for something new on us in order to have some excuse to publish some more bad publicity in the paper & some more shit & smear us some more. Due to this System scandal it'll probably be anything related, just like Jonestown brought on persecution of all the cults & sects & gave them their good excuse to persecute the others--or bad excuse, whatever way you want to look at it. After all, what newspaper can avoid a juicy story like that, especially that gorgeous picture! They love that picture! I mean, that was all over in every paper in almost the whole World seven years ago. Maybe it's on a seven-year cycle. (Dad with his Tenerife Family of Love!)
       6. WELL, IT'S BEEN LONG ENOUGH NOW THAT WITH A LITTLE NEW SHIT ADDED TO IT ABOUT CHILDREN, ETC., IT GIVES THEM AN EXCUSE TO RE-PUBLISH SOME OF THAT JUNK. I don't know what's been happening in the U.S.A., God's given them enough other things to worry about, but apparently Europe has got spare time & idleness to work with the Devil in his workshop to promulgate such rot about us again & we apparently have some pretty bitter enemies there. In fact, we've got one guy whose whole organisation is practically keyed to attacking us & hounding us, Samson's father & his "Trust": "To the glory of God." He hounds us, thinking he does God service (Jn.16:2), & would kill us, I'm sure, if he could. [DELETED]
       7. WELL, THE DEVIL IS ALWAYS LURKING, WAITING FOR ANOTHER CHANCE TO ATTACK & SOME GOOD EXCUSE, SOMETHING TO PUBLICISE & SOMETHING TO GET OUT. In fact, I'm not giving him glory, but we have to give the Devil his due & recognise his chicanery & beware of his devices. It's a common tactic of the Enemy--& it was during the Jonestown thing & has always been--to start on others & build up the sentiment & build up the extent of the net to where our enemies hope they can catch us in the same net. Get it? Possibly some of our folks may not be legally married & would even have some difficulty establishing the custody of their own children, & therefore might hope to make things tough for them going from country to country, especially if they could get the authorities to take away their children.
       8. TODAY OUR CHILDREN ARE PROBABLY OUR GREATEST ASSET, OUR GREATEST WITNESS, OUR GREATEST PROOF THAT OUR FAMILY WORKS, our revolution works, & I'm sure the Devil hates our children almost more than anything or anyone else, or any one of us, except perhaps me & Maria. And he knows & our enemies know there is no way that they could hurt us more & where they have a better chance of legally attacking us than attacking our custody of our children. And it's already worked.
       9. THIS TACTIC HAS ALREADY WORKED IN A NUMBER OF INSTANCES, A NUMBER OF CASES, & ALL IT TOOK WAS SOMEBODY TO COMPLAIN. First of all they do just like nations do preparatory for a war, they have to whip up public sentiment & publicity of how bad the enemy is & what horrible things they're doing, how dangerous they are & what a danger they are to our country, & finally there's only one thing we can do, we've got to stop'm & blot'm out, & you have a war! But this propaganda campaign of whipping up the public sentiment, especially in cases of war, goes on sometimes for years in advance, as it has been going on in the U.S., preparing the people & preparing them psychologically, mentally & spiritually for the inevitable conflict.
       10. THE DEVIL HAS HIS PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGNS TO GET THE PEOPLE MIND-CONDITIONED. You talk about brainwashing, he does as good a job of dirtying up their brains with all of his hogwash & dirty propaganda to prepare them to do his evil deeds! And one of his favourite tactics is to first build his case, build it without necessarily specifying who he's really after, until he gets governments & peoples all stirred up over a certain kind of issue & all in the frame of mind that they're of all one accord: "We must stop this, we must clamp down on this, we've got to pass laws against these cults & sects & isms! We've got to stop their abuse of the children! They are unfit mothers, unfit fathers, unfit parents with their children living in an unfit atmosphere for children, blah blah!"--Whipping up public sentiment, starting on the fringes & working all around toward something they really want to do & somebody they really want to get.
       11. I'M SORRY I DIDN'T GIVE YOU THAT ARTICLE TO READ, I WAS SO ANGRY I JUST CRUSHED IT & THREW IT IN THE WASTE BASKET! I didn't even want the Family to read such smut! But it might have been well for you to read it to get an idea of what kind of propaganda they're promoting. [DELETED]
       12. I'M NOT TRYING TO FRIGHTEN YOU, I'M JUST TRYING TO WARN YOU HOW CAREFUL WE MUST BE & THAT THERE ARE CERTAIN MEASURES WE HAD BETTER TAKE TO PROTECT OURSELVES. Let me give you an example from the Bible that may have already come to your mind of how the Devil builds a case on the fringes, which doesn't look like he's really attacking anybody in particular, but where he persuades governments to do certain things to prepare the conditions under which they can then attack their real enemy, God's child or God's people.
       13. JUST LIKE THE [EDITED: "ACs"] ARE DOING NOW, THEY'RE ATTACKING US ON ALL KINDS OF COUNTS, not because they give a damn about those things, but because they want to trap & attack us. [DELETED] [EDITED: "W"]e have exposed them, so they're doing their best to expose us in retaliation! But it's our duty as God's Prophets to expose the evil, the hypocritical, the Scribes & the Pharisees just like Jesus & the Apostles did, & tell the people the truth so they can beware & have their eyes open & look out for these things & these signs & also to prove with all of this evidence & confirm what we have told them.
       14. I CAN GIVE YOU A CLASSIC EXAMPLE--DO YOU REMEMBER THE STORY OF THE PROPHET DANIEL IN THE BIBLE & HOW THEY FIGURED THEY WOULD TRAP HIM? (Dan.6) They really worked hard! I mean, that must have taken quite a bit of fiddlin' around & doing to propagandise the King & the government to pass laws by which they knew they could trap God's Prophet. But they did it, & the King, ignorantly & innocently, was stupid enough to obey & do it. He was a little reluctant at first but they finally persuaded him, & once they got the law they wanted, they nailed Daniel to the cross & dumped him into the lion's den.
       15. SO THE ENEMY IS VERY CLEVER & HAS A HABIT OF BUILDING A CASE FIRST. Look how they did with Jesus, how they first of all tried to build a case against Him that would offend the government. They tried thing after thing to get Him on this count or that count or the other count, & finally when the government wouldn't do anything about it, they arrested Him themselves! Did you know that?
       16. DID YOU KNOW IT WAS NOT PILATE NOR HIS SOLDIERS NOR THE ROMANS WHO ARRESTED JESUS? The High Priest sent out the Temple guard, Jews, to arrest Jesus & bring Him in & try Him.--Not in the government building by the government nor the Romans, but by themselves, the Sanhedrin & the High Priests in their Temple buildings. And having convicted Him of blasphemy, as they thought, then they took Him before Pilate who nearly laughed in their faces! He said, "This is a religious matter, I don't have anything to do with religion & interpretation of your religious laws! As far as I can see, this guy hasn't done anything that's broken Roman law!"
       17. SO THEY HAD TO THINK FAST THEN & SAID, "OH YES HE HAS!"--& THEY WERE READY WITH THIS NEXT TACTIC. "We can give you accusations, how He has told His people not to pay their taxes, He has defied the Roman government, He has said He is the King & not you & that they're to fight against the Roman government. They are seditious, they are traitors, they are anti-government, & if you don't convict them, we're going to report you to Rome that you are a traitor!"
       18. THEY REALLY WORK ON IT & THEY REALLY WORK ON THEIR DEVICES & PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGNS & PUBLICITY TO GET THE PEOPLE IN THE MOOD & TO SET THE STAGE & to rouse the government & even get laws either passed or insist they enforce'm, until finally if they can catch up with you, insist the government nails you. And when I first read that article I thought, "Uh-oh!" This would be a great time for the papers to start publishing: "You know that group's not the only one that does this kind of stuff, look at this group & the stuff they do!"--And then that stuff sort of spreads, the leaven of the Pharisees, the lies of the Pharisees in other words.
       19. JESUS HIMSELF SAID, "BEWARE OF THE LEAVEN OF THE PHARISEES" (Mt.16:6), in which He likened their lies & their evil to the way leaven spreads through bread, spreads through the dough. And because leaven was such a type of sin & evil & lies, etc.--because the Old Testament worship was so much typology--it was forbidden that leaven should be put into sacramental bread that was used for holy ceremonies, etc., just as an illustration to the people--watch out for the leaven of the liars & the Pharisees & the hypocrites!
       20. THAT'S ONE OF THEIR BIGGEST STOCKS IN TRADE--LIES & EVIL PROPAGANDA & EVEN TWISTING OF THE TRUTH, taking something that we've actually said or published & twisting it. And some of that they won't even have to twist for that matter, because much of what we say & publish is already offensive to Systemites. [DELETED] [EDITED: "Our"] friends can't risk their necks for us, as we have found out before, if they are shown certain materials & certain arguments & certain so-called new information about what these people are really like[DELETED], blah blah. "How can you be a friend of theirs? If you're a friend of theirs, you're no friend of Caesar's, your laws, the System!"
       21. WELL, I'M NOT ANSWERING QUESTIONS TODAY, I'M POSING THE PROBLEMS. I'm asking you the questions. And that is the feeling I got off of those two articles, that a new campaign has begun, stirred up by our enemies, the anti-Christs. They feel they have enough new ammunition now, enough new material to warrant it & to make the accusations believable & to make them serious enough that it can infuriate the public & incense the government & inspire them to crack down on us, find us, prosecute us, take our children away, whatever they can do. I just have that feeling.
       22. MAYBE I'M OVERLY FEARFUL, MAYBE I'M TOO SUSPICIOUS, BUT I GET THOSE KINDS OF WARNING FEELINGS SOMETIMES & USUALLY THEY PROVE TRUE!--As a warning of the Holy Spirit, a check of the Holy Spirit that we'd better watch out, in this case that a new campaign is beginning to really try to get us & nail us if they can, especially if they can push it to find me & you & our children.
       23. THEY KNOW & THE DEVIL KNOWS THAT OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR GREATEST ASSET & OUR GREATEST TESTIMONY & OUR GREATEST SERMON. The World would rather see a sermon than to hear one any day, & so they & the Devil, Satan, hate our children & they know they couldn't hurt us any more, not even by killing us, than they could hurt us by taking away our children, as they have already done in some cases. Quite a few of our parents have lost their children to Systemite mates, grandparents & relatives or even governments.
       24. SO I'M JUST ASKING YOU TO BEWARE & I'M WARNING YOU OF THE POSSIBILITY, because I have that feeling because of these various attacks in various places working around on the fringes, building their case, building the sentiment of the people, building sympathy, building an attitude, propagandising, whipping up, in this case, a war fervour against us like they tried to do with the Jonestown thing & the sex & cults, etc.
       25. THEY REALLY GOT ALL THE MILEAGE THEY POSSIBLY COULD OUT OF THAT UNTIL FINALLY IT DIDN'T ACCOMPLISH WHAT THEY WANTED TO DO & IT PETERED OUT. After a year or two they found out we weren't all committing suicide, we weren't all doing some crazy terrible things & killing each other, etc., so it didn't prove true. It scared people for awhile & they were ready to attack & it was on television & radio, newspapers, magazines, books, everything, & everybody was scared to death of the cults! But in the process of time it proves that all of their fears are foolish fancies & lies & God gives the public something else to worry about. So the heat cools off & they forget.
       26. BUT OUR ENEMIES DON'T FORGET, & THE DEVIL DOESN'T FORGET, so at the next good opportunity, if they've got something new that they think they can pin on us & stir up sentiment about & they've got something that's a hot item now that's really catching on, that the newspapers like to publish & governments like to get upset about & worry about, they'll use it! And I just have a feeling if there's anything in this World that they could use to stir up hatred for us, it is that, & I believe they're working on it wherever they can.
       27. ALL THE LATEST ARTICLES HAVE BEEN PLAYING THAT TUNE, SINGING THAT DIRGE, that we are the lowest, vilest, filthiest, nastiest people on Earth. [DELETED]
       28. [DELETED] [EDITED: "A"]s far as they're concerned we have done everything wrong in the sight of the System, [DELETED] infuriating them, stirred up by the Devil & our enemies to endeavour to trap us & find us & fight us & do all they can against us. And I think this sounds to me & begins to look to me like a new campaign. It kind of lay quiet for quite a long time, they couldn't think of anything else to really get enough interest of the public to shock'm enough & to be newsworthy enough to really catch on & catch fire, but I think they probably have found it now.
       29. WE NEED TO [DELETED] HAVE PEOPLE REPORT SUCH THINGS, REPORT THE KIND OF PUBLICITY THAT'S GOING ON & THE KIND OF ARTICLES. It's not always safe to send them in, I don't particularly like that, but they should report them & tell us about it where they are getting waves of very bad publicity, this very low, shit-type publicity, the lowest kind of lies that they can tell. We need to get indications of the Devil's devices & what he's up to & what he's trying to do & his plans & tactics so that we can be prepared & on our guard against them & secure our walls & fortifications so that he is unable to find a breach & attack & cause damage.
       30. WELL, TO SAY THE LEAST, THE NEWS IS A LITTLE WORRISOME. It's bad enough about the atomic bombs & the coming War & the Crash & the Antichrist & all the rest, but now they're starting to get specific & are starting a campaign of propaganda & publicity against us or even against other situations similar in other groups that they could claim are similar so that they can finally tighten the noose & tighten the strings in the net, not only amongst others that they would catch & that they really don't care anything about, but hoping that they can draw in the net & find we're in it somewhere!
       31. SO IT'S A VERY SERIOUS SITUATION IF THIS IS TRUE THAT THEY'RE STARTING A RENEWED CAMPAIGN, TO SAY THE LEAST, OF ANTI-"US" PROPAGANDA & BAD PUBLICITY, & it's quite obvious that it has begun some places, particularly in Europe. I don't know about the U.S. & I don't know about South America. They've tried it there several times but it never seemed to take hold very well & we're still going strong there. But people in Europe are having quite a problem. I don't know just what the score is in the U.S., apparently there's hardly anybody there that they're afraid of any more, so they're not worried too much about the people who stay there. I guess they figure they're either backsliders or not very active members & they're not going to do much harm. Besides, they've got a lot of other things to worry about.
       32. BUT IN EUROPE WE'RE STILL PRETTY ACTIVE & THEY'RE TRYING TO DRIVE US OUT & the persecution is no doubt the hand of God as well to try to get those people out of dangerous Europe & get'm to the field. But when that sort of thing starts on the field, then it could get serious.
       33. I JUST WANT TO WARN YOU THAT THIS IS ONE OF THE DEVIL'S COMMON TACTICS & IT'S AS OLD AS THE BIBLE. Look how they got Daniel & there are several other cases of it, including Jesus. It's just a miracle that Daniel lived as long as he did. In fact, if the Lord hadn't sent a few other miracles along to save him, he probably wouldn't have. So with that in mind & with that situation in mind & with that possibility & potential threat in mind, what I'm asking you is this: What do you think generally speaking our Family ought to do, & specifically speaking, even us personally?
       34. CERTAIN CHARGES ARE DIFFICULT TO PROVE, they've got to have positive proof, evidence, testimony of things like [DELETED] contributing to the delinquency of a minor & all the various kinds of names they've got & all kinds of laws they've got which seem on the surface very good laws to protect children. How could anybody object to that? It's like objecting to motherhood, the flag or apple pie! Of course you want to protect children, of course children must be protected from abuse & being beaten & improperly raised in the wrong atmosphere by the wrong kind of parents.
       35. OF COURSE YOU KNOW WHAT THE SYSTEM ALREADY THINKS ABOUT ANY KIND OF SEX! The Church virtually frowns on it all & makes it all sin, [DELETED] that's the way they look at it, because they are still geared to the Church concept & their religious concept of these things. The Devil's been harping on this subject for thousands of years to prejudice people from the very first day in the Garden against sex & against nudity & against children, etc.
       36. NO WONDER THE LORD HAD TO INCREASE WOMEN'S CONCEPTION!--Not just as a part of the Curse, but to make sure that some children did survive, because the Devil was out to kill'm & stop'm if he could. If he couldn't stop sex & he couldn't stop nudity, which encourages sex, then he would certainly try to get the children, & they are his major point of attack & what he hates the most. Maybe that explains why so many children die before they're just a few years of age & a lot of this infant mortality.
       37. THE DEVIL IS REALLY OUT TO GET THE CHILDREN, TO KILL THE CHILDREN, TO NEUTRALISE THE CHILDREN, TO STOP THE CHILDREN!--Because if he can stop enough children he'll kill the whole generation & the whole World will die of genocide!--Which is no doubt why he's thought up the atomic bombs & the Atomic War. Every other tactic has failed to stop the population growth & the "population explosion" as they used to call it--although now they've found out it's really not as bad as they thought--but he just has not succeeded in putting a stop to the game of multiplication. God has still succeeded in making people have babies--or getting them to have babies whether they like them or not--& having babies & more babies & more babies! So that the World's population & its growth rate is increasing all the time. Even some of the biggest governments in the World haven't been able to stop it, like China, India & whatnot.
       38. SO THE DEVIL HAS FAILED & NOW ABOUT ALL HE CAN FIGURE OUT IS SOME WAY TO JUST TRY TO ANNIHILATE ALL THE POPULATION! This Atom War will be the first war in which millions of not only soldiers & militarists & armed forces will be killed, but millions of civilians, men who father children, women who mother them & the children themselves, to wipe them out if he can. He's out not just to get the armies of the World or any particular power, he wants to wipe'm all out if he can! And he will do it if he can, if God lets him, but of course God is not going to let him.
       39. OF COURSE, HE'D LIKE A FEW PEOPLE LEFT FOR HIS ANTICHRIST TO RULE OVER FOR AWHILE, SO HE DOESN'T EXACTLY WANT TO WIPE EVERYBODY OUT. There wouldn't be much satisfaction in being the king of an atomic World desert waste, which is one reason why I have felt that he's going to try to get into power some other way rather than over a Worldwide atomic desert.--To try to get in first by his propaganda & the Crash & economic policies or just plain war scare & somehow or another get control & offer his Peace Pact to persuade the nations, to show how smart he is that he can solve all their problems & stop all the wars & save the economy if they'll just listen to him.
       40. AND IT LOOKS TO ME LIKE IT'S TIME FOR HIM TO ARISE WITHIN THE NEXT YEAR OR TWO, CERTAINLY NO LATER THAN 1986. He's got to be revealed in order to finish up the Bible prophecies. Well, that's not far away, Beloved. But we don't have to worry about what we're going to do then, we'll probably know by that time what we have to do with 1986 just around the corner & developments probably already showing of what's going to happen.
       41. AS FAR AS I CAN SEE, SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN BETWEEN NOW & THEN WITHIN THE NEXT TWO YEARS EITHER TO STOP THE WAR OR SAVE THE ECONOMY OR BOTH, & the only thing I can see that could possibly do it would be the Antichrist & his Covenant, his brilliance, his superman intelligence & his brilliant persuasion & control of the World, for him to say, "Here, I've got the solution, I can handle it all, just sell your souls to me & I'll solve it all & we'll have a Heaven on Earth, we'll have an Earthly Utopia & Paradise right here! You don't have to wait for Heaven, you don't have to have religion, you don't have to die, you can have it all now!"
       42. IN THE WORLD'S MOST FRUSTRATED MOOD & MOST CHAOTIC STATE AMIDST THE GREAT CONFUSION, THAT WOULD BE AN OFFER THAT THEY COULD HARDLY REFUSE, LIKE A PISTOL TO THE HEAD! As the mobster said, "Give'm an offer they can't refuse!" And with the atomic pistol to the World's head & with the rug of the economy being ready to be pulled out from underneath them & with the noose already around their neck of what could happen as a result, for someone to come along with a pardon & a reprieve & an offer to remove the pistol & the hangman's noose & put something back under their feet to stand on, that would be an offer they could hardly refuse!
       43. I DON'T SEE HOW IT CAN WAIT EVEN NOW, BUT GOD KNOWS, HE CAN MAKE THE RUSSIANS VERY PATIENT. Maybe they haven't got all of their missiles situated yet. While the U.S. is busy deploying its missiles, the Russians too have to get themselves in position for the strike. So it could take a little while yet before they could be sure that they're going to win & feel ready to push the button. So we hope there's a little time yet.
       44. THEY SAID IN THE FAMOUS MOVIE "ON THE BEACH," THAT LAST BANNER WAVING IN THE BREEZE, "THERE'S STILL TIME, BROTHER!"--Actually an Australian movie, I think. "Waltzing Matilda" was the theme song & it was about Australians by Australians I think, a submarine crew that survived the World atomic disaster & came back to find their homes deserted & everybody dead. But there was still a sign flapping in the breeze, which was the point of the whole movie & the message to you, & that was: "There's still time, brother!"
       45. WELL, I'M HOPING & PRAYING THAT THERE'S STILL TIME, BROTHER, & I'M SURE GOD'S GOING TO DO EVERYTHING HE CAN TO MAKE TIME & help it to last a little longer, especially for us & our sake & our families & children & our materials that they need in their hands, to survive the holocaust, even if they never get another thing from us. So I believe something's gotta give, or somebody's gotta give within the next few months.
       46. WE KNOW SOMETHING'S GOTTA HAPPEN WITHIN THE NEXT TWO YEARS & I DON'T SEE HOW THE WORLD ECONOMY IS GOING TO LAST EVEN THAT LONG AT THE RATE IT'S GOING! The Crash of '79, the book that guy wrote, was a little premature. It looked so bad to him then he thought surely it was going to happen by '79. Well, here it is '83 & God's had mercy & they're still clinging on by their fingernails by doing unheard of things that banks have never done before, extending & extending loans & loaning them more money to even pay them back & pay them interest & pulling it out of one pocket to stick it in the other! They don't want not only corporations, but whole governments to go crash, because then they wouldn't get anything out of it!
       47. IT'S KIND OF LIKE MY FATHER-IN-LAW DID DURING THE DEPRESSION. T.B. Miller & Sons had built a whole subdivision, Asbury Park I think it was called, out in the beautiful suburbs of the bluegrass section of Louisville next to the golf course, fine homes, sold'm on a loan basis, down payments, monthly payments, credit deals on terms like so many builders do, hoping, of course, to get their money out of all of it in the long run & meanwhile have a steady income. They had borrowed money to build'm to begin with & they had to meet payments too.
       48. BUT WHEN THE CRASH CAME & THE DEPRESSION ARRIVED, PEOPLE COULDN'T MEET THEIR PAYMENTS, COULDN'T PAY THEIR RENT. Well, if they'd gone out there & just foreclosed on those people & evicted them & kicked them out, there was no market to sell the houses & people didn't even have the money to rent'm. So if the people already in'm couldn't pay for'm & couldn't rent'm, how could they expect to kick those people out & go to all that trouble & make a lot of enemies & go to a lot of court costs, then on top of it be unable to sell or rent the houses anyhow!
       49. SO THEY WERE SMART, THEY WERE GODLY MEN, T.B. MILLER & SONS, ONE OF THE SONS HAPPENING TO BE MY FIRST WIFE'S FATHER, CARL MILLER. They sent their agents around to the people who couldn't make their payments & said, "Well, how much can you pay? What can you pay a month?"--Better something rather than nothing & they settled for whatever the people figured they could afford to pay. They sat down with them & discussed their income, discussed their financial situation & made very merciful & very wise deals with all these homeowners, really home-borrowers. So they managed to survive when many other builders & developers were going down the drain because they were too greedy & thought they'd foreclose & evict them & re-sell & re-rent, blah blah, when there was no market & nobody had any money. The Millers were thankful for what they could get out of them, at least a little, rather than nothing at all.
       50. EVEN THE BIG [DELETED] BANKERS IN MIAMI AFTER THE BOOM BURST DID THE SAME THING, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! They had a special name for it. "Pro-rated" I think they called it, pro-rated the loans or amortized the loans, is that the term? They made deals with the people who had bought all this property at high prices during the boom & people nearly sold their souls to them in order to pay'm off.
       51. BUT WHEN THEY FOUND THAT THINGS GOT SO BAD THE PEOPLE COULDN'T MEET THE PAYMENTS, MANY OF THE BANKS CUT THE PAYMENTS IN HALF, cut'm way down to a fraction of what they were, but extended the loan time. Of course in some ways they made more money that way because the longer people borrowed the money the more interest it gained & the banks of course made more money in the long run. As always, the big banking boys, the big money boys never lose. [DELETED] They won out in the long run. And people in that case who still couldn't even pay anything, they got the property back from them along with what they'd already paid & pretty soon the [EDITED: "money boys"] owned Miami & Miami Beach! One way or the other they get it all.
       52. THEY'RE NOT SATISFIED WITH PART OF IT, THEY WANT IT ALL, JUST LIKE ISRAEL WANTS ALL OF PALESTINE. They're not satisfied with two-thirds of it, part of it, not willing to give the Arabs even a little tiny smidgen of it, they want it all! And by being too greedy they're probably going to lose it all before long, according to the Bible.
       53. WELL, IN THIS CASE THE [EDITED: "MONEY BOYS"] WERE PRETTY SMART IN MIAMI, THEY WANTED IT ALL & THEY GOT IT ALL, BUT I WONDER WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN IN THE FUTURE. That's the best possible place that Castro's troops could land & the quickest possible place to attack. With the deployment of more missiles, who knows but what the missiles are going to be deployed some places where the U.S. forbad'm before.
       54. IN FACT, WE HAD MISSIONARIES IN CUBA AT THE TIME OF THE CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS who swore up & down that only some of the missiles were shipped out so that the Americans could inspect the ships & see they were being shipped back, but that many of them were hidden in the huge salt mines & caves in central Cuba. And of course the launch pads which they had so carefully built were left intact & ready.
       55. SO WITH SUFFICIENT PROVOCATION & EXCUSE, WHO KNOWS BUT WHAT THEY'LL PULL'M OUT & THEY'LL BE READY. And of course they don't even need those now, all they need are the submarines & a few friendly countries down there outside of Cuba for that matter. I've always said that they'd probably begin in the Caribbean & after they had enough countries there to act as beachheads & launching pads stocked with enough men & munitions, the follow-up attack would be after the atomic attack on the U.S. had blotted out the government & all of its armed forces & most of the resistance. They then have to have ground troops, land forces, to land & march in & take over.
       56. WHAT'S THE GOOD OF JUST LETTING THE DESOLATED COUNTRY SIT THERE, WHAT'S THE GOOD OF CONQUEST IF YOU DON'T CONQUER? They have got to have infantry & ground forces to move in & muscle in & take what's left & take over the government & really take the territory. So of course those Caribbean countries are the best, nearest possible bases with the greatest proximity, with Havana only 90 miles from Key West. And Key West has now become, as a result, a big military base, huge air & naval base, & about half the population, I understand, are military now, & the other half Sodomites! So that's going to be one of the primary places they're going to strike.
       57. ANYHOW, IT'S HAPPENING, BUT THEY'VE GOT TO GET THINGS IN PLACE & READY, ETC. So I'm hoping & praying, & I know we all are, that things will last long enough for us to get a lot of these major projects done & missionaries in place in the South where they can attempt to survive & hope that we will survive it. And we know, of course, that some will, because some people are going to be here till the Lord comes, thank the Lord! Amen?
       58. BUT MEANWHILE THE DEVIL IS NOT ASLEEP, HE HASN'T QUIT, HE HASN'T GIVEN UP! He & his people are still after us, they still hate us & they still want to stop us because we're exposing them to the whole World. Every little GN that goes out, every little WND that goes out blows them no good, so they are furious like they were at Daniel, like they were at Moses, like they were at Jesus, like they were at the Early Apostles, like they were at the Reformers. It's a miracle of God that any of those people ever survived, but some of them did & carried on & they got God's purpose accomplished.
       59. YOU COULD HARDLY HAVE FOUND A MORE HOPELESS SITUATION THAN DANIEL'S OR JESUS' OR THE EARLY APOSTLES' OR LUTHER WHEN ALL THE GOVERNMENTS WERE OUT TO GET'M, INCLUDING THE WHOLE GREAT POWER OF ROME!--With edicts out & ten different persecutions out to kill'm & slaughter'm & get rid of'm! Instead they just multiplied & multiplied & multiplied because of their faithful witness & testimony. The more the Devil tried to crush'm the more they multiplied, & that's what should happen to us.
       60. WE SHOULD BE WINNING SOULS & DISCIPLES SO FAST NOW, FASTER THAN THE DEVIL CAN SLAUGHTER US, FASTER THAN HE CAN CATCH UP WITH US OR STOP US! In fact, the Lord Himself prophesied "They Cannot Stop Our Rain!" (No.128.) They'll never stop it! We'll keep on going & we'll keep on winning & prospering & propagating & multiplying until Jesus comes, because that's His purpose. But that doesn't stop'm from trying. They can't stop our rain, but they're still trying.
       61. SO IN THIS NEW PROPAGANDA WAVE IN THIS NEW FORM OF ATTACK WITH THIS PARTICULAR PHASE & TYPE OF PUBLICITY & PROPAGANDA & CHARGES, ETC., ABOUT CHILDREN & THEIR PARENTS, WHAT SHOULD WE DO? What kind of preparations should we make? What can we do to protect ourselves? What advice would you give the Family? (Peter: I suggest that they go to the mission fields for a starter. [DELETED]) Right! And that's what we've been trying hard to do, to get'm out of those dangerous areas [DELETED] where the persecution is the worst & the opposition is the strongest & get out to the mission field where God will bless them more & protect them better, etc.
       62. GOD IS EVEN SOMETIMES BEHIND THE PERSECUTION TO SHOVE'M OUT. The Lord even allowed Herod to raise up the sword against the Early Church to drive them out of Jerusalem & scatter'm far & wide so they'd get out & do the job Jesus told them to do, "Go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature!" And it says then that they went everywhere preaching the Gospel as a result. (Acts 8:4)
       63. THEY GOT AS FAR AS ANTIOCH & ESTABLISHED A WHOLE NEW BASE FOR THE CHURCH, a missionary church, not a sit-down-&-discuss society splitting theological hairs over controversial doctrines between the Jews & Judaism in the center of the anti-Christ government of the day, of the Jews, Jerusalem, but out where they could do some good with the people that would receive it, the Gentiles, & who heard them gladly & "received Christ with joy" as God's Word says. Even Paul finally got the point & got fed-up & said, "From henceforth I'm going to go to the Gentiles since you won't listen any more!" (Ac.18:6.) Well, the Lord had been telling that to His Prophets for years.
       64. WAY BACK AS FAR AS EZEKIEL HE SAID, "I HAVE SENT YOU, SON OF MAN, TO THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL, BUT THEY WILL NOT HEAR THEE, they won't heed it, they won't pay any attention, because Israel is a stiff-necked, hard-hearted people & their foreheads are as flint against thee. But fear not for their faces because I have sent you to them to warn the house of Israel first anyhow, whether they will hear or whether they will forbear!" Read it!--The first three chapters of Ezekiel.
       65. SO POOR EZEKIEL HAD ONE OF THE TOUGHEST JOBS IN THE BIBLE, ALONG WITH MOST OTHER PROPHETS, PREACHING FIRST TO THE CHURCH, TO THE SO-CALLED SUPPOSED BELIEVERS, THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL. Because every time God wants to raise up a new people, a new generation, new bottles to do what He really wants'm to do, He has to first give the old bottles a chance & sock it to'm & break'm up in pieces so that the new bottles can take their place.--And He's done it every time, including with us. Amen? It may not look like we've broken their bottles, but we sure have. The churches may look like they're still intact but they're not accomplishing anything. But we are, thank the Lord, so let's hope we have the time!
       66. BUT WHAT SHOULD WE DO TO PROTECT OURSELVES? First of all [DELETED] go to the field. OK! Then what? What if they start attacking on the field? I'm following this thought: How can you particularly protect yourself against attacks upon your family & your family relationships & your children? What are two of the most important things you can do to try to prevent them from [EDITED: "harassing"] you?
       67. I WOULD SAY NUMBER ONE, OF COURSE, AS YOU'VE ALREADY SAID, GO TO THE FIELD, BUT WHAT ABOUT THE FIELD? Some fields are tightening up & some have already had a lot of persecution. We've had in some places as many as 40 of our folks rounded up in one fell swoop or several swoops, like in [EDITED: "one country"] & other places, put in jail until the parents & the children got all sorted out. Remember?
       68. THE FIRST THING THEY WANT TO KNOW, OF COURSE, IS ARE YOU ONE OF THEM?--And it's pretty impossible to deny it when they've got the proof & the literature & everything else & your files right there. Then they want to know, "Are you guilty of all these things? First of all, you parents, are you married? Are you legal parents?--Legal custodians of these children? Do they bear your name? Can you prove it?" Are you married as they think a fit father & mother should be? Mating & betrothal doesn't count with the System, legal marriage & the same name, that's the only thing that counts, & with children of the same name.--Unless you've got some mighty good excuses or reasons that you can prove to them that they're your children even if they haven't got the same name. "Are you married? Are these your children? Do they have your name? And if not, why not? So whose are they? How do we know they're yours? How can you prove it? Well, we'll just take'm along until you furnish us with the proof, until you can show us somehow."
       69. THIS IS A COMMON PRACTICE, COMMON TACTIC, NOTHING NEW! It's been done before, thousands of times. It's happened, no doubt, throughout all ages. Within my memory it happened frequently all the time to the Pentecostals. They took the father or the mother or both & put'm in insane asylums & said they were crazy for talking in other languages, etc. They took their children away & either gave'm to their grandparents who hated their parents & hated their new religion, just as 10:36er then as they have been with us & are still, there was no difference in those days, or gave the children to one mate or the other, husband or wife, depending on which one was System & which one was "crazy."
       70. WHEN DEAR SHEP, CHARLES SHEPHERD, THE HEAD OF THE WITNESSING DEPARTMENT OF THE SOUL CLINIC FIRST GOT SAVED & FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT & went around chattering in tongues all over the house & even in the bathtub, his wife had him committed & gained custody of the children. Now mind you, he was a fairly well-to-do brilliant graduate architect with a big business, & if he hadn't been smart & had smart lawyers, he might be there yet! But I've heard of many an old parent & many a child who never got out, who are still there!
       71. THAT'S ONE PLACE THEY CAN KEEP YOU FOREVER, IN THE BOOBY-HATCH, IN THE INSANE ASYLUM! They don't call'm such names as "crazy house" any more, they call them Psychiatric Wards. I notice they've even found fancy new names for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers. I notice that Elisabeth Taylor has just gone to the Center established by Betty Ford where she was cured & to which they apparently heavily gave money & endowed, & they built quite a center there now which is nicely named something about those who have problems with chemicals, something like the Chemical Aberration Society. I think I'm going to put it in the WND. I've forgotten the exact name, but it doesn't mention drugs or alcohol. Alcoholics was a nice new name for drunks, but now they don't even dare call'm alcoholics or drug addicts, they're just having "chemical problems."--Something wrong with your bodily chemistry, you know? Got a few too many chemicals in it!
       72. SO THEY'VE PUT A LOT OF THESE PEOPLE, EVEN THE RICH, INTO NICE RICH ONES WHERE IT'S LIKE LIVING IN A HOTEL & well-cared-for with a nice like-a-hotel room, well-fed, beautiful grounds, like living on a lovely estate. No more family or financial worries, the children have taken it all or the parents have taken it all & provided for them for the rest of their lives & are willing to pay for it even, or in some cases just put it on the expense of the State. The only thing was, they couldn't get out. And "crazy" people have a hard time proving they're not crazy.
       73. (MARIA: WHY WOULD THE LORD ALLOW ANYONE TO STAY THERE FOREVER?) Well Honey, the Lord allows a lot of things, afflictions & sicknesses & imprisonment & fire & sword & a lot of things you find in the Bible. Why does He allow them? (Maria: But not usually completely permanent. Like with our Family, we've gotten taken in lots of times, but they always get out.) Thank God! The Lord's been very good to us.
       74. BUT IN THE DAYS OF EARLY PENTECOST I HEARD OF LOTS OF CASES, ESPECIALLY THE OLD FOLKS, THAT IF THE CHILDREN PUT THE OLD FOLKS IN, THEY STAYED IN! Of course, it wasn't long till they died anyhow. Well who knows? Maybe the Lord spared'm from having to live with those fiendish kids & worry about it all, they went to a nice peaceful place to live. Of course, there are a lot of other real genuinely crazy people there, nuts & loonies & real wild people, some of them actually dangerous, so it's not always peaceful. But some of those places only take nice cases who are not violent & who simply are a little off, such as the Pentecostals or us or something like that.
       75. SO YOU'VE GOTTA WATCH OUT FOR THE DEVIL & HIS OUTFIT! They've got all kinds of ideas, & as I used to say, as many different tactics as a dog has fleas! But what can we do to try to prevent them? We can't always prevent their attacks, but to try to prevent their charges sticking or our getting stuck in their clutches or our children getting taken away from us permanently.
       76. I WOULD SUGGEST TO THE FAMILY THAT ANY FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN PARTICULARLY, MAKE SURE THAT THE MOTHER & FATHER WHO ARE IN CUSTODY OF THE CHILDREN ARE LEGALLY MARRIED. They won't even let unmarried people adopt children out of orphanages, etc., & in our case they're less likely to let the parents keep the children if they're not even married. So it would be wise to get the children's names put in their name in some way if they can.

       [EDITED: "..."]

       79. OF COURSE, IN ALL OF THE CASES WHERE OUR GIRLS HAVE HAD WHAT WE CALL "JESUS BABIES" or even children of known Family members but were not married legally, we have recommended that the mother register the birth of the child in her own name, & this is permitted in nearly all countries. Even unmarried mothers can register the child in her own maiden name or whatever her name is & thereby assume custody of the child legally. Thereby the child also has her name which makes it a lot easier to go through immigration checks or home checks [DELETED] or God knows what! She's got the papers to prove that she's the mother & to prove that that child is hers.
       80. OTHERWISE, IF YOU DON'T HAVE SUCH PAPERS & YOU CAN'T PROVE IT, THERE IS NOTHING IN THIS WORLD YOU CAN DO OUTSIDE OF SOME MIRACLE OF GOD TO PREVENT THEM FROM TAKING THOSE CHILDREN AWAY FROM YOU, because they don't know who the parents are & you can't prove who they are, which is the most likely case in which they may remove your children. Even an immigration check could reveal the fact that your children are not in your name & bring up the question of who has legal custody. Do you have any kind of papers to show that either those children are yours or you're the legal custodian? If not, in the case of an attack of the enemy, they're most likely to take them away from you!
       81. AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, THAT'S ALMOST THE WORST THING THEY COULD POSSIBLY DO TO ANY OF US! I think that would about break my heart, break theirs, maybe even kill me!--Or I'd feel like [EDITED: "resisting the authorities"] who tried to take'm & that would get me in even more trouble! Because you can't fight City Hall, you can't fight the System, there're too many of them, they're too big, they're too strong. So what if you [EDITED: "resisted"] one officer & got away with it, then you're in more trouble than ever!
       82. SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? If you're not married & your children don't have your name nor your husband's name, how are you going to prove to the authorities they're yours, that you have any legal hold on'm whatsoever? And if you can't prove it & you haven't got the papers to show it, they can say, "What is this child doing here with you, anyhow?" "Well, I'm its mother!" "Yeah?--Prove it! Show me! Where are the papers? They've all got different names & none of'm are yours!" (Maria: Well, in that case you'd better try to have a Power-of-Attorney from somebody whose name the child does have.)
       83. YOU HAD BETTER HAVE SOME KIND OF PAPER TO PROVE THAT YOU ARE THE LEGAL CUSTODIAN OR GUARDIAN. Because where a country, due to problems along this line, is beginning to tighten its borders against children going in or out without proper papers, you could lose your children right at the border! Some of our Family have been very very blessed & miraculously protected thus far & have managed to cross many borders without proper papers for the children accompanying them or in their custody, because they had no legal proof whatsoever that those children were supposed to travel with them.
       84. TO SHOW YOU HOW THE ENEMY WORKS, WHEN WE WERE IN SPAIN, FOR EXAMPLE, THEY TIGHTENED UP & several incidents happened [EDITED: "in the news"] where mothers ran off with the children. It so happens that Spain is a male chauvinist country, at least was at that time, & the mothers had little or no rights on the children, the fathers had every right. In the case of separations--there were no divorces--but in separations the father was given legal custody & by law was the only one who had legal custody of the children. So they would stop the mothers trying to get out of the country at the border, take away their children & ship'm back to the father or had the father come get'm.
       85. I WANT TO WARN YOU, BELOVED, & I WANT TO WARN THE WHOLE FAMILY RIGHT NOW, YOU HAD BETTER TIGHTEN UP [DELETED] tighten up your legal papers & tighten up your Family Unit & tighten your protection of your own kids, or you're apt to lose'm at the next border crossing [DELETED] or a mere little seemingly harmless passport check when they discover that you have children living in your Home or are travelling with children who have no name similar to anybody in the group!
       86. (MARIA: SO FAR THE POWER-OF-ATTORNEY LEGAL PAPER SIGNED BY SOMEONE ELSE FOR TRAVELLING HAS WORKED WITH MOST OF THE FAMILY AROUND THE WORLD, BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT A LOT OF THEM HAVE HAD TO USE.) Well, they'd better be sure they've got'm! I wonder how many of our families who have children by different names, names that are neither the father's nor the mother's name, have protective papers to prove legal custody, some kind of legal paper to show that they have a right to have those children in their custody & they have a right to take'm in & out of a country, across borders & go through immigration checks & passport checks? They had better have some kind of paper to show that they are either the mother or the father or the legal custodian of that child or those children, or they could lose'm at the very next passport check!--Either at the border or even in the home!
       87. WE HAVE BEEN THROUGH SOME OF THIS BEFORE WHERE THERE WAS A PROBLEM NOT JUST CROSSING BORDERS, BUT THEY CAME OUT & SAID THERE WERE COMPLAINTS OR THERE WERE REASONS TO CHECK US. That's the first thing they do in a foreign country, they come out for an investigation or start an investigation or just to make a simple passport check to make sure everybody's visas & passports are in order & everything as it should be. That's considered a simple routine thing. And if that happened to some people & they didn't have proper papers & there was nobody there they could prove were the mother, father or legal custodian, they could lose their children on the spot!
       88. SO I WANT TO WARN YOU, FAMILY, ALL OF YOU, THAT YOU HAD BETTER [DELETED] TIGHTEN UP YOUR FAMILY, YOUR LEGAL RELATIONSHIP, PARENTS GET MARRIED & MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PAPERS FOR YOUR CHILDREN, LEST THEY BE TAKEN AWAY FROM YOU! In some cases, even if perhaps the children have the mother's name, in some countries they could doubt that the mother's a fit parent if she's living unmarried with some other man than her husband. This has been a charge many times & people have often lost their children that way. They can claim that there's evidence & proof that she's an unfit mother because she's living illegally with another man, & therefore the children shouldn't be in the home.
       89. SO THERE ARE A LOT OF LITTLE CATCHES TO THE LAW & SNAGS & THORNS & HOOKS ON WHICH YOU MIGHT GET HUNG IF YOU DON'T WATCH YOUR STEP & make sure that your children are safe & your family setup is legal & safe & protected from harm & from the dangers of such attacks or the simplest kind of a passport check. Amen? So if you are not set up that way right now, you had better get set up somehow. You had better make sure that you have such papers, that the parents are legally married & the children have the name of at least one or the other of the parents, or both, or that you have some kind of legal papers to show that they are legally in your custody.
       90. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK THE COUPLES SHOULD BE LEGALLY MARRIED IF THERE'S [DELETED] A WEAKER MEMBER OF THE COUPLE? [EDITED: "Some"] mates that have run off with their kids because they've had'm in their name & they've been able to travel with them. But do you think that's the lesser of the two evils?) Well I suppose, of course, that every case has to be judged on its own merits & considered on its own, depending on the situation & on the mates or parents & their situation, just how secure they are & how sure they are that they're going to stay married & stay in the Family & continue to keep & take care of their children. Many factors can affect that sort of thing. But I'm just telling you that legally before the law, married parents are apt to be given preference & priority in the matter of the custody of their children who are in their name, & that's apt to be the least questioned.
       91. OF COURSE, IF YOU DON'T EVEN TRUST YOUR WIFE OR YOUR HUSBAND AS MUCH AS YOU WOULD TRUST THE LAW, then you might have to give it a second thought before you consider getting married. [DELETED]
       92. I'M JUST TELLING YOU THE GENERAL RULE, TO WHICH THERE ALWAYS CAN BE EXCEPTIONS, & that is if you are a pretty well-mated, sure-to-stay couple & sure to stick with each other & continue to take care of those children, it could be a very good idea for you to get legally married & somehow get legal papers to show that you are legal custodians of the children. But I would advise against going through adoption processes which are too strict & too legalistic for which they carry on big investigations of both parents & everything else. I would say one of the simplest methods is to simply get the legal parent whose name is the same as the child's & on the child's passport or birth certificate to sign a legal paper of some kind, such as Power-of-Attorney stating that you have a right to have that child in your custody for whatever reason, either travelling with you or living with you temporarily or whatever.
       93. EVEN THAT IS NOT GOING TO HOLD WITH SOME LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES. They're going to say, "Well, what's the big idea of this mother just dumping her child on you & running off? Just because she gave you this little piece of paper doesn't mean a thing to us! In our eyes you're not really the legal custodian & we're going to have to take the child on as a ward of the court & put him in a home & wait until the court decides what to do with him or who is the legal guardian, or wait until the parent shows up & claims him.--Or dispose of him some other way, put'm in an orphanage permanently as a ward of the State."--Particularly if they find out who & what you are, that is apt to settle the matter as far as they're concerned. (Maria: But if they don't have any questions to begin with, like when going through borders, that usually prevents them from having questions because it is accepted as a legal paper. But if they start having questions, then that paper may not hold up.) Right!
       94. IMMIGRATION OFFICIALS WITH A BIG MOB STANDING IN A LONG LINE TRYING TO SHOVE EVERYBODY THROUGH AS FAST AS THEY CAN AT BORDERS ARE NOT APT TO QUESTION. [DELETED] As long as the children were with them, they didn't even pay attention. [DELETED] But if they should question, it would be wise to produce some kind of paper to give them at least some excuse to get rid of you & pass you on so they can take care of the next person.
       95. SO MY ADVICE & COUNSEL TO THE FAMILY & ALL OF US IS THAT WE HAD BETTER TIGHTEN UP [DELETED], because it would be a tragic thing in most cases if you gave the government some excuse to come along & take your child or children away from you & put them in the System permanently in a permanent separation from you where you could possibly never get'm back. [DELETED] So beware!
       96. IF THESE ARE SIGNS OF A RENEWED ATTACK, a new wave of bad publicity & smear tactics & legal shenanigans to try to trap & corner us & stop us & take away our children, then we'd better watch out! We'd better make sure we are legally fixed to where we can protect ourselves with legal papers to prove that we are fit parents & these are our children & we have legal custody of them, or you may be very sad & heartbroken to find the System can literally steal them away from you & give them over to the custody of the Devil & his cohorts, putting them in an orphan home or even a juvenile delinquent home or some kind of home for wards of the court!--And even the kids in those homes are not the kind of kids I'd want my kids to associate with!
       97. OUR CHILDREN WOULD BE BROKENHEARTED SEPARATED FROM US, & WE WOULD BE BROKENHEARTED TO THINK THAT WE HAD LOST THEM TO THE DEVIL & HIS SYSTEM! It would be a heartbreaking, heartrending thing to lose our children because of our own carelessness & our own lack of preparation & our own procrastination in preparing protection for them. What do you think? So may God help us.
       98. LORD, YOU KNOW THIS PROBLEM & HOW SERIOUS IT IS! We know that the Enemy is attacking & it looks like he's on a new wave of attacks against us, raising up new propaganda & lots of old & finding new channels of publicity to try to influence people against us & turn governments against us to try to catch us & trap us & attack us where we are in some cases most vulnerable because of our freedoms & our free life, & in many cases, occasional changes of mates & even taking care of others' children, Lord, to where we would have difficulty if there were a serious immigration check of any kind, either in the home or at the border, to where people could actually lose their children or even be charged in some ways as well.
       99. SO LORD JESUS HELP US, IN JESUS' NAME! BLESS US & KEEP US & PROTECT US, & MOST OF ALL PROTECT OUR PRECIOUS, SWEET, DEAR, INNOCENT LITTLE CHILDREN who are so cloistered, in most cases, & protected from the World! How horrible it would be to have them suddenly thrust into Worldly homes or System orphanages without their parents, with nothing but nurses or even worse! My Lord, bless & keep us & protect us & help this never to happen to any of us, if possible, certainly never because of someone's carelessness & failure to protect them!
       100. IF WE HAVE DONE ALL WE CAN DO, LORD, WE KNOW THAT YOU'LL DO THE REST, AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. And if it even comes to the impossible, Lord, You're an expert at that. For with Thee nothing shall be impossible & all things are possible to those that believe. (Lk.1:37; Mk.9:23) So help us, Lord, to believe & do all we can & trust You for the impossible, to do the rest that we cannot, to protect us & our Homes & our mates & most of all our precious children, in Jesus' name. Amen! PTL!
       101. OUR CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE! As the Lord told me not long ago, they are the future, we must protect them. So God bless & keep us & them & I trust you're doing your best to protect your children. In protecting your children you're protecting God's Work, you're protecting the future of God's Work. So God help us to protect our children!
       102. [DELETED] So we'd better tighten up [DELETED] as quick as we can to protect us all from a new onslaught of the Enemy.--So that our poor, helpless, innocent little children will not fall victims to them, & worst of all, to our own carelessness! In Jesus' name, amen! Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family