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THE DANGERS OF BECOMING GODS!--WHOSE Gods? DFO 170211/7/78--Discussion of a book on getting rid of negative thoughts!

1. (MARIA: THERE'S ONE WAY YOU CAN TELL THAT MAYBE IT'S NOT THE LORD, the things she says in her book, because she's giving herself all the credit for everything.) That's for sure! She gives herself the credit, self-worship! That was the first temptation of the Devil: "Ye shall be as gods" (Gen.3:5), & that's what man has become today, like gods that worship themselves! (Maria: I could see that because she says, "People who successfully complete the 7-day mental diet by rejecting all negative thoughts from their mind...") How could you do that?
2. THE ONLY WAY TO GET RID OF DARKNESS IN A ROOM IS BY TURNING ON A LIGHT, LETTING THE LIGHT IN! What light has she got to get rid of all these negative thoughts? The Bible says, "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee." (Isa.26:3) The only person who can have perfect peace & perfectly positive thoughts & no negative thoughts is somebody who keeps his mind on Jesus all the time!--And even we get tempted with negative thoughts! (Maria: So how does she do it?)
3. I DON'T BELIEVE SHE DOES IT! NOBODY IS ABLE TO DO IT! SHE'S A LIAR! (Maria: She said, "When I finished it, my way of thinking definitely had changed.") She couldn't have gone seven days without one negative thought! I don't even go one day without a few negative thoughts, because the Devil's always on the job giving you negative thoughts. (Maria: She said when they'd start coming to her she'd reject them right there.) How? By what power? How could she? Sounds like her whole thing is without the Lord!--Just self!
4. I BELIEVE A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO WORSHIP THEMSELVES LIKE THAT, LITERALLY ARE WORSHIPPING THE DEVIL!--Because he's in control of them & he deceives them into thinking that it's their power & their subconscious & it's their spirit, their ego trip, & that they are the god they're worshipping, when it's really him! Honey, with all you've got to read, how come you read books like that? (Maria: Well, we got a good lesson out of it!)
5. WATCH OUT FOR THE DEVIL! HE GOES ABOUT AS A ROARING LION SEEKING WHOM HE MAY DEVOUR!--And sometimes he runs around like a wolf in sheep's clothing! I don't think I ever think about wolves in sheep's clothing but what I think about the preachers & the religious leaders who deceive the people!
6. PEOPLE WHO WORSHIP THEIR MINDS ARE WORSHIPPING THEMSELVES, & if they're worshipping themselves they're literally worshipping the gods of this World, "ye shall be as gods", & those kinds of gods work for the Devil! So I'd be leery of anybody who talks about their mind power or their own mental power etc.
7. (MARIA: IF THEY DON'T GIVE THE GLORY TO JESUS THEN IT'S WRONG ANYWAY.) Absolutely! She's glorifying herself, whatever she calls it. She's saying it's part of her self, her higher self. We never talk about God as being our higher self--the Bible speaks against self all the way through the Bible! Selfishness is the worship & love of self, the very opposite of the Love of God & others!
8. THIS IS THE WHOLE RELIGION OF THE DEVIL FROM THE VERY BEGINNING IN GENESIS, was to get them to worship THEMSELVES instead of GOD, & that's just the point Man has come to today, to worship himself: "Behold, I have become a god! Worship me!"--And that's what finally the whole World is going to do, worship ONE MAN!--The ANTICHRIST!

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