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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

WE'RE "MORE THAN CONQUERORS!" DFO 170312/83--Looking Like Losers!--But Give GOD the Glory!

1. THIS IS YOUR TRAINING RIGHT NOW--THE LORD IS PREPARING YOU TO HELP HIM RUN THE WORLD! I won't say you're in kindergarten--I'd say the Church is in kindergarten or even pre-kindergarten--but at least we're in the first few grades & we're getting along to where we might get to Junior High School yet! Maybe we won't really get to High School until the Millennium, because we've still got a lot to learn to run this World & it's going to be a big job! That's what we're doing right now, & if we'll be faithful in our jobs right now with these few things He's given us to do, He's going to make us rulers over many things! If we're faithful in a few cities, He'll give us many cities. (Lk.19:17.)--Amen! HAL! TYJ!
2. IN A WAY, WE'RE ALREADY RUNNING THE WORLD! "Oh," you say, "Dad, now that is really stretching it!"--Ha! Well, when God runs history & the course of events according to what we do & our efforts & choices & how much of our job we get done & how well we do it & how we do it & where & when we do it, if He is guiding the course of time & the events of history according to us, then we're a pretty powerful influence on World History right now!--Particularly if He's withholding the forces of Antichrist until we get as much of this job done as we can!
3. I WAS THRILLED THIS MORNING TO READ HOW THE JESUS REVOLUTION IS SWEEPING RUSSIA NOW! I don't know whether you've read it or not, but it was in the new Family Specials Book. (Bk.7, pg.99) It's no longer the FN Magazine, it's the Family Specials Book, or whatever you want to call it. It's a Book, so don't even associate it with the FNs any more. The FNs are the little 32-pagers of current Family News, run-of-the-mill, that we push through as fast as we can. The Family Specials Book is special Family News & important articles for the Family & instructions & how-to-do-it & all kinds of things. It's really inside information, really D.O. stuff is what I'd say.
4. FROM NOW ON WE'RE GOING TO TRY TO DESIGN THE FN MAGAZINE, these little fast-moving News Magazines, so that they can be DFO, shared with friends, supporters, families & outsiders who are really good friends & loyal. As I said, they'll make a good--not PR tool, not public relations, but Friend relations--FR tool!
5. WHEN YOU READ THOSE YOU REALISE WHAT TREMENDOUS WORK WE'RE DOING THROUGHOUT THE WORLD! I just marvel at it! You know it's God, you know it's the Lord, you know it couldn't be anybody but Jesus! It has almost nothing to do with me, all I did was start the ball rolling, that's all, & try to kind of give it a little push every now & then when it slows down & keep it going. Once in awhile I have to give it a kick in the pants, so it keeps rolling & you are doing marvellously!
6. I JUST MARVEL, MARVEL, MARVEL! I DON'T FEEL WORTHY OF ANY ONE OF YOU, NOT ONE OF YOU! YOU'RE ALL MARVELS TO ME, YOU'RE ALL MIRACLES! I know you're works of the Lord! I know you're supernatural miracles of God, because I never could have done what God has done, it's all the Lord! Don't give me the credit for it. I've had little or nothing to do with it. I was just a little tool in the hand of God, just a little mouthpiece, pen or whatever you want to call me & just did whatever God told me to do & He did the rest. (Maria: Well, the Lord sure gives you a lot of credit!) Well, I doubt if I should have one fraction of one-percent credit for this whole deal, you guys are really going to be the ones who get the crowns up there!
7. FRANKLY, I'VE HAD MY REWARD JUST TO SEE WHAT GOD HAS DONE THROUGH YOU HERE! What more could I want than that?--Except to get to Heaven & have all of you there with me, thank the Lord, & enjoy it!--Really enjoy life! Just think, if life is this good now & we're already having Heaven-on-Earth here & now in our Family & as close to Heaven as you can possibly get in this life, just think how wonderful it's going to be with all this & Heaven too & without all the problems & the worries & the difficulties & the drawbacks & the diseases & the sicknesses & the opposition & the Enemy & everything else!
8. SO HEAVEN REALLY IS GOING TO BE HEAVEN, THAT'S FOR SURE! And as good as this is--& it seems like it could hardly be any better--Heaven's going to be better, a lot better! You won't have a cold then, for one thing, you won't have the runs, you won't be having persecution & a lot of other things. We'll be coming back to run the World & they'll have to obey our orders, & if they don't, zap, zip, zam, bam, whatever's necessary! That's what I tried to illustrate so simply that even the little children could understand it in the "Heaven's Girl" Book. And now I've done that so I think that's as far as I need to go with it for awhile. I tried to make it simple enough that even Techi could sit down here on my lap & read the whole thing through in ten minutes & understand it. TTL!
9. SO GOD'S REALLY PREPARING US FOR ALL THIS & IT'S A BIG JOB & WE'VE GOT TO DO IT, & I believe He is really turning the wheels of His omnipotence on infinitesimally small things, infinitesimally small pivots or bearings or fulcrums, if you understand any of those things. Gigantic wheels move on very small bearings & He's turning the wheels of His omnipotence on very small pivots, you & me. He is running history, believe it or not, to suit Himself & His Kingdom & you & what He wants to happen in view of the fact of the mess that man has made out of things.
10. HE HAD TO LET'M HAVE THEIR OWN WAY & FREE WILL TO SHOW THEM WHAT A MESS THEY WERE GOING TO MAKE & WHAT A MESS THEY'D BE WITHOUT HIM, otherwise the Universe might never have known what evil really was like & how bad it could be & how far it could go, where man & Satan would try to destroy His whole Creation! So He just had to let it happen to show the difference between good & evil & to bring out of the mess a people unto Himself that would love Him voluntarily & serve Him voluntarily & die for Him voluntarily if need be, & some people He could really love & show His love for. PTL? Amen.
11. SO I MEAN WHAT I'M SAYING, THAT WE HAVE GOT TO DO THESE THINGS, LIKE IT OR NOT, INCLUDING SUCH INFINITESIMALLY, INSIGNIFICANT LITTLE THINGS AS SAVING MONEY, saving personnel, saving housing, saving time, saving work, saving pubs, saving radio, saving whatever can be saved & put to better advantage someplace else or somehow, or if nothing else but to use it more wisely & more fruitfully & more economically & more efficiently & effectively so that we'll get more fruit out of it & more benefit, preach the Gospel more, reach more people, get more disciples, win more souls, have more Family workers & accomplish more!
12. I BELIEVE THAT THE ONLY THING HOLDING BACK THE FLOODTIDE OF INIQUITY & EVIL OF THE ANTICHRIST KINGDOM IS US! THAT'S HOW IMPORTANT YOU ARE! For God's sake, you can sure tell He's not doing it for the Churches, they're not doing anything that's threatening the Antichrist, they're not doing anything that's threatening his kingdom! They're not witnessing, they're not winning souls, very few of'm.
13. I TOLD YOU BEFORE THE PICTURE I HAD AS A LITTLE BOY & MY LITTLE MIND'S VISUALISATION OF THE CHURCH--because of the way the Church sang the hymns & the way they acted--in that Scripture about the Kingdom of God where the Lord said to Peter: "Upon this Rock I will build My Church & the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it!" (Mt.16:18.) Well, I believe I've actually seen pictures, drawings & illustrations illustrating that, of a church building like a castle, built like a fortress, with the forces of Hell pounding on its gates! It doesn't say the gates of the Church, it says the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it!--In other words, it's to be an attack of the Church on Hell, the Devil's kingdom! But I can't see where the Church is doing very much attacking nowadays, about all it's doing is rather poorly defending itself! The Devil & his forces are battering on the Churches' gates & they're backing off all the time!
14. WE'RE ONE OF THE FEW OUTFITS IN THE WHOLE WORLD THAT IS ON THE ATTACK! We are invading the Devil's territory! We are attacking the gates of Hell & we are winning!--Winning souls & winning citizens from his kingdom, & we are winning this War! And God knows Satan hates us for it, & that's why he attacks us on every hand, every way he possibly can, & tries to stop us, but he can't stop us! "They Can't Stop Our Rain!" (No.128.) They'll never stop it no matter what they do! As long as God wants us to keep going, "If God be for us, who can be against us?" (Rom.8:31.) They cannot prevail! Praise God! "No weapon that the enemy has formed against you shall prosper!" (Isa.54:17.) Nothing!
15. LOOK HOW LONG I'VE BEEN SCREAMING MY HEAD OFF ABOUT SOME OF THESE THINGS & THESE PEOPLE & OUR ENEMIES, & THEY HAVEN'T FOUND ME YET, THANK THE LORD, & THEY WON'T UNLESS IT SUITS GOD'S PURPOSE! If He wants me to be some kind of a martyr or final testimony, well, praise God! But I've been through enough already, so I've asked the Lord, if possible, that maybe I can escape that. Maybe I'm being selfish, maybe I'm asking too much, but it seems like in some ways I've had my 64 years of martyrdom already! Maybe the Lord can let me die in peace like He did Martin Luther.--He suffered his martyrdom all his life!
16. THEY'RE LOOKING AROUND FOR A MODERN MARTIN LUTHER--WHERE'VE THEY BEEN?--HE'S BEEN HERE FOR QUITE A FEW YEARS!--Ha! Hallelujah! So thank the Lord! I believe it! Even the churches are saying, "Where's our Martin Luther? We need a Martin Luther today!" Well, they won't listen to him, they won't even recognise him, they won't believe him. "A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country amongst his own kindred in his own World!" (Mt.13:57.) There have been very few that have recognised the Voice of God & His Prophet. But I believe it. Well, maybe I'm a megalomaniac & all the other names they call me, the mad guru & all that, but I'm sure convinced of it myself.
17. I KNOW IT BECAUSE I KNOW IT'S THE LORD & I KNOW IT'S NOT ME, BECAUSE I NEVER COULD HAVE ACCOMPLISHED ALL THIS! Don't give me the credit for it. Sometimes I worry about people giving me too much credit & too much praise. I don't want to accept that praise of man, because it belongs to the Lord. And you'd better believe it & you'd better remember it & keep reminding people that it's Jesus & "without Him I could do nothing", & neither can you! (Jn.15:5.)
18. WELL, HE'S USED A FEW PROPHETS & THEY DID A FEW THINGS RIGHT & THEY DID GET OUT THE WORD & THEY DID THE JOB GOD SENT'M TO DO, BUT IT WAS ALL THE LORD! They were the Lord's, they were His creation to begin with, He called'm, ordained'm, inspired'm, empowered'm & gave'm what to say, so what credit do they get? (Maria: For being faithful & obedient. The Lord gives you lots of credit for that.) There she is, always sticking up for me! (Maria: We know He did it in the first place, but....) Well, you'd better give God the credit & give the Lord the credit, & I'd better not accept the praise of man!
19. I DON'T MIND ACCEPTING YOUR THANKS IF I'VE HELPED YOU ANY, FED YOU ANY, GUIDED YOU ANY, SHOWED YOU ANYTHING & TOLD YOU WHAT THE LORD HAD TO SAY, BUT IT WAS ALL THE LORD, SO YOU'D BETTER KEEP GIVING HIM THE CREDIT. PTL? I mean it! The more praise & credit you give me now, the less I'm going to get there! Of course, I'm enjoying the fruits of my labours, & as I said, I'm getting so much praise & credit & pay-off now in all the souls won & all the people I see working when I watch those videos & I read the Magazine. I just am absolutely appalled, dumbfounded & amazed at what you guys are doing!
20. I KNOW IT'S A MIRACLE, I KNOW IT'S SUPERNATURAL! I KNOW IT'S THE LORD!--And I also know it's not me for that very reason! Well yes, He uses me, He talks to you through me & He gives you things through me & I have to not only be Prophet, but I have to be Priest & pray for you, & King & try to rule you a little bit to keep you walking a straight line & according to the rules. I'm one of the few, like King David, that had to be all three, but that's just the way it is. I didn't ask for it, I didn't want it, I even tried to get out of it, but here I am. I guess you'll just have to put up with me until I'm gone.
21. (MARIA: DID THE LORD SAY IF YOU GET CREDIT HERE YOU WON'T GET CREDIT THERE? Did He tell you that?) Well, Honey, the Bible says that if you receive the praise of man He's not going to give you the praise of God. What is the Scripture? How does it go? I'm not too good at quoting some Scriptures. (Job 32:21, Rom.2:29) (Maria: Well, does this Verse really apply in this case?) Well, there are extremes, of course, & there are degrees etc.
22. PAUL DID SAY THAT THEY OWED HIM THEMSELVES BECAUSE HE HAD WON THEM TO THE LORD & THEY OWED HIM EVERYTHING! But nevertheless it was all the Lord, so I don't think he should have taken much credit either. He was just trying to needle'm & goad'm to give! That's when he got down to the nitty gritty & really poked'm a bit & tried to pull his rank on'm & pull his credits & degrees on'm, when they didn't fork over like they should've & support him like they should've & support the Lord's work like they should've, then he had to really sock it to'm & tell'm they owed it to him!
23. (MARIA: BUT IF THE LORD SAID YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE GOD TO US...) Now wait a minute! He just said that to you, that's all! (Maria: All right, to me, but it's the same thing really. So what are we supposed to do?) Let's not get side-tracked now with all these objections. I'm telling you the facts! Well, the Prophet is the Voice of God & he might be a little like God in some ways, he should be Godly anyway, so let's leave it there, shall we? I don't want to get into a big controversy over this.
24. I EVEN STARTED WORRYING ABOUT THEM SAYING "IN JESUS' & DAVID'S NAME" & ALL THAT SORT OF THING! "In the name of Jesus & David." Oof! That really shocked me & scared me when I first heard people start saying that, but then I got a revelation from the Lord. The Lord even said, "He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward" etc. (Mt.10:41.) I never could figure that Scripture out until that came to me. In other words, you give credit where credit is due. Okay. We'll leave it there. Let's not discuss that any more, shall we?
25. I JUST WANT TO REMIND YOU, IT'S ALL THE LORD! I never could have done it, I don't feel worthy of one of you. It's amazing to me when those people get on video & thank me for this & thank me for that. I think, "My Lord, what did I ever do? All I did was just tell'm what the Lord told me to tell'm! They should be thanking the Lord, not me! I was just the instrument." (Maria: They do thank the Lord, & you!)
26. BUT I MUST ADMIT, I CAN SEE WHERE THIS GENERATION IN PARTICULAR, THE HIPPIE GENERATION, WHEN THE WORLD IS IN SUCH A HELL OF A MESS & THE CHURCH IS SUCH A HELL OF A DANDY BAD EXAMPLE, THAT THEY DID HAVE TO HAVE A LEADER! I came to that conclusion & I told that to Maria the other day. They had to have somebody they could see & hear. They had to have a man that represented God to them. They had to have somebody to lead them, somebody they could see & hear & believe. Because the Church had made God so far away & miracles & the supernatural & everything else so far away & so far behind, saying, "But it all happened 2,000 years ago, hundreds of years ago & you can't expect anything today. God talked 2,000 years ago, yes, but now the book is closed & He's not going to say anything more!" How stupid, how idiotic for the Church to get!
27. THIS IS HOW MY FATHER & MOTHER CAME INTO HEALING & INTO THE THINGS OF THE SPIRIT, WHEN MY DAD RAN ACROSS THAT VERSE: "JESUS CHRIST, THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY & FOREVER!" (Heb.13:8.) My Dad suddenly woke up & saw, "well, if Jesus could do those miracles in His day & the Apostles', then He should be still doing them now!" Whereas the Church he'd been brought up in told them that the day of miracles was past, the day of Apostles was past, the day of Jesus was past, everything was past. "The Apostles gobbled it all up & it's all done for, there's nothing left for you poor people! God's even quit talking, there's no more Prophets, no more Scriptures, no more Bible, no more Voice of God, no more Word of God, no more revelations!"--That's what most churches teach!
28. THINK OF WHAT A HELL OF A MESS THE CHURCH HAS BEEN IN! As far as they're concerned, God is practically dead & been dead for the last 2000 years & everything's past. "Anything that's worth anything is all gone, past, they ate it all up. The Early Church finished it up & there's nothing left for you!"--That's the way the preachers preach! If they don't actually say it, that's what they mean. And if they don't mean that, that's the way they act & the way they live & the way the churches & the Church people live, right? God had to send somebody to tell these poor kids...
29. (TONGUES & PROPHECY:) "HEAR THOU THE VOICE OF THE LORD THROUGH THY FATHER, for thy father telleth thee many things which shall be that I have told unto thy father!" Hallelujah! TYJ! PYL! TYJ! "Hear ye him! Believe these things that he tells." TYJ! PTL! Well, that was the gist of it anyhow, I'm not even a very good Prophet or a very good interpreter, but you got the point I guess. The Lord's just saying listen! PTL!
30. BUT WHEN I THINK OF THOSE POOR SHEEP & THOSE HIPPIES, WHEN I SAW THOSE POOR SHEEP WITHOUT A SHEPHERD WANDERING ASTRAY, OH, THE LOVE GOD PUT IN MY HEART FOR THEM! How my heart went out to them! All those poor sheep, as sheep having no shepherd! I saw they had to have somebody, they had to have a man! Somebody had to speak, somebody had to lead, somebody had to get in there & show himself & say something & fight & lead'm!--And so I did. I risked my life to do it & I'm still risking my life to do it!
31. EVERY PUB WE PUT OUT IS DANGEROUS! ALMOST EVERY WORD I SAY IS DANGEROUS! WE'RE ALL DANGEROUS! We're every one of us a threat to the kingdom of the Antichrist & the kingdom of Satan, & he hates us! But the Lord won't let him touch us till we get the job done, thank the Lord! Oh, He's let him touch a few of us to be glorified as martyrs & suffer a little bit. "Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but the Lord delivereth him out of them all." (Ps.34:19.) I've been sick with a cold & suffered many things--not of many physicians, but of many afflictions--but He's delivered me out of them all. So I'm sure He's going to deliver me out of this one too, & all of them till I get the job done. PTL! (--And He has, TTL!)
32. SO YOU HAD TO HAVE A MAN, I CAN SEE THAT. You had to have somebody you could see, you could hear, you could read after, some guide, some Prophet, some guru. This generation was geared for it. They didn't want old hat, they didn't want old stale canned goods from the preachers, they didn't want old junk! Well, it wasn't junk, but even canned foods, well-preserved foods that are 2,000 years old are nothing like fresh up-to-date food!
33. THIS GENERATION HAD TO SEE IT! THEY HAD TO HEAR IT! THEY HAD TO FEEL IT! THEY HAD TO KNOW IT!--AND TO KNOW THAT IT'S NOT ALL YESTERDAY & NOT ALL TOMORROW, BUT IT'S NOW! Amen? So that's why we're here, thank the Lord! (Maria: When they witness to the Muslims in some of the countries like Indonesia, they found that if they say, "We've got a guru, we've got a modern-day Prophet," that they'll accept it! They can use that as a real witness!) Yes!
34. NOT BECAUSE OF MOHAMMED & NOT BECAUSE OF THE KORAN, BUT BECAUSE OF THEIR DESCENDANTS & THEIR PRESENT-DAY LEADERS--LIKE THE CHURCHES--THEY HAVE BEEN INSULATED & GEARED AGAINST JESUS, SAD TO SAY. If you go back & dig right in the Koran & the sayings of Mohammed himself, you can preach Jesus Christ from the Koran! But just like the churches today, what's the difference? The leaders & the jealous Scribes & Pharisees & the hypocrites have got it all so watered down so that who believes in Jesus any more or that He can still do miracles or heal or fill with the Spirit or anything?--Which is as bad as unbelief! I mean, they brush it all aside!
35. BUT IF THERE'S ANYTHING THE MUSLIMS BELIEVE, THEY DO BELIEVE THAT GOD HAS PROPHETS, & THEY CAN BELIEVE IN A PROPHET! You may not be able to preach'm Jesus, but believe it or not, we're getting testimonies from the field where they can preach'm David!--Ha! How about that? And they'll receive it! Well, maybe that's a positive fulfilment of the Scripture that, "If they come in My name, they'll reject, but he that cometh in his own name, him they will receive." (Jn.5:43.)
36. THE CHURCHES ALWAYS USED THAT & INTERPRETED THAT AS MEANING FALSE PROPHETS, BUT MAYBE YOU CAN USE IT EITHER WAY! I never thought about that. I just got that Scripture, isn't that funny? We're going to have to look that up & see exactly what that says. Even the people who rejected Jesus, if someone would come in his own name, He was saying, him they will receive. Well, the churches' interpretation has always been that of false prophets. You say, "Okay, if that fits you, Dad, then you must be a false prophet!" Well, I don't know about that, maybe that has a good interpretation. I haven't thought of that for years.
37. ALL I KNOW IS THAT SOME OF THEM ARE BEGINNING TO RECEIVE! They haven't received the message of the Church & the common message of the Gospel & Christianity & Christendom, they've pretty well rejected that because of the way the Christians behave or don't behave, but at least they're receiving our Message in my name, because I come in the name of the Lord! I didn't come in my own name really, that was forced on me, I couldn't help it. There were years when most of the Family didn't even know I existed! In the early years before we began to publish the Letters, most of the Family never even knew there was an Uncle Dave or whatever they called me then. Think of that! Only top leaders knew & only top leaders got Letters, only top leaders knew my name!
38. SO I'M JUST TRYING TO TELL YOU, WE'RE NOT LOSING, WE'RE WINNING! Even when it looks like we're losing, we're winning!--Even by winding down with the austerity, preparing for the Crash & the War or the Antichrist or whatever's coming next, God only knows! One of the three has got to come next, & under any one of the three circumstances--War, the Crash or the Antichrist--we're not going to be able to do as much as we've been doing. Our income is going to be hindered, prohibited in some ways, & if we keep on operating at all & even getting out the Letters we'll be doing well in those days. So we're trying to get out all these big things now so you'll have'm in your possession to use & benefit by when we can't give you much else.
39. SO PRAISE THE LORD, WE'RE TRYING TO GET READY FOR THAT NOW & PREPARE FOR IT NOW SO IT WON'T CATCH US UNAWARES. The Lord Himself said that we were to beware, lest we be caught unaware of these things. And it's going to cause "a great & mighty widening of the eyes of those who have not discerned the signs of the times!" Well, we're supposed to be prepared for it! He said, "Be prepared!" in that same Warning Message. Be prepared! We're not to be surprised, we're not to be caught short, we're not to be caught unprepared, we are to beware now & be prepared now! So that's what we're doing, praise the Lord? (See No.655.)
40. WE'RE TRYING TO CONCENTRATE A LITTLE MORE NOW THAN WE USED TO. For many years God's battle tactic was to scatter, decentralise, spread out, & we have. But now we've got the troops out there & localised & we're trying to get you indigenised, make you indigenous so you can pretty much take care of yourselves & run yourselves & do the job by yourselves with as little direction or as little organisation & control from us as possible.
41. SO WHAT AM I DRIVING AT? WHAT DID I HAVE TO SAY ALL THAT FOR? I've said it before, haven't I? I don't suppose I've really said anything new today, have I? I don't know, I just have to keep saying the same things over again maybe in a different way just to wake you up & remind you why we have to do things, whether we like it or not, whether you like it or not! We've gotta cut down on pubs, we've gotta cut down on housing, we've gotta cut down on staff & we've gotta cut down on production in some way so we can produce what's most essential & necessary. We've gotta cut down on personnel & expenses so we'll be able to live through it & survive & come out on the other side--still alive, still kicking, still operating, still working & still publishing, if possible! Amen?
42. SO ALL THAT TO SAY THIS, THAT IT'S GETTING CLOSER EVERY DAY &, READING THE NEWSPAPER, IT'S GETTING MORE URGENT EVERY DAY! I don't see how the Russians can wait much longer. I don't see how they can just sit still & twiddle their thumbs while the U.S. deploys all those missiles. That would seem to me like absolute idiocy! If they were going to strike, they ought to strike now while they've got the advantage. That's common sense.
43. WHY WOULD THE U.S. BE SO STUPID AS TO THINK THAT RUSSIA WOULD WAIT UNTIL THEY GET ALL THEIR MISSILES DEPLOYED? "Now that's only fair, you robbers"--which is what the U.S. thinks they are & accuse them of being--"now you wait till we get our guns before we start this fight so we can have a little more fair fight, a little more equal armament, & we'll be able to destroy each other more thoroughly & kill more people & destroy more of the Earth!" What kind of idiocy is that? What kind of reasoning is that? And as I told you before, it seems to me that God certainly has got more sense than that & He's not going to wait until they can destroy so much & kill so many!
44. WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY IS HE'S GOING TO HAVE TO STOP THEM PRETTY SOON! Whether we get the job done or not, He has got to stop them pretty soon before they destroy everything & everybody! Do you understand what I mean? God can only let'm go so far, whether we get the job done or not, whether we get enough souls saved or not, whether we get the Gospel to everybody or not. If there's going to be anybody left to get the Gospel to afterward, He's got to stop'm pretty soon! He just can't let'm go on & on & on forever. If He doesn't stop'm pretty soon there's going to be nothing left! But we know He is, because we know there's going to be something left!
45. WE KNOW THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO ARISE & IN A SENSE SAVE THE WORLD--HE THINKS--FOR HIMSELF. He's like the Devil, an instrument of God to save the World & to save at least some of the lives & some of the land & some of the resources so that there will be something left & somebody left.--Not for what he thinks & what he wants, but for what God wants, for us to continue our ministry & our witness in such power as you have almost never dreamed before!--Like the Heaven's Girl that we've tried to illustrate for you!
46. "WHERE INIQUITY DOTH ABOUND, GRACE DOTH MUCH MORE ABOUND" (Rom.5:20), & in those last, worst, most awful days of all, we are going to be the most powerful witnesses we have ever been! We're going to do the greatest signs, wonders, miracles & supernatural things we have ever done, & we are going to be the greatest witnesses we have ever been! The whole World is going to hear about us! We're going to be on television & radio & they're going to see the signs & the wonders & the whole World is going to hear about us!
47. THE MORE THE ANTICHRIST TRIES TO SUPPRESS US & BEAT US DOWN & KILL US OFF & GET RID OF US, THE MORE MIRACULOUS OUR SURVIVAL WILL BE & the more publicity the Message will get, the more he tries to fight it! And with all his power, all his signs & wonders & all his deviltry & all his Satanic majesty, he cannot conquer us, he cannot wipe us out, he cannot stop us any more than he can right now! He won't be able to do it any more in the Tribulation than he can now! HAL! TYJ!
48. I DON'T WANT YOU TO FORGET THAT! I WANT YOU TO REMEMBER THAT! It's not going to be just a time of defeat & total destruction, it's going to be a time of tremendous battles & terrific war, but as a result, great victories!--Victories such as we have never known before! Victories over armies, victories over governments, victories over all the big guns they can pull out! I mean, little things like Superman or Wonder Woman batting off a few bullets & jumping a few feet or flying & all that kind of stuff is nothing to what you're going to be able to do! You're going to call down the fire of God out of Heaven to devour your enemies when they get too hot on your heels, & if they get too wicked & cause too much trouble you're going to destroy whole cities! God is all for destroying cities, the wicked cities! That's one reason He's going to let the War happen, it's going to wipe out an awful lot of God-damned cities!
49. SO DON'T LOOK FORWARD TO A TIME OF OPPRESSION & DEFEAT & total subjugation & total squashing & everything else, God's Word says that "they that do know their God shall do exploits, & they which understand amongst the people shall instruct many!" (Da.11:32,33.) We are going to do the greatest work we have ever done & we are going to preach the greatest Gospel & be the greatest witnesses we have ever been, until the whole World is going to hear & the whole World is going to know us!
50. YES, SOME OF US WILL BE MARTYRED, YES SOME OF US WILL DIE FOR IT--JOYFULLY, GLADLY, HAPPILY, IN A BLAZE OF GLORY AS WE WITNESS & TESTIFY, & THE ANTICHRIST CAN'T STOP US, & CAN'T EVEN KILL US HALF THE TIME! Think of it! Quit getting down in the mouth & discouraged about all the horrors described--most of which will befall the wicked! Some of our artists, I think they revel in horror pictures, even some of dear Eman's art! I had to jump on him for sometimes accentuating the negative. He often worked harder on the evil characters & made them more prominent than the good ones! I don't know whether it's some kind of an evil fascination with some people for the evil & for the bad, just like in the World today. Look at all the violence they promote & everything evil! It's horrible!
51. FOR GOD'S SAKE, WHY DON'T WE LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE! Why don't we look on the good side, why don't we look on the victories, why don't we thank God for the marvels that are going to happen, how He's going to protect us!--With miracles & monsters & plagues & all kinds of things God's going to do for us! If you think His deliverance of the Children of Israel was something & parting the waters of the Red Sea, that's nothing to what God's going to do for us! Pharaoh's army? Huh! The whole World's going to be after us! The armies of the Antichrist, the governments of the World are going to be after us & can't stop us! Think of that! HAL! TYJ! GTG!
52. SELAH--THINK THAT OVER! Actually "selah" in the Bible was a musical term, it indicated a rest in a song or a Psalm, a silent period to emphasise what had just been said. Well, we use it, in a sense, in the same way, selah means to be quiet, but it's come to mean more to be secret in our Family. But selah originally meant be quiet, pause, be silent & think of that. Think about it a minute. Be quiet a minute & think about what a marvellous truth you've just been told! Selah! Think of that! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Doesn't that thrill you? Doesn't that excite you & cheer you up a little bit? PTL! GBAKY all!--In Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family