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DELINQUENT PARENTS!--Make Delinquent Kids!       DO 1708       12/83

       [EDITED: "HomeARC note (9/98): The Charter is the source of current Family policy and rules regarding the discipline of minors."]

       1. PARENTS WHO CAN'T RULE THEIR OWN HOUSE & THEIR OWN CHILDREN DON'T BELONG IN THE ADMINISTRATION OF THE CHURCH OF GOD! They're a dandy bad example! Ah, on what infinitesimally small things do God's omnipotent wheels turn! Behold what a great fire a little flame kindleth & what a great sad defeat one little neglect causes!--Something they thought was little, apparently, such as disciplining their own child. But those who can't rule their own child & house well, have no business in the administration of the Work of God. (1Tim.3:5) I wouldn't want to live with people like that who can't discipline themselves or their own children & would be a [DELETED] hazard. (Maria: The whole Family seems to have trouble with disciplining.) I don't understand, they could just do it, can't they?
       2. LOVE IS THE ANSWER, IT'S PLAIN AS DAY IN THE SCRIPTURE, "WHOM THE LORD LOVETH HE CHASTENETH & SCOURGETH EVERY SON WHOM HE RECEIVETH!" (Heb.12:6) A parent who loves his children is going to chasten them & scourge them until they're able to be received. What do they think about all that in the Bible about the rod & scourging? Boy, let me tell you, I [EDITED: "disciplined"] my kids & only one of them turned out to be a rotter & that's the one her mother spoiled! People can always find an excuse or a loophole to get out of it for their own failures.
       3. LET ME TELL YOU, CHILD-TRAINING IS A TOUGH, HARD, STRENUOUS JOB! IT REQUIRES CONSTANT WORK, CONSTANT CARE & CONSTANT DISCIPLINE! You can't let one minute slip by, you've got to sock it to them every minute. [DELETED]
       4. I CONSIDER THOSE PARENTS A FAILURE!: PARENTS WITH UNDISCIPLINED CHILDREN HAVE DISOBEYED THE LAW!--My laws, God's laws, Family laws, & they're even dangerous to have around! If they are that severe cases of failure, then they're dangerous to have around!
       5. DON'T BLAME IT ON THE POOR LITTLE KID! HE'S JUST THE PRODUCT OF THEIR LACK OF DISCIPLINE & THEIR LACK OF OBEDIENCE, THAT'S ALL! He's the fruit of their failure & they're the ones that are going to have to suffer for it. Of course, whenever there is a rotten limb on the tree the whole tree suffers for it. [DELETED] There is no excuse, they couldn't have had any better training, any better instruction, any better rules, even without me or the Family or anybody, it's all right there in the Bible! "Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him!" (Pro.22:15) "Spare the rod, spoil the child." (Pro.19:18) Whom the parent loveth, the parent chasteneth & scourgeth every son whom he receiveth!
       6. DON'T TELL ME THEY CAN'T DO IT, THEY CAN'T DO IT ONLY IF THE PARENTS ARE NOT AGREED & either parent protects some child like Mother Eve protected Deborah. Why do you think we have such a good Unit & such well-behaved children?--I keep a strict, hard, tight control on everything & nobody gets away with anything! Right? And that's how you have to run an army that's fighting a war, which we are! And I'm disgusted with people who have not kept the articles of war & the laws of this Family & the laws of God & my rules! And I don't care to live with them & their failures & their end results & evil results that they're bearing as a result of it & corrupt my own family & my own children & endanger our security & our whole work & God's work!
       7. YOU HAVE HAD TO LIVE WITH A TOUGH HARD MAN BUT THAT'S WHAT HAS MADE THIS ARMY WITH GOD'S HELP! We have never let anybody get away with anything. They either toe the line, toe the mark or they get away--out of our Family, & they're certainly not going to work with me, much less live with me!
       8. YOU CAN'T PLAY WITH FIRE & NOT GET BURNED! Birds of a feather flock together & you can't run with wolves & not learn to howl! And if the other child has been playing with this bad little rascal for two-&-a-half years, he's bound to have been corrupted. It may be too late for both of them! I'm just absolutely furious how one delinquent mother can rot the whole barrel & get away with it & not be disciplined or stopped nor even reported!
       9. LET ME TELL YOU, AS A GOOD PARENT I KEEP A SHARP EYE ON THIS WHOLE OUTFIT FROM STEM TO STERN! I run a tight ship & I don't let anybody get away with anything! I even keep an eye on the property & inspect everything almost every day, including the people. What do you think I go down to dinner for? It's not just for my benefit, it's for your benefit! And I look around the circle & look you in the eye & I can spot trouble without you saying anything!
       10. I HAVE OTHER WORK TO DO BESIDES DISCIPLINING ANOTHER UNIT & if they can't rule their own house I'm not going to do it from this far away. I'll discipline them by either exiling them or throwing them out but I'm not going to put up with it! We can't take a chance on corrupting pure children that have been disciplined & taught to obey. If he's two-&-a-half years old & he's such a stinker & they've let him get away with it, why, it's almost too late now! He's just about ruined! Mother Eve ruined Deborah at 10 months! She went to Kentucky at 10 months old & came back three months later absolutely spoiled rotten & her mother protected her in it & I never could pull her out of it, & look what happened to her!
       11. (MARIA: BUT IF MOTHER EVE HADN'T PROTECTED HER & SHE WOULD HAVE CRACKED DOWN RIGHT THEN, YOU COULD HAVE PULLED HER OUT OF IT because that's happened with a lot of children.) I don't know, I think maybe she was ruined by her mother even before she was born. She was the fruit of her mother's rebellious disobedient spirit, she reaped exactly what she sowed in Deborah. God knows I tried & cried & tried but nothing could undo the damage that Mother had done & continued to do & continues to do to this day with her rebellious disobedience & defiance of any kind of discipline or orders or obedience. That's why she's no longer here.
       12. AND THAT'S THE FATE OF ANYBODY IN OUR OUTFIT, ANY TOP LEADERSHIP WHO DOESN'T OBEY & WHO SIMPLY WON'T OBEY! We can't have rotten apples at the top of the barrel. It's bad enough that there are some at the bottom & we're certainly not going to tolerate them at the top of the barrel where we can see their corruption. Look at the time that this situation has cost me this morning now & the effort & the problems & the upsetting of my spirit!
       13. I CONSIDER IT THE LEADER'S FAILURE AS MUCH AS ANYBODY'S. She's the head of the house, she's the boss & anybody who can't rule their own house can't be trusted to be ruler of the Church of God. I don't want the ship to sink & go down with them. Cut them loose. When a barge threatens in a storm to sink the tug that's towing it, you know what they do, don't you? They cut the barge loose & let it sink & save the tug, & if that outfit is getting too hard to tug we'll cut'm loose!--As well as any other outfit that threatens to sink the ship anywhere, anybody. I don't give a damn what they're doing or how essential you think they are, if they are a threat to the Work & a security hazard because of their rebellious disobedience & absolute defiance of the rules of God & the Family, then they certainly don't belong in top leadership nor administration! So period! That's it!
       14. ANY SITUATION THAT A LEADER CAN'T HANDLE THEY NEED TO REPORT TO A SUPERIOR OFFICER WHO CAN, at least report it to them in time to hope that something can be done about it. You wouldn't have to wait six months to be able to see that a mother & father are spoiling their child. A spoiled child shows it almost from the time that they are a baby, & a head of a Home that can't spot failing parents who are spoiling the child, then that leader is failing.
       15. WE CERTAINLY CAN'T HAVE BAD CHILDREN POLLUTING & CORRUPTING OTHER CHILDREN, NOR BAD DELINQUENT PARENTS & LEADERSHIP MIXING WITH OTHER PERSONNEL, TEACHING THEM BAD HABITS. We're just not going to put up with it, that's all! One leader's failure to discipline two parents can result in one bad little child that can blow up a whole plan! It makes me cry to think that she has allowed this to go on, not only didn't put a stop to it but didn't even report it & allowed it to go on for two years, neither able to stop it & failing to report it. That's a pretty serious failure!
       16. WELL, I'M SO ANGRY & FURIOUS ABOUT IT, if it weren't for the fact that we have to do something I would just say let the whole caboodle go! We can get along without'm, we have before & we can do it again. Jewish mothers are notorious for spoiling their children! [DELETED] Despite all their show of male chauvinism in the Orthodox Synagogues, the whole Jewish race & Israel is a matriarchy, totally ruled by the women. [DELETED] America & Europe have become [DELETED] the same.
       17. GOD'S WORD SAYS IN THE LAST DAYS "WOMEN & CHILDREN SHALL RULE OVER THEM," & THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THIS CASE. (Isa.3:12) One woman & one child is over-ruling our plans! Think of it! And don't forget the failure of the father & the leader who let them get away with it & didn't report it. I want to tell you, Son, we didn't get where we're at by namby-pamby pussyfooting around & letting people get away with things & pampering & babying & tolerating & spoiling our people. We got where we're at because the Lord has helped me to be a tough father with my children & not let them get away with anything! That's why we're still here. We have gotten rid of more people than we still have, like Gideon's army, & we're better off for it, because it's not numbers that count, it's quality. We have gotten more done with as few people as we have left than with maybe ten times that many people that we have lost! And if they can't measure up, we'll lose them too! Period!
       18. IF THEY CAN'T RULE THEIR OWN HOUSE & EVEN ONE CHILD, FOR GOD'S SAKE, WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO WITH TWO? Makes me wonder why God gives'm any children unless it's to teach us a lesson & to let them reap the fruits of their neglect. They reaped what they sowed, & let me tell you, you always do! No matter what kind of geniuses they are, if they don't know how to obey & keep the rules & keep God's rules & govern & control & rule their own house, they have no business being with us.
       19. THE UNPROFITABLE SERVANT SAID TO HIS MASTER, "KNOWING THAT THOU WAST A HARD MAN I did hide thy talent, & here it is," knowing God was a hard Man! (Mt.25:24) God can be a hard Man, He can be tough sometimes, but let me tell you, we wouldn't have gotten this far if I hadn't gotten tough about things. An army isn't an army unless its leaders are tough, strict, hard, disciplined & insist on obedience to orders. They obviously have been disobeying for at least a couple of years.
       20. I HAVE NEVER CHANGED MY STAND ON DISCIPLINE NOR HAVE THE FAMILY'S RULES CHANGED & if anybody has tried to find loopholes through which they thought they could escape like she did for not [DELETED] disciplining their children [DELETED], then they are liars & cheaters & deceivers of their own selves! And they're calling both me & God liars!--Thinking that it isn't necessarily so, they don't have to [EDITED: "discipline"] & they're not going to do it, because they're disobeying. So they make one God-damned hell of a mess out of their kids!
       21. IF PARENTS CANNOT DISCIPLINE & CONTROL THEIR OWN CHILDREN, THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS IN ANY IMPORTANT JOB IN GOD'S WORK, if they can even remain in God's Work at all when they're such dandy bad examples! And if the children are rotten they're apt to pollute & corrupt others, so you can't dare have them around for fear of the bad effect they'll have on others. One or two or three rotten apples can rot the whole bunch!
       22. I DON'T KNOW IF YOU GUYS EVEN REALISE THE MEANING OF THAT LITTLE ILLUSTRATION ABOUT THE ROTTEN APPLE IN THE BARREL. Because you're too young to remember the good old farm days when you used to keep the barrels of apples down in the cold cellar & you'd check them every now & then to make sure there wasn't a rotten apple in there, because from one apple the bacterial rot could breed so rapidly it would soon infect the other apples close by & pretty soon the whole barrel. They didn't have cold storage refrigeration & freezing in those days. They had to depend on the natural cooling of the cellar, the vegetable cellar, the wine cellar & the cold spring house.
       23. IN CASE ANYTHING WENT WRONG THEY HAD TO CHECK IT. Let me tell you, frequent inspection of the barrel & its apples is what it takes, & whoever is responsible for that barrel of apples had better make sure there are no rotters in the bunch or they're going to rot the whole thing! And if they leave the bad apples in the barrel, & also don't report it to the farmer & let the whole barrel go to rot, they are responsible!
       24. I HAVE SAID MYSELF LONG AGO THAT YOU CAN START LIGHTLY [EDITED: "DISCIPLINING"] BABIES AT THE AGE OF SIX MONTHS & probably even before, to teach them that certain kinds of behaviour are not acceptable & are reprehensible & punishable after several warnings. Babies understand a lot! They learn to listen long before they talk. They learn to understand what's going on by you & your actions & your attitude & your spirit & the things you do & the things you say to them long before they learn to talk. And if you don't discipline a child from the time they're a baby, they're going to be a failure & a flop & a mess & a problem by the time they get to be a year old!
       25. --AND THAT'S NOT THE POOR BABY'S FAULT, IT'S THE FAULT OF THE PARENTS WHO DON'T OBEY GOD'S RULES & OUR INSTRUCTIONS, & try to get themselves off the hook by quoting some little thing, "Oh love is the answer to everything!" & forget what God said that "whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth & scourgeth!" (Heb.12:6) That kind of love is the answer to everything along with the other kind. [DELETED]
       26. WHY NEED I SAY MORE? I'VE SAID IT ALL, I'VE SAID IT ALL FOR YEARS, but as you see, it doesn't seem to do much good. The parents who are not going to obey are going to continue to disobey, parents who have failed will continue to fail, parents who have justified themselves & rationalised their way around the rules & denied the truth & rebelled & disobeyed against it, will still continue to do so. God's Word says, "Let him that is filthy be filthy still!" (Rev.22:11) If they've been filthy this long it's almost too late! The leopard can't change his spots (Jer.13:23), only the Lord can, & if they've been rebelling & resisting & defying God & His rules & His Family & our rules & me after years of instruction, we can't expect them to do much better now!
       27. THE CHILD IS A PRODUCT OF THE PARENTS & their nature & character & spirituality or lack of it, including all of their faults. The sins of the fathers will be visited unto the third & the fourth generation, & don't blame it on God! (Ex.20:5) Some people complain about that Verse, that God is a cruel monster to visit the judgements upon the poor innocent children! It's not God's fault, He doesn't do it, they do it! They have visited their own sins on their own children, & the effect doesn't wear off for three or four generations! Think of that! Their guilty sins & misdeeds & disobediences & reprehensible characters are passed on to their children, their grandchildren & their great grandchildren, except for some miracle of God! No wonder some people are going to suffer everlasting shame & contempt if they don't repent & train their kids right!
       28. DELINQUENT CHILDREN ARE THE PRODUCTS OF DELINQUENT PARENTS! I don't think you can blame me or Maria nor our Family nor our rules nor God or the Bible.--It's your fault!
       29. (MARIA: I THINK THE DEVIL REALLY HATES THIS TALK!--We've been having so much trouble with the recorder! I think this particular incident happened pretty much for the sake of the whole Family. Look at the Combos we have now. So many families are moving in together & they all have different standards for their kids & it results in a lot of confusion!) That's not my fault! I am not responsible because I have told them the facts & the Truth & laid down the laws & so has God!--So don't blame it on Him either! It is the delinquent parents' fault for not keeping the rules & not getting tough with their kids, I mean tough! [DELETED]
       30. (MARIA: WELL, WHY DON'T PARENTS WANT TO DISCIPLINE THEIR CHILDREN WHEN THEY KNOW HOW MUCH TROUBLE IT'S GOING TO CAUSE IF THEY DON'T?) Because discipline is damn hard work, very hard work & it is a constant grind! You don't ever dare let up, not for a minute, not for one occasion, not on any score whatsoever, you've got to keep at it to make it consistent & constant. And that is hard work! It is hard to do.
       31. I WOULD DARE SAY WE WOULD PROBABLY BE RIGHT 99 TIMES OUT OF 100 TO SAY THE UNDISCIPLINED KIDS RESULTING FROM DELINQUENT PARENTS IS BECAUSE THE PARENTS ARE GOD-DAMN LAZY!--Just plain lazy & don't want to go to the trouble of disciplining their children or lecturing them or talking to them or cajoling them or pleading with them or praying with them or whatever, just let them run riot! "A child left to his own devices bringeth his parents to shame!" (Pro.29:15) And bad kids are the result, I would bet you about 99 times out of 100, of God-damned lazy parents who just don't want to take the trouble, just let them run riot & let them run, let'm rip rather than stop'm! They just don't want to go to the trouble of strict hard continuous discipline!
       32. TRAINING, CHILD-TRAINING & DISCIPLINING IS HARD WORK & IT HAS TO BE CONSTANT, CONTINUAL, UNRELENTING, WITHOUT INTERRUPTION OR A BREAK IN ANY WAY! Letting that child get away with it for even a little while can spoil & ruin them almost for life like it did Deborah. Of course, I think maybe she was marked by her mother, & her mother was exactly the same--utterly incorrigible & still is to this day. She pays no more attention to what I tell her, advise her, plead with her or even tell her for her own sake than if it was the wind, blowing in the wind, she goes right on her way like nothing has ever even been said or suggested. She wouldn't even do it in order to receive $1,000 a month gift. Think of that! She'd rather have her own way & her own stubborn will & do as she pleases & be independent, rebellious & stubborn, two of the cardinal sins of the Bible which God equates with idolatry & witchcraft!
       34. IF YOU ARE TOO BUSY TO TRAIN & DISCIPLINE & CONTROL YOUR CHILDREN & ENFORCE OBEDIENCE, YOU ARE TOO BUSY! You'd better not have any children then. You better give'm to somebody that knows how to take care of kids, who knows how to train them in the nurture & admonition of the Lord & raise them in obedience & self-control or at least parental control!
       35. HERE WE HAD IT ALL NICELY PLANNED, THIS WONDERFUL AUSTERITY MEASURE TO SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS A MONTH BY A COMBO, & THOSE DAMNED DELINQUENT DISOBEDIENT STUBBORN REBELLIOUS PARENTS HAVE BLOWN THE WHOLE WORKS because of their failure to take care of their own children & discipline their own child, & by letting him become a spoiled little wilful stubborn uncontrollable little brat!--And the failure of the leader to report it has been just about as serious.
       36. (MARIA: WELL, I THINK THAT THEY THOUGHT THAT SINCE THE CHILD WAS CONTROLLABLE MOST OF THE TIME, because he had people over him during the day that didn't let him get away with anything, that they did have the problem under control, even though at night or whenever the mother had him he was just a spoiled brat! They figured, "Well, we're containing the problem & controlling it because most of the time she does not have the child, most of the time we do, & we can handle it.") Let me tell you, God does not put up with parents or children who are only controllable part of the time! He cannot take a chance on people who are risky & possibly will fail when they are most needed.
       37. IT'S EITHER ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL WITH GOD! Either you are obedient or you are disobedient, & God will not tolerate any percentage of disobedience! It's all or nothing at all! God's Word says he that breaks even the least of these commandments & shall teach men so, shall be the least in the Kingdom! (Mat.5:19)--Like these parents have been doing & this leader has literally been doing, sad to say, by letting them get away with it, & worst of all not reporting it! If they couldn't handle it they should have reported it as a serious problem & asked for counsel. God's Word says they shall be least in the Kingdom of God! It doesn't say they're going to be lost or unsaved, but they're probably going to be amongst those who are raised to everlasting shame & contempt if they don't change!
       38. THERE ARE GOING TO BE A LOT OF SORRY PEOPLE IN HEAVEN, a lot of crying, weeping people in Heaven, where God is going to have to wipe away all their tears & try to cheer'm up! But nothing is ever going to erase the past & their failures & their sins & the results of them. They will reap what they have sowed throughout Eternity just by plain failure, if nothing else, even if they are saved.--What might have been, what could have been if they would have obeyed!--How can people be that ignorant & that disobedient, stubborn & rebellious, refusing to keep the rules & discipline their children, keep them under control & chastising them if necessary, chastening them, scourging them, the Bible even says!
       39. YOU KNOW WHAT A SCOURGE WAS IN THE DAYS OF THE ROMANS?--IT WAS A WHIP which had a handle to which were attached nine thongs of leather, called a "cat-o-nine-tails"! At the end of each thong was embedded a piece of sharp lead, which when lashed across the back of the villain left nine long wounds or deep cuts in his back! That's why they seldom survived 40 lashes because it meant nine times those 40 grooves in his back! You want to multiply nine times 40?--360 stripes, until his back by the time they got through with 40 lashes looked like a piece of raw red hamburger chewed up by the Romans' lash!
       40. THE NOTORIOUS ROMAN SCOURGE, NO WONDER IT DETERRED & DISCOURAGED CRIME! No wonder Jesus was almost unrecognisable by the time the Romans got through torturing Him & beating Him up & scourging Him & all the rest! God's Word says, "His visage was so marred more than any man!" (Isa.52:14 & chapter 53) People don't like to think of that, they show a pretty Jesus hanging on the Cross, beautiful, all He's doing is being crucified, well, maybe they show a few drops of blood from the crown of thorns & maybe His side & His hands & feet, but not the horrible beatings & the stripes that He received from the Romans before it all, until He was almost dead before He got to the Cross!--It was a miracle of God that He survived that long, & probably only for the sake of our Salvation!
       41. "GOD SCOURGETH EVERY SON WHOM HE RECEIVETH!" Well, I certainly haven't told any parents to make a Roman scourge with nine thongs & nine bits of lead in the tips to give their children stripes, long deep cuts in the back every time they spank them! But that's the word God uses for His kind of stripes that He gives people who disobey & rebelliously stubbornly wilfully refuse to do what they're told to do, including taking care of their own children, disciplining their own children! "They spare the rod & spoil the child! Foolishness is bound up in the heart of a child & only the rod of correction can drive it far from him!" (Pro.22:15; 19:18)
       42. "WHOM THE LORD LOVETH HE CHASTENETH!" (Heb.12:6) ... One of the supreme forms of love, one of the most sacrificial forms of love, is to discipline a child. "Whom the Lord loveth He scourgeth," He whips, He lashes, & it hurts Him more than it does us, & at least as much! But there are parents who don't love their children that much.
       43. IF YOU DON'T CHASTEN YOUR CHILDREN [DELETED] IN OBEDIENCE TO GOD'S LAWS & DRIVE THAT CHILD'S FOOLISHNESS FAR FROM HIM, IF YOU SPOIL THAT CHILD [DELETED], YOU DON'T LOVE THAT CHILD!--You hate that child! You don't care anything about that child! You pretend to love it with spoiling, because you're God-damned lazy & you don't want to go to the trouble & the hardship & the constant grind & the suffering & the hurt you suffer through watching your child suffer for his sins & the fact that you have to administer the punishment! You have to make the child suffer, & you suffer with it.--Especially when the child turns & points at you & blames you for his suffering, when it's his own fault & possibly your fault too, so maybe he's right!
       44. BUT FAILURE TO DISCIPLINE A CHILD, FAILURE TO APPLY [DELETED] CORPORAL PUNISHMENT [EDITED: "WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS"] [DELETED] IS DOWNRIGHT WILFUL DISOBEDIENCE! [DELETED] And if punishment doesn't hurt it's not doing a damn bit of good! If God didn't hurt us with His chastisements & His scourgings as His punishment, we wouldn't repent, it wouldn't do any good.
       46. (TO MARIA:) WELL, THANK GOD YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSONS FROM YOUR PARENTS' SPANKINGS, HONEY! The Lord was probably putting you through the school of hard knocks & stern discipline to make a pure vessel out of you. (Maria: I did the same thing.) You probably never would have gotten this far if you hadn't, so don't blame them for it, thank God for it, that they were tough with you & strict with you, even if you think they might have used a little more Bible & prayer along with it, that was a form of their love & you probably needed it. (Maria: Oh, I certainly did & I'm glad I got it!)
       47. (MARIA: I THINK IT'S MUCH BETTER TO RISK PUNISHING TOO MUCH THAN NOT ENOUGH.) It certainly is! But how much is too much? (Maria: A lot of parents are afraid that they'll hurt them too much.) I would say too much is if you actually injure the child. [DELETED] But it's even against the law now in some countries to even spank your children at all or even strike them, or even slap them! (Maria: Some of our Family have said, "We have to be careful, we can't punish our kids physically because the neighbours might report us, it's a law!")
       48. THE SYSTEM HAS LAWS CONTRARY TO GOD'S LAWS! [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]he neighbours can call the cops & have you thrown in jail & even take away your children!--The whole World is going to pot because of it! They've got millions of spoiled bloody brats that are sending the World to Hell! That's why God has got to put a stop to it pretty soon. The whole World is full of little spoiled devils, little fiendish monsters that are growing up into big monsters who are destroying the Earth! My God! If even Christians can't discipline their own children, what of the World!
       49. DON'T TELL ME YOU CAN'T!--YOU WON'T! If even Christians refuse to [EDITED: "discipline"] your children to make them obey, then what can you expect of the Worldly people of the Devil? They say Doctor Spock ruined an entire generation with his so-called child psychology! "Don't punish the little brat, don't spank the little brat[DELETED]! It's just a little quirk in his personality & psyche & blah blah & probably your fault anyhow!" Well, that's quite possible. But he finally confessed he was wrong!--Too late!
       50. EVEN IF THE PARENTS ARE A MESS AT LEAST THEY CAN TRY TO MAKE SOMETHING OUT OF THE CHILD! BUT THAT'S THE TROUBLE, MESSY PARENTS USUALLY MAKE MESSY BABIES & MESSY CHILDREN! And if we've got that kind of parents in this outfit, they've got nobody but themselves to blame because we have taught them right & told them right & written right time & time & time again until they're probably tired of hearing it & tired of reading what I'm saying right now, because they don't want to go to the trouble or the hard work of really taking care of their kids & really training & disciplining them & genuinely loving them. [DELETED]
       51. IF CHILDREN DON'T LEARN THIS FROM BABYHOOD ON, THEY WILL BE ONE GOD-DAMNED ROTTEN MESS THAT FINALLY NOBODY CAN DO ANYTHING WITH & IT IS TOO LATE! (Maria: And on top of that, the parents are even critical of others who want to try to discipline'm for them!) I'll never forget how a so-called peace officer in Kentucky, a psychologist who worked in the Law Enforcement Department, Police Department, etc., took us in the office one day & showed us charts & told us the history of one Kentucky family of about four or five generations that started with just two people.--How many hundreds of criminals & perverts & insane cases had come from that one couple in the beginning & how much that one family had cost the State of Kentucky, that one tribe originating with two very delinquent perverted parents, whose kids became criminals unto the fourth & fifth generation in this case, a study he had made of that whole family history, family tree.
       52. JUST LET ONE OR TWO ROTTEN APPLES LIKE THAT GET IN THE BARREL & PRETTY SOON THE WHOLE BARREL IS A STINKIN' UNHOLY MESS! I am ashamed that that sort of thing has been going on in our Family, & even worse, in some of our top Units with children of some of our top supposed leaders! We are not going to tolerate it anymore! We are not going to tolerate such people in our Units, I don't care how expert their parents are & what kind of technicians they are & how good they are at their job! If they cannot take care of their own children & their own children are going to be a bad testimony & a bad sample & rotten apples in the barrel of other children, to spoil & corrupt them & rot them too, for God's sake what's going to happen to this generation?
       53. GOD TOLD ME TO PRESERVE THE CHILDREN, THAT THEY ARE THE FUTURE! "You must preserve the future!" And parents who are neglecting their children & failing to discipline them & teach them & control them & punish them [DELETED], whatever it takes to do it, are failing God & us & the Family & the job, & the next generation is going to suffer Hell on Earth!
       54. I AM FURIOUS THAT THIS SORT OF NEGLECT & COVER-UP HAS OCCURRED IN A TOP UNIT! Let me tell you, it hasn't occurred in this Unit, our Unit, I wouldn't have tolerated it even for a minute & I never will! I am tough on you & I am tough on our kids & I don't let you get away with anything, & you better thank God for it! If people start going astray here we catch it in a hurry, we nip it in the bud! We deal with them right away, we can't take it! As a good parent, you must catch in a hurry children who are starting to go astray, nip it in the bud! You must deal with them right away & not take any chances on any gaps in the armour, any gaps in the wall with chinks in the armour, any Achilles' heels, we can't take chances on any little hole, finger-sized, thumb-sized holes in the dike, or pretty soon you'll have a complete flood that'll sink the ship!
       55. WE CAN'T TAKE CHANCES, WE STOP IT RIGHT AWAY, & WE'VE GOTTEN RID OF QUITE A FEW PEOPLE WHO WERE INCORRIGIBLE & WOULDN'T QUIT & WERE POOR SECURITY RISKS! If they wouldn't toe the mark & toe the line & obey & keep the rules strictly, without exception, we had to let them go, even if it caused the whole Unit to move for security, we had to let'm go, & it's happened several times.
       56. PEOPLE WHO HAVE CHILDREN THAT ARE UNDISCIPLINED, SOME OF THOSE PARENTS SOMETIMES CANNOT STAND DISCIPLINE THEMSELVES! If they think that you want them to be too hard on their children, you get tough with them & they think you're too hard on them, so they turn around & go the other way. Well, let'm go!--If they can't take it, if they can't repent, & I mean really repent to where they repent with strong crying & tears, maybe even like the Old Testament, rip their clothes & cry out to God for mercy, throwing ashes on their heads asking for forgiveness, & do so much better a job on their children than they ever did before that we see the fruits of it & the change. But that takes time, maybe years!
       57. IN THE MEANTIME WE CAN'T SLOW DOWN & TAKE A CHANCE ON PEOPLE THAT COULD SINK THE WHOLE SHIP! And if they're just a barge that we're towing, it's better to cut'm loose in a storm, & I mean it!--Better to let the barge sink than to sink the tug!
       58. MY GOD! ISN'T THAT ENOUGH? HAVEN'T I SAID ENOUGH? WHAT MORE CAN I SAY? I spent my life practicing this & lecturing others to do it & I got it from my parents & they got it from theirs! If these people haven't learned it by now, when are they ever going to learn it? If after 10 or 12 years of teaching & writing & telling them how to do it & what not to do & they still haven't done it, when are they ever going to do it?
       59. THEY'RE STILL SPOILING THEIR LITTLE BRATS WHO ARE NOW LITTLE MONSTERS! No wonder the Americans don't want to have any children, they don't want any more of those demon-possessed little monsters around because they don't know how to give them God! They've taken God & the Bible & prayer away from them & taken Creation out of the public schools, Christ out of Christmas, Jesus out of everything except the curse words! No wonder they're an accursed nation & an accursed generation, they deserve to be cursed! The saddest part about it is they have cursed their own children & damned their own kids to suffering & Hell on Earth & Hell hereafter! Pretending to love them they curse them! Pretending to want to save them they've lost them, damned them!
       60. AND LET ME TELL YOU, WE CAN'T HAVE THAT KIND OF PARENTS & THAT KIND OF CHILDREN IN OUR TOP UNITS! They are a security risk. Parents who fail to discipline their children are a constant hazard, because if they have let the Devil get in like that through their disobedience & their neglect & their downright rebelliousness against us & our laws & Family laws & the laws of God & His Word, they are untrustworthy, they cannot be relied upon. They're a hole in the wall, they're a chink in the armour through which the Devil can get in & cause no end of trouble, & already has!
       61. NOBODY IS INDISPENSABLE UNLESS THEY OBEY GOD, & if they are disobedient, rebellious, stubborn, wilful, unwilling to take correction themselves, then we can't take a chance on them hardly anywhere. People who want to hear from me personally, I've often told them they may be sorry when they do, because I don't usually attack personal problems until they're so big that I have to lower the boom & the axe & usually then it's almost too late, they're on their way out!
       62. AND THE HUSBAND IS JUST AS MUCH TO BLAME, IT'S HIS CHILD & HE CAN'T MAKE ANY EXCUSES, "Well, I can't do anything with the little boy because the mother spoils him & she lets him run riot & when he's with his mother she spoils him & lets him do anything he wants to do!" Well, why in the Hell doesn't he get in there & paddle his wife! Why doesn't he get in there & chastise her & make her obey & make her take care of the kid!
       63. IF HE HASN'T GOT THE GUTS TO BE A HUSBAND, HE HASN'T GOT THE RIGHT TO BE A FATHER & we'll have to get rid of them both & their little rotten apple & the next rotten apple she's about to have. [DELETED]
       64. PAUL SAID HE PRAYED THAT SOMEONE MIGHT BE DELIVERED UNTO DEATH, THAT SATAN MIGHT DESTROY THEIR BODY SO THEIR SOUL COULD BE SAVED! (1Cor.5:5) There is some kind of soul-body, a spirit-body apparently. Science & even the Russians have photographed its existence, not just the aura but the existence of a permanent eternal everlasting body that lives on after the physical body is dead. They've even made photographs of people who had amputated arms or legs, & the physical arm or leg was gone, but there in the photograph appeared some kind of a leg or arm that was still there, the spiritual body that is indestructible, permanent & forever! HAL! TYJ!
       65. [DELETED] [EDITED: "Some will be raised"] to everlasting shame & contempt, forever ashamed of their behaviour, forever ashamed that they wilfully disobeyed & flatly refused to child-train & discipline [DELETED] their children to make them behave, as God does! Unless they stop it, they're going to have to live with that for eternity in everlasting shame & contempt & have to see the damage their neglect & their disobedience & their rebelliousness caused & the suffering it caused their children & their children's children, if it weren't for the fact that we don't have that many more generations to go!
       66. GOD HAS TO NIP IT IN THE BUD BEFORE IT GETS TOO FAR. THAT'S WHY HE'S GOING TO HAVE TO STOP THE WORLD PRETTY SOON so we can get off, because it's getting too far. If He lets man go on much longer he would destroy the whole thing & everybody, & God can't tolerate that! He wants to save at least the Earth's Ball! If He lets man go on putting atom bombs into the heart of the Earth, pretty soon they're going to blow the whole thing to bits or wreck the atmosphere or just exterminate the total population, but He has a few more things He wants to do before He has to do that Himself at the end of the Millennium, but at least He preserves the Ball.
       67. [DELETED] These parents, no matter how well they have done their technical jobs, have destroyed their children, are destroying their children or their child & thereby they are destroying the future, thereby they are destroying the Work of God, tearing down their own house with their own hands! God's Word says, "The foolish woman teareth down her own house with her own hands" (Pro.14:1), which apparently this mother has been doing & her husband has been letting her!
       68. SOME PEOPLE MAY CONSIDER THEMSELVES INDISPENSABLE, BUT THEY'RE GOING TO FIND OUT DIFFERENTLY! If I have to type the Letters myself, I can do it--I used to do it until dear Maria came along! I did it myself on my own little ancient 50-year-old typewriter! I cut the stencils & I ran'm off on the mimeograph machine. I addressed & stuffed the envelopes & stamped them & mailed them, & I could do it again if I had to, but thank God for Maria's help! She was the first one that really helped take the burden off of my shoulders & helped me do it, & then you came along, some of you at least, to help her & me.--And a few technical inventions including tape recorders & typewriters have sure made the job easier & made the volume of Words flow more fully & faster as the snowball rolls & we get toward the bottom of the hill as the Crash comes!
       69. BUT NOBODY IS INDISPENSABLE, ESPECIALLY PEOPLE WHO DO NOT OBEY & APPARENTLY HAVE NOT BEEN OBEYING FOR YEARS & HAVE BEEN FAILING THEIR KIDS! I don't care how good a job they've done at their technical job. If they have failed on their children they have failed! And if that child doesn't change soon, if they don't change & change that child, God is going to change them from their job!--And He's going to use us to change them. That's the sad part about it. To think we could have had some people working in our Units for years who have not yet learned to obey & have flagrantly violated our rules of child-training & God's rules of discipline, claiming to love God, they have ruined their child, the gift of God, pretending that it was in love when it was in just plain laziness & refusal to enforce the law & the rules because it hurt both them & their child!
       70. WELL, LET ME TELL YOU, THEIR REFUSAL TO DISCIPLINE, CHILD-TRAIN [DELETED] THAT CHILD IS GOING TO HURT THEM A LOT MORE & THAT CHILD A LOT MORE & GOD'S WORK A LOT MORE than a little hurt that would have lasted for a moment [DELETED] in a punishment, than crying which endured for the night but joy comes in the morning! If they don't change & straighten out & straighten that kid out, their crying is going to last morning, noon & night, day after day & year after year, until the whole thing goes crash!
       71. NOBODY IS INDISPENSABLE! Let me tell you, people who don't keep the rules & control themselves & their own children, they are very dispensable, I don't care what they do in the way of technical work, if they can't behave themselves & make their children behave, they can't be any good for us!
       72. WELL, AT LEAST GOD GOT SOME WORK OUT OF THEM, they did some good & let's hope maybe this disciplining, this child-training, this scourging, this beating with a rod [EDITED: "this lecture"] is going to cause their correction to where we can still perhaps use them. [DELETED] Better to lose a few digits, to lose a few members, no matter how important they are & how tragic their loss than to have them corrupt the whole body & cause the loss of all!
       73. IF THEY CAN'T TAKE THIS LECTURE & STAND TO HEAR THE TRUTH & TAKE IT, & hope that they can at least be of use in some Unit & be salvaged to some extent for the Work of God, & hope that they will change their attitude & change their actions & change their behaviour in the matter of their child-training in order to change their child, I don't think it is safe for any Unit to have'm!
       74. WHO WANTS A LITTLE SPOILED BRAT AROUND TO CORRUPT THE OTHER CHILDREN which other parents are having a hard enough time with already trying to get them to behave? Why have a little boy around who can't behave & won't behave because his parents won't behave & because his parents won't make him behave! Let me tell you, if we can't make you behave, we'll just have to get rid of you, that's all, if you refuse to behave & refuse to make your children behave, we can't afford to have you in any WS Units! And that's it, period! Sorry.
       75. AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE IN SO MANY THINGS, "ALL THIS YE OUGHT TO HAVE DONE BUT NOT TO HAVE LEFT THE OTHER UNDONE." (Mat.23:23) Because of one little failure which has grown to monstrous proportions & is endangering our operation & our plans, it has endangered all their work & all their jobs & all their usefulness!
       76. GOD CANNOT STAND ANY KIND OF UNFAITHFULNESS IN HIS ARMY any more than any other Commander of any other military force can take a chance on security risks & disobedience & failure to follow orders & obey commands. And to have done what they have done to that poor little innocent child is a horrible failure to follow the rules, to spoil that poor little boy through no fault of his own but by a spoiled delinquent mother. It's not his fault! It's hers & his father's & the leader who tolerated it & covered it up & didn't realise the seriousness of it, sad to say. We could have done something about it before it got this far.
       77. (MARIA: I'D LIKE TO SAY THAT THEY REALLY DIDN'T THINK THEY WERE COVERING UP. THEY JUST DIDN'T REALISE THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE PROBLEM because the child is pretty well behaved most of the day because his teachers make him behave. But then in the evenings when he goes to his mother it's sort of behind closed doors most of the time that he gets to be a bad boy. Although the mother was very critical when the teachers punished him, she didn't completely forbid it. They went ahead & punished him, they went ahead & took care of him when they had him. But all their good work was sort of undone every evening or during the day when she'd see him.)
       78. YOU CANNOT HAVE ANY LINK BROKEN IN THE CHAIN OF DISCIPLINE, BECAUSE ONE PERSON WHO FAILS TO DISCIPLINE THE CHILD CAN UNDO ALL THE GOOD TRAINING that all the others have put into him. Lack of unity & cooperation between parents or among parents & teachers destroys any possibility of training & discipline. If any one person having to do with the care or discipline of that child fails to do so in their term of childcare & lets that child get away with things that the others wouldn't let him get away with, that child is going to develop that weakness in that spot with that person which is going to destroy all the rest of the discipline, because if he thinks he can get away with it once, maybe he can get away with it other times, other places, with other people. That's where the lack of cooperation between parents on child discipline, the lack of unity destroys any possibility of training that child & disciplining that child if parents disagree.
       79. (MARIA: IT'S A REAL PROBLEM RIGHT NOW IN OUR COMBOS.) THE CHILD WILL ALWAYS FLEE TO THE LENIENT PARENT WHO LETS THEM GET AWAY WITH IT, the one who spoils them & lets them do as they please. It only takes one parent to spoil the child!
       80. SO IT'S FINALLY COME TO LIGHT & THE TRUTH IS OUT & NOW WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. As long as we were ignorant about it & we didn't know anything about it & people didn't report it, then we were not responsible, we are not to blame for things we don't know, that people don't tell us, they don't confess. But once we know it, then we have to do something about it. We are obligated in our responsibility to God & His Work & His children, we are responsible & we are obligated to do something about it, whatever we have to do. And at this time of crisis, austerity, wind-down & having to save on personnel & money, the cuts will come first on those who are unreliable & security hazards through disobedience & failure, sad to say. That's it! What more can I say?
       81. (MARIA: WHEN THE FAMILY IS SETTING UP A LOT OF COMBOS NOW & THEY GET ALL THESE FAMILIES THAT HAVE DIFFERENT BACKGROUNDS & have been used to different kinds of discipline, how do they set up the rules?) Let me tell you, the leader of that Combo had better be a tough military general with the kind of toughness that can enforce the rules or out you go! How do they set up the rules? My God! I've been settin' up the rules for 10 or 15 years!! And God has been setting'm up for 6,000! What are you talking about?
       82. IF THE TOP LEADER CANNOT UNIFY HIS FAMILY & CANNOT CONTROL THEM & CANNOT RULE HIS OWN HOUSE WELL, HE DOESN'T DESERVE TO BE A TOP LEADER! What the Hell do you think would have happened to us if I had let some of the people get away with the stuff they tried to get away with? I've kicked out more people than we've got left, like Gideon did! (Maria: In other words, you have to have all the parents, all the childcare workers, all agree to stick to the same rules, same standard.) Of course!
       83. HOW CAN ANY TWO WALK TOGETHER EXCEPT THEY BE AGREED, & MUCH LESS 20 OR 30 IN SOME COMBO?! (Amos 3:3) They absolutely have to be agreed with standard rules & standard obedience, & any infraction is worthy of punishment, & after the second & third admonition, God says kick'm out & treat'm like a heretic & a publican & sinner! (Mt.18:15-17) They don't deserve to belong to the Family of God & they certainly don't deserve to be in our Family or our Home!
       84. SOME PEOPLE HAVE BEEN TOO TOLERANT OF THESE PROBLEM CASES. Boy! You know me, Dear. You've known me from the beginning. I have never tolerated'm from the first, in any Unit I was in, including our Units on the road or TSC. We had leaders who spent hours pleading with them, blah, blah, blah, give'm another day, give'm another chance, blah, blah, blah, & went on & on, until they just caused more & worse trouble all the time! Boy, when it finally got reported to me when it was finally to where they apparently couldn't do anything about it & they just couldn't handle it, as a last resort it was reported to me of all things, at last when the situation was already virtually impossible! Boy, I got rid of it in a hurry! I said, "What the Hell are you guys wasting all your time for? Just call'm up here & I'll tell them goodbye! Give them their suitcase & go, put'm on the bus, buy their ticket & get rid of'm!--Period! I'm not going to waste time on them!"
       85. I LEARNED THAT LESSON A LONG TIME AGO with my Mother & Father & the people they had to deal with & that bum on the street that tried to prevent me from getting to my class. I said, "If you don't want Jesus, OK, go to Hell then, go jump in the river if you don't want to obey!"--And that's the way I feel about some Family Members who don't want to obey or do the hard work of obeying.--Sad to say.
       86. WITH ALL OF THEIR SUCCESS & ALL OF THEIR JOBS & ALL OF THEIR FAITHFUL SERVICE & TECHNICAL WORK, ETC., IF THEY HAVE FAILED ON THEIR OWN CHILDREN, THEY HAVE FAILED IN THE MOST IMPORTANT AREA OF ALL, they have failed the Future & God is greatly concerned about the Future. Our children are the Future & we must preserve & protect the Future. And if we don't take care of our children, preserve & protect & train them properly so that they are good little Christians who know how to behave, & are good examples & are good products of good parents, then we have wrecked the Future, & we can't tolerate that! Let the wreckers get out!--And go some place & wreck something else & not God's Work, sad to say!
       87. IT'S PITIFUL! AFTER ALL THESE YEARS OF FAITHFUL SERVICE, TO BE UNFAITHFUL IN THE CARE OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN! THE MOST VITAL PART OF THIS WORK IS OUR CHILDREN. If our children can't become what they should become, if our children can't carry the ball & carry on, then we have failed in the most important part of our work, we have failed to preserve the Future! They have failed to protect the Future, they have failed to ensure the Future, that the work will go on.
       88. ALL THE TYPING & ALL THE PHOTOGRAPHY & ALL THE TECHNICAL WORK & ALL THE TECHNOLOGY & ALL THE LIT & ALL THE PUBLICATIONS, & ALL THAT WE'RE DOING HAS FAILED IF WE HAVE FAILED OUR CHILDREN, we have failed our Future & our whole work will fail through that failure, our failure & the failure of our children because of our failure. This generation will be the end of it! It looks like it's going to be the End anyhow, but that's no excuse!
       89. WHAT THEY HAVE FAILED TO DO HERE GOD IS PROBABLY GOING TO MAKE THEM DO OVER THERE.--And they're going to have to go back & go through several grades & repeat'm along with their kids in the Millennium! No wonder it has got to be a thousand years long, whew! With the helluva mess some people have made out of themselves & their families & their children & thereby their work, it's going to take them a thousand years to straighten it out!
       90. ONE OUNCE OF PREVENTION IS WORTH A POUND OF CURE, WORTH MORE THAN A POUND OF CURE! The ounce of prevention that they could have exercised here in this life to teach & train & discipline their children & control them & make them what they ought to be, it may take them several lifetimes tomorrow to rectify it & overcome it & change their children. If they failed to do it here they're going to have to do it there.
       91. IF THEY THINK THAT JUST A MERE RESURRECTION & TRANSLATION & RAPTURE IS GOING TO CHANGE EVERYTHING & GOD IS GOING TO TAKE CARE OF EVERYTHING, INCLUDING THEIR OWN FAILURES & MISTAKES & THE MESS THEY MADE OUT OF THEIR CHILDREN, THEY'VE GOT A SAD AWAKENING COMING! They're going to reap what they have sowed & they are going to reap tomorrow what they sowed today & yesterday. And they're going to have to rectify it & change it & get it straightened out in the Future, in the Millennium! Probably that's what the Millennium is for, not only to punish the wicked & try to get them straightened out, but to work on some of God's Own children & their children's children & get them straightened out before they're fit for Heaven!
       92. AS I SAID, THIS IS A SAD DAY! This was to be the day of rejoicing & the day of contemplated changes for the better. Instead of that it's a sad day for a poor man, & as far as I feel right now the poor man is me because I have apparently suffered the most for it, because all of our plans are shot regarding what we were planning to do because of one little bad boy of bad parents, good in every other way but bad because they didn't take care of their little boy & teach him right & enforce it, force him to be good.
       93. MOST CHILDREN CAN BE FORCED TO BE GOOD. If all those caring for them use strict discipline, faithful, consistent, continuous unrelenting discipline, they learn very soon that crime doesn't pay. It's not the poor kid's fault, that's the sad part about it, it's the parents' fault, & their sins are now being visited upon their child & it'll be on the next child too if they don't straighten out & get those kids straightened out. The first child is a great influence on the next one. If the first child is a rotten apple, he'll rot the next one too.
       94. IT'S JUST A MIRACLE OF GOD & THE PROTECTION OF GOD THAT DEBORAH DIDN'T INFECT & ROT THE WHOLE BUNCH OF MINE! It was because I really leaned on them & lowered the boom on them & kept after them in spite of Eve's delinquency & spoiling of Deborah. Boy, they knew the difference between their mother & their father! But thank God three of them chose to obey & only one of them chose to go the stubborn rebellious unrepentant way of her mother, & both of them have wound up in the ditch, the blind mother leading the blind daughter, both falling into the ditch of uselessness to God, cast on God's scrap-heap, untrustworthy. We can't trust them with anything because they won't obey, & they have had to be separated from us & cast aside & exiled far away, just to protect the Work! If I spared not the natural branches, do you think I'm going to spare those who have been grafted in? If God spared not the natural branches but cut'm off to graft in the Gentiles, I am certainly not going to spare those who have been grafted in if I spared not my own! (Rom.11:20-21)
       95. (MARIA: THE BIGGEST LESSON FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY, THE BIG SHOCKER & what's really going to wake them up is to realise that what seems like a little thing, just a little lack of discipline behind closed doors in the evenings, in this case is so serious that it could completely damage & upset the whole Work of God, it's that serious!) Yes!
       96. BE SURE YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT! WHATSOEVER A MAN SOWETH THAT SHALL HE ALSO REAP! (Gal.6:7) It reminds me of that little poem my Mother used to quote:
       I digged a grave & laid therein
       Its secret depths one secret sin;
       I covered it o'er & knew full well
       That day I sealed my soul in Hell!

       97. WELL, WE DON'T BELIEVE IN BEING LOST AFTER WE'RE SAVED, BUT YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE ONE HELLUVA TIME, FOR THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SECRET SIN! Be sure your sins will find you out & you will be exposed sooner or later & you will reap what you sowed in that secret grave where you thought you had the thing well hidden!
       98. SO NOW THE TRUTH IS OUT & ITS CONSEQUENCES ARE ABSOLUTELY INEVITABLE! We can't take a chance on it, we don't have time for retraining now. We have to move fast, so we're just going to have to let them go their way, do the best they can, wherever they can, hoping they can continue to be used somewhere, sad to say! Maybe this shock, this tremendous shock of realising that after all these years of faithful service in some areas, they failed in the most important area of all, will wake them up, shock them enough to bring repentance! It's a pretty important problem in the Family of God.--And people had better realise how serious it is!
       99. NO MATTER HOW FAITHFUL YOU ARE IN EVERY OTHER AREA & every other job & every other thing, if you have failed with your children you have failed God in the most important job He has given you to do!--And that's to prepare & save the Future, which is your children! And if you don't get it done now you're not going to save this Future, but in a future time you are still going to have to do it, come what may, whether it takes the Millennium & all Eternity, God is going to hold you to it! You're responsible for it & you're still going to have to do it, period! And if you don't do it now, you'll have to do it then!
       100. BUT THIS DAY IS GONE FOREVER & CAN NEVER BE RECLAIMED! What you have failed to do in the past & today or even in the future is going to be unredeemable, irreclaimable, gone forever, lost to eternity, & some of you are going to have to suffer everlasting shame & contempt for it forever, for the failures, the things you could have done & didn't do, & things you did that you shouldn't have, & all the damage & problems it's caused!--If you don't stop it NOW!
       101. THIS ONE LITTLE PROBLEM, THIS ONE LITTLE BOY & HIS DELINQUENT PARENTS & NEGLECTFUL LEADER HAS NOW CAUSED US TO WASTE MORE TIME & MORE ENERGY & CAUSED US MORE HEARTACHE & SADNESS, & I can only hope somehow we'll be able to salvage whatever we can out of it & maybe through it, having at least gotten stirred up enough to give the whole Family a lecture & teach them all a lesson on the paramount importance of child-training!
       102. IF YOU FAIL IN YOUR CHILDREN YOU HAVE FAILED! He can hardly say to you when you arrive at His feet, "Well done, thou good & faithful servant" if you have failed in the care of your children! It doesn't matter how faithful you've been in anything else if you've failed in your most important job--your children!
       103. WELL, YOU SAY, THE LORD SAYS THAT SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO FORSAKE YOUR CHILDREN & FOLLOW THE LORD! He said, "Forsake your wife & family for My sake & the Gospel's!"--Yes, if you really did it for that reason. If you had to forsake them, that usually means leave'm behind, not carry'm along with you & cause trouble.
       104. [DELETED] IF THE PARENTS DON'T CHANGE, THE NEW BABY IS GOING TO BE THE SAME, & if the parents don't change they're still going to cause problems, regardless. It's not the little boy's fault, why should he have to suffer for it? Let them go with him! Let them have to face the product of their sin every day & face their failures & see it develop in him, if they don't change & don't change him.
       105. THAT'S WHAT GOD USUALLY DOES WITH US, He lets us suffer for our sins & lets us pay the penalty for our misdeeds. He lets us suffer the rod & the scourge for our wanderings. As David said, "Before I was afflicted I went astray, but in my affliction I cried unto the Lord." (Psa.119:67)
       106. APPARENTLY GOD KNOWS THAT IT HAS GONE ON LONG ENOUGH & THE DAYS OF THAT IGNORANCE HE WINKED AT, BUT NOW HE IS GOING TO HAVE TO CALL EVERYONE TO REPENTANCE BECAUSE HE CAN'T TOLERATE IT ANYMORE! Things are coming to an end & we've got to clamp down, wind-down, austerity-down, get tough, cut, slice, omit & save, & the axe is going to fall at the root of the tree wherever the branches are that are failing. So praise the Lord anyhow!
       107. THAT'S ENOUGH, I'VE SAID IT FOR YEARS! (Maria: Oh, this is going to be of such benefit to everybody!) Yes? Well, you've got more faith than I've got, I'm sorry, because after I've said it so long & said it so much & written it so much & published it so much & they still haven't obeyed, I feel a little like God about the Children of Israel. He said to the prophet, no matter what you say, yet they will not hear thee & yet they will not obey & the only thing remaining for them was destruction, wipe out, wash out!--Total loss of not only their city but their country, & almost lost their people too if the Devil hadn't stepped in to bless them since they decided to sell their soul to him, Satan! But I'm sure the Lord has His purpose in that too.
       108. THE DEVIL HAD TO HAVE LEADERS TO HELP BRING THE WORLD TO THE BRINK to work out God's purpose to show that the best of them couldn't do anything but make a mess without Him, & that's true of our leaders & that's true of our workers. I don't care how good they are, the best of them can't make it without the Lord & without obeying Him & His leadership! And if they disobey in the tiniest thing which they think is tiny, such as spoiling their children when they're with them an hour or two in the evening, they're going to find out how big that little tiny thing is & how important it is, how dangerous it is & how unpardonable it is, inexcusable unless they straighten out & straighten their children out now--soon!
       109. WE CAN'T HAVE THEM IN A UNIT CORRUPTING OTHER CHILDREN & CORRUPTING OTHER PARENTS & THINKING THEY CAN GET AWAY WITH IT! (Maria: It's like that Verse, "He that is unfaithful in that which is least, is unfaithful also in that which is much.") (Lk.16:10) Yes, if they're not faithful in that which they think is least, they're not going to be faithful in that which is much, what they think is much, because God can't even use them, that's all! That's it!
       110. (MARIA: I WAS GOING TO JUST SAY THAT I AGREE THAT THE REBELLIOUS PEOPLE WILL STILL BE REBELLIOUS, BUT I THINK THIS IS GOING TO BE A TREMENDOUS THING FOR THE LEADERSHIP OF OUR FAMILY HOMES & COMBOS!) At least it'll separate the sheep from the goats, if nothing else. (Maria: It'll help them to know what they can do with these people.) What to put up with & what not to put up with! Either they toe the line & toe the mark & keep the rules & behave & make their kids behave, or out they go, period! I don't care how valuable they are or what they can do or how smart they are or all their technical skills or income or whatever! We cannot tolerate rotten apples in the barrel or they'll soon rot others. That's it! Period!
       111. APPARENTLY HER HUSBAND CAN'T CONTROL HER IF SHE CAN'T CONTROL HER OWN CHILDREN & we can't have people in our Units we can't control, that not even God can control! We just have to get rid of them & put them some place where they can do less damage & less harm & their children can't corrupt others, if possible.
       112. THEY MAY ASK, "OH, I'M BEING DEMOTED JUST BECAUSE I COULDN'T MAKE MY LITTLE KID BEHAVE?" Yes, that's the worst thing you could possibly have done is to spoil & ruin your child by sparing [EDITED: "discipline"], whereby you have wrecked their future & yours! But we're not going to let you wreck the future of the Work of God!
       113. (MARIA: THIS IS GOING TO BE A BIG SHOCK TO SOME PEOPLE WE KNOW!) If we wouldn't spare top personnel at the very top, I don't see why anybody down the line should spare personnel no matter how valuable they think they are or how indispensable they think they might be! They're going to find out they'd better get rid of them or put them down the line or discipline them in some way--demote them or put them in a place of less responsibility where they can't do so much harm until they do repent, until perhaps God can salvage them, can save them if they repent to where they can be trusted. We'll see.
       114. LORD JESUS, HELP US, LORD! This is a sad day for a poor man & I've got the poor me's today, forgive me. We've had to suffer for other people's mistakes, because other people failed to report problems. Now it has grown to such proportions it is interfering with important moves that we have planned, & very important operations. Now we have to stop those moves & operations until we can deal with this problem & get rid of it. So Lord help us.
       115. HELP OUR FAMILY EVERYWHERE! Help its leadership to deal sternly & toughly but in love, but with the love of the lash, the love of the rod, the love of the scourge, "for whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth & scourgeth every son whom He receiveth! And if ye be without chastening then ye are not sons but bastards!" (Heb.12:6-8)
       116. I WANT TO TELL YOU TODAY, IF I DIDN'T LOVE YOU I WOULDN'T HAVE WASTED ALL THIS TIME TALKING ABOUT YOUR SINS & YOUR FAILURES & LECTURING YOU ALL ABOUT THIS SUBJECT! I wouldn't be applying the rod & chastising you & scourging you with my tongue for your sins if I didn't love you. I wouldn't waste any time on you, I wouldn't have said two words! I'd have just thrown you out & that's it, but because we have hope of some salvation, hope of some salvaging, hope that somehow we can still salvage your service to the Lord & your talents & your gifts & your skills, we're giving you this last chance.
       117. EITHER YOU STRAIGHTEN OUT & STRAIGHTEN YOUR CHILDREN OUT & LEARN HOW TO BEHAVE & MAKE YOUR CHILDREN BEHAVE, OR YOU HAVE NO PLACE IN THE RULERSHIP OF THE HOUSE OF GOD! If you can't rule your own household, you certainly cannot rule over the church of God or any place of great responsibility or administration over His government or His people! (1Tim.3:5)
       118. SO LORD, WE ASK THEE THAT THIS LAST APPEAL SHALL HAVE SOME EFFECT & CAUSE SOME REPENTANCE, perhaps with strong crying & tears when we expose them to themselves to show the ugly sight of their ugly failures producing a bad little child that is apt to cause trouble. Lord, forgive & help & have mercy, if possible. Help all of our parents around the World, Lord, to see their failures, to see their mistakes & rectify them, change, repent of them & do better & not be afraid to apply the rod & spare the child, rather than spare the rod & spoil the child! Help'm not be afraid to show Thy kind of love, this loving chastening & scourging. For whom the parent loveth he chasteneth & scourgeth every child whom he receiveth, just like Jesus! And if they're without chastening then they're not Thy true children, they're bastards, You said so!
       119. SO PLEASE HELP OUR PARENTS TO DO A BETTER JOB ON THEIR CHILDREN & REALISE THAT THEIR CHILDREN ARE THEIR BIGGEST JOB & OUR CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE & we must preserve them for Thee & Thy use by training them right, teaching them right & teaching them to behave & obey, disciplining them [DELETED] to make them behave & be good examples, good testimonies for Thy Kingdom, good citizens, obedient, subdued, quiet, faithful, children to be proud of & thankful for, because we have been faithful parents, diligent disciplinarians & we have trained up our children in the way they should go, so that when they are old they will not depart therefrom! In Jesus' name, amen.--How about you?--And yours?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family