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SECRETS OF A YOUNGER TEENAGER!--Only 13!       1933       DO1714
--To Inspire You Teens to Keep Your Diaries!

       (For fotos of '33 & '34, see Book of Remembrance Pgs.145-9.) My old Diary for the Year 1933!--Over 50 years ago! My First Diary!--Begun when I was 13 years old! January 1, 1933! (Translations from code & added comments in parentheses written later.)

       Jan.1 Sun: Living at 2119 N.W. 24st., in Miami, Florida, USA.--House built for us by our Church.(code:) 5:00--69:80=4% 29 4% & #9, 7.1 ? 7/+*8:00-7.00= + % #9? +4--,% +?/#+,) 6?./+9#* 1:00-4.80 = + *. %. $79-#9, 8.7% #96:8, 7., ?#/+:, 46.374 %294. I was a sap to keep this in code! I've forgotten the code! (Remark written Feb. 26, 1935)
       + + + + + + +

       Translation of the above: (But I must have finally deciphered the code! Ha!) (Editor's note: From here on the code will be omitted & only the translations retained.) 9:00-12:30--Church.3:00-5:00--"Sherlock Holmes" at Biltmore. 7:00-8:30--"Seth Parker" gathering at Lemon City Church.

       Jan.2 Mon:--Slept late. 2:00-4:00--"The Mummy" at the Capital. Afterwards saw part of Manhattan-Miami football game. Got radio stations at night. (Apparently I must have sneaked out to movies a great deal with considerable ease!--I don't know how come Mom & Dad didn't know it. It only cost a dime (10 cents) in those days, but it was Depression times, & even dimes were scarce! I was particularly fond of this one, "The Mummy." because of the occult performance of Boris Karloff. He & Bela Lugosi! ("Dracula" & "Frankenstein") were my favourite shockers! And, of course, pretty girls always moved my--curiosity! Movies & books were my best friends!)

       Jan.3 Tue:--Read all morning. 3:00 P.M.--"Reaching for the Moon" at the Regent Cinema--but I swallowed a small closed safety pin during the show so I got up and went but (before the show was over). Got radio stations at light. (--A movie again!--But this one nearly cured me!--swallowing that pin really scared me out--temporarily only, this time, as you will see--about 18 hrs!--Ha! I was also addicted to radio, as you'll notice--Had 1st set in our neighbourhood--a crystal set with earphones--when radio was really new. Bob Anderson, our scoutmaster & my Bro. Hjalmer's friend, showed me how to build it. Later I built a one--tube, battery set too! Bro. Fred Haas, Lamont's dad, & Mom's campaign mgr., had a big 3-dial Crosley with horn speaker on top--and this first inspired my interest. KDKA Pittsburgh had started broadcasting only a few years before, but still only a few folks were interested, & radios were expensive. So my little crystal set was quite a sensation! No batteries required--just a good antenna.)

       Jan.4 Wed:--Invited Lamont over in the morning and we both went to see "The Mummy" in the afternoon at Mayfair. Got radio stations at night. Safety pin has not caused me any trouble--yet--.

       Jan.5 Thurs:--9:00-12:00 A.M.--worked clearing up yard after roofing men had gone. 2:30-4:30--"The Crooked Circle" at state. 8:00 P.M.--10:00--"The Devil is Driving" at Olympia. (Movies again!--Wow--& 2 in one day! Whew!--How'd I get by with it!--Bus fare, too!--Only 10 cents, but still these were Depression Days! It must've been Christmas Vacation, too!)

       Jan.6 Fri: (And I was also a great fool for not keeping up my diary! Next entry JULY 23)

       Jul.23: We left for Detroit about this time--Earnest Money, mother and I--Earnest drove. We carried 3 passengers:--An old-maidish old woman (canary and all) and her old maid daughter, and a very nice young fellow--David Sudds. The crabby ol' women we were taking thru' the aid of a travel bureau to Atlanta for only $5.--It cost us 4 or 5 times that much to take'em--never a pair like that again--they crabbed about everthing!--But David was a swell fella! He was compliant in every way--helped along an' everything. He want all the way to Detroit with us. He taught me "Shanty Town" en route.

       Jul.26: Arrived in Detroit about this time.

       Jul.29: We were staying in a little summer cottage about 50 mi. from Detroit about this time.

       Jul.30: Hiked to lake Orion. Tried to find Chalmers but he wasn't home--Andersons are living in Detroit now. Hiked the 20 miles back to the cottage.

       Jul.31: Fishing on the lake--shot at by some old grouchy farmer!

       Aug.1: Hiked to Wallaceburg (Canada) and then to Chatham--all kinds of experiences! Stayed in Chatham with Mrs. Corbett. Then when they went to Detroit Sunday to hear Mother preach, I went with them and thereby got back to the folks.

       Aug.2: Saw "Four Marx Bros." at the Fox in Detroit.

       Aug.3: We left for Miami about now.

       Aug.5: We were carrying two passengers--one, an insane woman! Of course we didn't know she was insane when we first took her on, but believe me, we found out soon--but we managed to get her to her destination, Jacksonville, Florida. The other was a poor old Hungarian man.--We learned to love him before we had to leave him at this destination in Palatka, Fla. (Later:) I also remember we were driving the big old Packard (Ernest & Mom in front seat, I in back) When just south of W. Palm Bch. we hit a big buzzard which crashed & stuck in our windshield! It had been feeding on something dead on the hiway when it flew up in front of us.--What a smell! No one hurt, tho'.--thank the Lord!


       Oct.25 Wed:--Was excused from school at 12 noon. Saw Circus with Clotworthys--Barnum and Bailey's. Did crossword puzzles after supper. Started book report. (Later:) We were living in Celotex cottage behind our house, which was rented out because of Depression. I was 14 & in 9th Grade--Rob't. E. Lee Jr. Hi.--My favorite school!--Right behind Mom's old Tabernacle at 5th Ave. & 33rd St. NW Mattie Mack Jones was the Principal, and how dearly I loved my home room teacher, Mrs. Robertson! I tho't girls were beautiful angels that I was afraid to get close to! They didn't flip over me, anyhow, as I was the frail, studious, "good-boy" type--(my folks ministers)--and very withdrawn & bashful! I only worshipped them from afar, tho' very affectionate--almost effeminate. In fact, the boys I hated because they called me "sissy" or "Percy" or "Professor" and I wasn't too good at sports--except swimming. But I fell in Love with my teachers and was accused of "teacher's pet". I seemed to long for love, but hadn't much to offer a girl, I was so delicate & shy. My frail physique did not attract them, & my good grades & intellect seemed to frighten them away. Anyway, I always felt very lonely and unloved.

       Oct.26 Thurs:--School as usual. Teacher gave whole class 20 cuts. Very unfair! I was not misbehaving. Finished book report.

       Oct.27 Fri:--School. Teacher hinted no cuts for me. After supper did crossword puzzles. Dad gave me the famous talk on sex tonight. (Later:) Took me into his office in Celotex cottage. Really didn't tell me much I didn't already know. I think he gave me a book to read. Said he & Mom were "clean"--he hadn't gone out to Gypsy girls that used to visit his home town in Oakland, Neb. when he was a young fellow. Advised me to keep myself "clean," whatever that is! I took it he meant not to mess around with girls.--Not much chance as I don't have any! It was nice to know he cared, anyway--he's usually so busy studying & writing while Mom preaches.

       Oct.28 Sat:--12 O'clock--went to library and met Hansford. We saw the battleships in the harbor that had been in Cuba during revolution there. Read after supper. (Later:) Hansford Singer was a Jew, his mother a timid little mouse of a missionary, his father in Chicago & unsaved. I remember Hansford gave me some additional information on crime and girls, showed me some pictures, told me they used all kinds of things like carrots etc. to do it. He also found some marijuana growing in a field & tried to dry & smoke it! He lived in our "Church of the Open Door" Hotel downtown behind Courthouse on 1st. He liked to talk & I liked to listen. He was about 16.

       Oct.29 Sun:--Church.Dinner at Booth's. In the after noon saw "Paddy" at Capitol. Church. Read till 1:00 A.M. (Later:) Melvin Booth, 17, had run away & married my sister Virginia at 15! His mother was a saint & sang at church, but his father a sinner. I was only 10 then, & we were living in the big house in front (2119 N.W. 24st.). There was a lot of excitement about it then, but by now he was accepted & living with us in rear cottage. I remember Va. having Jr. (Billy), their 1st in her own bedroom in big house, with Dr. Koger delivering. Irving, Mel's kid bro., was my age, and we sometimes played together, but Lamont was my best friend, which Irving resented. Melvin I liked.

       Oct.30 Mon:--School. Virginia and Mel moved over here into the back cottage today. After supper I read. (Later:) I was reading all kinds of science fiction, weird tales, Edgar Allen Poe, etc., at this time. Tarzan had been one of my favourites, & I read all his books, and all others of Edgar Rice Burroughs!--Birdie Mills, a lady at church that liked me, used to buy them for me. (I don't know why it was always grown women who loved me & tho't I was so sweet & not girls!) I was fascinated by stories of the supernatural, spiritistic, etc., altho' some really scared me! I usually sat outside or in the tree to read till dark.

       Oct.31 Tue:--Halloween! School. Lots of homework. Wonder of wonders! I did no pranks this night. After supper I read. ((Later:) Usually on Halloween I liked to dress up in some weird ghost costume, or "Dracula", which I'd made myself, to scare folks. If I couldn't make them love me, I could at least make them fear me!--I particularly longed to be someone with mighty magical powers to do wonders especially to impress girls as I didn't seem to make much impression any other way!--But they only laughed & knew it was only me!

       OCTOBER MEMO:--Just remembered I had a diary Sunday, so I decided to keep it up. I wrote up the last 3 days. This month I just got back and settled down in the old routine of school. (Later:) We had been in Detroit & Mich. that Summer, with Mom & Dad, in a Mtg., etc. (See July).

       Nov.1 Wed: School as usual. I had lots of Homework again today. Dad cut my hair today. I read after supper.
       P.S.--Mel has a good job at the A&P now.

       Nov.2 Thurs:--School. From school till 8:00 at night I did homework. After that I read.

       Nov.3 Fri:--School. Had date with Mother in the evening. We late supper at the "Southern". Afterwards Mother let me see "Captured" at Roxy. War picture. (WWI--had been only 14 years ago! WWII was to come only 6 years later!)

       Nov.4 Sat:--Played around till 12:00. Then I went to town and went with Hansford to see more battleships in harbour. At night I saw "Tarzan the Fearless"--sneaked in at the Rex! (Hansford's idea!)
       Nov.5 Sun:--Church till 1:00 Dinner at home. Saw "The Kid from Spain" at Regent--In the afternoon. Church again till 10:00 Read for a while in bed.

       Nov.6 Mon:--School again. Copied my General Language note book over because it got all wet. It took me till 8:00 P.M. Read awhile after that.

       Nov.7 Tues:--School. Homework took till supper. Mother and I reminisced--thru' memory land together! Read a while in bed.

       Nov.8 Wed:--School. Plenty of science homework--till 6:30. Went to a program in the park--officially opening the Winter season. Read a while in bed.

       Nov.9 Thurs: Boy, the mornings & nights are beginning to be plenty cold--57 this morn! (14 C) Got a letter from Hjal the other day--I must answer it.--School.--95% on Hist. Test.--Got plenty exercise in trees this afternoon.--Made some fudge & went to bed.

       Nov.10 Fri: Brrr!!--52 degrees this morn! (11 C) Haven't a sweater to my name--must get one!--Only that big, bulky coat I got in Wichita falls, Tex.--This isn't Miami's June weather, alright.--Whole school took a sort of an intelligence test 1st period--there's a mystery about it or something.--7th period auditorium--very good talk on "Patriotism" by Rev. Glenn C. James, pastor of White Temple--former world war veteran--crippled in war.--As this is Education week there was a program on at the park with several speakers, the Edison High band, and a play--"The Man Without a Country"--given by the Edison High students.--There were abut 7000 people there at first, but it got so cold that, by the end of the program, there were about 150 people left, including Dad & I.--Excluding the cold, it was a very good program. Dad & I were nearly frozen when we got home, so I made some hot cocoa to warm us up, and we went to bed--under 3 or 4 blankets--about 60 degrees or 59 degrees F. (15 C) Got home about 11:00.

       Nov.11 Sat: Slept till about 9:00 this morning.--About 75 degrees--considerably warmer. I had fish & milk for breakfast this morning--we'll see how it works out.--Left for the Temple about 12:30--Went with Hansford to see the destroyers in the harbour from Cuba--then to the Library--back to the Temple (our church) at about 5:30. (Mrs. Singer & Hans both live at the Temple now--so does Harry Jules) (Hansford is an out-&-out agnostic, alright--I believe it is because of certain books he has read and a man he had to live with for about a month--too bad, because he would have been a swell fellow.) I ate supper with Singers. Afterwards Hans and I managed to sneak into the Rex and see "No Marriage Ties" and the first chapter of "The Whispering Shadow". After the show I borrowed a dime from Hans and came home on the bus. Sneaked in and went to bed. By the way--today was Armistice Day--several programs on in town.

       Nov.12 Sun: Ho, hum! Sun. morn.--about 69 degrees when I got up to take my bath at 6:30--it's getting much warmer than before--only 72 degress last night too--Everything shows signs of it being a very nice day today. Dad preached the best (Mother is sick, you know) message I have ever heard from him--on "Loneliness"--he very seldom preaches sentimental messages, but this morning he certainly preached a most touching message--I was greatly blessed & have felt different ever since. Had a good dinner at home.--Practiced for a while on my sax--going to try to keep it up regularly.--Read a while. By the way, Mrs. Macfadden gave me the usual 30 cents spending money this morning. Went over to try out Joe Jeffer's preaching tonight--only stayed about 10 min.--decided I'd rather hear Dad preach & I did.--He gave another good message tonight. Got home about 10:10 & wrote most of this. I have decided to use the whole page now because I can get more detail & feeling into it. School tomorrow--so, good night.

       Nov.13 Mon: Whew! 59 degrees this morning--I've got to have some sweaters & stockings--and warm underwear. I must also write Hjalmer, thanking him for the little guide-book to the Bible, etc.He's a great pal--I'm sure he'll be someone when he is successful--a minister or college professor. (He's in Wheaton College, Ill. Now, you know).--Have written Hjalmer--after arriving home after a rather uneventful school day--a 4-page letter--he deserved it. No one around here seems to feel like they should write him, and so he receives only a small amount of correspondence--except from mother & Dad, who write him often. Dad took me to and from school in has car today as usual--since my bicycle was stolen last year. I had some good, hardy exercising this afternoon in the trees.--My muscles have already noticeably begun to develop since I have taken to exercising on the ropes, trapeze, etc., rigged up in the 2 oak trees in the back yard.--I also have begun to eat the most healthful foods, and already notice the good effects of both exercise & food. Read a while, made the latter part of this entry & went to bed at 8:30.

       Nov.14 Tue: Cold! 7:00 A.M.--53 degrees (12 C)--It's getting colder alright. As you notice, the end of my diary is near, & as I don't intend to use the back pages, I am going to try to get one for Christmas--one that gives me more room to write in for each day. The only thing of import about school today is that the pupils in my science class are so unruly that the teacher (Masculine) becomes so angry with them that he starts to cut the citizenship of the whole class--when (I believe I am conscientious in saying) I am entirely innocent of any misbehaviour. In all my other classes I get along splendidly--My teachers are: Miss Roberson, Lang. & Literature--Miss Peterson, History--Mrs. Ewrett, General Lang.--Mr. Fisher, Math.--Mr. Lang, science--Mrs. Jenkins, Mech. Drawing.--of all those I like Miss Rob. best of all--Miss Peterson next--but I think a great deal of Miss Roberson--She likes me quite a bit, too.--Went to show & afterwards I regretted it, for since just lately I have really come to know the Lord, the desire has been taken out of me for shows. Got home at 9:30. Quiet & cold--50 degrees (10 C)--coldest yet.--Went to bed right away.

       Nov.15 Wed: B-b-boy! It s-s-s-sure is c-c-c-cold this morning. 45 degrees!! (7 C) I sure need a sweater or two, but we can hardly afford it. Had a good day at school toady, except that I was not feeling well towards the last. I always enjoy my lunch greatly, which consists of 2 guava jelly sandwiches brought from home, and a 5-cent bottle of chocolate milk. But I make up for these momentary relapses in good diet by an excellent meal (for health's sake) at home in the evening. Mother grew worse yesterday morning. but is feeling much better now. I spent the evening this evening reading in her room & tending to her wants. This afternoon after arriving home from school I indulged in my regular exercise to build up my muscles & all-round strength. I am going to bed early tonight as I have lost so much sleep the past few nights. About 60 degrees F tonight. P.S.--Have come to my senses about reading trashy books or magazines--all I read now are the "American Boy Magazine" & "Scientific Fiction" & other good literature.--(I am very interested in Radio & Science, you know. Have built several radios.)

       Nov.16 Thurs: Good morning! When I woke up--tho', it didn't seem like such a good morning. After I made the last entries in my diary last night I intended to go to bed immediately--instead I felt so cold & hungry that I made some hot chocolate & toast & didn't get to bed till 9:45--I paid the price this morning--I woke up with a pain in my abdominal regions & very tired.--I prayed & did my best & was finally relieved. Made 98% on Literature test today in school. When I arrived home I was informed that the lights (electricity) in the front house had been cut off because we could not pay the bill.--Since Mother is sick and had to stay in bed there in her room I had to wire some electricity over to her room from the back house for lights, radio, heater, etc. It was successful.--I'm not such a bad electrician after all. About 60 degrees F tonight--Went to bed at 9:00 this night. (By the way--no more eating before going to bed for me.--No sirree!)

       Nov.17 Fri: It doesn't feel so cold this morning as usual--54 degrees F.--Feel fine this morning. I intend to go to town after school and buy some stockings and a sweater. Mother gave the money ($1) to me last night for fixing a light, etc., in her room. She would have given it to me anyway, of course, but she likes to do it in some unique way--Last night it was as though she was paying me, as an electrician. Have decided to go to town tomorrow for those things. Made about 94% on science test today. Took me till supper to finish my homework. After supper I did some crossword puzzles and fixed the alarm on my clock. Went to bed at 9:30--65 degrees F.--Much warmer. Good-night! (Mel & Virginia went to the show tonight, I think--not too bad--a good 50 or 60 cents wasted on foolishness.

       Nov.18 Sat: Got up when my alarm rang at 7:00--Did not feel so cold this morning--60 degrees.--Got myself a breakfast of bread and milk and left for town (walked) before any one had even awakened around here yet.--Left a note saying I had gone to town to buy sweater, etc. Met Hansford at the Church and we "messed around" (did nothing in particular) for some time.--I finally left him, went to the store and made the intended purchases & came home on the bus. Upon arriving home, found I had bought the wrong kind of sweaters.--So I ate supper, went to town with Edna, (Mrs. Turnbull, who dropped by to see mother) got a swell "lumber jacket" or "Winter sport coat" for $1 at Grant's. Went to movie & took the bus home. Arrived home at 9:00. Besides other things, I made this entry in my "Dear Old Diary" and went to bed at 10:00 o'clock. (54 degrees tonight) And so, as Lowell Thomas says, "So long, until tomorrow."

       Nov.19 Sun: C-c-cold! Well I should say!--50 degrees F. But not so cold with my swell new winter sport coat. Arose this morning at 6:30--Took an ice cold bath at 6:45. Mother was able (depending upon the Lord) to give her radio message and preached at the Church. Went to Lamont Haas' for dinner.--Very good dinner. Left there about 3:00 and went to town. Saw "The Invisible Man" at Capitol. Went to Young People's 6:30 to 7:30--went to the Rex and Hansford paid his way in and then came and opened the exit door for me to come in. It was "The Song of Songs." Got in at 8:15 and had to leave at 8:50. Went to sleep in the car. Arrived home at about 10:00 Mother had preached again tonight. Virginia & I had an argument over my alarm-clock, but by 11:00 everything was settled and I was in bed & asleep (nearly). P.S. I fixed the old electric heater that everyone said was no good, and am now using it for my own use. (Lots warmer tonight--only 65 degrees)

       Nov.20 Mon: Pretty cold this morning: 50 degrees or 51 degrees F. Arose at 6:00 as usual.--Had the usual breakfast of oatmeal with 2 pieces of hot-buttered toast broken up in it, and, of course, sugar and milk. Very foggy or misty out this morning. Guess it is because it was so warm yesterday and the warm air absorbed all the moisture, so that the cold this morning condensed it all--result = heavy dew, & mist. Made 90% on a history test today. When I arrived home I did homework until supper. Pretty good day at school today--Nothing happened out of the ordinary. After supper I read until bedtime (Scientific Fiction)--Had the heater on quite a bit of that time. Virginia was supposed to be very sick all day today--yet she was able to go to the show tonight with Melvin. Huh! Mother was not home before I went to bed. She has not been home nearly all day.--That's the way it is--She gets sick because she works too strenuously--then when she gets well, she does it all over again. (60 degrees tonight)

       Nov.21 Tue: Coldest yet--47 degrees F! (8 C) Had rice for breakfast for a change. I cannot say that I had the usual day at school today, because no day at school is the same--always learning something new--always something different happens.--Yes, I certainly like school. Dad had to preach a funeral this after--noon, so during the 7th Period (Last) he sent up a note to me saying he would come by for me at Owen's at 4:30.--He did--4:20 to be exact. I did homework till supper. After supper I did some mathematics of my own choosing. I got "stuck" on a problem upon which I worked for 1 hr. 15 min. I worked it every way imaginable--backwards, forwards, and sideways, leaving out no detail, yet I finally had to give it up. I think the answer in the book is wrong--or else they did not state in the problem what they meant to state. Will ask my Math teacher about it tomorrow. Uncle Mark made some fudge & then I went to bed. (Very warm compared to this morning) 60 degrees tonight--warm compared to this morning.

       Nov.22 Wed: Very warm this morning in comparison with former days.--Only 65 degrees F. Good breakfast of oatmeal. Very interesting lesson in Science today. Got my report card today. Am on "Superior Honor Roll" because I have no grade below 90% out of 8 subjects I only got below 95% in 4 of them. Must write Hjalmer and tell him my grades, etc.--Wrote Letter to Hjal when I got home from school. Ate a vegetarian supper. Went to bed at 9:15. It is only 60 degrees F. tonight. It certainly is getting a little warmer. But I do not think that it will be for long. Mother is feeling pretty well now and is out working on "His Business." Praise the Lord! P.S. Mother is trying to get a supply pastor to hold a joint pastorship with her, so that she may go out into evangelistic work. (While he takes charge.) She has a wonderful call from a radio hook-up, of 17 stations, in Connecticut. She is planning on answering it after Christmas. I am going with her.

       Nov.23 Thurs: 55 degrees F. (13 C) this morning.--Fairly warm. Good breakfast. Mailed letter to Hjalmer on way to school at Allapattah P.O. Fairly nice day at school today. Read Bulfinch's "Age of Fable" till supper. Mythology is very interesting. After supper went of Regent Theater and saw "Whistling in the Dark" Got to bed at 9:30 It was almost hot today.

       Nov.24 Fri: 60 degrees this morning. Arose at 6:00 as usual. Ate breakfast. Studied till time to leave for school. Had a swell day at school today.--Boy, I sure love mathematics, science, and English. No fooling--I am a "mathematical maniac," for anything that has anything to do with the numeral class I eat up like I do cherry pie & a glass of milk! Mr. Lang gave us an independent (one of his own origin) lesson in science today on automobile mechanics. I don't know whether anyone else in the class got very much out of it or not but I certainly did. It was neat. Came home. Did homework till supper.--Mother came home about 8:00 P.M. all excited.--They had (Dr. Koger & Mother) been on the scene or spot when a car coming towards their car struck and injured a lady walking. (People will never learn not to wear dark clothes when they walk along the street.--If they must walk along the street.) Dr. Koger took her to hospital. Wrote this and went to bed at 10:00.--very warm.

       Nov.25 Sat: Alarm wok me at 6:30--Ate some breakfast (of mine own making). Was going to walk to town but later I decided to wait.--Went with Mother and the folks on their way to the beach and they dropped me off at the library.--Took out some good books: Rob't L. Stevenson's "Kidnapped" & "David Balfour," & James F. Copper's "The Last of the Mohicans." Walked from Library to Capitol where I saw EI Brendell in "Olsen's Big Moment." Took bus home at 4:20. Got home just before folks got home from beach. They had had a late lunch and did not intend to eat again till about 8:00, so I fixed myself some supper at about 6:30. Then I left. I walked to the Regent and saw "South of the Santa Fe." Got home at 9:30--Went to bed at 10:00.--It is still pretty warm nights and almost hot in the daytime. Good-night.

       Nov.26 Sun: A bit colder this morning.--62 degrees F. Arose at 6:30.--Took an ice-cold bath.--Read in J.F.C.'s "The Last of the Mohicans" till breakfast. Didn't have any hot cereal so I had to eat some kind of wheat flakes--a cold cereal. Read till Dad honked the horn to come.--Went to town to Sunday School with Dad. (You know the "Church of the Open Door," as we call it, is just across the street from the court-house.) Vick, a very nice young man, taught our Sun. School as usual. We hold very interesting class discussions. Mother preached on "Thanksgiving" or "Gratitude." Very good. Ate a good dinner at home. Went to town and saw Lionel Barrymore in "One Man's Journey" at Rex Theatre. Very good. Went to young People's at 7:00 and church later. (Before either, I bought myself a little something to eat because I was so hungry.) Had a nice Thanksgiving play tonight--Characters: Lamont, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Haas, and Mary Alice Liebman. Pretty good. Mother preached. I went to sleep in the car. Never even woke up till we got home. Went to bed at 11:00 but not to sleep until 12:00--So much noise in kitchen. Folks were fixing themselves something to eat. Wind, cold form North sprang up & temp. dropped 6 degrees F during day.

       Nov.27 Mon: Great Guns, but it's cold this morning! It feels much colder than it is (50 degrees F) because of the icy wind. Had usual breakfast. Nice day at school today. After school Dad came for me as usual. He took me with him to the Miami Daily News, where he entered some titles in a title contest for a picture in the "News". The winner is to receive a 10-lb. turkey.--But I don't think so much of the titles Dad submitted. I hate to knock his ability, but the titles were not so hot. We came home then. I exercised in the trees until supper. Good supper. After supper I read further in "The Last of the Mohicans", and the same until I went to bed at 9:00. Say! That man, Cooper, sure knew his stuff! Boy, can he describe & manipulate adjectives! He certainly knows all about the Indians, pioneers, and pioneering in the "pioneer days." Got colder during the day. It is 56 degrees F. tonight. slightly warmer.

       Nov.28 Tue: Good night's sleep. Awoke bright & early--5:50. Had breakfast right away.--Rice this morning. Oh, boy! Thurs. & Friday are holidays--Thanksgiving! Read & studied till time to go. To be efficient one must have both speed & accuracy. I have the latter but, taking so much precaution in such, I have not the former, speed. Because of this I made 80% on a 5-problem test to be done in 5 minutes. I didn't get to finish the last one, but every one I did do was neat & correct. Thus I must have speed if I am to get anywhere in life--especially in this day & age. Came home. Exercised in trees till supper. After supper Mother said she would give me a dime to go to church. I had already planned to go anyway. Beryl Vick preached a good message. Not many people there. Came home at 9:00 or 9:20, wrote this, and went to bed about 9:40. About 68 degrees F tonight. Pretty warm.

       Nov.29 Wed: Very warm this morning. Had breakfast. Did schoolwork till time to go. Fine day at school today. 3rd Period we had auditorium & two plays were given by the Public Speak. Dept. about Thanksgiving. After school I waited on steps of school for Dad, but he never came. Worked schoolwork while waiting. Finally decided to walk home about 4:20. Arrived home just in time for supper (5:00). Found that Dad's car was in the garage & Mother had not come home yet with the packard, so he could not come for me. Read till time to go to Thanksgiving Service at 8:00. Never went into service but stayed upstairs helping them fix refreshments for social. Took some of the cookies and went across the street and bought myself two 5-cent chocolate milks. Went to sleep in car. Went to bed right away upon arriving home. Pretty warm tonight.

       Nov.30 Thurs: Thanksgiving! Well, praise the Lord, I have much to be thankful for! Awoke at 9:00 (Holiday, you know) and ate breakfast. Exercised in trees for a while. Then decided to put up a good aerial and try to fix up my 1-tube short-wave radio set. It used to work fine--lots of outside stations--till the batteries went dead & I had no money to buy more ($1.50). Worked on aerial till 3:00. Then had swell Thanksgiving dinner. Afterwards I finished my aerial about 5:30. It's neat! Real high, three strand, with wooden cross bars on braces. Tried to fix radio but batteries are absolutely dead. Went for ride to the Beach with Mother, Dad, Virg., & M. Lou. Came back to church. I went with Virg. & Mel to see EI Brendell in "Olsen's Big Moment". Funniest I've seen in a long time. Got home at 9:30, wrote this & yesterday's and went to bed. P.S.I know the fundamentals of driving a car & I want to drive badly. Mother & Dad say they will allow me to drive after my next birthday, when I'm 15 on Feb.18, '34. We've decided to leave here Jan.4, '34.--Intend to go to Wheaton & go to school with Hjal there.

       MEMO FOR NOVEMBER: Nothing much to say, except that I shall soon have to say good-bye to Miami & its many happy memories. On the 4th of Jan. Mother, Dad, & I are going to Wheaton (Illinois), (Mother will, of course, hold some meetings on the way) where we expect or hope to make our headquarters from now on.--At least I hope so, earnestly. I will then go to school at the Jr. Academy of Wheaton in the 9th Grade. Thus I shall live & go to school with Hjalmer while Mother & Dad are out evangelizing. I certainly hope that it will work out thus & successfully, & I know it can only if it is the Lord's will. Praise His Name! I am also reviving the old interest in radio I have always had, but which has been slumbering for a time because I am so busy and am short in finances. (Aren't we all!) (Depression of '30s.)

       Dec.1 Fri: Awoke at 6:30--Dressed; fixed my own breakfast; and left (7:30) for town (walking). Left word with Virginia. Got a ride at 17 Ave. & 20 st. to town. Arrived at 8:00. Went to the church; visited Hansford. Went to Elec. Equip. Co. & saw Mr.Soupanall who gave me a lot of good radio parts only partially defective. Bought swell crystal set for 45 cents at 2nd-hand radio store on Miami Ave. between 4th & 5th. came home on bus. As you know, I said I had a good aerial. It is attached to the top of a long pole or board in the top of a tall pine tree.--About 100 ft.up--and slants down directly to my window. My ground is a 20-gal. gasoline tank filled with water & buried 4 ft. underground in rock and limestone, just outside my window. So, for outside equipment, I'm all set. Got the crystal set to working about 5:30. Can get both WQAM & WIOD perfect & with plenty of volume--WIOD strongest. At 5:30 went to duck dinner at Haases. Afterwards Lamont & I went to football game (hopped fence) between Miami U. & Stetson U. from Deland, Fla. Pretty good game. Teams are pretty well matched. Game was a tie: 0-0. Waited for Dad to come after me for 45 min. Got home, undressed, & am now listening to my radio as I write this. (The weather seems to have warmed up pretty well.) Got to bed at about 12:00.--I certainly hate to miss out on sleep like this.

       Dec.2 Sat: Awoke about 8:30 Listened to my radio a while in bed. Got up & ate breakfast. Invited Dad in to listen to my radio. He said he wanted one like it. So, I got out all my junk (Ahem! Material!) and selected the necessary parts. Folks went to beach but I stayed home & worked on radio for Dad. Finished about 5:00. Tried it out but it hardly works at all. I have not the correct parts. I need another kind of coil & a special glass enclosed crystal & tickler. Hartley fixed supper for the two of us, the folks not having come home yet. They arrived home just as we were finished. Took a bath. Then I sat in bed till about 9:30 reading "The Amer. Boy" Magazine & listening to my radio. After 9:30 laid aside my reading & began listening to my radio. At 10:30 I heard the broadcast from the Byrd Exped. Ship. 9000 mi. away! (In Antarctica!) Though partially audible, sound was blurring (--about 75% heard distinctly) it was a marvellous demonstration of the progress of science! went to sleep at 11:00--Warm all day.

       Dec.3 Sun: Alarm rang at 7:45. Listened to my radio in bed till 8:00. Arose, dressed, & ate a breakfast of bread & milk. Listened to my radio till time to go. Went with Dad, at 9:00, to Sunday school. Mother preached this morning--On "Forgetfulness". Very Good. Ate dinner out (Mother, Dad, and I--and Harry Jules) at the Davis Cafeteria. Went home at 2:30. Walked to the Regent and saw "Cynara". Got back about 5:15 o'clock. Dad went to Young People's without me at 6:15 so I went on the bus. Mother preached a pretty good prophecy message--"The March of Time". Pretty long service--got home about 11:00. Lay in bed awhile listening to the "Seth Parker" hour--the program was taken over by several other radio artists in a farewell--"Bon Voyage" to Phillip Lord on his vacation cruise around the World. Went to sleep about 11:35-45. P.S. Mrs. Mac Fadden is to meet me after school to take me to town to have my picture taken as a present for mother. Rather Cool Tonight.

       Dec.4 Mon: Arose when Virginia called me (She is using my alarm clock) at 6:00 this morning. Dressed & went to the store for some oatmeal for my breakfast. After breakfast I studied until time to go. Pretty nice day at school today. Met Mrs. (C.W.) MacFadden in front of the school--the appointment I spoke of yesterday. She took me down town & had my picture taken (a bust) at "Marx's Store". About 5x8 inches. We met Roger while there and he said he would tint it up for me for nothing. The picture is going to be a Christmas present to Mother--I think from Mrs. Mac.--Met Mother on our way to the studio but we managed to keep it all a secret. She gave me 30 cents & bought 2 15-cent pairs of socks. Went home by myself on the bus after having bought two coils (like the one on the crystal set I bought) & a crystal container & tickler--50 cents total. Arrived home at 5:15. Ate supper. Worked until 9:00 on radio (another one--the one I tried to fix for Dad). Boy! It works swell now! Thus I now have 2 swell crystal sets. I shall sell one for $1.50, I think. Went to sleep at 10:30. Moderately warm today.

       Dec.5 Tue: Rather cool morning. It has been a bit cooler lately. Dressed & ate breakfast. Studied till time to go. Made 100% on Monthly Test (English) today. Came home with Dad as usual. Ate good supper. Drew plans of small, compact, & stout radio (crystal) for taking with us. I'm going to convert Dad's & mine both into a more compact, protected form. These radios may be hooked to one side of plug of any house current for aerial & to a water faucet for ground.--Thus Dad & Mother may use theirs at any place they stop, & Hjal & I (in Wheaton going to school & living together) may use mine where we stay. Not bad, eh? Both are excellent crystal sets & are still very good when using the house wiring for an aerial as above explained. So interested in my drawings (radio diagrams) & besides my watch was slow, that I never got to bed till 11:00 Cool tonight, almost cold.

       Dec.6 Wed: Arose when called by Mel at 6:30. Ate usual breakfast--oatmeal & milk, and toast. Studied till time to go. So many made such poor grades in Eng. test that the teacher gave us another one. I made 100% again. Will be sorry to leave here before semester is finished but there is no help for it. Will have to do some hard back-studying when I start in at the Wheaton Jr. Academy, because they have different books than the ones we use. Arrived home as usual at 4:00 (We get out at 3:00). Ate supper. After supper and until the time I went to bed, (10:15) I spent sorting my radio "junk," my tools, and other like articles. I packed what I did not throw away (& what I want to store here while we are gone) in a couple large cardboard boxes. Tomorrow evening I am going thru' everything else I have--pack what I want to store & throw away some--& make a list of what I expect to take with me. By the way, we leave the day after Christmas. Warmer tonight.

       Dec.7 Thurs: Arose, dressed, & ate breakfast. Studied till time to go to school. Nice day at school. Dad thought he would not be able to come for me after school because he didn't have enough gas or money to buy gas. But I waited awhile, hoping, & he did come. Came home with him. Did some more cleaning out & packing away till supper. After supper, I listened to the radio till I left with the folks to church. When we arrived there, I walked down to the Tivoli Theater & saw "Life Begins". No good. P.S. Saw it on a pass Mark had won at the Highland Park Community Center doings, & had given to me. Went to sleep in car at 10:00. was awakened to go home at 12:00 (Practice for play tonight). Arrive home at 12:30. Got to bed at 1:00. Cold tonight.

       Dec.8 Fri: Awoke at 6:00. Fixed my own breakfast because Mark works at a barbecue stand now--until very late & I cannot wake him up in the morning. So I cooked a successful breakfast of oatmeal. Studied till time to go. Mrs. Roberson was very sorry that I was going away, when I told her. Came home with Dad as usual. Went to work again, as soon as I got home, on cleaning out & storing away. After supper I had a date to take Mary Lou to see "Berkley Square" at Mayfair--with two tickets Dad had gotten for running a want-ad. It was the best picture I've seen for years. Boy, it was swell! We walked to town from there, caught the bus & arrived home about 11:00. I got to bed at about 11:45. Plenty cold tonight!

       Dec.9 Sat: Awoke about 7:45. Listened to my radio in bed for a while. Arose about 8:00. Ate breakfast of pancakes with folks. Work in my room until about 12:00 when I left with Mother, Doc. Koger, & Dad, to go to the library. On the way we stopped in to see two (camper) buses (at two different places). As for completeness & equipment for travelling in a party it is swell, but is entirely out of the question being so big, heavy, clumsy, expensive to run, & expensive to buy. The other one wasn't so hot either--a wreck! Got to the library at 2:00. Returned 2 of my books but renewed "The Last of the Mohicans" to finish & make a book report on it. Folks came by after me & took me home at 4:30. Ate supper, & finished all my packing up, etc. Took a bath & lay in bed listening to my radio till I went to sleep about 10:00. Cold tonight!

       Dec.10 Sun: Awoke & arose at 7:45, dressed, & ate breakfast. Listened to my radio, etc. till time to go. Mother preached a good message called "Wherein Have We Sinned Against Thee, O Lord?"--About growing cold & accustomed to that which should grow more with each day--our love of God. Ate dinner at a nice little restaurant & came home. Worked on radio all afternoon. Perfected the best crystal radio I could just before time to go to "Young People's". Am going to put it up into a neat little cedar chest so that it will be the last word in portable radios! Chummed around with Hansford this evening at church, as usual. Mother preached a good message on "Saved Souls but Wasted Lives".--About people being saved after the best part of their life is over. Came home at 10. Listened to my radio awhile in bed, but, when I did try to sleep, the folks made so much noise in the kitchen that I didn't till about 11:00. Plenty cold tonight.--Been about 50 degrees nights now. (10c.)

       Dec.11 Mon: Arose at 6:30, cooked my own breakfast of oatmeal, & studied till time to go. Very interesting lesson in science today. Stayed after school to practice our class "stunt" with the others that are in it, for our annual stunt program in the auditorium, Dec. 20, '33. Boy! It sure is funny! If we don't win the $1 prize for the funniest stunt, I don't know who will! Dad came for me about 5:00. Came home. Went to Mr.Kirk's Barbershop & had my hair cut. Mr. Kirk sure is a swell fellow. Haircuts have now gone down to 25 cents from 50 cents under NIRA, before which they were 40 cents. Mr. Kirk says he prefers the 40-cent price. Ate supper. Went to church to practice for Christmas Play this evening. After I had done my part I went to the Roxy and saw some punk picture...but the shorts were pretty good--Laurel & Hardy. Came home on bus. Arrived & went to bed at 9:30. Cold again tonight.

       Dec.12 Tue: Mel awoke me at 6:00 but I accidentally fell asleep again & didn't wake till 7:00 I hurried & made my breakfast etc., & still had 1/2 hr. to spare till 8:00. Studied for History test till time to go. Made 93% on history test. Was also just notified today that book reports will fall due on Thurs. instead of Fri. Wow! Have I got to read fast to finish this book, "The Last of the Mohicans", & write my book report! Had to wait quite a while for Dad after school, but I finally arrived home at 4:30. Read studiously till supper, ate supper, wrote part of this, & went back to reading. Read until 9:30. Then went to bed. So sleepy.--Plenty cold tonight. P.S. I am thinking of staying here with Kogers to finish out the school term, at the end of which the folks will send for me in Chicago & I can go right into the 2nd term there, without interruption.

       Dec.13 Wed: Boy, It's cold this morning! Arose at 6:30, made my breakfast, and studied till time to go. Did not have such a good day at school today because that book report kept leaping up, dark & foreboding, before me! Dad came after me about 4:45. When I got home I read till supper. Ate supper. Read till about 9:00 & still had about 75 pages to go. Did not finish the book but ran through the last part just to get the "gist" of the end. Finished writing my book report about 1:30. Got to bed about 2:00 A.M. Broke the point on that swell 20-cent pen of mine while writing my book report & had to borrow Mother's to finish it. I usually type my reports but I didn't have time this time. (Am using a pen I borrowed from Mel, now.) By the way I've a pretty bad cold now. Very cold tonight.

       Dec.14 Thurs: Virginia awoke me this morning later than usual & had already fixed my breakfast for me so that I could sleep a lot longer. How's that for a swell sister! Dressed & ate. Studied till time to go. Made 100% on written lesson in "History" today; about 95% on written lesson in "General Lang." Afraid I didn't do so well on my monthly test in "Science" because he asked us a lot of questions we have never even taken up. Dad brought me home about 4:00. Worked on radio (the new case I have been planning so that it is possible to take my crystal-set with me) till supper. Ate fine supper fixed by Virg. Finished radio right after supper. I have it fixed up neatly in a little "Keep-sake" cedar chest. Pretty swell! Went to bed listening to my radio. Went to sleep about 10:00 (I vowed I'd catch up some sleep. But?) By the way--I have decided to stay here--oh! That's right! I told this day before yesterday. How silly of me!

       Dec.15 Fri: Quite warm this morning--last night, too. Awoke at Virg. call at 6:30. Arose & made my breakfast (because Virg. wanted to go back to bed, but it was easy. All there was to eat was some bran & milk. Remember how I used to like that about a yr. ago?) Studied till time to go. Made 100% on Literature test. After school I had to practice till 4:00 or 4:15 for "stunt pro." Waited till five, thinking that perhaps Dad hadn't come yet, or, that perhaps, he had come, missed me & gone back. This was the reason--anyway, I had to walk home. Dressed & went to "Father & Son" banquet at school with Dad. 35 cents per plate! Swell dinner & nice program. Best speaker was Mr. R.I. Vervoorst, manager of Clyde Line Steamship Co. Went from there to church where I sat around waiting to practise about 4 hours & 45 minutes & practised about 15 min.! Finished at 1:00. Got home at 1:30. Wrote this & went to bed at 2:00--oh! oh! Very warm.

       Dec.16 Sat: Awoke & arose at 8:00 for breakfast. Worked all day (afternoon) on radio for Hansford & folks at the Temple. Nice little crystal set, very compact, as good reception as mine, if not better. Folks came home from meeting & conferring with Richey & his party, & we ate supper. Took a bath & lay in bed listening to my radio till 11:30. Heard broadcast from Byrd's ship. 3 stowaways on board--young men--22 & 23 yrs. old. Heard "One Man's Family". Went to sleep, It has certainly warmed up a good deal. In fact, it was quite warm today.

       Dec.17 Sun: Awoke at 8:00. Felt so tired that I didn't get up until 9:30 or 9:15, & ate breakfast by myself. Thus I didn't get to Sunday-School this morning. Went with Mother to the "radio" (her program), & then to church. Stayed in the Hansford's room during church & we fixed up a ground for the radio I built for them, & had brought along, with my tools, some wire, etc. Ate dinner out at the nice little place we ate at last Sunday--the "Riverside Inn." Mother took Harry, Mrs. Singer, & Hansford with us to eat. Afterwards we drove these folks back to the Temple & I stayed there with them. Spent most of the afternoon putting up a swell aerial on top of the church. Finished about 4:00 & tried out the radio. Boy! Does it work well! About half again as good as mine--it being so near the stations & having such as swell aerial! Then Hans & I went to the movies. Pretty good. Went to Y.P. at 6:30. Had forgotten to tell folks to bring my costume from home so I had to rig up another one. Went thru' my part in play. Hartley drove me part way home, when I persuaded him to let me drive. I did pretty well. Got to bed 11:00.

       Dec.18 Mon: Awoke at the usual time but did not arise for I did not feel well. (The truth of the matter is that I have been up so late nights that I was simply weak from loss of sleep.) So I slept till afternoon. Then I arose, dressed, & ate. Didn't do anything in particular till supper. Went with Mother to town. She gave me a dollar & I did all my Christmas shopping on about $1.50! Boy! What a difference from previous Christmases! Thank the Lord, tho', that I'm able to give anything. Arrived home about 10:30. I went to bed right away. (P.S. Fairly warm these days.) (Usually had $5 for Christmas shopping & would buy presents for everyone!)

       Dec.19 Tue: Arose, dressed, cooked my breakfast and ate it. Studied till time to go. Nothing much happened in school today. While waiting for Dad, I played a game of tennis with another boy in the patio. Dad let me drive part way home. (The last 3/4.) Read till supper. Ate. Went to a movie. Got home & went to bed about 10:30. Heard a swell program over my radio before I went to sleep.--A broadcast from the "Ship Seth Parker," the ship Seth Parker (Phillip Lord) is making his trip around the world in. The old sea captain of the ship told an exciting & interesting tale about "The Island of Lost Ships." Went to sleep about 11:00.

       Dec.20 Wed: Awoke, arose, dressed, made my breakfast & ate. Studied till time to go. Our stunt went off swell today, but the 9A's had the best clappers, and so they won. Dad let me drive all the way home today. Played around in the trees, with Koger's little granddaughter, Barbara. Ate supper. Went with Mother to town & she let me go to see "Little Women" at the Olympia. I really thought that it was on but was mistaken. So I went to see "The Girl Without a Room" at the Paramount. Not so hot, but there were some swell shorts. Came home on the bus. Arrived home at 11:30 & went to bed. P.S. No more book reports--so says Mr. Fisher, supervisor of Dade County schools. Hot dog! Book reports always did worry me.

       Dec.21 Thurs: Plenty sleepy when I arose. Dressed & ate a breakfast of bread & milk. Didn't have time to make oatmeal--had slept too late. Studied till time to go. Nice day at school. Dad let me drive home. Then I drove to the store. Ate supper. Did some homework till 9:00. Listened to my radio in bed a while & went to sleep--at 9:30. Rather cool this morning & tonight.

       Dec.22 Fri: Didn't have a hard time getting up on this, the last day of school for 10 days! Plenty cold this morning. Studied till time to go. No one could do hardly any work today (& the teachers didn't give us much) we were so excited over the auditorium program, & homeroom parties, & Christmas so near! Had swell program, & very nice refreshments at homeroom party afterwards. I drove home again. Am getting much better. My worst trouble is in getting out of first gear without jerking. Drove to the store twice. 2nd time I only made one mistake--slowed down too much for corners. Otherwise I drove perfectly. Ate supper. Rode to town with Dad when he took Mary Lou & Virginia to the Mayfair Theater. Came home & listened in bed to my radio till 9:30. Cold tonight.

       Dec.23 Sat: Arose bright & early. Mel had already left for work. (It was 7:00) Dad had arisen early, too, for he had some business to attend to. Road with him to the garage & back. Got back at 8:00. We both ate breakfast by ourselves, for Mother hadn't come home last night & Virg., Mary Lou, & Hartley, had not arisen as yet. Rode around with Dad this morning & afternoon & evening as he went from place to place getting the car ready & in condition to go North on Tues., Dec. 26. That's the date, alright! Ate supper out--at Wilson's. Very Good. Went to town with Mother when she went to do some "Eleventh hour" shopping. Came home & went to bed immediately. Warmer tonight.

       Dec.24 Sun: Arose & awoke & took my bath. Went to Sunday School with Dad at 9:15. When we arrived Dad sent me to Western Union for a telegram. Waited for it until 10:30. Rushed with it to the "Radio" to deliver it to Mother only to find that the original had already been delivered to her. Mother preached her last message here this morning. I drove part way home. From home we went to a swell little eating place on 62nd street. Best food I've ever eaten at any eating place! We then had to go to the Church to practice for we are giving the Christmas Pageant over for the benefit of those who missed it last time. We came home after practice & I drove to get a nice little tree for 25 cents! The Play went over much better than before. Came home; decorated the tree; ate a 12:30 AM Lunch; & wrapped all my Christmas presents. Got to bed at 1:00! Warmer tonight.

       Dec.25 Mon: Merry Christmas! Arose at 9:30, dressed, & ate a hurried breakfast. Opened my stocking. By 11:00 A.M. we started opening packages. We had not as many guests this Christmas as before. Only Mother, Dad, I, Mrs. Seaman, Mark, Mary Lou, & Hartley. Virginia was angry about something & would not come to the tree or allow Melvin to do so. I received: Hankies from Dad & Hartley; ties from Doc. Koger, Mother, & Mark; Diary from Mother; Sox and Pocket Notebook from Virginia; pencil box from Mel; bedroom slippers from Dad; & a toilet set from Mother, etc.--Only the most useful things which I can take with we when I go. All in all we had a very nice Christmas; tho' not so much as last year, I think we appreciated it more. At 5:00 we had a swell, big, Christmas Dinner. Haases came over. I had driven to their house to invite them over. For the rest of the day until bedtime at 8:30, I packed my things in my grips (bags). Hot tonight.

       Dec.26 Tue: Mother and Dad leave for Wheeling.--I stay at Koger's. Awoke & arose and dressed about 9:00. Had breakfast. Doc. Koger was over here this morning. When he went home about 11:30 A.M. I packed my baggage in his car & went with him. You know, that's where I'm staying while the folks are gone & until they send for me about Jan. 2, the end of the school semester. (Or, at least the end of review week, since I expect to be exempt from all exams so that I shall be on my way during exam. wk.) Got things settled at Kogers & went back to the house with him to help Mother & Dad do their packing, etc. Doc. Koger sure was splendid about helping them also! Worked until about 5:00 P.M. when I went with Dad, in the car, downtown to do some errands. Drove part way home. Ate a hurried supper by myself, because Dad & I had missed our supper. Left right away (9:00 P.M.) with the folks for the "farewell reception" at the church. We got in on tail end of it. Had forgotten to get Mrs. Mac. a present so I rushed to the Red Cross Drug store & got her one. Formalities of reception were over when I got back. With farewells & some tears I saw the folks off. Came back with Kogers to their home. Fixed up bed & went to bed about 1:00 A.M.--Warm.

       Dec.27 Wed: At KOGERS: MIAMI--Awoke & arose & dressed at 7:30. Ate nice breakfast of oatmeal. Fixed up my living quarters somewhat. (Staying on sun-porch. Not secluded, by any means, but is satisfactory. I should have no complaint if I show the right spirit & that I am willing to work, for the Kogers are wonderful people.) Wrote this & yesterday's.(Comment: My forgetting Mrs. Mac's present last night sure was a break! But I managed to pull things thru & everything came out all right) Helped Mrs. Koger do dishes. She & I had worship together. Went to town with the "Doctor" & did some shopping, procuring some much-needed articles such as: 2 pair sox, shoe polish, underwear, etc. Came home with "Dr." & Grace Koger fixed me some lunch. Her brother Dan & I cleaned & polished the "Dr.'s" car. We did a nice job. Borrowed Dan's bike & went to town to the Dimestore & procured materials for raising an aerial. Aerial wire, lead in, etc. Also got some tape & solder. Came home & Dan helped me start putting up aerial. Got one end put up. Ate supper. Listened to Grace's Long & Short-wave set till I went to bed at 9:00. Moderate tonight.

       Dec.28 Thurs: Kogers'--Miami. Whew! Awoke in early hours of morning (about 7:00) a very sick man! Vomited, (pardon me) tried to go back to sleep but could not sleep. Had been thrashing around in bed a great part of the night. I was so dazed or partially asleep that I didn't know what was the matter with me! When I finally arose about 12:00 I felt like I had been up all night & I was sick in the bargain. I was sure it was the "wienies" (wieners) I had eaten for supper last night. Lay down again about 1:00 after drinking a glass of milk--didn't feel like eating. Slept well till 4:00. Still felt ill (sort of weak & shaky with no appetite & sort of chilled). Got up & put up rest of aerial & ground-which didn't make me any better. Radio doesn't work so hot.--Pretty discouraging after all the work I put into putting up aerial (for the aerial is the trouble--not the crystal set). Ate a little bread & milk for supper. Kogers were very nice to bear with me as they have. Went to bed about 7:30. Went to sleep to the tune of the piano-playing of the married Koger daughter about 8:15. Cool tonight.

       Dec.29 Fri: Boy, oh boy! Awoke, arose, & dressed about 7:30 feeling like a new man! The night's rest & a good breakfast of oatmeal, toast, & milk did me a world of good! Sorted out my clothes which needed mending (shirt, & underwear shorts). (Oh shoot it! I just remembered that I forgot to take another shirt & a pair of sox, also.) Went with Dr. when he took the married Koger daughter to work. (They have so many children, relatives, & whatnot around here that I haven't gotten half of them straight!) He took me to Mrs. Wilson's right near to where he took her & I left my "to-be-mended" duds there. Went with him while he went on several calls until he finally brought me home about 11:00 (A.M., of course.) Wrote this & yesterday's for I had been too sick yesterday to write that. By the way--Dr. Koger stopped by the post-office & there was a letter there for me from Mother which had been mailed from St. Augustine Thurs. morning at 8:30. (They're not making such good time.) She says her throat is very sore. We must pray. She also sent me $1 for milk, but I shall use that for other expenses, for Kogers are buying me 1qt.of milk a day! Helped Dan around the house. Helped him do the dishes. Borrowed his bike to go to Hansford's but had to wait a while (till 4:30) for it to stop raining. Got all this mix-up about "who's-who" here in the Koger family cleared up by asking him. Came back before supper (about 6:00). Ate a good supper.--Made down my bed & got everything ready for bed.--Walked over to the Tower & saw "My Woman"--Phooey!--Got to bed at 10:00.

       Dec.30 Sat: Awoke, arose, & dressed at 7:30. Ate a breakfast of oatmeal as I pondered some news Doc. Koger had just given me. He had received a telegram this morning from Mother saying that they were being delayed at Charlotte, N.C. because of a broken connecting rod. Boy, is he burnt up about it! It seems he had advised Mother to get or trade in for a new car because this one was in bad condition. But Dad insisted it wasn't. So they didn't get a new car. You see, the Packard people told Doc. it was in bad shape (the car), but Dad's favorite mechanic told him it wasn't (Ed Bartlett, by the way.) Wrote this & part of yesterday's Helped Dan with the dishes & practised on sax till about 3:30. I then went outside to fix up a better aerial. Had to ride downtown twice on Dan's bike today (First to return a book on which I owed 14 cents at Library this morning & second to go after materials for antenna.) Got a neat aerial fixed up. Radio (my crystal set) works swell on it! Ate supper. Took a bath. Went to bed listening to my radio, went to sleep about--not later than 10:00, or maybe 9:00?

       Dec.31 Sun: Arose & dressed at 8:00, & ate breakfast. Left for Sunday School about 9:15 with Dr. & Mrs. Koger. Beryl Vick preached a good sermon this morning. Came home & ate dinner about 12:15. Mrs. Mac wasn't there this morning. Wrote this. Practised most of the afternoon (on my sax--of course). Read from about 5:00 to 6:45. Ate a bite (bread & milk) & rushed off to church with Kogers. Didn't get to Y.P.'s this evening. Asked Doc. Koger's permission to see the Christmas drama they were giving over again at the salvation Army Hall. Pretty good. Nice "Inn Scene". Lamont went with me. Went back to the Church about 9:15. Church was over but I (we) had to wait till the "Board Meeting" was over before we could go home. Doc. Koger, you know, is on the Board, of course. Came home about 10:30. Not having any "watch-night--service" tonight. Listened to my radio awhile in bed. Went to sleep about 11:00. Moderately warm. Beautiful days!

              MEMO FOR DECEMBER 1933: Pretty good ol' month, what with Christmas an' all. Pretty sad old month, too, what with the folks leavin' an' all.--Me bein' by m'self. But we just keep rollin' along. The "old year" is gone--all its blissful memories & its sad memories & its unhappy memories. But, as Shelley says:

       "We look before & after,
       And pine for what is not;
       Our sincerest laughter
       With some pain is fraught;
       Our sweetest songs are those
       That tell of saddest thought."

Farewell, Old Year! (With your hard-times & your NIRA) (National Industrial Recovery Act of new Pres. F.D. Roosevelt) Farewell, old Diary! God bless thee! David B., 2119 N.W. 24. St. Miami, Fla. Dec.31, 1933.

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