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FIGHT BACK!       Portugal, 7/77       DO1718
--On PR & Answering Questions from the Media

       1. I DON'T THINK THE BITTER ATTACKS IN '74 IN AMERICA & ENGLAND DID US A BIT OF DAMAGE! Apparently they must have done us good because we've grown faster then ever! The more they attack us, the more we grow! The more they curse us, the more the Lord blesses us! TYL! I was kind of surprised to hear that that guy McPherson was still around in 1977 when we had had so much trouble with him back in '73 or '74, & then we found out it was a 1974 article! Because I have prayed against that guy that God would really deal with him & I'm sure He has because we haven't hardly heard anything from him since. The kids have not had any more problems with him that I know of.

       2. I'M SURE GOD'S TAKING CARE OF HIM! After they serve their purpose & are allowed by the Lord to be used of the Devil to cause enough trouble to get enough attention to arouse public interest, then God takes care of them afterward, like He always has all the people who have attacked His people.

       3. HE'S ALLOWED IT FOR PURPOSES & REASONS, but then when He was finished with "the razor that was hired" (Isa.7:20), He usually busted them up pretty good! Time & again when He was prophesying doom to Israel through the hands of her enemies, Jeremiah was at the same time prophesying eventual doom to her enemies too for doing it! Very funny! TYL! PTL! We have nothing to worry about. "Forget the things that are behind & press toward the things that are before!" "Fret not yourself for tomorrow," trust the Lord for today! PTL! (Phi.3:13; Mat.6:34)

       4. PEOPLE LIKE THOSE TWO SELF-RIGHTEOUS, HYPOCRITICAL PHARISAICAL CHURCH PEOPLE WHO ARE THE PARENTS OF THAT BOY, I THINK THEY'RE THEIR OWN WORST ENEMIES! Their own venom & poison will eventually kill themselves! Like one doctor said, the people who get arthritis & stuff like that, it's usually because they're so full so bitterness & venom & hatred themselves that it generates disease! God damn them & give them what they deserve!

       5. THAT KIND OF CHURCH PEOPLE ARE NOT CHRISTIANS, THEY'RE THE TOOLS OF THE DEVIL! How could they be Christians? How could they be saved when they're unequally yoked with an unbeliever, an absolute zombie, a voodoo worshipper like Ted Patrick, to hire him & pay him $3,600 to kidnap their Christian son & imprison & browbeat him! They talk about us brainwashing, they browbeat! It's horrible! How can they be Christians?

       6. "AND HE THAT KILLETH YOU WILL THINK THAT HE DOETH GOD SERVICE." (John 16:2) Think of it! But is God going to give them any credit for it just because they thought they were doing God service?--No, I don't think so! He's going to give them what they deserve, give them the Hell they deserve just like the Scribes & the Pharisees!--Because they are the Scribes & the Pharisees of today!

       7. I WAS REALLY DISAPPOINTED IN OUR KIDS! Imagine, you never know when you might be on BBC, & she was! Think of it! (Maria: She was right on the program?) Yes, they played the tape recording of the phone call right on the show! She didn't realise she was talking to all England, all Britain, in fact all the World!

       8. SHE WAS TYPICALLY EVASIVE, YOU KNOW, LIKE SHE WAS GUILTY & HIDING INSTEAD OF ATTACKING!--Instead of replying "Well of course we encourage sex? What's the matter with sex? Don't you like sex? God made sex!" What's the matter with the kids that they don't have a more positive approach? He asked, "Didn't you read where Moses David writes this tract that says you have to get dirty in order to save people?" And she should have said, "Of course! That's obvious! Missionaries have to go down & catch leprosy & everything else in order to help the lepers, what's the matter with that?"

       9. THEY NEED TO GO ON THE ATTACK, ATTACK!--Instead of suddenly getting freaked out & scared & not knowing what to say! They shouldn't have people like that answering the telephone! They should never have anybody answer the phone anywhere but somebody who knows all the answers & can sock it to'm if they have to! It's pitiful!

       10. THERE WAS HER CHANCE TO BE A WITNESS TO THE WORLD & SHE REALLY MUFFED IT & WAS REALLY WEAK! That's enough to make Wallis ashamed of us! (Maria: It must have been embarrassing for him to have to sit there & listen to that after he'd stuck up for us.) They had him say a few little things in advance like he was in our favour, when he isn't really all that favourable. I mean, he's not that unbiased, or biased I should say. Then they gave this other guy two-thirds of the whole show & played the recorded conversation with the girl on the phone, probably all put up & done by BBC from their excellent recording & everything, her saying, "Well, I'm sorry, I've got to go to the door now, excuse me, bang!"--Instead of answering the questions.

       11. THE WORLD WOULD HAVE GOTTEN A KICK OUT OF THAT & SHE COULD HAVE SET THAT SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITE BACK IN HIS HEELS if she had said, "Of course we like sex! Of course we encourage sex! God made sex! Don't you like sex?" I mean, he asked such ridiculous questions, they were the easiest kind in the World to answer! "But you teach that you've got to get dirty to save people!"--"Well, of course you have to! You've got to go to the slums to take care of the bums & their vomit, & the lepers in the leper colonies, of course you have to dirty yourself! All the missionaries have to dirty themselves to save people! Jesus had to dirty Himself to save people, what's the matter with that?"

       12. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ON THE ATTACK! What the Hell's the matter with them! They must have let some little babe or some little nobody answer the phone who didn't know what to say! (Maria: They were also really weak on the program in Spain.) Oh, it was horrible! And the people never have forgotten that show they had on BBC in Britain where the guy came with the girl chained to him--that's the only thing they ever remember!

       13. THE PEOPLE ACTUALLY THOUGHT THAT THE GIRL WAS REALLY CHAINED, THAT WAS THE GENERAL IMPRESSION! They didn't get the part of the irony or the sarcasm or the ridiculousness of the whole thing--which shows you how our kids went in their own carnal minds, their own fleshly thinking. They thought it was some joke, but people took it seriously! They said, "They even brought the girl right on television in chains to show how she was chained."

       14. IF PEOPLE DON'T LOOK TO THE LORD FOR THEIR ANSWERS, GOD HELP US! My Lord, I mean any girl like that who answer the phone should ask the Lord immediately what to say & the Lord would have showed her! That's the only thing that disappoints me, that our kids are so weak sometimes. Thank God some of them must be strong because we're growing & getting fruit & results!

       15. BUT WHAT THE HELL IS THE MATTER WITH THESE PEOPLE WHO GO ON THE PUBLIC MEDIA? Why can't they answer the questions? What's the matter with them? It's terrible! Thank God there are some people who give that right answers & do well, some of the shows do well, but some of them are just sickening! Remember when I heard that show in Britain in which Elisabeth answered the question, their defense was so weak it was sickening, instead of going on the attack!

       16. MY GOD, WHERE ARE THE FIGHTERS THAT KNOW HOW TO ATTACK! I mean, his questions were the easiest kind in the World to answer! She said, "Huh...what...yes...but...we don't distribute that on the streets." "Yes, but you do believe it & your leader does write it, doesn't he?" "Well, excuse me, I have to go answer the door." Isn't that sickening? They must be ashamed of it. They must not have conviction!

       17. THEY SHOULD BE ALWAYS READY TO "GIVE AN ANSWER TO HIM THAT ASKETH OF THEE!" Peter said so as plain as day! (1Pet.3:15) They must not have the guts, the conviction to answer. It must be that some of these kids really aren't sold, they don't really have the guts, they haven't got the conviction about FFing & things like that, otherwise they could fire back & fight back! It's just sickening the way they seem to be so unsure of themselves! (Maria: I think it took her by surprise, because those were DO Letters that weren't supposed to be seen by outsiders.)

       18. WELL, THEY MIGHT AS WELL FACE IT--THEY ARE GOING TO FACE THOSE THINGS ON TV, hear about them on radio, be called about them on the telephone, have their enemies face them with the lit face-to-face just like they have in these recent magazine articles, & we have got to come out & attack, attack & say:

       19. "SO WHAT? OF COURSE THIS IS WHAT WE BELIEVE! Of course this is what we teach! It's Scriptural, it's God-given, we believe it, we practice it, so what the Hell do you care? Why not?" And the World, believe it or not, the honest open-minded World will admire their guts for sticking up for their convictions & sticking to their guns instead of backwatering & backing down before these sickening, self-righteous hypocrites!

       20. THE WORLD WOULD LOVE IT IF THEY'D SAY, "SURE WE LIKE TO FUCK! WHY NOT? DON'T YOU LIKE TO FUCK?" The World would just crack up & fall off their seats!--They'd like to say that to the church people themselves, you know? "What's the matter with fucking? What have you got against it?" The minute a church person challenges you & says, "Don't you promote sex? Don't you encourage sex?"--As far as they're concerned you're encouraging sin & damnation when you encourage sex!

       21. OUR KIDS MUST NOT HAVE THE RIGHT IDEA, THEY MUST STILL FEEL THAT WAY THEMSELVES IF THEY CAN'T ATTACK! "What the Hell's wrong with encouraging sex? What's the matter with that?--God made it! Of course we encourage it, we practice it too! How would you like to fuck, don't you like it?" It makes me so sick when they get so sickeningly weak & back down! My Lord, help us!

       22. I AM NOT AMAZED OR AT ALL DISMAYED AT THE CHALLENGE OF THE ENEMY, in fact the Enemy really is pretty weak compared to what he might do. What dismays me & disappoints me & sickens me is that our own kids haven't got the guts & the gumption or the fight to fight back & trap them in their own words & challenge them & attack them right in what they're talking about.

       23. WHY BACK DOWN & TRY TO DENY IT?--It's all in print, they've got it! Are they ashamed of it? Why should they be ashamed of it? Why are they ashamed of it? For some reason or other they haven't got the right attitude if they're ashamed of it. They're not ready to stick up for it & sock it to'm, they're ashamed of it! It's pitiful when they're caught & they're embarrassed, they're ashamed instead of coming out & socking it to'm & just telling them off!

       24. "WHAT THE HELL'S WRONG WITH SEX? DON'T YOU LIKE SEX? What's the matter with fucking? God made it! Of course we have to dirty our hands & dirty our bodies to go down there & save them, so do the missionaries & all the rest of them! The doctors & nurses & whatnot have to dirty their hands & risk disease & everything to save people, why shouldn't we do it for Jesus?" But they get scared off & just scared almost spitless & witless to where they can't even answer a was going out over all BBC to the whole World & she failed! Somebody was really not prepared there.

       25. MY LORD DELIVER US! GIVE US FIGHTERS, PEOPLE WITH GUTS & CONVICTION THAT BELIEVE WHAT WE SAY! It must be that they just haven't got the conviction themselves or they'd stick up for it, right? They'd stand up for it & they'd fight for it! But they get scared & rattled & stammer & stutter & don't know what to say! I don't know why they don't know what to say, I've said plenty! My Lord, I've said enough that they ought to have plenty to say!

       26. GOD HELP US & DELIVER US FROM COWARDS! Give us brave soldiers that know how to fight & throw it back in their teeth & break their teeth, kick'm in the teeth with the same truth! (Psa.3:7) There's nothing they can quote out of my Letters that I'm ashamed of! There's nothing they can fire at us in public from those "secret Letters" that I'm ashamed of! Just stand up & sock'm in the teeth with it! "Why not? What's wrong with that? Of course we do!"

       27. I TOLD THEM WAY BACK IN THAT LETTER "CONTEND FOR THE FAITH" (NO.143A) HOW TO ANSWER THE PRESS! I said, "When they accuse you of brainwashing, say, 'Well, of course we brainwash people, why not? People have dirty minds, they need washing! The Bible says we should wash them with the pure water of the Word, what's the matter with that? Everybody's engaged in brainwashing, every advertisement, every religion, every church is trying to brainwash people!'" It's so ridiculous to say you're not brainwashing people, of course we're brainwashing people, they've got dirty brains & they've got to be washed.

       28. HIT THEM HEAD ON! ATTACK, ATTACK! Admit it & say, "What's wrong with it? What's wrong with brainwashing? If brains are dirty, why not wash them?" Why not? It's so ridiculous! Oh, it makes me sick how willy-nilly & sickeningly cowardly some of our people seem to be! I guess they just don't know what to say! Why don't they know what to say?--They've read the Letters! It must be because they haven't read the Letters.

       29. IT MAKES ME SO GOD-DAMNED MAD WHEN OUR KIDS ARE SCARED. IT MAKES ME FURIOUS! I mean, that girl was absolutely scared speechless, she didn't know what to say. Why should she be scared? Why should she be ashamed of sex? He asked her that simple question: "Admit it now, don't you encourage sex?" What the Hell's wrong with encouraging sex? That was the easiest question in the World to answer! She should have said, "Of course we encourage sex, it's great, don't you like it? What's the matter with fucking? God made it!"--And the announcer would probably have fallen over & laughed himself!

       30. I'M TELLING YOU, IF THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO BE BOLD, IF THEY'RE NOT FIGHTERS, THEY DON'T BELONG TO THIS OUTFIT! I mean really, they do not!--If they are not bold fighters on the attack! Cowards just do not belong in this outfit! Namby-pamby, milk-&-water, string-for-a-backbone cowards who have no guts or conviction & are ashamed & don't know what to say don't belong! They should all be willing to fight for their convictions!

       31. THIS REVOLUTION WAS NOT BUILT BY COWARDS, OR FOUGHT BY COWARDS--IT WAS FOUGHT BY BRAVE, BOLD WARRIORS WHO CHALLENGED THE ENEMY! When the enemy comes up & challenges you, you don't go on the defensive, you don't start backwatering or side-stepping or coughing & wheezing & spitting & stammering & stuttering & get scared & back off, you attack him! You go on the attack! You take the initiative & go on the attack & sock it to him!

       32. JESUS HARDLY EVER ANSWERED A QUESTION WITHOUT A QUESTION. "What's the matter with sex? God made it, what's wrong with that? You don't like sex? You don't even fuck? What's the matter with you?--You must be some kind of a queer!" My God, they ought to go on the attack!--Instead of saying, "No, excuse me, I'm sorry, I have to go answer the door." She was so obviously on the run, it was pitiful! The Devil must have laughed that day when the whole world just heard her run! He said "Boo!" & she ran!

       33. (MARIA: THE GUYS THAT HAVE DEALT WITH THE PRESS FOR A LONG TIME REALLY KNOW HOW TO DO IT, THOUGH! When Sara's fish Carlos come in with another girl & he saw Sara in the disco the other night, he really went on the attack! He said, "Sara, I'm displeased with you! Please show up at my restaurant tomorrow & explain this to me!") Yes, "How come you're here with another man?"--Of course, he was there with another girl! She ought to have said, "What are you doing here, anyhow, & who's the girl? I've got as much right to be here with another man as you've got to be here with another woman, what's the matter with that? What's wrong with this disco? How come you're here?"

       34. IT'S SO SILLY TO BACKWATER! That just sounded like Christians, they're used to doing that, they've been doing it for years! Every time the Devil says "Boo", they run! It made me so sick when I read that radio interview. At least Wallis was sort of tacitly trying to make a case for us, in a way, & somewhat defend us, & apparent he has now got the reputation of being one of our defenders. But that other sickening stupid idiot with all his typically little church challenges--I mean, they were nothing! Anybody could have answered them!

       35. SHE COULD HAVE STARTED ATTACKING, BUT SHE JUST BACKED RIGHT DOWN & BACKED OUT LIKE A CRAWFISH! It made me sick! Oh, Lord help us!" It's right here, right here, I've got it right in my hand, 'Dirty Dishes'! Your own prophet Moses David wrote it & it says you've got to get yourself dirty in order to save others, isn't that what you believe?" Well, What the Hell was the matter with her? Of course that's what we believe! What's wrong with that? A mechanic's got to get himself dirty to fix a car! People have to get themselves dirty to wash the dishes! A cook has to get himself dirty to cook a meal! There's nothing wrong with that!

       36. WHAT THE HELL'S THE MATTER WITH HER THAT SHE GOT SO SCARED OUT? "Bu-bu-bu-bu-bu-but wewewewewe ddddddon't distribute that on the streets!" "Yes, but you do in your own ranks, don't you?"--The Devil with his little pusillanimous "boo" just set her on the run! She didn't give him one good answer, not one! Lord help us! It makes me sick! Thank God, I guess not all of our Colonies are that way or we wouldn't be anywhere!

       37. THEY SHOULD NEVER BACKWATER OR SIDE-STEP! UPON ANY BLOW THEY OUGHT TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE ATTACK & ATTACK THE GUY THEMSELVES! Take the initiative! Get on the offensive! Attack! Be the aggressor! Quit trying to defend yourself, it's so stupid! You don't have to defend it--challenge him with it! "You do encourage sex, don't you? You do promote sex?!" "My God, what the Hell's wrong with sex? Of course we encourage it & promote it!" It's so silly! It must have been sickening for the people that heard it, to hear how scared she was & how she backed down & backed out & ran, literally ran & left the field to the Devil! It makes me so mad! It must have been some little brand-new babe who didn't know beans from beans! Lord help us!

       38. AND TO THINK HOW STUPID & IDIOTIC THOSE SICKENING CHURCH PEOPLE ARE, he thought he made a great triumphant discovery that we believed in sex & that you have to get dirty to save people! "What horrible, horrible sinful thoughts!" My God, what the Hell is wrong with our kids if they don't know the simple answer to that? Of course we believe in sex & of course you've got to get dirty to save people! Oh my God!

       39. THEY MUST NOT BE READING THE LETTERS, THAT'S ALL I CAN THINK OF, OR THEY'D HAVE THE ANSWERS! I don't think the people who have been trained under me there in Tenerife personally would have backwatered like that, although sometimes they have in a way. They've side-stepped questions & denied things they didn't even have to deny, it's pitiful! "So what? What's it to you?"--That's what we used to say when I was a kid! "None of your business", whatever! You wouldn't let somebody back you down, back you in the corner & pin you up against the wall--you fought back! Fought back! You said, "What the Hell are you trying to do? What are you trying to prove! What's wrong with sex? What's wrong with getting dirty to get your work done? Nearly everybody has to do that!" Praise God! Lord Jesus help us!

       40. GIVE US FIGHTERS, LORD, WHO AREN'T AFRAID TO GO ON THE ATTACK!--WHO AREN'T ASHAMED OF WHAT THEY BELIEVE--Aren't ashamed of what they practice!--Aren't afraid of the Devil & his stupid, silly, idiotic little challenges! Lord help us! PYL! TYL! Give us fighters, Lord!--Positive fighters, people who can stand up for what they believe & fight for it & die for it! People who are ashamed of what we believe & ashamed of what I write ought not to be in this Army, they ought not to be with us!--And they shouldn't let some ignorant babe who doesn't know anything answer the telephone! (Amen? GBAKY fighting as long as you can!--Then flee! "He who fights & runs away lives to fight another day!"--Amen!--Jesus did!--Until it was finally time to die for us!--How about you?)

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