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--They Are the Future Forever!--By Dad & Maria

       1. WITH TEENAGERS YOU CAN'T ALWAYS SEE THE RESULTS SO QUICKLY & SO OBVIOUSLY AS YOU CAN WITH LITTLE CHILDREN.--With them you can really see the results every day. Maybe sometimes you feel like you're not seeing any results, but look how patient Sara's been with these children for so many years & look at the results!--I never saw such good kids in my whole life! PTL!
       2. THERE MUST'VE BEEN SOMETHING GOOD ABOUT THE FOLKS WHO TOOK CARE OF YOU BECAUSE YOU TURNED OUT AWFUL GOOD! Your parents have got to be good or they wouldn't have developed such a wonderful child. Of course, you had a lot going for you with your heritage & background & lineage & prayers of probably not only your present relatives, but the whole family & those that have gone before you.--Your grandmothers & great grandmothers & fathers in Heaven & everybody else praying for you. You've had a lot going for you, so no wonder you turned out so good. But you had to respond to it & react to it right too, you know.
       3. IT DOESN'T MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR HERITAGE IS OR YOUR ENVIRONMENT, ETC., IF YOU DON'T RESPOND & REACT POSITIVELY TO IT. That's why they give you all these options under your Sun sign of positive & negative.
       4. IT ALL DEPENDS ON HOW YOU HANDLE IT & HOW YOU REACT TO YOUR PARTICULAR CHARACTERISTICS & GIFTS, whether you react positively or negatively. God gives you the choices, & regardless of what God has given you, it's what you do with it that counts.
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       5. EVERYBODY'S HEARD ABOUT THE JESUS REVOLUTION, RIGHT? Everybody's heard about us. If they haven't seen us or read our lit, they at least read about us in the newspapers or saw us on television. They all had their chance, that generation had its chance! Well, now we're trying to reach the poor little kids that didn't have their chance, who are listening to radio, praise the Lord?--And now we're going to try to Reap Radio! Come on Maria, tell'm what I told you today we'd better do!
       6. (MARIA: WE'RE GOING TO PUT AS MUCH AS WE CAN INTO THE REAPERS EVEN IF WE HAVE TO STOP THE PUBS, BUT OF COURSE I DON'T THINK THAT WILL EVER BE NECESSARY! I agree that we can't do without the personal evangelism, we can't do without the Reapers, but neither can we do without the Pubs to encourage the Reapers to keep going!--We need both! So I really don't think that the Lord's going to fail. I think He's just going to increase it as much as we need for both the Pubs & the Reapers, because we just can't cut off the Pubs & give the support to the people on the field instead.
       7. (I THINK BEFORE WE'D HAVE TO CUT OFF THE PUBS THAT THE LORD WOULD SUPPLY FOR THE PEOPLE ON THE FIELD! Our Family is living by faith already & the Lord will take care of them. If they need the money & we only have what it takes for the Pubs, the Lord's going to take care of them just like He did for so many already that are on the field. But for some of these people that don't have anything & are afraid to go out & they don't have the faith--but they have the desire & they have the will & they have the talent & they can do it--we want to give them a little bit, as Dad said, "a little cloud in the rainless sky," something they can hold onto & think, "Well, we can fall back on this.")
       8. WELL, I BELIEVE THAT, BUT I BELIEVE OUR PUBS HAVE SORT OF BEEN OUR ISAAC.--Like when the Lord tested Abraham to find out if he was willing to give up his dearest & most precious project, his son Isaac, then the Lord let him have him back again & all the rest too. (Maria: We've done that time after time. We've said we're going to cut down, we can't have any mailings this month, but we just went ahead by faith & the Lord did it!) I told them today that even if we have to postpone pubs for a couple of months or cut'm down, they've had more than they can read already.
       9. (MARIA: HE'S REALLY RIGHT THAT WE'VE BEEN GLUTTED WITH STUFF, WE'VE HAD ALMOST TOO MUCH! You didn't think I'd say that, I bet you're shocked!--But the people who haven't had it are the children, & like I told you on New Year's Eve, the things we're getting out for the children now aren't old-hat & they aren't a rehash of the original Letters, like the Condos & DFO Komix & Quotes--which are all very very good & I wouldn't have worked a year on the Quotebook if I didn't think so--but it's true, they are a rehash. Even if we didn't have these things we'd still have the original Letters & we'd survive.
       10. (BUT THE THING THAT'S IMPORTANT NOW--THE LORD IS NOT GIVING US SO MANY NEW PROJECTS GEARED TO THE ADULTS, BUT FOR THE CHILDREN, & FOR THEM IT'S NOT OLD-HAT. It's not a rehash, because they haven't had the original Letters, & neither have a lot of the parents been faithful to pass on all the lessons even by word-of-mouth. It's hard to do anyway if you don't have illustrated lessons. They've had the Komix, but you can go through those Komic Volumes & see how few of them really are understandable for the little kids. They're hard to understand for the smaller children & they weren't made for children in the first place, they were done for adults, practically all of them, except for a few we designated & said, "Here, this is a KK." Even when we told them to do KKs, a lot of our artists still never got the point & they still didn't do it. They didn't really understand how to get it down to that level.) I think a lot of them apparently didn't have children.
       11. (MARIA: SO IT'S NOT A REHASH FOR THE CHILDREN, IT'S NEW STUFF FOR THE KIDS, & SO MANY ARE THINGS THAT THEY HAVEN'T EVEN HAD BEFORE. The parents really haven't been too faithful to tell them a lot of the stuff--they don't want to do it themselves, so why should they tell their children to do it? They feel a little hypocritical then.
       12. (SO I WAS PRAYING ABOUT WHAT WE CAN DO FOR THE ARTISTS, WHO ARE SORT OF RUNNING OUT OF WORK. They've got flannelgraphs & they've got KKs to do, but I was wondering, "What can we do for them, how can we keep them going?" We've got lots of artists. We're not doing too many GP Komix any more because we don't have that much GP material, & I want to do more compilation-type of things for the children instead of just mainly by the separate TK. We still have little dreams coming out that we can have the artists do for the children & various miscellaneous TKs & KKs, but we've got a lot of artists, good artists too, & I wanted something for them to do to keep them going, because some of them are running out of assignments now.
       13. (SO I WAS REALLY PRAYING, "WHAT IN THE WORLD CAN WE DO?" & THINKING OVER ALL THESE PROJECTS, "LORD, WHAT CAN I GIVE THEM TO DO?" Well, we're doing another year of Daily Mights so we're going to have them illustrate that. And the Bible stories that Dad's talked about, we thought those would be good too, in KKs, & some of them are already done. But I sort of came to the end & I couldn't think of any projects for the artists to do except a few Komix that they have now. So I was really praying, "Well, Lord, what else? What else don't we have pubbed yet?" And I thought, "Well, we don't have the Health Checklist pubbed & the Security Checklist & the Kitchen Checklist, or the Safety Checklist. The Security Checklist is 86 pages so you can imagine it's more than just a little tiny brief rundown, it's a whole course of everything!
       14. (AND ALL OF A SUDDEN IT STRUCK ME WHAT WE NEED FOR THE CHILDREN! We've done almost everything we can in working on their spiritual welfare, putting out the KKs for their spiritual necessity & their spiritual education, but how much do we have on the physical? Dad spends half the Letters telling us practical things, how to do things, but where is that material for the children? They have the KK's "Cleanliness Is Godliness" & "Food or Poison," but what else do they have? That's about the extent of it.--And unless the parents have been faithful to pass on all these little rules--& the little rules really add up to make our whole practical life--unless they've been willing & faithful to do that, the children just don't have much along that line.--Maybe a handful of Komix but not very many. So I thought, "Well, that's perfect! That's what we can have!"
       15. (YOU KNOW WHAT WE HAD IN SCHOOL FOR ABOUT SIX YEARS AT LEAST?--IT WAS CALLED "HEALTH" OR "HEALTH & SAFETY" OR "PRACTICAL LIFE." They didn't leave it to the parents to teach us, you know, & the parents didn't teach a lot of it. We had it practically every day when we were young for about six years, a course that included safety, health, even how to take care of your baby sisters & brothers!) Think of that! Now they don't have any baby sisters & brothers--they're trying to get rid of'm!
       16. (MARIA: SO WE REALLY NEED THAT FOR THE CHILDREN, SOMETHING THEY CAN READ ON THEIR OWN & THEY CAN SEE IN THEIR OWN BOOK. Don't you agree? And we don't have it at all. I was on the wrong track, I was thinking only about all the spiritual things, but the children now more than ever need all these practical things that Dad's been trying to drill into our heads for years, but they need it down to their level.
       17. (IT WILL BE LIKE A WHOLE HEALTH COURSE--HEALTH & SAFETY, HEALTH & HYGIENE, SAFETY & SECURITY. They could have every point illustrated for the kids with separate little pictures for every point. That way even if little kids can't read it, they can look through their books. They could do it on their own & their parents won't have to be responsible for teaching it to them if they just give'm their books. It'll really convict the adults & convict the parents too when the kids say, "Mommy, why don't you rinse your mouth after you eat?"
       18. (SO NOW WE'RE GOING THROUGH & PICKING OUT THE POINTS FROM THE ADULT CHECKLISTS & TRYING TO BRING THEM RIGHT DOWN TO THE CHILDREN'S LEVEL, then we're going to give them to the artists, & you'd better pray that they can illustrate them. I don't think it would be too difficult a job because it's all practical, it's not something they have to get out of the clear blue, out of Heaven, it's just what it says. It's going to be easy for them to do & I think they'll really enjoy it.
       19. (SO I THINK THE CHILDREN'S MATERIAL IS VERY DEFINITELY A GREAT NEED, REALLY A NEED! For the adults it is sort of a rehash, which I still think is important, but not as important as what we're doing for the children. And also, like Dad's vision for the new FN & having more material for outsiders that aren't disciples & aren't living right in a Home, we need to do more along those lines because we don't have very much feeding material to give to them.--Not just PR & not just like the FN or the LIN, but things that will really feed them. Maybe they're almost on the verge of being saved or maybe they're just saved fish & friends & we don't really have a lot of material for them.
       20. (RIGHT NOW MOST PEOPLE GO THROUGH THEIR BOOKS & PUBS & XEROX OR WRITE OUT CERTAIN PARTS, BUT WE NEED TO GET OUT SOME LITTLE BOOKLETS, 32- or 64-page booklets that we can give to our fish & friends on certain subjects & let them have them. So those are the two main things we really need to be working on & it's really still very important, so we need to pray that the Lord sends in the funds for'm.) PTL! Hallelujah!--She's an expert at giving the other side! She figures I ought to see both sides.
       21. THAT WAS A GOOD SPEECH, SHE'S REALLY ADVOCATING HER CAUSE, & PROBABLY MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE WE DO DESPERATELY NEED MATERIALS FOR THE CHILDREN! We've got 5,000 children coming up, half of us are children. In fact, I think it's gotten to where it's more than half now. (Maria: 700 a year are born!) We are having 60 children or more a month without fail now, an average of two a day being born. Now that's a whole field in itself, amen?
       22. LOOK HOW GOD IS BLESSING US! HE MUST WANT A LOT MORE KIDS IN HEAVEN, OUR MOTHERS ARE HAVING SO MANY CHILDREN! Somewhere almost every day two mothers are having children. Maybe they're not all born just that evenly, two a day, but it's 60-some a month. Every month without fail! God is not failing--let's not fail the children. Amen? Let's make sure we've got the materials to educate them right on till the Lord comes & on beyond that into the next dispensation, as they call it, the next Age.
       23. THAT'S WHY I'M CONVINCED WE'RE GOING TO NEED THESE EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS RIGHT ON INTO THE MILLENNIUM, not only for our own children but for the children of the whole World! Amen? We are now developing an educational system & educational materials for the new education of the New World! Think of it! Amen? Where else are they going to get it but from us?
       24. I KNOW VERY FEW CHURCHES OR RELIGIONS OR DENOMINATIONS THAT HAVE REALLY THOROUGHLY GOOD EDUCATIONAL MATERIAL FOR CHILDREN. Most of it is based on old-hat ancient Bible history, Old Testament Bible stories, etc., & although they've painted a lot of good pictures & they've illustrated a lot of their story books pretty well, even the kids' story books are the same old thing, the same old stories, the same old preachers' applications & nothing really new, nothing really revolutionary, nothing really about what you're supposed to do about it today. What kind of Christian are you now? What kind of Christian should you be & what should you be doing? What's your job?
       25. THEY ALL PREACH "GO TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY" OR "GO TO CHURCH ON SATURDAY" OR "GO TO CHURCH EVERY NIGHT" OR "GO TO CHURCH"! That's what they all preach. I mean, there's hardly any of them, very few of them that preach "go ye into all the World & preach the Gospel!" (Mk.16:15) Nearly every one of them says, "Come to our church! Go to church! Support the church!"--And a few of them say, "Support the missionaries"!
       26. BUT WHAT KIND OF LITERATURE ARE WE GOING TO USE? We've already found out we can't use their literature for our own children, right? We can use some of it, yes. We can use a few of the pictures & a few of the materials that are handy to have, but very little, & you've seen precious little of that kind of stuff in our literature because there's so little that's really good for our kids. It's so old & old-fashioned & the same old thing over & over.
       27. HOW MANY TIMES CAN YOU TELL THE STORY OF DAVID KILLING GOLIATH? How many times are you going to tell that story to your kids?--I mean, compared to all the things you can talk about & teach children. How many Bible stories are there that really are of interest & appropriate for children? I don't even like to tell kids about David & Goliath any more, it's a pretty gruesome story about violence & killing. I noticed a lot of the time in the old days in Sunday school & church where the preachers even avoided telling you how dear little David walked up afterward & pulled out Goliath's sword & chopped his head off! That was just a little bit too gory & bloody & gruesome for most little Sunday school kids & church people to take. It wasn't quite so bad that he just took a nice little clean rock & hit him in the head. Let me tell you, he must've been strong! He threw that so hard that it sank right into his forehead & he fell down dead right on the spot!
       28. WELL, I KNOW KIDS ARE FASCINATED BY STORIES LIKE THAT, BUT THERE'S SO MUCH ELSE! Why not tell'm stories about missionaries & witnessing & soul-winning? How many stories did you hear in church or Sunday school about the great missionaries & the great pioneer evangelists & the great heroes of the faith? How much did you even hear about church history? About the only church history you ever got, if you got any of that, was the Book of Acts, & most of the preachers were afraid to get into that because that was a little too strong, you know, it sounded a bit Pentecostal with all the gifts of the Spirit & healing & all that kind of stuff in there that they don't have any more & they're almost ashamed.
       29. HOW CAN THEY TEACH FROM THE BOOK OF ACTS WHEN THEY DON'T REALLY WANT THEIR PEOPLE TO DO THAT?--Because if they start doing that they might get a crazy idea of becoming a missionary or going downtown & passing out tracts instead of coming to church! They're afraid to teach the Book of Acts, they'd rather get into all that theology of Paul & the Epistles & all that sort of thing.
       30. I NEVER COULD UNDERSTAND WHY MOTHER EVE'S FAVOURITE STUDY WAS TO STUDY THE EPISTLES! I never could get into the Epistles much until I got older & began to appreciate the doctrine & form a doctrinal stand, especially his arguments for grace against law. I appreciate that now more than ever. Some preachers preach it pretty strong, especially those that believe in Eternal Salvation. They'll really preach you Paul's sermons along that line & along the line of grace above law.
       31. BUT THEY SURE DON'T LIKE TO GET TOO MUCH ON HIS MISSIONARY KICK OR HIS LIVING BY FAITH OR HIS PIONEERING! Oh, they'll tell you all about that, "Wasn't that wonderful, long long ago, how they lived in those days! Wasn't that marvellous?--The miracles they could do! Wasn't that wonderful how they could go out & be missionaries? But of course you can't do that sort of thing today! We don't expect you to go out & leave our dear church & go off half-cocked without years of education!" How many times have you heard it? "Well, you know, not everybody can be a missionary. Well, not everybody can do that. Well, not everybody can go out & witness & win souls, not everybody's a soul-winner!"--Looks to me like hardly anybody in the churches wins souls! You might as well say, "Well, everybody isn't!"--Because they're not, at least the churches I've been in, & the churches we went to were some of the most spiritual & even missionary-minded.
       32. THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE DOING GREAT IF THEY EVEN HELPED TO SUPPORT ONE MISSIONARY, & if they actually went to the jail or the hospital on Sunday afternoon & had a little service, a regular church service, the same thing they did in church--sang, played music & the preacher preached a sermon--they thought they were really witnessing! They thought they were really getting out & that was really a marvellous service, to actually do something outside of the church building for the Lord, to go to the jail & preach to the convicts & go to the hospital & visit the sick. Oh, that was the ultimate in Christian service!
       33. THERE WASN'T MUCH GLORY IN PASSING OUT TRACTS ON THE STREET CORNER TO THE BUMS & THE DRUNKS & THE HARLOTS & EVEN THE SYSTEMITES. That was about the lowest kind of Christian service & the most humiliating & the kind that the whole church looked down on. The people that went out & passed tracts to the downtown crowds on a Saturday night, the whole church looked down on them a little askance like, "That's one of those crazy people, it's really kind of crazy to go out & pass tracts on Saturday night!" I mean, they really were embarrassed by them, they really were ashamed of them.
       34. THEY WERE USUALLY SOME DEAR LITTLE OLD LADY OR SOME BAGGY-PANTS OLD MAN OR SOME KIND OF CRAZY OLD DUFFER OF SOME KIND that somewhere way back yonder when they were young were taught to witness & litness. "And of course nice, refined, genteel, intelligent church people nowadays don't do things like that!--They don't go down amongst those dirty people on Saturday night & pass out literature! That's the lowest of the low! Of course, if Brother So-&-so wants to do that, why, that's up to him. If Sister So-&-so wants to besmirch herself by going down amongst the dirty publicans & sinners & the drunks & the harlots, well, that's up to them, but I certainly don't want to sit near'm in church!" Let's face it, that's the average Christian's attitude.
       35. SO WHERE ARE THEY GOING TO GET THE LITERATURE? Where are they going to get the teaching? We've got a Thousand Years coming up to try to educate these people.--Not just the little time we've got left right here & now. We're having a big enough job just trying to educate ourselves right now. Thank God for a little time to educate our own children!
       36. I WASN'T GOING TO GIVE ANY SPEECH TONIGHT BUT MARIA GOT ME INSPIRED! PTL! Wasn't that a good speech? (Fam: Amen!) She really tees me off, gets me started sometimes. She teases me too. GBH! That's what keeps me going. You want to know what keeps me going?--There it sits right there, along with the Lord. (Maria: And all of you!) And you, of course. Well, if we didn't have you we couldn't go anywhere.--Although I started out with nobody but her & look where it got us, amen? That's why you're here. Don't forget, I'm getting my glory now! She's not getting half of the glory she ought to have, she's not getting half of the reward she's going to have. (Maria: I don't want it, please!) She's going to have to get most of hers over there on the other side, probably heading up the whole Worldwide Millennial Educational System! PTL?
       37. HOW COME THE PREACHERS NEVER TALK ABOUT THAT? If they even mention the Millennium it's sort of a Heaven-on-Earth, Garden-of-Eden thing that they don't quite understand, they can't quite figure out why we're still here on Earth. "Why don't we just go straight to Heaven & forget the Millennium?"--Even those that believe in the Millennium.
       38. (ONE OF THE CHILDREN: I WAS JUST GOING TO SAY THAT IT'S VERY TRUE THAT WE'RE REALLY RUNNING OUT OF MATERIALS FOR THE KIDS because when I'm taking care of a child & I'm trying to find a Bible story to read for the night, I open up the drawer & all there is is the same old Bible story books that I read to him every night, & it becomes old.) Not enough of the TKs were really for children, were they? (Child: Yes, they didn't get so interested in them.)
       39. I HEARD SOMEBODY TELLING A LITTLE CHILD A NAPTIME STORY TODAY, & THEY WERE REALLY PUTTING ALL THEY HAD INTO IT & IT WAS REALLY INTERESTING! I was standing outside the window--they didn't know I was listening--but she was telling a story & I recognised the story about the taxi, bless her heart, & I really enjoyed that! I mean, you've got to have animation, you've got to have enthusiasm, you've got to have inspiration to keep a little child's attention! Some of their attention spans are not more than a few seconds if you don't really turn it on! My kids can remember some of the antics & stunts I used to pull. I told you about the time I was trying to illustrate the whale swallowing Jonah & I threw myself on the floor & rolled up in the rug! The kids loved it! We had to have illustrated sermons in those days, illustrated Bible stories.
       40. JUST READING IT OUT OF THE BIBLE, THAT WAS FINE, BUT YOU HAD TO REALLY MAKE IT COME TO LIFE! You had to really illustrate it & you had to really put everything you had into it. You folks that deal with children & tell stories to children, if you just sit there & drone on & read to them from some System book or even from a TK, they're going to wander off & forget all about it. And even if they don't wander off physically, their minds are going to wander off. You've got to really sock it to'm & put a lot of real meaning & interest in it in order to really get their attention, & once you've got it, to try to keep it!
       41. GOOD NIGHT, IT WAS HARD ENOUGH TO GET THE ATTENTION OF JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WHEN I WAS TEACHING SCHOOL, & it's even harder with small children. Their attention span is very short, very brief & they can't pay attention for very long periods. You've got to grab them while they can & before they go to sleep when they're so tired.
       42. BELIEVE YOU ME, THE TIME IS NOT ONLY HERE BUT IT'S PAST TIME TO DEVELOP BETTER EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS FOR OUR CHILDREN. The children are developing faster than our materials. So I'm in whole-hearted agreement with what Maria's been telling you, & it is certainly a desperate need. I've been working on this too, & this is why I plugged away at having Komix for so long, something for the children to read. But the artists seemed to have the idea of designing them more for adults--of course because they're full-grown & that's their language & they use those big words, & in the early days we didn't have very many children.
       43. SOME OF YOU CAN REMEMBER THE DAYS WHEN WE WERE ALL TEENAGERS, ALL EXCEPT ME! We had hardly anybody that was even over 20 years of age except me, Mother Eve & Big Josh, nearly everybody else was a teenager or under 20, a few in their early 20's. But look at you now, you're getting old, all you old bottles! The Lord's bringing up new bottles, stronger & better able to take it even than you are, & we've got to train'm & teach'm & have the educational materials, as Maria was saying, where they can even teach themselves, read it for themselves. Let the Letters be the leaders, because when you get too old & too tired & in a rut, they can carry on. PTL? Well, thank God most of you don't really have time to get too old now, we've only got less than 10 years to go maybe--we hope--if that.
       44. BUT 10 YEARS IS A LONG TIME! JUST THINK, YOU'LL BE IN YOUR 40'S THEN. You'll all be middle-aged old folks by the time the Lord comes, think of that! You'll be as old as your parents by the time the Lord comes, that's pretty old, huh? I mean, when you're a child & you look on people that old, they're really ancient, really old! Now you look back on teenagers & you think, "What little kids, what little upstarts!" Even if they're in their 20's you think they're pretty young. And you begin to look at older people & say, "Well, they're not so bad after all!" You know? Old age is beginning to look better the older you get, & you begin to appreciate some of your parents' problems with you. I dare say today most of you can look back & be a little bit sorry for how you acted & misbehaved & didn't appreciate'm when you had'm. I hope you're letting them know that now.
       45. I HOPE YOU ARE LETTING YOUR PARENTS KNOW NOW HOW MUCH YOU APPRECIATE THEM & THE GOOD THAT THEY DID DO YOU & THE GOOD THAT THEY TRIED TO DO FOR YOU & the love they did give you & what they did try to provide for you. Are you doing that? I hope you're showing your parents lots of love now & lots of appreciation. That is a commandment of the Lord, not just a Mosaic Commandment alone. Jesus quoted it so it's a part of His Law of Love: "Honour thy father & thy mother." (Mat.19:19) He said this is the first commandment with a promise attached. He said it was the first commandment with promise, think of that. "Honour thy father & thy mother, that your days may be long in the land & verily thou shalt be fed." (Eph.6:2,3)
       46. WOULDN'T YOU LIKE TO LIVE HERE A LONG TIME? WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU'VE GOT PLENTY TO EAT?--WRITE YOUR FOLKS! You say, "Well, how could it work that way, Dad? I mean, how could that help me stay in this country longer & be verily fed?" Well, who knows? They might send you a little money to help you live here & last a little longer, & if nothing else you know God'll bless you for it. PTL? So thank your parents. They used to have an old song: "Thank you father, thank you mother, thank you sister & your brother!"--All about this guy's girlfriend, he was so glad that he had her & without them he wouldn't have had her. That's a good little song. So don't forget to thank them.
       47. BUT WE HAVE CHILDREN COMING UP NOW WHO NEED THESE EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS, & WE'RE BEHIND ON OUR OWN CHILDREN, MUCH LESS THE CHILDREN OF THE REST OF THE WORLD WHICH WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO EDUCATE IN THE MILLENNIUM, I'M CONVINCED OF IT! What else are we going to do during the Millennium? If we're going to rule the Earth with a rod of iron, with the stern, tough, strict discipline & authority of Jesus Christ, what more can that mean than that we are going to teach them & educate them & teach them to be good, right? What more can it mean? PTL?
       48. (TO PHOTOGRAPHER:) WE'VE GOT TO TEACH YOU TO LEARN HOW TO FOCUS QUICKER & SHOOT FASTER, SON! Go ahead, GBY! Did you want some action shots? We have got to teach you, Son, how to focus that camera faster! There, you got it! Praise God! Let me tell you, these cameramen with our kids coming up have got to learn how to be child photographers, & if you know anything about children, that's why these child photographers have cameras with automatic winds so they can just go click, click, click, click, click! You've just got to be continually taking pictures in order to catch'm because you can't wait for a kid to pose, he's not going to pose for you, or very rarely. Some of our kids are pretty good at it & they'll hold a pose awhile, but they're not going to stand there forever or hold that smile forever! You've got to be fast & take pictures fast, especially if you want to catch action shots, even of me. I'm not going to hold still for it. You're just almost going to have to get something with an automatic focus or something like that, & an automatic wind & maybe automatic flash or whatever, to really keep things going!
       49. SO I BELIEVE WITH ALL MY HEART--I CAN SAY I KNOW IT, & TO SAY I KNOW IT I EITHER HAVE TO HAVE THE BIBLE TO BACK IT UP OR A SPECIAL REVELATION--& I BELIEVE I'VE GOT IT BECAUSE I REALLY BELIEVE THAT WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO TEACH THE WORLD! How are we going to rule the World with a rod of iron if we don't teach'm? If you teach them, that means you are educating them. We're going to have to have teaching & training & education & schools in a Thousand Years of Earthly rule! Don't get this idea it's going to be some kind of Heaven where we're all drifting around on clouds, you're going to be right down to Earth with your feet on the ground trying to establish systems of education, & there are going to be schools, there are going to be millions of children that are going to have to be taught, not to speak of the ol' adults.--Might as well almost forget about them, it's almost too late, but at least maybe we can do their children some good.
       50. WE'RE SORT OF TEETHING OURSELVES ON OUR CHILDREN, WE'RE LEARNING ON THEM. They're the test tubes, they're the trials & failures, they're the ones that we're working on to teach now, & if it works on them, praise God, maybe it'll work on those little rapscallions & hellions that we're going to have to try to reprogram & re-train when the Millennium comes. Think of that! You have no idea what a big job is ahead of you! You have no idea how much material we're going to need, & I believe with all my heart we're preparing the materials right now! Right now! We're going to use some of these very materials.
       51. SO WE NEED TO DEVELOP WHAT'S BEST & WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT WORKS! We need to publish it & have our own parents try it on their own kids. Our own children right here have been the test tubes, & dear Sara & Dora & some others have been the scientists, child psychologists, the teachers, the educators, specialising in education, trying it on our own children, & from the looks of'm I think it works, & from the sound of them too. PTL?--And even sometimes from the silence of them, the fact that they're quiet & willing to sit here for hours & listen to us older folks spout off when they've probably got some even better ideas themselves, but we don't even give them a chance hardly. Thank God for the children who are willing to speak up once in awhile, even David. Well, his time's coming, he's drinking it all in right now. But he speaks up once in awhile too. I understand he talks more when Grandpa's not around. PTL! Well, he doesn't have much chance when Grandpa's around. Pretty soon maybe he won't even have much chance when Maria's around!
       52. SO WE NEED TO DEVELOP IT NOW, BECAUSE WE'RE EVEN BEHIND NOW, WE DON'T HAVE ENOUGH OF THE RIGHT KIND OF MATERIAL EVEN NOW FOR OUR CHILDREN! Who'd ever dream we were going to be over half children? Well, the Lord knew & He started us off with Komix with Jacob Cartoon that far back, trying to design the things to illustrate it, Komix & things that would be for simple people & children. Of course, at that time we had in mind particularly things for the public & on the street & for the World, whereas we should have been really thinking about things for children. We had a few children then, but of course not very many. Probably Deborah had more than anybody else in the whole Family at that time. But what did Jacob come up with for our educational system, his first picture? Who knows? (Fam: The Whore Tract.) We didn't call it the Whore Tract, what do you mean? It was the Little Lady Tract!--And from the looks of her she was anything but a lady! Ahem!
       53. SO I AGREE HEARTILY & BELIEVE THE LORD IS GOING TO MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR US TO CONTINUE THE MOST NECESSARY & THE MOST NEEDED PUBLICATIONS, & I BELIEVE THE PUBLICATIONS FOR OUR CHILDREN IS THE GREATEST NEED OF ALL & which we have the least of, in spite of all our Komix books, too many of which were designed for adults rather than children. Well, it's fine, it helped to educate you if nothing else, & it still helps to educate maybe some of our new disciples--not the "knew" disciples but new ones from the outside, full-grown disciples, it's good for them. It helped to simplify the Letters for them & helped them be interested to read them & understand them. I think that's good. I think the TKs are an excellent course in all of our basic teachings & beliefs & faith & to have all those Letters illustrated, & I hope they finish'm!
       54. BUT RIGHT NOW WE'RE EVEN DECLARING A MORATORIUM ON ANYTHING IN THE WAY OF JUST THE GENERAL RUN OF LETTERS JUST FOR THE FAMILY AS FAR AS TKS ARE CONCERNED. Maria's called a stop to that & said, "Stop! No more of that until we have enough of what we don't have enough of, & that's Komix for the children!" Not enough of them were designed for children. You poor teachers that have to try to read stories & Komix to the children, you know that, right? They have to try to interest these kids & read things to'm, & how much have you got to read'm that they can understand? They have a lot of TKs, hundreds of them, it's up in the 800's now, but even then they're only halfway through the Letters, think of that! Well, Maria & I have agreed that even if we never get through the Letters it's time to stop & just emphasise TKs for kids in simple language with bigger print that they can even read themselves, & with clear pictures & lots of them, amen?
       55. I REALLY BELIEVE OUR CHILDREN TODAY ARE OUR GREATEST & MOST IMPORTANT JOB OF ALL! You say, "What do you mean, Dad? I thought it was to go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature. I thought it was being a missionary out in the foreign field winning Hindus & Muslims & trying to get..." (Interrupted by a mosquito.) That's OK, they won't get much blood out of me. GBY! Isn't it funny, I don't even feel'm.
       56. OUR CHILDREN--I'LL SAY IT AGAIN & I DON'T KNOW IF THAT SHOCKS YOU--ARE OUR GREATEST TASK! They are our responsibility, the little disciples that God has given you that you have to take care of & you must train & they had better be taught well & reared well in the nurture & admonition of the Lord & trained up in the way they should go, so that when they are older they will not depart therefrom! (Pro.22:6) You can tell by my Diaries that I sometimes departed, & I'm surprised how many times I got away with it! I'm surprised how many times I snuck off to movies! I didn't realise I went to so many movies until I started reading those Diaries! This is the first time I've ever read those Diaries, believe or not, since I wrote'm, because I haven't had time!--Just like you wouldn't have time to read them either unless I printed them for you, unless you had to.
       57. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU, WE REALLY NEED MATERIAL FOR THE CHILDREN! You folks that have to try to tell them stories & read them stories & TKs, you really know the need, right? PTL? Amen? All of you folks. We've got how many people here who are childcare workers? Well, there's no use in my sitting here pointing out all the childcare workers, every single one of you is a childcare worker & ought to be working for our children!--Even the secretaries are working all day for the kids & should be & we should be developing more material for the children.
       58. NOW I'M NOT VERY GOOD WITH CHILDREN, I MAKE A POOR FATHER & PROBABLY AN EVEN WORSE GRANDFATHER. (Family: No!) I used to have time & strength to give'm a real good story & really act it out. I did my best job with my first family, now I have to trust you to take care of this one. But so much of the material that I give is still for you older children & really not enough for the younger children. I know now why the Lord gave me all those funny dreams & simple funny stories & all, they're ideal for Kidz Komix! We don't have to tell fairy tales, we've got all we need! PTL!--All those amazing dreams! Don't you find they interest the kids? (Fam: Yes!)
       59. SO YOU'RE ALL CHILDCARE WORKERS, YOU ALL SHOULD BE INTERESTED IN WORKING FOR THE CHILDREN, HELPING TO TAKE CARE OF THE CHILDREN IN ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, BECAUSE I THINK THEY ARE OUR GREATEST TASK NOW.--Because we have them, they are ours, they are our personal responsibility, every single Family Member's responsibility!--Not just the so-called childcare workers, but every secretary, every cook, every maintenance man--in other families every litnesser or busker or whoever, & they're finding out how valuable the children are! Let me tell you, they take care of the children because it's the children that take care of them! I told you that day would come. I said, "You take good care of those kids & someday they'll take care of you!" (See Nos.315, 318C.)--And that's what happened. PTL? I mean it!
       60. OUR FIRST RESPONSIBILITY IS TO THE LORD & TO EACH OTHER--"TO LOVE THE LORD WITH ALL YOUR HEART & YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF," THE LAW OF LOVE (MT.22:37-40)--BUT IF THAT'S TRUE, HOW MUCH MORE TIME & EFFORT WE OUGHT TO SPEND ON OUR OWN CHILDREN! He knew He didn't have to tell you to love yourself, He didn't really even need to tell you to love your own because He knew you'd love them. At least those who are normal, even in the World, are not lacking in natural affection. But He said the day would come when they would be & they're getting more that way all the time, where they kill their babies & kill each other & do all kinds of horrible things. They don't even want families any more with children. The System is horrible, getting more like Hell on Earth every day!
       61. BUT GOD KNEW HE DIDN'T HAVE TO TELL YOU TO LOVE YOUR CHILDREN & LOVE YOUR OWN & LOVE EACH OTHER. If you have Jesus & you have the Holy Spirit & God's Love in your heart, certainly you're going to love each other, & of all people you're going to love it's your children, right? I mean, if people don't love anybody else, even if they've lost any respect or love for themselves, they usually love their children. Even if they don't love their parents, they love their children. Even if you don't love yourself, you're supposed to love your children, right?
       62. I KNOW PEOPLE WHO WOULD LOTS RATHER SUFFER THEMSELVES THAN SEE THEIR CHILDREN SUFFER, ALMOST ANY REAL PARENT. I hardly know a real father or real mother who doesn't love their child or their children more than themselves. That's what makes them real fathers & mothers & willing to suffer for them, willing to sacrifice for them. They're always talking about "Mother love" because it's so sacrificial & it's real suffering & hard work, well, I don't know why they leave out the fathers, because I think they ought to suffer & sacrifice & work hard for the children just as much as the mothers. Amen?
       63. SO GOD HAS GIVEN US A TREMENDOUS JOB TO DO IN GIVING US THESE CHILDREN, & WE'D BETTER DO IT RIGHT & WE'D BETTER DO IT WELL & WE'D BETTER DO IT QUICK BECAUSE WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT! They are the Future, the Lord said, & not just you, but they too are going to be the Teachers of Tomorrow! (See No.1331.) God's getting personnel amassed just as fast as He can right now, trying to get you trained & me trained & them trained in order to take care of the Future.
       64. YOU THOUGHT THE LORD WAS JUST TALKING ABOUT THE NEXT 10 YEARS WHEN THEY ARE THE FUTURE, BUT THEY ARE THE FUTURE FOREVER! They are the Future for the Millennium!--The next 10 years & the next 1,000 years! They are going to be the Future, & what works on them now, they're going to be teaching others later & teaching others to teach others to teach others (2Tim.2:2). I know a few references so I ought to brag about a few of them! That one was drilled into us in the Soul Clinic by Fred Jordan, God bless him, teach others to teach others, 2Tim.2:2. That Scripture really illustrates how you're taught to teach others & then they teach others also, etc.
       65. SO PTL! I'M ALL FOR DOING ALL WE CAN FOR THE KIDS, & I TOLD MARIA SO. If we don't publish anything else, if they never get to read my ridiculous Diaries or anything else, we've got to have more materials for the children. So I'm all for it & I've put that project in her hands. She's got the burden for it, she's got the anointing for it, the will for it & the time for it--well, she hasn't even got the time for it but she's doing it anyhow with your help! GBY! So you can thank God for Maria! PTL!--Helping to get materials ready now for the Future. Praise God? Amen! Well, it's time to quit, it's past time to quit. See, if I get to talking I always talk too long, but I just wanted to say "Amen" to what she said, see? That's one awful long "amen," isn't it? But I mean it.
       66. I MEAN IT, I AM SINCERE ABOUT IT, I'M CONCERNED ABOUT IT! We're already too late for some, especially some of the backsliders who took their kids back into the System & then came back to the Family when they were teenagers & already spoiled rotten & ruined, expecting us to try to make something out of them now! They went back & backslid until they found out what it was doing to their own kids, & when their kids got to be teenagers & they couldn't handle them themselves, they thought maybe if they'd rejoin the Family, somehow or another we could try to reform'm, these little juvenile delinquents of delinquent parents! C'mon now, that's what they did, a lot of'm!
       67. THEY'RE DOING TO THE FAMILY NOW EXACTLY WHAT THE YOUNG PARENTS ARE DOING TO THE CHURCHES & WHAT THEY'VE DONE FOR AGES! When the kids got to be teenagers & rebellious & stubborn & wilful & wanting their own way & going their way, they did.--You did, some of you who were in church. Right? You got up & walked off. When they couldn't make you go to church any more you didn't go to church, you went your own way! It happens all the time. We saw it as pastors, as evangelists, & everybody that's ever done church work knows it, that they come back. When they get married & start having young children & realise they haven't got what it takes & they feel the burden & responsibility of needing to teach & train those young children, they see what a handful they've got & what a job they've got, they come back to the church for help.
       68. WHAT KIND OF HELP DID THEY GET?--HALF-AN-HOUR OR AN HOUR OF SUNDAY SCHOOL ONCE A WEEK ON SUNDAY MORNING & a lot of great big long sermons for the adults mostly. How much do they do for the children in church, huh? Did you know that they've only had Sunday schools for about the past hundred years & even less? It was a new thing started by a man in England, GBH!--Because he felt the church was not doing enough for children, not teaching the children enough & it was all going over their heads. They had to sit there & be quiet & be good when they couldn't even understand what was being said, when the preachers were preaching to the adults, not to the children. So this one man got the burden for Sunday schools for children.
       69. IF YOU ASK ME, THAT'S THE BEST THING THE CHURCH HAS EVER DONE & THAT THE MODERN CHURCH IS DOING, HAVING SUNDAY SCHOOL. Many of you sitting right here heard about Jesus & Salvation for the first time in your life in Sunday school. Even if your parents didn't go to church they shoved you off to Sunday school, or they let somebody from the church come & get you to take you to Sunday school. You heard about Jesus & real Salvation, if you heard anything at all, perhaps for the first time in your life in Sunday school, right?
       70. HOW MANY OF YOU EVER WENT TO SUNDAY SCHOOL ANY TIME? Look at that! How about that? See, even the Catholics tried Sunday school. GB'm! That's almost everybody. It started in England & went to America but not so much in the rest of Europe. Isn't that sad? (Fam: We had religion in school as Catholics.) Well, that's a good point, Honey, because in Europe most of the schools were church schools, & therefore they were religious schools already & they taught religion in the school every day, taught Bible right in school. They didn't have Sunday school, they had Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday school! So those kids didn't have to have Sunday school.
       71. BUT IN THE STATES WITH THEIR PURELY SECULAR ANTI-CHRIST STATE RELIGION & COMPULSORY EDUCATION--talk about the anti-Christ compulsory State, they've got it already! They'll throw you in jail if you don't send your kids to their anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-prayer, anti-Jesus schools! Think of it! They compel you!--Unless you've got enough money to send them to a private school, & they make it tough on the private schools. They make it as hard as they can for them to even operate & make their parents pay double taxation to send their children to a private school.
       72. SO SUNDAY SCHOOLS WERE A GREAT NEED, ESPECIALLY IN AMERICA--THEY REALLY WENT OVER THERE BECAUSE OF THE LACK OF RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS. Therefore about the only religious education the Protestant kids got at all, if they didn't get it at home, was in Sunday school. So the Sunday school has met a great need, but it hasn't been enough, it wasn't near enough, it hardly scratched the surface, but it was better than nothing. TTL! And about the only really good thing, great thing that the American Protestant churches are doing for their children is Sunday school. The parents don't teach'm at home, they don't read Bible at home, they don't pray at home--most of them don't, although a few do--they don't give'm Bible stories or have family worship or devotions or whatever.
       73. ALL THEY GET IS A LITTLE HALF-AN-HOUR OF SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHING ON SUNDAY MORNING. You say, "Well, what do you mean? Sunday school usually lasts a whole hour!" Well, about half of it is music & singing & announcements & blah blah, so if they get in a half-an-hour of straight teaching they're doing pretty good. Thank God for those of you who got a touch of Sunday school, but thank God for you who probably got a better religious education--how many of you went to a religious day school, every day? God bless the Catholics, see?--A few Protestants too. Keep'm up, I want to see! (Counts hands) Maybe half this whole Home went to daily religious schools & had daily religious teaching, & they're some of the best folks we've got! Even if it was a Catholic school, they got well-grounded in religious teaching in the faith & even some Bible. You even get some Bible in Catholic school, don't you? A little bit.
       74. (MARIA: DO YOU KNOW ANOTHER THING SUNDAY SCHOOLS DID? SOMETIMES THEY'D HAVE DAILY VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL & A LOT OF KIDS HAVE GOTTEN SAVED THROUGH THAT.) Oh, that was a much more recent development. That came along after I was a full-grown man, then they began to have those Daily Vacation Bible Schools. I didn't even know what one was when I first heard about it. I think I was in my twenties already. We were going around in evangelistic work & they'd say, "Well, we can't have a meeting that week because we're going to have DVBS"--& we didn't even know what DVBS was! "What's that, DVBS?" We thought it was some kind of convention or something. They said, "Oh, Daily Vacation Bible School."
       75. WELL, THAT'S A GREAT THING WHERE THEY COME FOR AT LEAST THE MORNING, two or three hours, & they make things & cut up things & cut up & all kinds of other things. But they at least get a little bit of Gospel & a little bit of Scripture & a little bit of Salvation. TTL! How many of you ever went to a DVBS, Daily Vacation Bible School? Look at that, would you? Wow! Most of you! How many were saved there?--Yes, saved & saved & saved again!--"Resaved" every Sunday. You're going to find that out in my Diary. I kept getting resaved all the time. I'd get back to the Lord & say, "Well, I dedicate myself again to the Lord." I just was almost ashamed to say that I got saved again, but that was really what it almost amounted to, because that's what you believed, you know, that if you sinned then of course you were lost again & you had to get saved over again.
       76. JUST THINK OF THAT, NEARLY ALL OF YOU WENT TO SUNDAY SCHOOL SOMETIME, & AT LEAST HALF OF YOU HERE HAVE BEEN TO DVBS! Sometimes they had it for two weeks, that was really something to have it for two weeks. But boy, it was hard to get teachers, it was hard to get people willing to sacrifice their time & come out, & it cost money too for materials & all kinds of things. But it was really worth it, amen?
       77. (MARIA: A LOT OF KIDS WENT THAT NORMALLY DIDN'T EVEN GO TO SUNDAY SCHOOL.) Yes, who came just for lack of something to do. School was out, there was nothing to do, no place to go & they got invited to go with you or somebody else to DVBS. They didn't know what it was either, they didn't realise what they were getting into a lot of times, but they went & had fun, enjoyed it & got the Gospel! PTL! How many of you heard the Gospel for the first time in DVBS, let me see your hands? There's one. (Family: Salvation.) Salvation, that's what I should have said.
       78. HOW MANY OF YOU FIRST EVER REALLY HEARD ABOUT SALVATION OR GETTING SAVED--IN OTHER WORDS THE GOSPEL--IN SUNDAY SCHOOL?--Not necessarily saved but you heard the Gospel, you heard about Salvation, you heard about Jesus, that He died for you, in Sunday school. That's the Gospel in case you didn't know it! Maybe you don't know what the Gospel is! Well, you'd better find out quick if you're supposed to be out preaching it! Well, at least half of you, PTL!
       79. SO THE CHURCH HAS DONE A LITTLE GOOD, BUT WHEN YOU CONSIDER THE NEED & HOW MANY CHILDREN THEY DIDN'T REACH & HOW LITTLE THEY GAVE THEM EVEN IN SUNDAY SCHOOL OR DVBS, THEY'VE MERELY SCRATCHED THE SURFACE! It's pitiful! Thank God that we're putting our children's education & knowledge of the Word & their training first! The Lord may call you to forsake your children--I guess He had to put some of those Scriptures in there for the church people who would never have thought of becoming a missionary or really sacrificing their children for anything or have to put the Lord & His work first--thank God you don't have to really forsake your children, you can bring them with you! Amen?--At least here in the Family. TTL! I hope, most of them. A few of them couldn't, we've lost a few.
       80. BUT WE HAVE A MARVELLOUS OPPORTUNITY & A MARVELLOUS ENVIRONMENT TO TRAIN OUR CHILDREN!--Not just in Sunday school, not just in DVBS, not just in daily religious school, but in our Homes day & night 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week, & for that much schooling you need a lot of materials. You have your children on your hands all day long, every day & every night. Very few of our people send their children to public schools, thank God for that! I have absolutely talked against sending our kids to any kind of public schools anywhere. I said, "If you can't teach'm yourself, for God's sake, then at least send'm to a religious school even if it's Catholic, Seventh-day Adventist or whatever!"
       81. THE CATHOLICS & THE SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTISTS ARE THE TWO MOST FAITHFUL DENOMINATIONS TO HAVE RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS FOR THEIR CHILDREN. It's the truth! The Evangelicals have only been awakening just recently within the past few years, just in my lifetime. In fact, it's mostly since I was about 30 years of age that they began to awaken to the need for Christian schools for their children. The American public schools got so horrible & so bad & so full of iniquity & crime & drugs & vice & evolution & godlessness & all this other stuff that they finally had to see the need that they had to take their kids out of public school & have a good, clean Christian school for them to teach them the truth, but the Christians were so slow to wake up & see it!
       82. I'M AMAZED NOW WHEN I READ MY DIARIES TO THINK THAT MY PARENTS COULD HAVE ALLOWED ME TO EVEN GO TO AN UNGODLY, CHRISTLESS, ANTI-CHRIST, HORRIBLE PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL! And I mean to tell you, they were models of exemplary behaviour & teaching in those days compared to what the schools are today! I mean, compared to the modern high schools of America today you might have thought you were in a convent or a monastery or a Catholic or Seventh Day Adventist School in those days, because they still had mostly good godly teachers & good discipline & good sound education. But as you can see, it was getting pretty bad even then.
       83. SO IN OUR FAMILY WE HAVE THE MOST MARVELLOUS OPPORTUNITY OF ANYONE TO REALLY TEACH & TRAIN OUR CHILDREN RIGHT. PTL?--And we had better do a good job of it because the Future depends on it. What you're teaching your children now & how well you're teaching them now, what good materials we have for them to study now, the Future depends on it. They are the Future! What kind of a Future are you preparing now? What are you doing to prepare for the Future now?
       84. WHEN WE USED TO TALK ABOUT PREPARING FOR THE FUTURE EVERYBODY THOUGHT ABOUT REFUGES & SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT & BLAH BLAH! Thank God we got off of that kick! It had some good points to it, but what Maria's been talking about tonight, the teaching & the training & the preparation of materials for our children, that is preparing for the Future! The Lord said to me as clear as I ever heard the voice of God, "You must preserve the children, for they are the Future!" Actually, when I asked Him about the children, etc., He said, "You must preserve the Future!" He called them the Future. They are the Future! And we need to develop materials for them. That's one of our greatest needs. We have been teaching them the best we know how, we've been rearing & training them in the nurture & the admonition of the Lord & Salvation & discipline, etc., most of us at least. A few have been horrible failures, so I've heard.
       85. SO I THINK THE GREATEST NEED IS WHAT MARIA HAS BEEN SAYING, MATERIALS FOR THE CHILDREN, to make it an easier job for you & the parents to have materials to work with the children, materials to give the children that they can work with, materials they can read themselves or materials that you can read to the younger ones. We need more & more materials for the children & I'm all for it. They are our first responsibility, they're the children God has already given you, & I would say that if there was any responsibility we have more than going out to reap radio & to have Radio Reapers to reap the children that God has given us out there in Radioland or the lands where we've had lots of radio & we've got lots of Clubbers & lots of listeners & all the rest, if we have any responsibility which is greater than that, I would say it is our own children, because they are the Future!
       86. WE OWE IT TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE RESPONDED OUT THERE IN RADIOLAND TOO, BUT I REALLY BELIEVE YOU OWE IT EVEN MORE TO YOUR OWN CHILDREN TO TEACH & TRAIN THEM. You can't go out there reaping radio disciples & neglect your own children. Amen? You need to take care of your children, & if you take care of them, they are the work of God, they are God's work! How many times have I had to say that? How many times have I written that, huh? (See Nos.315,389,687-688,744-746,773, etc.!) They are God's work!--God's gifts but they're God's work. Amen?--Your children are God's work, to take care of your children, & someday they'll be taking care of you, that's for sure. And one thing for sure, God will take care of you if you take care of your children.
       87. SO I'M AGREEING WITH MARIA AGAIN HERE, THAT IF THERE IS ANYTHING THAT WE PROBABLY NEED AS MUCH, IF NOT EVEN MORE TO LAY THE EMPHASIS ON & the need for & the materials for, even more than reaping radio & sending out Radio Reapers, it's to develop materials which we can use with our own children to preserve the Future & to prepare them for the Future & the big job they are going to have to do along with us in the Future.--Not just the next 10 years, but the next 1,000! That's a big job! If you think about that you'll wonder how you're ever going to do it!
       88. WELL, THANK GOD, REMEMBER THAT THINGS ARE GOING TO BE A LOT EASIER IN SOME WAYS THEN, MUCH EASIER, WITH THOSE SUPERNATURAL BODIES & SUPERNATURAL POWERS & no more weariness & exhaustion & collapse at the end of the day. You can go day & night forever & never get tired, never wear out, never get bored, never run out of ideas & things to do & direction, you'll have it really straight from God then! PTL? You'll have the strength & the power & the wisdom to do it in every way. And God gives you that even now, as much as you need for now, He's promised it: "To have that mind in you which is also in Christ Jesus." (Phil.2:5) Even when you're weak you're strong, because then His strength is made manifest in your weakness. (2Cor.12:9)
       89. SO HE WILL GIVE YOU THE POWER THAT YOU NEED EVEN NOW, but let's face it, in these physical bodies in this Hell on Earth outside & with the Curse & the all the cursed things in the World & weariness, pain, disease, financial problems, etc., life is a little harder now. Amen? Not too many people are nodding their heads--I'm glad you're so happy! Don't you think it's a little harder now than it's going to be in the Millennium? (Fam: Yes!) Don't you think it's going to be a little easier when you don't get tired any more, you don't even get hungry? You don't have to eat if you don't want to, unless you just get a hankerin' for it. I know what I'm going to be hankerin' for, & I'll never get over that! If I don't get around to you here, Girls, just be patient, we'll have all Eternity! PTL!
       90. SO LET'S TAKE CARE OF THE FUTURE, & ONE WAY TO TAKE CARE OF THE FUTURE IS WORK ON IT NOW! PTL?--AND WORK ON MATERIALS FOR IT NOW! So I certainly heartily agree with dear Maria! I second the motion. I remind myself of some of these guys in some of these business meetings & political conventions, their "second" was longer than the original speech or the original motion. PTL! Let's pray! That's enough, too much! Thank God for what she said. I agree! See how long it takes me to agree? No wonder she has to keep working on me. PTL! Maria, you've got the burden, now you pray! PTL!
       91. (MARIA: THANK YOU JESUS FOR A WONDERFUL EVENING, LORD, FOR THY WORDS, THY INSPIRATION & VISION, LORD, FOR WHAT WE NEED TO DO & THE VISION THAT WE SHOULD HAVE FOR THE FUTURE FOR OUR CHILDREN. We thank You for all the wonderful help You've given & that we're on the right track & You've helped & You've already given us the vision, Lord, & You've given so many the vision to help the children all over the World, those who are working on the materials for them who will be very encouraged by this talk tonight. Thank You for it. Help us all, Lord.
       92. (HELP THE ARTISTS WHO ARE RIGHT NOW WORKING ON THE CHILDREN'S MATERIAL. Inspire them & give them real vision for it, Lord, in Thy Spirit. Help them to get things down to the level of the children, Lord, to simplify it & make it clear & make it inspiring, appealing & understandable, Lord. Thank You for helping us with the materials that we're working on right here. Bless those who are working on the Kids' Quotebook (the pictorial MOP) & make it what You want it to be, Lord. We believe it's going to be a real important tool for them, Lord, there's so much in it, so many pictures, so many quotes. Give them real wisdom as they work on it.
       93. (THANK YOU FOR THY PROPHET & HIS ENCOURAGEMENT & HIS INSTRUCTION & PASSING ON ALL THAT YOU HAVE FOR US. Bless him & encourage him & strengthen him. Give us all a good night's rest tonight, Lord, & keep us safe in Thy care. Thank You for the water, Lord, & the electricity & all Thy blessings.) TYL! And good food, Lord, protection, shelter, all Thy mercy to us & all Thy loving care. You try to make it as easy as You can for us. TYJ! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen, as we pray Thy prayer together: (Prays the Lord's Prayer, Ps.19:14 & "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.")
       94. ARE YOU DOING ALL YOU CAN TO PREPARE OUR KIDS FOR THE FUTURE?--Do it NOW!--Tomorrow will be too late! GBAKY preparing for the Future, in Jesus' name, amen!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family