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WORLD CURRENTS!--NO.15: Jesse Jackson!       DO 1722       1/84
--And U.S. Passports & the IRS!

       1. OH BOY, THE ANTI-CHRISTS ARE ON ONE FUNNY KICK NOW! They get on certain kicks & right now they're all against this guy Jackson going to free Goodman. They're just really sockin' it to him & criticising him for doing it & everything else. You think, "What's the matter with'm all of a sudden? Usually they're backing & promoting the Negroes & they're always working together & all that stuff." Well, I can tell you one little reason, simple as this: Jesse Jackson is anti-Israel & pro-Palestine! They want to make sure he doesn't make any progress in his campaigns, so they're downing him right & left every chance they get, whereas usually they would be promoting him!
       2. BUT JUST THE FACT THAT HE'S PRO-PALESTINIAN IS PROBABLY ONE REASON HE'S HAD SUCH SUCCESS WITH ASSAD. He has a standing reputation of being anti-Israel & pro-Palestinian, probably one reason he got to see Assad, President of Syria, & I wouldn't be surprised if he made him a few commitments. "If I ever get to be President or have any influence, I'm on your side, boy! Come on now, you do something to help promote me, you scratch my back & I'll scratch yours!"--And that really put Jackson in the forefront of the political battle right now. That was a tremendous diplomatic & political coup! That just about put him way out front! All the other candidates are having to Salaam & say, "Awa Tagu Siam!" (An old joke: Ah, wotta goose I am!)
       3. (FAM: ONE OF THE VERY FIRST WNS YOU DID ABOUT FOUR YEARS AGO WAS ABOUT HIM WHEN HE WENT TO THE WEST BANK, & HOW HE CAME RIGHT OUT & SAID THAT THEY WERE COMPLETELY OPPRESSED BY THE ISRAELIS.) Yes, that's why I put him in, because he's been telling the facts about Israel & the Jews. Both he & Andy Young caused a tremendous split right down the middle between the Jews & the Blacks, remember?--Because Andy Young saw some PLO guy & said they ought to talk to him. And boy, this is something the Israelis have fought tooth-&-toenail!
       4. THEY MADE THE U.S. COMMIT ITSELF TO SAY IT WILL NEVER NEGOTIATE WITH THE PLO! Think of it!--Although the PLO is the official representative of the Palestinians & recognised by the Palestinians & by the whole Arab World as such, as representatives of Palestine & the Palestinians. But the anti-Christs don't want the U.S. to talk to the PLO. Why?--Because they realise they'd be recognising that they've got some rights of some kind. The amazing thing is how Israel snaps its fingers & the U.S.A. jumps! They say, "Don't talk to the PLO!" & the U.S. doesn't talk to the PLO! They do just about whatever Israel says do or don't do!
       5. SO I'VE BEEN PUTTING STUFF IN ABOUT THIS GUY JACKSON FOR QUITE AWHILE NOW AS YOU NOTICE. He's also a significant candidate for the Presidency. A lot of people think he doesn't have a chance, but funny things do happen! I wouldn't be a bit surprised if he might win at least the Vice President spot if it weren't for all his anti-Christ opposition. I mean, they're going to be fighting him tooth-&-toenail! Any candidate that would even dare to consider making him their running mate as Vice President, they would really be on their tail. They don't want him to ever stand a chance of getting anywhere because he's a Palestinian sympathiser & critic of Israel.
       6. SO THAT'S WHY ALL OF A SUDDEN YOU'RE SO SURPRISED & SHOCKED TO READ THESE EDITORIALS & THE SLANT OF THE NEWS THEY'RE PRINTING. Thank God we know what that paper is & we know what to expect. We know who's behind them! It's the World newspaper of their World organisation, really the first World newspaper & a forerunner. Coming events cast their shadows before. It is the Worldwide newspaper of those people, & if you want to know where they stand on issues, all you have to do is read that paper--along with the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine & you name it! [DELETED]
       7. THE TWO PRINCIPAL EDITORS ARE WOMEN--THE ANTI-CHRISTS BELIEVE IN MATRIARCHY! Israel is strictly a matriarchy & they're out in the open & openly confess it. They just tell you, "We're a matriarchy!" The mothers & the grandmothers run everything. They tell the guys what to do & how to vote & all the rest. The men get out front & they're seen, but Mama back home tells'm what to do. The Bible says in the Last Days women & children will rule over them! (Isa.3:12)
       8. WITCHCRAFT & WOMEN'S LIB GO HAND-IN-HAND! Witchcraft, you know, is a matriarchy & most mediums & witches are women. Did you know they worship a female deity?--The matriarch of their whole profession is a female deity. So that mixes in very well with the Protocols & the Black Hand & the stuff we've heard about Witchcraft, the Masons, the Elders of Zion & all the rest, it all works together.
       9. ANYHOW, IT'S A GREAT NEWSPAPER TO READ BECAUSE YOU REALLY KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING'S AT. You know where they stand. You know just what they're for & you know just how to interpret it then, the pros or cons. So that's why they're down on Jesse Jackson. They couldn't say a good word about him going over there & getting that poor Black boy out of jail, not one good word! They just had nothing but criticism on the editorial page. That's where you read what they're really thinking.
       10. FLORA LEWIS USED TO BE THE RELIGIOUS EDITOR OF {\ul \i TIME MAGAZINE}, SHE MAY STILL BE, BUT SHE IS NOW ONE OF THEIR CHIEF EDITORS. The other woman, Editor-in-Chief, is Mary Blume. It's her top items & articles that you'll always find have top space on the editorial page. She no doubt writes the unnamed ones also, because the Editor-in-Chief usually writes those. According to newspaper practice, the principal editorial in any newspaper is on the editorial page in the upper left-hand corner. That is written by the Editor himself, or herself, & it expresses the views of that newspaper, what they think about things, & both editorials today were extremely critical of Jackson.
       11. SO I'M GETTING TO LIKE THE GUY BETTER ALL THE TIME! He's really got broad vision. Did you ever notice his eyes? They're very strange. They're really wide-set, far apart. I'll bet he's got wider vision than I have. He's what they used to call "wall-eyed." "Cross-eyed" is one thing, but "wall-eyed" is people that look like this. I guess I'm a bit wall-eyed & he sure looks wall-eyed. So maybe he has broad vision. PTL! He sure has to, to be willing to sympathise with the Palestinians. Hardly anybody's willing to sympathise with them nowadays.
       12. HE'S A BAPTIST PREACHER, YOU KNOW!--THAT'S HOW HE GOT WHERE HE'S AT. A lot of these guys who got into the Civil Rights Movement, etc., started as preachers--they got into politics & preached. A politician is just nothing but a political preacher, so the preacher fits the role very well. I think maybe he's sincere. He wanted to thank everybody for their prayers, that our prayers have done it, & you can just about tell by his style & everything that he's a preacher. He's got that dignity & all. The more I see of him the better I like him. I don't know much about him except what we've read, but the very fact that he gets under the skin of those anti-Christs makes me rub my hands with satisfaction!
       13. OOOH, HE HAD THEM BOILING TODAY! THEY COULDN'T SAY ENOUGH EVIL ABOUT HIM! They misconstrued his motives & said they were purely political, showmanship, blah blah blah & never gave him an iota of credit for actually caring about that poor guy enough to get him out. "It was all politics, it was all showmanship, it was all grandstand play & blah blah! He shouldn't have interfered with Reagan, he shouldn't have interfered with the diplomatic processes already in motion, he jeopardised the whole foreign policy of the United States & blah blah blah!" Of course!--Because the foreign policy of the United States is just contrary to everything he believes!--And only what Israel wants!
       14. I THINK I MIGHT EVEN VOTE FOR HIM. [DELETED] Well, I didn't mean to get into politics but it just did my soul good! It pleases me sometimes when I hear them getting mad at somebody, when they're just really irritated & you can tell it's gotten under their skin.
       15. SO IF YOU WANT TO GET THE NEWS & PRETTY GOOD WELL-ROUNDED NEWS & INSIDE NEWS, THEY'VE GOT THEM! As long as you know who's writing it & where they stand & thereby you know how to interpret it, you can find out which side they're on & then you can take the other side. Sometimes, however, they're on the right side--when it suits their purpose. They're absolutely against the U.S. getting involved in Central America, they're fighting that tooth-&-toenail, whereas they're all for the U.S. being involved in Lebanon, anything to help Israel. After all, they figure starting a war in Central America is not going to help Israel. Besides, Israel's been selling arms to Nicaragua & it might spoil their market!
       16. SO AS LONG AS YOU KNOW WHY, THE REASONS BEHIND SOME OF THESE THINGS & HOW COME THEY DO THEM, YOU CAN UNDERSTAND. So in order to read the paper right you have to know who's writing it & who's publishing it, why & where they stand on different issues, then you get the right interpretation. This is why I make these little comments sometimes on the news items, so you'll understand them. PTL!
+ + + + + + +


       17. THEY'RE REALLY MAKING IT MORE DIFFICULT FOR THOSE IN THE U.S. TO GET PASSPORTS NOW. There are long delays & more questions, so if you're going to leave you'd better leave soon. They're starting to investigate by a giant central computer everybody's income tax records, etc., & carry on investigations that way which they were never able to do before, automatic investigations. They used to have to discover something wrong with your tax report first but now they're checking up on almost everybody, cross-checking their other Federal records such as their Social Security records, income tax, etc.
       18. RECENTLY SOME BIG CORPORATION SOLD'M FINANCIAL INFORMATION ON SEVERAL MILLION CUSTOMERS! In fact, it was a combination credit clearinghouse for several big corporations where they file all this financial information that people give when they want a credit card, & they're usually extremely generous to themselves & the credit company in reporting their income resources & assets in order to get a good credit rating.--In other words, they show that they've got lots of money & lots of income & lots of assets, which isn't exactly the way they usually report themselves to the IRS! On the Income Tax Report forms they usually go to the opposite extreme of "forgetting" to report all their various assets & reporting the least possible income & the most possible deductions!
       19. SO NOW BY THIS NEW GIANT COMPUTER OPERATION THEY CAN CROSS-CHECK THEM since this credit company has actually sold these names & credit records of these millions of people, as they act as a credit clearinghouse for several major corporations & businesses, etc. The IRS bought information from this credit company consisting of several million names, on what they reported to the credit company as their income & assets. So there was likely to be considerable difference between what they reported to the credit company & what they reported to the IRS. Ha! And the IRS is starting an automatic investigation of all of these names whose credit company income does not jive with the income they reported to the IRS.
       20. (MARIA: NO, REALLY! IN OTHER WORDS, "BE SURE YOUR SINS WILL FIND YOU OUT!" HOW DOES THE IRS HAVE MONEY TO SPEND GOING AROUND BUYING THAT INFORMATION?) Oh, Honey, they've got oodles of money, all they want, they're the tax collectors of America. They'll pay them anything, because they're the ones that rake in all those billions of dollars that the U.S. Government has available to throw around & waste on arms & missiles & atom bombs & a huge paid military! Every U.S. soldier, sailor, marine & flyer is now a mercenary, paid a good salary to work for the Government & kill people if necessary. They're all mercenaries. No one is any longer a poor underpaid soldier. They pay salaries & wages competitive even with industry, & that's what's costing them billions of dollars & why they have to have a two-or-three-hundred billion-dollar-budget just for military purposes alone & why the U.S. debt is now running around 3 trillion dollars! They don't care!
       21. WHAT THEY CAN'T COLLECT VIA THE IRS & SQUEEZE OUT OF THE POOR PEOPLE, THEY CAN JUST PRINT ON THEIR LEGAL GOVERNMENT COUNTERFEIT PRINTING PRESSES! But they're not satisfied with that. They have to squeeze every poor man, the tax payer, & now, like Orwell's 1984 Big Brother, look into everybody's privacy & secrets to find out if anybody has been cheating, so that all that confidential information which these people gave to credit companies which the credit company promised to keep confidential & to reveal to no one else, the credit company has now sold to the Government & there's a big row about it in the States.
       22. SOME OF THE BANKS & BUSINESSES WHO USE THIS HUGE CREDIT CORPORATION CLEARINGHOUSE ARE THEMSELVES OBJECTING & protesting that this big credit company clearinghouse, which is like a super bank, probably [EDITED: "AC"] at that, sold this information without their permission & against their pledges & promises to their customers that these financial details would be kept absolutely secret & confidential & revealed to no one! This super credit company who handles all of the customers & acts as the final clearinghouse, which assesses the customers' finances, income, assets & ability to pay, has now sold all this information to the Government, contrary to these business' pledges that this information would never be revealed!
       23. BUT YOU SEE, THESE BUSINESSES THEMSELVES BROKE THEIR PROMISES BY GIVING THE INFORMATION TO THE SUPER CREDIT CLEARINGHOUSE in order to themselves have more information on these individuals, because these individuals would report their income on applications for credit to these different companies & businesses, & then the companies & businesses & stores would send the applications to the credit clearinghouse to see if their figures jived with each other, if they told each of the stores & businesses the same thing or if they were maybe lying to one while reporting honestly to another. So the credit clearinghouse acted as the final judge of their credibility & their ability to pay & whether they would be granted credit or not.
       24. SEE, THE JOB OF CREDIT RATING JUST GOT TO BE TOO BIG FOR THE STORES & THE BUSINESSES THEMSELVES so they paid a huge corporation--this credit clearinghouse, this super corporation--these businesses & stores paid them to assess the value of the credit of each of these individuals who applied to them for credit, because the big credit clearinghouse could compare the records & then they would assess this person's ability to pay & would set the credit rate for each individual, & they would send this information back to the bank, store or company to tell them whether this person really was telling the truth & whether they really had that much income & finances & assessed whether they could have such a credit rating & were worthy of such a credit card, etc.--Sort of like a huge credit clearinghouse corporation, a super corporation over all the stores & businesses that grant credit, even banks!
       25. THIS HUGE SUPER CORPORATION HAD ALL THE CREDIT INFORMATION FROM ALL THE DIFFERENT SOURCES where all these customers held accounts or were applying for accounts. They, almost like the IRS, processed their applications for credit & rated them as to whether they deserved this credit or not or could stand to pay such bills. So therefore, the super credit corporation, of which there are now several in the United States, handles accounts like Sears, American Express & a lot of banks & all sorts of stores & businesses & the credit card companies.
       26. IT'S A SUPER CORPORATION THAT HAD ON FILE IN ITS COMPUTER ALL THE FINANCIAL DATA FROM THESE APPLICATIONS OF SEVERAL MILLION PEOPLE who were the customers of these various banks & businesses & stores, & so the IRS offered to buy this information from the credit corporation & they sold it to the IRS for several million dollars because it could be worth billions to the IRS if they can prove that enough of these people are lying & didn't truly report their income & assets!--Because when they apply for credit they report everything, all their income & all their assets, to make sure they get a high credit rating. But when they file for income taxes then they only report as little as possible that they think they can get by with! So this new computer search system is going to catch probably millions of tax evaders!
       27. (MARIA: BUT IT WRECKED THE SUPER CREDIT COMPANY, DIDN'T IT? IT MUST HAVE COMPLETELY WRECKED THEIR REPUTATION & EVERYTHING. HOW COULD THEY EVEN CONTINUE TO OPERATE?) That's what the row is about now in the newspapers, these major stores & banks & credit card companies are complaining & objecting to the credit corporation that this information was confidential & was not supposed to be revealed to anybody else, much less the Government! But it's too late! They've already sold it, so what can these businesses do who depend on this credit corporation for all this information?
       28. BUSINESSES ARE NOW ALMOST SERVANTS OF THE CREDIT CORPORATIONS!--Sounds like another one of the typical anti-Christ Protocols operations. Because they weren't willing to go to all the trouble themselves, they didn't have the time or the funds or didn't want to take the trouble to investigate each one of these credit applicants who were applying for credit, charge accounts, credit cards, etc., so they just turned over to the credit corporation for a percentage all of these accounts & applications for them to investigate & ascertain whether these people were really creditworthy, because these stores & credit card companies didn't want to bother because it took a whole division of their business just to investigate credit applicants.
       29. BUT THIS CREDIT CORPORATION MADE THIS THEIR BUSINESS, & since they were getting millions of dollar's worth of business from all of the stores & businesses & banks & credit card companies, this huge credit corporation was able to make it pay & make lots of money, & now they've made a few extra million by selling all the information to the Government, who hopes to make a few extra billion by putting all of these cases under computer investigation if their credit figures don't jive with their tax report.
       30. SO HERE THEY COME!--BIG BROTHER AGAIN, SNOOPING INTO PEOPLE'S PRIVATE AFFAIRS! The government is trying to justify itself in saying that these people should have no objections if they were honest & filed the proper tax returns. So why should they complain? So now they've got'm! I put one of these articles in the WND about it & I wrote over the article, "Better leave now!" Because I would dare say hardly anybody's income tax return filed with the Federal Government would jive with what they reported to the credit corporation to claim its good credit rating. They were inclined to overestimate & exaggerate their income & assets to the credit corporations, whereas they were naturally inclined to underestimate & "forget" a lot of their income & assets when filing their tax returns!
       31. SO QUITE A FEW AMERICANS ARE GOING TO BE IN TROUBLE as this huge Government super computer is now going to be comparing automatically the tax return figures with the credit application figures & automatically spitting out the cases which don't jive, which will probably be most of them, millions of them, & every questionable one is going to be investigated. They say they're first going to send a notice to the individual that his tax return does not jive according to the credit corporation & they want to know "Why?" Each one is to fill out the form & try to explain the difference between his credit application & his tax return, which is going to be a little bit difficult & embarrassing for probably most of them if not all of them, & the next step is for the IRS to file an informal investigation of the individual & their income & tax situation, etc.--Which is probably going to catch them all!
       32. SO THAT'S ANOTHER SHOCKER, A BIG BROTHER SHOCKER OF HOW BIG BROTHER IS LOOKING INTO AMERICANS' PRIVATE AFFAIRS WHICH ARE NO LONGER PRIVATE! Since the issuance of passports is now becoming computerised, when they have fully computerised the passport operation, the list of people who are under IRS investigation will be made known to those who issue passports by computer & no one who is under investigation will be issued a passport! If you don't move fast in a hurry, it is going to be too late for a lot of people!
       33. THEY HAVEN'T GOT THE SYSTEM IN COMPLETE OPERATION YET but it is getting there & they already have the Government computer sorting out the tax returns & credit applications & starting investigations of the people whose figures don't jive. But they haven't got the passport situation completely computerised yet so that these figures can be reported automatically by computer to the passport offices so that they can catch the names of those who are applying for passports & make sure they don't get them if they're on the IRS Wanted List!
       34. SO THERE IS STILL A LITTLE TIME, LITTLE BROTHER, BEFORE BIG BROTHER CAN CATCH UP WITH YOU, & you better use it to get out from under his thumb as fast as you can & get somewhere else in the actual free World, out of the U.S. dictatorship & its regimented police state before you too can no longer emigrate & make your escape, like the other dictatorships who don't allow their citizens to leave the country, such as the U.S.S.R., Israel, etc! The U.S. is getting there fast & will soon be another closed society with no freedom to leave just like the rest. But there is still time, Brother, & you'd better use it quick if you want to go & not get stuck with all the other prisoners of the Great Society of slaves!
       35. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GET OUT & GO TO THE MISSION FIELD WHERE YOU BELONG?--AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO IF YOU DON'T MAKE IT? At least you can't blame us! We warned you & God has warned you many times, & it's not going to be His fault or our fault or anybody's fault but your own, period! God help you to escape while there is still time! In Jesus' name, amen.

       JESSE JACKSON       1/84

       36. BLACKS DON'T JUST WANT EQUALITY NOW, THEY WANT SUPERIORITY. THEY WANT CONTROL, THEY WANT TO RULE. Well, I hope they get a good taste of it. I'm just about beginning to hope that Jackson's going to win. I think it'd serve'm right. Well, at least he's for the Palestinians, GBH! And he is supposed to be a preacher & a Christian & he's been rooting for some pretty unpopular causes, Lord bless him! And nobody else had the courage or the faith to go over there & get that pilot out of jail, he did it! Now they're saying it was all grandstand politics, political play, blah blah, that he just did it to get votes!
       37. I THINK HE WAS REALLY SORRY FOR THE POOR GUY & now all the politicians are saying, "Well, now if he can do that, why can't we? If he can so easily persuade Assad to do a thing like that, now maybe we can persuade Syria to get out of Lebanon or to do this & do that." And all of a sudden they found out that that makes two different cases, a horse of another colour. Because Assad is a smart man, don't kid yourself! He knows what the U.S. is there for, nothing in the World but to protect [DELETED] Israel, that's all!
       38. THE U.S. COULDN'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE LEBANESE, THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS! In fact, they probably feel more every day they wish there weren't any Lebanese. That's what Israel wishes, that's why they went up there & tried to wipe'm out in the war. They're just there for no reason on God's Earth but to protect the Israelis, not the Lebanese. Otherwise they wouldn't be lobbing those huge one-ton shells from battleships in the neighbourhoods which indiscriminately kill a lot of civilians, old men, women & children & babies just because a few militia & snipers have been lobbing a few bullets into their camp there where the U.S. shouldn't be anyhow. Don't get me on that subject or I'll never get off of it! [DELETED] GBY! Hallelujah! PTL! TYJ! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family