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1942!--A YEAR OF DELIVERANCE!       DO 1723
--From the Army & many girls!--And I return to His work!

       (For fotos of me & the girls of this period see BOR, pgs.154-8.)

       Jan. 1 Thurs: BEGAN NEW YEAR IN THE ARMY!--Camp Blanding, Fla.

              Jan. 2 Fri: MOTHER DROVE IN from Jacksonville, Fla. They took a room at Guest House right in Camp.

              Jan. 3 Sat: DAY I WAS SHIPPED OUT to Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. Certainly was of the Lord Mother had felt led to come in & see me. LEFT AT 6 P.M. Passed thru' Jacksonville & changed trains there at 8 P.M. Folks were there to see me off. Had cookies. Had berth to myself.


              Jan. 5 Mon: FIRST DAY OF TRAINING--BITTER COLD!--COLDEST DAY OF THE WINTER. NEAR ZERO.--AND I, JUST FROM THE TROPICS! (Heels became frostbitten this week--agony to walk! Also found my shoes were a size too small!)

              Jan. 6 Tue: Protested at first against training under arms as I was classified as a Conscientious Objector. Was talked to by the company commander, then battalion commander, then major, but stood firm. They put me first to shovelling dirt, then was put on at officer's quarters as room orderly. Fired furnace, cleaned rooms, and made beds, etc. Just beginning at that when company commander (Lt. Moore) summoned me and offered me good clerical position, possibly chaplain's asst., if I would only take training--would not have to take rifle range or bayonet practice.

       So, I began training. Had left it up to the Lord & accepted this as His answer. Then began hours of drilling in the snow & cold. Developed cold, but went ahead, trusting the Lord with my life. He kept me in spite of rigorous, unaccustomed life. But, oh, how I longed for His work again! Such uselessly wasted time, not building me up but, rather, wearing me down. Hardly had time to write the folks, except for Sundays. In the meantime, Mother hired a driver who drove her, Virginia, and Virginia's children--4 of them, including baby--to California. Hectic journey--Virginia nearly crazy--breakdown mentally, physically, and spiritually. Pitiful. But, thank the Lord, they arrived safely. Mother even had to do part of the driving.--And I was drilling, marching, learning to use various tools, build bridges, and shoot a rifle (this latter I went thru' with because the company commander promised to excuse me from the rest of the training and put me in the supply room if I would just qualify with the rifle--I made "sharpshooter" rating with a score of 173).

       And all of which God has permitted because I murmured against being "tied to Mother's apron strings." Would God I had been content with the work He had cut out for me!--Especially as I had vowed to Him I would stand by Mother as long as she was able to carry on. May He in His tender mercy yet release me from this hell of being out of His will to the joy of His blessed service once more! I never truly appreciated the happiness I had enjoyed, although I did often realize I was greatly blessed. Nevertheless, I had that recurring longing to "prove myself a man," to be "on my own," all the time knowing I couldn't forsake Mother or the Lord's work.

       When the draft came, however, I didn't fight it from the beginning as I should have, being called to a higher ministry. God forgive me! What a reaping! Would God I had never thought of self! The Lord knew what was best for me, but He gave me what I tho't I wanted and I've suffered the consequences. Hardest to endure has been Mother's helplessness, but He has cared for her in spite of my absence, and the separation from His work--my work--and Christian fellowship.

       How I repent of my folly! I've learned the bitter lesson. I only pray it is not too late for the Lord to return me to my rightful place of responsibility by Mother's side--poor, dear Mother!--Struggling on alone, even trying to drive the car. I know He has forgiven, for He has been with me and heard my prayers, rendering some miraculous answers! He has led and guided and been a great comfort--if He can now only "make a way where there is no way" and return me to His firing line. I am ordained and should not have to serve in the Army, but only He can make possible my release now. Mother needs me so!--And I can do so much more for Him on the outside. There is a very limited opportunity for service here. So little time.

              Jan. 31 Fri: RIFLE RECORD DAY YESTERDAY--Made "sharpshooter"--score 173--but I hate it. An abomination in the sight of the Lord! A disgusting beer party in the mess hall tonite to celebrate!

+ + + + + + +

       Feb. 1 Sun: YESTERDAY PAYDAY, by the way. ($30 a month!--$1 a day!) Would give that & 1000 more to return to God's Work! The first pay in my life in secular employment. Walked to Accotink & bo't some things needed. Planned to go to town--church, but too late. Wrote letters.

              Feb. 2 Mon: STARTED WORK IN THE OFFICE, typing, etc. Found I made 8th highest score in our Company of 280 men! STAYED OVERTIME to do some typing for my Company Commander--Lt. J.D. Moore--Swell fellow! My line Sgt's a grand guy, too! Sgt. Mattisak--a Pole.

              Feb. 3 Tue: PUT IN SUPPLY-ROOM TODAY. Not hard work, but very confining and long hours--7 to 7!

              Feb. 4 Wed: 2nd DAY IN SUPPLY ROOM, SPEND ALL my time at desk keeping records and doing a little typing.

              Feb. 5 Thurs: Supply Sgt. Culpepper and Cpl. King were fine fellows to work with--treated me very considerately. 1st Sgt. Cody told me I would likely be kept at Belvoir as one of the "Cadre" or permanent personnel!

              Feb. 6 Fri: PUT ON FATIGUES TODAY.--Cleaning up supply room in preparation for inspection tomorrow. Hard work--heavy lifting, etc. but appreciated a little exercise for a change. Went to barracks to do my own cleaning. EXHAUSTED.

              Feb. 7 Sat: FEVER--HOSPITAL. Fever began last night. Went to bed at "lights out"--first time in long time. Chilling. This morning fever high--chilling--went on sick call--fever 104 degrees! Sent to hospital.

              Feb. 8 Sun: Don't remember much. (Almost unconscious! This is when I vowed if the Lord would sparer me I'd serve Him for the rest of my life!--And He answered & did!--And I did!)

              Feb. 9 Mon: BEGAN TO RETURN TO NORMAL. FEVER had reached 105.8 degrees! Praise the Lord, He pulled me through. Wired Mother. They're giving me glucose solution intravenously--guess I'm still pretty sick.

              Feb. 10 Tue: Still very weak--confined to bed. Very good care. Getting good rest. Certainly needed. WIRE FROM MOTHER--encouragement. Wants to know if she should come. Wired her no--15-day furlough soon.

              Feb. 11 Wed: WIRE FROM MOTHER--SHE'S ON HER WAY--TRAIN. Wrote a number of letters today, but very tired.

              Feb. 12 Thurs: Enjoying first privacy I've had in a long time--little room to myself--& the Lord. Writing & reading His Word.--Wonderful! Praise the Lord!

              Feb. 13 Fri: Our head ward nurse, Miss BARON--wonderful girl!--Robust Pennsylvanian, cheerful & kind. A real ray of sun-shine in my Army experience!

              Feb. 14 Sat: MOTHER ARRIVED!! Tho't maybe Dad was with her, but she came all alone! So glad to see her. Poor Mother! So helpless & alone--but full of plans. She's been on ...

              Feb. 15 Sun: ... the air Sundays in San Diego. "Mother" program for Service Men.--In connection with Mrs. Layne's "Hospitality Home." FLORENCE METCALF of Washington brought me a dozen gorgeous gladiolas today! Mother came back while she was here. Also rec'd carnations from KEMPERS.

              Feb. 16 Mon: Mother writing article today for her next Sunday's broadcast. Also went in to Washington D. C. to make transcription. She couldn't get back in time to visit me. Prayed earnestly for her.

              Feb. 17 Tue: MOVED OUT INTO "BIG" WARD TODAY. Walked for first time--dizzy, shakey, & weak. Spent most of day in bed. Sat on porch awhile. Read article on Nazi persecution of a Catholic. Mother came.

              Feb. 18 Wed: BIRTHDAY IN THE ARMY. I think it was today they had AIR RAID SCARE over Los Angeles. Fired 1430 rounds of anti-aircraft shells. REC'D COOKIES FROM ELINOR. MOTHER bro't cake & candles about 8 PM, got out some milk, & we had a birthday party! So sweet of her. She's not strong, either. Suffers from cold & has difficulty getting transportation.

              Feb. 19 Thurs: 3 Chaplains came to see me today. Mother working hard on my case. The Lord, also--above all. Trusting only Him. Mother came in afternoon--talked on porch.

              Feb. 20 Fri: HEART ATTACK--about 4 P.M.--lasted an hour. Nurse clocked it but Dr. Thompson arrived just a minute too late. Trusting Him only. Wrote letters & cards.

              Feb. 21 Sat: Dr. told me he'd withdrawn my furlough--working on my discharge! Praise God! Trusting Him. Wrote LONG LETTER TO Y.P. Mother phoned--said she had to take part in AIR RAID DRILL. Lay on bare ground, cold, 1/2 hr. Sick.

              Feb. 22 Sun: Sanderson came to see me. Mother came to see me in afternoon. Came back that night. George Vercutis left. Baggott dropped in.

              Feb. 23 Mon: Doc. examined me. Made out C.D.D. application (Complete Disability Discharge). Praise God! Trusting Him it will go thru'. Mother came--we went to reading room. Ate crackers & cake. She's missing too many meals.

              Feb. 24 Tue: MOTHER MOVED--Mother had to leave Guest House--overstayed 1 wk. time limit. Moved to Belvoir Lodge Tourist Cottage with young woman acquaintance--they share room.--But no place to eat, inconvenient transportation. I told her she must move to town.

              Feb. 25 Wed: MOTHER NOT WELL. Needs someone to look after her. Mother came with her supper in a bag--sandwiches & pie--she's not getting proper meals. Said she didn't feel well.--Hasn't since that "Air Raid Drill" Sat. Said she'd taken room by herself at tourist camp. Going to move to town.

              Feb. 26 Thurs: Dr. Thompson told me my C.D.D. slip has been sent in. Coloured boy, Jones, discharged today--C.D.D. MOTHER PHONED--VERY ILL! Told her to go to Alexandria Hospital--couldn't get her in here--no civilians. Poor Mother--all alone.--But God!

              Feb. 27 Fri: Phoned and prayed for Mother. Walked to Mess Hall 1st time today--Dinner. Couldn't locate her. Discovered she'd phoned from Washington D.C. bus station. Then someone--woman--phoned that she was O. K. but wouldn't be to see me, didn't say where.

              Feb. 28 Sat: Some woman finally phoned last nite & said Mother was O. K. but wouldn't be here tonite--didn't say where she was. MOTHER CAME at noon--very ill--ate here then had to lie down awhile. Wanted her to stay but she insisted on going back to tend to her luggage. Promised she'd move out of that hole.

       + + + + + + +

       Mar. 1 Sun: PAYDAY!--Lt. Moore found me in Mess hall--$18. 65--a Godsend right now as Mother needs finances badly! Thank the Lord! MOTHER CAME about 3:00. Stayed thru' supper. She PHONED KEMPER to arrange about meeting between him & Guttridge. She left about 9:00. She's still at that awful Belvoir Tourist Lodge. BEAUTIFUL MOON tonight shining thru' the pines!

              Mar. 2 Mon: Explained plan of salvation to Robinson (Private). Had never understood it before! Having a little bowel trouble--going to eat less. Don't need so much--no exercising--reading & writing mostly, except walks to mess hall, P.X. & P.O. MOTHER PHONED 8:30--MOVED BACK TO GUEST HOUSE. Grant left today.--Shorty came back after only 6 days! SNOW tonight.

              Mar. 3 Tue: THE MAJOR CAME BY TODAY--CHECKED HEART. Seemed to confirm Lt. Thompson's findings. Have murmur as well as tachycardia. Finished LETTER TO KEMPER describing Mother's physical condition & experiences here. MOTHER CAME at noon. We checked her manuscripts for radio all afternoon. Discussed her next move all eve.--Calif. or meeting at Kempers'. She has check from Mrs. Layne.

              Mar. 4 Wed: HEART ATTACK this morn. Came as I talked to Coloured boy, Walker, about the Lord in washroom, lasted only 20 min. but severe. Nurse clocked it at 170. Lt. Thompson came by--said C.D.D. was sure but would be 2-3 wks. MOTHER CAME after dinner. Dr. Thompson told her the Major was actually scared about my heart--bad murmur. Doesn't worry me--trusting God. Mother stayed thru' supper & we saw MOVIE: "POWER OF GOD" shown by Chaplain Humphrey.

              Mar. 5 Thurs: Mother watched my Battalion march away yesterday, training completed.--8 wks. They're changing it back to 11 or 13 again--too many of last group landed in Hospital. COLONEL came by--didn't seem favorable--but my trust is in the Lord! Praise His name! MOTHER CAME about 3:30--stayed thru' supper. PHONED KEMPERS she'll arrive on train in Pittsburgh at 8:55 P.M. tomorrow. KISSED HER GOODBYE at 9 P.M. God bless her!

              Mar. 6 Fri: Tried to get Mother by phone but already gone. First did K. P.--washed--not feeling well. Sent wire for a boy--Fretz. Felt very blue and discouraged. Read Bible & prayed. Finally, humbled before the Lord, I found rest in Him, realized my own helplessness. My only hope in Him--and He cares. Another "shot" today--tetanus, I think. Read a little in the Word. Napped a little--not feeling well. Phoned Fretz' wife for him. Started letter to Mother.

              Mar. 7 Sat: Helped clean-up ward for inspection. Read Bible all morning--I Kings. Docs. never came around--busy with very sick boy in one of the rooms. Wrote letters all afternoon: Keen & Browning. Went to the PX and ate 3 bars Hershey's chocolate & some ice cream. Never ate so much candy in all my life as I have here. Sudden craving for it! Did K. P. tonight.

              Mar. 8 Sun: WENT TO CHAPEL--Chaplain Humphrey--sermon on Daniel & courage--Fair. Said prayer did you good, but you couldn't necessarily expect an answer! Did K.P. after dinner with Miller--others gone. Having acute indigestion--worst I ever had. Wrote Marian & finished letter to Mrs. Keen. Started letter to Dad.

              Mar. 9 Mon: READ BIBLE all morn.--ll Kings. Tore up 1st letter to Dad started last night. WROTE DAD long letter all after-noon--all about life here in the hospital. WROTE NOTE TO MOTHER after supper.

              Mar. 10 Tue: Did K. P. twice today--helped Holland & Reed. MOTHER PHONED from Canonsburg, Pa.--She's leaving tomorrow night for L.A.--Mrs. Layne ill. The twins sang "REMEMBER" over phone.

              Mar. 11 Wed: Electro-CARDIOGRAPH made of heart, but was not having attack at time. WROTE JOHNSON long letter in after-noon. Walked down to see movie shown by Chaplain at Recreation Hall--foolish comedy & sports. What a let-down from last Wed.! A wonderful movie for a Chaplain to be showing! What a lost opportunity! MOTHER LEFT FOR L.A. from Canonsburg tonight--11:45 P.M.

              Mar. 12 Thurs: HOLLAND left this morn. Finished letter to Johnson. Wrote Mother. "Our gang"--ward 34 staff:--Dr. Thompson, Miss Baron, Miss Shenski, Sgt. Culpepper, Jimmy, Slim, Reed & I walked up to Recreation Hall--movie on: "Thrills". Walked out of following baseball picture. Met Cpl. Corrigan & Sanderson. "Sandy"--Platoon buddy.

              Mar. 13 Fri: WROTE MONTY in afternoon. Also couple cards. Did K.P. with Reed. Talked to him about the Lord all morning afterward. Worries himself sick. Told him he should trust the Lord. Found he didn't really know the Lord or believe--doubts.

              Mar. 14 Sat: INSPECTION MORNING. Read IIKings all morn. Saw Wellons at dinner--also Bob Spiers. WROTE TWINS each a letter. Letter & card from Alice, letter from Marian.

              Mar. 15 Sun: Sent twins a letter & went to chapel. Poor speaker--reads--stays on same pitch. "What Are You Worth" topic. Sort of rambles. Too bad. These fellows need straight simple talk. About 25 present. Met Mrs. Henderson & Orin there (Psycho case) poor fellow. WROTE MOTHER--had rec'd letter from her this morning postmarked Amarillo, Tex., yesterday. DID K.P. after supper. Talked to SIDNEY REED--he's discouraged. MOTHER'S testimony.

              Mar. 16 Mon: Read Bible all morn.--finished ll Kings. Dr. came by, checked heart, pounding, about 120. Drank cup COFFEE at dinner--no milk. WROTE SATERS. APPEARED BEFORE BOARD--interview by Capt. Thompson. Trusting only the Lord. Did K.P. after supper with Nebling. Started LETTER TO MRS. SCHULTZE. Letters today from ELINOR, GRACE, & PAULINE, & CANDY from Mother sent from Chicago.

              Mar. 17 Tue: Read Psalms most of morn. Dr. (Lt. Thompson) came by--listened to heart-pounding again. Worked on chart of succession in Bible--Kings. DID K.P. with Arthur after Dinner. Very WARM today. Finished letter to Mrs. Shultze. WROTE GRACE & PAULINE. Sgt. MILLER left today. Went to reading room after supper & WROTE MARIAN in answer to her letter. LAY AWAKE past midnight thinking--very unusual.

              Mar. 18 Wed: 90th Day in the Army--40th in the Hospital. Ate no Breakfast. Helped with K.P. Changed my jumper top, manicured fingernails, & read Bible--started I Chronicles. DID K.P. after dinner with Nebling. WROTE MOTHER. After supper NEBLING & I VISITED ORIN HENDERSON in 23. His mother there. Then we saw movie shown by Chaplain.--Comedy & football stuff! Waste of time.

              Mar. 19 Thurs: Heart weak--tired. Rested all morning. Listened to radio--beautiful hymns. Sang a little after dinner. Read Bible a little. Walked up to Library and back--closed. Read "Lookout", Christian Church Paper--made me sick!--so lacking in reality of Christ.--Insidious lukewarm unbelief!--And they wonder why there's no interest in the church! K. P. after supper with Nebling. LETTER TO ELINOR.

              Mar. 20 Fri: Read Bible all morn.--Psalms & I Chron. DID K.P. after Dinner with FORD. Rec'd call from Mahans of Miami, Letter from Mother, & from Elinor. Finished letter to ELINOR--6 pages about Hjal. Had real prayer burden this afternoon--felt desperately in need of the Lord--& He comforted me. Hallelujah! Asked Him for a TOKEN of encouragement. Went to reading room but dance on.--WROTE DAD. Passed out candy from Mrs. Hutchison.

              Mar. 21 Sat: 43rd Day in Hospital. Did K. P. after breakfast--for inspection. Pretty tired. THE TOKEN!--the Major & Lt. came by--Major said he still agreed with Thompson in spite of Colonel's attitude--seemed certain, indicating they're going to go thru' with it!--Praise God! What reassurance! NEBLING LEAVING TODAY. Heart very tired this afternoon. Napped. L.T. DODSON, my former Platoon leader, came to see me. After supper went to reading room. WROTE MOTHER, Mrs. Hutchison & Mrs. Metcalf.

              Mar. 22 Sun: DID K. P. with PUGLIS--talked to him about the Lord--he's Catholic. WENT TO CHAPEL--"Discipleship"--Chaplain Humphrey--better. Still wish he'd preach Salvation to these boys, some of whom will soon face death without the Lord. LISTENED TO RADIO ALL AFTERNOON. Heard Percy Crawford. TALKED TO REX LANTZ after supper--about the Lord & Mother's healing.

              Mar. 23 Mon: 45th Day. DID K.P. with Williams, Coloured boy. Talked to PUGLIS about his Catholicism. Fixed my pencil. WROTE "Y.P. Church of the Air" (Percy Crawford). Went to Library for Voorhees--got "Quo Vadis". Read Bible--and was thankful for God's Word. Satisfying! Talked to Hertz after supper--N. Y. Jewish boy. Talked about our illnesses instead of the Lord--regretted it. Gave out DATES sent by Pauline from Calif.

              Mar. 24 Tue: 46th Day--Read Psalms waiting for Dr. to make rounds. Didn't come. Wrote notes in picture book of Belvoir--sending it to the folks. DID K.P. after dinner. WROTE MOTHER--sent addresses. Read Bible after supper. Went to Recreation Hall to meet Hoover--didn't find him. Looked thru' Library books. Fled back to the Lord & my Bible.

              Mar. 25 Wed: 47th Day--DID K.P. after breakfast. NEW Dr.--Thompson gone to New Orleans on TMD--be back Mon. Lay down & rested while I read Jr.'s sermon on "Christian Americans" & his attitude toward Military Service. Doing some heavy thinking. MET BLANTON at dinner--Big Kentucky boy--Christian! WROTE Dr. PARKER, Max, K. Johnston, Brandts. Movie--Conservation.

              Mar. 26 Thurs: 48th Day--DID K. P.--breakfast. Read Bible all morn. Read to "Red" Hodgekins a while. HOLLAND came back. Started LETTER TO KEMPERS--Just rec'd a box from them--fudge & homemade bread! Read Bible after supper--studied references to Christ's 2nd Coming. Talked to Hertz again--& Puglis. Passed out candy again.

              Mar.27 Fri: PUGLIS, NADEROSTYK, & FORD LEFT. Heart pounding this morn.--Read Psalms. Napped about 1/2 hr. DID K.P. with Williams after dinner. FINISHED LETTER TO KEMPERS. MISS SHENSKI just bro't the news! They just phoned her. MY C.D.D. CAME THRU FOR MAR. 31! HOORAY! Praise the Lord! Almost had heart attack. WILLIAMS LEAVING today. REC'D SONG BOOK FROM PERCY--good token! WROTE VIRGINIA.

              Mar. 28 Sat: DID K. P. FOR INSPECTION. Plenty tired & heart weak but had to go to E.R.T.C. Personnel Headquarters to sign discharge & papers. Ate DINNER AT CO. Met Sgt. Mattisak, Cpl. Corrigan, Supply Sgts. Culpepper & King, etc. Also Mac. Hung around Service Club till 3 P.M. CHECKED IN EXTRA CLOTHING, etc. Kept coat, pants, 2 shirts, ties, overcoat, cap, gloves, underwear, sox, towels, toilet articles. Culpepper gave me a ride back in the truck. WIRED MOTHER after supper K.P.

              Mar. 29 Sun: YESTERDAY WAS MY 100TH DAY IN THE ARMY and 50TH DAY IN THE HOSPITAL. PALM SUNDAY!--BEAUTIFUL, HEAVY SNOW! Couldn't go to mess hall or church on account of snow. WROTE MOTHER 8-pg. letter all about everything. EXPECT to arrive home for Easter.--The Lord answers prayer! Amen! Packed my stuff--small suitcase & barracks bag. Rested till supper. Talked to Hoover about the Lord. (DID K.P. after dinner.) Not feeling so well tonight.

              Mar. 30 Mon: MY LAST DAY (102nd) IN THE ARMY-52ND IN THE HOSPITAL! Fixed New Testament as BIRTHDAY gift for LT. THOMPSON. REED came back. Not feeling well--rested till dinner. HERTZ moved out to ward today. LT. THOMPSON gave us all piece of birthday cake Miss Curnow made him. WROTE CARDS. DID K.P. after supper. LANTZ moved out to ward this evening. WROTE GEORGE to send my clothes to Los Angeles.

              Mar. 31 Tue: MY LAST MORNING IN THE ARMY! DID K. P. after breakfast--usual good-bye custom. Said goodbyes, checked out of Hospital. Lunched at old company mess hall. Rec'd DISCHARGE! Taxi to Washington D.C. Met my old Army buddy, Martin, at depot. TRAIN TO Pittsburgh, Pa. Stayed overnight in cheep hotel.
       + + + + + + +

       Apr. 1 Wed: TOOK INTERURBAN TO CANONSBURG. Visited with Bro. & Sis. Kemper. Met the Twins coming home from school. Grand girls! PRAYER MEETING at another church with Bro. Kemper & the Twins. Sang trio with them. Wanted to visit with them after church, but they had to study Physics!

              Apr. 2 Thurs: BADE THE TWINS GOODBYE at the door--I wasn't dressed yet. BROTHER KEMPER drove me to Allegheny Co. Airport. Tried to find Barr Peat, but couldn't. Lunch with Brother Kemper at Greyhound Depot, Pittsburgh. BUS TO DAYTON, Ohio.--Wright Field. No plane tonight. SLEPT ON BENCH AT THE "Y" till 5 A.M. (4 hrs.)

              Apr. 3 Fri: CAUGHT PLANE TO CALIF. with 3 Colonels, 2 crew, 3 other hitch-hiking soldiers.--Big B-18 bomber. Went to sleep in baggage bay (bottom toward tail), woke up sick. LUNCH AT MEMPHIS, TENN. SUPPER AT FT. SILL, OKLA. Slept on plane floor to El Paso. NIGHT LANDING AT EL PASO--spent night in hanger barracks.

              Apr. 4 Sat: TOOK OFF ABOUT 11 A.M. Rode in bombardier's section (glassed-in) in bottom of nose. Swell view Best in the plane. LANDED PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA AT ABOUT 3 P.M. Phoned Elinor. Ate dinner with Dawson. CAUGHT RIDES TO L.A. Went to Heiss's--saw Mrs. Heiss. Met Folks at Greyhound Depot. HOME!--ON EASTER MORN!

              Apr. 5 Sun: EASTER MORN!--AT HOME! My first view of our new Mt. home--up Kirkwood--branch off Laurel Canyon (1821 Oakden Drive) above Hollywood. Easter morning at home was a definite answer to prayer! Had asked the Lord & written everyone when in Hospital that I expected to be home on Easter! Not a reason in the World but faith Praise His name!

              Apr. 21 Thurs: Sent Dottie a BIRTHDAY WIRE--signed it "An old friend."

       + + + + + + +

       May 27 Wed: HEALING SERVICE at Johnson's--Mother spoke & prayed for sick. (I think it was today--or this morn.)

              May 28 Thurs: Packed--LEFT L.A. FOR OAKLAND about 6 P.M. Drove to town beyond Bakersfield--by about midnight.

              May 29 Fri: FIRST NIGHT AT ELIM TABERNACLE, Oakland. Dr. & Mrs. Hubbard, Pastors. Drove from Near Bakersfield to Oakland in time for dinner before service (at Hubbard's).

              May 30 Sat: DINNER AT AUNT ESTHER'S.

              May 31 Sun: FIRST SUN. AT ELIM.

+ + + + + + +

       Jun. 10 Wed: GENIE & HJAL CAME TO SERVICE--smallest crowd of whole Meeting! Hjal sang.

              Jun. 13 Sat: RUTH HUBBARD'S BIRTHDAY--DINNER AT CHINESE PLACE--Hung Far Low Chinese dinner. Mother, Luckeys, John & Ruth, Ruth Doyle & Evelyn Gapen. Shopped in Chinatown & drove up to Signal Hill Tower.

              Jun. 14 Sun: Got acquainted with Evelyn Gapen, John Hubbard's wife's sister this afternoon while practicing at John's. Invited her to stay for Mother's Testimony--promised I'd drive her to the 7bus. Did--but every bus seat taken! Poor kid!--Was tempted to drive her home myself, but no spare tire--20 mile trip.

              Jun. 15 Mon: DINNER AT AUNT ELLEN'S this eve. PICNIC IN GOLDEN GATE PARK--with Mother, Luckey, & Ruth Doyle--LUCKEY'S ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION. Radio Broadcast on KSAN. Then DINNER IN CHINATOWN--Hung Far Low's. DROVE UP TO SIGNAL HILL TOWER & watched the city lights go on. By the way, saw the old playground at Golden Gate Park today where I used to play when about 4 yrs. old!--kiddie-car train and all! Ruth & I swung.

              Jun. 20 Sat: DINNER at AUNT ELLEN'S. Went to wedding at 1st Methodist with Aunt Esther & Genie. Saw TROWBIRDGE THE ACTOR there--uncle of the bride! He's the one who was the doctor in the Army Films! Walked down afterward and spoke to him. Pleasant fellow--not a bit high-brow.

              Jun. 27 Sat: PICNIC IN GOLDEN GATE PARK with Mother, Luckeys, & Evelyn. Then the broadcast, 6:45. Coming home we passed Lake Merritt. Marshall suggested I take Evelyn boat-riding. I bit. Evelyn & I came back to the lake about 9 P.M. Had to wait until 11:00 for a motor boat. Walked & talked. Gorgeous FULL MOON! Perfect, balmy night!--But we just rode! Hardly touched her, much less kiss her. Got home about 12:30 A.M.

              Jun. 28 Mon: LAST DAY AT ELIM! Told Evelyn goodbye--didn't know Mother was going to invite her to go with us as far as Mt. Hermon.

              Jun. 29 Mon: Packed--LEFT OAKLAND late in the afternoon. With LUCKEYS & EVELYN GAPEN, John Hubbard's wife's sister, who's been helping Mother with typing etc. DROVE TO MRS. LEACH'S Mt. HERMON LODGE--lovely! Invited Evelyn to go with us to L.A. to see Westmont. I retired while she & Mother worked on radio script in front of cheery hearth fire--cold night.

              Jun. 30 Tue: Left Mrs. Leach's Stopped & prayed with Dr. J.N. HOOVER--Sta. Cruz. Said goodbye to Luckeys there. BEAUTIFUL TRIP by way of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara & Ventura, DIM OUT--Santa Barbara to Ventura--25 mi. with only parking lights! (War precaution.)
       + + + + + + +
       Jul. 1 Wed: Arrived home in Hollywood about 3 A. M.. Snatched couple hrs. sleep--then to broadcast. Evelyn stayed home & slept--poor kid! Tuckered out.

              Jul. 3 Fri: Took Evelyn's hand while we went shopping through the big, crowded downtown market.

              Jul. 4 Sat: Fixed picnic lunch, picked up Father Brandt & Grace & we all DROVE UP TO MT. WILSON. Saw observatory & greatest view I've ever seen!

              Jul. 5 Sun: Attended Morning Service at Bob Munger's church, so. Hollywood Presbyterian.--He gave strong message on failure of church & Christians--church packed! Drove out to LaBrea Tar Pits--took some snapshots. Dinner at McDonnell's downtown. Then spent hour trying to figure out how we'd go to Aimee's (Evelyn & I) & Mother to Johnson's. Drove to FERN DELL. Walked & sat with Evelyn--talked. WE WENT TO AIMEE's--GOT (TRAFFIC) TICKET FOR CUTTING CORNER.--Mother went to Johnson's--met afterward at Figueroa Hotel.

              Jul. 8 Wed: Evelyn went with us to broadcast. I think it was today we left her at Westmont to be shown the school. She liked it, but she's worried about leaving home.

              Jul. 11 Sat: I think it was today we all drove over to see SO. CALIFORNIA BIBLE COLLEGE. Pretty nice for poor Christian school, but not nice enough for Evelyn. She's pretty particular--used to the best.

              Jul. 12 Sun: Drove down to SANTA ANA. Mother spoke at morning service, afternoon dedication of lot for church--ground breaking--& evening service. Spoke to Y.P. tonight. Locked out of place I was to stay--stayed on couch at Hicks'--very comfortable. Mother, Evelyn, & Mrs. Singer stayed at Mrs. Lemon's Hotel. C.R.'s been ill--stroke after coming home from John Brown.

              Jul. 13 Mon: Drove out to S. A. Army Air Base Cadet Training Station to see Hans, but he couldn't get off. Spent afternoon at Hicks'--Evelyn & I sat in the backyard & talked. She's lovely--lovable--but lazy--not strong nor well, I believe. Poor kid! She's a little flirt, too, darn her! Big brown eyes, naturally wavy black silky hair, graceful, refined--but spoiled! (But wonderful pianist & good secretary!) FAMILY DINNER at Father Brandt's. All there.

              Jul. 14 Tue: Spent the evening with Evelyn. Kissed her for the first time--goodbye.

              Jul. 15 Wed: Evelyn left this morning. Days of Heaven on Earth!--Ended. "American League of Praying Mothers" Radio program at 10:30 as usual.--I'm doing the announcing now. Slept couple hours, ate, and went to town to have radio tube fixed. Mailed Evelyn a card. Very blue tonight.

              Jul. 16 Thurs: Blue still. Feel sick, discouraged. "A.L.P.M." Meeting today. Ran errands while Mother at meeting. McNAUGHTONS (missionaries to Japan) here. Cheered up a bit. Dinner at Mother Layne's with them. Met Crestwell, "live wire", organizing church talent for soldiers. Wanted to get a letter to Evelyn in the mail tonight, but no time to write it!

              Jul. 17 Fri: Went to that Palestinian dinner with Mother, Dad, Hjal, Elinor and a group of Westminsters. Dr. Futerer's Palestinian Museum. Very interesting.

              Jul. 18 Sat: Family conference about my future. I decided I'd better stick by Mother as long as the Lord Keeps her in His work--and me in His work. (Dad, Hjal & Elinor want me in college.) WROTE EVELYN. Visited Father Brandt with Mother. Joe's been in trouble--speeding, etc. Newsreel of naval battles & Nazi spies.

              Jul. 19 Sun: "PAUL RADER MEMORIAL DAY" at JOHNSON'S. Auditorium packed--inspiring service! JOHNSON GAVE HIS TESTIMONY. Rader's daughter, Willamina, A.E. Mitchells, "Sister Sara Hopkins", Hoag--all spoke. Spoke to Y.P.--too late to say much. The Lord has spoken to me today--that I must stick to the job He's given me to do--until such time as He opens another field of service when Mother is through.

              Jul. 20 Mon: Cleared the drive way. Felt swell! Rec'd $10 gift from Publisher James Going whom we met in Oakland. That lady preacher from up the road came over to visit. Couldn't write, couldn't study, couldn't think, took a walk after a little Bible reading. (Lovesick for Evelyn!)

              Jul. 21 Tue: Made out tire application for Rationing Board. Took radio script to lawyer's for censoring. Got ticket for parking in front of P.O. Saw John Wells there. Hjal, Elinor & Wes were over tonight. Wrote James Goings. Sat up till 1:00 A.M.--catching up diary.

              Jul. 22 Wed: BROADCAST AT 10:30 as usual. Didn't have enough time for additional announcements. REC'D LETTER FROM EVELYN. Seems hurt at my wanting to keep our friendship on purely spiritual basis. Don't blame her. My fault. God help! LUNCH WITH MCNAUGHTONS at Clifton's. Drove them around all afternoon. Dinner at Broadway Clifton's. Then Olivera St. with them.

              Jul. 23 Thurs: A.L.P.M. Meeting today. Ran errands & worked on Prayer Roll of Service Men. Took the McNaughtons and drove down to camp meeting of Assemblies of God at PACIFIC PALISADES. Rev. Argue of Canada spoke. Too much jazz and confusion and noise--those things don't move me like a sweet, loving spirit & message of power. McNaughtons came home with us for overnight.

              Jul. 24 Fri: Kept the folks waiting outside P.O. while I sent AIR SPECIAL TO EVELYN saying I'd answer hers on Wed. as soon as possible. Took McNaughtons to their train & Mother to Beauty parlor. PUT TICKETS TO SOCIAL IN BOXES OF EVERY SOLDIER IN 3 HOTELS--Figueroa, Clifton, Commodore--850! Met Mother at newsreel--also Dad. Dinner at Brookdale. Planned to run away & hitchhike to Oakland to see Evelyn.

              Jul. 25 Sat: Took Mother to have her hair washed--she missed her appointment yesterday. Ran errands all day. Had decided to help get this work done before I run away to Oakland. Dinner at home. Just about decided I'd marry Evelyn rather than hurt her--but wouldn't that hurt her worse in the end? Started a letter to her about 10:30 but finally gave up & went to town & wired her I was writing tomorrow.

              Jul. 26 Sun: Morn. Service at Hollywood Presbyterian.--Dr. William Evans spoke--old man, real orator of the old school--forceful but not very loving or sweet (intellectual). Dinner at home. Washed dishes & cleaned up kitchen--gripes me, not the work, but to think what I could be doing--what I should be doing. Started LETTER TO EVELYN--an "all out" confession. Drove Mother to Johnson's. Rounded up Service Men at Biltmore Hotel USO and got about 25 over to church for refreshments.

              Jul. 27 Mon: Finished LETTER TO EVELYN.--18-page epistle. Made clean breast of everything. Dinner at home. Closed letter to Evelyn & enclosed crocheted cross book-mark. Drove Mother down to phone Hazel Stoudt & mailed letter air-special. REC'D LETTER FROM EVELYN.--Fairly cheerful, newsy, but rather uncertain. Wait'll she gets mine! Thank the Lord!

              Jul. 28 Tue: Worked around the house & on book trunk. Drove to traffic bureau to pay $2 parking fine--barely made it--while Mother delivered script. Then met Hazel Stoudt & drove out to Farmer's Market for dinner. WROTE LETTER--long one, 18 pages--to KEMPERS. They haven't yet answered my last one from Oakland.

              Jul. 29 Wed: BROADCAST AS USUAL at 10:30. (In downtown Hollywood.) Mother rec'd check in mail from Everet Moore.--Thank the Lord! Just a miracle of God's care how we've been kept going while Mother is not in Meetings. DROVE FATHER BRANDT & PAULINE (& Mother & Hazel) out to SAN FERNANDO Valley--for fruit. Waste of time. Dinner at Martin's Cafeteria. CONFERENCE WITH JOHNSON after his service. Gave us $15.

              Jul. 30 Thurs: Breakfast at "Du Par's" Farmhouse with Mother & Hazel. A.L.P.M. MEETING TODAY. Ran errands as usual. Worked on Prayer Scroll. Dinner at home. WROTE LETTER TO EVELYN--till midnight. Had REC'D LETTER FROM HER today. She's very sensible--taking it all very sweetly--resigned to God's will--I don't think she's deeply concerned. Thank God!

              Jul. 31 Fri: TORE UP LETTER TO EVELYN--said too much. Fixed my own breakfast & caught a ride to the car line & took a car to town. Took Dad's radio along. Worked on Prayer Scroll of Service Men's names. Lunched at "McDonnell's". Finished 201 names by 5:30. Browsed around book store while folks atewasn't hungry. DROVE THEM TO PACIFIC PALISADES (PENTECOSTAL) CAMP MEETING. Ate my supper during service--sorry to do so. They're noisy, anyway.


       + + + + + + +

       Aug. 1 Sat: Took Hazel to the (Hollywood Blvd.) trolley about 6 AM. Cleaned up & WROTE EVELYN a letter. Drove the folks to Hollywood. Had my watch fixed again. Tore up letter to Evelyn & wrote another. Met Mother at Newsreel & ate at "Simon's". Drove mother & WROTE DELORIS--long letter. Hadn't answered hers of May 4. Got to bed about 3 AM.

              Aug. 2 Sun: Went alone to Calvary Chapel of Hollywood. Heard inspiring message by Harry Owen, Missionary from China. Returned home for dinner. WROTE "HAMMIE"--he's in the Navy now at Norfolk. Drove to church & finished prayer roll--315 names. DEDICATION OF PRAYER ROLL--got a couple sailors off the street to help. About a dozen boys out to social.

              Aug. 3 Mon: TOOK HIKE--3 hrs. around the rim of our canyon--before breakfast. Felt good. Cleaned up after lunch. Drove down to Hollywood & got HAIRCUT. Then TALKED WITH EMERSON, College President of Westmont, about entering school. (Where Dad works & Hjal teaches.) He's offered tuition scholarship, but would have to work for board, room, & expenses. Dinner at home. Got out book orders.

              Aug. 4 Tue: Took another walk--this time up to Oak Knoll. More book orders. Read Bible most of afternoon. Caught a little cold sitting by window. Picked up Dad & we ate at McDonnell's. Drove Mother to town to wire. Drove home

              Aug. 5 Wed: BROADCAST as usual. Applied at RATION BOARD for tires--also got duplicate sugar book for one I lost. Had tires inspected. Visited Hjal & Elinor--they've an apt. at school now. Mother & Dad & I ate on lawn of "Jane Assell's"--Wilshire Blvd. Dropped Dad & picked up Hjal, EI, & Wes and we all went to hear Wheaton Quintet at Los Angeles Evangelistic Center. SENT NOTE AND SNAPSHOTS TO EVELYN--11 P.M.

              Aug. 6 Thurs: A.L.P.M. Meeting as usual. Ran errands all day. Talked to Miss Prose at Biola about a musician. She does our mimeographing. Studied and bought soldier tracts. Mother, Hazel Stoudt & I VISITED CHINATOWN & ate there. REC'D LETTER FROM EVELYN. She must be lonesome. Sounded like she's picking up interest again.

              Aug. 7 Fri: Took a walk up around Ridpath, Jewett, etc. Cleaned up. Drove Mother & Hazel down. Sent $12 to Shaeffer's on repair bill. Picked up Dad & drove to FATHER BRANDT'S FOR DINNER. Had a talk with Uncle Joe about finishing hi-school. He wants to go to work--have good times before he has to go to war. He's 16 now, handsome, aggressive, but not spiritual. PHONED LORRAINE GRASSMUCK. & Rev. SUTHERLAND.

              Aug. 8 Sat: Packed, ran errands, and LEFT FOR FOREST HOME about 4 P.M. Arrived about 7 P.M. & found accommodations--Mother & Hazel in a cottage, and I slept with 16 other fellows. "Cathy" Scott was very good to us in getting us the bed & bedding. I slept with a fellow named Russell. Met Dr. Catherwood on the road after lights out and he personally showed me to my cottage. The Lord certainly takes care of me.

              Aug.9 Sun: Put on my white suit. Turns out the conference is Baptist, mostly. Young people directed by Dr. CATHERWOOD, paster of Riverside and father of Helen, who directs Westmont choir. (Westmont College where Dad & Hjal work.) Beth Lindstrom taught Sun. School, College Age class. Dr. Catherwood spoke at Morn. Service B.Y.P.U. led by Dick Day & friends. I sang--miserably--"Christ Died" at eve. campfire. Helped with dishes of after-social. Moved to Mother's cottage.

              Aug. 10 Mon: Arose late (8:30) & fixed breakfast in cottage. Got in on men's forum before lunch. Went horseback riding with MARTHA THOMAS & Mary Sue. Beautiful country up here in the Mts. west of Riverside. DROVE up to the falls--took the girls along. Cleaned up before supper & just made it. Met Wendal, Martha's brother--just out of the Army. Dr. Burgess of Hawaii Christian Church showed color movies of Hawaii at campfire. Nothing spiritual.

              Aug. 11 Tue: Arose early--6:30, and attended breakfast and 1st Class, taught by very spiritual young man on soul-winning--forgotten his name. Chapel Service led by Orin Smith of Santa Ana. Hubert Mitchell, missionary of Java & co-worker with Morcoms, played accordion & sang "I'd Rather have Jesus Than Anything". He also taught 2nd Class--desperately sincere. College Men's Forum discussed Negro Question. Dinner & Fare-well--Met some friends from Hick's church in Santa Ana as we were leaving. Drove to patten to see Mrs. Basil Underwood who was confined there but couldn't get in. Drove to VICTORVILLE Army Flying School to see John Aegeter, Hazel's nephew. Ate supper with him. Drove home to Hollywood. Got in bed about 3 AM.

              Aug. 12 Wed: Broadcast as usual. Impulsively phoned Dr. Emerson of Westmont to say I'd enter today.--Was so discouraged on account of feeling of getting nowhere. Mother urged me at lunch at Mayflower to go to school & I felt like it was settled. Took her to get her hair washed at "Ora's" while I got car greased & washed. DIFFENBAUGH's here! Ate dinner with them at "Jane Assell's" Wilshire Blvd. to Father Brandt's & home. (Phoned Lorraine today that I couldn't make it for tonight.)

              Aug. 13 Thurs: A.L.P.M. Meeting as usual. Ran errands all day as usual. Talked to a bum--"Gus"--about his soul in front of Spg. St. P.O.--never got my stamps. llda & diff came, and we took them home for supper. Drove down & we all had conference with "Doc." Kennedy about job for Diff at Father Brandt's. Fussed at Mother about not being in meeting. She felt bad & had overworked--fainted. Was very sorry.

              Aug. 14 Fri: Have decided the Lord would have me to submit humbly to Mother and take care of her as I vowed years ago--no school till He opens way. Drove Mother & Grace to town. SENT BIRTHDAY GIFT TO EVELYN--delicate little glass "bird basket" made by glassblower, Olivera St.--Evelyn had admired it. Had it wrapped and sent at Broadway Dept. Store. Her birthday's tomorrow. Lunch at Clifton's. Sat at table with sweet girl, but was too timid to talk. Drove Grace home, then went with Father Brandt, Mother, & Hazel to try OZONE Treatment he's been raving about--25 cents to breathe eucalyptus fumes--the rest was "bunk". All went to newsreel. Showed the amazing prophecies of old monk--"Nostradamus". Dinner at Clifton's. Visited awhile at Father Brandt's--Wayne & Pauline came in with Joette. Home again. Moved back into my room--Hazel's gone.

              Aug. 15 Sat: Evelyn's Birthday. Slept late--9:30--finally catching up from losses sustained last week. Hazel came back for her clock--worried about her neck. Poor woman! Old and alone and sick and jobless. Told us the other day she had once been called to So. African mission field, but wouldn't leave her mother. She's been miserable ever since. Caught up on my diary for past week. Ate lunch about 3:00. WROTE EVELYN. Drove Mother to town--Hollywood. Sent BIRTHDAY WIRE TO EVELYN. Got a short HAIRCUT. Felt good--whistled. Mother got lost--couldn't find the car. Finally came at 8 P.M. We ate supper at Melody Lane. Picked up a very discouraged and bitter soldier on the way home. Talked to him about the Lord. Then picked up a daughter & mother. Drove on home. Retired about 12:30.

              Aug. 16 Sun: Drove down to the Center alone during Sun. School & worked on the Service Men's Prayer Scroll during church. Finished just as church was over. Drove home for dinner. After we'd cleaned up the kitchen, Mother, Dad, & I drove over Cole Crest Dr. & around that Canyon on a terrible road to see where it came out--my idea. Then we drove to Pasadena and Mother did some phoning to old friends.--Halls, Dunnings, etc. ATTENDED EVENING SERVICE AT CLAIR BRITTON'S church, Grassmuck's church. Britton spoke on what lies ahead prophetically. Intellectual appeal but not much heart appeal--good speaker & fundamental Gospel. He's made good in spite of his terrible deformity. Didn't see Lorraine--she skipped. Talked to her folks about her going to Westmont. Wish the Lord would get ahold of her--she plays well and is a good stenographer, besides being beautiful. But she's still a little worldly. Wants to get a job. Ate at McDonnell's Huntington & drove home. Got to bed about 1 A.M.

              Aug. 17 Mon: Slept well in spite of late meal. Arose about 8:30. Started breakfast. Mother's taught me a delicious way to scramble eggs. Vocalized awhile on "You GOTTA Have a Glory"--Braley's poem to Earl Jone's music. Tired out. Took a nap. Ate lunch and took a hike. Drove Mother to her speaking engagement at Johnson's--7 P.M. Loaned my coat and tie to Dean, one of the boys on his quartet till they were finished--he'd forgotten the program was at the church tonight. Tingley spoke at main service--on "His Majesty, the Devil"--showed how our sin is the same as was Satan's--wanting our own will instead of God's. I wept awhile at the altar--what an awful sinner I've been!

              Aug. 18 Tue: Straightened and sorted out my correspondence material, made up snapshot order to be sent away when I get money, trimmed a few songs. Mother spoke at Johnson's 7 PM session of the PRAYER CONFERENCE again tonight. MELVIN DAHLSTROM, paster of the Mission Covenant Church of Pasadena, gave inspired message & testimony of how God filled him with the Holy Spirit. How different from Johnson's preaching!--He was fairly radiant! Inspiring! He's really got something. Johnson has grown hard, harsh and haranguing--no joy, no victory--only forced cheer--poor fellow! He's under too great a financial & work burden--there's no sweetness nor love left--only a little at times. He looks old, tired, and miserable--very irritable--runs the church like a dictator! You can't win men to Christ that way. You can preach judgement & condemnation, but only love conquers. I wept again--wept for what Dahlstrom has.

              Aug. 19 Wed: OUR LAST A.L.P.M. BROADCAST--at least for awhile. Hazel met us at the studies. We went to lunch together at Melody Lane. Rec'd LETTERS FROM KEMPER TWINS & EVELYN today. Beautiful letters from the twins--an especially long and lovely one from Laralee. She's grand girl--sweet, hard worker, knows the Lord, beautiful! Poor Evelyn wrote she'd taken a job her folks didn't like & quit it the same day--sounded very discouraged--poor kid! Doesn't know which way to turn next--is afraid she won't be able to come to Westmont this fall--no finances. Drove Mother on errands & to Motor Vehicle Dept. about title so we can get car refinanced. They couldn't seem to locate it or give us registration certificate. PHONED LORRAINE Grassmuck of Pasadena to invite her out to supper with me & to see Westmont but SHE'S LEAVING for ST. LOUIS tomorrow night on a vacation. That's her home. Gave her Virginia Lee Brandt's address--my cousin. Met Dad at Clifton's for supper.

              Aug. 20 Thurs: LAST "AMERICAN LEAGUE OF PRAYING MOTHERS" meeting for awhile. Ran errands as usual. Added more names to Prayer Scroll--about 450 now. Took a nap while waiting for meeting to wind up. Mother said her goodbyes to Johnson. Whew! Am I glad that's over! He's not easy to work with--a regular dictator. But he treated us unusually well. However, so far we've lost money on the deal. Met Dad at Clifton's for supper, then went back to the Church so's Mother could finish straightening out the A.L.P.M. books with Mrs. CRAVEN while Dad went on home. I lay out in the car and read the paper & listened to the radio. The World's in a mess! Everybody fearing and hating each other--and talking about plans for World "peace" after the war. Vain hopes! But what beauty of peace & love in Christ! Only God's love can change men's hearts. Strolled over to Hotel Figueroa & smiled at that lighted picture of peaceful sheep, while Mother had a Conference with ex-preacher & wife. Bought paper bearing picture of dead Germans--death brings a strange hush to it all. ANOTHER LETTER FROM EVELYN today--thanking me for birthday gift. See next day--

              Aug. 21 Fri: Arose late. Ate late--lunch. Mother spoke for last time at Johnson's at 2 P.M. Session of Prayer Conference. Ran errands while Mother stayed & heard Tingley at 3 P.M. SECURED REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE for car--finally! Title had been sent back to Miami Industrial Bank, who are financing it now. REC'D LETTER FROM JOSEPHINE today--HER BABY'S COME! Arrived on 15th, Evelyn's birthday! After the League Meeting Mother & I were supposed to be at Hjal & Elinor's for Wesley's Birthday Party at 6 P.M. Stopped to get him some gifts--sailboat, etc. & didn't make it to Westmont (they have an apt. now over the library) till 7 PM.--nobody home! Dad gone, too. Couldn't figure it out--Roger Lightbourne & his wife, Detty, were coming, too. Couldn't locate anybody who knew where they all had gone, so finally gave up & we went to Adele Lang's Tea Room for supper. Drove back to the school afterward.--and Hjal & Elinor were home--8:30. Visited till nearly 11:00. Hjal's leaving for his Oakdale teaching job next month and wants to get furniture for house there.--Wants ours if Mother will sell--but she won't. Elinor's staying here till after the baby comes.

              Aug. 22 Sat: We all--Dad, Mother, & I--ate a late breakfast, and talked over the matter of moving down into town on account of tires--they haven't rationed us any and aren't likely to--and our fronts are smooth. If we have any tire trouble, we'll be stuck, because you can't possibly live up here in the canyon without a car. Mother & I drove down, got the mail.--REC'D ANOTHER LETTER FROM EVELYN. She's about given up going to school anywhere at all this fall--says she may just work and study piano. Says she'll be around when we come to Oakland area next month. Mother & I ate lunch--she at 10-cent store & I at Drugstore as they didn't have hamburgers--and went HOUSE-HUNTING again. Didn't find anything suitable--one nice little house for only $30, but it was stuck behind a couple of big apt. houses--dark, unpleasant hole--so different from our lovely,sunny home on the hillside with our beautiful view of the canyon and its homes--dear ol' Kirkwood Canyon! Thank the Lord for it! But we must get tires or move.--One mile to nearest bus. Mother fixed a bit of supper at home about 8:00. Dad was already eating when we came home. Tried a little vocalizing after supper--very discouraging. Have practically lost my voice thru' these long months of disuse. Wept. Felt very blue and discouraged--about my life in general. God forgive me. Feel so useless--getting nowhere--always busy taking care of Mother but never seeming to accomplish anything. Not even time to write letters. Retired about 11:30.

              Aug. 23 Sun: Went alone to Calvary Chapel of Hollywood. Got in on part of the Sunday School lesson by a Prof. of Westmont, substituting for Dr. Emerson, who usually teaches the Bible Class there. Rev. Eldridge of the L.A. Mission was speaker at morn. service in absence of Laurin, Pastor. Very good message bringing out the viewpoint that the "prodigal son" represents only a Christian--not an unsaved person who has never been a "son of God." Very convincing. Bro't out the point that the son was taken into the home, but had no more share of the inheritance, "All that I have is thine" says the father to the older brother. The younger saved "as if by fire." However, felt very lonely and out of place, wishing I had a "church home." Returned home to discover I'd forgotten the groceries, and had to go back for those. Napped till dinner at 3:00. Cleaned up. Fixed Mother's glasses, and was thus engaged when Ilda & Diff came in. Visited with them till church time. He's gotten a job at Northrop plant now--some come-down from big-commissioned selling of machinery! But he couldn't get priority for machines--so $185 a month. Drove Mother & Hazel to Aimee's. Don't like it there, so walked around looking for another church near, but came back and sat by myself--Patriotic message. Good Gospel, but too much "show". God bless her tho'. Went to the Thrifty Drug Store in Hollywood for a sandwich. Felt sorry for the poor girl who waited on us--cross-eyed. Tried to be especially kind. I'm not very admirable in some respects, but I thank the Lord He gave me a soft heart.

              Aug. 24 Mon: Felt I was catching cold last night. Spirits and resistance at low ebb, I guess. Got up feeling rotten and disposition in bad humor. Hazel called me before time--and continued calling me while I tried to finish my sleep out. Result: Stayed in bed late dozing, but didn't really get sufficient good sleep. Got up sore at Mother because she'd asked Hazel to call me, and generally disgruntled about life in general--as stated Sat. Fussed at Mother--ill feelings all around. What a shame! Lunch at the "Pub", where I thoroughly voiced my discontent and got poor Mother very upset and discouraged. She said she'd insist on my leaving her to get along by herself and make me go to school--but of course, I can't leave her. She's utterly helpless without me--and the Lord seems to have given me the task as my job. Went by the school and talked to Elinor while Mother talked to Dad. Dad caught on and warned me to try not to upset Mother and be patient. Went by and visited a few minutes with Brandts. Even Pauline sensed my being "in the dumps". Then we drove to the Centre to deliver financial statement of Mother's League work of the past 6 weeks to Johnson (gave it to Bro. Simpson, janitor to deliver) and I began to ease up on Mother and redeem myself. Determined to try to make her happy at all costs. We drove to the railroad station for train fare information to Bakersfield, as we can't use car on account of tires. Going up to help Mrs. Layne get new work started for service men. McNaughtons are there with her. Ate a late hamburger at Melody Lane about 9:00, and drove home resigned to my lot--and happier

              Aug. 25 Tue: Yep! Happier as I'm again resigned to His will--and my job of taking care of Mother. And poor, dear Mother! She's so relieved--wept on my shoulder this morning--said she was so frightened to think of being without me. Is trying to show me she really appreciates me--which helps a lot. I'm considerably humbled and ashamed, thank the Lord! Thank the Lord He can still deal with me, that my heart is not so hardened He can't humble me. I thank Him for His love, mercy, and faithfulness! Ate breakfast about 1:30. Worked on address book--finally--it's in a mess. Going to recopy and re-arrange it all. Ate lunch about 3:30, and drove Mother down to Hollywood dime store while I wrote the bank a note & sent them car insurance so we can have it refinanced--the car, I mean. Need cash badly. We're just living off of what the Lord sends in in the mail and the little Dad pays for his board. He takes care of the rent & furniture payments, of course. But we have to meet $38.00 car payments--and our food, much of it eaten "out". Found Hazel at Dr. Warren's. She's having her neck given radium treatments--incipient cancer, I guess. Poor old maid! All alone, sick, and jobless--and unhappy. Drove folks to Brandt's & they ate at Copper Kettle while I delivered tomorrow's radio script to Mrs. Cornwall at the Center--she's taking over the League work--and to the lawyers, Canon and Callister.--Also financial info. blank for credit car repairs at Hudson Place. Drove back to Brandts and looked thru' old pictures and clippings of Father Brandt--was a great man! I have an illustrious family history behind me. Drove home, ate at 10:30, drove Mother down to phone Kate, Mrs. Layne's Secretary

              Aug. 26 Wed: And got home about midnight! Sat up until 2:00 A.M. bringing this old Diary up to date. Meal schedule and sleep are certainly problems in this kind of life. We're always up at least till midnight, and that means up late mornings, late breakfast--and meal schedule all out of proper hours. As our work is so much at night and we're always hungry after church or late at night, about the best schedule for us would be: Eat about 10 to 11 after church, retire about 2 or 3 A.M., Arise about 10:00 or 11:00, eat at noon and at about 5 to 6 P.M., etc. Otherwise, I'm always missing a meal somewhere. I've lost 20 lbs. since coming home from the Army! That's not funny. Have little vitality, too. Too irregular living, insufficient exercise, or meals, or sleep. May the Lord help me to figure out some remedy somehow. It's impossible to pin Mother down to any schedule, tho', I'm afraid. God bless her, tho'. She can't much help it, I guess. Well, it didn't work so well! Went to bed about 3 but woke up about 9--tried to sleep on till 11:00 but only dozed. Ate at noon, all right. Wrote brief notes on the backs of the envelopes containing literature we're sending out to Service men--wrote on these to personal friends & acquaintances: Monty, Bob Mahan, and fellows I met in the Army. Drove Mother to town--ate her cookies on the way & passed some to soldiers in a jeep. Drove her down to see Kate Lohr, Mrs. Layne's secretary, about when to leave for Bakersfield. Picked up Dad at Westmont and drove home for supper. John Wells took Dad off to prayer meeting before he had time to eat. Walked down Kirkwood Canyon to visit old Mrs. Sheppherd & get that roster of canyon voters. Voted yesterday for Earl Warren for Governor of California. (Later he became chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court.)

              Aug. 27 Thurs: Slept in my own bed last night--for a change. Hazel had gone. Ah--luxury! Only got about 6 or 7 hrs. of it, tho'. Had to leave early to get car washed at Waggoner's 15 min. carwash while we ate breakfast and then dashed down to the bank to have the car appraised for refinancing--only to learn they wouldn't do business as long as we have an account at another Bank--Dad has, at the Citizen's Nat'l. Drove down to the Center & dropped some things there for Mrs. Craven for the A.L.P.M. Tried the So. California Auto Club to see if they would finance it--but, with a good look at our tires, they turned us down. Citizen's Nat'l also said we'd have to get tires first. Ate lunch at small cafeteria on Vermont. Been feeling much better since eating 3 meals a day. Drove out to Tire Rationing Bd.--tires refused when they found Mother was an evangelist. Our only chance now is qualifying for a new car. Picked up Dad and he and Mother extended our loan at his bank--enough to pay off minor bills, but that doesn't cut down car payments. The Lord will provide! Back to Hollywood for laundry & to leave forwarding address at P.O. Stopped to say goodbye to Brandts. Dinner with Hjal & Elinor & Wes at Chinatown. Came home about 9:30 and PACKED TO LEAVE until 1:00 AM.

              Aug. 28 Fri: Dad carried most of the luggage up to the car--poor fellow. I was tired out.--My rectum has been bothering me: Piles, I guess--ever since I was in the hospital at Belvoir. Causes me considerable difficulty in sitting or carrying heavy loads. But I know the Lord will heal as soon as I straighten everything out with Him and yield wholly to Him. We all three had breakfast at the Maxwell House, then took Dad to school. Picked up our clothes at cleaners and then had to go back to Westmont to get clothes I had forgotten in Elinor's closet. My memory is certainly poor! Ate lunch at the "Gourmet" Hollywood, cashed Johnson's check at KMTR, and LEFT FOR BAKERSFIELD, California. Got so sleepy enroute that I had to let Mother drive awhile. Arrived about 5:30, in time for dinner. Mother Layne, Mrs. Hafley, Ethyl Basey, and the McNaughtons all here. Drove to town & passed out cards inviting service men to the Hospitality Home until nearly 9:00. Got only 3, but young people from one of the churches came & brought a couple more. Mr. Turner, deacon at Hawkin's Full Gospel Church, led the meeting with Sunday School lesson--dry. Mother took most of his time. Has a lovely daughter (Virginia)--rather frail, but sweet smile. I led the boys in a discussion, also. HAD ONE AIR CADET OUT--Alden Thompson.

              Aug. 29 Sat: Bought a pitch-pipe to help with vocal practice when I haven't a piano. Sang some. Took a nap--very tired. Seems this trouble with my bowels makes me that way. Think dysentery in the Army from "shots", medicine in the hospital (sulphithiasole pills), and constipation afterward--as well as typhoid or malarial water experience in the Smokies, Summer of '40--all served to gradually weaken and bring on that trouble. Had struck bad water several places. And my natural physical weakness has not helped. Worked on address-book all afternoon while Mother was having hair washed at "House of Beauty." Attended STREET MEETING of full Gospel folks this evening. Rounded up four soldiers for social at the Hospitality House afterward. Some of the Y.P. came with instruments--Delbert (Hawkins?) & brother. Young girl named Carmen played piano. Very sweet to help.

              Aug. 30 Sun: Sunday School at First Christian--heartbreaking! College age class had woman teacher who only talked of Jacob's bad points and never brought out any spiritual tho'ts or mentioned Christ! Church service there better. The pastor spoke strongly against sin and on the power of the Gospel, but said little about Jesus. Exalted the Gospel, rather than Christ, invited folks to the Gospel instead of to Jesus, asked them to join the church, instead of asking them to give themselves to Christ. Sad, sad! More affected oratory than power of the Spirit. Was not convicted-only felt a self-righteous zeal to preach the Gospel as it ought to be preached. Also suggested to a member of Sunday School class that a little discussion makes it much more interesting and creates more interest. Went out for boys right after dinner. Got 6 myself--Mrs. Hafley--zero. Wants to pray with them when they come, but not willing to go out and "bring them in". GOOD VESPER SERVICE! Some of the fellows didn't know what they were getting into, but they certainly got the Gospel. "Chuck" Howard, cowboy guitarist, played & sang--he was swell! Brother Gunther spoke--briefly & to the point. Good supper afterward. Went to Y.P.'s meeting at Hawkin's. Grand group! Musical program--really good spirit. Swell bunch! Virginia Turner there--very sweetly demure. Must know Him. CLAUDE WEAVER substituted for Hawkin's at evening service held out-doors--same man, same sermon that we heard at C.A. Conference, Bethel Temple, Los Angeles--"Sin Binds the Hands of Christ". Told story of healing of the boy with broken back. I was under deep conviction. I wept bitterly. Longed for some-one to pour out my heart to, someone to sympathize and help me, but there was none. Heartached for a woman's love and understanding. But the Lord knew I have many lessons to learn first. I've been murmuring and discontented again--and some what blaming it on Mother--and on Him! Thank God today He showed me what it means to be "tender-hearted, kind, loving one another." Bade the McNaughtons farewell as we saw them off on the steamliner to Fresno, where they hope to work amongst the Japanese. Then voiced my discontent to Mother about getting to go to school--and made her very unhappy again. I've certainly made things miserable for her!--Poor Mother. The Lord was working on me though, and after she had patiently fixed lunch for Mrs. Layne's bunch and we had bid them goodbye, she patiently cleaned up the mess alone while I was straightening up the place. Was convicted about my hardness of heart--went to her, kissed her and made her lie down while I massaged her tired & aching limbs and feet--poor dear! She actually relaxed and went to sleep. Then I napped, too. Ate supper at "Tiny's Drive-in"--where the ice-skating rink is--everything in town is expensive. We'll have to get a girl to help fix meals at home. Read Mother Reader's Digest while we ate. Took, blankets back to Mrs. Walters. Had trouble getting door open at home--Hospitality House. Had to get Mrs. Freer to help. Sang duet with Mother awhile, then caught up on my diary. It's 12:30.
+ + + + + + +

       Sep. 2 Wed: Returned Virginia Turner's Testament to her at the Owl Drug where she works--looks so out of place--like an angel from Heaven.

              Sep. 6 Sun: Prayed late after Bro. Hawkin's service. Virginia also late--both rode home in Janitor's car & talked for hour-and-a-half in front of her Home. She's wonderful! Sweet, deeply consecrated, humble.

              Sep. 7 Mon: Met Virginia's family--her Mother for 1st time. Drove her to work at 4 P.M. & picked her up at 8 & drove her home--said goodbye. If she could only type! She plays piano & accordion, but isn't very strong--but, oh, how sweet!--Beautifully spiritual!

              Sep. 8 Tue: LEFT FOR MT. HERMON. (Christian Conference Grounds) Arrived about 9 P. M. First person I met was Cyrus N. Nelson, Manager! Stayed at guest house.

              Sep. 9 Wed: Moved to "Fern Dell"--deluxe quarters at special between-conference rate. HAZEL ARRIVED--Hurt because we came on ahead--She feared the fog & DIM OUT. Drove over to Santa Cruz to see big trees--"sequoia gigantea"--320 ft. tall--22 feet thick! WROTE LOISLEE & started letter to EVELYN. (Already wrote LARALEE).

              Sep. 10 Thurs: Set up Verna Heier's Vibraphone in the lodge. Met & talked with Nelson about Hjal's singing. Finished letter to EVELYN. Worked on advertising. Drove in to Santa Cruz & met Clarence SANDS, pastor of Christian & Missionary Alliance where we being Sun. (while Mother & Hazel waited at Hotel Cara del Rey--DIM OUT!)

              Sep. 11 Fri: Mt. Hermon. DROVE TO "BIG BASIN"--with Mother & Hazel. Beautiful country, these Santa Cruz Mts.!

              Sep. 12 Sat: Mt. Hermon. DROVE IN TO SANTA CRUZ. Had to ask cashier to cash a $2 Canadian bill in order to eat lunch. MOVED INTO MRS. WOOLF'S. Verna Heier came on 10:30 Bus--Sands met her.



              Sep. 18 Fri: SANTA CRUZ. WROTE EVELYN. SERVICE MEN'S & YOUNG PEOPLE'S SOCIAL after eve. service. ART BLACK (the big stutterer!) & BOB SISSLER brought a group of soldiers with them.

              Sep. 19 Sat: SANTA CRUZ. DROVE UP TO OAKLAND for Mother to see Ruth Hubbard about making a dress. SAW EVELYN--pretty as ever--prettier. Sorta took my breath--for 20 min. DINNER AT FERRERE'S ON C. C. MOORE ESTATE, Santa Cruz.

              Sep. 21 Mon: SANTA CRUZ. LETTERS FROM EVELYN & KEMPER TWINS. Evelyn seems upset--much in love with me. Poor kid. Laralee writes as cute letters as ever--spontaneous, natural.

              Sep. 24 Thurs: SANTA CRUZ. WROTE EVELYN, but just couldn't tell her.

              Sep. 25 Fri: SANTA CRUZ. 16 BOYS AT SERVICE MEN'S SOCIAL TONIGHT--I brought 3--ART & BOB brought 11!

              Sep. 26 Sat: SANTA CRUZ. Card from Virginia Turner--en route to Central Bible institute. (PTL! My witness musta helped!) DROVE TO MONTEREY & CARMEL. VISITED HOMED LEVENSON, gave him Mother's book. (Monterey Hi classmate with broken back.) DROVE BACK WHOLE 50 MILES IN DIM-OUT--paper sacks pasted over headlights!

              Sep. 27 Sun: SANTA CRUZ--LAST SUN.--THREE SERVICES. EXCELLENT CROWDS--GOOD SPIRIT--Should have continued another week or more. Too late to change now.


              Sep. 29 Tue: MT. HERMON.--COLD! BREAKFAST AT MRS. LEACH'S. Saw Hazeltine cottage. DROVE TO FRISCO--dead tired & couldn't find a room. Finally took us into nice rooms at GLAD TIDINGS BIBLE INSTITUTE. (Slept with male choir director who tried to fuck me!)

       + + + + + + +
       Oct. 1 Thurs: FRISCO. EVELYN SPENT THE NIGHT HERE WITH US. Got her a nice room at Glad Tidings. TALKED TO HER couple hours. Tried to explain why I couldn't marry her--not fitted for this work. She just cried, said little. Took her to DINNER AT "SCANDINAVIA". VISITED JOHN'S--MRS. GAPEN THERE. TOLD EVELYN GOODBYE.

              Oct. 2 Fri: OAKLAND, Calif. Spent last night at Carrie Judd Montgomery's "HOME OF PEACE." MET (HER GRANDDAUGHTER) BETH BARRY AT LUNCH. Drove her to school. PRAYED FOR MRS. MONTGOMERY (author of famous hymns). TOOK BETH TO HEAR MOON IN FRISCO--Mother & Kirkpatricks went along.

              Oct. 3 Sat: OAKLAND. DINNER WITH AUNT ELLEN, HOMER, & HJAL at Hotel Lakeshore. Visited at home with them afterwards. PHONED EVELYN LONG DISTANCE--CONCORD, $1.25. Tried to cheer her, but definitely closed the matter. Poor kid.

              Oct. 4 Sun: OAKLAND. Sunday School WITH BETH. Met her Father & Brother Judd. CHURCH AT 1ST METHODIST WITH SAYLORS & HJAL--WORLDWIDE COMMUNION--packed house. DINNER WITH ALL AT AUNT ESTHER'S.--FRED & EARL LEAVING FOR ARMY. EVE. SERVICE AT ELIM--Sang. Mrs. Ayres spoke--Aussie missionary.

              Oct. 5 Mon: OAKLAND. Talked with Ruth on phone about EVELYN. HAVEN'T FELT SO GOOD--COLD or FEVERISH or TIRED. NAPPED. WALKED THRU' MILLS COLLEGE CAMPUS--Beth's school. WALKED TO SCHOOL WITH BETH--watched her at archery. Phoned various pastors trying to locate secretary-musician. DINNER at HUBBARD'S. Asked Beth to go with me to Fellowship Meeting but too late. Went but didn't go in--too much noise. Came home & WROTE DELORIS FINAL NOTE.
       (And this was my final entry for 1942! Wish I'd been more faithful keeping diaries! Anyhow, I continued to be brokenhearted over Evelyn, but still was writing to about 12 girls regularly!--Until I met Eve at San Fernando Christian & Missionary Alliance Church about January of 1944.--Still with Mother in evangelistic work & basing in Hollywood. Courted about six months.--And forgot my Diary! Sad to say, I kept no 1943 Diary, & this is the only entry for 1944!--When I married Eve July 22--eloped!
+ + + + + + +

       Jun. 1 Thurs: Work early--earlier than usual!--8:30. Mother gone. Made breakfast. Had devotions. WORKED ON BOOKS--affixing stickers & stamping with address--"Box 846" (Hollywood, California). Late Lunch. DON MCCROSSEN PHONED--this A. M.-- Margaret Turnbull's husband (Turnbulls of Bethel). He's pianist at Victory Service Club. Made date for lunch tomorrow. Worked on books & book orders. Mother finally phoned--I was worried about her. DINNER WITH MOTHER & DANA--Tick-Tock. Reread Diary. Decided to start keeping it again. (Ha!--For one day!--Hope you're more faithful with yours than I was with mine! GBY!)

       ANYWAY, EVE (23) & I (25) ELOPED JULY 22, 1944, & spent our honeymoon in Palm Springs, California. We continued with Mother in evangelistic work until Ho was conceived & Mother found out & fired us!--Said she just couldn't take a family of five on the road!

       SO IN 1948 WE LEFT MOTHER IN GOLETA (ISLA VISTA) CALIFORNIA NEAR SANTA BARBARA WITH DAD who was still working with Westmont, which had moved to Montecito near Santa Barbara, & we five, Eve (27) & I (29), Deborah (3), Aaron (1) & Ho on the way, moved into Mrs. Linger's borrowed 14--foot trailer parked in Eagle Rock, California, & I started at Southern California Bible College in South Pasadena, Spring Term.

       SOON FED UP WITH BORING BIBLE COLLEGE & ACHING TO GET BACK INTO FULLTIME SERVICE, I TOOK A PASTORATE IN VALLEY FARMS, ARIZONA, with no church building! Had meetings in our home until I built a church almost single-handed the following Summer. Ho had been born only a month after our arrival--Jan. 9, 1949--& Faith was born there Feb. 2, 1951 & the church kicked us out the following month because of too big a family & too straight preaching!

       SO I RETURNED TO COLLEGE THAT SPRING OF 1951 AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA at Tempe & lived in Scottsdale. Rented college house until Summer, when we returned to Southern California Bible College for the Summer. Moved into Echo Park apartment, Los Angeles, in the Fall & started driving school bus & teaching at Calvary Christian School, where our three oldest attended, for two years.

       IN 1953 WE WENT TO THE SOUL CLINIC & from there to TSC & Miami, where we started the Florida Soul Clinic & headquartered for most of the time until the Jews chased us out for fighting evolution in the schools in 1963 & we moved our family to the TSC Ranch in Texas while I continued to travel for Fred Jordan's TV show, "Church in the Home".

       IN THE SUMMERS OF 1964 & 1965, EVE & KIDS ALSO RAN THE CHURCH IN THE HOME EXHIBIT AT THE NEW YORK WORLD'S FAIR until we struck out on the evangelistic road again by faith with family of six plus Josh, Caleb, Lydia & others in our 26-foot camper as "Teens for Christ" in 1966 with mimeod "Warning Tract" as our only lit! My Mother joined us in 1967 for the "Thousands of Miles of Miracles" from TSC to Canada, Florida & the Bahamas & back to TSC for the Fall of 1967.

       FAITH MARRIED JOSH, AARON MARRIED SARA ULM, CALEB MARRIED LYDIA & WE ALL TRAVELLED TO HUNTINGTON BEACH, CALIFORNIA for Christmas with my Mother. Deborah had married Jeth, & Ho later married Esther, & we all helped start the "Light Club" for hippies there in 1968 when my Mother went to be with the Lord.

       BUT IF YOU WANNA HEAR THE DETAILS OF THAT THRILLING YEAR OF 1967's" Thousands of Miles of Miracles!" with Teens for Christ & my Mother, which led to the beginning of the Family in California in 1968, you'll have to read my 1967 Diary!--Coming next, D.V.!

       GOD BLESS YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST IN THE ORIGINS OF OUR FAMILY & WHAT IT MADE IT WHAT IT IS TODAY.--And I hope you've learned many lessons from it & been inspired by it!--GBAKY busy recording in your Diaries all that He has done for you!--In Jesus' name, amen!--ILY!--D.

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