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QUESTION & ANSWER TIME!--Timely Table Talk!       DO 1726       12/83

       1. I'M ALWAYS TRYING TO PUMP THESE GUYS TO SAY SOMETHING, SO I GOT A BRIGHT IDEA TONIGHT! I was thinking, "Lord, how can I get them to say something?" I want you to each think of a question you'd like to ask me. One question each, that's all you get! (Maria: Run get that whole stack of questions, we can pass'm out!) Come on now, I want them to think up their own questions! (Maria: Well, we think of them, & then we write them down or then we forget.) I don't like something formal, I want this to be impromptu! Extemporaneous! Spur of the moment! Who's got a question right now you want to ask me!
       2. (SARA: JUST LIKE MEN TRIM THEIR BEARDS BECAUSE HAIR GROWS UNEVENLY, DO YOU THINK IN THE SAME WAY IT WOULD MAKE A GIRL'S HAIR STRONGER, LONGER & THICKER IF IT WAS NOT CUT BUT LIGHTLY TRIMMED BARELY ON THE EDGES?) I can't remember the word for it, but I'm not a hair expert either. But I have heard that if you have split ends it sometimes helps to trim'm off. Is that true? Well, you could apply the same principle that you do to vines & trees & things like that, it's kind of like pruning, I guess. You cut off the dead ends or the dead branches.
       3. (SARA: SOME PEOPLE GOT THE IDEA THAT YOU WERE TOTALLY AGAINST CUTTING GIRLS' HAIR. I used to trim Davida's hair regularly & it got quite thick & strong. But if you don't trim it, it doesn't seem to grow.) Maybe I should try trimming mine, maybe that would help!--Ha! The other night we were talking about Techi's hair, she's got so much hair, & I said, "Just think, God's got every one of your hairs numbered, all counted! He knows just how many you've got!" Well, sorry, I'm not an expert on hair! Well, that's another one I don't know, next question! Boy, this is an easy session tonight.
       4. (FAM: IF A NURSING MOTHER DOESN'T HAVE A PERIOD, HOW DOES SHE GET PREGNANT WITHOUT HAVING A PERIOD?) Well, that's pretty easy to answer, because what you call your period is when the blood begins to flow to clean out the egg & the materials which have gathered preparing for conception. If conception does not occur, then you have your period. Therefore conception can occur before you have another period. The conception takes place before your period, not during your period, at least not during the flow. Am I right, obstetricians? At least I think I know that much!--At least that's what I've read!
       5. IN FACT, THE TIME OF THE HIGHEST PROBABILITY OF CONCEPTION IS MOSTLY WITHIN A ONE-WEEK PERIOD OF TIME, & as I recall, isn't that the second week before your period?--In other words, about in the middle between your periods, that's the time of the highest likelihood of conception. Does that satisfy you? When you have your so-called period, the flow, that's just cleaning out & washing everything out to get ready for the next one, & you're done then. Conception doesn't take place during that period, it takes place a week or two before or after. PTL!
       6. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS GREAT ON THAT RHYTHM METHOD, BUT IT DOESN'T WORK TOO WELL EITHER, for the plain & simple reason that sperm can live in there as long as two weeks, still working its way up! So you might as well trust the Lord! Next question! Raise your hand! You mean you guys don't even have a question? I answered all your questions?
       7. (FAM: A LONG TIME AGO YOU MENTIONED "NEW WORLDS TO CONQUER" & SOME PEOPLE GOT THE IMPRESSION THAT MEANS OTHER PLANETS THAT ARE POPULATED WITH SOME LIFE FORM. Does this mean that we'll be actually colonising new Worlds some time in the future & starting life on other planets? If so, for what purpose?) I don't know why people want to worry about other planets, we haven't even got this one conquered yet! I don't know, Son! That was just a wild guess, a shot-in-the-dark! I said maybe when we've finally got this one conquered He'll have other planets for us to do, who knows?--Maybe in other solar systems, though, because there don't seem to be any other planets in this Solar System that are inhabited or could be inhabited, except by some other kind of creatures, certainly not the kind we are. So the answer is again, I don't know!
       8. WHAT I DON'T KNOW, I DON'T WORRY ABOUT! A lot of these people who send in these questions, they seem to worry more about what they don't know than what they ought to know! They've got more time to think up questions & ask questions about stuff that is not even important & we don't need to know now, when they ought to be busy doing the things they do know!
       9. YOU'RE THE LAST FOLKS THAT ARE GOING TO GET A CHANCE TO ASK ME THESE QUESTIONS. You're the last of the Mohicans, the last of the breed. I swore the last time I finished that bunch of Questions I'd never do that again. You know why?--I don't think there's hardly one in a thousand that are not already answered in the Letters, but they're just lazy students who'd rather ask the teacher than read the book! I said, "Next time we'll get our editors to look up the answers in the Books. You're going to have the Index & all you need & you can find the answers all there. I know I've said it sometime." (Fam: But some of the questions that people have asked have really touched on a need or a question that a lot of people had.) That's true, fine. Well, you can find them the answers in the Book! I want you to answer them next time, Son!
       10. (MARIA: SOME OF THE QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ABOUT PRESENT POLICY.) What do you bet you could find the answers in the Letters? (Maria: Not some of them.) Well, at least I'm going to try. I'm going to let you find the answers in the Letters, you editors. You answer all of them which you can find the answers to in the Letters & I don't think you're going to have to bring very many to me that aren't already answered.
       11. (FAMILY: WHAT KIND OF QUESTIONS WOULD YOU SAY YOU ENJOY ANSWERING OR YOU WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM PEOPLE IN THE FAMILY SO WE CAN ENCOURAGE THEM NOT TO ASK THE WRONG QUESTIONS?) What kind of questions do I like to hear? That's a simple answer: The questions that I haven't already answered! Those I've already answered are the only ones I don't like. I'll tell you, I get so mad! I got fed-up to where I practically exploded having to answer so many questions I'd already answered & were already in the Letters & I just swore I would not do it again!
       12. I'M GOING TO LET YOU ANSWER THEM NEXT TIME FROM THE LETTERS! You'd better get started on it, because I'm not going to do it! I just got fed-up with some of you people! Some of you are like I used to say in school, you ask questions just to be saying something, just to be asking something. And like some of Jesus' inquisitors, I got the spirit off of some of them pretty sure that they were just asking them to be annoying & needling, the very Devil's work!--Just like the Devil asks questions. Stuff that nobody even needs to know.
       13. GO AHEAD! ASK QUESTIONS! You here are the only people allowed to ask me questions, you should take it as a special privilege. I should think everybody here would have some question. I don't think it's fair for me to answer a second question to the same person until everybody's had an answer at least once.
       14. (FAM: WE EAT A LOT OF FRESH VEGETABLES & WE'VE BEEN SOAKING THEM IN SALT & THE LORD'S REALLY BLESSED IT, BUT A LOT OF COUNTRIES LIKE INDIA HAVE HAD A LOT OF PROBLEMS WITH CLEANING FOODS.) They've got a lot of salt! Gandhi made his name famous with his Salt March! Well, I would give you the answer I've given a lot of other people, Matthew 9:29! That's one of the handiest handles I ever found outside of "I don't know!" You know what that is, don't you? Come on, quote it! (Fam: "According to your faith be it unto you.") I think that has a lot to do with it, really, what you've got faith for. Whether you feel like you've gotta peel it or boil it or salt it or just wash it or steam it or whatever, it depends on what you've got faith for, really, & how badly infected or unclean you think that particular fruit or vegetable or whatever it is might be. I think that's what you do, you do what you have faith for, whatever you think is necessary. Good! Next question?!
       15. (FAM: ARGENTINA ELECTED A NEW PRESIDENT & THERE WAS AN AMERICAN SPOKESMAN THERE TOO WHO REALLY PRAISED THE NEW GOVERNMENT, & IT JUST SOUNDED VERY STRANGE TO ME.) Very strange. I'm sure no American representative would be praising the new government unless it suited the U.S.A.--& I'm sure it wouldn't suit the U.S.A. unless it suited the anti-Christs!
       16. [DELETED] Look who's running Brazil! Now look who's running Argentina! They're using their banks & their funds--the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank & all the rest--to bring every country to its knees, & they've just about got'm where they want'm.
       17. (MARIA: WILL THE FINANCIAL SITUATION THERE GET BETTER NOW THAT THEY'RE KOWTOWING TO THE ANTI-CHRISTS A LITTLE BIT MORE? Would they let up their bombardment of the economics?) We'll see! But as long as they keep kowtowing to'm, they'll probably help'm along. Next question?
       18. (FAM: ONE OF THE GIRLS LOOKING AT THE HEAVEN POSTER SAID THEY COULDN'T SEE ANY HAIRY CHESTS OR BEARDS.) Maybe we should have had a few more beards! Ha! Well, I could give you a pretty good answer, except I don't want the hairy ones here to feel bad tonight. Do you know what the word "Satan" means in Hebrew?--The hairy one! That's okay, Son, we love you anyway! Well, remember, God put it there & He grew it, so whether you have hair or no hair, that's the way the Lord made you. Some girls like hair, some girls don't. Some girls like beards, some girls don't, that's why that girl was disappointed in no hair. Some girls like anything as long as it's male! Sorry dear, but I'm sure you'll find plenty of hairy ones over there, don't worry! Next! Are you afraid your questions are going to be dumb or stupid or I'm going to ridicule'm or something? Come on!
       19. (FAM: WOULD YOU SAY THAT THOSE EUROPEAN POWERS MADE A MISTAKE IN PULLING OUT & LETTING THE VARIOUS EASTERN COUNTRIES RUN THEMSELVES WHEN SO OFTEN THEY SEEMED TO JUST GO DOWN THE TUBES?--Or did the European countries mismanage them so much that they just had to leave, they just lost the right to govern? For example: India, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc.) My answer to both questions is yes! Do you remember your question? (Fam: Which would you say was the highest will of God, for them to have pulled out & let the people try & run it themselves or to stay?)
       20. WHERE WOULD YOU FIND THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION IN THE LETTERS? There's one whole Letter written on that subject. (Fam: You said that when they lost their anointing they pulled out.) When they evangelised those countries & they did them good & as Christians they helped them & they really improved the countries & did them a lot of good, well of course they were good for those countries. But then when they got selfish & Godless & cruel & oppressive & tyrannical, of course they were bad for the countries.
       21. SO LIKE I SAID, MY ANSWER TO BOTH QUESTIONS IS YES!--THEY WERE GOOD FOR THEM FOR AWHILE, THEN THEY GOT BAD FOR'M! I think probably some of the countries are perhaps now worse off than they were in the early days of colonialism, but certainly better off than they were in the latter days of colonialism. You've got to judge every case really on its own, you can't judge them all at once.
       22. (DORA: WE CAME ACROSS A BOOK ABOUT CHILDREN & CHILDCARE & IT HAD A LOT OF EXAMPLES IN IT ABOUT HOW TO TREAT CHILDREN, a lot of examples like you give, to respect them & pay attention to them, like if they draw or something to really acknowledge it, but they always call it to support the child's "self-esteem," & somehow that word doesn't sound right.) They're always talking about "know yourself" & "self-confidence" & "do what's good for me" & all that stuff. I started to say that's the latest religion, however it's as old as the Devil himself!--Beginning with, after all, boost your self-esteem, "Ye shall be as gods"! Promote yourself! Of course that motivation is wrong, to do it just for some selfish purpose or selfish reason, & we shouldn't have that kind of motivation.
       23. A CHILD NEEDS TO BE TAUGHT & KNOW THINGS & HAVE CONFIDENCE IN THEIR OWN KNOWLEDGE & THEIR ABILITY TO DO THINGS & SKILLS FROM THE TIME THEY'RE TAUGHT TO WALK & TALK, & they need to learn confidence in these things, that's true, but not just for their own benefit. I used to say that a child becomes an adult when they have children of their own, because then you really sacrifice & live for someone else. Well, I think our children become adults even before that because they learn to sacrifice for others & share & help each other as kids, & that's maturity in the Lord's eyes. Amen? But of course it's not, according to the secular books, just for "self-esteem."
       24. WHEN I WAS YOUNG I WAS SHY & HAD AN INFERIORITY COMPLEX & I HAD NO SELF-CONFIDENCE, BUT WHEN I GOT FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT I HAD A LOT OF CONFIDENCE!--But it wasn't self-confidence, it was Christ-confidence, Christ-consciousness. So that's what really should happen & we should teach'm from that motivation & not just some selfish motivation. Does that answer your question? (Fam: Yes, it does!) Somebody else? Come on quick, now's your chance!
       25. (FAM: IT SEEMS LIKE ANDROPOV HAS BEEN SICK OR JUST OUT OF COMMISSION OR OUT OF SIGHT FOR MONTHS & MONTHS NOW.) I can tell you, if he's sick I can sure understand how he feels! You could say the same thing about me! Well, I have kept busy, I just haven't been appearing much in public for the last month. But he has been out of sight for quite awhile & I've been wondering if maybe he's behind the scenes busy cooking up what they're going to do next!--Or maybe he was a little too mild & the military decided to put him out of action & take over! It seemed like Ogarkov, the head military man, has been in the limelight lately. He's been giving lectures on maps & TV appearances, etc. I just wonder if maybe that could be the reason.
       26. WHAT WAS IT I GOT ON ANDROPOV THE FIRST TIME I SAW HIS PICTURE? Something like, "The Executioner!" The death of Brezhnev was the end of the era of peace, the death of peace. (See Nos. 1331 & 1343.) Well, that certainly has come to pass, we're getting closer to war every day. It seemed to me he was "The Executioner." Of course, he was an executioner as head of the KGB long before he came into power as leader of the Soviet Union. The head of the KGB has to be an executioner in a way. So in answer to your question, I don't know, we'll see! That's another good answer: We'll see! Any other questions?
       27. (FAM: THIS IS WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT ANDROPOV: "HE IS MY MINISTER OF DEATH TO ADMINISTER DEATH TO THEM THAT DISOBEY" [EDITED: "ML #1343:1"].) I thought I got something pretty specific about that--the Executioner! Well, if they're really planning something, he would be pretty busy behind the scenes & not have too much time for any public appearances, that's a job for politicians. He's not much of a politician & never has been, he's more of an executioner, a man of action who does things & accomplishes things, & it could be he's just too busy behind the scenes. Besides, I think they love to keep the U.S. guessing with all this guesswork going on. They love to keep'm mystified. Why should they let'm know? The more they worry about it the better! Anything else? Our time is getting short!
       28. (FAM: I OFTEN WONDER WHY DON'T WE KNOW MORE ABOUT OUR ANGELS. You know a lot about Abrahim, but almost none of us know anything about our personal angels. Is it because we don't ask the Lord enough?) Matthew 9:29! Maybe it depends on the individual, the circumstances or even how much God wants to show you or how much you need to know or how much you want to know. The reason I know so much about Abrahim is because I wanted to know! "Delight yourself in Him & He'll give you the desires of your heart!" (Ps.37:4.) We really wanted to know, didn't we, Maria? So we got a lot of answers. That's one reason we've had a lot of answers, we've asked a lot of questions! We wanted to know! Maybe you just didn't ask. Maybe you just didn't have the faith to find out. I've heard reports from quite a few people who wanted to know & they were told or they found out. So PTL! On the other hand, maybe you don't need to know.
       29. (MARIA: A LOT OF PEOPLE GET TRIPPED-OFF, THOUGH, & I DON'T THINK THE LORD CAN TRUST A LOT OF PEOPLE WITH TELLING THEM THINGS LIKE THAT. It seems like the more "spiritual" they are, the more reports we have of people like that getting really tripped-off!) I guess you know that Samson of Samson & Ara--subject of the Letter "Son of Sam" & the stuff he was getting off into then--has gone completely haywire & is now in an insane asylum! The last we heard from India they were sending for his parents to come get him to transfer him to some institution in England.
       30. I'LL TELL YOU, IT'S DANGEROUS TO FIDDLE AROUND WITH FALSE DOCTRINES, SELF-GLORIFICATION, WRONG INTERPRETATIONS & ESPECIALLY TO GO CONTRARY TO GOD'S REVEALED TRUTH!--AND IT IS ALSO DANGEROUS TO COMPROMISE! Even though they continued to TRF & continued to get the lit & all, they didn't want to be identified with us. This came up as a question in the early days when he was first considering it. His father is a multi-millionaire--hers too by the way, her father's connected with a famous auction house of England--& their parents told them if they would have nothing to do with us they'd support'm on the mission field.
       31. SO THE LAST I HEARD THEY DENIED ANY IDENTIFICATION WITH US WHATSOEVER & GOT THE SUPPORT, & APPARENTLY THE LORD DIDN'T REALLY LIKE IT! I can see there are times when it's not wise to let your identity be known & I've even advocated it, especially to go into some of these churches looking for a little support, but I think in Samson & Ara's case, particularly Samson, it was a real compromise!
       32. HIS FATHER IS A BITTER ENEMY who has pushed investigations, bad publicity, & frankly I think was responsible for the death of at least one of our people that we know of, who after they quizzed & interrogated him & had an inquisition with him, he jumped or was thrown out of a window of a building, poor kid! He shouldn't have, but they must have made it pretty rough. As far as I'm concerned, that's murder! They killed him!--Not [EDITED: "Samson's father"] himself, but one of his agents. He organised an organisation against us in England & promoted it in Europe & invited the deprogrammers & all that outfit over there to back it up, & his main ministry became fighting us, Samson's own father!--And then Samson took support from him providing he denied us!
       33. WELL, IT SEEMED LIKE FROM THAT TIME ON SAMSON WENT THE WRONG DIRECTION. Well, he'd sort of been going the wrong direction already. He was already ashamed of us & denied us more or less to get in with the Indian government, & he got quite high up & met Mrs. Gandhi & all kinds of things. They were circulating in high-falutin' circles of governmental influential people & all that kind of stuff, & of course they pretended to have nothing to do with us & know nothing about us & have no connection with us whatsoever.
       34. (MARIA: HE WAS CRITICAL OF OUR OTHER LEADERSHIP, HE WANTED TO BE "THE" LEADER!) Yes, & very domineering & dominating of the Indian work & personnel. He wanted to be a bigshot. Well, he got to be a bigshot, he got to be a big blow, because he finally blew, sad to say. I'm sorry, but it just shows you how dangerous it is to get on the wrong track. PTL.
       35. ANYBODY ELSE? I'M AMAZED THAT YOU PEOPLE DON'T HAVE ANY MORE QUESTIONS! The same people want to ask more questions & the rest of you don't ask any! Has everybody asked a question yet? How about you, Honey? She reads all the Letters, she types'm, so she knows all the answers!
       36. (FAM: I THINK THE FAMILY MIGHT BE INTERESTED AFTER SO MUCH NEWS ABOUT ARAFAT, SINCE YOU PRAYED FOR HIM BEFORE, TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT HIM NOW?) [DELETED] But my sympathies were not just with Arafat, he only symbolised the Palestinian people & the poor, whom the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are persecuting & slaughtering & all the poor! And as long as he was in it selflessly & unselfishly & sacrificially & endangering his life for the cause & really trying to help the people, well, I was sympathetic, of course.
       37. BUT IN RECENT YEARS, APPARENTLY, EVEN ACCORDING TO HIS OWN PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOW SPLIT-OFF FROM HIM, HE GOT TO WHERE HE WAS GETTING PRETTY SELFISH & POWERFUL & LOOKING MORE FOR SUPPORT. Again there's a case of trading convictions for support, for Saudi support, financial support, compromising for support, & that's exactly what he was doing. He was compromising with both the West & with the Saudis, who, let's face it, are pretty pro-West. In fact, they probably wouldn't even be in existence now without Western help.
       38. SO I THINK HE REALLY COMPROMISED HIS CONVICTIONS FOR GAIN, SO HE'S LOST THEIR RESPECT, LOST HIS POSITION, LOST HIS POWER, LOST HIS PLACE & LOOKS LIKE HE'S ABOUT TO LOSE HIS LIFE! It looks like the Israelis are determined to get him before he gets away. I'll tell you, they never forget! They never quit, like the Devil. They'll hound him to his grave, like they hound others, like every [DELETED] old Nazi that ever lived.--Hound'm from country to country & place to place & never give up!
       39. I WONDER WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THAT GUY WIESENTHAL WHEN HE GETS HOUNDED BY THE LORD TO HIS GRAVE ONE OF HIS DAYS? He showed no mercy, he'll get none! I'd hate to be in his shoes. I don't see how he's got the nerve to even do what he's doing. A lot of those old Nazis were just following orders & a lot of them didn't even like Hitler, & a whole lot of them weren't even necessarily doing anything that was so terrible!
       40. BUT OF COURSE THEY NEVER GIVE UP, THEY NEVER FORGIVE! "Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth!" & they hound them to the grave! Well, that's the way [EDITED: "they"] are. So what are they going to get out of it? God's going to hound them to their grave--& I don't think it's going to be very long either, the way they're going & the way the U.S. is going. It looks like dear Reagan is determined to have himself another war, in fact they've already got one. In fact, they've got two or three!
       41. WELL, YOU'VE HAD YOUR CHANCE TO ASK QUESTIONS, I THINK THAT'S JUST ABOUT EVERYBODY HERE. If you don't have any questions & you have all the answers, then praise the Lord, but I just thought that might inspire you to volunteer a little people-power here tonight. I've been trying to think of what would make you talk, & at last we got you to talk about something.
       42. ANYBODY GOT ANY TESTIMONIES TONIGHT YOU'D LIKE TO TELL US ABOUT? Good news? (Techi: That you're at dinner.) Thank you, Sweetheart, that's good news that Grandpa's at dinner. I love you too! Isn't that sweet? She loves her Grandpa so much. Well, the Lord made her for me to help me in my old age. PTL!--All our children.
       43. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD, IF THAT'S ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW, THEN YOU MUST KNOW IT ALL! (Fam: We know where to look for'm all!) Yes sir, the next Q/As are going to come right out of the Letters & you're going to dig'm out & you're going to answer'm & give the references, not me! I'm tired of that business. Then if you come up with some questions that you absolutely cannot find the answers for in the Letters, I will consider them. (Maria: Can we have some more sessions like this?) Any time! Sorry I didn't have a chance to give you advance warning tonight, but I never know when I'm going to come to dinner. PTL!
       44. WELL, I'M SORRY, GIRLS, BUT IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR PEOPLE WITH HAIRY CHESTS YOU'RE GOING TO BE DISAPPOINTED IN ME! (Maria: Nobody's ever disappointed in you, Honey.) My chest is as hairless as a hotdog! (Techi: I like you without hair!) Isn't that sweet? (Techi: I don't mind if you're with hair or without hair.) She likes me with or without hair. That ought to comfort you, boys, she loves you too, with or without hair. We'd better quit & have prayer, shall we? You've probably had too much already! GBAKY finding the answers, in Jesus' name, amen. "Seek & ye shall find'm!"--In the Letters! Thank God for the new Index!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family