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1967: THE FAMILY BEGINS!--With Teens for Christ!DO1728
--The Year Before the Huntington Beach Light Club!
--Dad's Own Diary of 1967!--48 years old!

Jan. 1 Sun--MIAMI: Bayside Trailer Court, with Jon (Ho) & Faith alone in Cruiser (The Ark, our big 26 foot 1962 Dodge Motor Home Camper--slept 12!). Rambler, Mom & others still in NY. Dave Booth (my Sister Virginia's eldest son) & Bob Wright (our Florida Soul Clinic cook) at TSC. Dave shot himself in the arm Christmas day hunting! In hospital.

Jan. 3 Tues--FLA: Met Jane (Eve), Mary (Ulm), Artie (Caleb), Eddie (saved & delivered ex-heroin addict from New York), Faith, Sara & Phil (& Lassie Dog!) near Orlando. They drove from New York in international Pick-up (6 passengers) & we from Miami in cruiser. We all drove to Clearwater--Mary's friend's empty house.

Jan. 6 Fri:--Left Clearwater for Sarasota. Kids witnessed all week in Sarasota, Bradenton & Tampa, & I taught them in spare time.--Parked in yard of friends who have private school.--Use of whole cottage!--Harmons'.

Jan. 11 Wed--ARRIVED MIAMI: With whole gang, Cruiser, Rambler, & Pickup: Mom, Mary, Paul, Ho, Faith, Artie, Sara, Eddie & Phil! Parked at Myrick Trailer Park across from Marvin Doudna's Trailer Park, 1 month rent.

Jan. 22 Sun: Visited Hiers & Harveys in MIAMI & had services. Farewelled me at Airport for Louisville TV Trip.

JAN MEMO: Arrived Miami in Cruiser with Jon & Faith alone. Mom & others joined us in Fla. from NY. Drove & taught kids while they witnessed. Parked in Miami & flew on TV Trip to Louisville, etc. Saw Jean De Lautre. Cruiser parked at Myrick Trailer Park near Marvin Doudna. Visited Pam & Richard.
+ + + + + + +

Feb. 5 Sun--MIAMI--Flew on TV trip to Indianapolis. Cruiser still parked at Myrick Trailer Park, Miami. Flew Indianapolis-St. Louis-Atlanta-Miami.--No TV stations.

Feb. 8 Wed--I think this is the date the Swarthouts arrived at TSC to stay & help Bob. Dave Booth out of Hospital & on trip to California.

Feb. 15 Wed--Left Miami, Myrick Trailer Park, with Cruiser, Rambler, Mom & kids. Mary gone with Truck to New York. Took Claudia (Lydia) with us. (Fled with her 10:36 dad & uncle pursuing us!) Arnie (Josh) here too. Faith happy!

Feb. 16 Thurs: Full Gospel Business Men's convention at Cocoa, Fla.--Kids sang & testified.

Feb. 17 Fri--COCOA, FLA.--FGBM Convention.

Feb. 18 Sat--(My 48th Birthday!) COCOA, FLA.--FGBM Convention. (Lydia's dad & uncle came but never found us! TTL!)

Feb. 19 Sun: Kids had services in Cocoa--Eau Gallie.--Melbourne.

Feb. 20 Mon: Drove Teen Team to DAYTONA, FLA.--Parked Cruiser at (Eve's) Aunt Medora's. She was gone, so had house to ourselves & spent a week there.

Feb. 24 Fri: Faith & Arnie (Josh) got blood-test for marriage. DAYTONA.

Feb. 25 Sat--DAYTONA: Faith & Arnie got Marriage License. Drove Cruiser, Ho, Paul (Aaron), Sara, Claudia & Artie on to ORLANDO, while Mom, Faith, Arnie & Eddie stayed to pack up in Daytona with the Rambler.

Feb. 26 Sun: Teen Team had services--ORLANDO, FLA.--Paul, Ho, Sara, Claudia & Artie. I got put out of Orlando Assembly & arrested Sunday nite for correcting visiting speaker about pre-Trib Rapture! Cops nice--no jail.

Feb. 27 Mon--ORLANDO: Staying at Darrell Brewer's Ranch. Mom & rest joined us.

Feb. 28 Tue--ORLANDO, FLA: Brewer's Ranch. MARRIED ARNIE & FAITH & ORDAINED Arnie, Artie, Eddie, Paul, Jonathan, & Faith, in Brewer's home. On Year's Trip: TSC-NY-Miami-TSC with Teen Team.

FEB. MEMO: TV trip to Indianapolis--St. Louis--Atlanta--flew. Left Cruiser, Mom & Team at Trailer Park Miami. Left Miami--2/15--FGBM Convention in Cocoa. Kids had meetings in Daytona & Or lando. FAITH & ARNIE MARRIED! All boys & Faith ordained! (Arnie, Artie, Paul, Jonathan & Eddie)--To help the 1st 4 escape draft for Vietnam War. They are ministers in fulltime service--evangelism. Wrote letters to all their Draft Boards sending Ordination Certificates, & register for deferments. Only Artie & Ho's draft boards agreed. Arnie & Paul's wouldn't accept because no denomination & "only evangelists"--Huh!--It's a wicked world!--Getting worse!
+ + + + + + +

Mar. 1 Wed: Took Teen Team to LAKE WALES PASSION PLAY.

Mar. 2 Thurs: Took Teen Team to CYPRESS GARDENS.

Mar. 8 Wed--CLEARWATER--At "Agape" folks' spare house. FAITH, ARNIE & EDDIE leave for New York City in Cadillac drive-away. I'm working TV in Tampa Area.

Mar. 12 Sun--TAMPA--Spent weekend at Harry & Lois's.--Parked in their backyard.

Mar. 14 Tues--Left TAMPA: Cruiser, rambler & Team (Now only Mom, Paul, Ho, Artie, Claudia, & Sara.)

Mar. 15 Wed: Took Team to see SILVER SPRINGS, FLA.

Mar. 17 Fri--ST. AUGUSTINE--With Cruiser, Rambler & Teen Team headed North.

Mar. 18 sat--Parked at Trinity Baptist Church (Rev. Frey's) JACKSONVILLE, FLA. Kids helped in services Sat.--Sun.--Mon. & through Weds.

Mar. 23 Thurs--LEFT JACKSONVILLE with Teen Team for Tallahassee. Kids sang at Berea Baptist Church Thursday nite, met Gunns.

Mar. 24 Fri--TALLAHASSEE--Kids sang at Berea Baptist Church. Last Nite.--Parked there. Moved out to Gunns' today. Taught Bible Prophecy. (Mrs. Gunn was the Prophetess whom the Lord later showed I was the David of Ezek. 34 & 37.--ML #172:95.)

Mar. 25 Sat: Parked at Steve Gunns' near Tallahassee. Taught Gunns & folks Bible prophecy.--Jane, Paul, Jon & Claudia & Steve left for DAYTONA Campus Crusade Rally to witness on Beach.

Mar. 26 Sun--EASTER SERVICES IN PANAMA CITY, FLA. Have Artie & Sara in Cruiser. Jane & other kids at Daytona Rally on Beach. Artie spoke at Baptist Church, AM. Artie & Sara at Young People's, PM.

Mar. 27 Mon: Left Panama City with Artie & Sara in Cruiser for Pensacola. Working TV en route. Few stations.

Mar. 31 Fri: Moved into Liberty Baptist Church in PENSACOLA.--Has Bible School, Kids sang & testified (Artie & Sara.)

MARCH MEMO: LAKES WALES to Pensacola with Teen Team. Cypress Gardens, Clearwater.--Faith, Arnie & Eddie go to New York City. I'm still working TV--no stations. Visited Harry & Alice in Tampa. Silver Springs--St. Augustine--Jacksonville--Tallahassee--Panama City.
+ + + + + + +

Apr. 1 Sat--PENSACOLA--Artie & Sara took Baptist kids witnessing at Beach.

Apr. 2 Sun: PENSACOLA--Liberty Baptist Church.--Jane & Daytona team came in & kids had services.

Apr. 3 Mon: PENSACOLA--Bought Florida license for Cruiser & Rambler (Texas Licenses expired--Cruiser only $25 here--$75 in Texas!)

Apr. 4 Tues: ALABAMA: Visited friends on farm across the River from Pensacola.--Met at Liberty Baptist Church in Pensacola. Taught Bible Prophecy.

Apr. 5 Wed--MOBILE: Took Team to see U.S.S. Alabama.

Apr. 7 Fri--BILOXI: Steve (Mrs. Gunn's son who'd joined us) cut his arm on drain pipe at Beach & had to take him to Hospital for 1st Aid. Kids had good swim.

Apr. 9 Sun--NEW ORLEANS--Teen Team services at small Baptist Church.

Apr. 10 Mon--NEW ORLEANS: Worked on Income Tax Report & mailed.

Apr. 12 Wed--New Orleans: Team had service at Big First Baptist Church of New Orleans.

Apr. 13 Thurs: Team had Assembly at big New Orleans First Baptist Church Day School (Hi-school). Got mail & notice from Fred Jordan. I'm FIRED as of now! Arnie & Faith still in New York City. Left New Orleans.

Apr. 14 Fri--Arrived PALESTINE, TEXAS at Gary's home (another Disciple). Had Bible study with his folks. His mom got mad.

Apr. 15 Sat--Left Palestine about 2 am.--Had to leave Ho & Steve behind with Steve's trailer--burned-out bearing.

Apr. 16 Sun: Arrived LAWTON, OKLAHOMA.--Trinity Baptist Church just in time for kids to sing at Sun. evening service.

Apr. 17 Mon--LAWTON, OKLAHOMA: Parked at Trinity Baptist Church, kids to help Gary in meeting. Parents objected to our music, so kids only testified tonite. That stirred teens even more!--Some wept.

Apr. 18 Tues--LAWTON, OKLA.--Gary cancelled kids' part in school meeting, had pastor notify us to leave. Said parents so mad at stirring up their teenagers! PTL!--Parked & had Service at Assembly that night.

Apr. 19 Wed--LAWTON, OKLA. TO FT. WORTH, TEXAS.--Drove Cruiser, Rambler & Teen Team (Paul, Ho, Sara, Claudia, Artie & Steve with his car--& Mom & me). Parked at Leonard's (Department Store parking lot) to shop.

Apr. 20 Thurs--FT. WORTH AT LEONARD'S: Almost end of year's trip from TSC to New York to Miami & back!--Begun last July, 1966 with Mom, Paul, Ho, Faith & Arnie. Picked up Sara & Artie in New York & Claudia in Miami.

Apr. 21 Fri: Went back to PALESTINE in Steve's car with Steve & Ho for Steve's trailer. Had to buy new trailer bearing. Spent night in it & drove back to Ft. Worth next day.

Apr. 22 Sat: Parked at Baker's Church (Baptist) Ft. Worth.

Apr. 23 Sun: Services at Baker's Church with Teen Team.

Apr. 24 Mon: FT. WORTH: Still at Baker's, kids had service at Hi-school. Received April 15 pay check from American Soul Clinic.--Fred said it's the last one.

Apr. 25 Tues: Still in Ft. Worth.--Parked now at Leonard's--shopping en route to TSC.

Apr. 26 Wed--Ft. Worth.--LEONARD'S: Shopping & kids having services before leaving for TSC.

Apr. 27 Thurs--Ft. Worth: Found out Dave Booth left Ranch & is at Krouses'. Had discussion there with him tonight. He's leaving for Mexico. His arm still useless from shot-away bone below right shoulder.

Apr. 28 Fri--FT. WORTH--LEONARD'S: Shopped & left for TSC. Mom & kids stayed behind for service.

Apr. 29 Sat--TSC! Home at last! With Cruiser, Rambler, Mom, Paul, Jonathan, Sara, Artie, Claudia & Steve.

APRIL MEMO--PENSACOLA TO TSC!: Mobile-Biloxi-New Orleans.--News I'm fired after 13 years with American soul Clinic! (Since 1955!)--Just got few TV stations for 6 months!--Because Fred didn't go color soon enough! Palestine--Lawton--Ft. Worth. Well, it's a relief to be free of Fred, American Soul Clinic & TV! Hallelujah!--Now can give full time to working with the Teen Team! No salary now, but God never fails! PTL!
+ + + + + + +

May 1 Mon--TSC: I believe this was the day Mom & kids drove in to Dallas to pick up Faith, who flew in from New York City for visit to TSC.--She was homesick & worn out.

May 8 Mon--TSC: Eve, Steve, Artie, Claudia & Faith left for NYC to get Mary & Arnie.

May 31 Wed: This AM--PEARL MILLER & Parents left for Port Arthur, Texas.--She was 17 when first we met in Pt..Arthur in Evangelistic Meeting there at her folks' Alliance Church with Mom--20 years ago!--Just after I'd married Eve & had Deborah--1946?--She's still pretty, but very delicate, her folks baby & spoil her so--health & diet addicts! They're Pentecostal now, & Pearl has just divorced her 2nd husband!--Too spoiled.--She has just had an operation for a tumor, & is recuperating--looking for another school music-teacher job, but wants to serve the Lord. She & her mom still sing & her dad preaches--all evangelising this Summer. She still loves me.--Washed my feet (alone in Cruiser) at Waco! Sorted junk in garage & fixed water line on campside. Hot enough to go nude today! Paul, Jonathan & Sara went to church.

MAY MEMO--TSC: Eve & kids took trip to New York City after Faith flew down for a week from there. Paul, Jon, Bob, Sara & I at home. Taught & almost completed Prophecy tapes. Swarthouts here. Millers visited. Burned all old papers & packed Cruiser to leave.
+ + + + + + +

June 4 Sun--TSC: LINDA (DEB) ARRIVES FROM LOS ANGELES with Little Joy (3) & John Jr. (2) (She came on bus to Mineral Wells with Dot. Howell.) for vacation here at home on the Ranch. Jeth (her husband since 1963) is coming for his two weeks later.

June 5 Mon--ISRAEL & EGYPT DECLARE WAR! Spent a good deal of this week watching it on TV at the Ranch, & UN sessions over it. Israel began with surprise air strike.

June 6 Tues: Israeli planes destroyed most of Arab planes on the ground--wiped out Arab Airforce!--100's of planes!--This really won the war. Sinai tank war followed, Arabs were routed.

June 9 Fri: Israel is licking the Arabs! Israel is being denounced at UN. We're watching it on TV at TSC Ranch in Texas.

June 10 Sat: Israel has driven Egyptians out of Sinai, Jordanians out of Israel, re-captured JERUSALEM, General Moshe Dayan gives thanks at Wailing Wall! Driving Syrians off East Bank of Jordan. ISRAEL WINS!!

June 11 Sun--Israel still being denounced in UN.

June 12 Mon--TSC: MARY, ARNIE, FAITH & EDNA Poole arrived this week from NY. I think maybe it was yesterday, Sun., because kids all went out to Church that night, & Mary & I had nice visit. (Fucked!)

June 18 Sun: LINDA spent this weekend with the Teen Team in Dallas & was thrilled with their work! Eve & I argued about taking the Cruiser in. I won, we didn't take it. Linda mad, but got over it. It was of the Lord, so she could be alone with Teen Team & see them work!

June 21 Wed--TSC--PAUL'S 20th BIRTHDAY! Eve, Linda, Paul, Jonathan, Faith, Arnie, Artie, Claudia, Sara, Pat, Mary & Bob all here for party. Girls made cake.

June 23 Fri: Worked on Volkswagon--Arnie's--given him by Mary Ulm in New York. Drove Cruiser into Dallas Love Field so Linda & kids (Joy & Jr.) could catch 7 AM plane to meet Jeth in Huntsville, Alabama.--Retired 5 AM.

June 24 Sat--DALLAS: Linda rose at 5 AM to see about plane. Decided to catch 9 AM. I slept exhausted till 10 AM (sick with sore neck) & Linda was gone. Paul, Jon, Faith & Mom saw her off. Loved Mom in the wee hours. Cleaned house (Cruiser) while Eve phoned for bookings for kids. Wrenched my neck!--NEARLY DIED!--Spanking for coming to town against God's will, repented, started home, stopped to shop at Leonard's, Ft. Worth. Parked there for the night. Hot as Hades! Arnie & the rest came.

June 25 Sun--FT. WORTH: Drove kids (Paul, Pat, Sara, Claudia) & Mom to Nazarene Church for "Minstrels" concert. Arnie, Faith, Jon & Edna Poole stayed at Emma Jo Krouse's. Kids sang for "Minstrels" from Pasadena. Scattered to 3 churches Sunday night--Sara, Claudia, Edna Poole & I heard "Sons of Thunder" at Evangel Life Temple. Great music! Lunched with Pastor Brown after, & his family & friends. Eve & others met us there (drive-in). Parked at Leonard's store lot for night.

June 26 Mon--FT. WORTH: Shopped at Leonard's store. Most of kids (Faith, Arnie, Paul, Jon, Pat & Claudia) stayed at Brown's trailer.

June 27 Tues: Sold Brown our Ditto mimeo for $25 (not paid) & bought RONEO MIMEO with Jon at Type Supply.--Even printing pics! Drove home to TSC with Edna & Sara. Others stayed for a service at Brown's.

June 28 Wed--TSC: Still getting packed to leave for California with Teen Team.

JUNE MEMO--TSC: Linda, Joy & John Jr. visit on Ranch.--Israeli-Egyptian 6-Day War! Israel wins! PTL! (Ha!) Taught "Israel in Prophecy". Shopping trip to Dallas & Ft. Worth, Teen Team witnessing. Still packing for California. Linda flew to Huntsville, Alabama, got Jeth & his Mom & drove back to Ranch for another visit.--Jeth's vacation. We bought new RONEO MIMEO--even prints pictures! Printed our own "Warning" Tracts etc.
+ + + + + + +

Jul. 2 Sun: Afternoon: Drove Cruiser, Mom, Paul, Jon & Faith into WEATHERFORD for Sunday night service.

Jul. 3 Mon--WEATHERFORD, TEXAS: Parked at famous "Farmer's Market Day Sale".--Kids witnessed. HOT! Artie, Claudia, Sara & Pat joined us from TSC in Rambler. Drove in & parked at Graham's, Ft. Worth.

Jul. 4 Tues--FT. WORTH: Kids swam at Lake Worth. Parked Cruiser behind Mrs. Graham's "Soul's Harbour Church". Drove home to TSC in Rambler with Faith, Sara, Artie & Claudia. Mom, Paul & Jon stayed in Ft. Worth.

Jul. 5 Weds--TSC: Arnie & Faith took Rambler back to Mom & boys in Ft. Worth, to hold services, & pick up Jeth & Linda at Dallas Airport from Huntsville. But they drove in at TSC with Jeth's Mom this afternoon!

Jul. 6 Thurs--TSC: Jeth, Linda, Joy (3), John Jr. (2) & Jeth's Mom at Ranch while Mom, boys, Arnie & Faith in Ft. Worth. Having good Bible Prophecy Studies on Israel etc.--Taping.

Jul. 7 Fri--JETH'S BIRTHDAY on TSC RANCH. Mom & others finally found out they were here & drove in from Ft. Worth in Rambler. Left Cruiser in Ft. Worth at Mrs. Graham's. Finished fixing Volkswagon.

Jul. 8 Sat--TSC: Jeth, Linda & their kids & his Mom left early Sun. or Mon. AM for California.

Jul. 9 Sun--WEATHERFORD "CRUSADE" BEGAN.--Drove in from TSC in Rambler with Mom & kids for nite service. Went on in Cruiser to stay in Ft. Worth afterwards.

Jul. 10 Mon: Visited with Sister Graham in Cruiser in Ft. Worth before leaving for Weatherford Crusade Meeting that night again--in Cruiser. Scorching hot! Drove Cruiser home with Faith. Left Mom & boys.

Jul. 11 Tues--TSC: Parked Cruiser in my hideaway spot so I can write, after re-loading & moving back in. Big mistake to have ever taken it in to Ft. Worth. (Mom's idea!)

Jul. 12 Wed--TSC IN CRUISER: Still packing & getting ready to go to California with Teen Team.

Jul. 13 Thurs--TSC: Mom & kids attending Weatherford Crusade every night--driving in with Rambler, & home at night.

Jul. 14 Fri--MOM & KIDS ARRESTED IN WEATHERFORD & taken to Police Station by Chief for witnessing at Crusade! PTL!

Jul. 15 Sat--TSC: MOM & KIDS RELATED ARREST!--Then we phoned Evangelist James Robison & told him they were forbidden to return to Crusade. He said "Sorry"--ha!--Churches mad!--6-hour session!

Jul. 16 Sun--TSC: 3-hour session finishing "WARNING" Tract on tape with Jean Dixon's prophecies, etc.--Final tape for Bible Prophecy Library. Conference with Faith & Arnie regarding California trip. Phoned Grandma: "No". (Faith & Arnie won't come.)

Jul. 17 Mon--TSC: Kids packing to leave for California. Paul fixing fences for pigs. Jon sorting tapes & lit. Faith & Arnie moving into big bedroom at house. RAINED ALL NIGHT!

Jul. 18 Tues--TSC: Nice & COOL!--From good rain! Pulled Cruiser over to Hideaway again, after re-packing books, etc.

Jul. 19 Wed--TSC: Having work days all day to get Ranch ready so we can leave for California.

Jul. 20 Thurs--TSC: Having "Bible in Pictures" every night, with tapes made in Miami Beach Hotel 5 years ago! Good! Interesting comments by kids when younger. Kids enjoy'm!

Jul. 21 Fri--TSC: Cruiser in Hideaway Spot.--Worked alone all day on Antennas & other odd jobs--getting ready for trip to California. Took a nude dip in lake.--So HOT! No cooler!

Jul. 22 Sat--TSC: Conference with Arnie & Faith re: California. They're willing to go. Arnie to be drafted Aug. 28. Worked on old Card files. Mom & all kids but Arnie, Faith, Jon & me drove the Volkswagon to Mineral Wells.

Jul. 23 Sun--TSC: In Cruiser alone at Hideaway spot. Caught up in Diary for past 2 months! Faith cleaning apartment for Mary & Mark's coming. Arnie's studying & Jon's still sorting. Bob Wright still cooking. (GBH!)

Jul. 24 Mon--TSC: Had big fuss with Eve in Cruiser Spot, (she came home from Mineral Wells late last night, but stayed at house--left Pat & Sara there.) Doesn't like my nudity in this heat! Studied subject in Bible all afternoon. Bible pics every night.

Jul. 25 Tues--TSC: Loved Eve & made up. We read her Great-grandfather Howard Miller's poems all AM. His father & grandfather were pioneers of Louisville, Kentucky in 1790's before it was a State! Eve took kids back to Mineral Wells. I was left alone.

Jul. 26 Wed--TSC: Alone in Cruiser Spot. Jon & Claudia came home last night from Mineral Wells in Volkswagon. Worked all day on Jeane Dixon tract. MARY & MARK arrived from New York with truck, trailer & Studebaker. They went to Mineral Wells to see Sara.

Jul. 27 Thurs--TSC: Alone in Cruiser at Hideaway Spot. Cleaned up spot. Cooler. Eve still in Ft. Worth at Revival Temple Conference. Eve & kids came home late tonight.

July 28 Fri--TSC: Loved Eve in Cruiser hideaway. Discussed Irving Booth's (Virginia's husband Mel's younger brother & my former playmate, now a leader of Christian Business Men) invitation to come to Wisconsin to witness at 6 Fairs during August (for Christian Business Men's Conference).

Jul. 29 Sat--TSC: Decided to take Team to Wisconsin in Cruiser--then backed out when found it is not 900 but 1400 miles!--Almost gave up Wisconsin entirely!

Jul. 30 Sun--TSC: Had 6-hour prayer session with whole group (Me, Mom, Mary, Mark, Paul, Jonathan, Faith, Arnie, Artie, Claudia, Pat, Bob & Sara) to decide: California or Wisconsin or both? Decided to send Jon, Arnie, Faith & Pat to Wisconsin.

July 31 Mon--TSC: Jonathan, Arnie, Faith, Pat & Mary left by Mary's International pickup truck (6 passenger) for Chicago & Eagle River, Wisconsin to work with Irving Booth (Mel's brother) at 6 County Fairs. PTL!

JULY MEMO--TSC: Mom, Kids & Cruiser in Ft. Worth & Weatherford witnessing. Jeth, Linda & Jeth's Mom visit Ranch. Finished teaching Bible Prophecy Tapes at TSC. Weatherford Crusade arrest! Hot! Packing for California & teaching daily. Mary & Mark arrive from New York. Jon, Arnie, Faith, Pat & Mary leave for Wisconsin.
+ + + + + + +

Aug. 1 Tues--TSC: Jon, Arnie, Faith, Pat & Mary arrived safely at Rudy's, Chicago, 4 PM. Mary stayed there to catch plane to New York City while they went on at 12 AM to Eagle River, Wisconsin.

Aug. 2 Wed--TSC: Jonathan, Arnie, Faith & Pat arrived safely in Eagle River, Wisconsin to witness at Fairs with Irving Booth. PTL! We're packing to leave for California. Miss kids terribly!

Aug. 3 Thurs--TSC: Jonathan, Arnie, Faith & Pat working in Eagle River, Wisconsin with Irving Booth, witnessing at 6 Fairs. Packed up & moved Jon's remaining things from his cabin. Miss him.

Aug. 4 Fri--TSC: Worked on Volkswagon hitch. Hope to tow it behind Cruiser to California. Eve & kids left for Dallas Conference. Bob & Mark here. Finished "Predictions" (Jeane Dixon) tract. Watched TV 2 AM. Riots over temporarily in Detroit, Newark & Milwaukee.--3 AM.

Aug. 5 Sat--TSC: Alone on the Ranch with Bob & Mark. Eve & kids at Dallas Conference. Bob cooking. Mark helped me with Volkswagon hitch. Discussed Dixon tract. Both of us are afraid it will cause trouble. Moved to Cruiser spot. Tried to fix clock. Cloudy & not so hot. Steak. TV.--11 PM.

Aug. 6 Sun--TSC: Alone in Cruiser Spot. Eve & kids at Lindsay Conference, Dallas. Only Bob & Mark here. Took a nature walk, run & exercise. (Nude--so hot!) Checked new tract on Jeane Dixon & caught up in Diary. TV news & dinner by Bob at house. Bed--4 AM.

Aug. 7 Mon--Alone in Hideaway Spot! Up 10 AM--TSC: Nature walk nude--so hot! Helped Mark fix pump valve & showered. Cereal 1 PM. Cards to kids in Wisconsin, Linda & Mom (in Dallas) & Hjal in California. Continued work on Diary, dear Diary! Wired up drain pipe. Dipped. TV news. Hash. Eve & kids came home. Loved Eve. Bed 4 AM.

Aug. 8 Tues--TSC: Up at 10 AM. Hideaway spot. Let Eve sleep at house after loving, but I slept alone over here.--Too noisy over there. Took AM nature exercise. Cereal. Saw Bob Harrington, "Chaplain of Bourbon Street", on TV--2 PM. Discussed "Predictions" tract & made tapes for Jon in Wisconsin & Jeth & Linda in California. Ham on toast. Bible pics. TV movie on Israel. Discussed leaving for Calif. till 1 AM. Bed at house. 2 AM.

Aug. 9 Wed--TSC: Up 9 AM. Breakfast at house. Worked with Artie on cars. Walked over to hideaway, exercised, showered, worked on Diaries, wrote cards, rested. Artie & Claudia took Rambler to Mineral Wells to get parts & hold meetings. They're engaged. TV news; Governor Kirk of Fla. challenged negro Militant Rap Brown. Jews control Jerusalem still, & (U.S.) progress in Vietnam.

Aug. 10 Thurs--TSC: GRANDMA ARRIVED! Up 9 AM at house--bawled kids out for intruding. Discussed plans. Cooler today. Walked over to Hideaway & nature exercised, showered, kissed Sara in washhouse (made love!)--She's so sweet & good to me. Worked on Diaries. Doris Tyner brought news Grandmother arrived by bus in Ranger. Dressed & drove Eve in Volkswagon to dinner with Mother at El Rancho. Visited till 12 PM. Cool!--Drove home--20 minutes. Bed at house. Loved till 2 AM.

Aug. 11 Fri--TSC: Cool! PTL! Loved Eve. Up 10 AM at house.--Worked with Paul on his stencils for his letter, re: Weatherford arrest, till 4. Paul & Mom drove to phone after goat-burger dinner & TV News. Took nature exercise this afternoon. Dip. Mark & Sara went to have dinner with Grandma in Ranger. Mark & Bob had breakfast with her this AM. Found cows tonight. Beautiful evening! Cool! Helped Paul print letter. Bed with Eve in Cruiser.--1 AM.

Aug. 12 Sat--TSC: Alone in Hideaway spot. Cool today! Up 11 AM. Exercised, showered, cheese sandwich & chocolate milk. Eve & Paul took Volkswagon to get Mother in Ranger, but she's waiting till Sun., so they left with Sara for Ft. Worth. Bob Pierce Meeting in Volkswagon. Art & Claud still in Mineral Wells. TV News at 5:30. Escalated bombing of N.Vietnam's supply lines. Macaroni with Bob & Mark. Read & updated old diaries (1933) until midnight. So cold I had to use electric blanket--60's! (F., 15-20 degrees C.) Alone.

Aug. 13 Sun--Alone in Hideaway Spot TSC: Up 8:30. Drove Mark's car to get Grandma in Ranger. Ham & Cakes. Drove her & boys home to Ranch & watched Martin Luther King, Negro leader o TV--very clever speaker. Advocates "civil disobedience"--non-violent lawbreaking!--Protest for rights. Artie & Claud came home with Floyds & Mrs. Garrett & 8 teenage kids! Had meeting & prophecies. Artie testified. Bed 11.

Aug. 14 Mon--TSC: Hideaway alone. Sick last nite. Heart & pain in rectum. Too much coffee? Or pants too tight? I've gained weight here.--150! (68 Kilos) Got a little pot belly. First time in my life. Pants don't fit. Talks with Art & Claudia & Emma Jo, who came for Grandmother, but she wouldn't go. Letter to Jeth & Linda. Wrote Jon in Wisconsin.

Aug. 15 Tues--TSC: Better. Hideaway alone.--Mother came over (Grandmother) with Mark for conference re: Plans. Paul came home at 12 for 1 pm Draft Board Meeting. I wrote letter to Board all afternoon requesting Paul's deferment as a minister. Missed news. Duck soup. Eve came in from Ft. Worth with George Music, hick preacher in trailer. Bible pics. Songfest. Walked home with Eve. Bed 12. Waited all nite for Eve to make up with me, but she slept. I slept 6-7 AM. Still mad.

Aug. 16 Wed--TSC: Feeling fine, now! PTL! (Stands for Praise the Lord!) Hideaway with Eve. Still mad at her for staying away so long. Grandmother missed bus to Ft. Worth, stayed with Pastor in Strawn till Eve picked her up at 4-5. Made up & loved Eve. Heard Maury Safer's trip to China on radio as I corrected Eve's letter about Faith. Exercised. Cereal. TV news: Martin Luther King still advocating "civil disobedience" of Negroes. Bible Pics with kids.--Made new tape on end of O.T. (Old Testament). Kids had cook-out. Bed 12.

Aug. 17 Thurs--TSC: Art & Claudia took 8 kids back to Min. Wells. Conference with Grandmother re: Plans. She, Eve, Mark & Sara then went to Ft. Worth to shop. I worked on TV all afternoon--fixed tuner etc. TV News: Bob Kennedy & Fulbright & Morse etc. still condemning Vietnam War. Johnson's popularity at all-time low. Watched special on '68 election.--Nixon still leads Republicans, Reagan 2nd, Romney 3rd, etc. Eve & Folks came home from Ft. Worth about midnite. I took nature walk home alone. Bed 1 AM--Loved Eve.

Aug. 18 Fri--TSC: Hideaway spot. Artie & Claudia came home from Min. Wells. Kinda tired this AM. Too much love? Eve sick with cold. Told Grandmother maybe we better go on account of Hurricanes on Gulf Coast. Kids went to sing at Methodist Church in country for Strawn Pastor. Watched TV with Mom, Bob & Mark till 12 & conferred with Mom. Moonlight nature exercise. Kids returned 1 AM--Bed 2 AM.

Aug. 19 Sat--TSC: Up 9:30--Conferred with Eve re: Plans. Bob brought over French toast. Installed CB Radio in Mark's car & helped Mark & Art put new tail pipe on Rambler. GAS MAN (Dempsey) brought gas for Mark & Cruiser. (Health) Cereal (whole wheat toast, shredded wheat, nuts, banana, wheat germ, milk, raw egg, yeast, honey, etc.!)

Aug. 20 Sun--TSC: THE GREAT PRAYER MEETING WITH GRANDMOTHER! In living room with all: Eve & I, Mom, Paul, Sara, Mary, Mark, Bob Wright, Artie & Claudia. God directed us to go North to Wisconsin to help Jon & Team immediately! "He hath discovered himself to the Philistines, & Hebrews have come out of their holes & are challenging his doctrine: Who art thou?"--etc. Wonderful! Krouses were also there. Many prophecies!

Aug. 21 Mon--TSC: Packed to leave for WISCONSIN.--Mom (Grandmother), Eve & I, Paul, Sara, Artie & Claudia. Artie & Claudia drove Rambler into Min. Wells to tell folks there goodbye, while we wound things up at TSC.

Aug. 22 Tues: SAID GOODBYES, LEFT TSC FOR WISCONSIN--Late evening. Stopped in Mineral Wells for Artie & Claudia. Had to leave Rambler there--Transmission trouble. Repacked, visited & prayed with Mrs. Garrett & Floyds & left, all in Cruiser. Stopped at truck stop.

Aug. 23 Wed--DENTON, TEXAS-SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI. LONG drive, but made good time, PTL! Passed Oral Roberts Univ. & T.L. Osborne's HQ, but God had said not to turn right or left, so didn't stop till too tired at Truck stop.--Bed 2 AM.

Aug. 24 Thurs--SPRINGFIELD, MISSOURI--LITCHFIELD, ILL. Mary & Ted met us at Truck Stop near Springfield, & we had long visit. They were en route NY-TSC. Left late in afternoon.

Aug. 25 Fri--LITCHFIELD, ILLINOIS TO WISCONSIN DELLS, WISCONSIN: Mom (Grandmother) was going to get off at Chicago to go to Pittsburgh, but after prayer went on with us to Saxton.--Parked at truck stop.

Aug. 26 Sat--Drove from near WISCONSIN DELLS TO SAXTON, WISCONSIN. Grandmother had breakfast at Truck stop where we parked. Then we drove in to Saxton, arrived at Fair at dark. Great to see Jon, Faith, Arnie & Pat! Parked at Camp in lronwood--5 miles.

Aug. 27 Sun--LAST DAY OF SAXTON WISCONSIN FAIR! Grandmother, Eve, I, Arnie & Faith spent afternoon together at Camp with Irving & his wife, who came to visit, while others worked at Fair. All of us staying at Camp.

Aug. 28 Mon--RAINY DAY AT IRONWOOD CAMP. Prayer with Arnie, Faith & Mom (Grandmother) about his draft. Kids went to some meeting that night.

Aug. 29 Tues--DROVE FROM IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN TO EAGLE RIVER, WISCONSIN. Jon & Artie & Pat left camp early to prepare for Fair in Marshfield. We followed with Grandmother, Eve & I, Paul, Sara, Faith & Arnie. Parked at Irving's Northside plant.

Aug. 30 Wed--EAGLE RIVER.--Had prayer with Melvin & dinner with Irving & wives & kids (after visiting his plants) & meeting with both & all Teams at Irving's. Kids sang, testified & I gave "Warning". Parked at Irving's.

Aug. 31 Thurs--EAGLE RIVER TO MARSHFIELD, WISCONSIN.--FAIR--1 ST DAY! Jon, Faith, Arnie & Pat left early for Fair. Grandmother, Eve & I, Paul, Sara, Claudia & Artie drove down from Eagle River today after much prayer to join Jon, Faith, Arnie & Pat at Fair. Parked on fairgrounds behind CBMC (Christian Business Men's Conference) Booth.

AUGUST MEMO: Jon, Faith Arnie & Pat go to Wisconsin Fairs. Finished (Jeane Dixon) "Predictions" tract at TSC. Grandmother arrives in Ranger! Paul's Draft Board. Grandmother, Eve, I, Paul, Sara, Artie & Claudia go to Wisconsin to help Jon.
+ + + + + + +

Sep. 1 Fri--MARSHFIELD, WISCONSIN, FAIR: Moved grandmother to Hotel!--lovely with bath--only $3.50 a day! She took it for the week, keeps Claudia down there all day to help with her mail.



Sep. 6 Wed--MARSHFIELD, WISCONSIN.--FAIR--LAST DAY! Irving came down to bawl kids out for passing out "Predictions" at CBMC Booth. Left check for $125 for 5 weeks work! ($25 a week for a team of 12!)--PTL! God will repay! And He did--through others!

Sep. 7 Thurs--MARSHFIELD, WISCONSIN.--BIG PRAYER MEETING ON FAIRGROUNDS with all.--God said, "Divide!", & He'd call us to a land not our own (Canada!) by ways of scenes of Grandmother's Childhood, to Albany to fight Arnie's case like Esther! So we pack to leave & park behind Mom's Hotel. There Paul told us of his love for Sara & that she should go with us & not to Texas. Grandmother OK'd.

Sep. 8 Fri--MARSHFIELD, WISCONSIN.--FAIRGROUNDS: Big prayer meeting with all: Us, Mom, Paul, Sara, Faith, Arnie, Jon, Artie & Claudia & Pat yesterday. Today they left for Texas (State Fair): Jon, Artie, Claudia & Pat. We left for Montreal. Parked at truck stop.

Sep. 9 Sat--SHAWANO, WISCONSIN TO ST. IGNACE, MICHIGAN: Beautiful trip! Gorgeous scenery around northernmost Coast of Lake Michigan, past scenes of Grandmother's childhood, Mackinac Island. Parked on hill at Pancake House.

Sep. 10 Sun--DROVE ALL DAY ACROSS ONTARIO, CANADA! St. Ignace, Michigan to Mattawa, Ontario! Breakfast at Pancake House with Mom. Then drove all day--about 400 miles! Stopped at Little Hotel for Grandmother. Parked out front. COLD!
Sep. 11 Mon--MATTAWA--ONTARIO TO MONTREAL--EXPO '67! Sears--cashed cheque for expenses. Drove on to Montreal. Arrived late at night, but Eve phoned Politis' & they invited us to park out front on curb. Sure glad! Dead tired from long drive. Bed 12.

Sep. 12 Tues--EXPO '67--MONTREAL--at Politis'. Left Paul, Sara, Arnie & Faith there & moved to lot across from Expo '67 near Subway. Great! Kids & Eve went in to see about working at "Sermons from Science"--OK! (Dr. Irwin Moon's Moody Bible Institute exhibit.)

Sep. 13 Wed--MONTREAL EXPO '67: Took Grandmother to Simpson's Store--downtown--to cash cheque. Took Grandmother to see Expo in wheel chair. Best pavilions: US, Russia, UN & Israel! Rode all over on Monorail & "Boulevard" Tram. "Christian" Pavilion terrible! Britain interesting.

Sep. 14 Thurs--MONTREAL EXPO '67: Still parked at lot across from Expo.--Very convenient. Kids just walk over to Subway ("Metro" here), then 5 min. ride to Fair. Lots of Campers here.

Sep. 15 Fri--MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA--EXPO '67: Kids still working at "Sermons From Science". Drove to Politis' to pick up their stuff to leave for New York City. That night--parked near Politis' in vacant lot.

Sep. 16 Sat--MONTREAL EXPO '67: Said goodbyes to Politises. Pastor gave us Allamena's address, Albany. Parked again at Expo. Paul & Sara got lost. Bus driver brought them home.

Sep. 17 Sun--MONTREAL TO ARRIVE IN ALABANY, NEW YORK. Passed customs OK. Started having loud engine knock, engine missing on way to Albany. Drove to Church (Allamenas). Brother Rossi (Janitor) was watering flowers. (God had said there'd be a sign: Talk to "Man with Pitcher" for meeting!) (See also No.1057:27-34.) Kids had the evening service while Grandmother, Eve & I discussed. Parked at Longos'.

Sep. 18 Mon--ALBANY, NY: Parked at Mom Longo's cottage. Beautiful!--And private!--All alone here--cottage vacant. Renters just moved out. Faith & Arnie at Rossi's. Sara at young Longos. Paul with us & Grandmother. Mrs. Longo took Grandmother to see Draftboard for Arnie. I studied draft laws at Library. Service.

Sep. 19-23 Tues--Sat--ALBANY, New York!

Sep. 24 Sun--ALBANY, New York. Grandmother & Arnie & Faith came back for services from New York City by bus.

Sep. 25-30 Mon-Sat: ALBANY, New York.

SEPT MEMO: MARSHFIELD, WISCONSIN. FAIR with Eve & I, Grandmother, Paul, Jonathan, Faith, Arnie, Artie, Claudia, Sara & Pat. JON, ARTIE, CLAUDIA & PAT GO TO TEXAS! EVE, I, GRANDMOTHER, PAUL, SARA, FAITH & ARNIE GO TO MONTREAL. MONTREAL WORLD FAIR--EXPO '67! Kids work at "Sermons From Science" 17-30. ALBANY, NY MEETING with Allamenas. Worked on Arnie's Draft case.
+ + + + + + +


Oct. 2 Mon--ALBANY, NEW YORK. Packing up.Danny Allamena decides to go with us.--His folks concerned about him. We installed his shortwave Ham radio sets, & left Albany. Stopped at Service Plaza on Turnpike.--Bed 5 AM.

Oct. 3 Tues--DROVE ON INTO NEW YORK CITY.--Parked at RIZZUTTI'S. (On curb outside their apartment windows--very convenient). Danny drove neighbours' TV's wild with his shortwave transmissions! She gave us nice Italian dinner.


Oct. 5 Thurs--NEW YORK CITY. RIZZUTTI'S: Arnie phoned that Draft Board refused to re-classify him from 1-A to Minister 4-D last night at Meeting. (Probably antichrists!) He & Faith stayed at his mother's.

Oct. 6 Fri--Shopped alone at Sears, Brooklyn. Went on Subway--2 hours from Rizzutti's! Then Times Square to eat steak--$1.29!--Tad's SteakHouse 42nd Street. (Kids at Full Gospel Business Men's Meeting--Statler Hotel, all day) Subway home to Rizzutti's.

Oct. 7 Sat--NEW YORK CITY: Raining all day at Rizzuttis'. I worked on engine, parts, timing & cleaned old plugs--bought wrong size at Sears yesterday! Drove out on Long island 50 miles to Copiaque Italian Church.--Parked in churchyard. Bed 5 AM.

Oct. 8 Sun--SERVICES at Italian Church, Copiaque, Long Island. Arnie preached AM--I, PM (Jeremaih). Allamenas & Seeburgs came down from Albany to see us & Danny. Offering of $40. Parked overnight in churchyard again. Bed 12.

Oct. 9 Mon--Drove from COPIAQUE, Long Island to New York City. Stopped to exchange plugs en route at branch of Sears. Parked at Rizzutti's again.

Oct. 10 Tues: Drove out to Lafayette Factory in Syosset, Long Island to exchange Danny's radio amp. Parked at Rizzutti's again.

Oct. 11 Wed--NEW YORK CITY TO TRENTON, NEW JERSEY. Faith had kids on Allan Burke TV show tonight, including Bob & Sally. We picked them up at Bob's apartment in downtown Manhattan & drove on to trailer park near Trenton. Bed 5 AM.

Oct. 12 Thurs--NEAR TRENTON, NEW JERSEY to WILLIAMSTON, NORTH CAROLINA. 400-mile drive!--But good time, steady. Stopped at small church to Park & got stuck in sand!--1st time! Folks at service pushed us out by hand. Bob & Paul testified. Drove on to Park.

Oct. 13 Fri--WILLIAMSTON, N.C. to (Bayview)--DAISY (Doxey) LITTLE'S, WASHINGTON, N.C. TO JACKSONVILLE, N.C. Arrived at Bayview about noon from Williamston, N.C. All had baths, & nice picnic dinner & meeting with Littles, friends & us. Then left 10 PM. Stopped, nice room upstairs for Grandmother in Jacksonville for $5.

Oct. 14 Sat--JACKSONVILLE, N.C. TO SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. Motel lady where Grandmother stayed gave us $50! Grandmother hitched ride to breakfast at Colonial Inn.--Ha! Grandmother stayed at cheap Motel ($3!) & we parked there.--Savannah.

Oct. 15 Sun--SAVANNAH, GA. TO ST. AUGUSTINE, FLA. Danny broke shower window in Grandmother's cabin--AM. Stopped at Station near St. Augustine to fix shock absorber & decided to stay there for night. Grandmother at Holiday Inn. Parked in back.

Oct. 16 Mon--ST. AUGUSTINE TO STUART, FLA: Breakfast & prayer with Grandmother at Holiday Inn. God said for us all to take a boat to the Bahama Islands! Drove to Stuart. Grandmother stayed at Motel while we parked at Aura Jones'. Grandmother mad. Bed 12.

Oct. 17 Tues--DROVE FROM STUART (where Grandmother stayed at Motel, we with Aura Jones) & ARRIVED IN WEST PALM BEACH--QUEEN'S INN. Visited with Aura & Dorothy (daughter). Grandmother stayed at Queen's Inn. Tonight we parked by curb at Queen's Inn, & had betrothal service for Paul & Sara. Bob Valenti very impatient. Grandmother got very much the same at Aura's today, because we delayed there.

Oct. 18 Wed--ARRIVED IN MIAMI BEACH FROM MONTREAL! Looked all day & evening for boats to Bahamas in W. Palm, Port Everglades & Miami. Visited Jeanette Apton at her hotel, Miami Beach. Grandmother stayed there. We parked at Bobby's, Sheridan Road, Miami Beach. Picked up Dianne--by Bob Valenti at Pier.

Oct. 19 Thurs--MIAMI BEACH: Bobby Apton's: Dianne left while we were having prayer meeting in Cruiser. Phoned Ship Lines to find best. Only S.S. Sunward (V.P.Crane) gave discount of 1/2 fare!--$40 each! Still a lot. Grandmother promised $120, Bob $50 & Dan's folks sent $125! PTL! Took Grandmother to SEARS. Ate at AL's. Phoned Jon (at Texas State Fair with Artie & Claudia & Pat). Bed 1 AM.

Oct. 20 Fri--LEFT MIAMI FOR NASSAU aboard S.S. Sunward--5 PM. Grandmother, Eve, Paul, Sara, Dan, Bob & Sally.
Oct. 21 Sat--ARRIVED NASSAU, BAHAMAS 7 AM aboard S.S. Sunward. Grandmother stayed at Prince George Hotel, Eve & I at "Charlotteville" guesthouse of Mr. Malone on Charlotte St. just off Bay. Sara & Sally stayed at Ma Sand's, boys (Paul, Bob & Dan) went to Street Meeting & went home with Negro Brother Johnson.

Oct. 22-25 Sun-Wed: Meetings in NASSAU!

Oct. 26 Thurs--NASSAU BAHAMAS: Boarded S.S. Sunward for MIAMI: (Paul & Sara spent 1st night together on boat). Nice staterooms again--Mom, Eve & I, Paul & Sara, Bob & Dan. Sally stayed with Pete Koeshell's in Nassau. Good dinner aboard. Nobody sick this time. Smooth sailing.

Oct. 27 Fri--ARRIVED MIAMI FROM NASSAU ABOARD S.S.SUNWARD: 7 AM. Bob & Paul preached in lobby. Loaded Cruiser. Drove to Biscayne Park. Got mail at P.O. Drove to SEARS. Had Bob & Sally's "Love Children" article reprinted--5,000 copies. Marvin Doudna picked up kids there & took them home. Eve & I met Grandmother at Haases. Visited, ate & drove her to Biscayne Terrace Hotel. Parked in their lot. Visited with Grandmother. Bed 1 AM.

Oct. 28 Sat--MIAMI BISCAYNE TERRACE HOTEL: Breakfast with Grandmother at hotel. Spent day with Grandmother & Eve there, still discussing plans. Jon phoned from Dallas. Wants us at Full Gospel Business Men's Convention Thurs. Parked at Biscayne Terrace lot. Bed 12.

Oct. 29 Sun--MIAMI "HIPPIE LOVE-IN" in Greynolds Park. Bob preached, Paul sang, Linda & Jackson Harvey came too. Met at Coconut Grove Park first. Had prayer with Grandmother & Eve at Biscayne Terrace Hotel this AM & God said, "search for Pearl" at Love-in. Dropped kids at Marvins' & parked at hotel. Bed 12?

Oct. 30 Mon--MIAMI: Prayer with Grandmother & Eve at Biscayne Ter. Hotel. Got mail. Drove Grandmother to Jordan Marsh Store. Lunched there. Drove to Marvin's in N. Miami.--Taught him & Bob & Dan Revelation. Grandmother stayed inside with kids. Parked there for the night. Bed 2 AM. God showed me this AM the "Pearl" was Bob Valenti!

Oct. 31 Tues--HALLOWEEN N. MIAMI (To Ft. Lauderdale) at Marvin Doudna's. Paul loaded coconuts in Cruiser. Drove Grandmother, Eve, Paul, Sara, Bob & Dan to ENQUIRE HOTEL on Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Swam--surfed. Drove to Jean & Mac Rothwell's for dinner with gang. Grandmother stayed at Enquire. Parked at Rothwell's.

+ + + + + + +

Nov. 1 Wed--FT. LAUDERDALE: Picked Grandmother up at Enquire Hotel & she & Bob made tapes at Studio. Ate at Sweden House. Eve, Jean Rothwell, Ana Mae Young (Claudia's Mom) & her Mom, & Gladys & friend met us there. Grandmother & I prayed with Bob. God told him "wait till Queen gone". Drove Grandmother to Boca Raton. Visited with Johns. Goodbyed Grandmother & drove alone to Jean's.

Nov. 2 Thurs--DROVE FT. LAUDERDALE (Paul was with Sara this AM) to TALLAHASSEE with Eve, Sara, Bob & Dan. Parkway. Taught Bob Revelation. Bob blew up re: Eternal Security, but liked Revelation. Good, smooth trip. Bed 1 AM.

Nov. 3 Fri: TALLAHASSEE, DROVE TO PENSACOLA: Had flat near Panama City. Fixed brakes this AM in Woodville. Paul, Sara, Bob & Diane took part in Young People's & we parked at Liberty Baptist Church. Bed 9 PM.

Nov. 4 Sat--PENSACOLA: Parked at Liberty Baptist Church. Fixed gas heater. Installed new plugs. COLD! Paul & Bob stayed elsewhere. Eve & I, Sara & Dan in Cruiser. Caught up in Diary since TSC! Bed.

Nov. 5 Sun--PENSACOLA: Kids sang, Bob testified, I preached at Liberty Baptist Church--on witnessing & shortness of time. No offering. Dinner at Chicken Shack with kids. DROVE TO MOBILE, ALABAMA. We had all Services at BAYVIEW BAPTIST CHURCH.--Parked there. Offering $25.

Nov. 6 Mon--MOBILE TO NEW ORLEANS. Saw "Beauvoir"--Jeff Davis' home, en route. Parked in downtown New Orleans while kids saw Bourbon Street & witnessed.

Nov. 7 Tues--NEW ORLEANS TO SHREVEPORT: Tried to get program at big Mid-City Baptist Church Hi-School, but no soap. Drove on to near Shreveport or beyond. Parked at Service station off freeway.

Nov. 8 Wed--ARRIVED IN DALLAS: Met with Jon, Artie, Claudia & Pat again! They've been blessed & a blessing here. Had good visit with Jon. Went to Oak Cliff Assembly Church at night. Parked there.

Nov. 9 Thurs--DALLAS: Conference with Danny Allamena in Cruiser. Just Eve & I & Dan in Church parking lot. Danny rebellious. Parked at kids' apartment & worked on bills. Mary came from TSC & we conferred while kids went to meeting.

Nov. 10 Fri.--DALLAS: Cleaned Cruiser. Worked on bills. Conferred with Mary re: TSC. Bob & Mark discontented. Dinner in kids' apartment. Artie & Claudia went to TSC with Mary to prepare for Wedding. Wurmbrandt Meeting. Bob spouts pacifism.

Nov. 11 Sat.--DALLAS: Had class on Pacifism with Bob, Dan, Paul, Jon, Sara & Eve. Bob blew up, tried to influence Dan, & I had to slap Bob so he left. PTL! Challenged Ken Hagan at Gordon Lindsays': They make a god of Satan!--Left. (When he called the cops!)

Nov. 12 Sun--DALLAS: Still parked at Jon's. Eve, Paul, Sara, Pat & Dan still here. They went to Corkerel Hills Methodist Church.--Eve & I stayed home & cleaned up Cruiser. Parked on side street. Heard Bob Jones, Jr. on radio. Met Jenny Allamena at Love Field. Took her & Dan to Berea, kids to Detention Home meeting with Ted Beckett, Hibbard's Gospel Litehouse Young People's Meeting & back to evening service at Berea. Litzman good preacher. Great school, Dan may go there. Jon wired Faith & Arnie to come from New York for Wedding.

Nov. 13 Mon--DALLAS: Parked at Ted's. Fellowshipped with Mimi. Drove to Grapevine to see new Motor Homes. Dinner at Ted's. Prayer meeting. Ted gone all day till late. He exploded at Prayer Meeting (thought we were having a seance!), so we moved to Berea at 3 AM.

Nov. 14 Tues--DALLAS AT BEREAN SCHOOL: Sat in on Nate Scharff's AM Assembly.--Sounds like "Latter Rain". Saw new Motor Homes at Dodge. Drove home to Jon's & parked there. Mary & Artie & Claudia came in from TSC, & visited. Went to restaurant with Jon & Eve & phoned Grandma. Grandma, Arnie & Faith all flying in tomorrow! Eve got sick--all night.

Nov. 15 Wed--DALLAS: Eve sick, vomiting, nerves. Worry about Paul's impending marriage to Sara. Eldon Thomas, millionaire friend of Jon's, drove him & me to meet Grandma's plane. Dinner at Holiday Inn. Visited. Jon drove me home in Volkswagon. Mom stayed at Inn. I drove Cruiser to park at Airport. Arnie & Faith coming in at 5:30 AM.

Nov. 16 Thurs--DALLAS: Arnie & Faith flew in at 8:30 AM--3 hours late. Drove to Holiday Inn for Breakfast with Grandma at 9. Big all day PRAYER MEETING WITH GRANDMA. Mom, me, Paul, Jon, Faith & Arnie. God healed Eve from bitterness against Sara. Showed us His plan for us all to travel together to California, told us to pray for Bob Valenti. Mary, Mark, Sara, Artie & Claudia came for visit in Mary's room. Parked at Inn.

Nov. 17 Fri--DALLAS: Breakfast with Mary at Holiday Inn.--Eve too.--About Mark. They plan to stay at TSC till we can get someone else or vacate. Bob Wright is gone to Squeak's. Visited alone with Grandma--says we should go first to Frisco & see "Hippies", take pics & lecture on. Drove her to Jean's, then Airport. Dinner. Arnie, Artie, Claudia, Jon, Eve & I saw her off to Los Angles. 6:45 PM. Viewed sites at Airport till 10. Parked there.

Nov. 18 Sat--DALLAS AIRPORT: Made a lotta love to Eve--alone in Cruiser--at Airport--3 times! Lunched & relaxed all day in Cruiser. Caught up week in Diary. Mary came with Paul & Sara from blood test for marriage license. Drove back to Jon's, parked for night.

Nov. 19 Sun--DALLAS: Eve & I stayed home from church while kids went. Then we met Mr. Allamena at Airport. Lunched with him, helped Danny remove radios. Eve went into Berea to church while I slept. Drove home to Jon's & parked.

Nov. 20 Mon--DALLAS: Parked at Jon's. Good prayer meeting with all. Conferences with different ones. At supper Thomas came & forced Pat to take plane home.--Because Thomas is a homo & jealous of Pat! Arnie, Faith & I had lunch at airport & took a cab home. Moved out of apartment.

Nov. 21 Tues--DALLAS: Drove to Waxahachie, Texas, SW Bible College (Assembly) & kids sang & testified, at College Assembly & all day on grounds. Paul, Sara & Claudia & Sherwyn & Jon. Then drove to Ft. Worth & met Arnie, Faith, & Artie & had another session re: Obedience. Evangelist Brown came by in Leonard's parking lot. We spent the night there--all of us.

Nov. 22 Wed--FT. WORTH: Shopped at Leonard's. Arnie & Artie drove truck & trailer home to TSC. Paul & Jon drove Volkswagon to Dallas on errands & stayed overnight with Becketts. We stayed on Leonard's lot, working on Claudia's announcements.

Nov. 23 Thurs--THANKSGIVING!--TSC! First we were in Leonard's lot, Ft. Worth. Got up early to help Claudia with announcements of wedding for Sunday. She wrote, I rewrote & mimeoed & mailed. Paul & Jon came & drove on to TSC. We got home to TSC about 7 PM & ate Thanks giving scraps--good! Visited with family from Mineral Wells. Had planning session with group & retired.

Nov. 24 Fri--TSC: Conferred with different ones & worked on Cruiser till supper. Dinner at house with Mark etc. Came home to Hideaway spot & cleaned closet, etc. Eve, Mary, Paul & Sara went to Min. Wells to get marriage license for Paul & Sara & came home late.

Nov. 25 Sat--TSC: Worked on Cruiser for trip. Dinner at house. I fussed about church-style wedding preparations, girls (Eve & Mary) got mad. I left. Big conference with Mary, Sara, Paul & Eve followed, & the Lord worked everything out. PTL!

Nov. 26 Sun--TSC: DOUBLE WEDDING!--Paul & Sara & Artie & Claudia! Very informal--way out & wild! Paul led with his wildest music.--Becketts & Krouses came & Doris Turner decorated. Kids' music was great! Best wedding ever!--All happy & to God's glory! Amen. Ted Beckett gave $1,000 on new Motor Home for one team. All left for Dallas Holiday Inn Honeymoon!

Nov. 27 Mon--TSC: Worked on Cruiser in Hideaway. COLD & RAINY! Getting ready for trip to California. Roads all mud! Mary & Mark went to town--got my new radiator hose. Eve cleaned Cruiser. I re-packed it. Jon sorting his stuff. Dinner & TV at house with Mary & Mark.

Nov. 28 Tues--TSC: Worked on Cruiser & Rambler for trip to California. Honeymooners still all in Dallas. Only Mom & me & Jon here.--And Mary & Mark. Dined with them & watched TV news. Eve & Jon worked on letterhead for "Teens For Christ".--Kept me awake. I'd gone to bed a little sick--bowels.

Nov. 29 Wed--TSC: Worked on Rambler. Still preparing for California trip. Eve & Jon went in Volkswagon to Dallas on errands & to pick up honeymooning kids, Paul, Sara, Artie, Claudia. Arnie & Faith are to stay in Mary's car for meetings. TV news & dinner with Mary & Mark in big house, then came home at 8 & sorted CB cards, etc.--all alone.

Nov. 30 Thurs--TSC: Worked on Rambler window. Also tried new spark plug air pump on Cruiser flat--reached & worked great! Had to change our battery again--generator not working. Dinner & TV with Mary & Mark.--Eve & kids still in Dallas. Mary says Arnie planned to go back to apartment for a week! That's news! Who's going to California? Wonder how come Eve didn't tell me?

NOV. MEMO: FLORIDA TO TEXAS TRIP in Cruiser with Eve, Paul, Sara, Bob Valenti, & Danny Allamena. Grandmother stayed in Fla. We had meetings in Pensacola & Mobile, en route. Nov 8-21: DALLAS, at Jon, Artie, Claudia & Pat's apartment. Bob left. Danny's folks came & he entered Berean School. Grandma flew in from Fla. for prayer meeting. God spoke. Arnie & Faith flew in from New York City! Pat left! THANKSGIVING AT TSC HOME!
+ + + + + + +

Dec. 1 Fri.--TSC: Well, they came home!--Finally! The Honeymooners made a week of it! So we had a conference all day about buying new Cruiser.--Decided against it at this time--too much debt! Got everybody packing to leave for California.

Dec. 2 Sat--TSC: Preparing to leave for San Angelo. Wired Cruiser for trailer lights. Mary's letting the Newlyweds use her little one--cute! (The Box) Just enough room for two couples: Sara & Paul--Artie & Claudia. Helped Jon load Volkswagon & Rambler--put Scooter in Rambler. Got rest of stuff out of house--only books left. Paul took 1/2 the cattle to market today. Mark will have to sell rest. Bed at 12--exhausted! PTL! Almost done!

Dec. 3 Sun--TSC: FINAL DAY OF PACKING FOR CALIFORNIA: Taking everything portable in case we never return. Paul sold most of his stock yesterday for $400! PTL!--Put in TSC Account. Jon put $300 from Beckett & $100 from S.A. Assembly Church in TSC Account. All together we have nearly $2,000 in Bank!--Most ever!--PTL!--Living by faith better than salary! Only goats & 1 calf left, & furniture & MISC.

Dec. 4 Mon--LEFT TSC FOR SAN ANGELO, TEXAS: About noon. Arnie, Faith & Paul went ahead in Rambler to get to Baptist Convention on time, while Jon drove Volkswagon & I Cruiser & trailer.--Heavy loaded!--But rollin' fine! PTL! Made San Angelo by 5 PM. Dined at Grape Creek Baptist Church.--Kids did great! Parked there.

Dec. 5 Tues--SAN ANGELO: Worked on Rambler while parked in churchyard at Grape Creek Baptist while kids took Volkswagon to Hi-school & Radio program & Evening service at Hillcrest Baptist.--Real revival! Parked in their lot for night.

Dec. 6 Wed--SAN ANGELO, TEXAS: Worked on Rambler battery. Took Rambler to Sears for repairs.--New regulator & new battery, etc. Evening Services at Temple Baptist & Hillcrest Assembly. collected offerings at all these churches except Temple Baptist, where Pastor criticised kids' music! Grape Cr.--$61, Hi. Bapt.--$50, H. As.--$100! PTL!--Over $260 in 2 nights! PTL! God is good to us!--Better than salary! Drove 50 miles.

Dec. 7 Thurs--DROVE TO EL PASO: Parked in Wayside Park, 50 miles West of San Angelo Texas. Had generator trouble with Rambler at Van Horn & had to drive it all the way (120 miles) with no generator! PTL! Made it! Artie drove close behind me in Rambler while Jon set pace in Volkswagon ahead. Arrived in EL Paso at 7 PM & parked in Truck stop & took Rambler to Texaco Station for new generator.

Dec. 8 Fri.--EL PASO: Got Rambler fixed & moved it to Spanish Baptist Preacher's house, where Arnie, Faith, & Jon stayed last night with the Volkswagon. All drove to shopping centre & shopped. Also filled Butane tanks.--Windy & cold. Drove to Border parking lot & parked Cruiser, trailer & Volkswagon--for only $2.25. Kids walked over Bridge to Juarez (Paul, Sarah, Artie, Claudia & Faith) while Mom (Jane-Eve), Arnie, Jon & I conferred.

Dec. 9 Sat--EL PASO: Freezing & snowing! Still parked at Border lot. Paul & Sara slept on front couch here in Cruiser with Eve & me, while Artie & Claudia slept in trailer.--All Honeymooners!--Hallelujah! Loved Eve this AM, but no ejaculation. (Too tired!) Caught up on Diary while she went to town, Arnie, Faith & Jon still at preacher's. I went over to put anti-freeze in Rambler--dead battery! Had to call Shell Station for start & drove home--nightmare! Kids at Spanish Youth rally.

Dec. 10 Sun--EL Paso: Alone. Freezing COLD!--20's! (F.) (Below 0 C!) Still parked under Border Bridge. Spent the day cleaning & repacking Cruiser & Rambler & repairing--everything in a mess! Others all gone to Church.--Lakeside Baptist & Iglesia Trinity Baptist. Ate leftover pizza for brunch. Eve & Jon came home & fixed creamed tuna supper for me. Napped. They left for church & I studied the Promises. Folks need encouragement for days ahead. Folks came home late. Only Eve, Arnie & I stayed. Others in homes.

Dec. 11 Mon--EL PASO: Still under Border Bridge.--Just Eve, Arnie & I in Cruiser.
+ + + + + + +

WELL, PTL! WHEW! WOTTA YEAR! WE'LL NEVER FORGET 1967! But that was just the beginning, with our two round trips from TSC to Canada & Florida & back!--And the last & most famous with Grandmother--her last!--Directed every step by the Lord!--Miraculously! "Thousands of Miles of Miracles!"--Which led to your millions!--And then with what we thought was our final farewell to TSC, with Teens for Christ we headed for California!

THE LORD HAD SAID FOR US TO "GO TO THE LAND OF THE SETTING SUN (California), & there it shall be told you what to do!" So when this Diary ends we were on our way & soon arrived there for Christmas with Grandmother, where we'd go through many trials before we began our now-famous ministry with the Hippies of Huntington Beach!--You!--At least some of you!--And you know the story from there on!--"Is it not written in the Books of the King?" HAL! TYJ! GBAKY all till we get Home to Heaven with Jesus!--Amen? TYJ!--In Jesus' name, amen!--ILY--D.

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