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TIGHTEN THE FAMILY!--Quality, not Quantity!       1/84       DO 1730
--The TRF, Stat & Tithe Revolution!

       (Sorry, but the first 4 paragraphs were so hot we couldn't even print'm!)
       5. OUT OF ABOUT 300 [DELETED] HOMES [EDITED: "IN THIS AREA"] ONLY 125 ARE ACTUALLY FILLING OUT TRFs almost like they ought to, but 163 of them should have been excommunicated a long time ago! That's where your [DELETED] news leak is!--Right there at their office with her lackadaisical, so-called "merciful"--I call it just plain God-damned too soft lit policies! And I always have this feeling about people like that, they are like the unjust steward. (Lk.16:1-10) They run around & want you to be very soft on others because they want you to be soft on them. They know that they are bad & need a lot of mercy & so they pass on that same spirit to others, they let them get away with murder because they have gotten away with so much for so long themselves! So they can't really get tough on other people.
       6. IT TAKES SOMEBODY WITH A LITTLE GUTS & CONVICTION & A LITTLE SENSE OF THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD & HIS CHASTISING LOVE, TOUGH PARENTS TO CRACK DOWN WITH THE ROD, & they haven't got it & they don't know how to do it because they don't want to be tough on themselves! It's tough on parents to crack down, as well as tough on kids! It's tough on the parents to be tough on the kids, & they haven't got it & never have had. She's always been the one begging for mercy, always been the one that's pleading for this case, that case, always causing me all kinds of trouble to have to answer until finally I had to lay down laws & rules & gave them to WIM, "Now that's it! Period! No more of these pleas, I don't want to hear any more of these exceptions!" I said, "You settle it right there."
       7. THANK GOD WE HAVE LEADERS WE CAN SEND IN WHO KNOW THE SITUATION & CAN MEET THEM FACE-TO-FACE & PUT SOMEONE ELSE IN CHARGE! They can just tell'm, as far as I am concerned, that I am absolutely furious over their failure to enforce the lit rules for God knows how long--for years now apparently!--Apparently ever since nobody has been over them. They have been letting those people get away with murder, [DELETED] letting [EDITED: "private"] lit get right straight into the hands of our enemies!
       8. I MEAN, SOME OF THOSE CASES THEY DESCRIBED THERE, WHY THEY EVEN HAVE ANY QUESTION ABOUT THEM I CAN'T UNDERSTAND! From the first doubt they had about them they should have cut them off the Mailing List!--People criticising & condemning the Family & leadership & condemning doctrine & all the rest! Can you imagine them still sending them top lit? It's almost unbelievable! It's almost as though they are critical themselves & they would like those people to get the information.--That's the feeling I have. They sympathise more with that kind of people than they do the ones who really do the job! What do you think about that? I think they sympathise with them, I really do, because that's the kind of people they are, always wanting us to be easy on'm.
       9. A FEW TIMES THEY SEEM TO REPENT & SEEM TO BE SORRY & APOLOGISE & WANT TO COME BACK. BUT NOW ALL OF A SUDDEN, IT IS ALMOST AS THOUGH THEY RESENT THE NEW TRF CRACKDOWN, THE TIGHTENING OF THE TRFs, & they are just trying to make the reactions as bad as possible, suddenly sending back all these TRFs to the people, BOOM!--Like that! I didn't even like the letters they wrote.
       10. I TELL YOU, ONE THING IT SHOWED ME IS WE NEED[DELETED] much tighter supervision. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey were too easy on them. Most of those people deserve it, need it or whatever, but a few people, a few simply dumb, ignorant people who possibly haven't seen all the Letters or all the rules or heard about them, may not have known any better. After all, it has been four years since I wrote the Letter about "No Blank TRFs!" (No.888, 1980)
       11. NOW, SON, HOW WOULD YOU INTERPRET THAT TITLE "NO BLANK TRFs"? (Peter: I would interpret that to mean you're supposed to fill out your TRF in full.) It means no blanks! Period! No blanks on that TRF! And for them to weasel around any other way & let'm get away with it so long is almost unbelievable! Imagine how many of them were incomplete!--163, about two-thirds are poorly filled out, very incomplete.--Two-thirds of'm for December alone! Think how much lit has been getting to those people who shouldn't have gotten it for God knows how many years!
       12. WELL, I TELL YOU, WE'RE GOING TO CUT IT OFF RIGHT NOW, you're going to have to tell Sprint immediately to cut it off, I don't even want another GN, another WND, another Book, another anything, but at the most FNs & LINs & KIDz to go to any of those people, any of the 163 incomplete TRFs! They did say that they finally held up their mailings this time due to "Tighten the TRFs," so that's good.--Until we get those TRFs back & see what the score is & the new CRO goes over them with a fine-tooth comb before we restore any mailings at all! Then when we get the March 1st TRFs & tithes, they will be under the new limitations & minimums & that will be that! Period! Including no blank TRFs, period! That's that!
       13. DID YOU GET TO READ THE LAST PAGE OF THAT OFFICE'S REPORT? Maybe you'd like to read it to Maria to save time, or do you want me to read it? I'm right by the mike, & maybe we need to put it on the record. Thank you. After marking & going over their report with a fine-tooth comb, I am just absolutely astonished at the people they've been allowing to have the lit & been lenient with & letting them get away with virtual robbery! [DELETED] It's just ridiculous! [DELETED]
       14. LET ME TELL YOU, I AM NOT GOING TO SEND THEM ONE {\ul \i GN} OR ONE {\ul \i WND} OR ONE {\ul \i FN}, or as far as I'm concerned, not one piece of lit! I don't even want to send a {\ul \i LIN} to people who are critical, I mean sceptically critical, if you know what I mean. Why should we send them anything? We don't owe them a bit! I don't give a damn how much money they send! The money is nothing! God has got plenty of money & He can supply some other way, & I'd much rather see it come through the blessing of God's people who are loyal & faithful & diligent & obedient & doing their job & filling out their TRFs & giving their minimums than all the rest of the Family put together who I wouldn't even consider Family, unreliable people like those they've described in their report! Those people are not Family! Why, how dare they send them lit! I'm just furious about it! Well, I'll tell you what I came up with & it's right here. I don't know how far along you got with their report but here is my answer:
       15. MY FIRST REACTION IS, WHY DIDN'T THEY TELL US SOONER WHAT A MESS THEIR TRFs WERE IN!--163 MOSTLY INCOMPLETE TRFs!--Only 125 of the rest of them actually meriting lit at all!--163, think of it! According to their own report right there! That's virtually two-thirds of all their TRFs who are getting undeserved lit & getting by with it, & God only knows what the minimums were that they allowed as well for the months & the months that some sent in pleas. You read the report on that: The very Homes that sent in pleas for mercy, they found out from their officers that they were flippant & even sassy about it, they didn't really care! I mean, for them to know that & still go on sending them lit & corresponding with them is absolutely inexcusable! I'd have cut them off in a moment!
       16. WHY DIDN'T THEY TELL US SOONER THAT THE SITUATION WAS SO BAD, HUH?--Because they were responsible, they're the ones that made it bad, that's why!--With nearly all their TRFs incomplete, most of them very incomplete & many of them absolutely blank, virtually blank! What did they think I meant in that Letter, ML #888, "No Blank TRFs!" Huh? What do you think I meant? Dear Maria always tries to excuse folks somehow. (Maria: I was just telling you what their excuse was.) Well, God damn it, I don't give a damn about what they said, because their excuse is no good & doesn't hold water any better than a sieve! "No blank TRFs" meant no blank TRFs, no blanks!--Blankity-blank!
       17. I MADE IT VERY CLEAR THAT MONEY WAS NOT ENOUGH TO GET THE LIT! Apparently they've had the idea that as long as the Homes send enough money, well, don't worry about their TRFs. The reason for our tightening TRFs, not only tightening now but from the very beginning, was for security, & I tightened the TRFs when I said that four years ago!--Four years ago in April, 1980, in ML #888! I said "No Blank TRFs!" Nobody was going to get lit without a completely filled-out TRF[DELETED]! Another main purpose for it was I don't care about sending lit, wasting lit at any price or any amount of money or any minimum, on people who don't care & don't obey & are untrustworthy! I don't care how much money they send! I'll throw it back in their face, & that is exactly what I'm about to do!
       18. WE WANT A GIDEON'S ARMY WHO ARE OBEDIENT, WHO DO WHAT THEY'RE SUPPOSED TO DO, WHO OBEY GOD & WHO GET OUT OF THAT GOD-DAMNED NORTH & GET OUT IN THE FIELD where they belong, & if this cuts off the whole damn Family that's left in the North, Hallelujah! Thank God! Good riddance of bad rubbish! That's the way I feel about it & it's past time, over time as far as I am concerned!
       19. WE WANT STATS TO SHOW THEY'RE AN ACTIVE FAMILY MEMBER! ALSO THE REQUIREMENTS FOR MEMBERSHIP ARE & HAVE BEEN SPECIFIC FOR AT LEAST FOUR YEARS! These which now stand have virtually always been the requirements. The only difference we made in these same requirements is that now a few Members are allowed to live out on their own if they meet these same requirements, which is virtually, in other words, having another Home, their own Home, that's all.
       20. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS FOR THE LIVE-INS AREN'T ANY DIFFERENT THAN THEY HAVE BEEN FOR MANY YEARS: SAVED, NUMBER ONE. TWO, THEY MUST WITNESS OR LITNESS. THREE, FELLOWSHIP! Don't tell me anybody who doesn't ever fellowship & doesn't want to fellowship is in good standing! Obviously some of these people either didn't want to fellowship or the real Family Members didn't like them, could smell a rat & saw that they were not our kind & didn't even want them to fellowship! They should have thrown them out & reported it to us long ago, but how are we going to get the report if the CROs don't give us the reports? They've known these things all this time & didn't report them, & failure to report a crime is a crime, & they are criminals & they are guilty of the crime of the failure of not reporting these failures!
       21. FOUR: SUPPORT, MINIMUM TITHES & FIVE: TRFs IN FULL! Right?--These are the absolutely irrevocable, unchangeable Laws of the Family, requirements for membership & the rules for receiving lit! And nobody has a right to vary them, nobody has a right to make them more lenient, nobody has any right to change them without direct authority & approval from us personally, & I don't think I'd ever give it for anybody, any kind of a case, & I've made that pretty clear, haven't I?--In spite of the many appeals that have been made to me.
       22. I'M EVEN GOING TO GET TOUGHER, SON, WITH SOME OF THE PEOPLE YOU WANTED LENIENCY FOR! IT'S FINISHED! Period!--With a lot of those weak sisters in Latin America & a few other places!--Those weak sisters are mostly weak brothers & sisters. And above all, no blank TRFs! Period! No blanks anywhere on the TRF! If they have no stats to report & nothing to say, then they don't belong in the Family. I don't care how much money they send, we'll throw it back in their faces & cut them off, excommunicate them! They're not Family Members if they don't act like Family!
       23. PEOPLE WHO DO NOT FILL OUT TRFs IN FULL ARE NOT FAMILY MEMBERS & THEY DO NOT DESERVE THE LIT, ANY OF IT! I'd hesitate to even send them an FN! I don't care how much they send. Well, maybe we'll send them back a LIN, that's all. We send LINs to anybody who'll send any kind of a gift. So they want to send a hundred dollars for GNs?--OK, we'll send them a {\ul \i LIN} if they don't want to fill out a TRF & don't show by the way that they fill out the TRF that they are genuine Family Members!
       24. LET ME TELL YOU, ANYBODY WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THEM CAN SMELL A RAT & ASSAY THOSE TRFs AS TO WHETHER THEY'RE GENUINE OR NOT!--Anybody with any measure of the Holy Spirit. I wonder if these failed CROs have the Holy Spirit at all, does anybody know? Well, I wonder, from the way they've been operating for a good many years! How long has it been since I had that trouble with them in Paris?--Ten years? Think of it!--And about five years ago the trouble with them at WIM, & now again! Obviously from this report, this CRO has not been enforcing these rules & requirements for the lit! Right?
       25. I WANT AGREEMENT ON THIS BECAUSE I AM GOING TO LOWER THE BOOM & CRACK THE ROD, SON, & THE WHOLE FAMILY IS GOING TO GET IT & THANK GOD FOR IT! It took something like this. I've been praying desperately, "Lord, what is the next most desperate need? What should we do?" And boom! You plunked this report in my lap! God knows how to lead & guide & what is desperately needed. Here we've been cleaning up our act in every other field & ministry, in radio & tightening up everything & tightening finances & everything else, & yet these people have been letting these so-called Family members get away with robbery, one of the most important [EDITED: "areas"] in the World & one of the most dangerous, where we have some of the worst enemies & the worst publicity[DELETED]!
       26. THIS CRO HAS ALWAYS BEEN TOO EASY ON THEM EVER SINCE I CAN REMEMBER. She was the one we had trouble with about it way back at, well, actually with him in Paris & her at WIM. How many years has this been going on, Son? Well, we know it has probably been going on as long as they could get away with it, which is probably ever since they have been in complete charge, at least for the last two years. Whew! No wonder we have [EDITED: "problems there"]!--All that material is just being sent out recklessly, volumes of it straight into the hands of our enemies!
       27. SO NOW WE KNOW! OUT OF NEARLY 300 ONLY 125 ACTUALLY QUALIFIED FOR THE LIT, NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY SENT! 163 of them did not fill out their TRFs sufficiently to qualify for any lit, no matter how much they sent, unless it was a LIN! I want to know exactly what tithe each of these incomplete TRFers gave in groups, & I am going to put them on the job calculating it as part of their punishment. I want to know how many of these very TRFs they're talking about gave $1, $3, $4, $5, $7, $8, $9, $10, right straight on up to the top, Son.--Every single TRF dollar-by-dollar! I want to know who have they been letting get away with this & what kind of tithe minimums have they actually required? Well, I don't know if I could even trust them with these stats now that they know that they are in hot water, but the new CROs are going to have to dig them out.
       28. I WANT THEM TO TAKE THOSE DECEMBER 1st STATS & SORT THEM OUT ALL OVER AGAIN, & then take a look at those TRFs in each category, & see what their TRF looked like. In other words, how many good TRFs were in that category, how many poor TRFs in that category, meaning insufficient.--How many bad TRFs, if they only filled out half of the blanks or if they filled out less than half, I'd say they were very bad TRFs, or a blank TRF is no TRF at all.
       29. I WANT TO TELL YOU, WE DIDN'T GET TO WHERE WE HAVE GOTTEN BY MY BEING SOFT & A PUSHOVER & EASYGOING! I have been too soft sometimes but we are still here & we are still an Army & we're still fighting & we are still winning because I have been tough & I have kept a tough grip on things, & we are going to get tighter than we have ever been, & God only knows why, He knows, I'm sure, why we've got to do it!
       30. OUR WIND-DOWN, OUR AUSTERITY MEASURES MAY BE WHAT WE ENFORCE ON OURSELVES, JUST LIKE GIDEON DID & JOSHUA & A FEW OTHERS. There are plenty of examples of it in the Bible. There were six million Jews that left Egypt, but God only let about 200,000 of them go into the Promised Land. He let all the old people die out there in the desert!--If you don't think God is tough! He only let the believers enter in! The only old ones that went into the Promised Land were Joshua & Caleb, the rest were all the young people! Their mothers & fathers died in the desert. But with that handful of young people they conquered the land & the cities & God was with them & wiped out their enemies!
       31. THE SAME WITH GIDEON. MY GOD! HE STARTED OUT WITH 33,000 & WOUND UP WITH 300, RIGHT? But he won the battle, he won the victory, a glorious victory which showed that God was with them! They didn't need numbers, & nor do we, we want quality! I don't give a damn about numbers!--As far as spiritually weak [DELETED] Family Members that are no good to anybody, in fact a drag, in fact a danger! I'd rather have a handful of real fighters, strong & faithful & firm & diligent & obedient & winners, than 10,000 failures! And that's how we got where we are at, because I insisted on people obeying God whether they liked it or not! If they don't like it they can lump it & go!
       32. I WANT AN ESTIMATE IMMEDIATELY FROM THE OTHER CROs, EXACT STATS ON HOW MANY INCOMPLETE TRFs THEY GOT IN THE DECEMBER 1st TRFs.--How many were incomplete & exactly what they did about them.--And exactly what the financial status was of those incomplete TRFs, what their tithe or gift was. OK?
       33. I DON'T THINK WE'RE GOING TO LOSE MUCH, SON. I don't even think we are going to lose as much as we could by not doing these crackdowns I am going to give you. You probably didn't have time to read these new minimums, did you? Well, wait till you hear them if you want a shocker! I mean what I say & what I'm talking about & I am going to crack down even if we lose money. I don't care if we lose thousands of dollars & 500 Homes, I would rather have what we've got left, & I believe God will bless them, & we will have less trouble with enemies & stats getting out & bad publicity. We'll purge the ranks! Every revolution has always had to have a purging, & we've had a lot of them, & as far as I'm concerned, this is going to be the biggest one since the RNR! I mean it! It'll give Sprint a lot less work, praise God, the less people we have to send lit to, & I think they're going to send more money because I think God will bless them & I think they will be more faithful. They'll know they are the elite & they deserve it! I don't want to send one scrap, one page, one word to people who don't deserve it!
       34. THIS IS A SERIOUS EMERGENCY & EVIDENTLY HAS BEEN GOING ON ALREADY FOR TOO LONG, & I BLAME THE CROs if they have been letting anybody get away with it, but thank God, from your report, apparently this is the only really horribly delinquent CRO, & I blame them for not reporting it! And of course, they are to blame for not enforcing it, & if they weren't going to enforce it they weren't going to report to us that they weren't enforcing it, because they knew they were guilty, Son, they knew they were guilty! They just took it in their own hands to excuse these people just like the unjust steward went around forgiving everybody for their debts & only taking half payment for his Lord, & then he made off with that! (Luk.16:1-10) How about that! Watch out! That's what unjust stewards do.--They let everybody get away with everything & then they take off, so watch out.
       35. WE HAVE A VERY DANGEROUS SITUATION ON OUR HANDS THERE, EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! I would say it is one of the most dangerous we have ever had, not only what's already happened, which is bad enough, but the damage that it could do if we don't try to handle it in a way that is our last chance of getting it straightened out. I hope they will be sorry & repent & knuckle down & just do the pick-&-shovel work under close strict supervision.--I mean strict! I want to see the new CROs there going over their books, I want to see'm going over their stats, & I want to see'm there supervising the whole shebang & enforcing it, & I mean it!--No excuses!
       36. WE CAN GIVE THEM THEIR CHOICE, AN OFFER THEY CAN'T REFUSE, that either they stay under these circumstances & completely knuckle down & show a change of heart & everything, or else!
       37. I THINK THIS IS THE MOST DANGEROUS & MOST SERIOUS EMERGENCY WE HAVE HAD SINCE THE RNR, WHEN I RISKED THE WHOLE SHEBANG BY FIRING 300 LEADERS AT ONCE TO SAVE THE FAMILY! Thank God we did! But we've still got some of those people hanging around. We had hoped they'd make it. It looked like a few times they were going to make it, but here they are back at the same old routine, forgiving everybody their sins, taking it into their hands to disobey the rules & rescind the requirements & letting everybody get off easy.--The same old thing.
       38. I'D SAY UNRELIABLE TRFers SHOULD BE RELIEVED OF THEIR {\ul \i GNs} & {\ul \i WNDs}, ETC. What do you say? [DELETED] If they can't be trusted with it, look, they could've been giving it to hundreds of people! My God, we certainly can't trust them with it! (Maria: And as a result of their disobedience, that [DELETED] publicity has been all over the World, to Hong Kong & India & Indonesia & everywhere!) Of course! Absolutely, the World! They speak every language there [DELETED], every major language, & it spreads to all their language papers all over the World!
       39. I CONSIDER THIS CARELESSNESS WITH D.O. LIT HAS PROBABLY DONE US MORE DAMAGE THAN ALMOST ANY OTHER BREACH [DELETED] IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW! It was dangerous! It's the Devil's own channel, his own chink in the armour, breach in the wall, hole in the dike! And I just hope we can get rid of it peacefully if possible.
       40. UNLESS WE CAN CORRECT THIS PROBLEM NOW & MAKE SURE IT IS NOT GOING ON AT OTHER CROs, I AM SERIOUSLY RECONSIDERING RE-INSTITUTING WIM IF WE HAVE TO!--I hope not, for I think it is dangerous, & your report this morning was very encouraging, that you don't think that this is the situation at either of the other CROs. So thank the Lord for that!
       41. I HOPE WHEN YOU PUB THIS YOU'LL HAVE SOMEONE INSERT ALL THESE REFERENCES to all these Letters in which all these rules were made & all these references were made about tithe minimums & lit limitations & all the rest. (See Nos. 888, 1068, 1320-22, 1433 & 1696.)
       42. ALL RIGHT, NOW, ARE YOU READY FOR THE FINAL SHOCKER?--And then the conference will be over! Aren't you glad? Nice, short, sharp shock! From now on I'm fed up with North America & Europe & their disobedience & their lackadaisical halfheartedness! God says, "Ephraim is a half-baked cake." (Hos.7:8) Did you ever eat a piece of half-baked cake?--It's sickening! He said, "I would you were hot or cold, but because you are lukewarm I will spew you out of My mouth!" (Rev.3:15-16)--And that is the case of those Europeans & those Americans, at least it seems many of them. There may be a few who are stuck there & can't help it & are doing the best they can, but we ought to get some pretty good hot TRFs from those fields.
       43. AND I DON'T SEE HOW ANYBODY CAN LIVE IN EITHER ONE OF THOSE RICH AREAS ON LESS THAN A THOUSAND DOLLARS A MONTH NOWADAYS! And if they can't, they don't deserve all of our lit if they can't muster up better than that, living back in rich countries like that with good jobs & high pay. So from now on, you guessed it!--The absolute rock-bottom minimum for all of our lit for any Home in North America or Europe or any U.S.A. possessions anywhere in the World from Guam & Hawaii to Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands, anywhere, U.S. Samoa, any of them!--Any U.S. possession: The rock-bottom minimum for all of our lit per Home is a minimum tithe of $100!--And that goes for Australia & New Zealand too, another rich area! Period!
       44. I HAVE PRAYED THROUGH ON THIS & SETTLED IT WITH GOD & THAT'S IT! And I have been feeling like this for a long time but I've been trying to be merciful, trying to be lenient, trying to be patient. Well, we've found out now already that some delinquent children don't respond to patience & mercy & love & leniency. They have to have the rod! I think when we crack down with this rod & you hear these minimums, two things are going to happen:
       45. A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT THEY COULD GET AWAY WITH STAYING IN THE NORTH ARE GOING TO DECIDE, "Well, I'm going to be excommunicated now, virtually excommunicated, so if we are going to get the Letters at all, we've got to go!" A lot of them thought, "Well, as long as I can get the latest news & everything, why leave?" They are going to be cut off from the Word of God if they don't go, if they don't obey! This is the last resort!--Period!
       46. A $100 MINIMUM FOR ALL THE LIT, & $50 MINIMUM FOR {\ul \i FNs}, {\ul \i LINs} & {\ul \i KIDZ}! They are not even going to get any Family News for less than $50 a month!--And wait till you hear something besides these minimums!: I'm going to enforce limitations on how long they have to be getting GP & DFO lit before they're even allowed to get this DO Lit!--So some God-damned [EDITED: "AC"] in New York can't just suddenly decide to drop a hundred dollars in the mail to get all the latest month's lit!
       47. TO GET DO LIT YOU HAVE GOT TO BE ON THE MAILING LIST WITH QUALIFYING TRFs & THE WORKS FOR ONE SOLID YEAR! Now that is nothing new. That is the kind of rule we used to have when all MO Letters were DO, in fact they were not even DOs, they were LTs! (See No.124.) No God-damned [EDITED: "AC"] lawyer is going to be smart & drop a hundred dollars in the mail & get all the latest dope for just one month & not have to do it every month! Look how much stuff he could get in a month!--Weekly mailings, four WNDs, probably 4 GNs, a few Books & all kinds of stuff! I mean that's enough stuff to go on for quite awhile to add to their tricks, huh? (Maria: Well, normally new disciples join old established Homes, so what are they doing starting their own Home?--Becoming a disciple & immediately starting their own Home?--That is not usual.) No. Maybe I should give that limitation first.
       48. NOBODY GETS D.O. LIT NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY GIVE UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN ON THE MAILING LIST AT LEAST A YEAR!--Filling out good TRFs & showing that they are really disciples & really fellowshipping & fulfilling all Membership requirements, every Membership requirement for one year before they get a single piece of DO lit! Until then they only get DFO lit for the last six months & the first six months of that year, they only get {\ul \i LINs} & {\ul \i KIDz}! How about that?--Which is virtually GP lit, right? I don't care how much they give, they only get LIN & KIDz for the first six months. They're there on trial, wherever they are. We don't trust them.
       49. AFTER SIX MONTHS OF {\ul \i LIN} & {\ul \i KIDz}, NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY GIVE, THEN WE'LL CONSIDER GIVING THEM {\ul \i FNs} on top of it for the next six months, DFO lit!--GP lit for the first six months, DFO lit for the second six months, & only then, after one year on trial, proving their faithfulness, sending good TRFs & finally minimum tithes, they'll also have to meet the minimum tithes for this lit as well, to get DO lit.
       50. FOR THE FIRST SIX MONTHS WE'LL COUNT THEM & CLASSIFY THEM VIRTUALLY AS NEW DISCIPLES ON TRIAL, & for $5 a month they're getting LIN & KIDz, or they could get the LIN alone for anything. After six months, if they are willing to pay the FN minimum, which you are going to hear in a moment, we'll add FNs to it, & after one year only, we will start sending them DO lit, providing they have proven themselves as genuine disciples known to other people who can send references, officers & other reliable Family Members in the area who have met them face-to-face, who have fellowshipped with them & know they are genuine. They can tell by the Spirit they are genuine, honest-to-goodness, honest-to-God disciples who can be trusted with DO lit!
       51. IS THAT CLEAR? I'M NOT JUST TIGHTENING TRFs!--WE'RE TIGHTENING THE WHOLE FAMILY! We're not just tightening our belts with austerity. We're not just winding down because of the International situation. We are going to wind ourselves down on purpose & tighten our belts as well, in order to take it! We'll not only tighten the TRFs, but we are going to tighten the restrictions on who gets what lit no matter how much money they give, & for how long they get it!
       52. NOBODY IS GOING TO GET DO LIT AFTER THIS UNLESS THEY ARE MEETING EVERY SINGLE MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT, completely filling out verifiable, justifiable TRFs that deserve & merit it, & have at least two solid references of good Family Members that we know are officers who can recommend them, that now they are ready for DO lit!--How is that?
       53. NO MORE JUST DROPPING $30 IN THE MAIL & some enemy in New York or Europe getting all the lit we've published that month! Imagine! It's ridiculous! We're pretty stupid. I'm pretty dumb. I am so trusting. I really have been too trusting, & then I'm always taking the pleas of you people or people like that CRO, "More mercy, please!" But I'm going to shock you, not only with these new minimums & new limitations on lit, but I'm going to shock you to tell you how little we are going to lose as a result by the actual stats, even if we lose all those who have been giving that little!--You are going to get a shock at how little we'll lose!--Even if we lose North America & Europe & all U.S. possessions, all these people living in Hawaii, Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands & considering that a mission field!--Mission fields?--Ha! Or even Guam or American Samoa! They are rich U.S. possessions with all the advantages of U.S. welfare, U.S. jobs, U.S. salaries & all the rest! They are not going to get any of these pubs, even if they have been on the list for a year, without these new minimums!: (Most of'm already give this much!)
       54. $100 FOR {\ul \i GNs}, {\ul \i WNDs}, BOOKS & ALL LIT!--AND A $50-MINIMUM FOR {\ul \i FNs}, & A $10-A-MONTH MINIMUM FOR EVEN {\ul \i LINs} & {\ul \i KIDz}! But we'll send them a LIN for anything, but let's hope it pays the postage once a month.--Just pays for the trouble & the bookkeeping. Have you got that now? This is for the U.S., Europe, Australia, New Zealand & all North America now, not just the U.S., but I'm specifying this time not only the U.S. & its possessions, but all North America! Now are we going to mean North America or not? Are we going to have people running down on little trips across the border into Mexico claiming that they are on the mission field & they're not in North America, therefore, they are on the mission field under mission field minimums, huh? (Fam: Well, then do Mexico, Central America & Panama have to be North America?)
       55. WELL, IF THEY'VE GOTTEN AS FAR AS CENTRAL AMERICA THEY'RE REALLY MISSIONARIES, & IT'S PRETTY HOT NOW TOO!--I'D SAY CENTRAL AMERICA DESERVES FIELD RATES.--BUT I AM GOING TO TAKE MEXICO OFF THE LIST! We've got too many backsliders & rich people with good incomes taking little vacation trips down to Mexico & claiming not to be in the U.S.A! Baloney! I am saying that North America, according to actual geographical authorities on the subject & what they taught me in school, consists of: Canada, the U.S.A. & Mexico! Central America is something else. But North America is to include Canada, the U.S.A. & all its possessions & Mexico! Maybe we'll get rid of a few of those problems in Mexico now! A $100-minimum for all lit, a $50-minimum for FNs & $10 for LINs & KIDz, or for any gifts we'll send them a {\ul \i LIN}, just like an outsider, GP lit. All right, have you got that?
       56. ARE YOU READY FOR JAPAN, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND? Australia & New Zealand will be under the same minimums as the U.S., Europe & U.S. possessions--$100-a-month minimum for all lit! I was tempted to crack the same rod on Japan too, but because we do have lots of genuine missionaries & people who want to be missionaries & are planning to be missionaries there, a good manpower pool of genuine well-meaning, good-intentioned potential missionaries for China, Southeast Asia & the Pacific, I don't want to be too tough on them. So the new all-lit minimum for Japan is $50 a month! Let me tell you, you can't live in Japan on an income of less than $500 a month! Forget it!--But if they are, well let them give $50 anyhow! FNs--$35 a month. LIN & KIDz--$5. LIN--anything.
       57. ARE YOU READY FOR THE PACIFIC?--THE SAME! MIDEAST & AFRICA?--THE SAME! All of those, $50-minimum for GNs & WNDs & all the other lit, books, everything; $35-a-month minimum for FNs, & $5 for LINs & KIDz--LIN, anything. That groups Japan, the Pacific, Mideast & Africa all in the same group. Is that clear? Now let me tell you, those are all rich countries, including the Mideast, one of the richest in the World, & most of our people in Africa are in South Africa, another very rich country, & they can afford it, & if they can't, they don't deserve it!
       58. IT IS A TEST OF THEIR LOYALTY, IT'S A TEST OF THEIR DEVOTION, IT'S A TEST OF THEIR DESIRE FOR THE WORD! It's a test of their wholeheartedness, it's a test of their dedication & consecration, how much they are willing to sacrifice or even suffer to get the Word, even if that is above their actual tithe!--And let me tell you, it is a test. [DELETED] This is of course not foolproof but it is certainly going to shut quite a few [DELETED] weak people out [DELETED] who don't really want it that much, so we might as well get rid of'm! I don't want people like that that much either!--Certainly not getting DO lit!
       59. ALL RIGHT, WE'RE GOING DOWN THE LINE NOW. LATIN AMERICA NEXT! Here's the rock-bottom minimum tithe for all lit, & I think I'm being too lenient even on this. I had a notion to put them on the same level with the rest of the World, but since you always beg for leniency for Latin America because of their financial difficulties & the horrible depreciation of their currencies & all the rest, well, I have yielded on this point & I guess I'll have to make their minimum only $35 for all lit! Or do you think that is too easy? (Why?) Well because I knew you were going to plead for Latin America, as you always do. (Maria: He doesn't plead any more for Latin America!) (Peter: I've changed my mind!) Oh, you've changed your mind about Latin America?--In spite of depreciation, financial difficulties & all the rest? (Peter: All that notwithstanding, it still is a fact that they could do it if they want to.) Frankly, due to deference to you personally, Son, & your appeals & pleas for mercy for Latin America was the only reason I didn't classify Latin America in the same category. (Peter: I think we ought to.) (Maria: I think we should too.) Praise God! Thank you! Well, I wanted to hear you say it, & this time you're asking for it, not me! Right! Some of those people come down there with plenty of support! All right then!--Same minimums for Latin America as for Japan, the Pacific, Mideast & Africa!: $50 all, $35 {\ul \i FNs}, etc.
       60. NOW INDIA I CONSIDER A HORSE OF ANOTHER COLOUR, A TOTALLY DIFFERENT KETTLE OF FISH, & I WANT TO BE LENIENT TO THEM BECAUSE THAT IS A TREMENDOUS FIELD & I WANT AS MANY PEOPLE TO GO THERE AS POSSIBLE. So I was going to say a $30-minimum since I was making Latin America's $35, but let's make it $35, shall we? For India: $35 for all lit in India! $25 for {\ul \i FNs}. I don't see how they can live on less than $350 a month even in India, or even $400! The minimum is $35 in the Indian area, & that means all the Indian area & little countries around it. $35 a month for all lit, $25 a month for {\ul \i FNs} & the other lit, $5 again for the KIDz & LINs, & LINs for anything. OK? That's also Southeast Asia.--Southeast Asia & India, & that includes the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore & Malaysia, etc.
       61. I DON'T SEE HOW ANY FAMILIES CAN LIVE IN ANY HOME EVEN IN THOSE COUNTRIES ON LESS THAN $350 A MONTH! And if they haven't got that kind of income, frankly I don't think we ought to send them the lit! They're not good missionaries, they're not going to be effective, they're not going to be accomplishing anything. They're not obeying, they haven't raised their support. They haven't got Home Support. I would say they're ineffective & inefficient & untrustworthy missionary Homes if their income is less than $350 a month! [DELETED]
       62. SO I'D SAY FOR THE POOREST PARTS OF THE WHOLE WORLD, INDIA & SOUTHEAST ASIA, THE MINIMUM HAS GOT TO BE $35 A MONTH FOR ALL THE LIT. What do you think? Or do you want to make that $50 too? No, I think it would be pretty hard on some of those families in both India & there, & that would be discouraging. There is where we want them to go. That would discourage them from going. This is an incentive to get them to India & Southeast Asia where we want them to go, right? I included China in Southeast Asia, by the way. It's a part of Southeast Asia.
       63. (MARIA: WHAT IS HONG KONG INCLUDED IN? Is it part of Southeast Asia?) (Peter: It's in the Pacific, but I didn't get what the Pacific is.) Do you want to put Hong Kong under the Pacific? All right, is that how it is classified? Hong Kong is rich & some Homes get a lot more income per month than that! They can easily afford to tithe that much. In Hong Kong they make money, FFers & all the rest. Hong Kong should be under the Pacific then, right?--$50 all, $35 {\ul \i FNs}, etc. For Southeast Asia, well, you can specify what countries that includes, you can get into the details if you want to. But I would certainly include China.
       64. FOR ANY FIELDS I WANT TO ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO GO TO, THIS IS THE ROCK-BOTTOM, BOTTOM OF THE TOTEM POLE OF THE LIST, THEIR MINIMUM TITHE IS THE LOWEST OF ALL! Good? (Maria: What were the previous ones?) The "previous" ones?--Haven't you been listening, Honey? Don't you recall?--Oh, the old minimums before! (See No.1696.) Anyhow, India & Southeast Asia are now the lowest requirements.--$35 for all lit, $25 for {\ul \i FNs} & the rest of the lit, $5 for LINs & KIDz, & LINs for anything. Is that clear?
       65. AND THE TIME LIMITATION MINIMUMS ARE FOR NEW DISCIPLES & NEW HOMES, I don't care how much they give, unless they are old Members who have been on the Mailing List, who may move from one place to another & be at a new location, but they are still a family who has been in at least a year & getting mail for so long a time. But new Homes, really new disciples, new disciple Homes, will only get GP lit for the first six months. I don't think I can trust anybody to send them DO lit unless they've been in the Family at least a year. That used to be it in the early days anyway.
       66. I DON'T CARE HOW MUCH THEY SEND, WE'RE ONLY GOING TO MAIL THEM G.P. LIT FOR SIX MONTHS & D.F.O. LIT FOR THE NEXT SIX MONTHS, which means FNs mostly, & no DO lit until they have been on the Mailing List for one year, sending in good reliable TRFs & all the rest, proving themselves, & then recommended by two signed recommendations by two officers that they're in fellowship. I don't care how hard it is to get there or how far they have to go to fellowship, even if they can only go to fellowship by train 600 miles once a month, they'll know what kind of person they are, right?
       67. LET ME TELL YOU, ANYBODY WHO REALLY IS SINCERE & THE KIND OF PEOPLE WE WANT ARE NOT GOING TO BE SITTING IN ONE TOWN ALL ALONE BY THEMSELVES! THEY'RE GOING TO FIND FELLOWSHIP OR MAKE FELLOWSHIP OR GET SOME DISCIPLES of their own, & the officers of the area are going to hear about them & know them personally face-to-face & verify them as trustworthy members now after a year, ready to receive DO lit, & they will not get it without the minimum & the recommendations of two officers in their area--written, signed recommendations of two recognised officers!--Is that clear?--Officers who verify that they are good members, trustworthy & worthy to be trusted with DO lit!--No matter how much money they send!
       68. MONEY IS NOT OUR OBJECT!--TRUSTWORTHY DISCIPLES, OBEDIENT SOLDIERS, GENUINE MISSIONARIES IS OUR OBJECT, NOT MONEY! WE'RE NOT JUST SELLING LIT! This is merely a method devised to try to screen out the kind of people we don't want for [DELETED] reliability & effectiveness, efficiency & fruitfulness, right? That's what we would rather have than money. Let me tell you, if we've got that, like Solomon & his wisdom, we'll get everything with it. (1Ki.3:5-14) If we've got the right kind of people, God will give us the right kind of money to support them, & He'll give them the right kind of support!
       69. I DON'T TRUST MISSIONARIES OR WORKERS WHO CAN'T RAISE ANY MORE MONEY THAN THAT! I don't see how they can afford to survive on the field. They'd better go home & get a good job & make money so they can support somebody else! (Maria: Maybe you can bring out the fact that the majority of the families do give above those minimums already, so they can do it--most everybody does already.) Oh goodness, yes!
       70. OK, NOW I'M GOING TO BRING THAT OUT, GIVE YOU THOSE STATS, HOW MANY & HOW MUCH WE'D LOSE EVEN IF WE LOST ALL THOSE WHO DO NOT NOW GIVE THAT MUCH! I've been working on those all morning. Putting these new minimums in force here, if we lose everybody who has been giving less than these new minimums in these various areas, here is the largest number of Homes & amount of money we could possibly lose. If right now everybody who has been giving less than that stopped being a Home & stopped giving anything because we hiked the minimum, here is what we stand to lose: A total of about 500 Homes! That's approximately only one-third of all our TRFing Homes, right? That sounds like a lot, doesn't it? That's a lot of Homes.
       71. WELL, LET ME TELL YOU, GIDEON GOT RID OF A LOT MORE THAN THAT! HE DIDN'T GET RID OF 300 OR 400 HOMES, HE GOT RID OF 32,700 MEN! It was 33,000 to begin with & he boiled it down to 300. That's about 3 out of 300, about 1 out of 100, actually less than one per cent! He chucked out the other 99% & did the job with less than one per cent!
       72. ALL RIGHT, THAT'S THE BAD NEWS! ARE YOU READY FOR THE GOOD NEWS?--Even if they all quit us, all those 500 Homes put together give less per month than nine per cent of our total income! I think it is worth the risk! We have already put into practice austerity measures which are going to save more than that! (Peter: Absolutely! And even if you lost all that, you wouldn't have to send out that many mailings!) Yes, just think how much money we are going to save on lit & postage to those people!
       73. (MARIA: THAT IS REALLY GOING TO ENCOURAGE THE MISSIONARIES who have moved, because look, even in the richest countries they are not making much, & on the mission field they are doing so good! That'll really encourage them!) Yes!--Even if these low givers all quit us & quit completely, quit the Family & quit giving anything, it wouldn't hurt us that much--& I don't think that is what's going to happen! I think just the opposite is going to happen. It is going to weed out a few weak sisters & brothers, & the strong ones are going to up their giving & stick! And we are going to have possibly a couple fewer Homes but actually a lot better people & income for not only us but them, because God is going to bless them for it! Agreed? (Amen!) Praise the Lord? (Amen!) Any questions? Any doubts? (No!) Any reservations? (No!) Comments or suggestions? Any disagreements? Are we agreed on this? It seems good to all of us, huh? (Acts 15:25.) OK, then that's it! Praise the Lord!
       74. I BELIEVE IT IS GOING TO DO US ALL GOOD! I think it is going to do us good in quality & eliminate some of this chaffy quantity!--And I think it is going to do us good financially. [DELETED] I think it is going to do us nothing but good & get rid of the bad & the evil! Frankly, that's what I believe. And I don't care if it costs us money. I don't care if it costs us numbers, people, families, Homes, population, if we up the quality of our people & their effectiveness & efficiency & fruitfulness, it is worth it all, even if it costs us money!--And I don't believe it is going to cost us money. I believe God is going to bless it & we will even be blessed more financially & so will they. That's what I believe. And we will be a lot better off in quality of people & security-wise, security of lit. Praise the Lord? I believe it! TYL!
       75. ARE YOU READY? (YES, SIR!) ALL RIGHT, I WANT THIS PUT IN A NOTICE TO BE SENT OUT ON THE FIRST MAILING WE CAN POSSIBLY GET IT INTO, INTO ALL MAILINGS!--All mailings but LINs, they don't deserve to hear anything, but all those who get anything above LINs & KIDz; in other words all those who get FNs, & all the other mailings. This notice needs to be put in it, boiled down, summarised & made very simple, & of course, if we could get this Letter explaining why in as soon as possible, that's even better! But I'm sure you can get a Notice in first.
       76. I WANT THIS NOTICE TO GO OUT IN WHATEVER IS THE FIRST MAILING IT CAN POSSIBLY CATCH. It is too early & it would be unfair to have it affect the February mailings without notifying the people. It wouldn't be fair to cut off mailings which we've already agreed to mail under certain minimum requirements, right? So they will only get one more of these lenient mailings, lower minimums & the few limited restrictions, just one more, the February mailings will be my Birthday present to them--the last time they get so much for so little!--My Birthday present to the poor little weak sisters & weak tithers & weak people who just haven't got what it takes to either be a Member or a family or a Home or a missionary, if they can't muster up an income of at least that much & give that much, & therefore are an actual poor [DELETED] risk! They'll get their birthday presents in February according to the old standards. They will be judged on their February 1st TRFs by the old standards.
       77. BUT BEGINNING WITH MARCH 1st WE ARE GOING TO MARCH ON TO VICTORY & WALK RIGHT OVER THEM, if necessary, because all TRFs will be judged & minimum tithes will be judged by the new standards beginning with their March 1st tithes, & if they don't get it in by March 1st, too bad! But their February 1st TRFs will be judged according to present standard minimums & present standard rules that have been in existence regarding filling out TRFs for the last four years at least! But nobody, now you tell Sprint & the CROs this--nobody is to get anything on the basis of even the February 1st TRFs unless those TRFs are filled out in full, without notice!--They've already had notice! They've been notified for years to fill'm out in full!
       78. ANY FEBRUARY 1ST TRFs WHICH DO NOT FULFIL TO THE LETTER & TO THE PENNY PRESENT MINIMUMS & TRFing REQUIREMENTS ARE TO GET NO MORE THAN WHAT THEIR TRF & THEIR TITHE MAKE THEM ELIGIBLE FOR! And I don't care how much tithe they sent, if they didn't fill out their TRF, we send it back to them with the new Notice! Is that clear? They have no excuse, absolutely no excuse! We are not going to send another bit of lit, well, maybe a little booby prize, we'll send them a LIN & a KIDz if they gave enough, a consolation prize for sending in any TRF or any kind of a gift. We'll send them back a LIN & a KIDz with a Notice regarding the new minimums & TRFing requirements, for the old TRFing requirements. And if they met the present standing minimums & they send in a completely filled-out qualified TRF, then we will send them whatever mailings go out in February & they'll probably get a few in March too before we finally get their March 1st TRFs evaluated. They're going to get more than they deserve until we finally get the March 1st TRFs all evaluated & classified as to who gets what. Amen?
       79. OK, THAT'S IT! I'M SICK OF THIS BUSINESS & I AM JUST FURIOUS AT THIS REPORT--HOW THEY EVEN HAD THE NERVE TO WRITE SUCH A REPORT & DESCRIBE THEIR FAILURE! It's almost like they're slapping us in the face! In fact, they're almost flaunting it! "Look! You wouldn't let us, but we did anyhow! We had more mercy than you. We have more mercy than God or you! We really love them! We're really merciful!" I sure wouldn't have written the TRFers who sent incomplete TRFs a letter like they wrote them! "We still love you & blah, blah, blah!" & all that mush! I'd have given it to them hot & heavy! And that's what I'm doing right now!
       80. THE ONES WHO HAVE BEEN AUTHORISING UNJUSTIFIED MAILINGS [DELETED] & GIVING ALL THAT [EDITED: "LIT"] INTO THE HANDS OF OUR ENEMIES, WHICH HAS RESULTED IN ALL THAT BAD PUBLICITY & PERSECUTION & RECENT STATS, ETC.--THEY ARE TO BLAME! They are specifically, individually & personally to blame! They have been responsible for delivering thousands of pieces of [EDITED: "lit"] [DELETED] right into the Enemy's hands! My God! How could you trust them with any more information when they have already been responsible for delivering wholesale information to the Enemy for years!
       81. I THINK WE ARE JUSTIFIED ON THE BASIS OF THEIR REPORT THAT THEY ARE GUILTY OF TOTAL VIOLATION OF THE RULES! They have disobeyed, broken the rules, & now for God knows how many years! I am absolutely furious at'm! They have betrayed us! They have sold us down the river! They have deliberately disobeyed us, flagrantly violated the rules & delivered into the hands of hundreds of our enemies thousands of pieces of [DELETED] lit that they should never have had, resulting in an explosion of bad publicity & persecution in [EDITED: "that area"] & all over the World! I consider them responsible!
       82. MY GOD! HOW LONG CAN WE WAIT? NOW LOOK WHAT IT'S CAUSED US!--Some of the worst trouble ever by their sickening, weak-sister attitude toward our enemies! My God! Some of the cases they describe there, I'd have canned them a long time ago! It's ridiculous!--Still sending them lit, even corresponding with them, even talking to them, giving them any kind of chance at all! I'd have thrown their TRF back in their face & their money too, & said, "Forget it!" She's had letters of criticism & complaint from them about us & leadership & doctrine & blah, blah! My God! Anybody like that I'm not going to send them another page as far as I am concerned! They don't deserve it unless they're solid, qualified, bona fide Family Members, wholehearted, trustworthy, reliable, justifiable! I don't want any other kind of Family Members! I don't want to send anybody else our lit except for good people who really love the Lord & are really obedient & obeying God & me & the Family & the Family rules & are doing the job! They deserve it, the others don't!
       83. THEY HAVE BEEN SENDING THOUSANDS OF PIECES OF LIT TO PEOPLE WHO DON'T DESERVE IT, & it's been, not a little thumbhole in the dike, but a complete collapse of the dam as far as they're concerned! You see, all that trouble we've been having [EDITED: "there"], even the trouble that caused them to have to move & all the rest, they could have been responsible for! They could have been responsible for that investigation, the whole works, because of their carelessness & betrayal. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey have done it to us & the Family & caused untold suffering & persecution, bad publicity, & God knows how far it is going to go! It is not over with yet. We'll probably suffer the fruit of that until the Lord comes, except for the mercy of God & what little He can do to control or stop it, & there are a lot of things He can't or won't do because they're our fault!
       84. AMEN, LORD, GIVE US WISDOM IN ALL THESE DELIBERATIONS & DECISIONS, & give Maria & Peter especially wisdom in deciding where to put them & what to do about them & where to move the office & all the rest. Open the doors, Lord, if this is Thy Will, we know You'll open the doors & You'll work it all out, amicably if possible, so that this CRO will know they're being disciplined for failure, but yet not completely abandoned. They are still Thy children. We believe they love Thee & we believe they have at least halfheartedly loved us & the Family, & as Maria seems to think, will probably want to stay somewhere with support. So Lord help us to work out the best place for them, the best place to find for the new Office & to work out all these details.
       85. HELP PETER AS HE [DELETED] STOPS THE MAILINGS & all these things that must be done immediately as they go over the list to see who gets lit & who doesn't, & makes up the Notices. Help & give him wisdom with all these things he has done so well at, Lord, handling these business items to take them off of my shoulders. In Jesus' name. Bless & keep us all. Thank You for how You have, & now we just ask Thee to have Thy way, You know what's best, Thy Will be done. And give us the wisdom & the willingness to obey & follow Thee, in Jesus' name. Amen. Work it all out for the best. PTL!--"All things work together for good to them that love the Lord!" (Rom.8:28)--And we believe this shake-up & purge has done us all good & will do the whole Family good by purifying our ranks!--In Jesus' name, amen! GBAKYAMYAB & make you more faithful till Jesus comes!--In Jesus' name, amen!--WLY!--D.

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