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THE STORY OF TECHI!--Chapter 40--CAMPING WITH TECHI!       DO 1737       6-9/80 France
--Discipline, A New Helper, Parent Time & Little Samuel!
--By Dora
Techi Techi's Age: 15-18 mos.

       1. "EVERY DAY WITH JESUS IS SWEETER THAN THE DAY BEFORE!" Amen! And every day with Techi brings lots of joy & new experiences! Living with her in a trailer at our little campsite so close to Dad was very exciting & brought new lessons to our life. About a week after we had moved to our new little home, Dad asked me to write him a detailed note about how we were getting along camping, & he often replied on our little notes. Here are some daily-life lessons we learned during our camping time:

       2. LITTLE TECHI HAS NEVER BEEN A LONG SLEEPER DURING THE NIGHT & seems to really enjoy the morning hours, she literally "pops up" in the morning! When she wakes, she wakes all the way, looks around with her big bright eyes, & greets the new day with a big smile! There is such an eagerness to start a new full day! PTL!

       3. DURING OUR BREAKFAST TIME, WE AIR THE BED & then roll the sheets & blankets, just as Dad has taught us, & they're stored under the couch. [DELETED] Whenever Techi visits Dad & Maria's bedroom & plays on their bed, Dad & Maria are careful about not letting her play directly on the bottom sheet where Dad & Maria sleep, for [DELETED] reasons of hygiene & cleanliness. It's also best never to sit with street clothes on the sheets & bedding.

       4. DAD SUGGESTED THAT EACH CARAVAN HAVE A GOOD FLASHLIGHT & emergency candle & matches close by the bed, of course out of reach of children, though it is also necessary to forbid children to ever play with matches! I kept my flashlight right close to our bed, since during these Summer months at the campground we had several blackouts. Soon Techi, who had just managed to talk, would remind me as soon as the lights went out, "Flashlight!" And once the lights were on again, it was her job to put the flashlight back in its place, which she faithfully did. She always enjoyed little responsibilities around our little Heavenly Home.

       5. WHEN LIVING IN THE CARAVAN, TECHI'S APPETITE INCREASED QUITE A BIT due to the outside play & the fresh air. She tried her best to eat with a spoon & even liked to try the fork, but often still found it easier to use her hand. She learned very well to keep her hands on the table & off the furniture till she cleaned up. She would sit at the dinette on a firm cushion, which we covered with a piece of plastic for more protection. Since little Techi still had quite a few accidents with wetting, I had her sit on a plastic waterproof pad during schooltime, & when visiting other mobile homes I took the same pad along for her to sit on to protect their furniture. (In the Tropix you might cover the pad with a pillowcase to prevent heat rash.)

       6. TECHI HAS ALWAYS BEEN QUITE PARTICULAR ABOUT CLEANLINESS & SHE ALWAYS HAD A GOOD SENSE OF ORDER. She corrects things if not put back in the place they go. One of the last days before moving into the caravan, Techi helped to empty the trash after dinner. I explained to her how we had to keep a big wooden log on the trash can lid because in the evenings the cats would come & try to get into the garbage. That was Techi's cue! Dramatically she explained, "No, cat!" And she went on & on expressing her displeasure about the cats who'd make a mess of the garbage! Dad suggested we be sure the garbage was disposed of in an efficient way, i.e. to fold up big cartons instead of throwing them away unfolded, which filled up the trash too quickly. We all made sure then to close the trash can after use, otherwise the smell & the flies were horrible! Since we didn't have any place to dispose of our Selah trash--which amounts to quite a pile in this unit--we kept it bagged till a close-by Family unit burned it for us. Thank you & GBY!

       7. BUT BACK TO TTT--TINY TIDY TECHI--AS WE OFTEN CALL HER.--She enjoyed household chores, especially where she could work with water! Her pushchair was one of the responsibilities she had to help clean, & it got quite muddy on our long walks through the countryside. It was also her job to keep her toys in place; besides keeping toy sets in round boxes with lids, we used cloth bags hanging from hooks within the children's reach. After she was dressed in the morning, she'd go to her dressing corner, a cloth bag with sections for brush, comb & her "jewelry"! Besides a brush & hair clips in her hand, she returned with sometimes up to five different bead or paper necklaces hung around her neck. She loves to dress up!

       8. OUR MAIN HOUSEHOLD RESPONSIBILITY WAS TO DO THE LAUNDRY FOR ALMOST ALL OF US. Since it was quite a load, Techi saw it as a real responsibility to help me with it. During the late morning hours we both went down to the public washhouse to do laundry. Dad had bought Techi a little wagon on wheels with a long string attached. We loaded the wagon with the laundry & set off. It was a real noisy wagon & Dad could hear her on the way to the washhouse; he watched her & said, "Oh, my heart goes with her when she goes down there with her little wash bowl & her wagon!"

       9. TO KEEP TECHI BUSY I GAVE HER TWO LITTLE BUCKETS, one in which she first played with the soap powder & water to be sure she'd have enough bubbles to wash her items in, & another for rinsing her own laundry--panties, socks or tennies (tennis shoes). She kept busy for a long time just quietly working away, or sometimes we had a little chat together, to the amazement of everybody else who came in there to do their laundry or dishes! They always marvelled over this little "housewife," at only 1-1/2 years old!

       10. AS USUAL WHEN AROUND STRANGERS, SHE WAS VERY QUIET & RESERVED & kept rather close to one of us. One day at the little washhouse she again was busy with her little bucket, washing her socks, when our neighbours, a mother with two children, both older than Techi, came in. The children were playing around while the mother did the dishes, & both children were quite loud & rowdy. Little Techi however really "shtuck" to her job & kept so busy at it that soon the two children stopped their running around & watched her. Then they went over to their mother asking her to get them a bucket also & let them help! The mother went off, returning a few minutes later with buckets & laundry & then her children also got busy helping, inspired by little Techi!--Surely a little child shall lead them!

       11. ANOTHER ATTRACTION FOR OUR DAILY LAUNDRY RUNS WERE SOME SPECIAL FRIENDS TECHI MADE. First, there was a white poodle belonging to a caravan right next to the washhouse. He was kept on a leash & was cute as could be! He yapped & jumped up & down & Techi could hardly get enough of watching him. And being a little girl--& quite a lovely one--she also quickly found a boyfriend, a little Dutch boy who was camping out with his parents near the washhouse. He showed her his toys & whenever we had to leave the washhouse area she had a hard time departing. She'd walk a few steps & turn around to wave at him & even blew kisses at him. He was a couple of years older than her. "Oh my, Honey, are you heartbroken already at such a young age!" Dad said to her when I told him about Techi's new love!

       12. DURING THE EARLY EVENING-TIME WE OFTEN WENT ON WALKS & one of the main attractions was the nearby duck pond. Techi was thrilled to see the ducks & their little babies, so cute! In amazement she watched them, feeding herself the old bread which we had taken along for the ducks! At one visit to the duck pond, all the ducks were scared away because an older boy had been throwing rocks at the ducks. Alf talked to the boy & asked him to stop throwing rocks. Techi, already so astonished that somebody would even dare throw rocks at her beloved little ducks, kept saying, "No, no!" to the boy, & upon returning home she told the story almost all evening long!

       13. ANOTHER FUN ACTIVITY WAS GOING ON A NATURE HUNT & coming back with special stones or rocks, snails, pine cones & holly to display on our nature table in the awning. For safety reasons our children were not allowed to step into tall grass, since this area in Southern France is quite populated with snakes in the Summertime. Dad often suggested we take along a long stick, like a staff, while on our nature hikes.

       14. WE ALWAYS PRAYED BEFORE LEAVING FOR OUR WALKS to meet somebody whom we could make happy & be a witness to in some way, since our children here don't have very many witnessing opportunities. The Lord faithfully led us to people who received the children's love receptively. Techi always is drawn to children & although she hardly talks to them & doesn't directly mingle with them, she definitely watches them. Once on a short little walk, Techi started waving & smiling at a lonely older girl who was camping with her parents, apparently an only child, standing around kind of forlorn. Techi had compassion on her & cheered her up. Due to her burden for others, we remembered to pray for these people, just as Techi prayed for our missionary children & babies!

       15. WHEN WATCHING FAMILY VIDEOS TECHI USUALLY PLAYED AROUND, BUT TUNED IN WHEN MUSIC CAME ON, & especially when children sang. On one of these videos from Scandinavia, young Christian of Joan & Nahum had bid farewell & waved bye-bye, saying, "We love you!" Techi, hearing a child's voice, immediately tuned in, & she was just smiling all over & really was flirting with dear Christian on the screen! "I love you!" she replied to him! Amen! GBY Christian!

       16. IT'S A REAL SPECIAL BLESSING TO GET TO WATCH OUR PRECIOUS FAMILY ON VIDEO, TOGETHER WITH DAD. He makes sure we all watch these priceless & exciting testimonies, commenting: "This is like your reward, the fruit of your labours to see these precious people!" Amen! We all love you so much! XXX! Dad really appreciates seeing you all & he knows how hard it is & what a fight it is out there on the field! He said, "We've all suffered a lot, but God bless them! They are still going for the Lord!" Hallelujah!


       17. DURING OUR ADULT DEVOTION TIME AFTER OUR LIGHT SUMMER LUNCH, TECHI WAS OFTEN VERY FUSSY. For one reason she was tired at that time, since she's an "early bird" & always needs an afternoon nap. She also was teething quite heavily at that time, with her back teeth cutting through almost all at the same time. Yet another reason for her restless & fussy behaviour was that she was jealous of us reading the Word & not paying enough attention to her! Most of the times I had to just put her down for her nap to guarantee a fruitful devotion time for the rest of the Staff.

       18. DAD SAYS HE NEVER MINDS HAVING CHILDREN AROUND WHEN HE'S PREACHING OR TALKING to us & often reminds us of how Jesus must've had many children around Him. Yet when small children get fussy & cry, they should be taken out of the meeting, he says. When the children are tired they should be gotten in the habit of going to sleep right there in the meeting, in the midst of everything else going on. Dad told us about how he & Mother Eve put their young children to sleep during church meetings, often right on the floor on a blanket! Techi wasn't so easily settled & her jealousy problem during devotion time--especially when I took a turn reading--continued for some time! Someone else then took her to put her down for her sleeptime, to teach her to respect my Word time. She didn't like this very much, but had to learn.

       19. TECHI ALSO GOT IN AN IMPATIENT STAGE where she'd stomp her feet & throw a fit. She was spanked for acting like this & soon got over it. Several times while out on walks or in public places & seeing System kids throwing fits or screaming out loud, I had to point out to her how they need [EDITED: "to be disciplined"] for acting like this! TTL for His love & discipline!

       20. TECHI HAD A FLANNELGRAPH ABOUT JONAH & THE BIG WHALE WITH THE BIG CHILDREN ONE DAY. First she was really excited about it, but when Sara mentioned that Jonah was a bad boy & didn't obey, Techi suddenly didn't feel too enthusiastic about it anymore & turned away from the story! She didn't care to have another sermon on obedience & especially to hear about the results of disobedience! She sure was convicted!

       21. ONE DAY TECHI PURPOSELY DISTURBED A BIBLE STORY we had together with the big children & she got a good firm swat on her bottom after she had been warned. As usual, she was real good & happy afterwards. We soon went outside to play when Daddy called & waved at her while standing in his trailer door. Usually Techi can hardly wait to run down the little hill into his arms, but this time she just wasn't interested at all about seeing him. She looked rather shy & even had her fingers shyly in her mouth while kissing Daddy. When Techi wasn't around, Maria asked me why she'd acted like this, which was really unusual for her, & I told her how she had gotten disciplined shortly before this & probably was convicted to have to face Daddy, who might find out that she'd been naughty! Maria said, "Oh well, that makes it clear. She knew she was acting bad & she didn't want to face Dad. It was almost like the judgement of God!" She loves Dad so much & wants to give her best for him & she really didn't want him to find out that she was acting bad.

       22. ON ANOTHER OCCASION DURING DEVOTIONS IN SARA'S CARAVAN, TECHI WAS BUSY WITH SOME WAX CRAYONS & paper, busily working on the floor while we were reading, but she suddenly scribbled on the bathroom door, (which came off easily, TTL!). Techi knows she's not allowed to colour on any kind of furniture so I spanked her hand for it. When her sins were found out & she was exposed, she tried to get around the punishment by overreacting & being funny in front of the other big people, all watching the scene. This kind of amused them & some were joking & laughing, which is very easy to do since Techi is quite an actress!

       23. CHILD PSYCHOLOGY!--BUT NOW IT WAS OUR TURN, & we made clear to her in a serious talk right there on the spot that it all wasn't a joke, (since some people had laughed), but that it was very naughty to disobey & scribble on the door!


       24. TECHI FOUND A NEW LOVE--DEAR RICHARD--WHO JOINED OUR LITTLE TEAM to help with all-around handyman jobs & to spend some time with the children, who really love him & knew him already. It was a real blessing how Techi "took" to him easily & had a special love for him. The very first day he won the children's hearts by playing leapfrog with them while out on our walk. Since living at a campground involves many more handyman jobs, yet everyone in our Staff had their designated areas of work, Dad & Maria suggested Richard come help & also live with Techi & me, who at that time lived by ourselves in a caravan. Since Techi & I slept together in the big bed, Dad suggested that Richard probably could sleep on the single bed, so Techi & I wouldn't have to "break up" our relationship & Techi wouldn't be jealous. [DELETED]

       25. HAVING SOMEONE LIVING WITH US WAS A REAL BLESSING & it was the first time for someone to live closely with Techi & me, who hadn't been sharing our room or caravan til that time. Dad said, "Living together in small quarters like a caravan really teaches you good lessons on loving each other! If you live in trailers it's good to keep your mind on the good things, on those things which are of good report, as the verse says." (Phil.4:8.) When working with Maria in a small space, he tells her about 100 times during the day how much he loves her, & they blow kisses to each other! Maria said humorously, "Yes, & even when Dad gets upset with me, he quickly says, 'I love you!'"

       26. REGARDING LOVING EACH OTHER, DAD TOLD THE STORY OF THE LADY WHO CAME TO THE JUDGE BECAUSE SHE WANTED TO DIVORCE HER HUSBAND. There were many little things in their relationship which she thought good enough reasons to break up their marriage, so when the Judge asked, "Well, what is wrong?", the lady answered, "Oh, he doesn't hang up his clothes & he sometimes sits at the table without having washed his hands...," & on & on & on. But when the Judge asked her, "Well, is he a good father to the children & does he provide well?" She only could answer those important questions positively, so the Judge suggested that she go home & in the following 30 days to really think of the good things & see the good things in her husband. And then afterwards if she still thought she wanted to be divorced, she should come back again. But the Judge never saw her again!--What a wise Judge! Dad said, "It's so often the little things which break up relationships, so let's think of those things which are of good report!" (See No.997:9-12.)

       27. DEAR RICHARD IS A REAL PRECIOUS HELPER & we grew to really love him. He's one of those "little people" without whom the World wouldn't go 'round, GBH! He sees the need when things need to get done & is a willing helper. Dad said about him: "GBH! PTL! We always loved him & liked him around. He was always good to have around & good with Dito. God bless him!" God bless all the many many faithful "little people"! What a reward they'll receive for being so faithful & such blessings! (Amen!--Dad)


       28. WHEN TECHI WAS 15 MONTHS OLD SHE COULD SAY MANY WORDS & ALWAYS LOVED TO TALK. Dad mentioned that Pisces as well as Capricorns seem to have quite a gift for languages. They pick them up really easily. 16-month-old Techi could say anything she wanted to. One day Techi heard Sue having the hiccups, & since they didn't seem to go away, Dad suggested she drink something. Dad also asked Techi to pray for Sue. Sue took Techi's hands to lay on her chest for prayer, but Techi insisted on putting her hand on Sue's mouth & not the chest. For Techi it was the mouth where the problem was, where she could hear the hiccups coming from! Techi whispered, "Jesus, help please!" Immediately Sue's hiccups stopped, a real miracle! Dad was really happy & said, "Maybe she has the gift of healing like Maria has; whenever Maria prays for me I'm healed immediately! Your Mother has the gift of healing & lots of faith," Dad said to Techi about Maria.

       29. FROM THE PROMISE BOX TECHI ONE EVENING CHOSE REV.3:7,8: "And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith He that is holy, He that is true, He that hath the key of David, He that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth; I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept My Word, and hast not denied My Name."--Dad read the verses to her & then Techi took the little card & kissed it. "Good girl, kiss the Word!" Dad said.


       31. WHEN LOOKING THROUGH A PICTURE ENCYCLOPEDIA, WHICH SHOWED A PICTURE OF LEONARDO DA VINCI leaning over a sheet of paper drawing, Techi pointed at it & called out, "Daddy! Daddy!" Thinking it was him! "Well, I always was an admirer of his," Dad said, "He was quite smart!"

       32. ANOTHER OCCASION WHERE TECHI GOT TO SPEND TIME WITH MOMMY & DADDY WAS AT OUR UNITED DINNER TIMES. David usually sat next to his mother at the big dinette with all the big people, while Techi sat at the small dinette further away. After our meals Techi usually managed to be the center of attention & to even get Mommy to play with her under the small table, which she called her "tent"! Dad said, "You're drunk with happiness & joy. You don't even have to drink wine--you are living in the World of madness, happy & free. You are not Don Quixote but Dona Quixote!" She has such a sparkling personality!

       33. DAD HAD SOME REALLY RESTLESS NIGHTS AGAIN & WAS SICK, WHICH OFTEN REFLECTS ON DEAR LITTLE TECHI. She seems to really suffer for him & prays for him in the Spirit. God bless her! One day we got the message to all get together immediately & pray for Dad. We united in prayer, holding hands, rebuking the Enemy & praying for Dad. 17-month-old Techi stood with us holding hands, knowing that prayer is really important & really can help her Daddy. Then once we were done praying, she had a chance to see Dad & she was so full of faith, expecting him to feel much better, because we had all prayed for him. And there he was, smiling through his window, all happy. Hallelujah! TYJ!

       34. AFTERWARDS WE WENT WITH OUR LITTLE WAGON DOWN TO THE WASHHOUSE TO DO THE LAUNDRY & strangely enough, Techi, who usually is very sure on her feet & hardly has any falls, tripped & fell down & hit her head quite hard. It was very strange because she was even holding my hand. It was a real attack from the Devil after her prayers for Dad! I prayed right there for her & then took her back to Sara, where the children also prayed for her & we took care of the wound she had on her head. The Lord gave her grace & strength to endure the treatment when disinfecting the wound with pure alcohol. Techi's bravery & calm attitude was a real victory after that strange accident. TTL!

       35. ONE PARTICULAR NIGHT TECHI WAS VERY RESTLESS & HARDLY SLEPT; later that day we learned that Dad was feeling very sick & was battling. Yet, the victory was ahead! In the afternoon, Techi got to see him & he received her joyfully into his arms: "Oh, what a miracle. I'm so much better!" The Devil was really fighting because Dad had worked on the Letter "Satan, King of Empires!" (ML #961) Dad said, "Well, the Devil really fought that one! But thank the Lord, the Lord won a great victory again!"

       36. THEN ON THE FOLLOWING NIGHT TECHI WOKE AT 8:00 IN THE MORNING, SMILING REAL HAPPILY. She'd had a real good sound sleep--the first one after several restless nights. Sara came over to our caravan real early wanting to know how Techi slept, explaining when praying for Techi she had a vision of an angel kneeling beside Techi in her sleep. "This beautiful angel with these big gorgeous wings was securely surrounding you!" TYJ! PTL! There really was an angel taking care of little Techi & making sure she had a beautiful restful night. TYJ! TYL for His great great miracles & victories!


       37. ONE OF TECHI'S FAVOURITE BIBLE STORIES WAS ABOUT SAMUEL. We had a flannelgraph about it & acted it out many, many times. With the few words she could say, she told the story excitedly, especially to Dad: "Hannah--sad," then she would fold her hands to act out Hannah's prayer & then jump up for joy: "Hannah--baby--happy!" Little Samuel was a real special friend to her, & the part about his miraculous conception was more important to her than his later life, helping Eli in the temple. How Jesus answered Hannah's prayers & gave her a baby seemed to really please Techi, & was special to her!

       38. SOON AFTER WE FIRST HAD THE STORY, TECHI ONE NIGHT CALLED OUT IN HER SLEEP: "SAMUEL! SAMUEL!" Dad wondered if he's her Spirit helper! He said he'd always thought of Samuel as a great old man when he really could be a little child--as Techi imagined him to be! Even in the Spirit World Samuel could be a little boy, since time is non-existent, Dad said. "It's an amazing thing how she loves those Bible stories, no wonder she loves the story of lil' Samuel so much. It's almost like her. I'm like Hannah, I prayed for her, I wanted her, but then I had to give her up to the Lord for the work's sake. And you are like Eli, you are her priestess, you raise her in the temple.

       39. "SHE'S SUCH A COMFORT. THE LORD PROMISED HER & He showed her to me years before. The Lord promised & He fulfilled my wish! My heart is with her. I would love to take care of her myself, but I have to take care of the World. She's my job & I prayed for her, but I have to give her to you to take care of because I have to take care of the World. But thus you help to take care of the World too!" PTL!

       40. TYJ FOR THE BEAUTIFUL RESPONSIBILITY OF BEING AROUND HIS CHILDREN, leading & guiding them. We pray for you all & your love & strength & patience in taking care of His Kingdom Come!--Dad says, "One of the ways of giving to God is helping the little ones!" Amen! PTL! We love you!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family