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PROPHECIES!--How They Come! DO 17422/84--An After-Birthday Discussion.

1. IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE FAITH TO GIVE THE FIRST THING GOD GIVES YOU, THEN HE WON'T GIVE YOU ANYTHING MORE! A lot of people waited too long & just gave only the first that the Lord had given'm because they still remembered it after they were inspired. Whereas if they had given it immediately the first moment they got it, they would have gotten more.
2. WHY WOULD PEOPLE DOUBT THE LORD IN PROPHECY & WONDER WHETHER IT'S THE RIGHT TIME OR THE RIGHT PLACE? Why would they wonder if the Lord would give it at the wrong time & the wrong place? (Maria: Well, I guess it's because sometimes two people start prophesying at exactly the same time.) You know why?--Somebody held it back too long & so the Lord begins to speak through someone else, & then the person who held it back, about the same time, decides they're going to finally give it but they're almost too late! It's not God's fault, it's their fault for holding back.
3. AND HOW COULD HE GIVE YOU MORE THAN THE FIRST PHRASE OR THE FIRST SENTENCE? YOU COULDN'T REMEMBER IT ALL! I mean it's just like interpreting for someone speaking in another language. He can only give you so much at a time that you can remember. Some people want to get the whole prophecy first before they give it, they want to know for sure what they're going to say, make sure that they like it before they give it. Why, if He'd give the whole thing at once they'd never remember it! Can you imagine me remembering some of those long prophecies I've gotten? How did I give'm? I just gave'm as they flowed right through my tongue, my mouth. I just poured it as fast as it came! It's like these running translations.
4. HONEY, I THINK THAT WAS ALMOST LIKE YOUR ANOINTING LAST NIGHT OR LIKE YOUR ORDINATION FOR YOUR LEADERSHIP! You've been ordained as a secretary & recorder for years, but last night it was like a public ordination & recognition of your new leadership ministry. Didn't you feel that? It seemed to give you greater liberty & I think you're doing better now. It really takes faith for leadership just like anything else.--Just like giving tongues or prophecy.
5. YOU JUST MUST NOT LET YOURSELF GET IN THE WAY, JUST LET YOURSELF GO! That's how we started at the Club. When it came time for the Lord to speak through others, I just refused to talk. Instead I let the Lord speak. You just have to take command of the situation & command them to obey, & rebuke the Devil! They are very obedient if you tell them.
6. SOME OF YOU ARE REASSURED NOW THAT I'M A GENUINE PENTECOSTAL! The trouble with the Pentecostals is, they want that kind of thing every night & then they're exhausted! I think that kind of thing is something special, not an everyday occurrence, but they just want to live on that plane every night. They're so far in the clouds they're not an earthly bit of good!
7. IT WAS JUST BEAUTIFUL, JUST BEAUTIFUL LAST NIGHT, THE LITTLE PEOPLE! The Lord used the gifts & talents that have been neglected. Some of the little people weren't used to exercising their gifts, but they came through, they just needed to be encouraged. GB'M!
8. I HAD THE FUNNIEST FEELING LAST NIGHT WHEN I WAS HOLDING UP MY ARMS & THEY DIDN'T GET TIRED for so long--that I was being held from Heaven!--Just like someone there, some power there was holding on to my hands & I was just hanging there! Thank You Lord!

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