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THE LOVE-MAKING OF A QUEEN! 2/84 DO 1745--And the Naming of Her Baby!

1. (KISSING & LOVING.) ABRAHIM LIKES YOU TOO! Can't you hear him? PTL! XXX! TYL! You're my Queen! Praise You Lord! Thank You for rescuing her, Lord, thank You for keeping her, Jesus. Thank You for showing us how to get her out of her country. It was the Lord! (More kissing & seeing if comfy & too hot or not.) This is almost as close as you can get!
2. PYL! THANK YOU JESUS FOR MARIANNE! I have a hard time calling you anything else, I'm sorry, it just doesn't seem to fit. Marianne is such a pretty name, so much more fitting for fineness like you French! Marianne, Marianne! (Sings to the tune of "Oh, Maryland":) "My Marianne, my Marianne, I love you so my Marianne! My Marianne, my Marianne, I love you so my Marianne!" (Marianne loving up Dad, he explains his girls poster by his bed with all the MWM nudie-cuties on it!:) The first thing I see in the morning & the last thing at night is you--with all your handmaidens, ladies in waiting! PTL! TYL! Are you comfy, Honey? Here, scott up a little higher like that. Thank You Lord!
3. YOU TURN ME ON! I THINK YOU WENT ABOUT THREE TIMES, DIDN'T YOU? I hope I didn't give you too much. Lord bless the baby! Help her not to get too excited, in Jesus' name, & keep her safe.--And help her to get some good exercise out of it. XXX! (Marianne: Do you think it's a "her"?) Well, I keep thinking of it as a "her". Why not? (M: I'd like it!) Do you think it's about time for you to have a "her"? It would be nice for your little boy to have a little sister. (Yes!)
4. PTL! TYL! IT'S ABOUT TIME FOR US TO HAVE A LITTLE WINE. Hold on. Bless it in Jesus' name! (Marianne: What a nice way to have Communion!) TYL! Lord bless it, Lord & make it a blessing. Praise the Lord! Amen. Thank You Lord! Praise You Jesus! Amen, bless & consecrate this child to Thy service, Lord, for Thy glory. Bless Marianne when she has the child, Lord, give her the strength. PYL! "He that hath begun a good work in you shall complete it to the end! PTL! Hallelujah! "Who hath delivered & doth deliver & Who will yet deliver!" (2Cor.1:10) Amen? PTL!
5. WELL, I HAVE TO GO BY FAITH A LOT OF TIMES. I DON'T KNOW, EITHER IT WAS A NAME, OR IT MAY NOT EVEN BE FRENCH. I don't even know what it means. Shall I tell you? (M: Yes!) Are you sure? (M: Yes!) What if you won't like it! (M: Oh, I'll love it!) Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! Praise You Lord! Lord, Thy will be done, You know what's best. TYL! Well, I don't know if you've ever heard such a name & I don't even know if you'll like it. It's a funny thing, the moment I laid my hand on your tummy that name came to me: ALVERNIA! Have you ever heard of such a name? It sounds French.
6. (M: LIKE AUVERGNE, FRANCE.) MAYBE THAT'S WHAT IT WAS! Have you ever had anything to do with Auvergne? (M: Yes, my Grandfather is from Auvergne. I was with him a lot when I was a little girl, a man that reminds me a lot of you.) Do you suppose that any members of your family could be called that, after that place? You say they lived there? Now that could be it, see, because in French some things are sort of silent, & the thing that I got came close, Alvernia. Because I don't know French well, that's the sound that came to me.
7. I THOUGHT IT WAS ALVERNIA, BUT IT MUST HAVE BEEN AUVERGNE. Isn't that amazing? I didn't know that's where your Grandfather used to live. That's where they settled when they came from Russia? (M: My father's family is French, it's my mother's family who're Russian.) Have you ever been there? (M: Yes, I used to go there all the time when I was a little girl.) Did you like it? (M: Oh, it's a beautiful place! It's mountainous, hilly.)
8. IT'S FUNNY, I SAW MOUNTAINS WHEN IT CAME TO ME & I THOUGHT, "WELL, THAT'S FUNNY FOR A GIRL'S NAME!" (M: He was the man that probably had the greatest influence on me when I was a little child.) Really? It's a pretty name! You never heard a person called that? How do you spell it? (M: A-U-V-E-R-G-N-E.) Isn't that something? That's amazing! What does the word mean? Does it have any meaning? It must have some kind of meaning.
9. YOU KNOW, IT WOULD BE JUST LIKE YOUR GRANDFATHER TO PICK THE NAME. (Tongues:) "So is the love of your (Grand) Father for you & so is his love for this little one!" Hallelujah! TYJ! I think your Grandfather just got through naming your child! How about that! Maybe he did it in memory of those times when you were there. That place must be precious to him, he must have precious memories of Auvergne. It's absolutely amazing! (M: It's a beautiful name!) The "L" doesn't necessarily have to be in there, it's just because I was not familiar with the name Auvergne. (M: In French the way the language is changed, a lot of times "AL" becomes "AU".) Really? Maybe that's the old form. (M: In Latin Alva means white.) What could it mean then? Does it have something to do with white? Names always have meaning. Is it something about the harvest there is white?...Or is it too mountainous? That's what I got out of it, he named your daughter! It'll probably turn out to be a boy! Ha! (M: It'll be a girl, it has to be!) Could it be the name of a boy? (M: It sounds more like a girl's name.) These things are so strange! Hallelujah! TYJ!
10. THE NEWSPAPER CAME OUT WITH THREE PICTURES (OF POSSIBLE RUSSIAN SUCCESSORS WHEN ANDROPOV DIED) SAYING THIS ONE HERE IS THE MOST LIKELY, THEN THIS ONE, & CHERNENKO WAS ON THE END, THE LEAST LIKELY, who had been defeated by Andropov before. But I just looked at the picture--& I don't often do this--& I said, "Lord, You know which one it is!"--And immediately my eyes were just drawn to his picture like that, just as plain as anything! I thought, "Oh Lord, what a longshot! After all, Lord, he's hardly in the running, the other guys are ahead of him & You picked this one that's the most likely loser!" I'm so glad I told you folks that night, because otherwise it wouldn't have been so wonderful! (M: It was such a thrill for us too!..) To be in on a revelation! Isn't that wonderful? And this is quite a revelation!
11. SO THAT WAS THE PLACE WHERE YOUR GRANDFATHER CAME FROM! (M: And of all my grandparents, he's the one that I really loved & I really prayed for him because I don't think he was saved, he was very anti-church. And one night I had a dream I was making love to him & I woke up & it was so real, & I had the feeling that he'd gotten saved!) Hallelujah! That's symbolic, after all, if he was married to you, you're married to the Lord & he could be married to the Lord! Isn't that wonderful? TYJ! PYL! (Tongues) "How wonderful are the things Thou hast shown unto their father." Such a little father, Lord. TYL! You're so good to us! PYL!
12. THAT IS REALLY SOMETHING! SOMETIMES I GET A WORD & I DON'T EVEN GET IT EXACTLY, I JUST SORT OF GET THE GENERAL SOUND OF IT. What part of France is it? (M: The center of France. An old place with lots of castles.) I'm not positive, it was an unfamiliar word to me, so I just came as close as I could. I mean, I had to do that by faith, Honey, but the moment I laid my hand on your tummy that name came to me just like that! She's already moving, huh? She's really moving, TYL! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah!
13. AMEN, LORD, YOU'RE SO WONDERFUL & YOU WORK IN SUCH A MYSTERIOUS WAY YOUR WONDERS TO PERFORM! PYL! TYL! Amen, it's Thy child, that's one thing we sure know, & we know you're going to take care of Marianne & bring her through. Did you hear the message the Lord gave about "Such is the love of her father"--& that time it was talking about your Grandfather--"for this child". (M: I thought it was talking about you.) No, it was your Grandfather! It was almost like I could see him, this old gent. It was just almost like he was looking down & happy, happy to have that grandchild! You prayed for him, you loved him, so he's praying for you! PTL! Isn't that wonderful? TYL! Hallelujah! Amen, hallelujah! TYL! Such a sweet thing!
14. YOU KNOW, THAT NAME WAS NOT FAMILIAR TO ME AT ALL, SO YOU KNOW THAT HAD TO BE THE LORD! And of all things, to be the place your Grandfather was from! He must have loved that place. (M: He was a farmer & had a farm there & he was born there.) So that country was dear to his heart. (M: It was very dear to his heart & he always wanted us to go there. He'd say it was the perfect climate, 600 meters above sea level. He was a man like you who was really concerned for health & care. He had a lot of good things in him.) Well, of course then, why wouldn't he have that name very dear to him & want to name his grandchild after the place that was most dear to his heart?--And the place where he knew you & you loved him. How about that? That might be a logical thing to name his great granddaughter, after the place that he loved. I never heard of a girl by that name! It would certainly be unique. And that's a word that's familiar to you & you certainly wouldn't forget. Auvergne! I hope Paul doesn't mind!
15. THE WHOLE THING I GOT FROM WHAT I SAW & I HEARD, THE MESSAGE WAS THAT, "THE JOY OF OLD MEN IS CHILDREN'S CHILDREN." (Pro.17:6) In other words, he's quite interested & concerned about this child & apparently he wanted to name her after the land that he loved. Isn't that beautiful? Auvergne! That's a pretty name for a girl. I think it's a pretty name, don't you? Say it again! You French can do so much better. Alvernia was as close as I could come! (M: I'd have to look in the books to find what it means, I'm sure it means something.) Oh, names always have an original root meaning. Maybe our encyclopedia will give it, Auvergne.
16. A-U-V-E-R-G-N-E. I THINK I'VE SEEN THE NAME SOMEWHERE. (M: There's a lot of French history that happened there. It used to be a place with lots of castles.) I'm sure I've heard the name. I was only close with that "Alvernia" because that's what it sounded like to me. I don't know how I get these things, they just come! Ha! Isn't it amazing? But I'm sure I have seen that name, now that you've spelled it. (M: If you ever went by train or car from Switzerland...) We did, from Paris to Switzerland. (M: When you go down that road they have many indicators all the way along.) I'm sure I've probably seen the word on the map because I study the map. My French is almost nil. We barely got by in France.
17. WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY ABOUT DAVID'S AGE I USED TO GO THROUGH THE BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE, & IN EVERY BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE THEY HAD A FRENCH LESSON & A FRENCH STORY for children, & I tried so hard to figure it out & I tried so hard to try to pronounce it, I really wanted to learn French. The cute little French girls, they looked so cute--it was a picture story like a cartoon or a comic--& they were so cute!--The little old-fashioned long dresses they wore in those days & big hats.
18. THAT'S ALMOST LIKE A CONFIRMATION THAT YOUR PRAYERS HAVE SAVED HIM, because I didn't see him down somewhere. Always when it's someone who's saved & loves the Lord or is in Heaven I've seen them up here somewhere, right about in there, it was just like I saw his face, an old gent smiling, & that's the same time I got that message! Isn't that wonderful? Apparently he loved you as a granddaughter & wanted to name your daughter after the country that he loved! (M: It gives me the chills all over!) I'll be very disappointed if that isn't a girl! (M: It has to be!) Well Honey, I'm not always right, sometimes I miss it.
19. BUT I WASN'T PLANNING ON EVEN THINKING OF A NAME FOR HER, I WASN'T PLANNING ON NAMING HER, nothing, I was just going to pray for her & ask the Lord to bless her. You know? And the moment my hand touched your stomach that name came to me just like that, & I thought, "Lord, I never heard of such a name, that surely couldn't be a girl's name!--Or could it?" But I thought it was pretty & it could be a girl's name, because I have gotten names for children sometimes before they were born. So I thought, "Lord, this is going to be hard to believe!" Let's hope it's right. Whether it's a boy or a girl it's still right! Would that make a good boy's name? It sounds more like a girl's name. Isn't it more a feminine form? (M: Yes.) Well, just trust the Lord, amen? How long have you got to go? (M: One month & a half.) I can hardly wait! Hallelujah! Well, if it was a boy perhaps you could name him that, I don't know. I felt her moving around. She says, "Grandpa, you're squashing me!" Ha!
20. WHAT WOULD BE THE MASCULINE FORM? IS THERE A MASCULINE FORM? IT SOUNDS SO MUCH MORE LIKE A GIRL'S NAME! (M: I guess Alverne would be the closest thing.) Albert in English. Well, that's also a French name, Alberte. That's not a bad name, it's the name of some great kings of England.--Any famous Frenchmen by that name? Albert Einstein! He was Jewish & he comes from Switzerland. Was he originally from Germany or did he come from Russia? Anyhow, it's a very recognised name & a very good name, the name of kings of England & Albert Einstein & Prince Albert cigars! Prince Albert even had a cigar named after him! So that wouldn't be a bad name for a boy. You've always got to be prepared just in case you somehow missed it!
21. ALVERNIA, THAT'S THE WAY IT CAME TO ME! I think probably for our family of other nationalities, Americans etc., Alvernia would probably be easier for them to pronounce with the "l" instead of the "u". I would say it would be spelled Alvernia, Anglocised or Americanised, but that might not please your Grandfather! He wouldn't like that! If it's a girl you're going to have to name her Auvergne!
22. HONEY, YOUR PRAYERS MUST HAVE FREED HIM BECAUSE I SAW HIM UP THERE, THANK YOU JESUS, & HE WAS PLEASED! PTL! Hallelujah! Prayers can do that, we've had that happen lots of times with the Lord's mercy & somebody to pray for them. PTL? TYJ! After all, they have a chance to receive the Lord in the next World, so why not? Through your prayers he received the Lord, & if there's ever a time when they ought to believe, it's then when they know it's all true! Let's not squash the little girl now. What will we call her? Alvy? That's good!
23. IT MAKES ME HAPPY THAT THE LORD GAVE YOU SOMETHING--QUITE A FEW THINGS!--Confirmation that your Grandfather's saved & that he's pleased & that he still loves you & he loves this child & he wants you to name her after the land that he loved. That to me would be very logical & sensible if I'd been your Grandfather, if that's where I knew & loved you & where we had happy times together, the land that I really loved. I think back on places that I've been & they're very dear to my heart. I get almost homesick & nostalgic for some of them. I want to go & see them again in the Millennium! I'm going to really take a tour in the Millennium, Lord willing, go back & visit all the places & the people. Wouldn't that be fun? Wouldn't you like to visit Auvergne? (M: He must be happy that I'm visiting you today because he was a rascal too! He was a sweet man, he loved girls & would run to the window to watch the girls pass by!) Good for him, like a typical Frenchman!--Typical man! It's not confined to Frenchmen! ILY, Sweetheart!
24. IT'S ALWAYS SUCH A PROBLEM CHOOSING A NAME! Had you chosen names already? (M: I've been praying, but I didn't know what to choose.) Well, the Lord answered your prayer! There's Albert or Alvernia! Beautiful! I've heard that name before, Auvergne, French, someone French. Is it the name of a famous movie actor? I'll have to look it up. I wonder if we can find Auvergne in the encyclopedia. How would you like to do some research? I'm going to get out our encyclopedia here & start our research! It's in the encyclopedia, how about that! Let's look & see what it has to say.
25. IT'S A VERY POPULAR NAME, ANYHOW. (M: ALVY IS A TOWN IN FRANCE.) Wait a second! (M: The Cathars!) How about that! Remember what we heard about those people? (See No.576:37-42) The Cathars! (A religious sexy cult of the Middle Ages.) It says here they were officially heretics, that actually they were Cathari, not Christians at all! Imagine them saying something like that! Anyhow, it's a very famous name.
26. (TELLS MARIA:) WE REALLY GOT SOMETHING FROM THE LORD! I hadn't the faintest idea of naming the baby! I started praying for the baby when you were here & it must have been just after that I got that name. She rolled over & I laid my hand on her tummy, I was going to pray for the baby, & instantly this name came to me, a name I never heard of before, & I certainly wouldn't have recognised its French form! It's a French word, the name of the region where her favourite Grandfather lived, & she loved him so! It's in France & he had a farm there. She says she never heard of a girl by that name, but why not? (Maria: Did you get that it was going to be a girl? Is it a girl's name?) Well, that's my impression. It could be Albert if it's a boy. We've got to have an alternative.
27. AND THEN WE GOT A LITTLE THING FROM THE LORD, A MESSAGE, & I GOT A GLIMPSE OF HIM right about up in there, & he was very pleased, & apparently he wanted to name the baby after the land she said he loved. He loved that place, he loved that land & she used to visit him there & they were very close. I started to pray for the baby & all of a sudden this funny name, this word came to me. And I thought, "Oh my goodness, what is that? I never heard a word like that before!" And I held off telling her for a long time, I was afraid she'd think I was crazy, such a funny word! Who wants to name a girl a funny word they never heard of? But it turns out it was this province in France where he lived & loved, & apparently he wanted to name the baby after this province. She'd been praying for his liberation! (M: And he loved women, & one night I had a dream I'd been making love with him & I had the impression when I woke up that he had gotten saved!) That's just like a confirmation that her prayers liberated him.
28. YOU KNOW HOW I SEE THEM SOMETIMES, JUST A LITTLE GLIMPSE OF HIM! Remember those old-fashioned pictures in the big oval wooden frames? He was right about in there, smiling, an old white-haired man. That must be where the name came from, from her Grandfather who loved that place, & she went to visit him there & they were close & they loved each other. Isn't that wonderful? You know me, I don't like to name kids! (M: That was on the top of my list!) To name the baby, huh? You little rascal! You had that on your heart, so the Lord gave you the answer. I don't like to do it because it's quite a responsibility, but that was easy! I mean, it just came to me like that, no sweat!
29. (DAD GIVES MARIANNE A RING & MARIA TAKES A PICTURE.) Do you want to be here for it? Oh honey, how romantic is that for you to be here for our wedding? PTL! Amen! PYL! Hallelujah! TYL! You're surely one of my queens, one of my top queens! Amen, Maria? PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! You don't have to be here for this, but you're welcome. She wants to be a witness to the wedding!
30. AMEN, LORD, THIS IS TRULY ONE OF THY QUEENS, one of the most precious & the most important & dearest & most essential to Thy work, Lord, Thy Kingdom! I have many Queens who are ruling over Thy Kingdom throughout the World, but she indeed is certainly one of the most important, one of the top queens of all, very close & dear to us, Lord! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! Can we just have a little music? (Maria: Can you speak louder?) I think I'm talking loud enough. I'm sure the Lord can hear me! Marianne, can you hear me?
31. AMEN! PYL! HALLELUJAH! THANK YOU LORD FOR DEAR MARIANNE WHO'S DONE SO MUCH FOR YOU, gone through the fire & through the flood, Lord, & mostly through the blood, Thy blood, Lord! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah! TYL! (Sings:) "Some through the fire, some through the flood, some through deep waters but all through the blood! Some through great sorrow, but God gives a song, in the night seasons & all the day long!" Hallelujah! That's a sweet song for you, huh? "In shady green pastures so rich & so sweet, God leads His dear children along. Where still waters flow by the weary one's feet, God leads His dear children along." I haven't sung that for years, I can hardly remember it:
32. "SOME THROUGH THE FIRE, SOME THROUGH THE FLOOD, SOME THROUGH DEEP WATERS, BUT ALL THROUGH THE BLOOD! Some through great sorrow, but God gives a song, in the night seasons & all the day long!" I think that might be on one of those hymn tapes we sang for MWM. Have you heard that? "Some through the fire, some through the flood, some through deep waters but all through the blood. Some through great sorrow but God gives a song, in the night seasons & all the day long!" Well, we haven't got it exactly, but that's close. PTL!
33. LORD, SHE CERTAINLY HAS BEEN A SHEPHERDESS OF THY SHEEP! PYJ! She's such a wonderful blessing, Lord, to Thy children!--As well as her Prince Consort, dear Paul! Bless him, Lord, encourage him in her absence, inspire him, Lord, & continue to feed him & keep him victorious until she returns, & after she returns, Lord, always & forever keep them both close to Thee, Jesus! PYL! Hallelujah! TYL!
34. SHE'S ONE OF THY QUEENS, LORD! Help him to remember he's a Prince Consort. He's not exactly a king, in this case, but he needs to be her helper & her assistant, her Prince Consort. Of course we're all kings & princes & priests, Lord, to Thee, & we thank Thee for it! TYJ! Amen! PYL! TYJ! Bless her, Lord, now in Jesus' name. Amen! Well, do you want to be officially one of my Queens? You already are, Honey, this is just my recognition. You have been for a long time. You've been up there a long time (points to picture) & in my heart a long time, so PTL! And you've sure been through the flood & the fire, amen?--With that Sri Lanka situation & all that, thank the Lord He brought you all through! (Marianne: And you too!) It was the Lord, Honey, He did it. I was just a little instrument, that's all, just a messenger. The most marvellous thing about it was how the Lord gave me that revelation that there was a military airport near you there. That was just the Lord. (Marianne: It was unseen in the history of Sri Lanka!) Isn't it amazing that they could fly you right from there, bypass the city & land you someplace where you wouldn't have to go through the city. Just the Lord! Isn't the Lord wonderful? (Marianne: And you!) It's not me, Honey! It's not me, it's the Lord!
35. I HAD NEVER HEARD OF THE NAME THAT THE LORD GAVE YOUR CHILD, I NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE! I just laid my hand on your tummy & boom, it popped into my head! I had to have the faith to tell you, I must say. It takes a little courage too. I thank God there's a masculine alternative just in case! Ha! But the girl's name was what came to me first, Alvernia. And it's this province where her Grandfather that she loved so dearly xxx hed his farm that she used to go visit. Isn't that wonderful?
36. SO ARE YOU WILLING TO BE MARRIED TO ME? (Marianne: Amen!) XXXXX! TYL! Willing to be my queen? (Marianne: Amen, but I'm not worthy of being your Queen...) All right! TYL! Marianne! Dearly beloved, we are gathered here together in the presence of this witness to join these two together in holy matrimony! This is an institution which You've honoured from the beginning, Lord. Even before there were wedding ceremonies or receptions or rings or churches or priests, Lord, You joined Adam & Eve together in the Garden! TYJ! PYL! Hallelujah!
37. SO IT'S TIME-HONOURED FROM THE BEGINNING, LORD. It's destined that these two shall be joined together. You said, "What God hath joined together let not man put asunder." TYL! And You said for this cause we should leave all others & forsake all & be joined together, & that's what we are in our Family, Lord. We've forsaken this World & others & we've joined together in Thee! PYJ! TYL! So amen.
38. DOST THOU, MARIANNE, TAKE THIS MAN DAVID TO BE THY WEDDED HUSBAND & KING, to have & to hold, to honour & cherish, to love, honour & obey in sickness & in health, in poverty or wealth, as long as you both shall live, which is forever? (Marianne: Yes sir!) Did you say "I do"? (Marianne: I do!) Ha! You've gotta get the right form. "Yes sir" was fine.
39. AMEN, DOST THOU, DAVID, TAKE THIS WOMAN MARIANNE TO BE THY QUEEN, to love, honour & cherish, in sickness & in health, poverty or wealth, as long as you both shall live? Yes, Lord, I do & I already have, You know that. We've loved her for years, we've cared for her for years, Lord, & provided for her & You helped us rescue her from the fire as a brand snatched from the burning, & all her little flock, Lord. It was not such a little flock either, Lord, a pretty big one with over a hundred people! Thank You Jesus for saving them, sparing them & bringing them through, those who were to come through safely to carry on Thy Work. TYJ! PTL! So I do! Amen!
40. WHO'S GOT THE RING?--I HAVE! THIS RING IS SYMBOLIC OF ETERNITY! It is a circle, see? An endless circle stands for forever! So we're being joined together forever & ever! "As long as we both shall live"--& that's going to be forever, right? (Marianne: That's right!) And it's made of pure gold, which is a sign of purity & is a sign of value, marriage is some-thing very valuable, right? And to be pure, pure love! Ours is certainly a pure love! How could it be any purer? TYL! TYJ! Incidentally, this one has a nice little diamond on top. It's not extremely expensive but it's very nice. Thank Maria for sacrificing, it was hers! How about that? So it's both from her & from me. So since we've both pledged our troth, since there is one on this finger already, how about on this finger? Or would you rather have it on this hand? It fits!
41. SO WITH THIS RING I DO THEE WED! xxxxxx! With all these crazy thoughts out of my head! You are wedded to the Word! TYL! The Prophet is a symbol of the Word! TYL! Hallelujah! You're going to come home with rings on your fingers & bells on your toes! I'm sorry I don't have any bells for your toes, you'll have to suffice just with rings for your fingers! Hallelujah! Bells are ringing in your heart, you don't have to have them on your toes.
42. AMEN, LORD, BLESS THIS AS A SIGN & A WITNESS & A TESTIMONY THAT SHE BELONGS TO THEE & TO ME & is devoted to us both hereafter forever, Lord, to serve us always in Jesus' name for Thy glory & for the help of Thy children & Thy sheep, Lord, to be a real blessing to all of them as she has been now for years, Lord, already been such a faithful shepherdess, so sweet & so loving & so kind & so patient, always feeding, always helping Thy sheep in trouble. Thank You for all her faithful shepherding for so many years!
43. THANK YOU FOR THIS BRAND SNATCHED FROM THE BURNING, LORD, SNATCHED RIGHT OUT OF THE DEVIL'S HANDS, ONCE A COMMUNIST & SO ON! But Lord, You knew she was sincere, You knew she had hunger, You knew that she had love, she was already Yours, Lord, actually. The Devil was the one trying to steal her. But somebody, Lord, somebody back there, maybe one of her grandparents or grandmother or great grandfather or somebody must have prayed for her, Lord, must have loved her. We know You prayed for her. And we have prayed for her, Lord, since we heard about her. So she must be the answer to someone's prayers, thank You Jesus, who loved her when she was a little child. TYJ! Amen! PYL!
44. THANK YOU FOR SAVING HER GRANDFATHER WHOM SHE LOVED SO DEARLY, LORD! Thank You for his part in this little time together, that he wanted to name the baby after that land that he loved, & for their love that's dear to both of their hearts, the land that drew them together, Lord, that this little child might bear its name, a constant reminder of their love & relationship, Lord, the one she loved & prayed into Thy Kingdom! PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! He wanted her to always think about him, & every time she sees this little child, Lord, & says that name, she'll always think of him. TYJ! PYL! I almost said "you" like I was talking to him! PTL! Amen, Grandfather, she'll always think of you when she says this little one's name & really pray for you. TYJ! PYL! And you need to pray for her too, because she's got a lot of responsibility & a lot to go through, so much to do before You come!
45. AMEN, LORD, BLESS & KEEP US ALL SAFELY IN THY CARE! Bless & make her a blessing. Strengthen her for this task, this labour, Lord. It's a job, it's a labour, it's hard work. So give her the strength for it, Lord, that she'll really be strong in faith most of all, to rest in Thee so she's not worried about it. You've already named the child, Lord, so she's in Thy hands! TYL! In Jesus' name.
46. THANK YOU FOR THIS SWEET LITTLE TIME TOGETHER THIS AFTERNOON & ALL THY BLESSINGS, LORD, & SWEET FELLOWSHIP! She's not become part of me but been part of me for a long time already, Lord, in Thy Spirit, & now in the flesh! PYL! TYL! Hallelujah! In Jesus' name! Amen. PTL! I now pronounce you man & wife! (Maria takes pictures!) Now, how's that? Does that fulfil your heart's desires? (Marianne: Oh yes!) TYL!
47. AMEN, NOW YOU CAN PRAY. (Marianne: TYL! TYJ! Thank You Lord for all Thy goodness, Lord, beyond all we expect & deserve, Lord. TYL! Thank You Jesus so much for all the love, Lord, Your faithfulness, Lord, to David & his family, Lord, & his children, for how he picked me up.) You did it, Lord, You're the Shepherd! (Marianne: He's given me everything, Lord, purpose in life, something to live for, the greatest work we could ever do, Lord! TYL!
48. (THANK YOU FOR EVEN SPEAKING TODAY WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL THING, COMFORTING THINGS ABOUT THE ONES VERY DEAR TO ME, LORD! He did so much for me when I was a little girl, just like David's doing so much for me now. Thank You so much for the new life You've given me & even my heart's desires, Lord, that David would get a name for her from You! And You even answered the prayer that I prayed so many times, that one more time at least in my life I'd able to be really close like this & be able to have a special sweet time, Lord, to show love, how much David has done for me, Lord.
49. (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MARIA & DAVID & ALL THEY'VE DONE FOR ME! I really really pray that somehow I can show my love with more loyalty, Lord, & more humility.) She has already, Lord! (Marianne: That I can be a greater blessing & more yielded to You, Lord, that all that's been given to me I can bring to others. That somehow I can be more yielded to your Word & Your Spirit, Lord, so I can bring the Spirit to those who haven't had the chance I've had, to be right here & feel You so much, Lord, with David, & You've made me Your Queen, Lord!) PYL! Make her a blessing, Lord! (Marianne: I want to pray, Lord, that somehow You'll help me in the future to be a good wife, Lord, a loyal wife, Lord. TYJ!) The best, Lord. TYJ!
50. SHE'S ALREADY A GOOD WIFE, LORD, ALREADY A GOOD QUEEN FOR THY KINGDOM! Hallelujah! She already has, Lord. She's all of these things already, she's already done all of these things, Lord, You've already answered her prayer. She's all of this to me & Thee & Thy Kingdom. And we know that You'll give her many more years of service for Thee, in Jesus' name. Whatever it may be, Lord, wherever you call her, wherever You want her to be, we know that she'll faithfully serve Thee & Thy Children, Thy Kingdom, Thy sheep. PYL! Hallelujah! TYL! You make a beautiful Shepherdess, so nice & tall & stately & queenly! PTL! Hallelujah!
51. THANK YOU LORD AGAIN FOR THIS BABE. WE KNOW YOU'RE GOING TO BLESS IT, THE FRUIT OF THE WOMB! Hallelujah! TYL! Hail Marianne, full of grace, the Lord is with thee! Blessed is the fruit of thy womb, this child Alvernia! TYJ! Give us the faith, Lord. But even if it be Albert we'll still be thankful, won't we? TYL!
52. AND THANK YOU FOR THAT WONDERFUL LITTLE REVELATION, LORD, ABOUT HER GRANDFATHER! What was his name? (Marianne: Louis.) Ah, that's a famous French name! Isn't it amazing? He named the baby! Her Grandfather named the baby! That's the first time we've ever had an experience like that! I don't think we've ever had an experience where someone already gone to be with the Lord in Heaven named the baby! But her Grandfather who loved her so & whom she loved so, who she said was the greatest influence on her life, that's where he lived, that province.
53. YOU KNOW, I GOT THE RHYTHM OF THE WORD & I GOT THE SOUND OF THE WORD, but I wasn't familiar with it. Now that she's shown me the word & how it's spelled, I remember I've seen that either on a map or on wine bottles or highway signs.--Auvergne! Right? And I heard this word as I laid my hand on her stomach, the word suddenly came to me! You don't hear it with these ears, but you just hear it inside your head, Auvergne! And I thought it was Alvernia, that's the way I would have spelled it because I wasn't familiar with the French word. Have you ever heard a name like that, Alvernia? A girl's name? Well, it sounded like a girl's name to me, that was my immediate impression, that it was a girl's name.
54. THE MOMENT I LAID MY HAND ON YOUR TUMMY TO PRAY FOR THE BABY, BOOM, BEFORE I EVEN STARTED PRAYING--"ALVERNIA!" Just like that! I'm sure that's what it was meant to be, the name of that province, because he named her. He wanted her named after that province that he loved, the land that he loved, the place that he loved. Isn't that amazing? Just wonderful! Just beautiful! And I never even knew anything about where he was born, where he was born & raised. He was French. Her father's side is French, her Mother's side is Russian Jewish.
55. ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL? I DON'T THINK WE'VE EVER HAD ANYTHING LIKE THAT BEFORE! I've gotten the names of children, but I never got one just exactly that way before, just as suddenly as I laid on my hand to pray for the baby, suddenly the name came! Of course, I didn't know it was going to be a girl. (Marianne: And I've been thinking of him a lot lately, since I've been here, when I saw you with little Techi. Because when I was little I looked like Techi. She looks like a little French girl!) She was born in France, you know! She is a French girl. (Marianne: And you look a little like Grandpa! And I was really close to him & he took care of me when I was a little girl for several years. My father never really took care of me, he was too busy. I lived with him (Grandpa) for two years because my mother had another child, she was a teacher. So I lived with him for a couple of years when I was about Techi's age.)
56. SO HE MUST HAVE REALLY LOVED YOU A LOT!--I KNOW I SURE LOVE TECHI! Children's children are really a joy to old men. (Pro.17:6) There's just something about them! You know, we're the past & they're the future, & it's sort of the link of the past with the future. We're leaving, they're just coming, so there's something about it, there's a strong attachment & a great love for grandchildren. But especially her, she was such a miracle baby in every way! Talk about miracles, she was a bunch of miracles! So TYL! Well, don't give me the credit, Honey--your Grandpa named your baby!
57. (MARIA: CAN YOU TELL US ANYTHING ABOUT HER MOTHER?) I don't know anything about her mother! (Maria: Well, he does!--Grandpa!--Her Grandfather.) It was her father's father. (Maria: They're both in the spirit world now & they must have communication.) Well, Honey, I don't know. I haven't thought about it or prayed about it. I can think & pray about it. Why, what do you want to know? (Maria: I just want to know how she is?) (Marianne: And where she is.) Well, Honey, that's largely up to you--you can pray for her. (Maria: She has.) Well, if you prayed for her, then why don't you accept the answer that the Lord answers prayer? (Maria: We'd like something more specific!) You guys! "A wicked & adulterous generation seeketh a sign!" Ha! You've got to take it by faith. (Maria: She got one, why not two?) That was in the spirit, Honey. (Maria: It was, really, because I know that was the desire of her heart to know.) Amen.
58. WELL, THAT'S YOUR ANSWER, YOU NEED TO HAVE FAITH THAT THE LORD ANSWERS PRAYER. "Whatsoever things we desire when we pray, believe that ye receive them & ye shall have them!" (Mk.11:24) That Scripture came, so there's your answer. PTL! "Whatsoever things ye desire when ye pray, believe that ye receive them & ye shall have them!" PTL? Have you desired that when you prayed? Then believe that you'll receive it & you'll have it! PTL! The Lord likes you to believe His Word, not just require a sign. We weren't asking for a sign, we weren't requiring a sign--maybe you were, but I didn't know that--& He just gave it, He let him give it. So PTL!
59. AMEN, SO HERE WE ARE! TTL! PTL! THAT WAS REALLY WELL WORTH IT! TYL! And don't forget to thank Maria too because she encouraged it. I'm an old man now, I'm not too good at sex any more. I hope I made you a little happy. (Marianne: You did! I haven't gotten a chance to do any for you.) You did a lot for me! Well Honey, you did plenty. And to get all that from the Lord, that satisfies me more than anything, to hear the Word of the Lord.
60. ISN'T THAT AMAZING? I JUST CAN NEVER GET OVER THESE MIRACLES OF GOD!--Like when I saw those three pictures & I said, "Lord, You know which one it is!"--And instantly my eyes were just like they were rivetted on that face of Chernenko, "This is the man!" Just as plain as day! And he was only third in the running as far as they were concerned. In fact, they gave him very little hope because he was a Brezhnev man & Andropov was anti-Brezhnev. And he'd already been defeated once, so they didn't figure he'd get it again. But the Lord knew!
61. AND HE'S GEORGIAN! (GERMANIC PROVINCE OF RUSSIA.)--ALTHOUGH HE WAS ACTUALLY BORN IN SIBERIA. In the days that long ago when he was born in Siberia, it's almost more than likely that his parents were maybe exiled to Siberia, because hardly anybody lived in Siberia except the exiles, right?--72 years ago! That's all I heard about Siberia when I was a kid, that's where they sent all the people they didn't like. So he must have been of parents who were probably Georgians, who are largely German. Isn't that funny? I had a feeling about him too--I hadn't even read that yet--that although the paper talked about him as looking quite Slavic, when I looked at his picture he looked like some friends I've had in the past who were German Georgian Russian up in Chicago, & had a face a little like his with little squinty eyes. But I was just drawn to him just like that, & he was the third choice!
62. I'M SO GLAD I TOLD YOU ALL THE OTHER NIGHT! It wouldn't have been half as much fun! (Marianne: It was so encouraging!) Well now, if this turns out to be an Alvernia, then you'll even be more encouraged. But you would be satisfied if it was an Albert, wouldn't you? You have to be yielded & willing to accept whatever the Lord wants.
63. (KISSING!) I'M PART OF YOU! MY TONGUE'S BEEN IN YOUR MOUTH. AND MY TONGUE IS IN YOUR MOUTH EVERY DAY, IN THE WORDS! PTL! My tongue is in your mouth every day, my penie too, sowing the seeds of the Word! That's much better than any other kind of relationship--this you can have most of all in the Spirit! PTL? Hallelujah! TYL! Now give her a good rest, Lord, before dinner so she can be rested to enjoy the Family fellowship. Keep her feet on the ground, Lord, help her not to float away, in Jesus' name, because she's been in the heavenlies! TYL!
64. THANK YOU LORD FOR THAT WONDERFUL WONDERFUL VIGNETTE REVELATION, LORD! They seem perhaps like such little things, but Lord, they seem wonderful & great to me when You speak & show things like that, so wonderful, so directly! PYJ! TYL! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord for being encouraging to me & using me for such a thing. And that this precious saint, Lord, of Thine, so perfect & wonderful & such a wonderful Queen, would be willing to accept me as her King! TYJ! PTL! We don't know why they love us but we know it's You, Jesus. It's just You that they love in me & they just see You in me, Lord, that's all. Help them to always see no man save Jesus only, in Jesus' name! PTL! TYL! Amen? "Looking unto Jesus, the Author & the Finisher of your faith." (Heb.12:2) Always looking to Jesus, Honey, it's all the Lord. I'm nothing, Maria knows that. (Maria: No! You're a wonderful tool!) Amen, it's just the Lord. Don't forget it's the Lord & give Him the glory. You don't want Him to get mad at me. If you start giving me the glory, it's not good, to receive the praise of man as though it were I instead of the Lord. You should always give the Lord the credit, & then I may get a little bit too! Just remember it's the Lord, amen? ILY!
65. BLESS & KEEP HER & GIVE HER A GOOD REST BEFORE DINNER. Help her to rest & not be so excited she can't rest. GBY! ILY! I just supposed that you might be. I'm excited about it! I'm really pleased to have another new Queen! Of course I had you all the time, but now it's official, we had our ceremony! ILY, Sweetheart! (Marianne: You've given me everything!) The Lord's given you everything, keep remembering it's the Lord! ILY Sweetheart! TYL! You can kiss & hug Maria a little bit & thank her for it, because she's partly responsible. You are beautiful! ILY!
66. (MARIA: THAT WAS A SIGN, ABOUT HER MOTHER.) What else do you need? You're supposed to believe the Word. The Lord wants you to have faith in the Word & not always have to have a sign. That's all the sign you need. He said, "No sign shall be given them" (Mk.8:12), & that's the Word. PTL?
67. HONEY, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! YOU'RE FIT FOR A KING! GBY! Your kisses taste sweet! ILY, Honey! Now I've got a beautiful French wife, a French Queen! ILY Honey! Now get some rest before dinner, you must. She went about three times, Maria. I hope it wasn't too hard on Alvernia. (Marianne: She was kicking for joy!) I don't know if it was for joy or she was trying to make me get off your stomach! I think she felt a little crowded. But anyhow, she was kicking. I felt her moving around, TYL! I'm sure she must be happy, she knows it's of the Lord! PTL!
68. JUST THINK, HER GRANDFATHER NAMED HER! Isn't that wonderful? The things of the Spirit are so wonderful, amen? ILY Sweetheart! GBY! (Marianne: If I had ever in my life gotten something like this I would never have believed it, it takes you to tell these things.) I have to be crazy enough to believe it, I have to have crazy faith to believe it! I just hope it's a girl. (Maria: Well, Julianna didn't turn out to be Julianna!) Oh, don't tell her about that faux pas! GBY! The Lord wanted to keep us humble, I think! ILY!

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