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KEDA'S PROBLEM!       DO 1747       3/84
--Discussion by Dad & Maria

       1. THE WORST THING ABOUT HAVING A LEADER WHO IS A LESBIAN IS THAT IT'S QUESTIONABLE TO A LOT OF PEOPLE. SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT IT. SO IT'S NOT A GOOD TESTIMONY OR EXAMPLE. (Maria: Well, it's been a lot better since you talked about that & she's really trying to be more moderate & even more womanly. She's trying her best, but it's a surface thing, a fleshly thing, that unless we deal with it with the Spirit, she's never going to get the victory.)
       2. (MARIA: YOU SAID A LONG TIME AGO THAT IT WAS A SPIRITUAL THING. (See No.292:5.) She's very willing-spirited, she wants to be what the Lord wants her to be, but I had a strong impression that she's not going to be able to until we help her by praying, getting rid of this spirit. Because when we prayed & really rebuked the spirit of pride & self-righteousness, she was just so changed, it was good! But there must be another spirit there that's related to that.
       3. (MARIA: I DON'T KNOW IF THIS IS RIGHT OR NOT, BUT I WAS THINKING ABOUT HOW YOU SAID LESBIANISM WAS A PERVERSION. THEREFORE IT'S SPIRITUAL. COULD IT BE A SPIRIT OF REBELLION? I mean, that's what came to me. She's rebelled against man's authority, male authority. That's what came to me--I thought, "What spirit is it? We prayed against pride & self-righteousness...") It's sort of a women's lib thing. She doesn't want to give the men superiority. I think that's one reason for this head-on clash between me & her right now. She hasn't felt like she had to yield to anybody's authority because she was a man.
       4. (MARIA: SHE'D TAKE ALMOST ANYTHING I'D SAY, BUT THEN SHE'D HAVE DOUBTS OBVIOUSLY ABOUT WHAT YOU'D SAY.--Not too obvious or much but it's there. She didn't mean it to be. She's really been fighting anything like that. But when you're spiritually oppressed, it's not you no matter what you try to do. If it's a spirit that's bothering you, you're sort of powerless against it unless you get it taken care of.
       5. (MARIA: I DON'T KNOW, I HOPE I'M RIGHT. I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS SPIRIT IS, BUT IT SORT IT SORT OF CAME THAT MAYBE IT WAS SOME KIND OF SPIRIT OF REBELLION.) That's just the Lord! It's just the Lord, Honey! (Maria: Well, I wanted to ask you.) I agree! (Maria: And I thought maybe we should cast the spirit of rebellion out.) Rebellion against authority! What is it that I had to say that she doubted? (Maria: Well as you pointed out in "Why Should I Say More?" (No.1737), it was doubt that you were right. What she said was sort of doubting that you were right to sit there & just enjoy it all the time & dance.
       6. (MARIA: ONE THING I SORT OF HAD TO REBUKE HER ABOUT THE OTHER DAY WAS WHEN WE WERE TALKING ABOUT THE PHOTOS & how you said it's better to have some kind of plain background for completely naked girls, a plain background. She said, "I've always considered the Playboy pictures some of the very best top ones, & they use very varied backgrounds!" And then I had to sort of rebuke her, I said, "Keda, look, the main thing about their pictures is wrong, their sour expressions. That's the main thing, that's the most important thing about the picture, & their expressions are sour & evil! Look, if that can be wrong, everything else about it can be wrong! If one thing can be wrong, the whole thing can be wrong, so we can't take that as the best thing.
       7. (MARIA: LOOK! IT'S WORLDLY & THEIR EXPRESSIONS AREN'T EVEN RIGHT, THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE WHOLE PHOTO. THAT REALLY TURNS YOU OFF!) Some of the pictures she's taken, even some of the videos she's taken have definitely been off, because she's put too much emphasis on the background & it detracted from it.--Like the water scene with the arch & the rocks & the sea, & the one with the Jacuzzi bath behind & all that kind of stuff. None of that actually added to the picture, it detracted from the beauty of the girls.
       8. (MARIA: SHE DOESN'T WANT TO DOUBT & PERHAPS SHE DOESN'T EVEN REALISE IT, BUT IF WE'RE GOING TO HAVE HER GET THE VICTORY, WE'VE GOT TO GET THE WHOLE VICTORY! She's very sweet-spirited, she really is willing & wants to do whatever, but it came to me real strong that we're going to have to deal with that spirit of rebellion too.) The worst thing about the Chain was their downing spirit, their critical spirits! (Maria: How would rebellion be related to pride & self-righteousness? They must be related.) For goodness sake, yes! (Maria: Because if you're proud or self-righteous you're doubting the Lord's & others' rightness, & it leads to rebellion?)
       9. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT SAMUEL SAYS, YOU KNOW THE VERSE. (MARIA: "FOR REBELLION IS AS THE SIN OF WITCHCRAFT & STUBBORNNESS IS AS INIQUITY & IDOLATRY" [EDITED: "1Sam.15:23"].) Stubborness is a result of pride. (Maria: And stubborness is like rebellion.) Why would anybody be rebellious or stubborn? "I'm right & you're wrong! I'm right & God's wrong! I'm going to do it my way!" (Maria: That's pride, right?--Because they're proud.) Like that song that Sinatra made famous, "At Least I Did It My Way!" It doesn't matter what happened, I did it my way!
       10. (MARIA: AND WHAT IS PRIDE?) PRIDE? (MARIA: YES, WHAT'S THE DEFINITION OF PRIDE?) HA! YOU WANT ME TO EXPLAIN ELECTRICITY? (Maria: No, I want you to explain pride. What's the definition of pride?) Honey, it's self-righteousness. Pride is self-righteousness, that you are more righteous than God. (Maria: If you're proud of something...) You're proud of your own righteousness. (Maria: You glory in it, in other words.) Yes. (Maria: So, if it's your own righteousness, then you're rebelling against God's righteousness, in other words, because you're saying you're more righteous than God & so you're rebelling against God.) Exactly, & that is pride.
       11. (MARIA: WELL, I HAD THE FEELING LIKE THIS IS A RELATED THING BECAUSE YOU SAID THE PROBLEM WAS, "PRIDE, SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS, HYPOCRISY & CRITICISM" OVER & OVER, & we dealt with her on that. So if there was something further that needed to be taken care of, another spirit, it must be related to pride & self-righteousness, which you said was the problem, & rebellion is related, right?) Yes, of course! That's the very essence of it. Pride is self-righteousness & it manifests itself in rebellion.
       12. IT'S JUST LIKE THE DEVIL, IF YOU GIVE HIM ENOUGH ROPE HE'LL HANG HIMSELF, HE ALWAYS GETS CAUGHT JUST WHEN HE THINKS HE'S DOING HIS BEST. Jesus, help us, deliver us somehow, rebuke the Enemy in Jesus' name! It's no small thing, no little devil, probably Satan himself! I don't think there's any job around here he'd trust to anybody else. (Maria: I guess Rebellion's a good enough name for him then?) Oh yes, he epitomises rebellion, he is the rebellion, he led the greatest rebellion ever! Rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, stubborness as idolatry! [DELETED]
       13. GOD DAMN YOU SATAN, GET OUT OF THIS PLACE! THERE'S NO FOOTHOLD FOR YOU HERE, IN JESUS' NAME! It's almost like he's cackling in laughter! He's got a foothold in her. (Maria: Well, the Lord's greater!) The Lord's protecting us, thank the Lord! (Maria: And if she really wants a victory, she can have it.) She's either got to get the victory or get out! That spirit that I felt tonight when she came out of the room & darted upstairs was the spirit of defiance, almost like, "You're not going to conquer me this way!" The Devil knew where I was & so did the Holy Spirit, & if she had been really yielded to the Lord she would have been drawn to me at that moment she came out the door, but she was defiant & she practically raced up that stairway & darted into her room without even looking my way. I was literally waiting there, as you know, with my eyes on that door to see what spirit she came out that door with. I'm sorry, but it wasn't good. (Maria: Most of the time when I was in there she had a really good spirit, but often she yields to that rebellious spirit.)
       14. SHE'S ABSOLUTELY SCHIZOPHRENIC! She seemed like she was doing good for a long time as long as we didn't find her out & as long as he could hide away & you didn't catch him, but he went a little bit too far that time! He just couldn't resist the temptation to taunt me in what he figured was a weak spot, condemnation! It was condemnation, the condemnation of the Devil! But he hit the wrong guy that time! He really blew his cover, exposed himself, & now he's caught & he's furious! He can't hide anymore, so he's on the rampage! God bless & keep Faithy! I sure hate to see her sleep in the same room with that devil! (Maria: Well, the Lord's greater.)
       15. IT'S PROBABLY SATAN HIMSELF! I DON'T THINK HE'D TRUST THIS JOB TO ANY LACKEY! I'm sure he knows we're the greatest threat in this World to his kingdom & he gets as close as he can, & he sure did that time! He was sure trying to keep his cover. She was on her best behaviour. But he couldn't resist that taunt, that condemnation taunt, & it blew his cover & now he's exposed & he sure is mad! He's furious! Oh Jesus, bless & keep us in Jesus' name! I don't think poor Faithy ought to have to bear that alone, I think somebody else should sleep in there with her. I mean if Keda doesn't get the victory she's like an insane person, schizophrenic!
       16. (MARIA: WE REALLY PUT OUT FLEECES, IF SHE WEREN'T TO COME. The Lord could have so easily had somebody get sick, we prayed specifically that He would stop her in some way.) Honey, the Lord let you have your way. He let you have the desire of your heart, & that was to have her here. (Maria: Well no, we were really open to what the Lord wanted, honest! I really prayed! I didn't want to bring her here if I shouldn't! I really prayed definitely. I didn't want her here just to help me. Maybe the Lord knew because she was in charge of half the World & had a real hold on it, that He needed to take her out of commission, out of action. When we brought her here we really dissolved her job, you know, pretty much. We got the rest of the World out from under her control, really, because we take care of it now. We just sort of dissolved her whole job.) So now he's got great wrath because he knows his time & limitations are pretty short!
       17. I WANT YOU FOLKS TO REALISE THAT WHAT YOU'RE DEALING WITH IS THE DEVIL, SATAN HIMSELF, & you'd better be prayed up & strong in the Lord before you go near her & face her! She's the channel for the Enemy, it was just like the voice of the Devil himself speaking to me. It was like when Satan tempted Jesus, the way she spoke to me that night. It was a taunt, it was a condemnation, although she may not have even realised it. Lord help us in Jesus' name! Bless & keep & protect in Jesus' name! Bless & keep Faith, Lord, protect her in Jesus' name!
       18. WHEN KEDA WENT OUT OF THAT ROOM & DARTED UPSTAIRS, IT WAS IN DEFIANCE, LIKE SHE DIDN'T WANT TO SEE ANYBODY, MUCH LESS ME! I mean, I was waiting to see the effect because, in the spirit, she could have been drawn to me. But she was in defiance, & she's still furious at being exposed, or the Devil is. Well, I'm waiting to see if she responds to treatment. I sure hope so, because I warn you, if I have to deal with her it will be a knock-down drag-out! (Maria: Maybe that's what she needs?) We'll see, we're waiting to see.
       19. I'LL TELL YOU, NEXT TIME YOU GUYS PRAY OVER HER YOU'D BETTER REBUKE SATAN HIMSELF, CAST HIM OUT & ORDER HIM TO LEAVE THIS PLACE, LEAVE HER & THIS PLACE! Because I don't think he's leaving his job to any little devil or even big devil! He's got a foothold in her & he wants to keep it & he's not going to give up without a battle! He's lost a few rounds but he's still fighting! (Maria: Then I guess the quicker we pray for her the better.) Amen! But,
       20. THE SCRIPTURE THAT CAME TO ME WAS "THIS KIND GOETH NOT OUT SAVE BY FASTING & PRAYER" (Mat.17:21), like she needs to fast, too, mostly. She's very carnal, she's used to feeding the flesh. She needs to be put on nothing but soup & juices, at least three days. (Maria: Well, should we wait until three days to pray for her?)
       21. IT WOULD BE GOOD TO HAVE A MAN IN THERE & really get Keda's goat, because she loves women whom she can dominate & domineer & she's jealous of men, furiously jealous of men! She's furious now because she can't get the victory over me. It's just the Devil through her, Satan himself!
       22. HE JUST COULDN'T RESIST THAT OPPORTUNITY TO CONDEMN ME! Instead of that, he exposed himself & got condemned & exposed & the whole thing blew up in his face & blew his cover! (Maria: Do you think we should wait three days before we pray for her? If you got the verse, "This kind goeth not out but by fasting & prayer," does she need to fast three days before we pray for her?)
       23. WHEW! SHE WOULD REALLY BE FURIOUS AT THAT, TO HAVE A MAN MOVE IN THERE IN DEFIANCE OF HER PREDOMINANCE! SHE LOVES TO LORD IT OVER WOMEN. I think she really hates men. It's the spirit of the age for women to defy men. It's defiance against the law & order of God! "He shall rule over thee," God said, & women have defied it ever since (Gen.3:16). (Maria: I wonder why she isn't jealous of me? She can't rule me!) Oh Honey, the Devil is just tiptoeing around you. He knows who you are & who you represent & the powers that protect you, the archangels that have authority over... (tongues & weeping:)
       24. "HE KNOWETH THAT HIS TIME IS SHORT & THAT YOUR FATHER HAS AUTHORITY OVER HIM & HE HAS NO STRENGTH WHERE DAVID IS CONCERNED!" Well, thank God his time is short! (Maria: Amen, thank You, Jesus!) We've got to get rid of him somehow! Did you understand?--You're part of David, Honey! (Maria: Amen, TYJ!) The archangels of God surround you! She's scared to death of you, so is Satan! You have the authority of the Lord & the archangels of God protect you! In your presence, she's as meek as a little lamb, scared stiff! That's why you have such peace & confidence in dealing with her, God gives you that, that faith & strength without fear! Because the very archangels of God encamp around you to protect you, & Satan knows it & he trembles when he sees the weakest saint, it brings him to his knees! It's like those devils, "Don't torment us before the time, let us flee!" (Mat.8:29). Satan has gotten caught & now he is just furious, he's trying to hang on to his last foothold!
       25. I DON'T KNOW WHETHER WE OUGHT TO GIVE HIM THE OPPORTUNITY OR EVEN THE HONOUR OR THE CREDIT OF HAVING TWO PEOPLE SLEEPING THERE WITH HER! I think we ought to [DELETED] let her fight it out with herself! If there is somebody else in there he has a chance to influence & get so much attention to waste people's time & strength & spirits! [DELETED] (Maria: Don't you think when people are that weak they need the positive & they need the real Spirit of the Lord?) She's plenty strong! (Maria: No, I mean when they're weak spiritually, when they're being buffeted by the evil forces.) I don't care for other people to have to suffer, especially other people having to fight. (Maria: Faithy has been really strong in the Spirit since she's gotten the victory & really a good influence on her, & she's really been monitoring & being able to help us to know how Keda is doing, but if you don't think so... Do we have to wait until she has fasted for three days to pray for her at all?)
       26. "THIS KIND GOETH NOT OUT SAVE THROUGH FASTING & PRAYER!" SHE NEEDS TO BE WEAK IN THE PHYSICAL. She's used to being strong. She feeds the flesh. She is used to feeding the flesh, extremely carnal, & this is where Satan has gotten in & has his stronghold on the flesh & the carnal. (Maria: I was going to tell you that a few days before we talked to her that first time about what you got about her pride & self-righteousness, I was thinking about why she was sort of giving me a lot more credit in a way, sort of more attention than you.) The Devil was trying to get a hold over you. He knew he couldn't dominate me. [DELETED]
       27. MY GOD! EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT IT, THAT'S ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT! If I have to go in & pray for her I'm afraid I'm going to strike her! So I'm hoping you guys can handle it, I hope you can get the victory without my having to enter in. (Maria: Well, you just have to tell us when to pray, because if she needs to fast first, I don't know how long we should wait.) The three-day fast idea came to me for some reason. (Maria: With just soup & juices.) I think maybe the whole family here needs to do it.
       28. THIS IS A MAJOR SERIOUS CRISIS, SHE'S BEEN THE TOP LEADER!--She's been dominant in the East for 10 or more years, just like the Devil was trying to hold full sway, but I'm sure the Lord has had His way in spite of the Devil. God accomplished His purpose, thank the Lord! But now the Devil has been exposed & he knows his time is short, therefore he is furious! Jesus, Lord Jesus! I hope she can get the victory through these stopgap measures through you folks.
       29. WE'VE GOT TO GO TO SLEEP, HONEY. (MARIA: WELL, I CAN STOP TALKING.) YOU'VE GOT TO STOP SUCKING!--That's what your problem is! After all, I'm also human! But thank God I'm also divine or I couldn't handle it! Praise You Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Lord for Your Spirit! Thank You Lord for the victory & power! Thank You Jesus! The Spirit can never be bound! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Amen!
       30. WELL, HE'S MET HIS MATCH! I JUST HOPE I DON'T HAVE TO DEAL WITH HIM! That one little slap was enough! He really got put down! But he is not finished yet!--Unless you guys can get rid of him. I am waiting to see. [DELETED] You know, Jesus took a scourge He made Himself & He whipped the moneychangers out of the Temple! He got violent! (Jn.2:15) And if you all can't conquer this thing, we are either going to have to send her away & get rid of her, or I may have [DELETED] to show her who is boss!--It's the Lord!
       31. (MARIA: YES, BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT VERSE I GOT FOR HER A FEW DAYS AGO?--I gave it to her too, but I sort of minimised it at the time because I didn't see the relationship to what you had gotten about pride & self-righteousness & hypocrisy, & I didn't quite know how it fitted in. But the Lord has been giving me verses, it's amazing!) He does! He always has! (Maria: More now lately.) You need to recognise it & appreciate it more & thank the Lord for it & believe it! You always get things! (Maria: And so the verse I got when I was thinking about why she was buttering me up all the time & not really giving you enough credit.--I had sort of overlooked it. I sort of overlooked it because of her peculiarities, but when this problem came up then I started thinking about it more.)
       32. THE DEVIL WAS TRYING TO GET YOUR SYMPATHY, TO BYPASS ME! (Maria: I got that verse. "We will not have this man to rule over us!" (Luk.19:14). And it was almost like the way I got it was not just you in particular but male!) It's the Devil! (Maria: I was thinking about it in relationship to lesbianism & everything.) Well, it's the Devil! It's Satan himself! (Maria: It was like he was saying that?) Yes! The Devil! Exactly, in defiance, it's defiance! (Maria: Rebellion!--I got it like "man" meant "male.") Exactly! (Maria: She doesn't want...) She doesn't want this man to rule over her, she doesn't mind you ruling over her. She doesn't want this man to rule over her. (Maria: I told her that.) And I represent the Lord Himself, so it's defiance against God! Well, the Spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak & I don't know how much more of this I can take! I think we're going to have to get a little sleep.
       33. THE DEVIL IS AS VISIBLE NOW AS IF HE HAD HORNS & HOOFS, & HE IS FURIOUS THAT HE HAS EXPOSED HIMSELF & BLOWN HIS COVER! He had a nice little cozy bit of territory where he could hide, but he just couldn't resist that taunt & that condemnation, he had to fling it in my face! I felt like turning around & socking her right then! [DELETED] Even little Alf, who is not supposed to be any spiritual giant, was offended! He took her aside in the kitchen & bawled her out, God bless him! The Lord must have given him power in the Spirit to rebuke her!
       34. JESUS, HELP US, LORD! I REALLY DON'T WANT TO HAVE A [DELETED] FIGHT WITH HER! I'd rather not, if you guys can handle it. But if that is what the Devil wants, that's what he'll get, & he is sure going to be sorry! I might have [DELETED] to prove there is a Man stronger than she is!--"Jesus Christ in me, the hope of glory!" (Col.1:27). Hallelujah! Thank You Lord! In Jesus' name! Thy Will be done, Lord.
       35. WELL, LET'S SEE WHAT YOU GUYS CAN DO. IT'S GOOD TRAINING FOR YOU, BECAUSE YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO FACE PROBLEMS LIKE THIS. If it isn't her, it is going to be somebody else. Satan is on the rampage & you're going to have to fight him in one form or the other, so you'd better learn how! When the Apostles came back to the Lord & asked why they couldn't cast certain demons out, He said, "This kind"--in other words, very powerful kinds--"could not go out without fasting & prayer." So let's see what you can do with fasting & prayer. I'm warning you, if I have to enter into this thing, there is going to be some kind of [DELETED] confrontation[DELETED]! Maybe you ought to warn her, if she doesn't get the victory through your prayer & fasting, then I'm going to come in[DELETED]! Maybe that will scare the Devil out of her!
       36. [DELETED] It's just the threat of force that scares the devils, the threat of dominance! Maybe you ought to tell her, "If you don't get the victory, Dad is going to come in here[DELETED]! He is sick & tired of having you push these people around!"
       37. I MEAN I WAS JUST SITTING THERE WAITING, HOPING LAST NIGHT AS I FACED THE DOOR, AS YOU KNOW, TO SEE SOME LITTLE SIGN OF REPENTANCE OR YIELDEDNESS OR DESIRE FOR MERCY, but she flounced out of the room & raced up the stairs into her room & slammed the door in defiance! She knew I was sitting there, the Devil knew I was sitting there. The Lord knew I was sitting there. She had her chance & she defied it. I was waiting there to see what spirit & what attitude she came out that door with. I mean, she went so fast she was almost like a ghost, I almost missed her! She got out of there so fast & up the stairs & into her room so fast that it's almost unbelievable!
       38. (MARIA: I HAD A QUESTION ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU SHOULD TELL PEOPLE IN A SITUATION LIKE THAT THAT YOU ARE GOING INTO, HOW MUCH SHOULD YOU WARN THEM? Is it good then to warn them what you are going to pray & for them to hear we are going to fast & then we are going to pray the Devil out of them?) The Devil! Satan is using her! Satan himself! She needs to be warned that it is Satan himself!
       39. AS THE LORD TOLD PETER, WHO WAS THE MOST INFLUENTIAL DISCIPLE OF ALL, THE MOST IMPORTANT ONE OF ALL! Who was the closest to the Lord in those last days?--Peter! (Maria: The most vocal!) What did the Lord say?--"Satan hath desired thee that he might sift thee, but I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail thee not!" (Luk.22:31). The Devil himself was using Peter to deny & defy the Lord! (Maria: So it's OK, it's good to tell them what is going on & warn them?) You ought to tell her how serious it is, scare the daylights out of her with how serious it is! It's the Devil himself!--Satan himself!--Not some little devil or even some arch-demon but it is Satan himself who is using her!
       40. (MARIA: AND SHOULD WE GIVE HER THE VERSE THAT YOU GOT & then tell her after she has fasted then we are going to pray for her & rebuke the Devil?) Tell her, "We are going to fast & pray three days!"--Nothing but liquids, the whole Family, except for the children, of course. (Maria: And then tell her what's going to happen, then we're going to pray for her that she is delivered from the Devil. I was wondering how much we could tell her is going on & what we were going to do?) Yes, tell her, warn the Devil! Put him on the spot!
       41. I'LL TELL YOU, IF YOU GUYS CAN'T DO IT, IT IS GOING TO BE A FUROR! She had better yield & get the victory & get rid of Satan, or there is going to be a real conflict! [DELETED] Well, let's give her every chance. This is her chance to yield. [DELETED] (Maria: She'll probably say, & she has said over & over she wants to do whatever it takes. She'll probably say, "Well, what am I supposed to yield?") The Devil!--Satan! She needs to rebuke Satan in her voice with her own will & tell him to depart!: "I resist you, Satan, in Jesus' name! Get out of here, get out of me & get out of here, in the name of Jesus!"
       42. IT'S NO MINOR DEVIL, IT IS SATAN HIMSELF ATTACKING US THROUGH HER, & HE HAS HELD THAT TERRITORY A LONG TIME, HE IS NOT GIVING IT UP VERY WILLINGLY, NOT WITHOUT A STRUGGLE! But she is the one, the main one that can get rid of him by putting her will on the side of God & rebuking him & resisting him & cursing him! It's just the threat of force that scares an get rid of him by putting her will on the side of God & rebuking him & resisting him & cursing him! (Maria: She should be doing that all the time, even before we pray for her at the end of the 3 days.) She has got to, absolutely, right now, every minute! She needs to be cursing the Devil & rebuking him & resisting him every moment, because it is Stan himself that asks that he might sift her, literally possess her!
       43. WHO DO YOU SUPPOSE DENIED CHRIST THROUGH THE LIPS OF PETER?--THE DEVIL! He was the most important & powerful of the Apostles up to that time, the most loyal, the most influential, & the Devil just tried to take him over! But the Lord said, "I have prayed for thee that thy faith fail not." She is going to have to have a show of faith & rebuke Satan! He's really had a lot of control over her. Either she is going to get the victory or God is going to have a knockdown, drag-out fight with the Devil, & she is going to be the sufferer! Maybe you ought to warn her, "If you don't want to have Dad come in[DELETED], you better get rid of this God-damned Satan in a hurry, because Dad hasn't got any patience with the Devil!" Just tell her, "He is not going to put up with Satan in this house!"
       44. WELL, LET'S SEE WHAT YOU GUYS CAN DO. (Maria: I don't know if you sound very hopeful!) I'm hoping she'll get the victory & hoping that she'll recognise how serious the problem is. If she'll really recognise it & fight it & resist it & rebuke the Devil & resist Satan himself, why there's hope, then we won't have to go to the extreme & God won't have to go to the extreme. (Maria: Should we help pray with her then when she does it?) Of course! (Maria: But then that will be almost like doing it before we fast & pray for a few days.) You need to fast & pray for three days. (Maria: You mean not pray with her until three days?) Well, you've got to keep praying with her all the time & rebuking the Enemy & she needs to learn to rebuke Satan. It's the Devil himself!
       45. SATAN HAS NOT LEFT THIS JOB TO ANY LITTLE DEMON OR ARCHANGEL OF HIS!--He is doing the dirty work himself just like he did through Judas! He wouldn't leave this job to any lesser power than himself, & he knows he is face-to-face with the Lord here & he is trying to get the victory over some of these. She has got to realise how bad a situation it is & what a serious threat it is to her & her position in the Lord, if any. (Maria: Even her life, if she doesn't get the victory.) It's a threat to her sanity & her very life! If she doesn't get the victory, the Lord will let the Devil kill her! I sure don't want to have to be the agent!
       46. (MARIA: I'M GLAD TO KNOW WE CAN REALLY PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS & TELL HER.) SOCK IT TO HER! (Maria: And not hold back. I didn't know whether we should hold back. Sometimes, if you warn the Enemy...) Sock it to her! Expose him! Sock it to her! Don't cover up! Expose him, face-to-face, tell her off! It's Satan himself, who's trying to control her in defiance of the authority of God through His Prophet!
       47. THIS IS THE THING THAT INFURIATED THE SPIRIT WHEN SHE CAME WITH THAT TAUNT OF CONDEMNATION! The Devil didn't want any talks!--It was a lie! He just wanted to taunt & condemn! We'll see how long she wants those talks! You just better warn her she had better get the victory through you folks & your prayers & your fasting & prayer, or she is in for a real fight[DELETED]! Maybe you just better tell her if she doesn't get the victory I am going to come in & [DELETED] drive the Devil out of her[DELETED]! It's proven very effective from the Middle Ages to the present. [DELETED] [EDITED: "S"]he'd better get the victory in a hurry!
       48. I'M GETTING GOD-DAMNED SICK & TIRED OF HAVING HER WASTE OUR TIME & STRENGTH & ENERGY ON HER AS A GOD-DAMNED BIG SATANIC PROBLEM! So you better tell that gal that if it doesn't get out of there I am going to come in there[DELETED]! I mean it!--Or if she doesn't, I will! And that's enough! Now that's enough! Let's go to sleep! It's 4 o'clock in the morning! I don't want to give the God-damned Devil any more time!
       49. WHEN EVE'S SISTER-IN-LAW WAS HAVING HER FITS, THEY USED SHOCK TREATMENTS & they threatened more shock treatments if she didn't straighten up, & she just became just as gentle as a little lamb! She told my Mother herself personally, when my Mother asked her how she got out, she said she didn't like the shock treatments! In other words, she quit misbehaving because she didn't want any more shock treatments. There's something about physical punishment that those devils don't like, they like to enjoy the flesh, they don't like to suffer. [DELETED] Tell her if she doesn't get the victory I'm going to come in there[DELETED]! If she doesn't believe men should have the dominance, I'll show her! (Maria: And that's the thing she least wants to talk about, it's the hardest for her, you know. That really is the root of the problem.) That's how the Devil got in.
       50. I WONDER WHAT IT WAS ABOUT HER MOTHER & FATHER THAT GOT HER ON THAT TRACK?--It usually goes back to the parents, to the third & fourth generation. (Maria: The Enemy really fought her, especially telling some of those parts of her testimony that she said she'd never told anybody, the parts that he didn't want her to reveal. He gave her a splitting headache right when she was telling some of the worst parts.) She's really subject to the attacks of the Enemy! She'd better see that if she wants to get delivered. And she's got to see it's really the Devil! [DELETED]
       51. SHE'D BETTER GET THE VICTORY ON HER OWN VOLUNTARILY, PEACEFULLY, OR IT'S GOING TO ERUPT INTO A [DELETED] CONFRONTATION! [DELETED] I've had enough of him! If you guys can't get the victory through fasting & prayer, casting Satan out & driving him away, then the whole thing could erupt[DELETED]! Maybe the warning threat [DELETED] will help her get desperate & scare her into realising how serious it is! If we can't drive the Devil out with prayer & fasting, I'm going to [EDITED: "do"] like Jesus did & drive the damn Devil out of the Temple!
       52. I THINK YOU BETTER WARN HER IF SHE DOESN'T GET THE VICTORY VOLUNTARILY THROUGH PRAYER & FASTING, "THE CHILD IS FULL OF FOOLISHNESS, BUT THE ROD DRIVETH IT FAR FROM HIM!" (Pro.22:15). She's like a foolish child. [DELETED] So if she doesn't want that to happen, she'd better get the victory willingly & voluntarily & in a hurry! I'm sick & fed up with fiddling around & fooling around & having to waste time with the problem! She better get the victory or I am going to [DELETED] throw her out! [DELETED]
       53. [DELETED] I mean she can be thankful she hid in the other room! [DELETED] I'll tell you, we're not just playing around! We're in a battle! The Devil is furious & I'm furious! And if he doesn't get the damned Hell out of here I'm going to [DELETED] drive him out! Thank You Lord! [DELETED]
       54. YOU'D BETTER TELL HER SHE'D BETTER GET RID OF THAT DEVIL IN A HURRY & REBUKE SATAN & GET RID OF HIM OR I AM GOING TO[DELETED]! And if she doesn't believe it, she'd better not try me! I'm getting fed up with having to deal with her & taking everybody's time! That's just what the Devil wants, to waste our time & energy, & she better recognise the fact that he has gotten in here through her! It ought to scare the daylights out of her to where she really resists & tries to get rid of him before I have to [EDITED: "come in"]! [DELETED] But I just feel that I will if I have to! I'd certainly sooner do that than put up with the Devil here in our midst!
       55. SO YOU GUYS BETTER GET BUSY & FAST & PRAY & TRY TO GET RID OF SATAN & GET HER TO REBUKE HIM & GET RID OF HIM VOLUNTARILY, because if I have to deal with her it is not going to be very pleasant! Maybe you better tell her if she doesn't get rid of that Devil voluntarily I'm going to come in. [DELETED] Now let's see you guys exert a little authority & put the squeeze on!
       56. YOU'VE GOT TO LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH THESE PROBLEMS, WITH SATAN HIMSELF! He is going to ask that he might sift thee but I am praying for you that your faith fails you not! Let's hope that's all it takes, because I warn you, if you bring me into this problem it is going to be [DELETED] a last resort! I'm going to [EDITED: "get"] her out of here & she'll wish she never came! Of course, then we'll have to leave, but anyway at least, praise God, we'll get rid of the problem so the rest of you won't have to be afflicted with it!
       57. I'LL TELL YOU, THAT NIGHT I WAS SO ENRAGED BY HER[DELETED]! I think maybe she knew it! She sat there in fear & trembling! Maybe if I had gone over there & [EDITED: "confronted her"], maybe it would have knocked it out of her & then we wouldn't have to fiddle around with giving place to the Devil! So you better tell her she'll have to straighten out quick or I am going to [EDITED: "confront"] her! I mean it! And you know I mean it! I [EDITED: "confronted"] Eve a few times, it really did the trick! She really knuckled down & knuckled under & came into submission. It threw the fear of God into her[DELETED]! It takes that with some people. I just hope that isn't the case here, but we'll see.
       58. A THREE-DAY FAST FOR EVERYONE BUT THE CHILDREN, NOTHING BUT LIQUIDS! Well, give them the last breakfast, Honey, don't worry about it. It is a pretty good fast, only liquids, about all it does is remind them they are supposed to be praying. They don't suffer for it.
       59. I'LL TELL YOU, WE'RE DEALING WITH THE OL' BOY HIMSELF! IT'S SATAN HIMSELF! He hasn't given the job to anybody else & she might as well know it, too. She is his foothold in this house & we are not going to tolerate it! She either gets rid of him voluntarily or I'm going to [EDITED: "take action"]! It's the Devil himself! He won't leave this job to any little flunkie! Sorry for all of this trouble but it's part of your training. I won't tolerate it, I will have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness (Eph.5:11). Depart from me, Satan! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!
+ + + + + + +

       60. (MARIA: DURING THE NIGHT YOU HAD A HEART ATTACK WHERE YOUR ARM TURNED ALL LIMP!--What a dirty trick! What an attack in the middle of the night when it even woke you up!) My arm just went limp. It gets a little numb but it just sort of went limp. (Maria: And that's when you woke up?) Yes. That's what woke me up, that pain in my heart. (Maria: And I was having chills in the night, that's why I'm all bundled up here. I kept having chills after we went back to sleep.)
       61. I WAS EXPECTING SOME KIND OF AN ATTACK OF THE ENEMY BUT NOT FROM THAT LEADERSHIP. Everything was just going too smoothly. (Maria: Paul's almost dying was another real attack of the Enemy, but thank the Lord it was over so quick & the Lord really got the victory!) "God takes the weak things to confound the mighty, the foolish things to bring to naught the wisdom of the wise!--And He calls the things that are not as though they are!" (1Co.1:27-28). Lord, Jesus help us, Lord!
       62. WE NEED THY HELP, THY STRENGTH, LORD! WITHOUT THEE WE CAN DO NOTHING! "GREATER IS HE THAT IS IN YOU THAN HE THAT IS IN THE WORLD!" (1JN.4:4). HALLELUJAH! Thank You Lord! "When the Enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God will raise a standard against him!" (Isa.59:19). (Maria: Amen!) In Jesus' name, help us, Lord! We need Thy help, Lord! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! "God hath not given us the spirit of fear but of power, of love & of a sound mind!" (2Tim.1:7). "Perfect love casteth out all fear!" (1Jn.4:18). In Jesus' name! Help us to know what to do, Lord, this is a serious case, Lord!
       63. (MARIA: IT SAYS, "THE LORD SHALL FIGHT FOR YOU & YOU SHALL HOLD YOUR PEACE" [EDITED: "Exo.14:14"]. It's got to be the Lord.) I hate for poor Faithy to have to live in there with her all alone. (Maria: She's really strong in the Spirit & she really is a good fighter! It's probably why she is here now. She doesn't have anything more important to do. She really feels useful. She feels that the Lord is using her to help now, whereas before she didn't, she doesn't have any other particular ministry or anything actually right now.) Yes, but it would be nice for someone to be in there with her to help her. (Maria: At night we could have somebody sleep in there. They sleep with their door wide open & there's another couple sleeping nearby, but somebody could sleep in there with them.) Well, we'll see, but that's good.
       64. (MARIA: IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL PROPHECY, A BEAUTIFUL THING YOU GOT FROM THE LORD ABOUT ME, NOT REALLY ABOUT ME, BUT ABOUT THE ARCHANGELS SURROUNDING ME.) I remember that. Praise the Lord! (Maria: I'm protected, I'm part of David.) Yes, I remember that because I saw it. (Maria: It was beautiful! And like you said, that's why I don't have any fear & I have faith because of that, the archangels.) And she doesn't dare touch you, or the Devil doesn't! (Maria: Probably the same applies to everybody here, don't you think?) Amen, praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! (Maria: I think we're all a part of you.)
       65. IN ALL HER STORIES & CONFESSIONS HAS SHE EVER CONFESSED TO HAVING ANY PROBLEMS BEFORE, MENTAL PROBLEMS OR THESE HEADACHES & BLACKOUTS OR BLANK-OUTS? (Maria: No.) Severe headaches? (Maria: This morning I'll have her testimony up to where she got saved, & I want to read it right away, that's what she was working on yesterday. I've never asked her, or gotten into her testimony, because she was going to write it, so she did it yesterday.) Jesus, help us, Lord! (Yawns.) In Jesus' name.
       66. (MARIA: YOU'VE JUST GOT TO LET THE LORD DO IT, HONEY, & NOT WORRY.) Well, He uses us. (Maria: Amen, but you don't have to worry.) He is teaching us some lessons too. (Maria: Amen, it's really good training for us because we are going to have to more & more deal with Satan himself, & you said it's for really learning good lessons & it is very good training!) It's good, but it's tough! (Maria: We've got to learn it sometime, we've got to learn it!)
       67. WELL, SHE BETTER GET THE VICTORY & GET IT QUICK! WE CAN'T STAND THIS TOO LONG! (Maria: Amen, Honey.) It cast a cloud of gloom on the whole family. (Maria: Well, you really cheered them up last night, thank the Lord, it was really good!)
       68. YOU'D THINK AFTER ALL THE TROUBLE SHE HAS CAUSED SHE WOULD WANT TO BOW DOWN AT MY FEET & BEG & PLEAD FOR MERCY! Instead it seems to me she is still a little arrogant! It seems that the one thing she really lacks is humility! She has no meekness or quietness of spirit, all I got was a continued feeling of rebellion! She feels she is being unjustly treated. Look how the devils challenged Jesus to cast them out from the demented man!: "Art Thou come to torment us before the time?"--Challenged Him! Think of it! Arrogantly defied him!--Quoted the law on Him! Apparently He couldn't actually condemn them yet or give them their judgement then, all He could do was just let them go their way into the swine! (Mat.8:29-32). That arrogant, defiant spirit is really horrible!
       69. (PRAYS FOR MARIA:) JESUS BLESS & STRENGTHEN HER, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME! Give her divine strength for this battle, in Jesus' name! I think Keda's very size & strength & that powerful spirit makes it difficult for her to be humble, difficult for her to be meek. I think she has really prided herself in that for so long, in being a man & mannish & masculine, huge & strong, it practically intimidates people, especially women! (Maria: Yes, that's what we were talking about, that she is really proud of that, that's why it is so important to get that rooted out, that whole lesbianism scene with her, because she is proud of it, really proud of it!--Like she's sort of an exception, she is the one person that is like that & she is proud of that, although it is not anything to be proud of, but she is!
       70. (MARIA: YOU SAID, "GOD FORGIVE ME FOR EVER VINDICATING HER OR EXCUSING HER!") I'm talking about her & Shua. (Maria: But you know, in "Women in Love" (No.292) you said definitely how it can be normal for women to be in love & love each other if they still love men & like men too. But you really brought out definitely about her, we were just reading it yesterday, that it is a spiritual thing that should be prayed over.) She has a real proud haughty spirit about this! I told you before that there is something about her that just really offends me! (Maria: You said right in that Letter it is a perversion that needs to be prayed over, & she needs to be delivered from it! Or, that although some women may be born with some male hormones, in that case you said then they need to be prayed for, that they may be healed! So one way or the other there wasn't really a loophole, because it says it's a perversion or physical handicap, & either get delivered or get healed, which sort of amounts to the same thing.)
       71. BUT APPARENTLY SHE HAS FELT LIKE SHE WAS EXONERATED & AN EXCEPTION, THAT SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO. (Maria: Well, what you said there was clear. She needs to be prayed over one way or the other.--If it's just a physical thing, to get healed, or if it's a spiritual thing, to exorcise it, it says very clearly in there.) (See No.292:100.)
       72. GOD HELP YOU ALL TO DO IT! (MARIA: WELL, I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING. IT HAS TO BE THE LORD...) Because if she's bad enough to get that bad, it's apt to be pretty serious if I have to be around & in on it. [DELETED] That's the spirit I get every time I get anywhere near or around her! Just seeing her out on the porch made me feel like that. I got to where I didn't even want to go out that way. I tried to get the victory over it. I tried my best. I thought, "This is just a personal dislike, a personality clash. Everybody just seems to think she is just wonderful & I am the only one apparently who finds something offensive. I'm the only one who doesn't like her, everybody else is crazy about her!" (Maria: Nobody was crazy about her! I was very very thankful for all the help she was on the work. Nobody that I know of has been crazy about her. I saw & I confess that she has made a lot of progress, because she was really icky to be around before as far as that mannish thing, but we talked to her about it & outwardly she has made a lot of progress in not having that icky mannish spirit!)
       73. I DON'T THINK SHE IS GOING TO GET THE VICTORY UNTIL SHE OVERCOMES THAT COMPLETELY! IT IS GOING TO HAVE TO BE CHALLENGED & REBUKED & CAST OUT & OVERCOME! As long as she is still vindicating herself & defending herself on that score she is not going to get the victory. (Maria: She says she wants to do whatever it takes.) She is going to have to admit that it is wrong! (Maria: And that it is a perversion!)--And she has got to get rid of it! (Maria: That's right! Amen! I agree!) It's demonic! (Maria: And we're just going to have to face her with that, just say that & tell her that & say, "Are you willing to forsake that?") Exactly! You are going to have to tell her. If not, it's going to wreck her life, her ministry & her spirit & she is going to be of no good to the Lord or His work or anything! Because we can't let her run around with that kind of a spirit! This is the end, the end of the line! She needs to get the victory or she is finished, she is out! We can't set our stamp of approval on that sort of thing now that we know what it is really like & just what it really is. She's been exposed & the Devil has been exposed. And we certainly cannot be in cahoots with him!
       74. THE WHOLE WORLD IS GOING TO HAVE TO KNOW THAT SHE HAS BEEN DELIVERED OR DEMOTED OR SOMETHING, THAT WE DON'T APPROVE OF IT! And if they have gotten the idea from some of the things I have said that we do, we've got to correct it! (Maria: I think people took the "Girl Who Wouldn't" to be a stamp of approval for Keda personally when actually the point of the whole Letter was that we should be willing to do anything for the Lord. It wasn't just a question of being with Keda, she didn't want to be with any woman, whereas she should've been willing to do anything for the Lord. So what you wrote was valid!) Amen! That's right!

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