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A PRAYER REQUEST FOR KEDA       DO 1749       3/84
--With Dad at Family Dinner.

       1. WELL WE WON A REAL VICTORY LAST NIGHT! TTL! The battle is not over yet, the biggest battles are yet to be fought. But once you nail down the problem & have the answer, you get the solution. Like diagnosing a disease, you can't very well treat it or operate until you know what it is. But we got it! Hallelujah! So PTL! Keep prayin'. We need a lot of prayer. I understand you're more or less fasting & praying. These fast soups from our fast service here, fast food outlet, ahem, they look pretty good & substantial to me! TTL! Oh that was the difference, I see. I see, you gave the kids the stew & just put water in yours. Ha, ha! Well you just get a little more liquid that way, that's all. You've just got to eat more soup that way.
       2. THAT'S ALL RIGHT, JUST KEEP PRAYIN'. I THINK WE'RE GOING TO GET THE VICTORY! TTL! And I think it's going to be a big one 'cause it's a big battle! We didn't realise how deep & how serious it was until the Devil blew his cover! TTL! But I think the bird with the broken pinion is going to learn the lesson & fly higher than ever! So have faith & pray for victory. It's going to be a real revolution. We're going to have to abrogate a few treaties ourselves, a few treatises. Well, I'm going to have to back down on a former doctrine anyhow.
       3. BATTLES AREN'T EASY BUT THE VICTORIES ARE WORTH IT! TTL! So keep praying & thank you very much for your prayers.--Not only for us but especially for the one who needs it the most. These things are hard to go through, but they're worth it if you come out better & more powerful, more useful. I think the Lord's getting us really ready for some tough times, & He's not going to put up with any more foolishness! Some things we have tolerated that God winked at, the times of this ignorance God winked at, but now He's going to call all of us to repentance, get things straightened out! PTL! (Acts 17:30). So keep praying.
       4. I JUST THOUGHT I'D SAY THAT LITTLE WORD TO ENCOURAGE YOU: WE REALLY HEARD FROM THE LORD LAST NIGHT! BEAUTIFUL, SOME BEAUTIFUL THINGS! Maria has Archangels guarding her, how about that? PTL! (Maria: All of us probably...) Well, I guess we all have Archangels guarding us in a way, but she's got special Archangels guarding her! All of us have angels guarding us. PTL! TTL!
       5. NOW THIS IS MY TIME TO REST & RELAX. I'M SORRY! I'VE DONE MY WORK TODAY FROM TWO O'CLOCK A.M. ON, & I'M TIRED, SO I'M NOT IN ANY TALKING MOOD. I just wanted to request your prayers & tell you why you're fasting so you can keep praying desperately the Lord will finish the job!--He has pinned down the problem & given the answer & prescribed the cure. We just now need to put it into effect. That's the hardest part, the operation. But in some cases if you don't cut out the cancer they're going to die! So PTL! Do remember us in prayer & this dear one who needs your prayers the most, who is going through a real trial & battle, but I believe she's going to come out victorious! TTL!
       6. I KNOW SHE WILL IF SHE YIELDS TO THE LORD & TAKES THE PRESCRIBED CURE. I'll tell you, Beloved, the Devil is angry! He is mad, he's furious! We've been accomplishing too much! We're beset on every side right now, persecution here & persecution there & problems here & there. The Lord said last night "he knoweth his time is short!" (Rev.12:12). So the Devil is furious!--Trying to attack us right here at the centre! So keep praying especially for Maria & Peter & Faithy & Sara, who are handling the case. They really need your encouragement & your courage & prayer & protection & help. Sometimes the darkest hour is just before dawn. Sometimes the most bitter battles are just before the greatest victories! I think we're going to come out of it stronger than ever before, just like every trial we've been through. Every test, every trial, every crisis we've gone through we've come out stronger than before!--Sometimes fewer than before but stronger! TTL!
       7. I THINK SHE'S GOING TO COME OUT STRONGER THAN EVER, THANK THE LORD, WITHOUT THAT HANDICAP! She's really been a cripple, diseased. The Lord sure made that clear, that's for sure! I'll never ever tolerate that again! I knew nothing about it, so I really was speaking in ignorance. I just knew there was nothing in the Bible that I could recognise that was against it, but now we know! The Lord is displeased at least with that kind of thing. I mean a little normal natural affection, maybe even a little sex between women is one thing. But that all-consuming male masculinity & mannishness & domineering spirit & craving ravenous fleshiness, that's not of the Lord! She's really apparently picked up something that has really been a drawback. So we're going to have to come out strong against it. We've got some confessing & repenting to do too, for tolerating it all these years & not condemning it because we didn't know it. But having to live with her sure has shown us though!
       8. WELL, IT WAS CERTAINLY COMFORTING THAT THE LORD FINALLY GOT THROUGH & THE LORD REALLY SPECIFIED THE PROBLEM & PRESCRIBED THE ANTIDOTE! We've diagnosed the case now & we know the cure, & all we have to do is get the patient's cooperation for deliverance. (Maria: Well, she said she wants anything to be weeded out & destroyed that is hindering her.) If she's been that powerful with that handicap, just think how powerful she can be without it, delivered of it!--Testifying publicly to the World of her deliverance! I think it's going to do everybody a lot of good! PTL!
       9. I KNOW IT'S GIVEN US A REAL PURGING, DONE US A LOT OF GOOD, DRIVEN US TO THE LORD IN PRAYER SEEKING HELP & DELIVERANCE! It's a dangerous situation when the Devil gets in! But I think we're already winning the victory! TTL! The Lord's given several promises that sound like it's going to be a real victory! TTL! Well, I hope those talks are doing her some good.
       10. AMEN LORD, WE THANK THEE FOR THE ANSWERS! That's the most wonderful comforting thing of all, Lord, that You have pinned down the problem & given the answers & know the cure if the patient will accept it. And we believe from Your encouraging answers, Lord, that there is hope & a victory ahead, in Jesus' name--deliverance, Lord!
       11. I WANT TO TELL YOU, AFTER LAST NIGHT I WAS SO RELIEVED! I WAS JUST REALLY RELIEVED! We were really depressed & burdened about it & then the Lord came through with the answers ... & that was such a beautiful thing I got about Maria! I couldn't even remember the exact words but I could still see the picture of those Archangels guarding her! She may not be very strong herself, but mighty is He that defendeth thee! TTL! Mighty is thy Protector! PYL! Hallelujah! TYL!
       12. THAT'S WHY SHE CAN WALK INTO THE PRESENCE OF THE ROARING LION HIMSELF & BE UNAFRAID! TYL! (Maria: I think I have had special protection all my life. I've been miraculously spared. Almost nothing adverse has ever happened to me, I mean nothing!--Or even my family, no accidents, no injuries, no serious illnesses, no broken bones, no family divorce, no drugs, etc., nothing at all that has happened to them in their lives. It's just like I've been in a plastic bubble!) Better than a plastic bubble, let me tell you! TYL! (Maria: I mean it's just marvellous, amazing! TYJ!) The Lord was preserving you for this time, Honey, & if He's done it that far, He's going to finish the job, amen? He's going to take care of you through the rest of it.
       13. DOES SHE SEEM TO BE HUMBLING ANY? (Maria: In general, but there are times she goes through battles, then gets the victory, & then she's sort of up & down, up & down. But when she's humble she's more humble than she was before.) That's because she's not completely delivered yet, that's yet to come. There's going to have to be united prayer for complete deliverance & specific identification of the problem publicly before her & all, & getting rid of it.
       14. WELL, THAT'S THE FIRST TIME I EVER GOT THE BOOK OF JUDE FOR ANYBODY! Thank God for those couple of encouraging verses at the end, "And others save with fear!" (Jude 23). I felt like it was really for her. There are those who, though they may be that bad, there's a difference, they can be saved. That was also amazing!--I never knew before that that second Chapter of 2Peter paralleled that! It's almost like he's quoting it. Whew! That's about the blackest picture in the whole New Testament! It shows you how the Lord must abhor that sort of thing, just absolutely hate it! I never realised before that God hates that just as much as sodomy!
       15. IN FACT, SHE IDENTIFIES THE TWO OF THEM THE SAME, SHE CALLS THEM BOTH "GAY"! What a word for a despicable debauchery, gay!--Ha! Well, now we know what the Lord thinks about it. So we're going to come out strong against it. We sort of tolerated it in the past & allowed her to get away with it, but we can't anymore. The Lord has really blasted it & she has got to get the picture of how bad it is. She's got to read those passages & realise that's what the Lord has to say about it. So far she's been able to sort of gloss it over, & I was party to the crime by not taking a definite stand. Well, I did say it wasn't normal. (Maria: You said it was a perversion.) And it was a perversion & they shouldn't have tolerated it, it'd be better to pray for a cure.
       16. BUT YOU SEE, THE GUILTY TAKE THOSE LOOPHOLES & they make the best of them & the most of it & vindicate & justify themselves & go their way. Well, I hope you all can handle it. (Maria: Well, the Lord's the only One Who can, I can't do anything.) Well, He needs your help. (Maria: Armed with the Word.) You've got the Word now, so praise the Lord! We got the Word for it. That's it, finito! Finis, the end of that kind of foolishness! "The days of this ignorance God winked at, but now He calls us all to repent" (Acts 17:30).
       17. LET'S SEE IF SHE ACCEPTS THE WORD. It's pretty heavy, but if she can take it, there's hope she can come through! If she can't, she'd sure be in pretty bad shape. But it seemed to me, from some of the things the Lord said, that she's going to make it! I was telling someone today that I've had sort of a revulsion for her every time she's been anywhere near. I could hardly stand to touch her & have to kiss her, but I was trying to be charitable & trying to go out of my way to be sweet to her, but there's been just something about her that just was revolting!
       18. APPARENTLY IT WAS THE SPIRIT IN ME--I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT WAS THE MATTER, but the Spirit in me was just absolutely repulsed by the uncleanness! But today when I was talking about that to John & Maria, the Lord said, "That which I have cleansed, call thou not unclean!" (Acts 10:15). So in God's sight it sounds like it's as good as done, thank the Lord, already! He'll just have to put the finishing touches on it to fulfil His will. I hope that's what it meant. (To Peter:) Keep prayin', keep believin', victory's on the way! (Maria: Keep readin' the Word!) He gets His greatest victories out of seeming defeat!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family