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THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

COMMUNION WITH TECHI!--And the Alligator Clip!       France, Aix, 28/12/80         DO 1751
Techi: 1 year, 9 months
Dora Techi--Chapter 48

       1. (TO TECHI:) OK, YOU BREAK IT. CAN YOU BREAK IT? WE'VE GOTTA HAVE 12 PIECES. You've gotta break some more. (Techi: Break!) Oh, did it get in your eye? Oh, I'm sorry! Can you break it some more? Oh, Jesus bless her eye! It'll melt, don't worry. Now that's why you should break it the other way so it goes that way, break it that way. That's the stuff! Break another piece. And we gotta have 12 pieces 'cause there are 12 disciples. Gotta break each piece again, break each piece again, okay?
       2. IT DOESN'T SAY ANYTHING IN THE BIBLE, ABOUT A CHILD NOT GIVING COMMUNION, DOES IT? (Fam: No!) Now you gotta break the big pieces again, break them again. Break'm again, break'm again, break'm again. You should break'm away from you, like that, so you won't get it in your eye again. Let's count now & see how many pieces we've got, break it once more. I think we'll need one more at least. Break that one. That's a girl!--Awful little pieces for some people! How about breaking this great big one in two? Break that one. There we are! Now let's count & see how many pieces we've got. Shall we count'm? Look: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven... (Techi: Twelve.) Well, since the sick ones are upstairs I guess we can send theirs to'm. Alright, where's Maria? Does she know we're having Communion? (Rich: Yes Sir. I told her. She's upstairs with the sick kids.) I guess she'll have to partake of it afterwards. (Maria comes through the door.) (Techi: Here are Mommy! Here are Mommy, Daddy!) There's Mommy! Here are Mommy! Here are Mommy! Here's our Mommy! She's worried 'cause you weren't here for Communion, Mommy! Come on over close, Mommy, so you can be here for Communion. We gotta have you for Communion.
       3. GUESS WHO BLESSED & BROKE THE BREAD THIS TIME? (Maria: Techi?) Techi! Yes! And I think we have almost enough pieces if you break one more, just one more big piece in a big break. Okay! (Techi breaks bread!) Good girl! That did it! There, you did it! Now I think we have enough. Alright now, we're gonna pass it to them. You take a piece. You take one piece, one piece! Are you gonna pass it around too? Hmm? Are you gonna take it & pass it to them? Well, I think we had a little problem keeping it on the plate last time. Maybe we'll just pass it this way, OK? (Dora: Did Techi take one?) Yes, did you take one? She had one. (Dora: She put it back on.) There you are. She has one. (Maria: We need to send some to David & Davida. I told them we'd bring it up.) Let's wait & eat it together. We'll all eat it together. (Sings:)
       "Break Thou the Bread of Life,
       Dear Lord to me,
       As Thou didst break the loaves
       Beside the sea.
       Beyond the Sacred Page,
       I seek Thee, Lord.
       My spirit pants for Thee,
       Thou living Word!"

Yes, & don't forget anybody when you go around the circle. And listen, if you have any problems deciding which piece to take, my Mother said you should always take the one closest to you. Okay?
       4. AND HE SAYS, "THIS IS MY BODY WHICH IS BROKEN FOR YOU. This do in remembrance of Me. And as oft as ye do it, ye do it in remembrance of Me." (1Cor.11) PTL! We know from the rest of what He said it's for our healing. Amen? (Fam: Amen!) TYJ! So we all take the bread. That's a good girl. (Maria tells Sue as she takes Communion to the sick children: Tell'm it's for their healing & Daddy's praying for'm too!) He said, "Take, eat!"--Which means it's perfectly alright to chew it. You don't have to just lay it on your tongue like a saint or somebody. You just gobble it up like we do here! (Family laughs.)
       5. ARE YOU READY FOR OUR WINE NOW? "After the same manner He took the cup," which means first He blessed it. Yes, you hold your hands on it. Let's bless it. Can you pray a prayer? Yes, that's right. You pray a prayer. TYJ for the wine. You don't want to stick your fingers in it, though. Just put your hand right there. Put your hands like this. That's a good way to do it. Now can you say "TYJ"? Say "TYJ!" (Techi: Thank You Jesus!) For the wine... (Techi: For the wine.)...Thy Blood shed for the remission of our sins." This is the New Testament, New Covenant in My Blood which is shed for you." In Jesus' name! "And after He had supped..." You're the one that's serving, so you get to sup first. Are you ready? Okay! That's a good girl! Thank you! PTL! (Sings "Nothing But the Blood" & "There is a Fountain") Amen! XXXXXXX! ILY!
       6. YOU DID A GOOD JOB OF SERVING COMMUNION TODAY! You prayed for it & blessed it & served it & we all partook & remembered Jesus. Remember, when we do this we remember Jesus! Who do you remember? Jesus! Jesus! She kind of goes silent when she sees all of us looking at her.--Sort of awe & stage fright or something. She gets absolutely awed by everybody, being the center of attention by everybody looking at her. When she's not conscious of others, then she can really come out & sing, talk loud. Oh, she's gonna nicely fold her napkin now cause it's got cracker crumbs all over. That's a good girl! You can give it to Dora over there so they can take it & shake it out. That's a good girl! Very good girl! (Maria: Did you have some?) Yes, we've all had some. Did you all have some? (Fam: Yes.) (To Techi:) Take it easy! (Maria to Sue as she takes wine to children: Tell them maybe they can read the Scriptures upstairs together too.)
       7. (DAD STARTS PLAYING WITH TECHI USING THE MICROPHONE CLIP.) Here's the little alligator. You better not touch him cause he's gonna bite Techi! (Techi squeals!) He's gonna come & bite Techi! (Techi squeals again!) He's got jaws, see. It's just like an alligator. I told her this is a little alligator. It's got a big mouth with jaws & there's a video now about alligators called "Gentle Jaws," & that's the craziest thing you ever head of! It's interesting, about alligators, but they have anything but gentle jaws! (Techi: Get Dora!) Get Dora? Shall we clip it on Dora? (Techi: No, no, no!) No? Alright. She doesn't want me to get Dora. Get Techi? Get Techi? (Techi squeals!) Alright, we won't get anybody! That's better, huh? Let's not get anybody. We'll just let old alligator bite the tablecloth, how's that? Okay, now that's better. Yes, that's better. We'll just let old alligator bite the tablecloth. (Techi: No.) Oh, you don't like the alligator to bite the tablecloth? (Techi: No.) No? Oh, no, is that what you were saying, no? All right, we'll take it off then & lay alligator down with the microphone. That's one thing the alligator's good for, he's good for holding microphones. That's what the alligator's good for. (Techi tries to take the alligator microphone & says: "Techi doesn't want alligator to bite anyone.") You don't want it to bite anybody? (Techi: No.) Good girl! That's a good girl!
       8. SHE DOESN'T WANT THE OLD DEVIL ALLIGATOR TO BITE ANYBODY! That's a good girl. Old Devil alligator.--That reminds us so much of the Devil, this little Devil alligator, it even has horns! (Describes microphone clip looking like the Devil.) (Techi squeals!) It's a good thing not to like the Devil, we don't like the Devil! Alright, we had Communion, TTL, & He said as we do this we do it in remembrance of Him, & the bread is for our healing & the wine is for our salvation, at least it symbolises it, & it's a testimony, it's a witness that we are saved & we have faith in the Lord for His healing. (Dad plays with alligator again.) And that's why we need the wine & the bread, to chase the alligator-Devil away! Right? We need the wine & the bread to keep the alligator Devil from bitin' us!--The old Devil alligator from bitin' us, 'cause he's mean & he might even hurt us. So we need to drink the wine to save our souls & eat the bread to save our bodies, & chase the old Devil away! In Jesus' name. Amen! PTL? (Techi throws alligator clip away & waves bye-bye!)
       9. THE REASON THE OTHERS ARE NOT HERE IS BECAUSE THEY'RE SICK. So Mommy's gonna take'm Communion upstairs, or Sue did. If they can't come to the table, then you take them Communion in bed so they can get the efficacy (the desired effect) of the Lord's body in prayer by faith. (Techi: Where is alligator?) Well, once you get rid of the Devil you don't ask for him! You don't want to raise him up again! You don't say, "Where's alligator?" 'cause he's gone to Hell! We threw him away down to Hell! Good? Okay? Isn't that good, we got rid of the Devil? Well, sometimes he kind of interests her, especially his nice big jaws & all. She loves to throw him away. She likes to throw him down, the Devil, but she likes to do it over & over & over again, like most Christians! (Family laughs!)
       10. DADDY'S FIXING YOUR DECAF TEA, I'M FIXING OUR TEA. Okay! Now you can see how Daddy likes honey. You can see why Techi likes tea! I'm always very clean, I always lick off the jar! You must always lick the jar off to keep it from dripping. Then it doesn't get all sticky. (Maria: That's Daddy's special privilege!) (Sue: And his honey.) You mean you don't like me to keep the jar clean for everybody? Hmm? It's fun fixing it! Daddy's fixing it! I'm coming! Well, they gave me so much that it's hard for me to stir fixing your honey. See, we like a little tea in our honey! Techi & me, we like a little tea in our honey. We like a little tea in our honey! Okay, here it comes! Here we got it all made & Sara's always amazed at my trick of being able to hold the cup this way & the spoon this way.--So you don't spill the spoon. There you are. Try it, see if you like it! Try it & see if you like it! Good? Is it good?
       11. (TECHI: CARRY IT OUR ROOM! THANK YOU DADDY!) You're welcome, Honey. XXX! ILY! Carry it our room, okay! Good night, Dora! (Dora: Good night!) Good night, Rich! (Rich: Good night! Love you!) GBYA! Love you! Carry it to our room! Carry it to our room! She has her own ideas about what she wants to do! She makes her own decisions. Good night! ILY! Oh, you all are wonderful! PTL! (Techi: Throw the Devil AWAY!) Yes, throw the Devil away.
       If you throw & throw & throw & throw the Devil away!
       Cast the Devil away! Turn the night to day!
       Cast, cast, cast & cast & cast the Devil away!
       Throw the Devil away! Night will turn to day!
       Throw the Devil away, no matter what they say!
       Just chase the Devil away! Night will turn to day!
       If you chase & chase & chase & chase the Devil away!"

PTL?--And the only way to do it is by Communion! Amen? PTL! (Techi says goodnight.) (Maria: Can't kiss on the lips, just the cheeks.) Yes, we've got too many colds & things going around from kissing on lips, all kinds of lips! You can catch a lot of things from lips, watch out, folks! Goodnight! GBY! XXX! ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family