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HEAVENLY TECHI & THE MAGAZINE--Chapter 49       France Farm, 6/4/81       DO 1752
--A Grandpa Story!       Age: 2 years old
Dora Techi,

       1. WHEN YOU WERE BORN, IN YOUR MOMMY'S TUMMY & YOU CAME OUT, YOU WERE BORN A FIRST TIME. Then when you let Jesus in your heart you were born a second time, born again, & you started living a new life in Jesus. (Dad shows Techi the FN magazine cover picture.) Yes, isn't that pretty! Isn't she pretty? Look, what's that? (Techi: Those are the darkness.) The darkness, yes. What's this pretty thing flying? (Techi: Not darkness.) No, that's a butterfly. She's all clothed with light. (Techi: That's bad darkness.) Yes, she came out of the darkness & now she's out here in the light, because what does she have there? (Techi: Heart.) She's got a heart! She's got a heart in her head now. That means her head is full of love. It's dark in the back, the forest. She came out of there, where the Devil was, & she came out here into this nice brightness with the butterfly, & look, she has wings like a butterfly too!

       2. SHE'S BECOME AN ANGEL BECAUSE SHE LOVES JESUS, JUST LIKE YOU'RE A LITTLE ANGEL BECAUSE YOU LOVE JESUS & YOU FLEW DOWN HERE FROM HEAVEN to be with us, & you're gonna fly back up someday again. You're a little angel too & you had wings like this & you flew down from Heaven to be with Daddy because Daddy needed you. You came down to be with Daddy one day when Daddy was very sick. I was very very sick & you came into my room & you said, "Hi! I'm Techi! I'm 5 years old! I'm Davidito's little sister!" And you weren't even born yet! You weren't even born yet, because you'd flown down from Heaven like a little angel! (Techi: She came out of Heaven?) Of Heaven, yes. But she had to go through the darkness first, like you did. You went inside Mommy's dark tummy & it was all dark in there & then you came out into the light, nice & bright & light out here. Isn't that good? You were up in Heaven with Jesus & your pretty wings & you flew around with all the other little children up there. (Techi: She came out of the darkness.) Yes, but then you had to come down from Heaven & go into the darkness of Mommy's tummy, & then come out of the darkness into His Heavenly light! We will come out of darkness into His glorious light! Isn't that pretty, how pretty & light she is now?--Out of the light so pretty. She came out of the dark. Tell Davida where she came from. Where did the pretty girl come from? (Techi: Davida!) She looks a little like Davida, doesn't she? Doesn't she look like Davida?

       3. WHERE DID SHE COME FROM? (TECHI: HEAVEN!) FROM HEAVEN! She flew down from Heaven & Davida did too. With pretty wings she flew down from Heaven, where she was with Jesus. (Techi: Davida came out of the bad room.) Yes, & had to go through the darkness of her Mommy's tummy first, through the darkness of Sara's tummy, & then she came out into Jesus' glorious light! Isn't that pretty? And what does she have? (Techi: She came out of Sara's tummy. It was darkness in there!) Yes, Davida came out of your tummy. (Sara: Yes!) It was dark in there, but she was not unhappy, because she could hear us talking & she heard us talking all about her, that she was gonna come out of Mommy's tummy some day. (Techi: She came out of the bad road.) Yes, she came out the bad road of darkness. (Techi: Came out of the dark road.) Out of the darkness.

       4. THE BIG BAD WOLF WAS BACK THERE IN THE WOODSHED. YES, HE WAS! THE BAD WOLVES & THE FOXES WERE IN THERE, BUT JESUS KEPT HER, just like He kept you & He kept Davida & He kept you in your Mommies' tummies in the darkness & He didn't let the big bad wolf or the big bad foxes get you! (Davida: Or either the dreams.) No, nor the dreams, because what did you have here? (Davida: A heart.) You had a heart, & a heart stands for what? (Davida: Love!) Love! You had love in your heart! (Techi: The big bad wolf in there!) Yes, the big bad wolf was in there. See, she's out here safe & sound & in the light & playing her flute & happy because she has love in her heart. See? (Techi: Big bad wolf out there!) Big bad wolf was in there, that's right, a big bad wolf & the bad foxes were in there & they tried to get her, but they couldn't touch her because Jesus took care of her, see?

       5. THEY COULDN'T EVEN TOUCH HER BECAUSE JESUS WAS TAKING CARE OF HER & BECAUSE SHE HAD THESE LITTLE WINGS OF LOVE TO FLY AWAY. She had nice pretty little wings to fly away from the wolf & from the foxes & she could get away & fly out here into the light. She sat here by the pond with the pond lilies & the butterflies & she's playing her flute. Yes, I know the big bad wolves & foxes were in there, but she got away from them, see?--Just like Jesus won't let the big bad wolves & foxes get you either when you're out in the woods or you're on a walk. He won't let'm come near you because Jesus loves you & He takes good care of you & so you don't have to worry about the dark woods. (Davida: Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?) Yes!

       6. (SINGS:)
       We're not afraid of the big bad wolf,
       For Jesus cares for us!"

       (Davida: That's what the three piggies sang.) Yes, & that piggy was right, Jesus is taking care of'm! (Sings:)
       "Who's afraid of the big bad wolf,
       The big bad wolf, the big bad wolf!
       Who's afraid of the big bad wolf,
       For Jesus cares for us!"

That's right! Jesus took care of her, & look, she got through the woods okay! She's out of the woods now & she's there all pretty & golden & green. (Techi: I'm not tired.) Just a little bit tired maybe, huh? And here, what's that? (Davida: A butterfly.) A butterfly, yes! (Davida: She's a butterfly.) She's a butterfly too, see? She's a little angel because she has wings. (Davida: Do they come close to her?) Yes, because they love her. Because they know she's a little fairy angel that came from Jesus & she's not gonna hurt butterflies. You wouldn't want to hurt butterflies, would you? Yes, & she's sweet. She looks a little like you & she's playing the flute. (Davida: The wolves are in the forest.) Yes, they're back in there, but they're not gonna hurt us because Jesus is taking care of us. You don't have to worry about the wolves at all because Jesus is taking care of us.

       7. SEE, SHE'S NOT WORRIED. SHE'S PLAYING A FLUTE, PLAYING MUSIC! She's just sitting there happy, safe & sound because Jesus is taking care of her. (Davida: And maybe even playing with the froggies!) Oh, yes! Oh, have you heard the frog concert outside? Did you hear the froggies singing? Yes, they can really sing! (Techi: Like Davida.) Yes, sing like Davida. Oh my! Well, I think it's beautiful. (Davida: I like that.) That's a compliment. She's still pretty though, isn't she? [DELETED] (Techi: She goes like that.) You can see it all then, can't you? I like to see it all, don't you? It makes a nice poster for your room. You can put her up in your room. I think maybe you have one already on a calendar, don't you? (Techi: Davidito is on a pond & he's not afraid of the wolves either.) No, Davidito lives by a pond & he's not afraid of the wolves, no. Not at all! (Sara: He lived by a pond in Tenerife, by the bananas.) Yes. (Techi: He's not afraid of the wolves either!) No, he's not afraid of the wolves because Jesus takes care of us. We're not a bit afraid of'm! (Techi: Why should we? Why should we?) Yes, why should we be afraid?

       8. WELL, WE DIDN'T LOOK AT THE REST OF THE MAGAZINE. Let's see if we can find any more pictures in the Magazine. Oh! Who's that? (Techi: Jesus!) Yes! And what is He doing, Davida? (Davida: He's raising up from the dead!) That's right! He was dead & now He's alive, & what are these men down here? What are these men? (Davida: Soldiers.) Roman soldiers, & are they happy or are they afraid? (Davida: They're afraid!) I think they're afraid because they don't know what's happening, do they? They're afraid of Jesus. [DELETED] Oooh my, here's some more pictures. There's Jesus on the cross. They're showing how much He loves us, showing you how much He loves us, that He wanted to... (Techi: He's not really bad!) No, Jesus was very good but He's on the cross. He's there to take our spanking for us. (David comes in & joins them.) (Techi: We don't have to worry about the wolf.) No, not a bit. We don't have to worry about the wolf at all cause Jesus takes care of us, see? Even all these bad men were trying to hurt Jesus. He didn't do anything. He just died & then He rose again. They couldn't really hurt Him. So Jesus died on the cross, & God was sorry for a little while, but not for very long because just a couple of days, 3 days later, what happened here? What's happening here? Here's 3 women looking...

       9. (TECHI SHARES COMMUNION WITH DAVIDA & GIVES DADDY MORE COMMUNION BREAD.) You're having a snack. We're having a Communion snack! How about that! Instead of the Lord's Supper we're having the Lord's Snack! (Davida: Mmmm! This is better than a cookie!) Instead of the Lord's Supper we're having the Lord's Snack! How about that? Hmm? (Dad offers David more wine to wash down Communion.) I think we're having the Lord's party! That's what we're having, the Lord's Party! Well, what are we happy about, David? Look, what's happening here? These three ladies are looking into this door. (David: There's the angel.) Yes, what was that? (David: Oh, that's a tomb.) The tomb, & what's a tomb? (David: Where they bury someone.) Where they bury people! And who did they bury there? (David: Jesus.) And what happened? Why are they so excited & afraid & everything? They're looking in there & it's all bright light & there's an angel in there!

       10. THEY HAD BURIED JESUS THERE BUT WHERE IS JESUS? WHERE IS JESUS? (Techi: He died on the cross.) He died on the cross & they buried Him here, but then what happened? (David: They don't know where He is right now.) (Techi: In my heart!) Amen! That's where He is! But He's not in the tomb, is He? (Techi: In my heart.) In your heart, that's where He is. That's right. He got up out of the tomb. He got up out of the tomb & He walked away, didn't He? He walked away. So... (Techi: Now He's in my heart!) Now He's in your heart, that's right! That's exactly right! (Techi: There's Jesus!) There's Jesus there! (Techi: Two Jesus's!) Yes, that's another picture. That's not two Jesus's, but just another picture.

       11. (TECHI: WE'RE HAVING THE LORD'S SNACK!) YES, WE'RE HAVING THE LORD'S SNACK. (Davida: A tea party.) No, it's the Lord's Snack, it's not a tea party. That's wine & bread. It's not a tea party. It's Jesus' Snack. And there's no more stories & we're gonna put the little girls to bed now, safe from the wolves & safe in the arms of Jesus! XXX! (Sings:)

       "Safe in the arms of Jesus,
       Safe in His gentle breast!
       There my soul has refuge,
       There I can safely rest!"

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family