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ESTHER--THE QUEEN OF FFers!       DO 1755       3/84
--The Importance of FFing in Today's Lands!

       [EDITED: "HomeARC note: FFing was discontinued in 1987."]

       1. I'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT THE COUNTRY WHERE WE'VE BEEN GETTING SO MUCH PERSECUTION. I'm just wondering how successful their FFing was? [DELETED] I was wondering, "Lord, why is it that they should have had so much trouble there when we have probably been pretty well known to both church & government officials in other countries for a long time & been exposed to them?--I'm sure the Devil has gotten around!--But these have little or no trouble."
       2. WELL, ALL I KNOW IS THE ANSWER I GOT WAS JUST AS CLEAR AS A BELL!: IN OTHER COUNTRIES THEY FFed [EDITED: "PEOPLE"] WHO HAVE IN TURN DEFENDED & PROTECTED US, but somehow they failed to reach the right people in that troubled field where we're being persecuted. So I would like a report from this country we're evacuating, on [EDITED: "who"] they were FFing. [DELETED] They do apparently a helluva lot of FFing--hundreds loved in one month! But who were they FFing? [DELETED]
       3. SEE, ONCE THEY HAVE FFed SOME [EDITED: "IMPORTANT MEN"], THEY NOT ONLY WIN THEM, BUT THEY ALSO WIN THEIR FAVOUR & THEIR INFLUENCE & PROTECTION & defense. [DELETED] That is all I know, that was the immediate flash, just as clear as a bell it came to me, "They didn't work on [DELETED] top-ranking men of influence, like they did in other countries." They weren't afraid to start at the top there, some of our FFers, God bless them!
       4. IN ONE COUNTRY WHERE THE FAMILY'S BEEN FOR YEARS THEY ALMOST STARTED AT THE TOP, [DELETED] & distributed lit & did all kinds of things. [DELETED] Well, all I know is that is the answer I got! In some places it's been the FFers, I believe with all my heart, it has been the FFers that we can virtually give top credit to for the Family having been protected, defended & permitted freedom for so long. I believe it!
       5. SO THAT SHOWS YOU WHAT ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT EFFECTS & EFFECTIVENESS OF FFing IS, IT CAN PROTECT THE WHOLE FAMILY IN A WHOLE COUNTRY! For the failure to FF the proper men, the top men, [DELETED] the fear of FFing in the top ranks could mean in the long run that they could really lose out!--Who knows!--Maybe [EDITED: "some"] are even a little resentful, spiteful, because they hear all about all this sex that this sex cult has & they never got any!--Nobody ever gave them any! How about that?! "Hey! Where have I been all this time? Where have they been? How come they didn't come to me? So! I'm going to sock it to them, they left me out!" I think it works both ways, I really do!
       6. I DON'T THINK YOU CAN POSSIBLY UNDERESTIMATE, OR YOU SHOULDN'T, THE VALUE & THE EFFECTIVENESS, THE INFLUENCE & THE IMPORTANCE OF FFing!--It is much more than for mere support, or even for souls, but for defence, protection & giving us freedom & liberty to operate within a country. I think our girls should [DELETED] go to the top clubs & the best places! Let the men foot the bill!--They'll foot the bill. All the girls have to do is get in. Find out where [EDITED: "they"] circulate, etc. Find out where they hang out & hobnob & get in with some of the top ones! I think that was one of the mistakes they made in Madrid, they shied away from those top clubs where the [DELETED] top men were, some of those places where the boys had to wear a necktie & fancy attire, you know? And so therefore they didn't go there.
       7. BUT I THINK OUR GIRLS IN SOME OF THESE FIELDS HAVE HAD A LOT OF FAITH! I'll give some of them a lot of credit for hitting at the top, not being afraid to go straight to the top!--And how they did it, I don't know. Maybe they ought to write us some lessons on it! "[DELETED]How we got to them, how we met them, how we did it!--And in what ways we have influenced them to protect us & protect the whole Family!"
       8. IF ESTHER COULD BE INSTRUMENTAL WITH THE KING TO HAVE INFLUENCED HIM TO PROTECT HER WHOLE PEOPLE, HER WHOLE FAMILY, THEN CERTAINLY EVEN ONE OF OUR GIRLS MIGHT BE INSTRUMENTAL IN DOING THE SAME THING IN A COUNTRY, if she becomes a favourite of [EDITED: "a top person"]! I don't think anybody should underestimate the power of a woman! And I don't think the FFers even know their own power or appreciate how much power they have to get to the top, that is the power God has given women!
       9. AND I THINK THAT THAT MIGHT BE THE REASON WHY WE'RE GETTING PERSECUTION IN THAT PARTICULAR COUNTRY NOW: PERHAPS THEY DIDN'T FF THE RIGHT KIND OF PEOPLE, [DELETED] OR THEY WERE AFRAID TO GO TO THE TOP! Maybe they didn't go to those clubs because they were too expensive. Well, the FFers, if they're good enough, smart enough, our girls ought to know by this time they don't even need a fisherman! They can go two-by-two to those fancy clubs & never have to pay for a thing!--We've found that out. So they don't have to worry about prices. Those are the guys with not only the money to give generously, which is what they need as well, but top men with top influence, & they'll only go to the best clubs.
       10. CAPRICHOS WAS THE BEST CLUB IN PUERTO, RIGHT? There wasn't a fancier, better club, & you could tell by their high prices! Anywhere else the same drinks were half the price, 50 or 75 cents, but at Caprichos they were $1.25 or $1.50. They do it deliberately to keep out the riffraff & the stevedores & the monkeys & the whatnot, so that just the filthy rich can be there & the powerful & associate with their own kind, & the prices keep the others out!--It's economic discrimination!
       11. SO ANY OF OUR GIRLS WHO HESITATE TO GO TO TOP PLACES ARE MISSING THE BOAT! As long as they've got the experience & training & what it takes, & looks & know-how to act & dress right & how to behave & talk, with the power of the Lord I think they can be the most powerful women that ever hit that place!--You know that! Men have testified of that time & again. "I never saw a girl like you! I never knew a girl like you! What have you got? What is it?" It's the power & the Love of the Lord!--The influence of the Holy Spirit!
       12. ALL I KNOW IS WHEN I WAS PRAYING ABOUT IT THAT THAT'S THE ANSWER I GOT--THAT THE FFers IN SOME COUNTRIES ARE AFRAID TO HIT THE TOP, go to the top places, meet top men at top clubs. So that was the positive answer I got, so that must infer that perhaps they weren't meeting the right people where we're having to [EDITED: "leave"]. Well, we need to learn something from these things by experience. If we make mistakes, we need to profit by them & learn by them, what to do or what not to do next time. We know one mistake they made: Of course, they figured it was very profitable, going to the religious universities, but that was probably the worst thing they could have done!
       13. BUT TO GO TO ANY KIND OF RELIGIOUS UNIVERSITY WE'RE BOUND TO HAVE TROUBLE! Now maybe that is the only kind they have in that country, I don't know. It seems like they should have some kind of secular institutions. Of course, we had trouble even going to the State institutions in California, the government is so anti-Christ & the educational system is so anti-Christ! But I think we would have had more trouble if we had gone anywhere near the Bible Colleges!--Ha! And religious schools!--Whoo! Let me tell you, those Scribes & Pharisees & Chief Priests, they really get hot under the collar if you come near their little lambs! Well, it shows you how religious the anti-Christ System is getting, they're getting just as touchy about it in the States--won't let you near, can't go there & witness, won't let you on the grounds!
       14. YOU CAN'T BE WITHIN 100 YARDS OF A CALIFORNIA STATE SCHOOL, ACCORDING TO STATE LAW, ON ANYTHING BUT SCHOOL BUSINESS!--And it is ridiculous because some of the biggest boulevards go right by the schools! I laughed in the Court & told the lawyers, I said, "Well, that's ridiculous! I mean there are thousands of people out there breaking that law every day passing by the school on some of those big boulevards! They don't even know the school is there, they're just driving by, they're passing within 100 yards of the school & not on school business! Isn't that ridiculous? It's an unenforceable law!" I said. Well, they didn't enforce it on the people they weren't afraid of, it wouldn't matter if millions passed by, as long as they didn't stop & witness to the students!
       15. NOW OF COURSE, THE DEVIL GOT THEM TO PASS THAT LAW ORIGINALLY UNDER THE EXCUSE OF GETTING RID OF SUBVERSIVES, COMMUNIST PROPAGANDA & DRUGS, so they could pick up anybody loitering near the school grounds if they were suspected of either peddling drugs or Communist literature. But of course, just like they did to Daniel, they got the King to pass the law for one excuse or another, but their real purpose was to trap the man of God & people of God! So the U.S. is getting just as bad, & we had just as bad publicity in some places in the U.S., & persecution, etc., as they're having now in that other country, so it is nothing unusual.--And we had more kids thrown in prison in California than they've had there so far! And you can remember the horrible press campaign against us there, & it even turned into a TV campaign against us where Roger Mudd made a whole one-hour TV show against us! So what they are suffering there is no more nor any worse than what we suffered in the United States--in fact, if anything, we suffered more in the United States!--It was more anti-Christ & more anti-Christ-controlled!
       16. BUT OF COURSE WE KNEW LITTLE OR NOTHING ABOUT FFing THEN & had no experience in it, & it took time to learn.--Maria & I had to pioneer it ourselves! Even if you had to sacrifice & suffer in order to pioneer FFing, Honey, the wonderful fruits made it worth it all, thank the Lord! Just don't forget that! Every time you think about it: If it hadn't been for you we never could have tried it or done it or proven it! You had to be the guinea pig, God bless you! And I had to be the goat! And this ol' goat with his little guinea pig did it & it worked! We had that town [DELETED] practically in the palm of our hand!--[DELETED] everybody except the hierarchy of the church! I don't know, maybe we should have tried to FF the Bishop!
       17. (MARIA: IN THE EAST IT IS PRETTY DIFFICULT TO FIND CLUBS, because if they do have them they are very very private & you don't just go knocking at the door! But where there is a will there is a way & you can pray that you meet top people somewhere.) The Lord can make some way!--Hotels or somewhere. They go some place for pleasure. They go some place for fun. They go some place for dancing. They go some place to meet girls! They could meet some influential man & he could take them to some private clubs as his guest.
       18. THE LOBBYISTS ATTACK HOTELS & CLUBS & RESTAURANTS & THE MEETING PLACES OF THE INFLUENTIAL, & IN A SENSE YOU MIGHT SAY THAT OUR FFers ARE OUR MOST POWERFUL LOBBYISTS! They literally lobby for the Family with [DELETED] men of influence, & they do a very effective job of it when they really do it in the Spirit & with the guidance & power of the Lord & His leading, & they have done it a lot of places where it has spared us a long time. I don't think we would probably have lasted as long even in Tenerife if we hadn't had so many [DELETED] on our side. We had [EDITED: "some"] living right in our house, & loving our girls every night!--And they loved it!
       19. AND IT TURNED OUT THE CHIEF OF POLICE WAS QUITE FAVOURABLE, he was just practically apologetic when the governor suggested he call me in for a little questioning! He was polite & apologetic & he just asked certain questions the governor apparently wanted him to ask. The Mayor, we understand, was also, he wasn't too buddy-buddy, but at least he was quite tolerant because we were reaching some of the top influential men there, including the manager of the top hotel, top bankers & doctors! Finally they sent a new governor from Madrid to try to get rid of us! And of course, between him & the Bishop, they took us to court. And that dream I had--I always figured that was the new Governor's wife dancing up & down with glee at our dilemma! (See No.323:10 & 1200:78.)--And our good doctor, Pedro Luis, God bless him, in front of them all stuck up for us! He said, "Well, those girls aren't doing any more than all the tourist women do when they come down here! So what? It's part of Tenerife's attraction!" God bless him!
       20. SO THAT MAY BE A WARNING TO OUR FFers & OUR PEOPLE & FAMILY IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES, especially perhaps even in closed countries, that they had better get up to the top where men of influence can defend us & protect us when there is trouble, & trouble always comes!--At least they are on the inside & can even warn us! But apparently they had no inside line there at all, no hot line at all, had no warning as far as I know of, as far as I have heard, that there was an investigation going on, until somebody that they did have a contact with got wind of it. But by that time apparently it had been going on for some time & it was too late!
       21. SO I TELL YOU, OUR GIRLS NEED TO WORK THEIR WAY UP TO THE TOP! (Maria: I wonder if sometimes our girls do it too independently.--Like a certain girl will FF an influential man but never tell him that they are associated with anyone else. They now seem to do it very very Selah, very independently. So when the trouble does come they would have to approach that man & say, "Look, I am associated with those people!--What can you do to help us?") Right! Now they don't have to do it right off the bat & scare him off, but when there is any wind of trouble or something or if trouble comes & they are asked, I think they should have the courage like Esther did & risk their lives, if necessary, to defend their people & tell the King or the men of influence or government officials, "Well, now wait a minute! I am one of them & those are my people, my friends! Are you going to let [EDITED: "them"] persecute them?"--It's time to come out, step out in the open & tell them! There comes a time when they are going to have to step out & defend their people just like Esther did, even at the risk of themselves!
       22. SO I THINK THAT IS PRETTY IMPORTANT!: THEY CAN GET DRIVEN OUT OF A WHOLE COUNTRY BECAUSE THE FFers DIDN'T GET THROUGH TO THE RIGHT MEN or they didn't confess to those men who they were, in the long run at least, after they have won them over. I should think there is plenty of chance then to tell them who they are & start slipping them the lit, etc. Look how long they've been giving some top [EDITED: "people"] in other countries literature, & some are even Members & tithing & whatnot! Once you've won their hearts it is time to tell them who is who & what is what!--"Now you've got to help us!"
       23. SO THAT'S THE ANSWER I GOT, THAT OUR FFers NEED TO KNOW THEIR POWER & HOW GOD CAN USE THEM, & THEY NEED TO USE IT! And when it comes down to the showdown, they really need to come out & use it directly & tell those men who they are & [EDITED: "about the coming persecution"], etc.--Just like Esther did! Esther was a Queen of FFers! That would be a good title for this little talk, "Esther, the Queen of FFers!" Even Ruth did somewhat similar. Boaz's power was not as great nor his influence, but he did help her relatives as a result, & it is the same situation. God has used women & sex for centuries! Let's face it! There were time & time again occasions of it in the Bible!
       24. LOOK HOW OFTEN ABRAHAM USED HIS WIFE AS AN FFer IN HIS OWN SELF-DEFENCE! [EDITED: "Gen.20:1-18."] Of course, he almost got in trouble with it a few times, but it worked for awhile & he never got in any too serious trouble. They let him off the hook when they finally found it out every time, then they let him off the hook & let him & his wife go. But in the meantime they enjoyed the favour of the King & his protection & even support!
       25. BUT THERE COMES A TIME WHEN OUR FFers HAVE GOT TO LET THEM KNOW WHO THEY ARE & what they are & who they belong to, & to try to stand in the gap & rise up in defence of their people, if they haven't done it already!--Like Esther, the Queen of FFers!--She risked her life to save her people!--And it worked!--Why don't you work it for the Lord & your people?!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family