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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

--[EDITED: "The"] Fanatical Revolution?--A Revelation!

1. IT JUST CAME TO ME THAT THE ANTICHRIST HAS A FALSE PROPHET! We were talking about the Islamic radicals that are making threats & attacks all over the World, & I was telling you that [EDITED: "this person"] is the head of a very radical [EDITED: "religious"] Revolution, & the question was going through my mind, "Well, I wonder how that fits in with the Antichrist movement & with Communism being its base & all that?" And I was wondering what that might have to do with it. And just as clear as anything it came to me, "The False Prophet!"--Just like that! The Antichrist has a False Prophet! Isn't that something? I never had that connection before, ever! Never!
2. I ALWAYS THOUGHT OF THE FALSE PROPHET BEING THE ANTICHRIST'S PUBLICITY DIRECTOR, something like Goebbels was for Hitler, his Minister of Propaganda. But look how [EDITED: "this person"] would fit! Did you know that Russia has been sort of favouring [EDITED: "this country"], trying to woo their movement into Communism? I was just wondering, & the thought just struck me!
3. BY THE WAY, ALL THE ANTICHRIST MEDIA ARE OVERDOING IT ON THIS GAS THING, THIS CHEMICAL WARFARE THING. They've got the chief article in the newspaper tonight. It is all rumour, but they say they've got "secret information & they don't dare reveal their resources, it's too sensitive" & all this blah, blah, blah! And you can tell it is nothing but pure exaggerated propaganda all about these huge underground chemical warfare laboratories in Iraq where they're said to be manufacturing chemical warfare against Iran, & suggesting that perhaps even like the Israelis bombed the atomic energy plant or laboratory that Iraq had, run by the French, that perhaps the U.S. should encourage the Israelis to bomb these centres!--War on Iraq!--An anti-Christ stab in the back!
4. I MEAN THEY'RE ABSOLUTELY COOKING UP AN EXCUSE TO GO TO WAR AGAINST IRAQ! Now with its hands full of war with Iran, what a dirty trick that would be to stab Iraq right in the back with an excuse like this! They've been building up this chemical warfare propaganda now for weeks & trying deliberately to turn the U.S. against Iraq just at a time when the U.S. was beginning to favour Iraq over Iran because of Iran's crazy fanaticism & monstrous slaughter of its children & especially its threatening the oil lifeline! The U.S. was beginning to lean from its neutrality towards Iraq, the bitter enemy of Israel, of course. And of course, Iran claims to be a bitter enemy.
5. BUT THE STRANGE THING IS, WHILE IRAN PUBLICLY PROCLAIMS TO BE A BITTER ENEMY OF ISRAEL, ISRAEL HAS BEEN HELPING & FURNISHING IRAN WITH WAR MATERIALS & ARMS & spare parts & all kinds of things for the war effort, but of course, doing nothing for Iraq. Not that they love Iran all that much but they hate Iraq so much! And so they have been criticising everyone from France to the United States that has the slightest sympathy with Iraq! And about the time Iraq was beginning to get World sympathy, the Jews have been bringing out this business about Iraq being guilty of chemical warfare, knowing how that would affect the U.S. & would definitely tilt the balance of the scale against Iraq & more in favour of Iran. Very clever!
6. [EDITED: "THEY'RE"] ARE SO DAMNED CLEVER IN THEIR PROPAGANDA & LIES! Iran has sworn to march to Jerusalem & wipe out the Jews, & yet they're willing to use Iran to help wipe out Iraq, whom they consider a more dangerous & more immediate enemy, see?--I suppose figuring they'll take care of Iran later. But that would be something, wouldn't it, if this pseudo-prophet [DELETED] should be the False Prophet spoken of in Revelation, used by the Antichrist!--And he uses the Antichrist too to get into power! He has a successor, a son, [DELETED] a young man who is leading the propaganda campaign in favour of [EDITED: "their country"] & he is even quoted in this article. [DELETED] Though [EDITED: "the Israelis"] hate Iran [DELETED] & he is supposed to be hating them, they are using him against Iraq, playing them against each other to try to destroy them both! I wouldn't be surprised that's why the war has just been sort of equalised, they're destroying each other because this makes all of their enemies happy!
7. I TOLD YOU THIS A LONG TIME AGO WHEN WE WERE BACK IN FRANCE, THAT IT PLEASES BOTH THE SUPERPOWERS--BOTH THE U.S. & THE U.S.S.R., BECAUSE IRAN IS A THREAT TO RUSSIA & IRAQ IS A THREAT TO THE [EDITED: "ISRAELIS"], which means in the long run the U.S.--That's the way they think of it since they run the U.S. So that would be interesting, wouldn't it?--Considering that the Antichrist would use a religious] fundamentalist revolution to help promote his cause!--A madman, really fanatic, a crazy guy! And yet see, that's about the only way he could ever get the Muslims to back him, by favouring them. He does favour the religions at first. He promises them everything & makes the Holy Covenant & that sort of thing, the religious covenant. (Dan.9:27; 11:22-24)
8. (MARIA: AND THIS [DELETED] THING IS REALLY SPREADING ALL OVER THE WORLD, AMONGST THE MUSLIMS, isn't it?) It is booming everywhere! [EDITED: "This guy's religion"] is just booming! It would be just the cleverest sort of thing if the Communists would figure out some way to use it, & I have an idea they've already been using it.--They certainly have in Lebanon & other places! (Maria: But why? It's so crazy & fanatical, why is it booming?) Honey, because [EDITED: "they"] have this doctrine that to fight & die for [EDITED: "their religion"] is heroic & a virtue & it means immediate entry into Heaven!
9. OF COURSE, A LOT OF OTHER GOVERNMENTS HAVE TAUGHT THE SAME THING IN THE PAST, INCLUDING THE CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES.--THAT THEY WERE DYING FOR GOD & COUNTRY! So it is nothing new, but it's a tactic that always arouses fanaticism & an insane desire to die, willing to just die, virtually suicidal! And Iran has been lining up children by the thousands in mass attacks on Iraqi lines, just swamping Iraqis by the vast number of bodies, although they just mow them down & bomb them & everything else!--Just the sheer weight of their numbers has been overcoming some of the Iraqi lines. It's insane! It's diabolical! It's fiendish! But that's what [EDITED: "he"] is!
10. [EDITED: "HE"] IS ABSOLUTELY DEMONIC & I'VE SAID THAT BEFORE! HE IS A TOOL OF THE DEVIL! Well, of course, so are the anti-Christs & so is anti-Christ Communism, so why shouldn't they all get together? Strange bedfellows, but they're all on the same side--the Devil's side! So here are the [EDITED: "Israelis"] getting together with their bitter self-proclaimed enemy Iran to help them beat another more bitter enemy, Iraq! And meanwhile, the U.S.S.R. is sympathising in some ways with both of them. So it would be interesting in some ways if [EDITED: "he or his brand of religion"] turns out to be the False Prophet!
11. YOU SEE, SOMETIMES THESE CHARACTERS SYMBOLISE A POWER OR A GOVERNMENT like the kings symbolise their governments, their countries, etc. (Rev.17:12) The Antichrist is the symbol & epitome of the Antichrist System. So it doesn't necessarily have to be this present [EDITED: "false prophet"] himself, he is too old & about to die, but it could be a young successor like his son, who would rise to power & make a pact with the Communists, the Russians, that if the Russians favour them, they will fight for Communism & become the Antichrist's False Prophet! It is really quite an idea! Isn't that funny? I never really thought about that before. The thought never entered my mind before!
12. I WAS JUST AS I OFTEN DO, SITTING HERE WONDERING ABOUT THIS, WHERE [DELETED] THIS FANATICAL, RADICAL [EDITED: "RELIGIOUS"] REVOLUTION, WHERE DOES IT FIT INTO THE WORLD PICTURE OF THESE LAST DAYS, because it doesn't seem to be stopping, it seems to be growing & sweeping the World almost like the original onslaught [DELETED] in the 7th Century! I mean it really took on, took hold & swept the World & almost conquered Europe! It did conquer parts of Europe, all of North Africa & the Mideast. It became extremely popular & swept the Earth, & that is the way this present modern [EDITED: "religious"] Revolution seems to be going--really catching fire & catching the imaginations of the youth! He is becoming almost a symbol of modern religious revolution, see, a return to the religious fundamentalism & basics of God & faith! And look what a clever Satanic deceitful doctrine of devils that is to trap the youth of today, those who have not followed the Jesus Revolution, they are caught up in the complete almost hysterical fanaticism of this [EDITED: "religious"] Revolution!
13. (MARIA: YOU MEAN IT IS NOT JUST CONFINED TO ISLAMIC YOUNG PEOPLE?) NO, IT IS REALLY CATCHING THE FANCY OF A LOT OF YOUTH OF THE WORLD & certainly not merely the Iranians but all of the youth of Islam & other youths that have been interested in God & in faith. And you see, since they wouldn't accept us, the Jesus Revolution, & having turned their backs on Jesus, they are going to be swept up into the worst kind of fanaticism, but with the same type of religious fervour & a supposed return to faith in God, which the youth of the World have in common today from all countries & colours & shades & sorts & varieties of different colours & races & nations & powers & whatnot! There has been a general backlash of the youth against the atheism & unbelief & scepticism of their parents.--A backlash in favour of faith & God!
14. AND LOOK HOW THAT CATCHES THE FANCY OF THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD who have turned their backs on the Jesus Revolution, to be caught up in this false fanaticism of a dynamic religious youth revolution of another faith!--It is Satanic & diabolical in this case, as [EDITED: "he"] leads it in opposition to genuine established Islam! It's a part of the youth revolution of the World & their return to religion & it is catching the faith & fancy of the youth the World over! I mean it just seems almost miraculous the way it is spreading to where they are willing to fight & die for it & become terrorists for it all over the World! They are the most dangerous terrorists in the World today, [EDITED: "this man's followers"]! It is a religious revolution with a very demonic, fiendish fanaticism of Satan himself! [DELETED] Think of it!
15. BOY! WHAT A COMBINATION THAT WOULD MAKE, FOR THIS [EDITED: "PARTICULAR"] RELIGIOUS REVOLUTION TO JOIN FORCES WITH COMMUNISM!--Strange bedfellows, but both actually on the same side of the Antichrist & the Devil's own! That would be a perfect combination to sweep up both the anti-God religious fervour & the pro-God religious fanaticism & combine them together to sweep the World, getting an outstanding religious False Prophet, as he is called in the Bible, to cooperate with the Antichrist!--And finally he even persuades the World to worship the Antichrist as God! Think of that!
16. BOY! THAT'S A BOMB!--THAT'S SOMETHING THAT NEVER OCCURRED TO ME BEFORE! But I was just thinking as we were talking, I sort of had that question on my mind, & had the answer come to me just like the Lord suddenly, so surprisingly will answer me when I am not even praying! But I just had the thought or question on my mind: "What place does this booming fanatical religious revolution of [DELETED] Fundamental fanaticism have, what place has this got in the World picture, when the coming Antichrist government is supposed to be eventually anti-religious?" And it just suddenly came to me, "The False Prophet!"--Just as clear as anything, "The False Prophet!"
17. SEE, AT FIRST THE ANTICHRIST MAKES A PACT WITH THE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE TO WORK WITH HIM. (Dan.11:28,30) This is the religious Covenant, the so-called Holy Covenant--in other words, a religious covenant to get their cooperation & backing & get them to work with him & promote him & help put him in power.--Then he turns on them & breaks the Covenant & tries to obliterate them! (Maria: And [EDITED: "he"] is really the only outstanding Islamic leader in the World that anybody knows about, right?) Really, of course, exactly! He is the greatest Islamic leader in the World today who has caught the fancy of the fanaticism of youth & fired their imagination with religious zeal to serve God fanatically, even willing to do suicidal attacks on their enemies in human wave tactics or those suicidal truck bombs!
18. I MEAN THEY'RE ALREADY DOING IT ALL OVER THE WORLD! Instead of slacking off, it is getting worse all the time! Their terrorists are the most dangerous & fanatical & fiendish in the World today & more widespread & seem to be better organised! It was them who helped drive all the Americans & French & British & the Italians out of Lebanon! It has virtually been proven now that Iran was behind the organisation of those truck bomb attacks. They used the fanatics in Lebanon to do it.
19. BOY! THAT IS SOME THOUGHT!--TO THINK THAT MAYBE THE COMMUNISTS WOULD USE THIS FANATICAL [DELETED] REVOLUTION OF YOUTH TO HELP FURTHER THEIR CAUSE! And what a combination that would be if they would join forces! This would give them the religious fervour & fanaticism of the religiously-inclined youth, the so-called back-to-God movement of youth of which we have been the Christian sector, the true Jesus Revolution of the Truth which has captured the hearts of the youth who really want the Lord. But look how this can capture the religious fervour & fanaticism & the desire to return to faith in something, especially the God which their parents have abandoned! The youth of the World today are turning back to religion in all religions & in all countries everywhere. It is a general thing. And we've simply captured part of it, thank the Lord, in the true religion of Jesus Christ in the Jesus Revolution!
20. BUT THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD ALL OVER THE WORLD TODAY ARE NOTORIOUSLY BECOMING MORE RELIGIOUS & MORE INTERESTED IN GOD & FAITH OF WHATEVER RELIGION! The youth have become more religious than their parents & have greater religious fervour & loyalty to their faith than their parents the World over. The parents had begun to fall away & have become very secular & materialistic & money-minded & sceptical, unbelieving, evolutionary, atheistic! Think of it! So while Communism is catching the imagination & the fervour of the secularists, the materialists, the anti-God, anti-faith people, here comes [EDITED: "this religious"] Revolution capturing the fancy & the faith & the fanaticism & the fervour of the faith-inclined youth, the back-to-God movement of youth!
21. AND WHAT A PERFECT COALITION BETWEEN RELIGION & COMMUNISM! HERE WE HAVE A MOVEMENT THAT IS SUPPOSEDLY PROMOTING FAITH IN GOD & a great wave of back-to-God fervour but is backed by the Devil & started by a fiend like [EDITED: "this"] false prophet! Just think of it! What a False Prophet he & his revolution would make! Of course, he is too old, he is probably going to die soon. But who knows, maybe the Devil is going to keep him alive for awhile, maybe the Lord will allow it. Either that or one of his successors will fulfil his mission & by making a compromise, a religious pact, the so-called Holy Covenant as it is called in the Bible, with the Antichrist & his System. They could cooperate together & take over the World!--The Communist fanatics along with the religious fanatics!--The materialistic zealots along with the religious zealots! What a combination that would make!
22. AND THIS [EDITED: "MOVEMENT"] IS SWEEPING THE YOUTH OF THE WORLD!--Not only just Islamic youth but catching the fancy of the youth all over the World! See, the Lord gave them the Jesus Revolution first & it swept the World, let's face it. And they all knew about it & they all heard about it & they all had the Message & they all had the chance to receive it, but comparatively speaking few have really followed. Of course, there was a Jesus People Movement in the States & Europe, a return of youth to the church, & there has been a certain revival of youthful Catholicism & a youth revival sweeping the churches as well, but it is a return to the System church which isn't accomplishing much.
23. BUT THERE HAS BEEN THIS REVIVAL OF RELIGION AMONGST YOUTH THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, returning to faith in God as opposed to their parents' horrible scepticism & atheism & unbelief which they see hasn't worked & is about to wreck the World, is already wrecking the World! So that having had the true message first--God always gets His in first--& having rejected it, turned their back on the Lord, now they are accepting the Devil's False Prophet, a number of his false prophets in fact, false cults & isms & sects that are not of the Lord. But the one which is the largest & is sweeping up more youth than almost any other is this [EDITED: "religious"] Revolution. Think of it!
24. IT'S SIGNIFICANT THAT THE ONES THAT ACTUALLY CAUSED US THE TROUBLE IN THAT COUNTRY WE'RE EVACUATING WERE [EDITED: "THIS PARTICULAR RELIGION"]! How about that! It is real significant! Here is the clash between the Jesus Revolution & the Devil's revolution, both religious revolutions! How about that! Well, maybe that's the way the Lord spared the Family so long in other countries, which were more predominantly Christian. But Islam is predominant in both that country & [EDITED: "another nearby"] & their governments are officially Islamic, & it's very strong in many other Eastern countries, as well as in India & a lot of other places. It is strong enough to cause trouble! Of course, it was the official & overwhelming majority religion of that troubled country, & so they probably decided to start against us there first because they knew they were the most powerful there & it would be the easiest to get complete government cooperation to turn the people against us to try to wipe us out! They'll probably go on from there I'm sure.
25. YOU SEE, GOD BLESS GODAHFI, ALTHOUGH I BELIEVE HE WAS REALLY TRULY SINCERE [DELETED], BUT HE FEARED FOR HIS LIFE & HIS POLITICAL SITUATION lest he should be branded as a Christian--what they call apostate & reprobate from Islam. In [EDITED: "some more extreme forms of"] Islam it is perfectly legitimate, in fact, it is virtually their traditional custom to try to kill a Muslim who converts to Christianity! Even their own families have been known to poison them & murder them, some are so fanatical! But I think Godahfi was really trying to go the right direction & the Lord really gave him his chance. The Lord said so, see? (See ML Nos.111:32 & 1066:12-16.) But now he is being swept up in this radical [EDITED: "religious"] Fundamentalism, this religious revolution, the youth revolution of Islam.
26. I CAN'T REMEMBER JUST NOW EXACTLY WHERE HE STANDS ON IRAN, BUT I THINK HE'S PRO-IRANIAN! But I know that he is hand-&-glove with Syria [DELETED], & Syria is a bitter enemy of Iraq & so is Iran a bitter enemy of Iraq. As I recall faintly, I think that he is sympathetic with [EDITED: "this"] Revolution because he has many of the same ideas & principles: Return to God, the back-to-God movement, back to their Bible, the Koran, back to Islamic Fundamentalism. [DELETED] And I believe he was perfectly sincere & genuine in his religious fervour & desire to return to fundamental basic faith in God. But you see how they can be led astray if they don't receive Jesus Himself. They can think they're worshipping God, until, Jesus said, that even "he that kills you would think that he doeth God service!" (Jn.16:2)
27. BUT BOY! WHAT A COMBO THAT WOULD MAKE TO COMBINE THIS WORLD COMMUNIST REVOLUTION, THE SECULAR REVOLUTION, WITH THE WORLD RELIGIOUS REVOLUTION OF WHICH [EDITED: "THIS MOVEMENT"] IS NOW THE LEADING POWER & MOVING SPIRIT! I mean he'd make the perfect False Prophet for the Antichrist if they'd make a compromise Pact together, an agreement to work together.--In other words, for the anti-Christ forces to agree to work together with [EDITED: "these"] forces & compromise in return for protection of their religion. The anti-Christs already are helping Iran against Iraq.
28. I MEAN IT ALL FITS! IT JUST SORT OF MAKES THE PIECES OF THE PUZZLE FIT! Maybe I'm crazy, but all I know is it came to me when I was just talking to you & telling you about the ridiculous propaganda that the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are cooking up against Iraq in favour of Iran, trying to turn World opinion against Iraq & especially turn the U.S. against helping Iraq. Just at a time when the U.S. was beginning to lean favourably to Iraq as opposed to Iran, the [EDITED: "Israelis"] created this great wave of propaganda about using chemical warfare, that Iraq is using chemical warfare, knowing this would turn World sentiment & World sympathy against Iraq.
29. I MEAN IT ALL JUST FITS! My mind was just sort of following that train of thought, thinking how clever that is for the [EDITED: "Israelis"] to be cooperating with one of their bitter enemies, Iran [DELETED], in order to defeat another bitter enemy, Iraq! I was thinking, "How does it fit? How does that work?" [DELETED] Look how that would fit if they would finally decide that it is to their advantage & interest to combine the World Communist Revolution with the World religious revolution & make that the Antichrist's False Prophet! Think of that!
30. I WAS JUST SITTING HERE WONDERING, LOOKING AT YOU, THINKING, "NOW WHERE IN THE WORLD DOES THIS [DELETED] REVOLUTION FIT INTO THE PICTURE OF THE FUTURE? How can it be booming like this right alongside Communism?" And all I know is the words just came to me as clear as anything, "The False Prophet!" Maybe I'm crazy but it usually works! Well, even if I'm wrong, it certainly would be worth thinking about. It certainly is a fascinating thought that the anti-Christ movements of the World, including the [EDITED: "ACs"] & Communists & even Western materialism might decide to combine with the religious youth revolution of the World, the false one, this great [DELETED] Fundamentalist Revolution who are wild fanatics throwing themselves into suicidal death situations, seeming to go happily to their deaths, to fight & die for their faith! This is nothing new, of course, people have done it for thousands of years for their religions. But just think how if the Devil could combine all of his religions together to work together in a compromise Covenant with the Devil & his secularists' political movement of Communism, what a combination that would make!
31. THAT WOULD GIVE THE ANSWER TO EXACTLY WHAT THE COVENANT HE MAKES WITH RELIGION IS, WHICH THE BIBLE IS VERY CLEAR ABOUT, & then he turns around & breaks it later after he has gotten in power & has full control, then he insists that they worship him! It sounds like by that time, the False Prophet, the false leader of the religious forces actually combines completely with the Antichrist & urges his followers to worship the Antichrist! How about that? So the Antichrist breaks the Covenant & then seeks to slay anybody who refuses to worship him. But he uses that ploy, that trick of cooperating with them temporarily & making this religious Pact temporarily to work with them & protect them in order to get their cooperation & their support & their backing to put him in power.
32. I MEAN THAT WOULD BE THE PERFECT GENIUS OF A TACTIC BY COMMUNISM, TO TURN THIS [EDITED: "RELIGIOUS"] REVOLUTION TO THEIR FAVOUR & TO THEIR USE, & THERE IS EVERY SIGN THAT THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE DOING!--They are trying to capture these [EDITED: "religious"] revolutionists & fanatics & using them for their purposes. They say that [EDITED: "this false prophet"] has been particularly soft-peddling any criticism of Russia lately & only Iraq & the U.S. are now the great satans! But of course, with the [EDITED: "Israelis"] helping his war efforts they could easily change his mind about the U.S., you know, in the long run, if it suits their purpose. They are terrific liars & tremendous propagandists!
33. THE ANTI-CHRISTS ARE ABLE TO PERSUADE THE WORLD & SWAY THE WORLD ANY WAY THEY WANT TO, to think any way that they want the World to think, just like they are doing now about the claimed Iraqi chemical warfare! So they can change sides at the drop of the hat if it suits their purpose. Or they can work on both sides against the middle or toward the middle to get them all together, all of the anti-Christ forces, all the anti-God forces, all the forces of Satan, be they religious or non-religious! They've got the cleverness to be able to get them together, if anybody ever did, & to engineer such a Pact--the Holy Covenant spoken of in the Bible--that the Antichrist makes with the religious people to supposedly protect them & cooperate, & they give him their support in return for his tolerance or actual cooperation until he gets in power & proclaims himself to be God. His False Prophet then tries to wipe out anybody who won't believe it & won't worship him!
34. I CAN SEE A FALSE RELIGIOUS PROPHET DOING THAT VERY THING!: LEADING A RELIGIOUS MOVEMENT & COOPERATING WITH THE ANTICHRIST to secure his favour & protection & support in return for theirs. Then when it is done, even when he breaks the religious Covenant, I could see such a False Prophet turning to the Antichrist & promoting him as God! Can't you see that? Even though he was the leader of a great religion to begin with, he could easily turn to Antichristism & his religion into Antichristism! Because it's all of the Devil & they're all on the Devil's side.
35. SO THAT WOULD REALLY BE SOMETHING! BOY, IF THAT IS TRUE THAT [EDITED: "MAN OR HIS"] REVOLUTION IS THE FALSE PROPHET OF THE END, WHEW! Wow! That would make a terrific combination! I mean that is almost unbeatable to combine both the pro-God & anti-God forces together to conquer the World!--The supposedly pro-God forces, the false religions of the World, to get them to combine with even the anti-religious religion of the World, Communism! Well, that's all I know & got when I was just thinking about it & wondering where does this fit in? I couldn't quite figure out how come this [EDITED: "religious"] Revolution is booming, this [EDITED: "movement"] is catching fire all over the World! Not only the Muslims but even non-Muslim youth! All I know is, those words just came to me, "The False Prophet"!
36. SO THERE IT IS! YOU CAN TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, BELIEVE IT OR NOT! I believe it, that's all I know. But it certainly does look like it is going that way in every way, & that would certainly be the key to the mystery, the answer to how in the World the Antichrist could ever possibly get together with the religions of the World!--He gets together with the false religions, those who are willing to fanatically fight for him & cooperate with him to put him in power in return for his supposed protection & his cooperation. Then he turns on them, but the False Prophet keeps on going with him & sides with him, of course, because he is the False Prophet of the Devil, & has been all along!
37. THE FALSE PROPHET! IT'S ALWAYS BEEN A MYSTERY IN REVELATION ABOUT THAT FALSE PROPHET--who he was & what he was & how come that the Antichrist has anything to do with religion at all when he is supposed to be totally anti-religious, anti-God! Well, after all, religions that are not of God & aren't the true religion, are anti-Christ & anti-God! They're the religions of the Devil! So of course they would cooperate with the Devil & the Devil's own son, the Devil man, the Antichrist! And what a perfect combination that would be to lead the World to its destruction, the False Prophet & the Antichrist!
38. DID WE EVER HAVE A LETTER BY THAT NAME? I DON'T THINK I'VE EVER TALKED VERY MUCH ABOUT THE FALSE PROPHET because I really didn't know too much about him or understand just exactly how he fitted in. How could this obviously religious guy & leader of religion cooperate with the Antichrist, the very antithesis of religion! But after all, Satanism is a religion, the worship of the Devil, & Antichristism is a religion of itself, the worship of Satan in the form of the Antichrist! So of course the false religions will cooperate with him, so why not the World's leading false religious revolution? [DELETED]
39. PRAISE THE LORD! MAYBE THAT'S WHY THE LORD HAD ME FAST 11 HOURS! It is not a very long fast but it was a fast. I was hungry three hours ago. Thank You Lord! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Boy, if that is true, that would be a revelation! Well, we know from the Bible, the Antichrist is going to use religion to get into power, but it was hard to see how Communism was going to use religion. Well, the Communists have virtually taken over the World Council of Churches, they practically run it, the Council of Protestant Churches. The [EDITED: "ACs"] have virtually taken over the Catholic Church & they're anti-Christ. And look at this maniac who has taken over Islam, & he's anti-Christ, trying to stamp out Christianity in [EDITED: "his country"], he's persecuted Christians & slaughtered them, closed & burned churches & all that kind of thing!
40. SO [EDITED: "THIS MAN'S"] FORM OF ISLAM IS DEFINITELY ANTI-CHRIST! There are many Muslims [DELETED] who are much more favourable toward Christ & Christians as was Mohammed himself. But not [EDITED: "this man or his movement"], he is fanatically anti-Christ! Well, so are the [EDITED: "ACs"], so are the Communists, so they all just fit together nicely! They just need to make some kind of an agreement or a Pact to work together to take over the World, & I'm sure they're working on it.--And I'm sure the Devil is working on it! [DELETED] That fits, that figures.
41. WHAT AN ANSWER THAT WOULD BE!--THAT IS! Lord forgive me for being always a little sceptical & doubtful & analytical & always really testing answers I get. But in all of this discussion I am rationalising how it is possible that that could be true, this worldwide religious movement could be the religious movement of the False Prophet who finally cooperates with the Antichrist to put him in power! But that's all I know. And I was thinking, "Where does it fit? Where does [EDITED: "this man"] & his outfit fit?" And just as clear as anything that came to me, that I have never even dreamed of before!--The words came just as clear as anything, "The False Prophet"! So we shall see, amen?
42. BUT I CERTAINLY WOULD LOOK IN THAT DIRECTION & WATCH EVENTS WITH THAT IDEA IN MIND & BEWARE OF THE FOLLOWERS OF SUCH A RELIGION[DELETED]! [EDITED: "Most Muslims"] are very sensible & favourable even to Christ & Christianity, including Mohammed himself, according to the Koran. But not these fanatics[DELETED]! They are fiends, horrible! They're the ones who caused us all the trouble in the country we're having to evacuate, just the beginning of what their tactics are going to be!
43. WELL, THAT'S ALL I KNOW!--When I wondered where does [EDITED: "this man and his movement"] fit into this World program, how could Communism & [EDITED: "this movement"] be booming at the same time alongside of each other & even in some cases working together, those words came to me just as clear as anything, "The False Prophet"! Now whether that meant that he is the False Prophet or [EDITED: "his movement"] is the False Prophet or his religion is the False Prophet or this fanatical Fundamental [EDITED: "religious"] Revolution is the False Prophet, or whether the Lord was just meaning that it shows how a false religion could back Communism & the Antichrist & produce the False Prophet, I don't know which, but that's all I know. I was thinking about it & the words came to me just as clear as anything, "The False Prophet."
44. SO IT BEARS WATCHING. AMEN? PRAISE THE LORD! WATCH OUT FOR THE FALSE PROPHET & THE FALSE PROPHETS (Mt.24:24) of the false religions who will definitely give their power to the Beast & cooperate with the Antichrist in the End! And they're probably already doing so.
45. I JUST COULDN'T FIGURE OUT WHERE THIS [EDITED: "MOVEMENT"] OR [EDITED: "RELIGIOUS"] REVOLUTION FIT THE PICTURE OF THE LAST DAYS & THE ANTI-CHRIST MOVEMENT! It didn't seem to fit the picture, how there could be a religious movement sweeping the World at the same time as an anti-Christ Communist Revolution. But this [EDITED: "man's"] religious revolution is anti-Christ! I've been studying it in the papers, it's been of interest, but I couldn't figure out how it could be significant & have much of a place in the Last Days, since the Last Days were going to be dominated by Communism & the Antichrist, the anti-Christs. But that is the answer, the False Prophet! Praise the Lord! But boy, if that was a revelation, that was sure some revelation & it sure fits the picture! And that fulfils all of those mysteries about the False Prophet & the false religions working together with the Antichrist, & it sure looks like [EDITED: "this movement"] & his [DELETED] Youth Revolution could be it, or the vanguard of it, the leaders of it! God help us! Thank the Lord for warning us!
46. WELL, IF THAT IS TRUE, I'D SAY IT IS A SHOCKING REVELATION! PRAISE THE LORD! THANK GOD FOR THE WARNING, ADVANCE NOTICE! Beware of the False Prophet & his religion! Just think, the forces of atheism & the forces of religion unite! What a combination! It is almost an unbeatable combination!--It does prove to be unbeatable because it puts the Antichrist in power! But of course, it won't be unbeatable in the long run, because we are going to beat it! The forces of true religion are going to defeat them all in the Battle of Armageddon! HAL!
47. IT WOULDN'T EVEN BE HARD FOR THE CATHOLICS & PROTESTANTS & CHURCHES TO UNITE WITH OTHER RELIGIONS to suppress what they consider a threat to all religions--us!--And to persuade the anti-Christ governments to suppress us! They always have.
48. IT'S FUNNY HOW THE [DELETED] PROPAGANDISTS HAVE BEEN GETTING THE U.S. TO SYMPATHISE WITH THE AFGHANIS, BUT NEVER MENTIONED MUCH ABOUT RELIGION OR THE FACT THAT THEY ARE FANATICAL MUSLIMS! I think they think that might sort of cool the enthusiasm of the American Christians for the Afghanis.--Very smart! They use a religious difference whenever it suits their purpose, but they soft peddle it when it doesn't. In Lebanon they were backing the "Christians," so they always tried to make the distinction clear that they were backing "Christians" against the Muslims! But in Afghanistan it is merely "the poor Afghan victims against the Russian tyrants"!--They seldom mention they are Muslim fanatics!
49. IT IS AMAZING HOW THEY CAN TURN THEIR PROPAGANDA TO SUIT THEIR PURPOSES! The [EDITED: "ACs"] must have a busy headquarters, they've got a finger in every pie of the World, everywhere!--Either for it or against it, preparing the World for their Antichrist takeover! It now looks like they'll next be using [EDITED: "this false prophet"]!--They're already supporting his war against Iraq!--What next? Now look out for [EDITED: "this man"], the False Prophet & his [EDITED: "followers"]!--Like the ones who drove us out of one country already! GBYAKY, in Jesus' name!--ILY!
+ + +

50. (NEXT DAY:) I HAD THE FUNNIEST DREAM LAST NIGHT! I was working on a GN page about [EDITED: "this man"] & somebody was telling me to make it nice. They wanted me to change it & say nice things about him. Somebody was trying to make me change it, they were trying to force me to change it & say nice things about [EDITED: "him"] that I knew wouldn't be the Lord. I knew the Lord wouldn't force me to change something He's already said! That's all it was! It was like the authorities were trying to make me change it & say nice things about him, but I flatly refused! I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of things I've said are going to cause me trouble some day! They already have! But they're still the Truth! Praise the Lord!
51. IT'S LIKE HE IS PUTTING HIS RELIGION ON THE SPOT! "LIVE UP TO YOUR RELIGION!" He is to Islam what I am to Christianity! He challenges his mosques like we do the churches! As if it weren't enough to have the [EDITED: "ACs"] & churches fighting us, but now we've got [EDITED: "these"] fanatics! But "If God be for us, who can be against us?" (Rom.8:31)
52. JUST AFTER LAST NIGHT'S TALK I FOUND THIS ARTICLE JUST LIKE A CONFIRMATION ON [EDITED: "HIM"] & his revolution & its spreading to [EDITED: "parts of"] Asia! (See following this Letter.) It was like a confirmation of what the Lord showed me last night, & this could turn the U.S. against [EDITED: "a particular Asian country"]!--If it follows [EDITED: "this man"]! It shows you how some of these guns kick back! See, the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are trying to get the U.S. turned against Iraq, which means more favourable to Iran, whom the [EDITED: "Israelis"] are helping in the war. But at the same time this sort of thing is going to turn the U.S. against Iran! It looks like they have started their war against us!
53. THE [DELETED] ARTICLE HAS THE FOLLOWING TO SAY, & this is just the tactic I warned you about, how they are going to try to get all the religions together in a fight against their enemies! Listen to this!--The [EDITED: "man's folllowers"] say:
54. "WE HAVE SUCCEEDED IN ENLIGHTENING & EFFECTIVELY PROVOKING THE PHILIPPINE MASSES, MOSLEMS & CHRISTIANS ALIKE, TO TAKE OVERT ACTIONS!" The propaganda materials were printed right at the Manila [DELETED] Embassy [EDITED: "of their country"]! [EDITED: "His followers, who are foreign"] student hit squads in Manila are waging an underground battle against [EDITED: "those"] students [EDITED: "who are against him"] & have already killed several. Well, we certainly view them now as our bitter enemies to be avoided like the plague & watched out for on University campuses, because they are at Universities all over the World, sent there by [EDITED: "his"] government to deliberately sow [EDITED: "his"] Revolution around the World!
55. (MARIA: BOY! THAT'S REALLY HEAVY! Until you brought that out last night, I didn't realise that that bunch of heavy crazy fanatics in [EDITED: "his country"] were so powerful all over the World & really were in a concentrated effort to really take it over!) It's got more about what their activities are besides in the Philippines, besides [EDITED: "this other country"]. The extent of their activities is greater in the Philippines than anywhere, but they're the most powerful in [several other countries. (Maria: But because the Philippines is a Catholic country it is taking them longer, of course.)
56. [EDITED: "THESE"] FANATICS ARE IN SOME WAYS & SOME PLACES LIKE THE EAST A WORSE & MORE WIDESPREAD ORGANISATION THAN THE MILITANT [EDITED: "ACs"]! They're out-&-out terrorists, not even ashamed of it! They brag about it, promote it & have done it all over the World, killings & bombings & knifings & everything imaginable! (Maria: It's also rather significant that in that Letter, that Revelation you got from the Lord in France, that he compared us to [EDITED: "this man"], that He showed the difference but put them side-by-side! "You are more powerful than [EDITED: "this man"] because thy Words have more energy!") I forgot about that one! (ML #1020:4-8) (Maria: It's rather significant now!) I think we need to go back now & trace down what the Lord has had to say about [EDITED: "him"] in the past, as well as the False Prophet of Revelation 13! We not only have the ultra-conservative Moslems to worry about now, but we have these murderous [EDITED: "revolutionists"]! We sort of had the favour [EDITED: "of some"] of the more liberal Moslems, but we can't put up with this!
57. (LATER) PTL! I WAS TAKING A BREAK AFTER READING THIS LETTER & THINKING ABOUT [EDITED: "THIS MAN"], WHEN SUDDENLY THIS CAME TO ME!: "Behold, I have called him for this purpose & chiseled his features to fit their picture of a prophet!"--Wow! There's another clincher!--He or his must be the one!

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