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MORE ON ASKING FOR PRAYER!        DO 1757        2/84

       1. IS EVERYBODY HAPPY? HEALTHY? ANYBODY NEED PRAYER FOR YOUR HEALTH? God's Word says, "Is there any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church & let them pray over him." (Jam.5:14) It's a sign of your faith, a manifestation of your faith, a testimony of your faith. That's why the Lord seems to require your asking for prayer. You can pray for yourself, or you can get some person just to pray for you privately if you don't want everybody to know you're sick, but then there won't be as great a testimony, either, when the Lord answers prayer & you're healed.
       2. SO THE LORD SEEMS TO ALWAYS REQUIRE THAT YOU CALL FOR HELP, ASK FOR PRAYER, CALL FOR THE ELDERS OF THE CHURCH! In this case we're usually here at dinner at night, so you can call for the whole church & ask for prayer! So it's important that you make your requests known, not only to the Lord but to the rest of the Body in order that it may be a greater testimony to others as well when the Lord answers. To ask for prayer is not only a manifestation of your faith, but also of your need, & it's a confession of your dependence on the Lord. He says that you're to ask & you'll receive. (Mat.7:7)
       3. THE LORD KNOWS YOUR NEEDS BEFORE YOU CALL, SO WHY DOESN'T HE JUST GO AHEAD & SUPPLY THEM WITHOUT YOUR HAVING TO ASK? (Fam: He wants us to do our part & obey His Word?) He wants you to confess your dependence on Him & He wants you to manifest your faith in Him. He likes for you to ask publicly for prayer so that everybody can join with you in prayer, & everyone then will be manifesting or confessing their dependence upon Him & manifesting their faith along with yours, so that when He answers, it will be a general testimony to all of you that the Lord is the One Who heard you & answered your prayer! Amen? PTL!--Ask!

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