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MORE ON ISLAM!       Spain, 15/11/77       DO 1765
--During a Reading of "The Fan!" (No.626)

       1. I WAS LYING ON MY RIGHT SIDE WHEN I FIRST SAW THE FAN, JUST GOING OFF TO SLEEP [EDITED: "WHEN VISITING A MUSLIM COUNTRY"][DELETED]! It was a weird place! I was never so glad to get out of any country in my whole life, except the United States! Can you all hear me? I kind of mumble sometimes, especially when I'm in the spirit, this "wizard that peeps & mutters!" (Isa.8:19) Maria is amazing, she'll play me back a tape that I can't even understand myself, & she can interpret it! (Maria: I heard it the first time, that helped!) Honey, what would I do without you?--I'd be nothing, they'd be nothing & there would be no Letters, nothing without her!--And you too to defend them, & you too to carry them back & forth, & you to read them!
       2. NOW REMEMBER, I WAS ASKING GOD ABOUT ISLAM! They don't call it Mohammedanism, they are insulted every time you call them Mohammedans & Mohammedanism, in fact they almost get furious! They say, "It is not Mohammedanism & we are not Mohammedans, it is Islam, & we are Muslims!" Islam means "those who have submitted." In other words, you're obeying God. Muslim means you are in submission to God & His truth.
       3. "THE SILVER HANDLE WAS SHAPED LIKE A SILVER CRESCENT MOON." That was significant, wasn't it? See, as I was asking the Lord about Islam, this is what I got. It was beautiful, intricate, etc., & partly useful, like a fan. The fan looked kind of weird, but seeing those trees through the handle was just beautiful! "He was showing me through the handle who is really in control."
       4. YOU KNOW, SOMETIMES WE GIVE THE DEVIL TOO MUCH CREDIT! We blame a lot of things on the poor Devil that are really God's doing: God has done it deliberately & He just uses the Devil to do it! Did you know the Devil's working for the Lord? Some day we're even going to have to forgive him! Do you think you could? Well, that's another story! I love to arouse your curiosity!
       5. I SAW THE FAN OF ISLAM. [DELETED] Islam, of all religions of the World, is probably closer, in some ways, to the Truth than any other religion except Christianity. There's so much good in it, & it's really based on the Bible & Christianity, etc. It just lacks one very essential thing. Most of the church people would criticise a lot of other things like multiple wives, Houris in Heaven, rivers of wine & stuff like that.
       6. WELL, ACTUALLY ISLAM KEPT REMINDING ME OF OUR OWN RELIGION A GREAT DEAL, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, & OUR OWN LIBERTIES & FREEDOMS & BELIEFS & SEX, ETC. The Muslims aren't ashamed of sex or having wives & whatnot, & of course that's the sort of thing the churches criticise the most. To them it proves it's horrible & false, blah blah, like us too of course. Since we allow sex, we're bound to be a false religion! Well, that's the way the churches look at it.
       7. BUT THERE'S JUST ONE SAD DEFICIENCY IN ISLAM: THEY BELIEVE IN JESUS, BUT THEY JUST BELIEVE IN HIM AS A GREAT PROPHET, NOT AS THE SON OF GOD. Of course, we don't know what Mohammed himself believed along that line, because through the years a lot of that was just preserved by voice & most of the Muslim traditions & history & everything is sung, & it's in poetry that was recited without even being written.
       8. THE KORAN OF COURSE WAS FINALLY WRITTEN, but at one time they had so many traditions they decided they'd finally have to sort them out & decide on which they figured were true & which weren't, of about 1,200 separate traditions or more. And one guy on his deathbed confessed that all the stories he told about his relationship with Mohammed were stories & not true!
       9. SO YOU SEE, YOUR FOLLOWERS NEED TO HAVE A WRITTEN RECORD TO GO BY, something they can really hang onto that they know is correct & know is bona fide Scripture, what the Prophet really said!--Not what somebody said he said or that somebody else said he said, but what did he really say? That's why we're so careful. I don't ever let a Letter go out but what Maria & staff & I all go over it with a fine-tooth comb & make sure it's punctuated & spelled right, the right words are there & this is really the way it was, so that you're getting the accurate, authentic words, the real Scripture & not somebody else's interpretation.
       10. SO WHO KNOWS WHAT MOHAMMED HIMSELF REALLY BELIEVED? He made that visit to Damascus & Jerusalem & came back with all these stories that he'd learned there about the Bible & Jesus. I mean, he was living in a heathen country that was totally idolatrous, their religion was more like Egyptian religions, & so as far as we know he never even heard of Jesus & the Bible before he went with his uncle on this trip, & this Christian monk got ahold of him & he sat at his feet & he taught him & told him & apparently was really trying to win him to the Lord.--And who knows but what he did, but that maybe some of his followers & leaders themselves changed the Scriptures afterwards!
       11. THE THING THAT CAME TO ME WAS THAT THE LEADERS SAW SUCH AN OPPORTUNITY FOR THIS NEW RELIGION TO BECOME SOMETHING REALLY BIG & POWERFUL, BUT THEIR BIGGEST OPPONENTS WERE THE JEWS & THE CHRISTIANS. So instead of wanting to blend with them or wanting to identify themselves also as Christians, who knows but what maybe some of their leaders just decided, "Well, we'll differ with them on this point, we've got our Prophet, we don't need Jesus." And this could have happened a long time after Mohammed, they could have changed the Koran & a lot of things. We don't really know, really really know, what Mohammed himself believed.
       12. BUT OUT OF IT CAME A VERY REMARKABLE & WONDERFUL RELIGION WHICH AT LEAST BROUGHT NEARLY THE WHOLE ARAB WORLD BACK TO MONOTHEISM, one God, & threw out all the idols! It gave them a very strict ethical system which is very good, very good laws, very good ethics, in fact extremely strict & largely based on Biblical Law, almost extreme Biblical Law, which was a whole lot better than what they had. So who knows but what maybe God in His mercy at least tried to improve the situation? But all those leaders who came after Mohammed--all those jealous leaders, every one of them fighting with each other & killing each other to try to take control--who knows how they may have changed things to suit themselves?
       13. IT'S NOT HARD TO BECOME A MUSLIM, I BECAME A MUSLIM WHILE I WAS IN [EDITED: "ONE MUSLIM COUNTRY"]! I haven't done all the Five Pillars yet, I haven't been to Mecca yet, & I'm not a very good Muslim, I don't bow down & pray five times a day because there's no muezzin around here to remind me!--Besides, it's too early in the morning! But all you have to do is say: "Allah is God & Mohammed is His Prophet!"
       14. WELL, IN THE WAY THAT THEY BELIEVE IN ALLAH, I BELIEVE THAT ALLAH IS GOD, OR GOD IS THEIR ALLAH. They're supposed to believe in the same God we do, the same God of the Bible. They even believe in all that old Jewish history & about Jesus & all! They even believe He's Virgin-born! They're more fundamental than most of the Modernists! Think of that! It's kind of a funny contradiction, though, to think He was miraculously Virgin-born but not the Son of God!--Which makes me again think somebody twisted it back there somewhere because they didn't want Jesus to be recognised as the Son of God.--Because I don't think we ever found anything in the Koran that Mohammed himself said that denied that.
       15. SO ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY IS, "ALLAH IS GOD & MOHAMMED IS HIS PROPHET." Well, I'm absolutely convinced, of course, that Allah is God, our God is Allah, which means the One God. Does anybody remember the definition of Allah?--The one God. Well, there's only one God, so I believe in Him. "And Mohammed is His Prophet"--I absolutely believe that Mohammed was His prophet! He's a prophet of God. In fact, this confirms it. I'm not going to say whether I believe he was an entirely true prophet [DELETED], but in either case he was a prophet of God!
       16. FOR ONE THING HE WAS A SCOURGE TO THE CORRUPT, DECADENT ROMAN CATHOLICISM OF THE SEVENTH CENTURY! By that time the Roman Catholic Church had become so power-corrupt & money-corrupt & their religion so corrupt & so idolatrous, that when Mohammed saw all those idols in the Catholic Church in Jerusalem it turned him sick! He said, "This couldn't be the true religion with all of this idolatry!" So he knew then that the Catholics were not true Christianity. It's amazing that he continued to accept Jesus after what he saw amongst the Catholics!
       17. JUST THINK WHAT A HORRIBLE POOR TESTIMONY THAT CHURCH WAS & HOW IT LITERALLY RESULTED IN TURNING THE ENTIRE ISLAMIC WORLD AGAINST CHRISTIANITY!--Because of the poor testimony of those so-called "Crusaders" who had recaptured Jerusalem & filled it full of their idols! The Muslims had gotten rid of the idols, & here along came the Christians & stuck them back in the temples again, think of that! No wonder Mohammed was fed-up!
       18. NO WONDER GOD SENT THE MUSLIMS TO SWEEP ACROSS THE MIDDLE EAST & HALFWAY ACROSS EUROPE & THROUGH SPAIN & INTO FRANCE & PORTUGAL & TO ALMOST CONQUER EUROPE! They were God's whip, they were His fan in His hand, His fan of Judgement on the corrupt, un-Christian Christians of that day! God used the Muslims to scourge & purge & try to purify the Church from its corruption!
       19. ALONGSIDE OF THE MUSLIMS, THE CATHOLICS LOOKED LIKE HEATHENS IN THAT DAY! The Islamic religion of the 600s & 700s was a more pure, Godly religion than was the Roman Catholic Church of those centuries! The Roman Catholic Church had become nothing in the World but a political instrument, corrupt for money, corrupt for power, corrupt in religion, idolatrous & money-greedy, it was horrible! In those days I believe I would have chosen a Muslim over a Catholic for being less idolatrous & less corrupt, when probably Islam was at its purest before it too became corrupt!
       20. THANK GOD FOR THE ALMOST-CONQUEST OF EUROPE BY THE MUSLIMS! Because I'll tell you, I'm sure it shook the Christians in their boots & made them get back to God & probably shook them up for awhile, maybe even away from some of those idols! I don't know, it didn't seem to do too much good, but anyway, the Muslims in those days seemed closer to the Truth than the Catholics!
       21. I SUSPECT TO THIS VERY DAY THAT IT WAS THE JEWS WHO INSPIRED THE CRUSADES OF THE CHRISTIANS TO GO BACK & TAKE ISRAEL AWAY FROM THE MUSLIMS!--Just like they're doing today! They're doing the very same thing over again! Do you get it? The Jews by themselves can't take Israel away from the Arabs, they've got to get the whole Christian World behind them to help them! [DELETED] So the Jews are doing exactly the same thing over again! They're getting the Christians to come, the U.S. backing them in a "holy crusade" to hang on to Israel!
       22. (READS:) "IT MOVED BACK & FORTH SO SLOWLY BUT SO OMINOUSLY." It was beautiful, it was almost hypnotic just to watch it, just like Islam is almost hypnotic. I think some of our own kids have almost gotten under its spell, like dear Stephen & Mother! [DELETED]
       23. CAN YOU GIVE ME A SCRIPTURE TO PROVE THAT FALSE [EDITED: "DOCTRINES"] ARE OF THE LORD? (Fam: "All things work together for good" [EDITED: "Rom.8:28"].) That's a good one, but I'm thinking of a very specific one. (Fam: "All things come of God" [EDITED: "2Cor.5:18"].) That's a pretty good one too, but there's a better one yet in Thessalonians. 2Thes.2:10-12: "Because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved, for this cause"--the Devil sent them strong delusion?--No! "For this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie!--That they might all be damned who believed not the truth!"
       24. WHO SENT ISLAM?--(FAM: GOD!) Who sent Mohammed?--(Fam: God!) He was whose prophet?--God's prophet! [DELETED] I wasn't there, I haven't actually heard what he said, so who am I to [EDITED: "attribute any questionable doctrines to him"] just because of what so many of his followers have passed on? And most of the [EDITED: "questionable doctrines"] that you find about Islam is not in the Koran, it's in the Traditions!
       25. MOST OF THE [EDITED: "QUESTIONABLE DOCTRINES"] YOU FIND ABOUT JUDAISM IS NOT IN THE BIBLE--IT'S NOT IN THE TORAH, THE LAW, NOR THE PROPHETS--IT'S IN THE {\ul \i TALMUD}, the writings of the rabbis about the Bible, the traditions of man! And what did Jesus say about them? He said, "You have made the Word of God of none effect through your traditions!" (Mark 7:13) In other words, the traditions of man, think of that!
       26. WHAT ABOUT CHRISTIANITY? Look at your churches today, how Christian are they? How like the Bible are they? How like Jesus are they? How are they like the teachings of Christ? What's the matter with them?--The traditions of man! Those churches were not created by the truth, although they may have been created by God & all those false doctrines & traditions of men as a punishment on the people who rejected the truth! So who knows but what maybe the same thing happened to Islam, but long after dear Mohammed was gone?
       27. I HAVEN'T READ THE WHOLE KORAN, OF COURSE, BUT FROM WHAT WE READ & STUDIED WHILE WE WERE THERE, I NEVER FOUND ANYTHING YET THAT I DIDN'T AGREE WITH IN THE KORAN! It's a good book! I mean, it's Biblical & it sounds just like a prophet of God! I haven't found anything yet in it that I would say was false or contrary to the Bible. There may be, but I haven't read it all yet. And we read passage after passage, so many passages about Jesus you'd be amazed!--What Mohammed himself had to say about Jesus! That's a funny way for a guy to talk who didn't believe in Jesus, because he sure sounds like it!--Even believed in the Virgin-birth & even in the Virgin!
       28. SO WHETHER MOHAMMED HIMSELF DID IT OR NOT, or his corrupted & jealous followers & those who wanted to reinterpret & misinterpret the religion so that they could feel free to kill ... those who opposed them, who knows? But this one thing we know, God was in it, & he was a prophet of God!
       29. AND WHEN I SAID SINCERELY THAT I BELIEVED THAT "ALLAH IS GOD & MOHAMMED IS HIS PROPHET," I MEANT IT! I was convinced of it & I'm sure of it! I don't know yet for sure whether [EDITED: "every doctrine attributed to him was true"] or not, but he was sure a prophet!--And a prophet of God! [DELETED]
       31. [DELETED] The established religion as usual & its fanatic adherents were very very worried about [EDITED: "one of our important Muslim friends"] & us & finally persuaded him to virtually invite us to leave. He did it nicely, he said, "We don't need you here, we have a true religion. What you need to do is go & convert Europe & America & these other places." I said, "Well, that's what we're doing." And I have strictly forbidden any of my personal Family to go back there, because he asked us to please leave, he said he didn't need it. He hardened his heart.
       32. HE STILL CONSIDERED HIMSELF OUR FRIEND, BUT HE DID NOT RECEIVE THE MESSAGE. For a long time it really appealed to him & he was really being sort of won over, but I think his followers saw it, got scared and they probably threatened him!--Like the Lord gave me an answer about some of our so-called "friends," including our lawyer in Tenerife. When I said, "Why, Lord, do these guys get so enthusiastic & all turned-on about us at first & all of a sudden we go to visit the next time & they're totally turned-off & cold & don't want to help at all? At first, 'This is great, I want to help you, blah blah!' Then all of a sudden, next time we go to see them they're like cold steel!"
       33. AND I GOT THE SCRIPTURE ABOUT WHAT THE JEWS SAID TO PILATE, THE IDEA BEING, "IF YOU HELP THIS MAN, YOU'RE NO FRIEND OF CAESAR'S!" (John 19:12) In other words, "You're no friend of the powers that be, you're no friend of ours or the government or your country if you help these people!" We had a big lawyer from the biggest American law firm in Madrid, an international law firm, very powerful, very respected, very System, who was at first eager to help us when the Interviu article came out. At first he was quite interested & completely turned-on--until we next heard from him, & he was completely turned-off!--No doubt after he consulted with his other firm members & bosses. Firms like that don't take cases they can't win. He said, "You're entirely too controversial for a respectable law firm like ours." The System protects itself, they don't like to lose. They play no-lose, only-win games. That's why it's no use trying to buck'm with the same weapons.
       34. SO THERE'S LOTS OF GOOD IN ISLAM & A LOT OF ISLAM POINTS MEN TOWARD GOD! I think the national anthem of [EDITED: "one particular Muslim country"] is inspired! Apparently it's the national anthem of all the Muslims because they said it is also sung in Egypt. It's one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard! It is sung by an all-male chorus like a choir of angels, the most beautiful beautiful song! That's the one that says, "Allah Allah Akbar!" "God, our God is the Greatest!" It is beautiful, sung with a big orchestral background & it's just gorgeous! I mean, inspiring! It just gives you the shivers it's so beautiful, so inspired! You just thrill! Hallelujah! God is Great! God is Supreme!
       35. TO HEAR A NATION SINGING THAT WAY ABOUT GOD IS A THRILL!--Especially after you hear that horrible awful national anthem of the United States, which is one of the most disgusting things you'd ever want to hear, singing all about war & bloodshed & bombs & battles, typical of the United States! They tried to change that national anthem several times, they tried to change it to that beautiful song "America the Beautiful", "My Country 'tis of Thee"--that's based on the old English song "God Save the Queen"--& another one that got popular during the war, "God Bless America." Time & time again they've tried to get them to change that national anthem from that horrible horrible awful "Star-Spangled Banner"! I mean, it's singing about their battles: "Well, can you see the flag is still waving over all those people we've killed. At least it's still there!"
       36. IF YOU'VE READ "TANGLED LINES" (No.625), THE IDEA IT REMINDED ME OF WAS, "OH WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE WHEN FIRST WE PRACTICE TO DECEIVE!"--[EDITED: "ESTABLISHED RELIGION CAN BE"] SUCH A TANGLED WEB! All these people were fishing, trying to catch something, but their lines were getting all tangled up. It's like the people there, they know it. The people there are as fed-up with [EDITED: "their religion"] as most of the people throughout the World are fed-up with their religions & their churches, & they're looking for the Truth, the real thing, & haven't found it! The Muslims are the same. They're sick of their mosques, sick of their preachers & teachers, almost sick of the Koran--although I'll say the Koran at least is a lot better, just like the Bible is a lot better than the churches. The Koran is a lot better than the mosques & all their traditions!
       37. "AND WITH ALL DECEIVABLENESS OF UNRIGHTEOUSNESS IN THEM THAT PERISH, because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved, for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the Truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." (2Thes.2:10-12) That's a pretty strong Scripture, huh? I know a lot of preachers used to avoid that Scripture, they didn't believe that God could send lies to people, that God would deliberately try to deceive people. Why not? They rejected the Truth, what else is there left to give them? What else is there to believe but lies & deceits?
       38. (DAD SINGS "TREES" POEM.) I shocked them like that one night at the Club when I started singing operatically & all those hippies just roared! They thought I was trying to be funny! Opera wasn't their favourite style of music, but after awhile they kind of quieted down & I think they liked it! I was singing "Down from His Glory." (Sings more of "Trees") I'm sure most Christians think this is too sexy! Isn't that a beautiful song?--There's a beautiful message to that song! That's what came to me when I was thinking about those trees in the Fan's handle, how beautiful they are!
       39. I'VE ALWAYS LOVED TREES! I sit out here in my room sometimes while eating & I just can't take my eyes off the windows, just looking out at the beauties of God's creations!--The trees, the flowers, the shrubs! If I can just be someplace where I can see God's Creation, I'm happy! I know God still lives, I know He's in control. That's why I used to sit out in the sunhouse there at Casa Trebol in Tenerife & look out across the banana fields & mountains & the ocean & see the creations of God, you know God's not dead!
       40. LOOK AT WHAT A FAITHFUL WITNESS A TREE IS! Trees are so beautiful! They stand there & they don't fight with each other & they don't fuss, they don't argue, they're not reluctant to do their job, they just stand there all day praising the Lord, lifting their arms in His praise, pointing the way to God, it's wonderful! Think of that next time you sing that song. (Reads:)
       41. "WAVE THEM THE WAY TO HEAVEN WITH GRACE & BEAUTY & LOVE, gently, ever so gently stirred by the breezes of His Spirit to lure them from the fans & winds of the pit contrived by the Enemy for those who will not heed the Truth!"--And that was even before the days when we started talking so much about FFing! That last sentence reminds me of FFing! Isn't that what you're doing in FFing?--You're their beautiful tree waving the way to Heaven, amen? They have to fall in love with the tree first, & then you can show them the Way to God!
       42. WHAT A PICTURE THE LORD GAVE ME THERE, IT JUST WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! What is it that causes the tree's arms to wave so beautifully?--The breezes! Pneuma is the Greek word for spirit, which is also the word they use for air. It's like we're His trees & His Spirit moves us & waves us. The tree doesn't move at all without the breeze. Sometimes if God's Spirit gets stormy & angry, it can really make those trees whip around like a Prophet of God!
       43. THERE'S A WARNING TOO: "CONTRIVED BY THE ENEMY FOR THOSE WHO WILL NOT HEED THE TRUTH."--They may be contrived by the Enemy, but they're sent by the Lord! Did you read that passage that I gave you in one of the Letters which quite proves this very point? The Lord called these angels together to consult with them: "What shall we do about this people?" He was talking about a certain people who were enemies of God, rebellious & against God. I don't remember right now whether it was the Jews or the people they were with. (1Kgs.22:19-22)
       44. THEY HAVE COUNCILS IN HEAVEN! They discuss things. They suggest different plans & different ideas amongst the angels, amongst the holy spirits, the holy ghosts. This is in the Bible several times. Finally one spirit said, "I will go & I will be a lying spirit in the mouths of their prophets that they might predict peace to the people!" And the Lord said, "Go!" In other words, that was the smartest suggestion of all, because He was fed up with them! I think it was Israel at that, He was fed up with them! Just exactly the way the Western World's peace prophets are doing today!
       45. IT'S SO FUNNY, I HEAR BBC EVERY NIGHT & ALMOST EVERY NIGHT ON THE LOCAL NEWS SOME PEACE PROPHET IS PROPHESYING THAT, "OH, THINGS ARE GETTING BETTER IN BRITAIN, THINGS ARE LOOKING UP! Things are going to be better next year"--or next decade, or maybe the next Millennium, I don't know! Things are always getting better. They're going to be like the wife who died of improvements, while Britain's still on the skids going downhill all the time! Just because the Pound went up a few cents, all of a sudden the British figure they're going to survive!
       46. BRITAIN HAS THE LOWEST PRODUCTIVE CAPACITY OF ANY NATION IN EUROPE TODAY! The British have quit, they just don't even want to work any more, they want the government to support them while they loaf & do nothing, they just quit! They are a people without a cause, a people without a future, a people with a glorious past, but they've given up! After all, they've lost God! They didn't lose Him, they just turned against Him & quit Him, so they're on the skids. God sent us there I believe with all my heart as their last chance, & they threw us out!--Literally drove us out!
       47. ONE OF THEIR JUDGES RECENTLY FINED ONE OF OUR KIDS 250 POUNDS FOR FRAUD! He sad, that somehow they weren't receiving it for the right purposes or something. Imagine! So Britain is getting it now & has been getting it ever since they ran us out. We really saturated that place! They got the Message, they had their chance, & Britain has been on the skids ever since!
       48. AMERICA'S GOT HER SHARE OF PEACE PROPHETS TOO! From the pulpit & from the politicians, they're always predicting "Things are going to get better, things are going to be better, blah blah!"--In spite of the fact that even their economists are predicting that it looks like the present slump is now drifting into recession. They've got all kinds of funny names for depressions. They're scared to death to use that word because it was so bad, the World nearly collapsed, so they call it "slight recession." Or if it's something smaller, they call it just a little slump. Well, now they say we must be careful that we don't have another recession--a nice word for a depression & for what they used to call economic crisis & crashes & panics & all kinds of other names they had for it!
       49. SO THE WORLD, THE WESTERN WORLD IN PARTICULAR, IS ON THE SKIDS, but they don't want to admit it & their peace prophets continually prophesy all the time, "Everything's all right! Don't worry! Go back to sleep, all is well! Go to Hell!--On a bed of roses, while you're still asleep."
       50. THAT'S THE EASIEST WAY TO TAKE CARE OF A POPULATION, TO HAVE THEM ALL HYPNOTISED & DRUGGED & ANAESTHETISED & DECEIVED & PACIFIED SO YOU WON'T HAVE ANY TROUBLE WITH THEM! Don't let them know how bad things are. Every now & then one guy comes out & tells the truth & everybody else is up in a furor because he let the cat out of the bag! Some economist or some politician comes out & blasts'm! All the rest of them object & say, "He's wrong, it's not the truth, don't worry about what he said, it's not so!"
       51. GOD GETS THE POINT ACROSS, HE TELLS THEM THE TRUTH, & THEN THEY WON'T LISTEN! So He lets all the other peace prophets & politicians tell their lies & their deceits & lull the people back to sleep again. But it's going to happen. America's going to be destroyed just like the Lord has said & showed us, & the economy of the Western World is going to collapse just like even our own honest economists are predicting, & the World is going to plunge into another war before long!
       52. (WELL, PTL! WE'RE STILL HERE IN SPITE OF ALL THEY'VE DONE TO TRY TO STOP US! "THEY CAN'T STOP OUR RAIN!" HAL! TYJ!--In spite of all their false prophets, the true Prophets of God have survived till their job was done!--Even Mohammed & Khomeini! I don't doubt that both were judgements of God on an apostate World! But when they start persecuting the true Prophets of God, watch out!--They're touching the apples of His eyes! (Zech.2:8; 1Chr.16:22) He says, "Stand back & see Me fight!--This is not thy battle but Mine!" "Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord, I will repay!" (Ex.14:13,14; Deut.3:22; Rom.12:19) Amen! He'll only let'm go so far till your job is done, then He'll sock it to'm! Meanwhile, love'm till you have to leave'm!--GBAKY, in Jesus' name, amen!)

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