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WORLD HISTORY!--And Russia!       DO 1767       11/2/84

       1. WELL, THERE HAS BEEN SOMEONE WHO'S BEEN VERY SICK, & IN FACT GOT SICKER & SICKER UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY HE PASSED AWAY--YURI ANDROPOV! I always think the time of the death of an important person or a great man or a World leader is a very sobering time, regardless of what you think of the person, & there may be people rejoicing over this death now. As some people have said, "I'd like to dance on your grave!"
       2. THERE'S ONE WOMAN IN TENERIFE WHO WAS DANCING AT MY DISTRESS--I'm still convinced it was the governor's wife--& I've had a feeling since then that she's now in her grave! (Maria: You got it from the Lord.) Yes, I got something from the Lord on that, that she's dead, gone to her reward, whatever that may be. And whatever it is, I don't think I'd like to have it, considering she was rejoicing over our troubles & tribulations that she was causing us in Tenerife!
       3. TO REJOICE OVER THE DEATH OF A WORLD LEADER IS A LITTLE RIDICULOUS, because even if you didn't like him, you may find out you're going to get one that's even worse! They've got all kinds of conjectures & assumptions & guesses & guesstimates going on right now just like they did after the death of each of the others as to who is going to be his successor, & apparently American radio & television are giving top spots to certain ones.
       4. THE WORLD NEWSPAPER OF THE ANTI-CHRISTS IS GIVING TOP SPOT TO THEIR FAVOURITE RUNNERS IN THE RACE, & as I was looking at their pictures I was particularly drawn to one of them & had the feeling like he was going to be the one, or might be the one, maybe it's just because he should be the one! But maybe I shouldn't tell you right now, maybe I ought to wait to see if it comes true!--Although I've bet on the right horse a few times before!
       5. I'LL NEVER FORGET THE FIRST TIME I EVER SAW JOHN KENNEDY'S FACE ON TELEVISION WHEN HE WAS CANDIDATING FOR THE PRESIDENCY. The Lord spoke to me as clearly as anything in Miami Beach many years ago: "This man will be the next President of the United States!"--And he didn't have too good a chance at that time, but he came up! He was younger than any man that had ever been a President, he was a Catholic & no Catholic had ever been President before, & he was an Irishman & I don't know whether an Irishman had ever been President before!--But I presume they had, they really get around!
       6. AS I SUPPOSE YOU KNOW, THE IRISH ARE CLOSELY RELATED TO THE JEWS, IN FACT THEY ARE PROUD OF THE RELATIONSHIP!--I don't mean just friendship, but an actual ancestral lineage, they are of Jewish descent. And if you'll ever notice, the various characteristics of the Irish are typically Jewish--their tremendous sense of humour for one thing. Nearly all the top comedians of the World--if you've ever noticed, are Jewish--or Irish!
       7. SOMEONE HAS SAID THE REASON THE JEWS DEVELOPED SUCH A TREMENDOUS SENSE OF HUMOUR IS BECAUSE THEY HAVE SUCH A TERRIBLE LIFE THAT THEY HAVE TO TRY TO MAKE LIGHT OF IT & FUN OF IT TO CHEER THEMSELVES UP! As the old joke goes, if a Jew drops a piece of bread & jam & it lands rightside-up, he figures he's blessed for life, because it often lands upside-down! So they've had to cheer themselves up somehow by being tremendous comedians & comediennes. Almost all of the top U.S. TV & movie star comedians are Jewish, I can't think of any who are not Jewish! [DELETED]
       8. ANOTHER TYPICALLY JEWISH CHARACTERISTIC OF THE IRISH: It has been said that if you put two Irishmen in a room to argue over politics, they'll soon come out with three different political parties! And as someone has said, the Irish are simply the branch of Jewry who joined the Catholic Church!
       9. [DELETED] [EDITED: "Here's"] that joke about the three spies who were caught in World War 1, some of you remember it. They were given their choice how to die & the Englishman said, "My people have been a seafaring people, I'd rather be drowned." The Frenchman said, "My people have been a warlike people"--I don't know where they got that idea--"I prefer to be shot in soldierly fashion." And the Jew said, "Vell, my people have always been a very peaceful people, I prefer to die of old age!"
       11. ANYHOW, SOME [EDITED: "PEOPLE"] ARE SPECULATING THIS ONE, THAT ONE & THE OTHER ONE, & THERE ARE A NUMBER OF TOP CANDIDATES FOR THE RUSSIAN PRESIDENCY, PARTICULARLY THREE, & THE LAST CHOICE OF SOME WAS THIS ONE--CHERNENKO! I think he's the oldest of the three & a disciple of Brezhnev, the old guard, not given by the newspaper as good a chance of succeeding as some of the others. Gorbachev is one of them, the businessman, the youngest, only 52, who speaks English & has had a lot of contact with the West. He just recently made a trip to Canada, is in charge of agriculture, etc., & has done a great deal for the Soviet Union in helping its agriculture. He's a very practical, pragmatic, down-to-Earth man whom the West claims would be a good man to deal with. It would be their best chance if he would get to be the leader because he's strictly business & seems to have a little more understanding of the West than the rest of them.
       12. ANOTHER IS ROMANOV, WHOM THEY SAY IS A BITTER HARDLINE FOE OF THE WEST & IT WOULD BE TOUGH FOR THE WEST TO HAVE HIM BECOME THE SOVIET LEADER. Ustinov I think is a little too old, 75, although he might as an honorary interim act be given the presidency just in his honour for his being a great hero in the past war & a great military leader, saviour of Stalingrad I believe, & a great war hero of WW2, head of the Soviet military for a good many years.
       13. THERE ARE A GREAT MANY FACTORS THAT A NATION LIKE THE U.S.S.R HAS TO CONSIDER IN SELECTING A NEW LEADER. Sometimes they have been known to select one just as an interim leader, temporarily, while they get things a little better-organised behind the scenes & just put him up front as a front-man for a little while until things really settle down. So it could be any one of them temporarily.
       14. THEY MAY EVEN PICK ONE OF THE OLDER MEN JUST AS AN HONORARY THING, KNOWING HE'S NOT GOING TO LAST LONG. That may have been one reason for their choice of Andropov in this case, because he was maybe 70 & already a very sick man when they chose him.--Which may be why they chose him, they knew he wouldn't last very long! He'd been very sick even before they chose him & was sick the whole time, & has held the office a shorter time than any top Soviet leader in history, only 15 months.
       15. LENIN, I BELIEVE, HELD THE OFFICE ABOUT SEVEN YEARS, STALIN I BELIEVE OVER 20, KHRUSHCHEV WAS NEXT WITH ABOUT 11 YEARS & there were little interim leaders in-between there, Malenkov tried I think for awhile & different ones they thought were the leader. And then Brezhnev for about 19 years, '64 to '83. Some of you may know this history better than I do. I'm not always good on facts & figures & names & dates, but I do have a slight memory for some of them. Sometimes I'm wrong, sometimes I'm right, so you get it straightened out if I'm wrong. I'm just bringing out the fact that Andropov had the shortest tenure of perhaps any Soviet leader in history.
       16. I THINK IT'S FITTING THAT WE'RE A BIT SOBER TONIGHT & I think it's rather significant that none of you even rose up to dance during our dinner & dancing time. I don't know whether you sensed my mood or what, because I have been here other nights that I didn't dance & you danced. And I thought it was almost significant that a number of you girls showed up in black tonight, which is not always true.
       17. IT'S NOT THAT WE'RE MOURNING HIS DEATH, ALTHOUGH IF YOU HAD ANY CAUSE TO MOURN FOR ANYONE, IT MIGHT BE SOMEONE LIKE THAT, BECAUSE YOU'RE SORRY FOR THEM. If there were any kind of leader that you might feel sorry for & have good cause to mourn for, it's some of the leaders the World has had who were undoubtedly going to their reward, which I doubt was where we're going! It would seem a little difficult to believe that a man who could have been head of the KGB, the Secret Police of Russia, & became the head of the most anti-Christ, anti-God State in the World today--officially, militantly anti-religious, could be headed to the right place!
       18. HOWEVER, YOU NEVER KNOW IN SOME OF THESE CASES UNLESS YOU'VE HEARD OUTRIGHT STATEMENTS OR COMMENTS FROM THE PERSON THEMSELVES REGARDING RELIGION, CHURCH OR GOD. Has anybody ever heard any quotations from his own lips regarding his position? Of course, it would be very difficult to get that high up in the Soviet hierarchy unless you were a pretty well-known atheist, or at least a professed atheist. Of course, what people profess to be & what they really are at heart can be as different as night from day!
       19. GOD'S WORD SAYS THAT "ONLY THE FOOL HAS SAID IN HIS HEART THERE IS NO GOD!" (Psa.14:1)--Which means what? All of those very smart men who profess to be atheists & who are no fools know in their hearts there is a God!--Like Ralph Underwood, who was the founder of the American Association for the Advancement of Atheism--which I noticed now has changed its name to the American Association for the Advancement of Science!--Same thing! After all, just being a mere atheist, against God or faith in God, is a little old-fashioned now. They've already gotten rid of God, now they want to advocate the worship of science, which means the worship of man & the mind of man & the knowledge of man.
       20. BUT RALPH UNDERWOOD, WHOM I KNEW PERSONALLY, TOLD ME ONE TIME: "Dave, you know all those years that I lectured & stumped from one end of this country to the other lecturing against God & the Bible & Christ, I knew there was a God all the time--but I hated Him & I wanted to destroy people's faith in Him!" But when he was very sick & dying--I think of tuberculosis--he found the Lord & came into real faith & confessed his need & received Christ & began to lecture in favour of faith in God & Christ instead, quite a famous advocate of faith.--Which of course was quite a shocker, since he was a well-known, internationally-known atheist! We had him in our church in Miami when I was a young fellow.
       21. WELL, THAT'S QUITE A THOUGHT, ISN'T IT?--TO THINK THAT ONLY FOOLS SAY IN THEIR HEART, REALLY BELIEVE IN THEIR HEARTS THAT THERE'S NO GOD!--Which means that all the really smart, intelligent people, people with a little sense & reason & that can look at the World around them, Creation, etc., know that there has to be a God, but like Ralph Underwood they hate Him! "Even the devils believe & tremble!" (Jam.2:19) Satan is the greatest believer of all & there's not a devil, not a demon, not an evil spirit who doesn't believe in God! They know Him! And there's not a smart man, wise man or truly intelligent man on God's Earth who doesn't believe in God--even though they may be atheists & hate Him & work against Him or even be the leaders of the Soviet Union!
       22. I'M CONVINCED THAT KHRUSHCHEV WAS A CHRISTIAN AT HEART BECAUSE OF THE SEEDS OF THE WORD OF GOD PLANTED IN HIS HEART by that Orthodox monk in the school which he attended in Georgia when he was young. He was a Georgian & they're partially Germans. The Russians invited the Germans to come in & populate Southern Georgia. I'm not talking about Georgia, U.S.A., I'm talking about the first Georgia, Russian Georgia, that was in existence for hundreds of years before we ever heard of Georgia "Crackers"!
       23. I THINK IT'S ONLY BEEN WITHIN THE LAST COUPLE HUNDRED YEARS THAT THE RUSSIAN CZAR INVITED THE GERMANS TO COME IN & POPULATE & COLONISE & SETTLE IN GEORGIA, many German refugees & exiles, etc., from various governments & whatnot, because they were good farmers & Georgia was good farmland, wheatland. And they did a beautiful job of it & the Georgians thrived & multiplied until virtually the entire State of Georgia was predominantly German.
       24. --WHICH IS WHY WHEN THE GERMANS DECIDED TO INVADE RUSSIA, THEY PICKED THAT PART OF RUSSIA TO INVADE, because they figured that the Germans would flock to their cause & side with them. But they were highly disappointed & shocked & dismayed when they found that the Germans who had settled in Georgia apparently were glad to get out of Germany & were more loyal to the government of Russia than to Hitler!
       25. SO KHRUSHCHEV WAS REARED IN GEORGIA BY ORTHODOX MONKS IN A SCHOOL THERE, & in his early youth in Russian Orthodox Church School they had him memorise the entire four Gospels by heart & used to have him recite portions of it publicly as one of their prime stars & beautiful examples of students of their school! And he himself confessed that he had memorised the entire four Gospels & he could still remember much of it.
       26. AND I THINK IF YOU'LL RECALL HIS RULE & REIGN, THAT IT WAS QUITE A RADICAL CHANGE IN RUSSIAN DIRECTION, a repudiation of Stalinism & the cruelty & suppression of the Stalin regime, the horrible persecution of Christians & massacres & pogroms & whatnot. Khrushchev was probably one of the most civilised, & I believe one of the most Christian leaders that Russia has had since the days of the Czars!--Maybe a little more honestly, truly Christian than even some of those horrible monster Czars that they had!
       27. THE LAST CZAR, NICHOLAS, WAS A NOMINAL PROFESSING CHRISTIAN & KIND OF A WEAK CHARACTER, SAD TO SAY. His wife was the one who Rasputin was chummy with & who healed her son who had hemophilia, was a bleeder, which is why Rasputin got such prominence, pre-eminence & influence with the Russian royalty.--To the point that his enemies--no doubt the anti-Christs of their day--accused him of being sympathetic with the Germans during Russia's war with Germany. Who knows? Maybe he was!
       28. ONE THING WE KNOW, RASPUTIN SAW THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION COMING & he realised that the Germans were perhaps the only ones who could possibly stop the Communist, anti-Christ Russian Revolution. And if it was true that he was in some kind of collusion with the Germans--which is said by some of his enemies, no one knows for sure--it was because he was trying to save the Royal Family & at least the Russian Christian Orthodox regime as opposed to the Marxist Leninist Communists.
       29. CERTAINLY HE WAS RIGHT ABOUT A LOT OF THINGS & HE DID A LOT OF GOOD THINGS! He was kind of an old rascal like me who liked his wine, women & song, probably the last kind of a character you ever would have picked for a Prophet!--Which is one reason I probably understand him & sympathise with him a lot more than his enemies. I can understand how the Lord can use such a drunk & a profligate & a wild-&-woolly man! He was a giant of a man, really, almost a monster!--A big strong husky peasant who worked in the fields most of his life with little or no education, almost illiterate.
       30. BUT GOD JUST REACHED DOWN & PICKED A MAN, THE LAST MAN IN THE WORLD ANYBODY WOULD HAVE EXPECTED TO HAVE GOD PICK!--Not out of the Church, not out of the hierarchy, not out of the educated intelligentsia, not out of the political powers, but just a peasant off the field, a mere peon who was nobody, & put him in the palace of kings & queens with such power that they were dependent on him!
       31. THE WORST OF HIS ENEMIES, BY THE WAY, WERE AMONGST THE ROYALTY HE WAS TRYING TO SAVE!--Jealous heirs to the throne who very mistakenly thought he was trying to usurp authority & usurp the throne. In fact, as I recall, it was one of the princes who shot him when they had dinner together or something. He was a huge man, heavy drinker, & they poisoned his cakes, these particular cakes that the prince's wife was an expert at making & which they knew he liked very much. They put enough poison in each one of them to kill 20 men, & they served him the whole platterful & he ate the whole works & kept on going! It never even phased him!
       32. WELL, IT WASN'T NECESSARILY HIS PHYSICAL STRENGTH THAT DID IT, I'M SURE IT PROBABLY HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH THE LORD! He said, "If they touch any deadly thing it will not hurt them!" (Mark 16:18) Then the prince had to shoot him & empty his pistol in him before it even phased him, & even then after being shot he got up & chased him around & took off! If you remember the story, it just looked like they weren't going to be able to kill him, so they took him out & threw him off the bridge into the river, & he was still yelling & shaking his fist at'm as he sank into the water! And he predicted that if the Royalty did it, that the whole entire Royal House would pass away & would be gone within a certain specified length of time, & that's exactly what happened!
       33. WELL, THAT'S A LITTLE BIT OF WHAT TO YOU IS ANCIENT HISTORY, BUT ACTUALLY IT'S CALLED MODERN HISTORY BY THE RUSSIANS, BECAUSE RUSSIA'S HISTORY GOES BACK A GREAT MANY YEARS. In my last year of high school when I only had seven months to go, why I would pick a book like that to report on I don't know, but there was this big huge thick volume about that thick & about that wide & about that high, written by one of my favourite authors, Richard Halliburton, a famous World-traveller & adventurer. I can't remember the title exactly now, something like Inside Russia. He'd written a number of books about other countries that he'd travelled in & his experiences, etc. You probably never heard of him, but he was World-famous in those days, had been around the World several times, travelled many countries, written books about many countries & he wrote this big thick book on Russia & its history.--His last, by the way, & his most thorough & longest treatise.
       34. AND OF ALL THINGS, I PICKED THAT BOOK AS MY FINAL ENGLISH BOOK REPORT when I was already crammed to the gills with trying to catch up with the class! That was when I entered my last year in high school & they were already two months ahead of me that year & I was a year-&-a-half behind! I had to do my last year-&-a-half of credits in just seven months, but the Lord helped me & blessed me & I made the highest grades ever made in the 87-year-old history of Monterey Union High School, Monterey, California!
       35. THAT WAS WHEN THEY TOOK THE I.Q. TEST & FOUND OUT I HAD AN I.Q. OF 176! Well, I don't know, maybe that's a disadvantage with some people. They say it's not a good idea if you're going to hold certain kinds of jobs, the kind of jobs I held most of the time till I was nearly 50 years of age! They say if you're going to be a truck driver or a waitress you'd better have an I.Q. of about 70 or 80, then you don't think about other things & get distracted. Whereas the absent-minded professor doesn't make a good driver or do good at simple tasks because his mind is always on something else. Poor Maria understands what I'm talking about, she has a little problem with me on that sometimes.
       36. BUT ANYWAY, IT WAS A VERY INTERESTING BOOK--FASCINATING BOOK! I must confess that I didn't quite finish it, but I read enough of it to write a pretty good book report. The Lord knows, thank You Lord! I never told the teacher, but she may have suspected if she read it that I never got around to the last chapters of modern Russian history, I spent most of my time reading the fascinating history of ancient Russia & how they started.
       37. AND OF COURSE SOME OF THE FIRST PROGENITORS OF THE RUSSIANS AS A PEOPLE WERE A NUMBER OF VERY WILD BARBARIC TRIBES & PEOPLES who swept across the part of Asia which is now known as the U.S.S.R. or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics--of which there are how many? Anyone know? (Fam: 15?) Some of you good ex-Communists ought to remember! Where are all our students of Russian history? I'll bet some of our readers are going to be checking up on it!
       38. BUT I REMEMBER IT WAS OF PARTICULAR INTEREST THAT ONE OF THEIR EARLY PROGENITORS WERE THE SCYTHIANS, who got their name from a word which now in English means "scythe" or "sword." Historians claim they were worshippers of the sword & that before a battle they used to plant the sword in the ground & fall down & worship it & pray to it. But who knows? I have a feeling that maybe some of them had some primitive form of Christianity then & it was not the sword they were worshipping, but the Cross of the handle!
       39. YOU KNOW, THE HISTORY YOU READ HAS BEEN WRITTEN BY THE "MINISTRY OF TRUTH"--BY THE WINNERS, NOT BY THE LOSERS--SO THAT YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW WHAT THE TRUTH WAS ABOUT MUCH OF THIS ANCIENT HISTORY! I think that's going to be one of my most interesting studies when I get on the Other Side, researching & investigating history. Wouldn't you love to read the true history of the World? I think probably all of you took World History at least in high school--it was always required in high school when I was a young fellow. You had to take a year's course in World History, a year's course in American History, & on top of that you had to take half-a-year's course in Civics--which was nothing in the World but a study of the American form of government & politics blah blah! And in California you had to take a half-a-year's course in California History! Well frankly, I found California History much more interesting than almost all the rest because it was so recent & you lived there & you could see the places where the things happened & it was recent history & pretty up-to-date.
       40. MOST STUDENTS DIDN'T SEEM TO LIKE WORLD HISTORY, BUT I WAS FASCINATED BY IT, BECAUSE HAVING READ THE BIBLE IT RELATED SO MUCH TO THE WORD OF GOD. There was so much in World History about the same countries & Empires of the Bible that I found it fascinating, & it was an excellent foundation & background, of course, for understanding Bible Prophecy. Because if you don't know World History, you can read the Bible & you won't know which prophecies were meant for what or who or whether they've already been fulfilled, are yet to be fulfilled or what! So thank God I had that opportunity to study World History. And that was my last & final book report in my last year of high school, something like Inside Russia, the same type of title he gave to all his books he had written on the various countries he had travelled in & explored & studied their history.
       41. BUT WHAT WE CALL RUSSIA TODAY IS ACTUALLY A CONGLOMERATE OF OVER 100-&-SOME DIFFERENT NATIONALITIES & LANGUAGES, EVEN MORE LANGUAGES THAN THAT! Anybody recall the exact figure? Well, at least I remember that much. There is every kind & type of people in Russia, much the same as the United States, only in Russia there's a lot more of'm & they vary all the way from the White Europeans of White Russia & Western Russia, clear to the Orientals of Eastern Russia, & every kind of religion, etc., is found in what we call Russia. I just say "Russia" for short because the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is quite a tongue-twister, even U.S.S.R. You can get by with just two syllables if you say Russia! And that's the common nickname for the nation, because actually that's what it is, Russia conquered the rest of it.
       42. AND IT'S AMAZING TOO, ISN'T IT, THAT WHAT ALL THE CZARS DREAMED OF DOING, of actually uniting all of those various nationalities & religions & languages & peoples from Europe to the Orient was finally accomplished by the Communists! They caused the great Czarist dream of a giant Empire to come true & to become the World's greatest leading & most powerful World power, which they are today.
       43. RUSSIA IS THE UP-&-COMING WORLD POWER OF TODAY, whereas the United States, although it has a much younger history & is only a little over 200 years of age, has grown old a lot faster than Russia through its dissipation & its corruption & abandonment of God. The U.S. in its 200 years of history is a mere flash-in-the-pan, a mere shooting star compared to the thousands of years of Russian history. "Aha! I knew Dad must be a Communist!--Now he's toutin' Russia!" I'm just stating the facts, Beloved, that Russia is a very very ancient country composed of a very wide variety of people, cultures, languages & religions, much broader even than the so-called "melting pot" of the U.S.A. which has only a 200-year history--that is since the Indians--& is actually just a little flash-in-the-pan compared to the ancient history, cultures & peoples of what is now commonly known & nicknamed Russia.
       44. IN FACT, THE RUSSIANS BECAME CHRISTIANS LONG BEFORE THERE EVER WAS AN AMERICA! I don't think the U.S. Americans like to be reminded of that, they seem to think they are the Christian nation of the World!--Although they don't seem to brag about it that much any more, they're not as Christian as they used to be. The fact is, as I've often told you, I think the U.S. is just as anti-Christ as Russia today, & by its own laws & government & schools & separation of church & state is just as officially anti-Christ & anti-God as Russia!--Only it's a more deceptive, hypocritical & subtle godlessness than the open, honest, confessed godlessness of Russia. Therefore the godlessness of the U.S.A. is much more treacherous! Pretending to be righteous, "having a form of godliness they are without the power thereof," in fact, without even the faith thereof! (2Tim.3:5)
       45. THE PRESIDENT THEY NOW HAVE IS ONE OF THE RARE PROFESSORS OF TRUE FAITH IN MODERN TIMES & A TOUTER OF THE BIBLE. You often wonder when he's making those great proclamations of his faith in God & the Bible & all this sort of thing, how much of it is just pure politics because he knows he's got the conservative religionists in his corner & he's angling for their votes! I think he's a rather simple man myself. After all, he was just an actor, but he really knows how to play his lines! Like all actors & actresses, he must have an excellent memory. They must memorise volumes & volumes of lines & parts in their plays & their movies.
       46. SO I REALLY DON'T THINK THE POWERS THAT ARE BEHIND REAGAN COULD POSSIBLY HAVE PICKED A BETTER CANDIDATE TO PLAY THE LINES & THE PART THEY WANTED HIM TO PLAY. He is a perfect front-man! He is a perfect stooge for the true powers-that-be behind the scenes in America. He's a rather simple fellow, cowboy-type actor in nearly all of his movies, a great big huge giant of a man! He's a big man, known more for his brawn & his good looks & his cowboy twang than he was for brains, but with the gift of acting & a prodigious memory which could learn the scripts & the lines & the dialogue, so what better man could they pick for playing the part of the President of the United States?
       47. HE MAKES A BEAUTIFUL PRESIDENT! I think he makes one of the most beautiful presidents the U.S. ever had! He plays the part so well, almost without a hitch--except he gets his wires crossed once in awhile & his signals a little mixed from the coach or the prompter behind the scenes & he has to change horses quite often. But most of the time he doesn't even have to read his script or his part, he's already got it well-memorised & he plays his part & speaks his lines well & he is doing a beautiful job of it!
       48. I WOULD SAY HE MAKES AN EXCELLENT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES! I think he's the best President the United States ever had as far as looks & playing the part & speaking the lines, the perfect puppet for the true powers behind the throne! After all, he knew little or nothing about government or anything like that. They discovered that a long time ago when the powers-that-be in California selected him to become Governor. They saw his acting & memorising ability & saw he would really play the part of the Governorship of California very well. God bless him!
       49. I THINK FRANKLY AT HEART HE'S A VERY SINCERE & SIMPLE MAN, & I REALLY EVEN BELIEVE THAT HE HAS A RATHER CHILDLIKE FAITH IN GOD & THE BIBLE. He doesn't know the Bible very well, of course, & sometimes refers to & quotes the wrong part, the wrong source, but anyway, that's about par for the course for most Christians & most Church people, even for me a lot of the time. I can quote you Bible by the yard but I can't always tell you exactly where it is. I can usually get the city & sometimes the city block, if not the exact house number, but anyway, somewhere close in the neighbourhood.
       50. SO I THINK REAGAN HAS REALLY PLAYED THE PART WELL, & IF HE SEEMS TO CHANGE HIS MIND ONCE IN AWHILE, RATHER FREQUENTLY, DON'T BLAME THAT ON HIM!--That's the anti-Christs behind him who are pulling the strings who have decided to change his part & his role & change his lines on him. It's a little confusing to an actor if right in the middle of the picture the director suddenly changes the script & makes these changes, but he's adapted himself well. And he gets all the gaff & all the blame & all the criticism, whereas it's really not his fault, he's just playing the role & speaking the lines that he's given.
       51. --ALTHOUGH I THINK HIS PERSONAL CONVICTIONS RUN PRETTY MUCH ALONG THE TENOR OF THE ULTRA-CONSERVATIVES WHO HAVE PUT HIM IN POWER & ELECTED HIM, including his good old American flag-waving patriotism & "Let's clobber the Communists," & "I'm for God & the Bible," & all that sort of thing. This all fits the idealistic picture of Americanism, the kind that they want the people to believe in even if they don't, because it gets votes from the boonies, from the Midwest, from the farmers, the common people, the little people who don't know any better than to still believe in God & the Bible & the U.S.A. It's obviously a real vote-getter--he got elected! He got elected twice, I think, to Governor of California, & now the U.S.A. & stands a pretty good chance of getting re-elected, I wouldn't be surprised!--Because as I say, I don't think they've got anybody else who plays the part so well & looks so good in it or speaks his lines so well or probably does exactly what they tell him to do so well!
       52. ONCE IN A GREAT WHILE HE SORT OF BLURTED OUT HIS OWN PERSONAL CONVICTION ABOUT SOMETHING. He made that mistake in blurting out his sympathy for the Palestinians & they cured him of that real quick, as you notice. He made a statement, something about he thought the Palestinians ought to have their own country. Whew! You never heard him say that again, never again! They stopped him on that in a hurry! So he probably has a few of his own personal convictions & beliefs & faith, & in a way I admire him for it, but as far as being the actual power, I would say he is just speaking the lines they give him & acting the script that he has been given & playing the role very well.
       53. I DON'T THINK THE DEMOCRATS HAVE GOT A MAN IN THE WHOLE LINE-UP THAT CAN HOLD A CANDLE TO REAGAN as far as looks, acting ability, speaking his lines, playing the role or the appeal to Americanism, flag-waving, "Let's beat the Communist,s" & "I'm for God & the Bible, Motherhood & the flag & apple pie!" Who could be more American? Well, how in the World did I get on him from the history of Russia?
       54. THE AMERICANS LIKE TO THINK THAT THEY ARE REALLY HOT STUFF, A GREAT WORLD POWER! Well, they did rise to power in the World faster than almost any other World Empire, but those that come up fast usually go down fast too! There are only a few very ancient empires who lasted for hundreds of years or even thousands of years, like most of those World Empires you studied in Daniel & in the Bible & are in our course on the Seven World Empires. It seems that the more recent Empires of modern history have been the shortest-lived & have lasted fewer years.
       55. OF COURSE, THERE'S NEVER BEEN ANOTHER WORLD EMPIRE SINCE ROME, & WILL NOT BE UNTIL ITS FINAL REVIVAL IN THE SEVEN YEARS OF THE ANTICHRIST. But there have been several rather wide or far-flung Empires, & the first & greatest to rise after the days of Rome was what? When I'm speaking of Rome, I mean the old Roman Empire which they claim fell about 476. They just give that particular date because that was the final fall of Rome. Too bad we're not really indoctrinated with a little more World History so we could remember it! Wasn't it Attila the Hun who came battering on the gates of Rome & the Pope went out & persuaded him to go away?
       56. ATTILA THE HUN, BY THE WAY, WAS ONE OF THE PREDECESSORS OF THE GOOD GERMANS, GOD BLESS'M! They helped to conquer the Roman Empire! There were the Goths, Visigoths, Huns, a whole slew of "barbarians" as they were called, from the North who came down & conquered the old, decrepit, corrupt, rich Empire of Rome. It had become so dissolute & dissipated & corrupt that it became weak, so that even these younger barbaric tribes of the North could sweep in. I think the Franks had something to do with it, & the Huns & the Goths & all of those barbarians of the North clobbered it.
       57. BUT WHAT TRULY GREAT WORLD EMPIRE WAS THE NEXT TO RISE? Remember, if Rome fell in the 400s A.D., what Empire would it be? I'm testing your memory of history! You should remember that a little bit, because we're quite familiar with it & I've dealt with it quite a bit in the Letters. I don't know if that's ever been published, I think maybe it has, the history of that particular people & that religion. There's another clue! (Fam: Was it the Arabs?) Right!
       58. IN THE 600S AROSE THE GREAT ARABIAN EMPIRE WHICH CONQUERED THE WORLD FROM INDIA TO SPAIN & was pretty well on its way to finishing off all of Europe when some heroes of Europe finally stood'm off. I guess the Lord probably said, "Enough!" The Roman Catholics & their idolatry had had enough punishment by this time & I guess there were some true Christians praying that they wouldn't completely sweep over all of Europe & make it all Muslim as they did the Mideast, into India & northward taking Turkey & a great deal of that area, & all of North Africa, Spain, etc. Of course they have spread a great deal further than that since they were so-called "conquered," but more or less peacefully by their missionaries & propaganda since then.
       59. SO THE ARABIAN EMPIRE THEN WAS THE LARGEST, MOST WIDESPREAD GREAT POWER OF THE DAYS FOLLOWING THE FALL OF ROME, THE NEXT ONE TO RISE. Somebody mentioned the Spanish Empire, but that was considerably later. The Spanish Empire reached its heyday along with the Portuguese Empire in the 15th Century, along with Columbus & the discovery of America.--Really the re-discovery because it had been discovered several times already! In fact, the Mongols & the Indians got there first & later on Leif Ericson & a few others, God knows how many!
       60. BUT OF COURSE THE EUROPEAN HISTORIANS LOVE TO GIVE THE CREDIT PARTICULARLY TO SOME OF THEIR FAVOURITE SONS, especially one who could be bragged about by both Italians & Spanish & all Southern Europe! Columbus was not a Spaniard, he was an Italian navigator & sailor, but he was sponsored by the Spanish to sail & try to find a new passage to India, believing the World was round & that if he went the opposite direction than the usual East that he could get there. Well, he was right!--Only he bumped into a couple of other Continents on the way! I don't believe he ever touched the shore of either one of them, did he? He landed at San Salvador, a little island in the Caribbean, then he went on to Cuba & a few other places. I don't recall that he ever touched any of the continental shores of either North or South America, did he?
       61. THEY SAY COLUMBUS DISCOVERED AMERICA BUT IT WAS LEFT TO ANOTHER ITALIAN, AMERIGO VESPUCCI, who really explored the East Coast of the actual United States. So in the early days when the country was trying to select a name for what is now the United States of America, a lot of the early colonialists, recently freed, wanted to call it just "America" after Amerigo Vespucci who explored the coast.
       62. AND WHEN THEY WERE TRYING TO PICK A NATIONAL ANTHEM, MANY PEOPLE FAVOURED "AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL," which is a far more beautiful, peaceful song about the great land of America, if you've ever heard it. And "My Country 'Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty!" to the tune of "God Save the King," they voted that one down real quick because it was too much like the colonial power from which they'd just declared their independence. Besides, it has a lot of references to God, prayer & faith in it, just like the old "God Save the King."
       63. SO I WONDER WHO WAS BEHIND THE FINAL SELECTION OF THE SONG WHICH MADE NO REFERENCE TO GOD WHATSOEVER?--COULD IT BE POSSIBLE THAT THE ANTI-CHRISTS WERE THAT INFLUENTIAL WAY BACK THEN? Well after all, George Washington was made the first President of the United States, & just take a good look at his picture, if you have any knowledge of that, & you'll know for sure what he was! And take a good look at many of the other Founding Fathers of the good old U.S.A. & you'll see who was very very active in their belligerency & their defiance of England & the World Empire of their day, declaring their independence politically & at the same time declaring their independence from religion & from God & from the Church & making sure that in their Constitution they were a totally secular state, just as secular as Russia, according to the Constitution of the United States, from its very founding.
       64. SO THERE MUST HAVE BEEN SOME VERY INFLUENTIAL ANTI-CHRISTS AROUND TO ENGINEER THAT TOO. Of course, they don't work from the bottom up with the common people, they start at the top. They convert the top, the people & the leaders at the top! They start getting influence where it really counts, in government & departments of government, as well as the media & industry & banking & movies & everything else, you name it, then they work their way down to finally converting the people. It took a long time--with the United States it took about 200 years.
       65. OBVIOUSLY FROM SOME OF THE EARLY DOCUMENTS, SOME OF THOSE LEADERS WERE QUITE ATHEISTIC & ANTI-RELIGIOUS, MAKING EVEN THE CONSTITUTION DECLARE THEIR SECULARITY. And even though some of the leaders proclaimed documents mentioning God in a very self-righteous fashion, obviously some of them were not very Godly. However, it took about 200 years from those days to thoroughly convert the government to a thoroughly secular, anti-God, anti-religious government & gradually convert the people to enforce it all the way down to the lowliest public school of compulsory education, where the children are compelled to attend Godless, Christless, faithless, Bibleless schools for their entire education!
       66. HOW SUBTLE! HOW CLEVER! LIKE THE DEVIL, THE ANTI-CHRISTS HAVE LOTS OF PATIENCE, BECAUSE THEN THEY KNEW THEY HAD PLENTY OF TIME. But when he comes down & possesses the Antichrist, his wrath is going to be great "because he knows then that his time is very short," just 3-1/2 years, so watch out for that! (Rev.12:12) He's really going to be furious & really try to make hay, or make Hell while the night shines!
       67. BUT ACTUALLY IN THE EARLY DAYS OF THE U.S., THE FOUNDATIONS THAT FINALLY COUNTED IN WHICH THE ANTI-CHRISTS MANOEUVRED INTO POWER WERE JUST AS SECULAR & HAD THE SATANIC SEEDS OF UNBELIEF & SECULARITY!--"Secular" meaning anti-God, anti-Christ, anti-faith & anti-Bible--a nice little academic word for atheism! So who do you suppose were the heroes of American public education, the atheistic education system of America? Who did you study in school was the father of the modern American compulsory thoroughly secular educational system? Anybody remember his name?
       68. WELL, WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL THEY SAID IT WAS HORACE MANN. Have you ever studied the teachings of Horace Mann? [DELETED]
       69. SO IN THE U.S. GOVERNMENT [EDITED: "THE ACs"] WERE VERY CLEVER, THEY TOOK OVER THE STATE DEPARTMENT FIRST, of course, after they'd taken over the banks & the movie industry & the newspapers & the media that molds public opinion in their favour to get what they want, & the money & industry & the power, then they had the power to weasel their way in to really take over the reins of government.
       70. NOW WHY DID THEY START WITH THE STATE DEPARTMENT? It became almost a common scandal, notorious when I was young--in my teens & 20s--that the [EDITED: "ACs"] were running the State Department.--Why?--They would have a lot more influence in World politics! But another thing which is very dear to their heart & very clever, they opened the floodgates of American immigration [DELETED] especially after World War 2, under the guise of humanitarianism. [DELETED]
       76. SO MUCH FOR THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES ANYHOW, IT WAS JUST A FLASH-IN-THE-PAN OF A COUPLE HUNDRED YEARS & it only took 200 years [DELETED] for secularism, Godlessness & anti-Christ atheism to saturate the scientific & educational system & finally the governmental system. Dear Reagan, give him credit for that, is one of the few & final Presidents who has proclaimed or even said anything about God or talked about prayer or anything like that, because with him, of course, it's a real vote-getter. Maybe he does it sincerely, who knows?--But they let him do it because they know it gets the votes of the little people, the common people who still believe that dear old America is Christian & still think it's run by Christians, & still think that the wars it fights are Christian wars against the anti-Christs & the atheists & the Nazis & the Communists!
       78. I STARTED ASKING YOU ABOUT THE ARABIAN EMPIRE WHICH BEGAN IN THE 600s & WAS STILL CONQUERING EUROPE, ETC., UNTIL CHARLES MARTEL & THE BATTLE OF TOURS IN 732. They swept across the World & they were about on their way to conquering it when the European Christians finally prayed & got together & professed their great faith in God & Christ--like the U.S. is doing now--& persuaded the people to really stand up & fight & stop the flood of Islam & end its growing power. So the height & heyday of its power didn't last much more than a few hundred years, at least the Arabian Empire, which was followed very closely, of course, by the Turkish Empire, which was also Islamic & really a continuation & an extension of the Muslim Empire. And that lasted right on up until its heyday in the 1200s when Abrahim was killed, wasn't it 1272 that he told us? I never knew anything about this history until Abrahim came along & we began to look it up to see if he was right, & sure enough!
       79. THE TURKISH EMPIRE STILL HELD SWAY OVER MOST OF THE MIDEAST UNTIL WORLD WAR 1, WHEN IT WAS VANQUISHED BY THE ALLIES, particularly the British under Lawrence of Arabia, etc., fighting on the side of the Arabs against the Turks, both Islamic but rivals. So actually, the World Empire of Islam flourished from the 600s to World War 1--if you include the Turks--& that's about 1300 years! So what's a 200-year U.S. Empire?--Nothing compared to most of the great Empires of the World!
       80. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY WAS THE NEXT GREAT WORLD EMPIRE? Well, we could squeeze Portugal & Spain in there where the Pope divided the World between them once-upon-a-time & drew a line out in the Atlantic or something like that & told the Spanish they could have the Western part & the Portuguese they could have the other part. So the Portuguese started colonising Africa & going off toward the East, while the Spanish went West & took over North & South America.
       81. THEIR BEGINNINGS WERE WAY BACK WHEN, BUT THEIR HEYDAY CAME ABOUT THE TIME OF COLUMBUS & THE SPANISH SETTLEMENTS IN THE AMERICAS, & they flourished right on up until the British & French began to give'm trouble. And really the power of Spain & its colonies was not stopped--if you consider its colonies & Spanish America an extension of the Spanish Empire or the power of Spain through their successors--& didn't have to start backing off until about the time of the Spanish-American War, which was about the turn of the Century.
       82. THE U.S. HAD FOUGHT QUITE A FEW LITTLE WARS WITH SPAIN--they fought Spain in Mexico, fought Spain in Cuba, fought Spain in the East & for the first time Spain really suffered some very great losses. It suffered losses, you might say, of its colonies during their revolutions, mostly during the 1700s & 1800s, but some of its greatest losses were the loss of Cuba, Puerto Rico & the other colonies, & really the loss of almost half of Mexico & Southwest U.S. at the time of the final wars of the U.S. with Spain in those days.
       83. SO WHAT WOULD YOU SET AS THE DATE OF THE FLOURISHING OF THE SPANISH EMPIRE? I would say its real strength began to grow as it overcame the Moors, the Arabians. Right? Wasn't it the 1100s when they really began to come into tremendous power? And if you'd say that they still dominated most of the Western World through their colonies & the Spanish-speaking American possessions or now-freed countries, they pretty much dominated Iberia & Latin America from the Middle Ages around 1000 A.D., right on up to the 1800s.--That's about 800 years of powerful Spanish rule of the Western World!
       84. THE PORTUGUESE HAD QUITE A FAR-FLUNG EMPIRE, particularly from Portugal & Africa & around that way, & still-surviving colonies as far as the coasts of India, China, Macau, etc. They lasted for hundreds of years, Spain for nearly a thousand, & what was the next great thriving Empire that ruled the waves & waived the rules & on whose flag the sun never set? (Fam: The British.) The British Empire!
       85. WHEN WOULD YOU PINPOINT THE BEGINNING OF THE RISE OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE? Well, it was a great rival of Spain & was fighting Spain for the domination of the World & also France--France with one hand & Spain with the other--but I would say Britain really began to rise in power when? You've seen movies about it! (Fam: With Elisabeth the 1st.) Right! With Elisabeth the 1st, Elisabeth the Great was when it really began to rise in power in the 1500s. But you might say its independence from Europe began much further back than that, when it began to rise not yet as an empire as it did under Elisabeth, but as a nation. It had to start as a real integrated nation first with a World-famous battle.
       86. THERE WAS A FAMOUS ORANGEMAN, WILLIAM OF ORANGE, WHO REPRESENTED THE NORMANS, ACTUALLY THE FRENCH, & HE CAME OVER & CONQUERED & RULED BRITAIN. Was it the Battle of Hastings in 1011? (Fam: 1066.) I knew it was a double digit of some kind, not 1011 but 1066! They pretty much dominated Britain, but they actually helped to make it a great nation & gave it a language. The Old English was a very primitive Anglo-Saxon, mostly simple one-&-two-syllable words which are pretty much long-gone except words like "fuck" & things like that. That's an old Anglo-Saxon word & used to be a good word till the Normans came along & taught'm that they shouldn't say words like that! The Normans we have in our Family have taught us a lot of things too, God bless'm!
       87. BUT IT WAS ACTUALLY THE NORMANS WHO HELPED TO MAKE BRITAIN GREAT, THEIR STRUGGLE AGAINST THE NORMANS, & that's the one thing that finally got the English united so that they got together, because they were a conglomeration of all kinds of tribes, everything from Norsemen to this, that & the other. And when did they finally drive the Normans out of Britain? The great hero's name that comes to me is King Richard the Lionhearted who came back from the Crusades & finally drove out the Normans & he was put on the throne. Does anybody remember the date? (Family: The 1100s?) Yes, somewhere around the time of the Crusades.
       88. SO BRITAIN BEGAN TO RISE AS A NATION & A WORLD POWER CLEAR BACK THEN IN THE EARLY TEEN-HUNDREDS SOMEWHERE. It's amazing how ignorant we are of dates & times. When you come down to it, that should be something we should remember, & somewhere in the 1100s has a familiar ring. I know maybe some of you are getting tired of this ancient history & I may not get around to Andropov & modern history till later, but you need to get the background. I'm just trying to compare nations & empires for you.
       89. SO THE BRITISH BEGAN TO RISE IN POWER AS A NATION, FIGHTING THE SPANISH, FRENCH & PORTUGUESE EMPIRES RIGHT ON UP TO THE DISCOVERIES OF COLUMBUS IN THE 1400s, & finally becoming powerful enough that the British were beginning to lick the Spanish & the Portuguese & the French as you get into the late teen-hundreds, 1600s, 1700s, right up until the U.S.A. declared its independence in 1776.
       90. WELL, THE BRITISH DIDN'T STOP THERE JUST BECAUSE THEY LOST A FEW COLONIES, THEY WENT ON TO BECOME EVEN GREATER STILL until Britain really did rule the waves--& as some have said, sometimes by "waiving the rules"--so that the sun never set on the British flag, the Union Jack, from sea to sea. And they reached their zenith & peak, of course, in the conquest of what great country? (Fam: India.)
       91. SO BRITAIN BEGAN ITS EMPIRE UNDER ELISABETH THE 1ST & REACHED ITS PEAK UNDER QUEEN VICTORIA, & THAT WAS JUST IN THE PAST CENTURY. Just think of it! I can remember Queen Victoria's daughter, the old dowager queen, Queen Mary. --I mean the old Queen Mary, not the later one. She always wore a turban that looked like a Russian Cossack hat, really looked like a crown & made her look like a queen, & she was an old battle-axe if there ever was one! Even though her sons were taking over & they were nominal figureheads & front-men, she was the power behind the throne who still ruled with an iron hand like her mother Queen Victoria had.
       92. SO THE HEIGHT OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE WAS JUST IN THE PAST CENTURY! Britain began to rise in power as a young nation hundreds of years ago, became a Worldwide Empire in the past century, conquered one of the greatest, most populous & richest countries in the World--India--& thank God, somewhat civilised it & Christianised it, at least gave it a lot of that good British influence. We always enjoyed in our World travels going to ex-British colonies because they always spoke some English & had an excellent postal system, a good telephone system, a good railroad system & usually a good governmental system, good hospital system, educational system & all the rest in all these good old British ex-colonies.
       93. BUT OF COURSE THEY WERE SO BIG-HEARTED & GOT SO WEAK THEY FINALLY HAD TO GIVE'M ALL UP, but there are still some pretty prominent colonies & the Commonwealth still is Worldwide & somewhat influential. I'd say the greatest blow to the British Empire & the beginning of the downfall of Britain was the loss of India, & that actual independence did not occur until 1948 after World War 2.--In which both the Allies & the Communists sat down at several different tables carving up the World between them at such meetings as Yalta with Roosevelt, Potsdam & Tehran with Truman.
       94. IF YOU THINK THAT THE WORLD GOT THIS WAY JUST BY BEING "FREED" BY THE GREAT AMERICA, YOU'RE A LITTLE MISTAKEN! They had it all figured out, they decided on countries, spheres of influence, borders, lines, everything, before the War was even over! They met with the Russians, met with Stalin & all the decisions were made as to who was to get what, the spoils of war!
       95. POLAND WAS A CHRISTIAN CATHOLIC COUNTRY WHICH HATED RUSSIA! They were ancient enemies & were not Communists, didn't want to be in the Russian sphere of influence at all! But the Russians held out demanding Poland as part of their line behind the Iron Curtain, & Roosevelt, Truman & those finally gave in & gave Poland to Russia. So if Poland has now become a problem to the West as well as the Russians, it's both of their faults!--As well as a few other countries who were not willingly put behind the Iron Curtain, but shoved there with the help of a few "friends," like Hungary & Czechoslovakia.
       96. AUSTRIA ALMOST GOT IT & WOULD HAVE IF IT HADN'T BEEN TO THE ADVANTAGE OF THE ALLIES TO KEEP IT NEUTRAL, & RUSSIA AS WELL. That's one country the Allies really held out for, they were going to refuse to give up Austria, so thank God they held out for quite awhile. It was a four-part rule for awhile between the Russians, the British, the French & the Americans, & finally the Russians pretty well gave up & agreed to let Austria become independent just as long as it was neutral. So a lot of these things happened & were decided behind closed doors & in closed sessions & secretly.
       97. I HAD TO LAUGH WHEN I READ YESTERDAY'S PAPER, that at the same time Reagan was making these grand pronouncements that they would never give up Lebanon--"We don't dare back out of Lebanon, we don't plan to surrender Lebanon & retreat from Lebanon like that. What do the Democrats think they want to do? They're defeatists, they're pessimists, they want us to give up Lebanon!"--He'd already decided to give up Lebanon! In secret session they already had the plans all laid out how they were going to give up Lebanon! That's what liars politicians are.
       98. I CUT OUT A LITTLE ARTICLE I THINK MAYBE YOU READ IN THE {\ul \i WND}--if you got around to one of those little tiny squibs--where a famous author said, "All politicians are liars & lying is what they're best at!" Well, maybe that isn't entirely true, there have been a few statesmen in the past who I think were honest, even Christians in past American & European history, a few great men who were honest & had convictions & sincerity, but they were very few & far between.--Even some Russians!
       99. OH MY, IF I'D SAY THAT IN THE U.S.A. TODAY I'D BE CONSIDERED A SEDITIONIST, A FIFTH COLUMNIST, A COMMUNIST SYMPATHISER OR A PINK, IF NOT ACTUALLY PURE RED! In fact, I'm sure that's what they're probably already convinced that I am! The father of one of our people used to send out mailings for FreeCOG & used to stamp my name on the front of every envelope in big letters this high: "NO. 1 COMMUNIST OF THE U.S.A.!" So I have a very bad reputation! How can you folks afford to hobnob with me, anyhow? I'm apt to rub off on you! Well, I wasn't a number one Communist, I was a lot more dangerous than that!--And they're going to find out one of these days how dangerous we are to all of their kingdoms, because [EDITED: "after Resurrection and the return of Jesus"] the World's going to be ours & we're going to rule it & run it the way it ought to be run with Jesus!--Amen?
       100. WELL, YOU'VE STUDIED ALL THE DANIEL EMPIRES SO I DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT THEM, & IN THOSE DAYS THEY USUALLY LASTED ABOUT A THOUSAND YEARS OR MORE! It seemed like as time went on that the lives of Empires got shorter--sort of like the lives of men after the Flood--& I guess they got more wicked & more corrupt & God had to cut'm short a little more often, until these recent modern Empires have been the shortest of all! And now the most recent of all, the U.S.A., is the shortest-lived of all, in fact about to be cut-off very soon, whereas Russia is a very ancient Empire & has been around a long long time. The house of the Romanovs & the Russians goes back a long ways.
       101. WHO WAS THE ONE WHO FIRST MADE THEM TOPS?--IVAN THE GREAT?--THEN THERE WAS CATHERINE THE GREAT & QUITE A FEW FAMOUS RUSSIAN EMPERORS & EMPERESSES. In fact, the Russian Czars were in existence way back before Abrahim's day! And wasn't it in the 7 or 800s that Russia was evangelised by missionaries from Bulgaria? I never even knew that until Abrahim told us about it, then we looked it up in history & sure enough, it was some missionaries from Bulgaria! Abrahim had told us that they were Gypsies, Christians, who travelled to Russia & Moscow & converted the Czar. (See No.298.) Anybody remember the date? Wasn't it somewhere in the 8 or 900s? (Vladimir I in the 900s.) So there were Czars in that day, that far back.
       102. SO THE RUSSIAN CZARIST REGIME, SO-CALLED, & EVEN SOME OF THE ROMANOVS HAVE EXISTED FOR SEVERAL HUNDRED YEARS & THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE HAS FLOURISHED FOR HUNDREDS OF YEARS. From the time they became Christians, at least nominal professing Christians, God probably began blessing them. At least they were not heathen & they were not pagans & He undoubtedly began blessing the Czarist regimes. Even though they may not have known much about being Christians, at least they were professing & confessing Christ, so He no doubt began blessing them then & giving them power & rule & reign over Russia & the surrounding territories, which are now the entire U.S.S.R., or a great deal of it. Well, if that began back in the 800s, the Czarist Russian Empire has now lasted for about a thousand years! (Established by Rurik in 862.)
       103. SO WHAT'S THE U.S.A.?--A LITTLE PIPSQUEAK FLASH-IN-THE-PAN! It was nobody until they in their early days professed faith & Christianity, & many of the early leaders were devout Christians, men of strong faith. Maria's published a lot of their quotes for you. [DELETED]
       104. IT SEEMS LIKE EVIL IN THIS PRESENT WORLD IS ALWAYS MORE POWERFUL THAN GOOD & IS HAVING FULL SWAY, & it looks like it's a story with a sad, tragic, unhappy ending. Ever since the days of Adam & Eve things have gone from bad to worse with a few little revivals & a few little repentances & a few little swing-backs under a few little kings, or once in awhile an empire that kind of jerked the people up & jerked them back to reality & faith, then God blessed them again, & then they drifted away again, & it's up & down & up & down!
       105. BUT IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S BEEN MOSTLY DOWN! It's been two steps down & one step back, two steps down & one step back, & they've been getting lower all the time. So that the American World Empire was one of the fastest to ever rise to power & yet it's now going to be one of the fastest to fall! And of course as we know by God's Word & revelation, it's going to be the World Communist Empire, the Antichrist Empire which is going to help to give it a good shove to speed up its fall!
       106. SO ALL THAT BACKGROUND OF HISTORY IS TO KIND OF GIVE YOU AN IDEA OF WHERE RUSSIA HAS BEEN, THAT IT'S BEEN AROUND A LONG TIME, beginning way back in the Middle Ages after some of those great tribes that swept across all of Asia from China to Russia, amongst them Genghis Khan & Attila the Hun. Anybody remember some others or know anything about Russian history when there was really not much of a Russia? Some of those other famous warriors & conquerors were little more than bands of brigands & robbers, what they'd call guerrillas today or freedom fighters or terrorists, depending on whose side you're on! I put an article in the WND about that, how it depends on whose side you're on whether you call'm freedom fighters or terrorists! (See WND 16, pg.47.)
       107. ANYHOW, THEY WERE A PRETTY WILD BUNCH IN THEIR DAY, IN THE EARLY DAYS, & ONLY RECENTLY GOT RATHER CIVILISED AS THEY CAME MORE IN CONTACT WITH CHRISTIANITY & CHRISTIAN EUROPE.--Until the House of the Romanovs developed & was officially Christian with the Russian Orthodox Church, but became extremely corrupt & the Church just became churchianity & the hierarchy of the Church just about as corrupt as the royalty of the Romanovs. So it was time for another fall & the Lord allowed the anti-Christ forces of Communism to take it over & sweep the entire scope of most of Asia, from the White Russia of Latvia, Lithuania & Estonia, which is on the Baltic, the Western coast of Russia, to the East & the Pacific Ocean.
       108. FINLAND IS VIRTUALLY A COLONY OF RUSSIA TODAY, ALTHOUGH IT CLAIMS TO BE NEUTRAL. It lost a war with Russia within my memory as the Finns kept on fighting after WW2, God bless'm! Even after the other forces gave up & made peace with Russia, dear Finland carried on a war with Russia for quite awhile in the late '40s as I recall. Can anybody remember? Well, if you don't remember, my guess is as good as yours! They tried to keep their independence but they finally got dominated by Russia.
       109. WHEN I WAS YOUNG IN THE EARLY DAYS OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION THERE WERE WHAT WAS KNOWN AS THE WHITE RUSSIAN STATES, not because they were any whiter than the rest of the Russians, but because the Christians liked to call their sympathetic forces White! You know, the good guys always wear white hats. That was true in the old cowboy movies, all the way from Hoot Gibson, Tom Mix & those guys, the good guys always wore white hats & the bad guys wore the black hats. That way you always could tell which was which, otherwise it was a little hard to tell sometimes. Nobody even laughed at that one! Ha!
       110. (POINTS TO MAP:) HERE WE HAVE ON THE BALTIC SEA ESTONIA, LATVIA & LITHUANIA, JUST ABOVE POLAND. Down here, these states here are called the Balkans, & that always confused me in school between the Balkans & the Baltic. I thought the Balkans ought to be on the Baltic, but they're not. The Balkans actually are on the Black Sea, they're North of the Adriatic, etc. Here are the Balkan States which are now Eastern Europe with Hungary, Bulgaria, Rumania, etc., also Yugoslavia & Greece, & there's Poland.
       111. AND JUST NORTH OF POLAND WERE THESE THREE LITTLE COUNTRIES, LITHUANIA, LATVIA & ESTONIA WHICH HELD OUT AGAINST THE RUSSIAN COMMUNIST HORDES FOR A LONG TIME AFTER THE BEGINNING OF THE REVOLUTION. They were considered the most Christian & they were amongst the most heroic of the Russian Christians who fought against overwhelming odds of the hordes of Russian Communists, the whole Red Army having turned Communist. But they were finally conquered & it was made official, as I recall, a little later on when the Allies gave in to the pressure.
       112. THERE WAS AN ALLIED ARMY, BY THE WAY, WHO WANDERED AROUND HALF-LOST MOST OF THE TIME IN RUSSIA WHERE THEY SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN, composed mostly of British & Americans & I think some French & maybe some Italians. It used to be known as the "Lost Army" of the Allies. The Allies were feeling pretty heady after their victory over the Germans & the "Axis Powers" as they were known, comprised mostly of Germany & Italy & what had been Austria, Hungary & all that, & having licked the Axis powers, the Allies decided they could take on just about anybody now. That was 1917 & 18, the last days of World War 1.
       113. SO SINCE IT LOOKED LIKE THEIR FORMER ALLY RUSSIA WAS FALLING--NOT TO THE GERMANS AS HAD BEEN FEARED BUT NOW TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE, THE COMMUNISTS--THE ALLIES COOKED UP THIS ARMY. We had a personal friend who was in that army & was lost for a long time before we ever heard from him, & many of them were never heard from again, they actually got lost or strayed or captured or slaughtered. It's not any glorious part of Allied history they like to talk about--like some of the wars that the U.S.A. fought with Mexico & the battles they lost. You never hear about those, do you? You just hear about the Alamo & a few of those. Well, actually the Alamo is another battle the U.S. lost with Mexico. God bless the Mexicans & Spanish Americans of great Spanish descent, of which they should be proud, or at least thankful.
       114. WELL, THE LOST ARMY--YOU'RE GOING TO BE A LOST ARMY IF I DON'T QUIT PRETTY SOON--THEY WENT IN, & AS I RECALL, IT WAS THROUGH THOSE THREE COUNTRIES, LATVIA, LITHUANIA & ESTONIA, which is about the only beachhead or foothold the Allies still had anywhere around Russia. They came in through these three friendly countries to support the White Russian forces which were fighting the Red Russians, as they were nicknamed in those days--White Russians & Red Russians. Mind you now, this is within my memory! I can still remember hearing about it as a child, including Rasputin who was still quite famous & well-remembered when I was a little child.
       115. SO THEY WENT IN THERE & TRIED TO TAKE ON THE WHOLE RUSSIAN RED ARMY, & it was amazing how the Allies thought since they had licked Eastern Europe & the Axis powers, now they were going to be able to take on the Red Power. Well, they literally went over there & got lost! They never realised it was such a vast country, they never realised how little communication there was, before the days of radio. And in Russia out in the boonies there were very few telephones, they couldn't walk over to a phone booth & call Washington, so they literally got lost! And for months they weren't even heard from, the U.S. didn't even know where they were, neither the U.S. nor Britain who supplied their major forces. And it was a year or so later that our friend came home who was a veteran of the Lost Army of the Allies in Russia, who went over there & tried to take on the Russians!
       116. TODAY IT'S LAUGHABLE, OF COURSE, WHEN YOU THINK HOW VAST RUSSIA IS & HOW POPULOUS IT IS WITH HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, it's kind of ridiculous, but they tried anyway. They were sure they were going to win because they were the Christian Crusaders & they had already won one war. Of course, they'd just won another war over a great Christian who was chief villain of WW1, Kaiser Wilhelm, but he claimed to be a good Christian so I don't know what they were fighting him for! I doubt if many of you even know what they fought WW1 over. Well, I'll tell you, the same thing they fought WW2 over--money & power!--Only I'm beginning to realise now they fought WW2 more over bringing the [EDITED: "ACs"] to power than almost anything else--the anti-Christs & their future Antichrist government!
       117. WE'RE ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT RUSSIA BEING A DICTATORSHIP & THE PEOPLE HAVING NO SAY-SO, well, it could have been expected of Stalin, but Roosevelt, Churchill & Truman did exactly the same thing, they decided the fates of these countries without even asking them or consulting them. The victims had no choice whatsoever, the big powers just gave these countries away bing bing bing right down the line!
       118. WHO ESTABLISHED THE IRON CURTAIN?--NOT THE RUSSIANS, AT LEAST NOT ALONE!--It was the Russians & the Allies agreeing together on their spheres of influence, who was going to be behind the Iron Curtain & who was going to be outside of it, so they're all of the same ilk. Let's not deceive ourselves about these Empires & the East & West & North & South & all this bull, they're all the same kind of people & if given a chance they'll do the same things. The U.S.A. is fast on its way to becoming the same kind of a country as Russia, so don't blame it all on the Russians, but the U.S. has got to pretend to be something they aren't in order to say they're better than somebody else.
       119. THEY'RE ALWAYS FIGHTING THESE WARS FOR SOME GREAT NOBLE EXCUSE INSTEAD OF THE ACTUAL REASONS. I told you how the U.S. Civil War, for example, was supposed to be "the War to free the slaves," when it was actually the War which enslaved the free & the beginning of the Federal Dictatorship! World War 1 was supposed to be the War which was to make the World safe for democracy!--You see how safe it got for democracy, there are more dictatorships in the World now than there were absolute monarchies in the World before World War 1!
       120. SO ALONG CAME WORLD WAR 2, & THAT WAS THE WAR TO END ALL WARS!--You see how it ended all wars? Isn't it peaceful now? Isn't it wonderful how there haven't been any wars since World War 2? There have never ceased being wars & several going on at the same time all the time ever since World War 2! They've never known a period of peace since then.
       121. IN FACT, THE WORLD HAS NEVER REALLY KNOWN A PERIOD OF PEACE SINCE THE DAYS WHEN CHRIST WAS BORN, WHEN THE LORD GAVE LITERALLY WHAT HE PROMISED TO MAN: "PEACE ON EARTH TOWARD MEN OF GOOD WILL!" He allowed the Roman Empire to establish peace throughout the World, at least the known Mideast & European World of that day, in order to give little infant Christianity a chance to get started. And that peace ruled the World for a good many years after that, which facilitated the expansion of Christianity. Imagine, no passports, no problems crossing borders, borders were not borders because the nations were not separate, they were all one Empire under the Romans.
       122. IF YOU WERE EVEN BORN IN ONE OF THEIR COLONIES YOU WERE CONSIDERED A ROMAN CITIZEN--LIKE PAUL! He was born clear down in what's now part of Turkey--Tarshish--but it was a Roman colony, therefore he was considered a Roman citizen. Although he was a Jew & a Hebrew & an Israelite, he was a Roman citizen & could claim the protection of Roman citizenship, which he did. He finally called "time" on the mob that was about to string him up & hollered for this Roman centurion who got there just in the nick of time to save him from his dear Jewish brethren he was trying to convert by compromising. It didn't work!--It never does work with the Church people. (Acts 22:25,26)
       123. ANYHOW, ROME WILL RISE AGAIN, & IT WILL RISE UNDER THE ANTI-CHRISTS & THEIR ANTICHRIST, & IT'S FAST ON IT'S WAY TO DOING THAT. And that's the background of the history of these modern current events. I brought you sort of up-to-date, at least as far as World War 2 when they divided the World between'm. If you think the Pope was a little nervy dividing the World between Spain & Portugal, that was nothing compared to the way Churchill, FDR, Truman & Stalin did it! Well, you can't blame FDR too much, he was really a sick man when he went & soon died afterwards, right after Yalta. Just look at some of those pictures of him then, he was sick! He had that big cape on, he was cold! Imagine going to a cold country like that. Of course that's what he wanted!
       124. ROOSEVELT WAS A STRONG RUSSIAN COMMUNIST SYMPATHISER, & MRS. ROOSEVELT WAS ACCUSED OF BEING AN OUTRIGHT COMMUNIST! She started a Youth League in America which was the exact equivalent of the Russian Komsomol, is that what it's called?--Young Pioneers or Russian Youth. And they were as radical & as Communist as the Russian Youth League. She's the one who started my little village of Valley Farms, a Socialist experiment in Arizona. They took this government property & chopped it up into little farms or properties, actually gave each one a house & lot, but they were to farm the surrounding territory communally, which is supposed to be a shining example of Socialism & Communism on American soil!--Dear Eleanor Roosevelt's own little pet Communist project!
       125. WELL, I BECAME A BENEFICIARY AFTER THE WHOLE THING WENT FLAT & BROKE UP BECAUSE THEY FUSSED & FOUGHT! Some worked & some didn't & the guys who did the work didn't appreciate having to share with the guys who didn't! So they finally had to abandon the whole deal & the government just sold it out for almost a song to these people that they had raked in off the grass from under the trees--cotton-pickers, pear-pickers & whatnot--migrant workers that they'd lent all these houses to & all this town to, big property, to show that Socialism works: "If you take the poor & put'm together, if they only had adequate opportunity, if you'd only give the poor a chance they would make good, they would cooperate, they would work together, they would prosper in a great Socialist experiment!"
       126. WELL I'LL TELL YOU, EVEN THE RUSSIAN COMMUNISTS WOULD HAVE NEVER SUCCEEDED IF THEY'D JUST DEPENDED ON THE PEONS & THE PEASANTS, BECAUSE IT WAS THE RUSSIAN INTELLECTUALS WHO ENGINEERED THE REVOLUTION! It was the sons & the daughters of the rich, the university students & the intelligentsia & the hated bourgeoisie who really started & engineered the Russian Communist Revolution!--In favour of the poor, yes, granted, & supposedly with the poor as their excuse to overthrow the monarchy & to take over, to share the wealth "from each according to his ability unto each according to his need," & to share everything & everybody have equal opportunity, etc., etc.
       127. AND A FEW OF THE POOR WHO HAD BRAINS & INTELLIGENCE & WORKED HARD DID MAKE IT.--They worked their way up through the ranks & they got up to the top of the barrel or the apple cart & they finally made it. But there are still plenty of remnants of the intelligentsia & the bourgeoisie & the smart ones who are still on top of the pile, & there are still plenty of the poor down at the bottom.
       128. THAT'S WHY THE LORD SAID, "THE POOR YE SHALL HAVE ALWAYS WITH YOU." (John 12:8) That's why I have no faith in there ever being a Utopian World in which there are no poor--whether engineered by Nazis, Communists, Fascists, so-called Christians or whatever--not until the Lord comes! Who knows? Maybe even after the Lord comes! The Lord said "the poor ye shall have always with you," so maybe we'll even have some poor then!--Certainly through the Millennium because there will be lots of people & nations who won't obey & therefore the Lord doesn't bless or prosper them. There are even going to be famines, so there are going to be some poor even in those days! (Zech.14:17)
       129. SO AFTER RUSSIA LOST THE WAR WITH GERMANY, THE ALLIES HELPED TO INSTALL A SO-CALLED REPUBLIC & DEMOCRATIC GOVERNMENT VERY TEMPORARILY UNDER A FELLOW NAMED KERENSKY. When I was in University in Arizona, my Professor of Political Philosophy, his father had been a personal friend of Kerensky--he was a little boy at the time--& he had entertained Kerensky in his home. It shows you how recent some of these events are! They may seem ancient to you, but I can remember these things! So it was after the Czarists were overthrown that the Kerensky government took power for a little short period, but they were soon booted out too & the Communists took over by force & violence & arms!
       130. EVEN TO THIS VERY DAY, I THINK THE STAT IS THAT THE OFFICIAL COMMUNIST PARTY MEMBERSHIP ONLY COMPRISES 2% OF THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF THE SOVIET UNION! So I wouldn't say that was extremely democratic, because they really dictate the policies & the government & run the show & no other candidates of no other parties are allowed. It's a one-party system & the caucuses nominate the candidates & there's no opposition, no opposing candidates, so of course they always win. So Russia's got a very effective, efficient system.
       131. I ALWAYS DID SAY A DICTATORSHIP IS FAR MORE EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT THAN A DEMOCRACY, BECAUSE THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS WRONG! I'm not rootin'-tootin' for the Russian government, don't misunderstand me, there have been other dictators besides, but I'm just saying it's true, that dictatorship is far more effective & efficient, more powerful, & you & I are a part of one!--And we are going to rule the Earth with a rod of iron, by force, one of these days! (Rev.2:26,27)--Under Jesus! HAL! TYJ!
       132. THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS NO DEMOCRACY! We've tried to be a little democratic in the Family & you can vote whatever you want & do as you please as long as it agrees with me. Ha! But Jesus is not going to be elected! There aren't going to be any parties. The only party that's going to be anywhere near the Millennium is the Wedding Supper of the Lamb! The Kingdom of God is an absolute totalitarian dictatorship of iron rule! The only privileged elite class in that dictatorship are those who have joined it by voluntary free choice, as the Muslims say, "those who submit." A Muslim is "one who submits" & Islam means "submission."--And they're right!--Those who have submitted to the will of God! It's a good name for them & they're right about a lot of things, as we found out.
       133. THERE ARE A LOT OF GOOD THINGS ABOUT ISLAM & THEY'RE VERY CLOSE TO THE TRUTH! They were sure a lot closer to the truth than most of the Romanists of the Middle Ages when the Muslims arose & destroyed their idols & their churches & over-ran their countries & nearly conquered all of Europe! And God allowed it because they were more sincere & closer to God in many ways than some of those Catholics! Maybe you won't like me for saying that, but it's true!
       134. ANYWAY, I GUESS WE'D BETTER QUIT NOW THAT WE GOT TO THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, FEBRUARY 1917. Just think, I was only born two years later. In fact, there was also an October Revolution in the same year. There were two or three major revolutions. I think the February Revolution of 1917 was the first great one & then there were a couple more that helped to establish them in power & you can look up the details. You don't have to know them all, but that's the background of Russia & World History & how she came to be.
       135. RUSSIA WAS A GREAT WORLD POWER FOR CENTURIES, FOR OVER A THOUSAND YEARS BEFORE SOME OF THESE LITTLE PIPSQUEAK NATIONS EVER AROSE OR WERE HEARD OF OR WERE FOUNDED! When the U.S. got its start, Russia was already almost 1000 years old as a nation, as an Empire, as a Czarist Regime, think of it, & had been converted to Christianity before anybody ever heard of the U.S.A.!--Clear back there in the days of those Bulgarian Gypsy missionaries! Wasn't it Bulgarian missionaries that Abrahim said converted the Czar? I even forget some of these things that he told us, it's been so long ago in those old Letters. (Yes, in the 900s.)
       136. YOU'D FIND SOME OF THOSE OLD LETTERS VERY INTERESTING READING, a lot of interesting history that I'm even beginning to forget! Well, I can't remember everything, that's one of the things that you should remember, what I forget! I hope you'll remember a lot of the things I forget. They say as you get older you get more forgetful. Well, I don't know, I seem like I remember some things better & some things not so well. A lot of these dates I'm forgetting but I can get you pretty close.
       137. (REFERS TO MAP:) SO HERE'S RUSSIA, EXTENDING ALL THE WAY FROM THE BALTIC, CLEAR OVER HERE TO THE PACIFIC. Here's the Kamchatka Peninsula & Vladivostok down here. It's rather interesting how they like to put the U.S.A. & the Americas right in the middle & chop Russia in two on those American maps, like America was really the center of the World! I can imagine the Russian maps look a little bit different, they probably have a little more sense. One of my recent East European Atlases, Czechoslovakian, is a very good, up-to-date atlas--although very small with rather microscopic print & I almost have to use a magnifying glass to read it--& I think they were smart enough to divide the World at the International Date Line on their World map!--In the middle of the Pacific!
       138. HOW MUCH SMARTER THAT IS TO DIVIDE THE WORLD OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN WHERE YOU'RE NOT CHOPPING UP COUNTRIES, than to do it the way Britain & America have done for a couple of centuries & the Europeans before them, chopping it in two out here in unknown Asia! They figured that wasn't important so they might as well chop it in two, instead of having it begin from ocean to ocean & drawing the division in the Pacific instead of right across the middle of Russia! Apparently they didn't think very much of Southeast Asia either, they chopped right through that. So here you have Russia as it is more or less today, & I'm surprised at these American maps, they made Russia green on this map instead of red!
       139. SO RUSSIA IS A GREAT NATION THAT'S BEEN AROUND FOR A THOUSAND YEARS, & THE NATION WHICH IS NOW MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY OTHER ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, THE GREATEST POWER IN THE WORLD! Some of you Americans might want to contend with me on that, but I think even the Americans are beginning to admit it! Even the President & the government of Washington has admitted it several times recently.--Especially when they want to get more money for the Pentagon & arms they say, "The Russians are getting more powerful & they've got more than we have so we've got to buy more!" Well, there they admit it themselves that the Russians are more powerful.
       140. AND CERTAINLY EVENTS OF RECENT HISTORY HAVE PROVEN THAT THEY HAVE GROWN & ARE CONQUERING MORE COUNTRIES ALL THE TIME, not necessarily by the sword, but by propaganda, ideology & just common sense, offering the common people & the poor people who are the most numerous what they want, or what they think they want, what they need, trying to give it to them & winning their hearts. The Russians don't even have to conquer their countries, they just encourage the common people of the country to throw out their own leaders & establish their own government, which they've done time & time & time & time again! They help them do it, of course, & then they help them keep it that way. Now they're even nosing into the Caribbean & Central America & places that the U.S.A. never dreamed they'd ever get to!
       141. SO RUSSIA IS A POWER TO BE RECKONED WITH, & WHEN ITS LEADER DIES IT MUST BE A SIGNIFICANT EVENT. When Brezhnev died the Lord told me it was the end of the Era of Peace. Has that proven true? U.S. relations with Russia took a nosedive & have been the worst, they say, since the days of the Cold War, & I'd say they're much worse! I lived through the Cold War but I'm not so sure I'm going to live through this one!
       142. THAT'S ANOTHER STORY I WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT SOMETIME, HOW LONG DO YOU THINK I'M GOING TO LIVE & WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN? I was thinking about that today. The passing of a World leader or leader of a country makes any leader think about his coming day. We all have our time & my time will come, so you might as well get used to the idea. Thank God you won't have to survive too long after that, if our interpretation of what the Lord has shown us is true.
       143. THE LORD SAID ABOUT ANDROPOV THAT HE WAS THE "MINISTER OF DEATH" & I kind of thought that meant maybe he was going to be the one who was going to start the War. Of course, he was a minister of death long before he got to be the leader of Russia because he was head of the KGB, one of the deadliest Secret Service organisations in the World that has executed thousands of opponents. I don't doubt he probably handled some of it himself or was directly responsible, so he was an executioner, certainly a minister of death, & who knows but what he has helped prepare Russia for what's coming. I don't doubt it. He was doing his best to do so. But he was a sick man even before he took over & he got sicker with the heavy responsibilities of state until he has finally passed on.
       144. IT'S HARDLY POSSIBLE THAT HE HAS GONE WHERE WE'RE GOING AS HE WAS NO OUTSTANDING CHRISTIAN THAT I KNOW OF.--HOWEVER, AS I SAID BEFORE & GOING BACK IN HISTORY, HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT WAS REALLY IN HIS HEART? Many Jews [EDITED: "in Spain"] became Christians & Catholics. [DELETED] ever since the Jews were pretty much thrown out & had to go undercover, join the Catholic Church or leave, & of course thousands upon thousands have joined the Catholic Church! They were told to join or get out, under some of those Spanish kings, fanatical Catholics! [DELETED]
       145. WELL ANYWAY, WHEN A LEADER DIES IT'S A TIME FOR REFLECTION, IT'S A TIME FOR THOUGHT, TIME FOR SOME SERIOUS SOBER TAKING STOCK. I may be wrong, I don't know, maybe that was just a yen or some kind of a quirk, but I felt like that fellow Chernenko is the one to come! Of course he might even rule from behind the scenes like some of them have done previously. They say that Suslov was really the power behind the throne throughout the days of Khrushchev, that Suslov was the man who was really running Russia. He was the head of the KGB, by the way, & this was the first time a KGB head had been publicly made the leader, showing the KGB pretty well runs Russia from undercover.
       146. SOME SAY IT'S GOING TO BE ANDROPOV'S DEPUTY & THIS, THAT & THE OTHER, WHO KNOWS?--ONLY GOD KNOWS! Maybe they'll have a triumvirate for awhile, which they did in one interim period between Russian leaders, the Troika. There's also something else called a troika, a sleigh pulled by three horses. That word comes from the Roman Empire when it was ruled by three Consuls, between some of the Caesars. Right after the death of Stalin, as I recall, there was a big controversy over who was going to run Russia. There was a Malenkov, I think Suslov was one of them & there was another one, so they came up with this Troika, a Committee of Three who were supposedly running Russia, & eventually they put Khrushchev in power. Well, he was probably just a puppet & a front man for Suslov, so you never really know who's really running things there.
       147. I'LL TELL YOU, THE [EDITED: "ACS"] ARE SMART! THE AMERICANS DON'T KNOW WHO'S RUNNING THE U.S.A., BUT THE [EDITED: "ACS"] KNOW, THE {\ul \i HERALD TRIBUNE} KNOWS & YOU & I KNOW! That's one reason they don't like us, because they don't want it to be known.--Because if people knew, they might stand up & start fighting & oppose'm & try to stop'm! But to sneak in the backdoor & just get into power unknown to the people, if people don't know it, they can't fight it. So they have really taken over now & they are now in full power in the U.S.
       148. [DELETED] It's all coming out now. They're not afraid or ashamed to come out in the open now because they rule, they're on top, they run things & they're trying to run the World!--But the U.S. is not going to do it. They're failing in every attempt.
       149. IT WOULD BE FUNNY IF IT WASN'T SO SAD, & THANK GOD, I'M GLAD THEY'RE GETTING OUT OF LEBANON. All they did was make a mess out of things there & made things worse than they were. But you notice they never mention the word "evacuation," they never mention the word "retreat" or "defeat," it's all "redeployment." That's a nice new word for "defeat" & "retreat." I had to laugh when I ran across that statement that Weinberger made, he actually said it with a straight face, soberly: "We are not leaving Lebanon! We are not retreating"--or words to that effect--"we are only redeploying our troops two or three miles to the West!" Do you know where that is?--On the ships offshore! Their camp there is less than a mile from the shore, so two or three miles to the West has to be somewhere out in the water! (See WND 17, pg.4.)
       150. THESE POLITICIANS, THESE LIARS! I MEAN, HOW THEY TRY TO DECEIVE EVEN INTELLIGENT PEOPLE! I'm sure anybody that has any sense of geography & knows anything about the situation must have just roared when they read that, like I did! I nearly fell off the throne! "We're not leaving Lebanon, we're merely redeploying our troops two or three miles to the West!" Well, if you ask me, moving them two or three miles offshore sounds to me like they've left Lebanon!--Or are leaving Lebanon, they haven't gone yet. Thank God they're getting out before any more of them got killed! It's not over yet, they're not out yet, but for their sakes, those poor soldiers who are largely the victims of their system, I hope they get out. However it's a volunteer army, so they're pretty much to blame for being in it today.
       151. SO IT'S A TIME TO THINK & PRAY & SOBERLY ASK THE LORD TO BE SURE TO GET THE ONE IN AS HEAD OF RUSSIA THAT HE KNOWS IS BEST & PREPARE THE WAY FOR WHAT WE KNOW IS COMING, WHENEVER HE THINKS IT BEST FOR IT TO COME. PTL?--And I trust that's what you're doing. I'm sure when you heard about it you probably have been thinking about that & praying God will have His way. If anything, probably the next one will be even tougher, maybe not the one that's the front man, supposed to be the head, but those behind the scenes. And I certainly wouldn't blame them for being tougher, because the front man for the U.S. has made it pretty plain that he's a lot tougher & is going to be tough & get tough & doing his best to plan war--or at least his string-pullers--to plan war before the Soviets.
       152. BUT OUR JOB IS TO PRAY FOR PEACE, GOD'S WORD SAYS SO. Pray for your rulers & magistrates & those that have the rule over you, kings & princes, etc., to pray for peace that the Gospel might be published. So it's our job to pray above all, whoever takes over, whoever is in command, that the Lord will give us peace as long as possible to finish our job. Amen? So I guess it's time to pray, pray for peace!
       153. OBVIOUSLY FROM THE FEW ANSWERS I GOT TONIGHT, YOU NEEDED TO KNOW A LITTLE BIT ABOUT HISTORY!--And in studying the history of the power that's going to rule the World it's pretty important, I think, to know a little something about the background & the history & the way things are going. But praise God, study most of all about the Power that is really going to rule the World & rule it forever, & that's you & me, us & our Lord! PTL? So that's a good time to pray "Thy Kingdom Come," amen?
       154. ISN'T IT WONDERFUL TO KNOW THE HAPPY ENDING? From the way things are going right now it looks like it's going to come to the very worst possible, saddest ending, tragedy, & a lot of pessimists or Prophets of Doom are expecting the worst! Well, thank God, the Lord's going to stop it before the worst happens. The Lord is not going to allow man to destroy himself nor the World nor even that much of it, but He's going to stop them before they do too much damage. He's going to let them do a lot of damage to themselves to teach them a bitter lesson, but He's going to step in & save things before it gets too bad. TYL!
       155. WHEN THE ANTICHRIST & HIS SHENANIGANS ARE ABOUT TO DESTROY THE EARTH, THE LORD'S GOING TO COME & SAVE US! PTL? I may go a little before you, according to the interpretations, but it won't be very long & you'll be joining me, so don't worry. PTL? And you're going to get to enjoy that glorious period of history when you really shine, Heaven's Girl time! PTL! Amen? We've got a lot of Heaven's Girls, a lot of Heavenly girls! Amen! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       156. THANK YOU, LORD, FOR THIS TIME TOGETHER OF INSTRUCTION & EDIFICATION & SOBER PONDERING OF EVENTS THAT CAN BE SERIOUS FOR ALL OF US. PYL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Thank You Lord that we're in the palm of Thy hand & no man can remove us. We're safe under the shelter of Thy wings, hiding in Thee as a strong Tower, Lord. We don't have to worry what man can do to us because You are in control & You are taking care of us as You always have & always will. Thank You for Your provision of our every need, protection & helping us to get so much done, prospering us & making us very prolific in the publications we put out this past year, the greatest year of all! Each year has been greater than the last one, Lord, & we thank You, Jesus!
       157. SO WE'RE LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER GREAT YEAR, LORD! We don't know what it will bring or how it will be great, but it's already starting out very well, Lord, with some new real revolutions in our ministries, in our requirements & in our purgings & in raising the level of our standards, all of these things, Lord, tightening the Family so that we can be stronger & more powerful in Thee & in the Spirit & in our ministry & in every way. We believe it, Lord, that we're going to be a stronger Family after this purging that's coming this next month.
       158. NEXT MONTH WE'RE GOING TO BEGIN TO SEE WHO REALLY IS FAMILY, who really wants to be in the Family, who really wants to stay, who really is willing to sacrifice to stay & who really is heart & soul 110% Family! TYL! We're going to get rid of the cowards, the uncertain ones, the traitors & those who have betrayed us. We thank You, Lord, that You're going to help us get rid of them & have just a good Gideon's Band that really loves You & is sold out whole soul for Thee & Thy Work & Thy Ministry to win the World to Thy Love, in Jesus' name. TYL!
       159. SO THESE EVENTS OF HISTORY, LORD, DON'T SWAY US, THEY DON'T CAUSE US TO FEAR, BUT JUST TO THINK & TO PRAY THAT AGAIN YOU SHALL HAVE YOUR WILL. PYL! As we pray for that, Lord, even as You taught us to pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer, Psalm 19:14 & "Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.") PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! "The Lord bless thee & keep thee: the Lord make His face to shine upon thee & be gracious unto thee: the Lord lift up His countenance upon thee & give thee peace."--In Jesus' name. (Num.6:24-26) Amen? Shalom Alechem! (Fam: Alechem Shalom!) This is Saturday, isn't it? Well, it's not Friday night, but we're not bound by Jewish tradition. This is our Sabbath night, the Christian Sabbath is tomorrow, so this is our Sabbath Eve service. PTL! TYL!
       160. ONE THING ABOUT IT IS, WE DON'T HAVE TO HAVE ANY GUESSWORK ABOUT WHO'S GOING TO BE THE LEADER OF OUR COUNTRY, DO WE? We've known that for a long time & it's mighty certain & we already know Him! Isn't that nice? TYL? How many of you know your Leader? Praise God!--Know Him personally! How many of you are acquainted with His Queen? Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Amen! Well, that's enough history, maybe too much for one night. I hope I haven't worried you with too much history, facts & figures & scared you or anything, but I think these are things you need to know something about.
       161. ACTUALLY, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I NEVER DID GET AROUND TO THE SUBJECT I WAS REALLY GOING TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT!--LIFE AFTER DEATH! I guess the Lord knew we couldn't get too much in one night, so I'll save that for the next time. I'll give you some homework! I've been thinking about this long before Andropov died. Remember the question-&-answer period we had one night when I gave you a chance to ask me questions? Okay, this time I'm going to ask you questions, & it might do you good to make a list of all the characteristics of our lives after death.
       162. WHEN THERE'S A GREAT DEATH IN THE WORLD YOU BEGIN THINKING ABOUT DEATH: "WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME AFTER DEATH? What am I going to be like? What am I going to do? Where am I going to go? What are going to be the characteristics of my spiritual body? What can I do, what can't I do?"--And you know a lot about that, much more than most Christians. The Lord has revealed to you much more than I ever knew as a young church Christian. They never even talked about it, they didn't even like to talk about death. About the only time they ever did was at a funeral, & then all they talked about was some Heavenly place of gates of pearl & streets of gold where you float around on clouds playing a harp or something! They didn't mention the mansions or seem to have a very clear idea what it was all about.
       163. BUT THE LORD HAS REVEALED MORE TO YOU PEOPLE ABOUT LIFE AFTER DEATH THAN ANY CHRISTIANS I HAVE EVER KNOWN! He has been very good to us & told us more about the future & more about life after death than anybody I ever knew before! I never knew that much when I was your age. In fact, I never knew that much until just recently. Even during the early days of the Family we didn't know that much. Thank the Lord, He & His Spirit & Abrahim have revealed a lot of things to us we didn't know & have given us a pretty good idea of how things operate in the other World, the Spirit World, which is right here & now & surrounding us & in us & out of us! You don't have to go anyplace else to find it, it's here! TTL! Amen? PTL?
       164. SO WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT LIFE AFTER DEATH? Maybe you can begin to make a list of things as they come to you during the day or the night or during those times when you're lying in bed thinking & praying, all the various characteristics of life after death. And next time I'm going to ask you some questions about life after death, God willing. I was going to do it tonight, but you can see it's too late. So PTL! See how much we can come up with that we know about life after death, which is a whole lot more than I ever heard in church! PTL?
       165. WE DON'T HAVE TO GUESS WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN OR WHAT WE'RE GOING TO BE LIKE OR WHERE WE'RE GOING OR ANYTHING, THE LORD'S JUST ALMOST TOLD IT ALL! Isn't that wonderful? I think it's wonderful! Just think what a fearsome thing it must be for poor guys like Andropov to die. That's one thing the Communists haven't been able to conquer, is death. They figure that's where their life ends--that's when our life really begins! PTL!
       166. I DON'T KNOW WHY MY LITTLE POEM ABOUT "ASK ANY COMMUNIST" (NO.256) NEVER SEEMED TO BE VERY POPULAR. I think that's one of the greatest poems the Lord ever wrote through me--or somebody did, I don't know who--because I never wrote in such meter! It has a very peculiar type of meter & a very strange poetic form, very complicated, but it came just as easy & clear as can be! I got more poems when I was in England than anywhere else I've been, I think because that's their native language & there're probably more helpers there, & it's always been usually someplace which has been British or has had English people there. Even that poem I got in Tenerife, there was that Englishman I saw in the attic. (See No.554.) I got a few beautiful poems down there. I never wrote a poem in my whole life before I got filled with the Spirit, in fact not until you guys came along--I guess the Lord knew you liked poetry! He gave you a few ribald poems & crazy poems & some really beautiful poems!
       167. BUT I'LL TELL YOU, THERE IS A TERRIFIC SOUL OF TRUTH IN THAT LITTLE POEM ABOUT "ASK ANY COMMUNIST"! I think the Lord gave that definitely as your answer. Why argue about politics? Why argue about economics with the Communists? They know more about it & can run circles around you, history & everything. Just quote'm that little poem, that's your best answer! They haven't got the answer to that. They haven't solved the mystery or the problem of death. They haven't been able to conquer death.
       168. THEY KEEP LENIN'S BODY, & I GUESS STALIN'S TOO, LYING OUT THERE PRESERVED, PICKLED OR WHATEVER THEY ARE! That's why people go to the tomb of Lenin, to see his body lying out there looking life-like. Anybody here ever seen it? What does it look like anyway? (Fam: It looks like a wax person.) A wax dummy, huh? I wouldn't be surprised if it's a wax dummy because it's pretty hard to pickle'm or embalm'm or mummy'm that long.--Although they used to claim that they did it chemically & they were preserving his body by secret chemical discoveries, blah blah! I always kind of took that with a grain of salt. And since you've seen it & say it looks a little waxy, I wouldn't be surprised. But they stand in line by the hundreds to get in there to see that body.
       169. THAT'S THE CLOSEST THE COMMUNISTS HAVE BEEN ABLE TO COME TO CONQUERING DEATH IS TO AT LEAST PRESERVE A DEAD BODY. That's a pretty stinkin' victory if you ask me! That's not much of a victory. But we have the victory already, thank the Lord! "O grave, where is thy victory? O Death, where is thy sting?" (1Cor.15:55) For us the grave has no victory & death has no sting, because the Lord's gotten rid of the sin & the penalty so we go right straight on. Well, I'm starting to preach you the next sermon so I'd better quit!
       170. GOD BLESS YOU & THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE & YOUR ATTENTION TONIGHT! Now try to get in bed before the witches & hobgoblins & gremlins come out! Well, you don't have to worry about midnight, they operate 24 hours a day!--But not on us, thank the Lord!--At least not much. God bless you all & thank you! I'm sitting here to make sure you go to bed, till you're all out of sight!--ILY!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family