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WHEN THE COMET COMES!--The Beginning of the End?       5/84       DO 1770

       1. PTL! WELL, I'M NOT FEELING VERY WELL THIS MORNING, but I think it's important that I tell you this, & I've had this burden for some time. Maybe you'll feel more like praying when I get finished saying to you what I have to say, so I'm the one who needs to pray right now to make sure I tell you what the Lord wants me to tell you.
       2. SO LORD, YOU HELP, IN JESUS' NAME, TO GIVE ME THE WORDS YOU WANT ME TO GIVE FOR THIS WARNING, & to counsel these in the right direction that we may make proper preparations for things which are to come, as surely & certainly as Thy Word. So give us wisdom, Lord, & help us to help these to know the Truth, & that the Truth will free them to make these proper plans for the future that we have left. Have Thy way, Lord.
       3. ENCOURAGE FAITH & INSPIRE OUR HEARTS! Let not what we have to say discourage anyone, Lord, but if anything, to relieve us to realise that our job is almost done & that we haven't got too much longer to have to labour as we have been. TYJ! "Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!" (Rev.22:20) PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen! TYL! Give us wisdom & the Words, Lord, to put it into, in Jesus' name.
       4. WELL, I ALWAYS LIKE TO BEGIN WITH THANKSGIVING FOR WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE, & the marvellous way He has blessed us & provided & protected in order that we could get out such a volume, such a huge stream of publications, which for so small a group as ours I think is quite an accomplishment! I think a great deal of the credit lies with all of you--as well as the Lord--your willingness, your obedience, your diligence & hard work, as well as my merely passing on to you what the Lord shows me, which as I've often said, is the simplest, easiest job in this whole outfit.
       5. I STARTED TO TAKE A LITTLE VACATION LATELY! Since the Lord hasn't given me any special revelations, I figure it must be time for a little rest & I've been doing other things, which has been very good for me physically, in my body, & which I needed, recreation & working about the house & doing these repairs & fix-its, etc. To me it's fun, it's a pleasure, it's play!--And it's good exercise & I need it & I've been working about half my days lately just on this type of work, which is why you haven't gotten quite as many GNs as usual.
       6. BUT YOU'RE STILL GETTING PLENTY OF {\ul \i WNDs}!--In fact, maybe more than ever, because time & tide wait for no man & the news marches on! We get the newspapers & the clippings every day, & in order to get them to the Family, we have to keep processing them as fast as we can to keep up with the news & keep you informed & abreast of events which are transpiring in the World, which indicate what is about to happen & what's already happening, so much of it fulfilling His Word. That's our main purpose of producing the WNDs, to keep all of us informed regarding trends & events & things which affect us particularly, as well as helpful information for all kinds of members of the Family, from children to mothers & workers, about office equipment & all kinds of things.
       7. I THINK IT'S PROFITABLE FOR WORKERS OF THE LORD & WITNESSES & FFers TO SHOW THAT THEY'RE NO DUMB BUNNIES, THEY KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON!--And probably if our Family will read the WND with diligence & wisdom, they'll find it's no empty wind, that's for sure! They'll probably find that they're better-informed than most of the World's people & will have some news for them! They can say, "I've got news for you!"--News not only about what has happened & what is happening right now, but probably more than others know about, & certainly more than they know about the future!
       8. THAT'S THE WONDERFUL THING ABOUT US, WE NOT ONLY KNOW A LOT ABOUT THE PAST, BUT WE ALSO KNOW THE FUTURE! If you've been reading all the Lord's given us, we are fairly well-informed in history & Bible History as well, although I don't think the past now is as important as the present, certainly not as important as the future, but you need to know something about it. You certainly need to know what's going on now in order to advise not only ourselves, but others, of what to do even at the present about various trends & occurrences & policies of countries & business equipment & inventions & all kinds of things which we all need to know about.
       9. OUR FAMILY IS VERY BROAD & VERY VERSATILE! Almost every type of job in the World that's of any kind of importance & usefulness is represented in our Family, & I have often thought that it's so good & well & wise that our people are learning trades, vocations & skills which will be of great advantage to them when the World regime comes into power, which will force everyone to work & to do some kind of intellectual or manual labour for which they are trained or have the ability or talents or skills. Certainly open & free witnessing will not be permitted & will be difficult or greatly restricted & limited, but of course personal witnessing is always possible. It may be risky, but it's always possible!
       10. --SUCH AS WE HAVE FOUND OUT IS GOING ON IN THE GREAT JESUS YOUTH REVOLUTION IN RUSSIA RIGHT NOW! EVEN THOUGH IT'S NOT PERMITTED, IT'S HAPPENING! Although Russia by its constitution is supposed to have religious freedom--ha, ha--nevertheless, in practice they pretty well prohibit it, greatly circumvent & proscribe it & restrict it. So I expect that that system is very much like the World one that is about to come, when you'll no longer be able to be full-time preachers of the Gospel & no longer be able to spend your full time just witnessing & litnessing openly on the street & in the parks & things like that, not even busking in cafés & private clubs. You will more likely be compelled to take some type of work or labour for which you're trained, & any smart government is going to use whatever talents & skills you may have for whatever they need.
       11. IF THE PAST GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD ARE ANY PROTOTYPES OF WHAT'S COMING--& they have been--if they are shadows of what is yet to come, such as Rome, then this is what they'll do. Rome conquered most of the known Western World of its day & was considered a World Empire, & it conquered many nations of whom they made some slaves & some citizens, depending. A lot of those that resisted they made slaves, but those who cooperated, they gave them Roman citizenship & a certain amount of freedom as long as they behaved themselves & cooperated & didn't try to obstruct the power that was.--Which is why the Lord, through His Word, advises us to obey whatever power is in power, that they carry not the sword in vain, but they're there as messengers of God to keep the peace. (Rom.13:1-6)
       12. THIS WICKED WORLD OF TODAY IS GOING TO HAVE TO HAVE A VERY TOUGH GOVERNMENT, if it's going to have a World government, because extremely wicked people & extremely violent people require a very tough government to keep them under control.--And that's what they're going to get! Nobody's going to loaf or laze or play around or I doubt even play that demonic, devilish, fiendish noise they call music today that is absolutely diabolical & demon-possessed!--And their videos they're giving with it now are even worse!
       13. THE NUMBER FOR WHICH MICHAEL JACKSON RECEIVED THE GRAMMY AWARD WAS KNOWN AS "THRILLER," BUT HAVE YOU ANY IDEA WHAT THE THRILLER WAS? Well, when I saw the video that goes with it, him singing it, it was literally Hell on Earth!--Ghouls & Draculas & vampires & demons & dead bodies & everything horrible you can imagine, doing everything it could to instil fear & frighten & scare! He sings it with his girlfriend, or at least the co-actor or singer, & does everything he can to absolutely terrorise her! Instead of "Thriller," they could have much better called it "Terror!" or "Terrorism!" Horrible! There was nothing beautiful about it, it was nothing but horror, absolute horror! The words were horrible & the song was horrible, you could hardly even call them songs! How can anybody sing that kind of stuff? They don't even carry a tune, it's just noise! They're shouting, screaming, & the music is just noise!--And it was all the horrors of Hell on Earth!
       14. SOME OF THEM SAY THEY'RE GETTING THEIR HELL NOW, WELL, OBVIOUSLY THEY WANT IT, THAT'S THE WAY THEY WANT IT! "Them that love death!" (Prov.8:36; 21:6) They want Hell on Earth, & they're creating it for themselves, absolute horror! I don't advise you seeing that video unless you have to or you need to for your information. It's certainly not for any young people or children to see, because it does nothing but nearly scare the living daylights out of you, just absolute horror! Every scene in it was horror, worse than the worst horror movie I ever saw!
       15. AND WHAT DOES THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES DO?--HE CALLS MICHAEL JACKSON UP TO THE PODIUM AT THE WHITE HOUSE & CROWNS HIM WITH GLORY & COMMENDATION AS TODAY'S GREATEST MUSICIAN & GREATEST MUSICAL STAR & offers him some kind of Presidential award for helping the young people of today! He's damning'm! He's cursing'm! He's sending them to Hell! He's a curse to youth today! He himself is a Sodomite & speaks with a little pansy female voice, acts female, talks female & is notoriously a Sodomite, more commonly known as homos, & now complimented with the term "gays." They're anything but gay! That song he got the Grammy for was not gay, it was pain & suffering & Hell!
       16. SO LET ME TELL YOU, GOD IS NO DOUBT GOING TO ALLOW THE ANTICHRIST GOVERNMENT TO TRY TO CONTROL THE HORROR & THE WICKEDNESS, PARTICULARLY OF THE WESTERN WORLD, THE POLLUTERS OF THE EARTH! Both Russia & China are notoriously puritanical in their morals & their behaviour & their laws & regulations compared to the Western World. Considering the actual daily behaviour & conduct of the average Russian & Chinese, put up alongside the West it makes'm look like angels & saints! So no wonder God's going to let Russia, & probably China, rule the Earth to make'm toe the line & knuckle down & behave, to try a last-ditch effort to save the World & humanity!--And part of it is to make everybody go to work & quit foolin' around, playing around & being nothing but leeches & sores & scabs on the face of society!
       17. AND IF OUR FAMILY & OUR FOLKS ARE GOING TO SURVIVE TO THE BITTER END OF THAT, THROUGH THE TRIBULATION & ALL--both the first half of his reign & the last horrible half--undoubtedly many of us are going to be forced to go to work & get jobs. Everybody's going to be regimented & enslaved & told what to do. Rome did the same thing with its slaves. Some of the slaves were highly talented educators, scientists, philosophers & teachers, very desirable, very popular & were treated well! They were given lovely places to live, everything their heart could desire, kings' raiment & food in kings' palaces & were treated with respect as long as they did their job & taught their children, taught their science, taught their medicine, taught their philosophy, taught their art, all the skills that the Greeks were noted for & others.
       18. I'VE OFTEN SAID I'M THANKFUL A LOT OF OUR FAMILY ARE LEARNING ABOUT COMPUTERS & PRINTING & DANCING & FFing! Those skills, particularly the latter two, never go out of style & are always popular in any regime. Women never go out of style. Dancing & beautiful & sexy girls have never been out of fashion, they're always very popular & in great demand no matter what the regime, if they will cooperate & give at least the minimum of respect & obedience & cooperation. Many have been known to win the hearts of officials & their rulers, even their slave drivers so to speak, & this is nothing new, it's been true throughout history. [DELETED] So that's a little glimpse of the future & I'm sort of working backwards toward my main news. [EDITED: "HomeARC note (9/98): FFing was discontinued in 1987."]

       19. I'M THANKFUL THAT SOME OF YOU SITTING HERE, EVERY ONE OF YOU IN FACT, HAVE LEARNED SOME OF THOSE TALENTS & SKILLS & WILL BE USEFUL TO ANY REGIME, even popular, because of what you have learned to do & how you learned to do it.--In demand, in fact! I remember how William Branham told that he saw in vision the World enslaved, in which Americans, because of their know-how & technical skills, etc., were the most popular slaves & in great demand in many countries of the rulers of this World.
       20. SO YOU CAN BE THANKFUL IF YOU HAVE LEARNED CERTAIN SKILLS & MANUAL TRADES & REALLY KNOW YOUR STUFF & WHAT YOU'RE DOING! And the girls who have learned all kinds of skills & trades, secretarial work, cooking, childcare, dancing, sex, what have you, will still be in demand & still be popular & still be useful & wanted & needed & even given special rewards, special quarters, special food & special raiment because of this. This is true throughout history, true throughout the Bible, time & again it occurred there.
       21. THE ONLY RUB CAME WHEN THEY PUSHED THEIR FAITH A LITTLE TOO FAR to where it came into contravention with the faith of their rulers--or the faithlessness of their rulers--& they insisted on going ahead & doing something along that line that their rulers didn't like!--Such as Daniel praying to his God instead of to the Emperor & his image, etc. When they forbid witnessing, well, this is a difficult thing, because we still have to witness, it's a commandment of our Emperor & our Ruler! But we can certainly try to do it in the most inoffensive possible way [DELETED] to try not to bring offense to our rulers & the powers that will be, & do so as long as possible.
       22. APPARENTLY THERE ARE GOING TO BE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, IF NOT MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS WHO ARE GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT TO THE END & SURVIVE, because the Lord is coming & He's going to raise not only the dead, but "we who are alive & remain shall be caught up together with Him in the air!" (1Thes.4:17) So apparently a lot of us are going to be alive & remain! I don't think He's just coming back for a baker's dozen or a handful, even though one Prophet was so discouraged he wondered if the Lord would even find faith on the Earth when He came again! It seemed the World was so wicked & so bad that Jesus Himself seemed to think that it would be a pretty difficult time. (Luke 18:8) But obviously the Lord is going to find faith, because there are going to be people raptured. There is plenty of indication of it in the prophecies that there are going to be witnesses to the very End, & if so, some of them at least must be cooperating & working with & under & in the regime as its workers, slaves, technicians, secretaries, lovers & whatnot.
       23. SO WHATEVER YOU'RE LEARNING NOW, AS WE HAVE SAID BEFORE, "HERE & NOW IS FOR THERE & THEN" (No.1092) ALSO, NOT JUST THE MILLENNIUM & THE NEW EARTH, BUT RIGHT ON UP TO THE END OF THIS PARTICULAR ENDTIME ERA! So the better we can educate our children in practical skills & technology & any kind of useful labour, the better off they will be & the better they will be able to survive under those conditions, & the better treated they will be.--If they do not offend by unwise witnessing & offensive witnessing, but conduct very skillful, careful, prayerful, person-to-person witnessing to those who can be trusted to hear what they have to say. It may be a little slow that way, but it was mighty powerful in the days of Rome! It even reached into Caesar's household until his whole house was converted by the slaves that he had there as teachers & childcare workers, etc. (Phil.4:22) He alone was left to be the madman that went mad because he rejected it & killed the Apostle Paul! He didn't deserve it. The Lord gave him his chance but he muffed it.
       24. SO THIS IS NOT ALL JUST GUESSWORK OR IMAGINATION, IT'S HISTORY, & HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF & IT WILL HAPPEN AGAIN. The time is short & the days are evil & what I have to say to you won't even wait for the night that cometh, because one of you has to make a trip right away & I've got to tell you the most important thing I want to tell you in warning, & I have already given some of you a little inkling of what I'm expecting.
       25. A LOT OF OUR PROPHECIES & PROPHETIC INTERPRETATIONS HAVE BEEN SOMEWHAT VAGUE & HAZY & WERE NOT EXACTLY SURE OF EXACT DATES, ETC. The times & the seasons are pretty clear, the Lord has made those quite clear & it's obvious we're experiencing them now, but exact dates we have been pretty leery about & careful about & we haven't been too dogmatic about exactly when some of these things are going to happen. But according to the revelations the Lord has given us, & according to specific time prophecies like "The Watch", "The 70-Year Prophecy" & a number of other revelations, as well as coordinating them with the prophecies in the Bible, we have estimated, or you might say guesstimated, that it looked like the Lord was going to come about 1993.
       26. I'M NOT GOING TO BE DOGMATIC LIKE SOME OF THESE BIBLE PROPHECY INTERPRETERS who have gone out on a limb & set specific dates & cut off the limb with it & they fell because it didn't happen! I did that at least once, notoriously, with the Comet Kohoutek! It was an unknown Comet, never been here before as far as anybody knew, but relying upon reports of the scientists & astronomers & how they viewed it from afar, it looked like it was going to be the biggest Comet that ever visited this Solar System!--And then all of a sudden it disappeared!
       27. BUT THE LORD TAUGHT US A LESSON FROM THAT! IN THE FIRST PLACE, IT SCARED A LOT OF PEOPLE OF OUR FAMILY OUT OF THE PLACES THEY SHOULDN'T BE & INTO THE SERVICE OF THE LORD WHERE THEY SHOULD BE, so that warning from the Lord had a very good effect! The Lord then showed us that since we were doing our job & giving the people the warning, He didn't have to send the Comet to show them or scare them, that we, in a sense, were the "Tale of the Comet!" And certainly at that time we were in the news & World-famous & getting all kinds of both good & bad publicity, & people Worldwide were hearing our Message! So we were quite a Comet, more or less taking Kohoutek's place! (See Nos. 269, 278, 280, 283 & 295.)
       28. HOWEVER, GOD GIVES PEOPLE A LOT OF CHANCES, A LOT OF OPPORTUNITIES, & SOME MIGHT SAY WE'VE JUST ABOUT SHOT OUR WAD! It's been a pretty big wad & we've got quite a wad yet to shoot--which I hope we'll be able to finish before it's too late. But I think now after we have said it & they have heard it & many have believed & received it, & many more have sneered & scorned & ridiculed & rejected it, God is going to have to give them something even scarier to shake'm up & warn them & cause some to believe!
       29. ACCORDING TO OUR PREVIOUS INTERPRETATIONS, I THINK YOU RECALL THAT WE ESTIMATED THAT THE ANTICHRIST WOULD HAVE TO APPEAR ON THE SCENE OR AT LEAST BE IN POWER TO BEGIN HIS REIGN ABOUT 1986. Working backwards, if the Lord was going to come about 1993, at the end of the Tribulation, which is at the end of the seven-year reign of the Antichrist, then the Antichrist would have to start taking over about 1986. Beloved, that is less than two years from now! By next month it'll only be a year-&-a-half away! Even if the Lord came at the end of 1993, that still just gives not much longer until that regime takes power!--And it's obvious from the way the World is going today that it'll have to take over soon if the World is going to be spared from utter destruction!
       30. THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO COME AS THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD! He's going to appear as the messiah who solves the World's problems & brings peace & prosperity & a solution to all the altercations & confrontations & wars & all the rest, come to save the World from destruction, economic crash & all the rest!--And he will, for awhile. Except that God is not going to let him be totally successful to the End, because he doesn't recognise God & denies Him & sets himself up as God to be worshipped in blasphemy & starts persecuting God's people, so that God has to bring him to his end, which will be pretty catastrophic, as well as the World that follows him!
       31. SO, WHY 1986? YOU SAY, "WELL, THAT'S PRETTY HAZY, DAD, & A LOT OF IT IS GUESSTIMATE & GUESSWORK & A MATTER OF INTERPRETATION of various prophecies & indications & revelations. How do we really know? We can't be too sure." Well, I'll tell you one thing for sure, it's going to happen!--Whether it happens in 1986, before or later! And it looks to me like the World is just about ready for it right now, that's one reason I believe it's going to happen very soon.
       32. BUT I'LL TELL YOU ANOTHER THING, & THIS IS SURE, THIS IS ABSOLUTELY RELIABLE, YOU CAN COUNT ON IT, IT'S EXACT, & THAT IS THAT HALLEY'S COMET IS RETURNING TO THIS EARTH & WILL BECOME VISIBLE IN THE SKY AS EARLY AS MARCH OF 1986!--God willing! It will return to the Solar System next year in 1985, but it will first pass through the planets & go around the Sun before it comes near the Earth where we can see it.
       33. IT IS A GREAT COMET, THE GREATEST COMET THAT HAS EVER VISITED THE EARTH AS FAR AS MAN KNOWS, & it has been recorded for centuries, yea, thousands of years! They've found pictures of it & records of it even clear back in Chinese history thousands of years ago! It's been a faithful messenger, a faithful warner & has come back regularly now every 76 years. And as far as we know, as far as recorded history is concerned, every single time it has come it has presaged, announced, signalled & warned, whatever you want to call it, of some great, World-shaking event! The last time it came was just before the beginning of World War 1, the World's first great World War, in which most of the important countries of the World were involved!
       34. I WOULD SAY WORLD WAR 1 WAS A PRETTY EARTHSHAKING EVENT, the first war nearly all the important countries of the World had fought, with a loss of millions of lives & a terrible blow to its lands & economies & societies!--Because it was also very shortly followed by the greatest Depression the World has ever known, the greatest World dearth, as they used to call them, or panics or whatever. So I'd say it announced a pretty ominous & auspicious time in World History, the World's then greatest War followed by the World's greatest economic Crash!
       35. WORLD WAR 1 BEGAN IN 1914 AS I RECALL, USUALLY PINPOINTED WITH THE ASSASSINATION OF THE ARCHDUKE OF AUSTRIA IN SARAJEVO, YUGOSLAVIA, which precipitated war between a couple of nations, & then the other ones began to get gradually drawn in. The Comet had appeared just a short time before that, no doubt to try to shake up the people & warn them that they were headed the wrong way, that they were wayward--not the Comet--that they were wicked--not the Comet--& God in His mercy was trying to cause them to look skyward, upward at the marvels of God's Creation, at His handwriting in the sky, to warn them that something very horrible was about to happen!
       36. SO WE KNOW HALLEY'S COMET IS COMING BACK, & IT'LL BE VISIBLE BEGINNING JUST A LITTLE MORE THAN A YEAR FROM NOW. It will be in our Solar System, invisible, out of sight--except to the astronomers--next year, similar to the events which are going on behind the scenes both in World politics & the Antichrist's preparations, secret things that are going on, as well as in the Spirit World, which are bringing these events about, seen now only by us & a few, but which will later manifest themselves & be visible to all!
       37. THE COMET IS LIKE THAT, IT COMES FROM AFAR LIKE FROM THE SPIRITUAL WORLD, & IT HAS SPIRITUAL CAUSES IN A SENSE, LIKE THE EVENTS OF THIS WORLD. At first it is secret, known only to the farsighted, known only to those who understand those things & have the equipment to see them afar, telescopes, etc., like the Prophets of God. But then, by & by when they occur, they're visible to everyone. When the Comet appears it will be visible to all!
       38. THE HEAD OF IT IS ABOUT AS LARGE AS THE SUN APPEARS IN THE DAYTIME, ALTHOUGH NOT THAT BRIGHT. It will appear at night, but as I recall, Halley's Comet was also visible in the daytime, it was so bright, like the Moon! The head of it will be comparable in size to a full Moon, as we see the Moon, & that's pretty big!--And its tail is 50 Moons long! I guess you read the recent WND that I put that in (WND 38, pg.36). So by the time it has, you might say, secretly entered the Solar System & only the far-sighted with telescopes can see it & warn you that it's coming, that's only a year away! But by the time you are able to see it is only about a year-&-a-half away, when it comes close enough to the Earth to be visible, & eventually it will be that monstrous! I would say that certainly must presage some very great Earthshaking event of some kind!
       39. WE KNOW THAT IT COULD NOT MEAN THAT IT'S ANNOUNCING THE COMING OF THE LORD THAT YEAR, because there has to be the seven-year reign of the Antichrist first, the Tribulation must come first. Paul as good as said, "That day will not come except there be a falling away first & the man of sin be revealed!" (2Thes.2:3)--To rule & reign over the Earth for seven years, according to all the Prophets in the books of the Bible & everything that's been said about him. I don't think any other World ruler's reign has ever been predicted & described in such detail as his, even his person described as "a man of fierce countenance"! (Dan.8:23) All of his ways & policies & practices & everything he's going to do has virtually been predicted in great detail.
       40. WE KNOW, THEREFORE, THAT THE LORD CERTAINLY COULDN'T BE COMING IN 1986, because that's only a year-&-a-half away & the Antichrist hasn't appeared yet. So what could Halley's Comet be announcing? What's the greatest event, the greatest revelation, the greatest Epiphany, as it's called? What will be the greatest revelation of the greatest saviour, the greatest ruler of the Earth before the coming of Christ in all history?--Who? (Fam: The Antichrist!)
       41. WHAT MORE EARTHSHAKING, OVERWHELMING, ALL-POWERFUL PERSONAGE OR EVENT IN ALL HISTORY COULD BE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT BETWEEN NOW & THE COMING OF CHRIST? And if Halley's Comet is announcing & heralding some last, great, Earthshaking news that is either happening at the time or about to happen before the coming of Christ, what more or less could it possibly be than to be announcing the beginning of the revelation of the Antichrist?
       42. I WOULDN'T PUT IT PAST HIM TO TAKE CREDIT FOR HALLEY'S COMET & SAY HE PUT IT UP THERE! After all, he's going to claim he's God! He's going to do signs & wonders in the sky & on Earth & bring fire down from the heavens & do miracles such as man has never seen before, by the power of Satan, so maybe he'll take credit for Halley's Comet! Maybe he'll even come & announce himself: "That's announcing me! I am here, your messiah, your saviour, saviour of the World! This was sent to announce me!"
       43. I GROW MORE CONVINCED EVERY DAY THAT HALLEY'S COMET IS COMING TO ANNOUNCE THE REVELATION OF THE ANTICHRIST! As you notice in the Scripture, it says that he doesn't reveal himself at once. "Until that man of sin be revealed." He is alive now! He is now working behind the scenes & no doubt masterminding the anti-Christ forces now at work that are already controlling the World! He is secretly operating, & I wouldn't be a bit surprised that he's there in Jerusalem with [DELETED] the antichrists who are already running the Earth, the Council [DELETED] that I saw in Jerusalem in that dream about the "Green Paper Pig." (No.243.)
       44. DO YOU REALISE NOW HOW EXACTLY THAT DREAM HAS BEEN FULFILLED?--That it was those [EDITED: "ACs"] in Jerusalem who started this ball rolling, this Pig going, which is blowing up & getting inflated more & more all the time, now about to explode! All the finance prophets are predicting it & saying it can't go on much longer, it's just got to collapse, that's all! The dollar's gotta collapse, the economy's gotta collapse, the banks have to collapse, the Western capitalist system has to collapse! It can't go on the way it's going, living on paper money & debts it can't pay & living on borrowed money & on borrowed time! The end has got to come!--And I think it's perhaps nearer than we realise! It may come this year or next year!
       45. I THINK THE WORLD HAS TO BE FACED WITH CATASTROPHE, IT HAS TO BE FACED WITH THE THREAT OF UTTER DESTRUCTION, the whole collapse of its System--either impending or already happened--for this man to take such power & for the World to be willing to give him such power in desperation to save them from economic collapse--which they may have already suffered--& the total destruction of the atomic war which he may be able to prevent by them putting into his hands the total government of the World & total control so that they will not fight each other & blow themselves up!
       46. SO THAT'S WHAT I'M EXPECTING, & I'M HERE TO TELL YOU NOW, TODAY, THAT WHATSOEVER YOU'RE GOING TO DO, YOU HAD BETTER DO QUICKLY, because I don't think we have much more than a year to finish the job that we're now doing in the vast amount of publications we're now getting out, before the beginning of the End! If the Antichrist is revealed about the time Halley's Comet is revealed, & if it signals his revelation, what a marvellous portent that would be! What a psychologically important time for him to declare himself, when the people are maybe already in a state of economic collapse & World War III is imminent & this Earthshaking revelation of the Comet is in the sky & the World in general is terrorised & afraid & fearful! He comes magically, majestically, all-powerfully, with the very miraculous supernatural power of Satan himself to announce that he's got the solution & to make them willing to give their power to the Beast!
       47. EUROPE'S ALREADY PREPARING FOR IT! I keep putting these items in the WND to remind you that things are heading that way. Europe's already getting disenchanted with the U.S. & all of that, & being weaned away constantly, until one of these days it's going to turn its back on the U.S. Whore!--Or even worse, turn its missiles on the Whore & burn her with fire & destroy her, devour her, at the behest of the Beast to whom they give their power for one hour at the end, meaning a very short time. (Rev.17:12-17)
       48. SO IT'S COMING! WE KNOW IT! WE'VE HEARD ALL ABOUT IT, WE'VE HEARD ALL THE DETAILS--BUT WHEN? I believe it, I really believe it, Beloved, & the more I think & pray about it, the more the Lord impresses on my heart that it's going to be then, just exactly when we figured, 1986! George Orwell only missed it by two years, that was rather significant. Well, who knows? It's begun long ago behind the scenes & it's probably culminating even now. They just have to get the World in such a condition that they're willing to accept it, & the IMF is doing a good job of that!
       49. THE [DELETED] WORLD-ANTICHRIST BANKING SYSTEM HAS MANAGED TO LOAN OUT ENOUGH MONEY TO MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD ITS SLAVES! Now they've gotta pay, & they can't pay, so they'll have to be its slaves & they'll rule over them. "The borrower is servant to the lender!" (Prov.22:7) They simply followed God's Word & His rules. I don't mean that was in accordance to God's Word, but they went by the rules & they lent so much money & the World has borrowed so much from them that the nations of the World are their slaves & they now rule the Earth already with their financial system! Having done that, the only thing that is going to save it & save the system in any way--if it's going to be saved at all--is that they're going to have to change things, change the whole economic system, as we have envisioned already, to some type of electronic credit system & One-World Government, a One-World System, One-World currency, you might say electronic currency at that, & I give you items in almost every WND which show you how it's going to happen!--And is happening already!
       50. THEY'RE ALREADY SAYING IT, THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GOING TO BE! THEY'RE LINKING UP THE SYSTEMS! The banks are all getting linked-up electronically, computerwise & everything else, so that everything will be computerised & everything will be electronic & everything will be instantaneous! Whoever comes to the head of the World will be able to totally control everything by one great network of communication, the economic system, the political system, the electronic system, the works, & I think they're just about ready to take over!
       51. THEY HAVE ACCOMPLISHED EVERYTHING THEY PROMISED IN THE {\ul \i PROTOCOLS} EXCEPT THE ACTUAL REVELATION OF THEIR "SUPREME LORD." (See No.1342.) If that doesn't come close to calling anybody God, I don't know what does! Well, their Supreme Lord is Satan, & he will be in the body of a man, the Antichrist! They're just waiting for the psychologically most auspicious time to reveal him, when people will be willing to accept him to save themselves & to save their System!--To save themselves either from or in the Crash or from its results, & from a catastrophic, cataclysmic, Earth-destroying war, which I don't doubt he's going to promise to save them from & may be able to do temporarily.
       52. SO WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY & CONVINCE YOU OF IS THIS: THAT 1986 IS THE YEAR OF THE ANTICHRIST! I believe it!--And if I'm wrong, then Halley's Comet had better not come, because I don't think I can miss it this time! I am convinced & it's my personal feeling that the year of Halley's Comet, 1986, is going to be the year of the revelation of the Antichrist, that he or his system are then going to come out in the open & take over & take control! Everything's ready for it, everything's prepared for it, they just have a few more little loose ends to tie up in communications & computerisations, debt control & other preparations.
       53. THEY'VE ALREADY BEEN WORKING ON THE SYSTEM OVER IN BRUSSELS, BELGIUM FOR YEARS! They've got one three-story computer there that is already called the Beast! (See pic--GN Bk.10, pg.222.) Think of that! We've always said we've felt the Image of the Beast is going to be an actual Image of him, & they've now got the electronic capabilities of making it speak & move & talk & even give orders! Man at last is going to fall flat on his face & actually worship the work of his own hands! He will have created the Superman, in a sense, a computerised Image that will know all the known knowledge of the whole World, that will know everything, the ultimate in the knowledge of good & evil!--And the man who controls it, who is controlled by Satan, that is the man who's going to rule the World, & either you fall down & worship his Beast, his Image, or else! (See Nos.1522, 1523 & 1524.)
       54. SO I BELIEVE THAT HALLEY'S COMET IS GOING TO ANNOUNCE THE COMING OF THE FALSE MESSIAH, THE ANTICHRIST! Whether that means it will arrive some time before he appears or announces himself like it did before World War 1 or not, we don't know, but I'm just warning you, you'd better not count on doing any more major publications jobs after next year! I'm here today to warn you who are greatly involved in these publications--this is our job, the Word, to warn the World--that we probably only have one more year to go, we hope at least 1985!
       55. SO WHATSOEVER THOU DOEST, DO QUICKLY! Whatever big projects & books & magazines & Komix & tapes & dramas & everything else you've got in the works, you had better start putting a target date on them, a time limit, & adopt each one to some type of crash program that will see that it is completed, God willing, next year! We may only have one more year to go, & if I were you I would do everything you possibly can to get everything done as fast as you can, as you are doing I believe right now, but work even harder & faster!
       56. CUT THE CORNERS! CUT THE FRILLS! WE DON'T HAVE TIME TO WASTE! If you don't get out these tapes pretty soon, they're not going to be able to use them! If you don't get out these books pretty soon, they're not going to be able to do them any good! If you don't get out these Komix pretty soon, the kids won't have time to read'm! You'd better get goin'! If we don't get out that WNDex pretty soon, it won't do anybody any good!
       57. THANK GOD WE GOT OUT SOME KIND OF AN INDEX, but it's still hard to use, so now we've got to try to synthesise it in some way to where it's what it really ought to be, sort of a concordance where we can look up almost any word we have in mind & find out something there. But the time is getting so short, they're not going to have much time to use it unless they can hide it secretly & keep it, we hope, during the Tribulation & use it then. I don't doubt that that's probably when it's going to be the most useful of all, when I am either gone or silenced or have to go undercover or with very little communication with them. They're going to have to depend on the wealth of the Word which God has already given them, & every tool that you can possibly put in their hands to use both now & then, when we can no longer do for them what we're doing now!
       58. SO WHAT I'M SAYING TO YOU IS, WHAT YOU DO, DO QUICKLY, & DO IT NOW, OR YOU MAY NOT HAVE TIME TO DO IT IN TIME TO DO ANYBODY ANY GOOD! You may not have time to complete it. By the mercy of God I hope we have at least a year, & by the absolute wildest stretch of my imagination, I don't believe we even have two years from now! Half of '84 is already gone. The Comet comes to the Solar System in '85, which means it will be behind the scenes & so will he, ready to reveal himself like the Comet is ready to reveal itself, & will be fully revealed only the third month of 1986, visible in the sky!
       59. THAT MAY MEAN YOU ONLY HAVE A YEAR FROM MARCH OF NEXT YEAR UNTIL THIS VOLUME OF WORK WE'RE DOING NOW WILL COME TO AN END!--That's only a little over half-a-year away, March of 1985, so at best you may have a year-&-a-half to go! You had better plan your programs & your projects to fit into that year-&-a-half, preferably to be completed before that, if possible, because we don't want the time to come that you've got it done & then we can't even mail it out!--Or you've got it done & we can't even get it printed!
       60. SO LET ME GIVE YOU THIS FINAL WORD OF WARNING: YOU HAD BETTER GET DONE WHATEVER YOU'RE GOING TO DO TO HELP OUR FAMILY, to give them the tools that will help them survive & inspire them & feed them during the awful days to come when we can no longer feed them! They had better be stocking it up now, & we'd better be sending it now, feeding it now, so they can stock up & have a good stock in store to last them for the horrible Winter to come, & "the night when no man can work"! (Jn.9:4)--Beginning, I believe, somehow, sometime in 1986 when the Comet comes!
       "Here comes that sun, see how he run,
       Don't let him catch you with your work undone!
       Here comes that sun, see how he run,
       Don't let him catch you with your work undone!
       I ain'ta gonna grieve my Lord no more, my Lord no more!
       Here comes that sun, see how he run,
       Don't let him catch you with your work undone!
       I ain'ta gonna grieve my Lord no mo-o-ore!"
--And you may feel like you've grieved the Lord if you haven't finished what you wanted to do & that giant sun appears in the sky & you see how he run, & he's caught you with your work undone!
       62. I'D SAY TO OUR MISSIONARIES TOO, THEY'D BETTER DO THE SAME! If you're going to evangelise the World, if you're going to saturate your countries with the Gospel, if you're going to preach it & get everybody saved you possibly can on a massive scale & every way you can, you had better do it now!--Because it's going to be tighter & harder, more difficult, if not impossible, in those days after 1986! I believe it! So let's get to work!
       63. IF THINGS GET TIGHT, EVERYTHING WILL GET TIGHT!--Travel will get tight, escape from the North will become tight or impossible! Finances will get tight, printing will get tight, visas will get tight, let's hope we won't all get tight! Ha! It's almost enough to drive anybody to drink if we didn't know the Lord! But we know the Lord, thank You Lord, & we have His assurances, & "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee!" (Isa.26:3) And because we delight ourselves in the Lord, He will give us the desires of our hearts (Psa.37:4), & I believe He's going to help us finish these major projects for the benefit of the Family, that they will be able to use during those trying days, with or without us! Praise God? Amen? Well, I'd better quit. I was going to try to quit sooner but I just couldn't. That's one of the briefest talks I ever gave!--Ha! I had to talk fast to get that all in!
       "Here comes that sun,
       See how he run,
       Don't let him catch you
       With your work undone!
       I ain'ta gonna grieve my Lord no more!"

Have some people been grieving the Lord by not working hard enough, fast enough & effectively enough to get the job done before it comes? As slow as some people are going, they're not even going to get the job done before the Lord comes, much less the Comet!--Nobody here, everybody here that I know of works like a Turk! I don't know how the Turks work, but that's what my Mama used to say! They must have been hardworking people in those days. They were poor people & any Turks that managed to get into the United States had to get the lowest, most menial hard jobs, & I guess they worked hard to keep'm!
       65. SO YOU HAD BETTER GET TO WORK & WE HAD BETTER KEEP WORKING & WORK EVEN HARDER & FASTER TO TRY TO GET IT DONE! Cut the corners, cut the frills! Let's not argue over trivialities! Let's not get too involved in details. If you want to get the stuff out at all, you'd better get it out & get it out now if it's going to have time to do any good! Now is the hour!--Not when & after the Comet comes, that may be too late! In fact, I believe that it probably is going to be too late. I think then that either the Crash will have come or the Antichrist will have come or restrictions will have come & maybe financial tightness will have come, so that from then on we will not be able to accomplish as much as we are accomplishing now.
       66. WHATEVER BIG JOBS YOU WANT TO GET DONE BEFORE THAT, YOU'D BETTER GET'M DONE NOW, AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! We don't even know if we have a year, & it certainly doesn't look like we're going to have two years! From little indications & little encouraging signs, it looks like we might be able to operate as we are now for maybe another year, & at the most, maybe a year-&-a-half. So we need to prepare for what to do, not only what we're doing now, but what we're going to do then when it comes & when it happens & how we're going to try to survive as long as possible, if possible to continue to minister in some way to the Family, to keep in communication, to keep feeding them & keep revealing whatever the Lord shows us during those dark hours! I hope that God will keep a line of communication open of some kind, & that we will continue to be able to send something, if nothing but little tiny Letters in those little tiny envelopes like we used to, as you recall, some years back when we thought that that was about the End then! (The NRS--1979!)
       67. I KNOW SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING TO SAY, "DAD, YOU'VE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR A LONG TIME! You said it looked like the end years ago, & yet we've had greater years every year, better years every year, bigger years every year! The Family is bigger, stronger, greater, better off, more fruitful & more powerful every year than ever before! You've been saying that all the time & all things continue as they were!" Well, that's what they told some other people in the Bible, remember? "Oh, all things continue as they were since the fathers. What are you talking about that there will be an end of the World? Ha, ha!" (2Pet.3:3,4) Well, He said it would come, & they'd go right on living like they always did until the End, until the flood came & swept them all away! (Mt.24:38,39)
       68. WE KNOW IT'S COMING, SO FOR GOD'S SAKE, LET'S BUILD AN ARK & BE READY! Let's not be amongst the scoffers & the unbelievers & the doubters who figure, "Well, we're bound to have a few more years, you don't know. Dad isn't always right & his computations aren't always correct & his interpretations are not necessarily so. Who knows? Maybe that's just announcing the coming of the Antichrist several years later. After all, wasn't World War 1 some time after that & didn't this & that great event happen after the Comet came, blah blah? All things continue as they were!" Well, you'd better not count on it, Brother! You'd better not count on it, Sister!
       69. I BELIEVE THIS IS GOING TO BE IT! For that Comet to come at this crucial, crisis, critical, zenith hour in the World's history at this particular time is going to signify some major, Earthshaking, magnificent occurrence such as was never before, & I think this is it! I'm convinced personally that it's going to presage the coming of the Antichrist, & possibly even his revelation! Some people think, "Well, he won't be revealed for the first three-&-a-half years." How's he going to rule the World without being revealed? "Well, from behind the scenes & through the [EDITED: "ACs"] & all that." It's possible, but it doesn't sound like it in the Bible. They say, "Well, he's not really revealed, his true nature is not revealed until he sets up his Image & demands that the World worship him as God." Well, that's true in a sense. Perhaps a lot of people won't really see what he's really up to & what he really is until then, Satan in the flesh!
       70. BUT I BELIEVE WHEN HE COMES ON THE SCENE--& I BELIEVE IT'S GOING TO BE IN 1986 OR AWFUL CLOSE--THAT YOU & I ARE GONNA KNOW IT! The ignorant will not understand, but God's Word says the wise shall understand! (Dan.12:10) "And they that be wise shall instruct many!" (Dan.11:33)--And we have instructed them already! We are wise in the wisdom of God & our wisdom is from Him & He has given us these revelations & dreams & visions & Scriptures & Words & prophecies & we know what's going to happen, & we had better believe it, & not only hear, but heed it & do it!--Because I believe 1986 could be the year of the coming of the Antichrist! I don't like to be dogmatic about it, but personally, right now, I believe it is the year, that'll be it! I don't see why else the Comet would come, why else the Lord would send it at this particular time.
       71. GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS HIS WONDERS TO PERFORM, & He works systematically, He works synchronously, He works beautifully in decency & in order, just the way He made the Universe! I believe that the events of the World work in harmony & in timeliness & in a certain order, even chronological order that is so predictable that He's already predicted it, & that He could also send a Comet every 76 years, every lifetime, to predict or warn or presage a new major Earthshaking event, & that this one's going to do no less, in fact more!--And I believe 1986 is it, when the Comet Comes!--And it will be the beginning of the End! TYJ!--GBAKY all busy till Jesus comes!--In Jesus' name, amen! PTL!

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