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GENERATION OF VIPERS!--Mt.23:33       DO 1773       3/84
--Beware of the Leaven of the Pharisees!--Mt.16:6

       1. THERE ARE SOME COUNTRIES THAT HAVE HEARD ABOUT US & THE AUTHORITIES HAVE HEARD ABOUT US, but God bless'm, they've not bothered us or seem not to be worried about it because they know us so well. They're not going by hearsay & the Enemy's propaganda, they know us personally, thanks to our dear faithful brave FFers! God bless'm! So they're not scared by all the rumours & wild tales & lies & stuff like that. They already know about us & our weird doctrines & sexual freedoms & all that sort of thing & it doesn't bother them as far as we now know. But!--And that's where the but comes--so did Pilate & the Romans!
       2. JESUS CONTINUED FREELY & OPENLY TO PREACH THE GOSPEL, HEAL THE SICK & DRAW HUGE CROWDS OF THOUSANDS FOR THREE-&-A-HALF YEARS UNDER ROMAN RULE without being bothered by the Romans at all, not even once that I can recall!--In fact, getting Roman converts & Roman officers & centurions converted, having great success even in high places with high officers of the government, & it seems like perhaps even Pilate's wife! According to legend, rumour or tradition, she was a secret disciple & had been to hear Jesus preach in disguise with her maid, etc. You've probably seen movies on it & whatnot. What we do know is that she did warn Pilate to "Have nothing to do with this just Man because of a dream which I've had about Him this night." (Mat.27:19)
       3. SO EVIDENTLY SHE WAS A BELIEVER, SHE HEEDED THE DREAM, & she knew that if Pilate did anything he shouldn't do about Jesus, that he was going to suffer the judgements of the Lord, which he eventually did, & they came through his own government! All of his compromise with the Jews didn't do him any good to save his neck & his political position & his power & favour with the Romans because of the trouble stirred up by the Jews & mounting trouble even after Christ was gone!
       4. THERE WAS A LOT MORE TROUBLE THAN THE ROMANS WANTED & THEY CONSIDERED HE HAD FAILED AS GOVERNOR to suppress the insurrections of the Jews, the troublemakers, the opponents of the government, so the Romans removed him & exiled him to what was considered just the opposite kind of a situation. From the delightful, subtropical Holy Land of Palestine, they sent him off to the Alps of Switzerland where I think he eventually died. He was either exiled there five years later, or died five years after he was exiled, I've forgotten exactly how it goes. Anyhow, it was considered a humiliating demotion, embarrassing, etc., because so much trouble came in Israel that the Romans finally had to send down a whole army under General Titus from the Emperor Vespasian to crush the revolt of the Jews!
       5. WHEN THEY KILLED CHRIST, THE [EDITED: "JEWISH LEADERS"] THEN SEEMED TO THINK THEY HAD THE SITUATION UNDER CONTROL & they eventually went into full scale insurrection under the Zealots! And things were no different then than they are today. The opponents of the government & their sponsors, etc., went into action & tried to overthrow the government completely in open rebellion, so that they had to send down the armies of Rome to crush it!
       6. [DELETED] IN 70 A.D., ONLY 40 YEARS AFTER CHRIST'S CRUCIFIXION, A MILLION JEWS WERE CRUCIFIED THROUGHOUT ISRAEL, perhaps even more millions killed, wounded, a hundred thousand crucified just on the hills surrounding Jerusalem alone! The Temple was sacked & burned, destroyed, & Jerusalem pretty much destroyed. Of course, that didn't necessarily do Jesus any good or the disciples any good, it came a little too late to rescue them. [DELETED] And then the Romans, who apparently the Devil inspired & who were pretty ignorant like most Romans, couldn't tell the difference between friends or enemies. Whether they were Jews or Christians they went after them all, all these religious zealots were considered troublemakers, & they began persecuting not only the Jews but the Christians too.
       7. BUT IT TOOK A LOT TO GET'M STIRRED UP! John the Baptist & Jesus carried on for four years there with virtually no problems! The only problems they had were from the guess who? During Christ's ministry, who were the troublemakers?--The dominant religion [DELETED] & particularly their religious leaders! The people really liked Jesus, the common people heard Him gladly (Mk.12:37), even a great company of the priests believed (Acts 6:7), but the jealous, envious, covetous religious leaders saw themselves losing flocks & lambs & converts, & as a result, money, wealth & power, which is what the religious leaders always love most.
       8. SO WHEN IT GOT THAT BAD, THEY DECIDED IT WAS TIME TO PUT A STOP TO IT! Up to that time the Romans had virtually ignored the Christians, in fact almost favoured them. A lot of them went to hear Him preach, got converted, & even the spies that the Scribes, Pharisees & Chief Priests sent to try to catch Him in something, the ones they first sent instead of going themselves, they said, "We can't find anything wrong with Him, in fact, no man ever spake like this Man!" (John 7:46) They were practically converted! Till finally some of the top officials of the church themselves went & harassed Jesus with questions, etc., tried to trick Him & trap Him & embarrass Him before the people. But He was too smart for that & gave them wise answers that practically made the people laugh in their faces! Jesus made fools out of them with His knowledge of the Word & the Law.
       9. HE DIDN'T BOTHER TO GO OUT OF HIS WAY TO LOOK THEM UP TO CAUSE THEM TROUBLE, but they went out of their way to look Him up to cause Him trouble! And whenever it got too annoying & was distracting a crowd & they popped a question that He had to answer publicly--because they were deliberately trying to embarrass Him publicly--He did it, & much to their dismay, they got the worst of it every time!
       10. SO WHEN THEY FOUND OUT THEY COULDN'T QUEER HIM WITH THE PEOPLE, HE HAD THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE, THEY DECIDED TO WORK ON THE GOVERNMENT. No matter what kind of scandals had arisen & wild tales were circulating, etc., the people still loved Him & welcomed & received Him, heard Him gladly. And up to that time even the Romans & some of the Roman officials had been quite favourable. But then these leaders of the Jews [DELETED] decided the best way to get rid of Jesus was to get Him in trouble with the government, to stir up political charges!
       11. NOW MIND YOU, UP TO THAT TIME THE GOVERNMENT HAD BEEN VIRTUALLY FAVOURABLE, HADN'T BOTHERED THEM AT ALL! I can't remember any instances where they had trouble with the government really. Later on His disciples did, after the trouble had started & all, since the Romans didn't want any more trouble, but usually that was also caused by Jewish religious zealots & leaders bringing them before the authorities. But apparently the religious leaders got desperate, & in the wave of His popularity which was really snowballing, they decided it was time to stop it.
       12. THEY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF A POLITICAL SITUATION WHICH WAS ALREADY SERIOUS FOR THE GOVERNMENT, with which the government was already having trouble. So they decided the best thing to do was to accuse Jesus & His disciples of being subversives, rebels, belonging to the opposition! In fact, one of His disciples was a Zealot, at least an ex-Zealot--Judas--& so the [EDITED: "Jewish leaders"] began to condemn them as enemies of the government, enemies of Rome, subversives--exactly what has happened to us now in some countries!
       13. I'M SURE PLENTY OF THOSE GUYS KNOW THAT WE'RE NOT COMMUNISTS OR SUBVERSIVES POLITICALLY, ALTHOUGH WE MAY BE SUBVERSIVE RELIGIOUSLY, THAT'S FOR SURE! We're undermining the false religious establishment with our doctrines of freedom & grace, etc., which they hate, because they can't control the people once you give them that kind of information! But they found the best tack to use was to accuse Jesus & His disciples of being anti-Roman & pro-rebels, pro-opposition, on the side of the Zealots--you might say the Communists of their day, accusing them of being subversives, as they have now accused us in some places.
       14. AND OF COURSE THIS STIRS UP A GREAT DEAL OF EMOTIONALISM & PATRIOTISM & NATIONALISM, especially in a country that is already quite anti-Communist & where they already had a Communist government at one time & overthrew it with the help of the U.S. & the CIA, & have now installed a very militantly anti-Communist government which is scared to death of Communism because of its growing power in the East! So just the mere word "Communism" or "Communist" strikes terror to their hearts & they're scared! So what better charge could the religious leaders bring than: "They're Communists!"--To bring down the wrath of the Romans, or the government!--And it worked!
       15. THERE IS SOME OF OUR LITERATURE WHICH COULD BE USED BY ENEMIES TO TRY TO INSINUATE & ACCUSE US, TWISTING IT, TO SAY THAT IF WE ARE NOT ACTUALLY COMMUNIST, WE ARE PRO-COMMUNIST, BECAUSE WE'RE SOCIALISTIC. We've said a lot of things which sound very sympathetic to the Communists & some of the Communist powers. They certainly would not have any difficulty proving that we are quite anti-American, anti-U.S. And of course in the minds of most of the people in the World nowadays, if you're anti-U.S., then you must be pro-Russian or pro-Communist! I mean, it's black & white, clear-cut.--There's no in-between as far as they're concerned.
       16. THE THIRD WORLD, ESPECIALLY THE NON-ALIGNED THIRD WORLD, HAVE TRIED TO STRIKE A MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD & TRIED TO DECLARE THEIR FREEDOM FROM DOMINATION OF EITHER SUPER POWER. But of course that's kind of hard to do, because nearly everybody has their prejudices & their preferences & hardly anybody is ever really neutral. (Mt.12:30) So if you're not actually an American, you're either pro-American or anti-American. If you're not actually a Communist, you're either anti-Communist or pro-Communist. So it wouldn't be difficult to try to convince some ignorant officials who don't know us & are not personally acquainted with us, that because of our anti-Americanism & our sometimes somewhat sympathetic view of the Russians & the Communists, a good smart lawyer could probably convince some people or a jury from our literature that if not actual Communists, we were pro-Communists, that we were more pro than anti!
       17. OUR TREATMENT OF RUSSIA HAS TRIED TO BE SYMPATHETIC, considering the U.S. & its cohorts have gone to the opposite extreme & can't see anything good in anything Russia does & never agrees with anything, there's nothing good about them at all because they hate'm! They're a challenge to their selfish capitalist system. So we have tried to be a little more lenient & a little more sympathetic in our view of the Russians, that's true.
       18. BUT I WOULDN'T SAY WE'RE ANY MORE PRO-COMMUNIST THAN WE ARE PRO-AMERICAN! We might be more Russian sympathisers, we sympathise a little bit with poor Russia who is having to deal with the country we know so well that is so evil at heart, the U.S.A., that we have suffered so much at the hands of! We are exiles because of their vicious lies & persecution, & they have run us out of that country & dogged us to other countries, to Europe & whatnot, & now dogged us to the East!
       19. SO WE HAVE PRETTY GOOD REASON TO BE ANTI-AMERICAN, because we know America pretty well & its dirty tricks [DELETED] & its anti-Christ government with the anti-Christs running it, & we're quite sure of how bad the U.S. is! On the other hand, we have tried to be a little sympathetic & tried to see a few good points & refute the lies the U.S. is always telling about Russia. Of course, the anti-Christs are ready to tell lies about anybody they don't like.
       20. THEIR WORLD NEWSPAPER IS TELLING THE WORLD LIES ALL THE TIME! They're [EDITED: "anti-Christs"], the major enemies of Jesus Christ in the World today, & they run most of the World powers of today, including the U.S.A., Europe, most of South America & even a good deal of the East! I even suspect that they're doing their best to try to run Russia & Communism Worldwide!
       21. THEY WERE THE ORIGINATORS OF COMMUNISM, the concoctors of Communism, the leaders of Communism & the forces of Communism from the word go, from the very beginning, from before the days of Marx [DELETED], & the doctrinaire of Communism was his Das Kapital & Communist proclamations, etc. In the early days of Communism it was common knowledge & everybody everywhere knew that the [EDITED: "ACs"] led it! In the U.S., in Europe, everywhere, the [EDITED: "ACs"] were the leaders, & the leaders of the Revolution & the leaders of the early Bolshevik government. It was all [EDITED: "AC"]-led.
       22. I'VE GOTTEN SO SUSPICIOUS OF THE [EDITED: "ACs"] NOW, I EVEN SUSPECT THEM OF HAVING ENGINEERED THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION, NOT TO SPEAK OF THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION!--Ha! Now that I know them so well, how clever they are, I think they decided the U.S.A., America, was going to be the new Promised Land, & from all I can gather from the American Revolution, they were leaders of that too! And they made sure that the Constitution ensured that the U.S. government was going to be a secular, non-religious government, & they have used that weapon ever since to make it as anti-Christ as they can make it!
       23. SO WE KNOW WHO WE'RE UP AGAINST! WE KNOW THE FACE OF OUR ENEMY! WE KNOW HIS NAME! We know he's taking over the World & almost got it, virtually got it except for a few little problems amongst the two major Superpowers, & only a few little radical [DELETED] dissidents in Russia are causing them trouble or they would probably be trying their best, of course, to get Russia & the U.S. together, & I can see evidence of that time & again where they're advocating détente, peace between Russia & the U.S. before somebody wrecks the whole World!
       24. THEY WANT TO INHERIT A WORLD INTACT & RICH & POWERFUL THAT WILL BE A PLEASURE FOR THEM TO RUN, NOT A WORLD IN SHAMBLES & RUINS! So they don't really want an atomic war unless that's the final desperate measure that it will take to put it in their hands. If they can't have it whole, they'll take it in pieces. In fact, they'll blow it to bits to pick up the pieces, as long as they're the ones who do it!
       25. SO WE CAN SEE EVERY EVIDENCE OF THEIR PLACES OF POWER EVEN IN THE SOVIET GOVERNMENT, HOW THEY'RE TRYING TO CONTROL IT. Now in recent years, [EDITED: "some"] Russians seem to have awakened to the threat of [DELETED] the [EDITED: "ACs"] in Russia & have tried to put a stop to it [DELETED], but there are still plenty of top, smart, loyal, Communist Russian [EDITED: "ACs"] in power today, those who declare themselves solidly on the side of the government, & only a few little Orthodox or political dissidents who are troublemakers have stirred up the trouble & been suppressed by the Soviet government. [DELETED] The others cooperate wholeheartedly & are solidly behind it [DELETED] because it's anti-Christ, it's secular & it's powerful, taking over the World, & they'd like to run it, & they'd like to run the government running it.
       26. SO WE KNOW WHAT'S GOING ON & WE KNOW THE BACKGROUND & WE KNOW THE FOREGROUND, WE KNOW THE FUTURE, AMEN? "Offences must come, but woe unto them through whom they come!" (Mt.18:7) Two of the ministers of the country that persecuted us have already been killed by lightning & another was thrown about 9 or 10 feet & knocked down, so God's dealing with them! They can't touch the apple of His eye without Him striking back! (Zech.2:8)
       27. BUT GOD ALSO KNOWS WHEN WE'VE DONE OUR JOB IN A COUNTRY AS FAR AS WE CAN GO, & mistakes or no, whether it was partly our fault or all our fault or not our fault, He knows when we have gone about as far as we can go. And obviously we have accomplished quite a bit to get the Devil that mad & stirred up that much to get that angry to retaliate that viciously, to send a wave of lying propaganda against us stirred up in all of the media, which is probably largely [EDITED: "AC"]-owned! They're everywhere! There are probably [EDITED: "ACs"] in the government there disguised as Moslems!
       28. THEY'RE WILLING TO PUT ON THE DISGUISE OF ANY RELIGION IN ORDER TO HAVE POWER! [DELETED] [EDITED: "S"]ome of the heads of the Catholic Church, they're as [EDITED: "AC"] as they can be! If you can't lick'm, join'm! They can do more damage from the inside than the outside, & I think that's just exactly what the [EDITED: "ACs"] have done in the Catholic Church. And frankly, I think they're running it today, with perhaps a few rare exceptions.
       29. THIS MAN SEEMS TO BE A GOOD HONEST POPE WITH REAL INTEGRITY & CONCERN ABOUT THE WORLD SITUATION, THE POOR & PEACE, ETC. [DELETED] [EDITED: "I"]t was over Poland that the World went to war in World War 2! Poland is what started the trouble! Most of the other European countries had surrendered to Hitler & didn't even fight back, in fact welcomed him & gave him a hero's welcome! They marched into Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, Austria, all of them, all surrendered but Poland! They fought back, viciously & bitterly! And England had unwisely promised to help them, so she did. Of course some people still think today, the ones who hate Communism the most, that it would have been better if they'd let Hitler rise & stem the tide of Communism as he was doing, & let him march on to Moscow, let him have Europe as long as it stopped Communism. But of course they figured he was going to try to conquer the World later, so they got scared!
       30. AND OF COURSE WHEN HE BEGAN TO BOTHER THE JEWS, THAT WAS IT, HE'D HAD IT & THAT WAS THE BEGINNING OF HIS END! That's what brought [DELETED] Britain & America into the war. [DELETED] There was definitely Nazi Jewish persecution, there's no doubt about that & there's plenty of proof of it. [DELETED]
       32. BUT THE POINT IS, THE WAY IT AFFECTS US NOW IS THAT THE WORLD HAS GOTTEN DIVIDED INTO THESE TWO CAMPS, & TO MOST PEOPLE YOU'RE EITHER ANTI-COMMUNIST OR YOU'RE PRO-COMMUNIST. Particularly to the anti-Communists, you are either one of them or you're against them. And so the cleverest ruse that our enemies could make [DELETED] was to brand us as Communists, & that immediately turned nearly everybody there against us!--Everybody but the Communists, of which they don't have many left because they pretty much wiped them out after the U.S. government-backed CIA coup in that country.
       33. THEIR FORMER LEADER WAS LEADING THEM RIGHT INTO THE COMMUNIST CAMP, he was already pro-Communist, & they claim that they had to have the coup to keep him from taking them clear in. He was inviting the Russians in about the time they overthrew him, & they've been a staunch friend & ally of the U.S. ever since because their whole government depends upon U.S. support & protection. And if it's U.S. support & protection, then the [EDITED: "ACs"] have got to figure in it somewhere[EDITED: ":"] "You stop these people, they're Communists, or you're not a real friend of the U.S.A.!" Very clever!
       34. SO THEY HIT A SYMPATHETIC NERVE THERE WHICH GOT LOTS OF RESPONSE, especially amongst the ignorant & uninformed & anybody that didn't know anything about us, particularly government officials if they hadn't been well-informed, which it looks like maybe they were not.
       35. GOING BACK ONCE AGAIN TO THE SITUATION IN JESUS' DAY WHEN HE WAS EXTREMELY POPULAR, preached to thousands, had tens of thousands of converts & was so popular even the Chief Priests & the Jews & the religious leaders themselves who hated Him & wanted to kill Him couldn't even keep Him from preaching in their synagogues & their main Temple! He could even get away with driving moneychangers out of the Temple by force & violence with nobody stopping Him!
       36. THEY WERE AFRAID TO LAY A FINGER ON HIM, & IT SAYS IT TIME & AGAIN, "BECAUSE OF THE PEOPLE!" The common people were for Him & the vast mob favoured Him. Whether they were converts or not, they liked Him. A lot of them probably just thought He was interesting, amusing, something new. And the Roman government just sniffed at it because thus far they had not caused any trouble. Anybody that went to them, Roman spies & whatnot, said, "Well, He's not anti-government, He even said, 'Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's,'" etc. (Mat.22:21). He was very clever in His showing that He was not taking any anti-government stand.
       37. MAYBE WE HAVEN'T BEEN QUITE SO CLEVER AS FAR AS THE U.S.A. IS CONCERNED, WE'VE TAKEN QUITE A STRONG, OBVIOUS ANTI-AMERICAN STAND. But in countries where government authorities have been reached & preached to & informed & given our literature & met our people & loved our girls, I'm sure they're convinced we're not Communists! But so was Pilate, even to the very day of the trial, even after the trial! He was still convinced that Jesus was not guilty, that He was not a rebel, He was not a seditionist, He was not anti-Roman, He was not anti-government, but still he condemned Him to please the people & to get himself off the hook with these dangerous accusations they were making: "You mean to tell me here these people are Communists & you're not going to try to suppress them & ban their literature, ban their preaching, ban their organisation, put it on the blacklist, when we have proven to you that they are pro-Communist! If not actual Communists, they are Russian sympathisers!"
       38. IF ANYBODY KNOWS HOW TO PROPAGANDISE, IT'S THE [EDITED: "ACs"] & THE RELIGIONISTS & THE CHIEF PRIESTS & THE SCRIBES & THE PHARISEES WHEN THEY WANT TO, when they're mad enough & get the ear of the government!--To the point that even when the government doesn't want to, they have been known time & time again from the days of Pharaoh to the days of Jesus to the days of the present to put such pressure on a government that they virtually had to come out against God's people & make some show, at least, of banning, suppressing, limiting, restricting & investigating.
       39. WE'VE BEEN THROUGH IT TIME & AGAIN IN COUNTRY AFTER COUNTRY! Thank God, in virtually all those countries it has eventually cooled off & we're going better there now than we ever did before, because in the long run they really saw that we weren't as bad as we were cracked up to be, & besides, God gave them so many other things to worry about, bigger troubles, that they didn't have much time to fool around with us anymore! Besides, maybe some of our FFers finally got to some of the right guys & gave them the real lowdown & convinced them that we were not what our enemies said we were!
       40. SEXUAL DISCREPANCIES & INDISCRETIONS & WHATNOT, OR EVEN OPEN SEXUAL LICENSE & FREEDOM DOESN'T USUALLY WORRY THE ROMANS. The Romans were pretty licentious themselves & usually are, including governments & government officials.--Especially if they like our girls & love'm, they don't mind that angle at all. It's only when it comes to the danger of public exposure that they might be identified with these Christians! What the [EDITED: "leaders of the Jews"] were accusing Pilate of was, "Aha, you'd better trounce on this Guy or we're going to accuse you of being His friend & promoting this sect & being one of'm & no friend of Caesar's!" That's what scared him!--Because they've got a lot of influence. The established religious system has a lot of power & a lot of influence & a lot of votes & a great big voice when they want to use it!
       41. APPARENTLY THE ANTI-CHRISTS & ALL OF THEM, THE CHURCH PEOPLE, DECIDED IT WAS THE RIGHT TIME TO STRIKE! They must have gotten the ears of the right government officials or they wouldn't have started this campaign, because they knew they were going to win it! They wouldn't have started the fight & the smear tactics & the lies & the bad publicity unless they figured it was going to do the trick. It's too well-organised, too widespread, too vicious not to have been pretty well-organised & pretty confident of victory over us, & they did win as far as politically is concerned: They got the government turned against us & ousted us. (Maria: Led by the Catholics!) Yes!
       42. THE CATHOLICS LED IT BECAUSE THEY'RE THE STRONGEST CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION THERE, BUT THE REST OF THE CHURCHES BACKED IT TOO. I'm sure there weren't any Protestants necessarily sympathising with us!--Ha! I think it was a Methodist university where they had one of their troubles, & a Baptist university. They just went to the wrong universities. They shouldn't have gone to religious universities.
       43. OUR PEOPLE OUGHT TO STEER CLEAR OF RELIGIOUS UNIVERSITIES LIKE POISON, LIKE DYNAMITE! That's where they can have the worst trouble. They ought to go to the secular universities. I think that's where they've been getting the trouble in India, they've been going to all those Christian universities! Well, the short-term results are quick, you get a lot of quick results because they're already Christians & easily persuaded that we're right. They're not hardcore Hindus, Buddhists or Muslims that take a whole new rewiring & reorganisation [DELETED] & complete conversion where it's virtually miraculous & supernatural to get'm won over! But the short-term results come pretty quick the other way too because you get quick opposition, quick 10:36ers, quick screams & hollers & hurts & complaints! I'm sure the Protestants were hand-in-glove with the Catholics on it, but the Catholics just happen to be the most powerful & they led the fight.
       44. IT'S FUNNY, THE [EDITED: "ACs"] CALLING US COMMUNISTS IS LIKE THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK! Because wherever they can be, they've been Communists & led Communism, are the creators of Communism, & they would like to control the Communist World if they can. But they found that the easiest one to undermine & seduce & infiltrate & conquer first was the U.S.A., because the U.S.A. wasn't quite as smart as the Russians. They didn't seem to know the [EDITED: "ACs"] as well & what they were up to, & there was greater freedom & greater opportunity to make more headway there.
       45. I'M SURE THEY ONLY ATTACKED US NOW IN THAT COUNTRY, NOT BECAUSE WE HAD GOTTEN SO FAR THERE, BUT BECAUSE THERE WAS A BIGGER CHANCE OF ENDING IT THERE! We'd gotten too far to suit'm & there was a better chance of putting a stop to it there than in other countries. But when the time comes, if they figure they can put a stop to us elsewhere, they will, or will try to. And when that time comes, they're usually successful, they usually do. And the Lord allows it because you've been there long enough. They've all heard, they're all responsible, they've all made their decision & it's time to quit wasting your time on them, it's time to clear out & go to some place more fruitful & more profitable, more receptive, more responsive, more needy, whiter fields ripe to harvest!
       46. YOU SAY, "WELL, IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THERE'RE TOO MANY LEFT!" Well, maybe this will get more people into some fields where they could still use more labourers, like India, a huge field there, nearly a billion people, & even into supposedly closed nations like China & Russia! If people have no place else to go, & they've had to flee the city because of persecution, they're sometimes willing to go where it's not so easy, & where it was once considered too difficult but is now better than nothin'!--How about you?

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