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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.


       1. THIS IS JUNE 1984, & THIS IS A VERY STRANGE & ALMOST FUNNY DREAM THAT I HAD LAST NIGHT! First of all I saw what appeared to be a long funeral procession of hundreds of people accompanying a litter-borne coffin on the shoulders of some men winding slowly through the streets of Jerusalem! I don't know how I knew it was Jerusalem or how I knew they were Jews but you just seem to know those things in dreams somehow.--Maybe the same way we'll know things in the Millennium & in Heaven!
       2. BUT ODDLY ENOUGH THEY WEREN'T MOURNING or weeping & wailing as the Jews so often usually do, but they were dancing & singing & shouting joyfully like they were very happy & glad & thankful & rejoicing!--Not that the man in the coffin was dead but that they seemed to have some kind of hope of reviving him!
       3. AND GUESS WHO WAS IN THE COFFIN?--KING DAVID!--And believe it or not, they were all singing & chanting gaily,
       "All happy children are the children of David,
       All happy children are the children of the King!
       All happy children are children of David,
       That is why we shout & sing!"

And they kept shouting & singing that like they were really happy that they were all children of David & that David was soon going to arise to lead them! PTL!--And they were expecting him momentarily to come out of the coffin & be their King! Of course, you know that the Jews do have a legend that King David will arise some day & lead them again to great victories, as related in some of their famous songs & poetry about the Harp of King David, & as we have related in former Letters. (See Nos.63:40; 78.)
       4. BUT SOMEHOW OR ANOTHER I HAD THE STRANGE FEELING THAT IT WAS ME! And symbolically enough, I have risen as though from the dead to lead you, God's Children to victory, & you have danced & sung & praised the Lord for it! Hallelujah! Because I doubt very much if [EDITED: "they"] are going to greatly rejoice over my resurrection!--They certainly haven't! [DELETED] So they would have been more likely to have been dancing & singing & rejoicing that I was dead & in the coffin than about to arise & lead them to great victories!--Unless this could possibly be a glimpse of the Future in the Millennial Days when undoubtedly many Jews will be converted & turned to the Lord & truly rejoice in Jesus & His son, David, me, as well as with Old King David! PTL!
       5. AND THEN SUDDENLY THE DREAM CHANGED & I don't even know if it was the same dream! It seemed to be rather different from the happy dream I had just been viewing & hearing. But in this dream or part of the dream, it seemed to either continue it or follow immediately after it.
       6. I WAS DRIVING THIS BIG, RATHER STRANGE PONDEROUS-LOOKING TOUR BUS FULL OF PEOPLE, & it was a very remarkable bus not only in shape but in its ability! It seemed like about 9- or 10-feet wide, which is unusually wide for any bus, broad & quite flat, only about 8 feet high, which is rather low for most buses. And then it seemed like it was about 20- to 25-feet long.--A good deal like the size & shape of my old camper, the Ark or Cruiser, our old Dodge motor home in which we lived about 10 years, which was not quite that wide nor quite that low but equally as long.
       7. I WAS DRIVING INSIDE IN A CAB-OVER TYPE OF DRIVER SEATING, you know what I mean? Your engine is literally inside the bus right beside you & you're sitting as driver right directly in front of the windshield so that you can see all around, straight in front of you, & you don't have the big engine & hood sticking way out in front of the bus. But it makes the bus actually shorter & easier to drive, although the inside engine is a little noisier & hotter.
       8. ANYHOW, I WAS THRILLED WITH THE PERFORMANCE OF THIS NEW TYPE OF BUS because it seemed to be a four-wheel drive with a tremendous grip on the terrain as we were very slowly crawling up a very steep, rugged, roadless incline over rough rocks & furrows, up about a 45-degree incline, which is much steeper of course than almost any highways or roadways of any kind! But with this four-wheel drive grip on the ground & a very very low gearing ratio, I was crawling along in what must have been low, low, low gear at a very slow crawl, but thrillingly firm & powerful & gripping the ground in a firm tenacious grasp as it crawled up this very steep incline up this hillside onto a road.
       9. I WAS NOT DRIVING ON A ROAD as we were crawling up but I was trying to get up on a road, upon which I finally arrived & heaved a sigh of relief & was praising the Lord & thanking the Lord for such a good bus, the best kind of vehicle I think I had ever driven! It was really thrilling! And all the people in the bus were shouting & praising the Lord & thanking the Lord for the victory of reaching the summit or the roadway safely, & I was praising the ability of the bus as well & its tremendous power & its firm four-wheel-drive grip on the ground, how that it had accomplished a climb which no other bus that I have ever seen could ever have made! I was really thrilled with this new bus & quite proud of its achievement & bragging about it to my passengers, & they were all excited too that we had made the grade!
       10. THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN IT WAS THE NEXT MORNING & I had left my bus down at the local garage to have it serviced & gassed up for the next ride or tour, or whatever it was. I had lots of folks waiting for me & it was about time for the tour to take off, so I rushed down to the garage to get my bus, but to my dismay my heart sank! There it sat with all the wheels taken off of it & stacked in a pile! So I rushed up to the garage man & said, "What's the big idea? I need this bus right away! How come the wheels are off of it?" "Well," he said, "we got the word that we were supposed to rotate the tires, that you had said we should rotate the tires, so we just took the wheels off & we were in the process of rotating them." "Well," I said, "you rotate'm real quick & get'm back on there fast because I've got to take off & pick up my busload!" So they scurried around to bolt the wheels back on as fast as they could & I again proudly mounted my sturdy steed & took off to pick up my crowd!
       11. IT SEEMED WE WERE TOURING SOME KIND OF RUINS because things were in a terrible state of disrepair & broken down & there were huge holes in the road & the buildings were in ruins. I don't know if it was some ancient ruin site or had been recently ruined by war or bombs or what, but it was a rather unsafe terrain & I was driving along very very carefully while lecturing about it to my passengers & dodging these big holes in the road, & cautioning them to be very careful when they got out to look around, not to do anything dangerous or approach any unsafe situation.
       12. BUT IN SPITE OF MY CAUTION, HERE WE HAD STOPPED ON A BRIDGE, a roadway which seemed to pass over a raging river, & as I was standing there watching my passengers gaze about, I cautioned them against this one particular big hole right over the rushing torrent of water, not to go near it. There seemed to be several older passengers amongst the group, not all young people such as most of our Family--but we are getting quite a few older folks nowadays, God bless them! But this dear little old lady, sort of short & plump, a jolly little type, she was a little too curious & got a little too close to that hole & suddenly stumbled & fell in!
       13. I WAS ABSOLUTELY AGHAST & HORRIFIED because the water beneath was a raging racing torrent, rushing rapidly along this river bed toward another bridge, & I started to dive down the hole after her but then I saw that it was too late! I'd have to run & try to catch her further downstream, so I raced to the edge of the bridge & dove off after her into the rushing, raging torrent below just in time to grab her, then to grab the bridge under which we were being washed away, so that the other folks then came to our aid & pulled us both out of the water.
       14. IMMEDIATELY I THOUGHT OF COURSE SHE WOULD BE ALMOST DROWNED & I started to apply artificial respiration, but instead she regained consciousness just laughing & giggling & acted like she was having the greatest time in the World & just tickled pink that I had rescued her! It seemed like I was a little more young & handsome than I am today & she was quite thrilled, this little old lady--not too old, middle-aged, short & plump--but she was quite excited & thrilled, it seemed, to have been rescued by this handsome heroic bus driver! And she was just laughing & giggling, sputtering as she was literally bubbling out the water that she had imbibed in the river. It was funny! It seemed like out of her mouth were coming bubbles like she was blowing bubbles, & she was anything but sad or distraught, but she seemed to be blissfully happy! And so I was so thankful & so relieved that she hadn't perished but that I had rescued her & that she wasn't seriously incapacitated in any way but had recovered so quickly & cheerfully & joyfully & even seemed to be almost thankful that it had happened so that I could rescue her!
       15. SO THAT WAS THE HAPPY ENDING TO MY DREAM or funny dreams, & I can't possibly imagine what the last part meant, if it had any significance whatsoever, except that the Lord has frequently typified our Family, our Jesus Revolution as some sort of vehicle or truck or bus or racing car filled with its occupants. And surely this part of the dream could not have been literal either unless it too was some future Millennial experience, which could be possible, of course, because I hardly see how I could have dashed into that raging torrent of water & scooped out that lady & saved her unless it had been by almost supernatural strength in a miraculous body! So you don't think we're going to drive buses, huh? Well, who knows? Maybe you will! (See No.1447!) Maybe it'll be some kind of new powered bus that doesn't have to use that dirty old smokey pollutant called oil! There may be some new kind of motor that has some kind of power that doesn't pollute or is not noisy but is nice & smooth & purring & powerful & smooth-riding in spite of the most difficult of terrain.--It was also very slow, so could hardly hurt anyone!
       16. OF COURSE, AS I SAY, IT COULD BE SYMBOLIC OF OUR FAMILY & THE VEHICLE OF OUR JESUS REVOLUTION with me as its driver, & the fact that we are appealing more & more to middle-aged & older people all the time, when they see we have survived & become substantial & reliable, enduring & well-organised & able to take care of both young & old, as well as encourage them all to take care of the Lord's Work. And my dive into the river to save this dear little funny lady could be symbolic, of course, of Salvation, that we are winning some older & middle-aged folks today, making them very happy! So, praise the Lord!
       17. EITHER IT WAS ALL SYMBOLIC OF WHAT WE ARE ACTUALLY DOING TODAY & WHAT GOD HAS DONE, OR IT COULD BE SOME LITERAL PICTURE OF SOME INTERESTING EXPERIENCES OF THE FUTURE DURING THE MILLENNIUM! But whichever way you take it, they were both very happy dreams & I was quite excited & thrilled & happy to hear all those Jews singing my praises & happy that I was leading them or about to be resurrected to lead them, whatever that means.--And I was also very happy to be driving that powerful unique type of bus! I always really enjoyed manoeuvreing big powerful vehicles.
       18. THERE IS SOMETHING ABOUT THE THRILL OF MANOEUVREING OR MANIPULATING THAT TREMENDOUS POWER underneath you that could haul so much--everything from my school bus to my huge camper! In the school bus I hauled about 50 students, & some pretty rowdy ones at that, on a 30-mile course through the traffic-jammed big city of Los Angeles, up hills & down dales & around rivers & everywhere from my home 30 miles from the school, & then back again after a long school day of teaching, taking the kids home again on the way, then back home again, another 30 miles! But I really got to where I enjoyed it!
       19. I ENJOYED THE POWER OF MY VEHICLE & KEPT IT IN EXCELLENT SHAPE! I painted it a nice bright yellow & kept it nice & shined & cleaned & the motor in good condition, working on it myself, & I thrilled to its power! It had a low truck gear too & could climb some of those steep Los Angeles hills in that low, low gear to pick up some of my little student passengers. It had good brakes too & I kept it in tip-top shape & I was proud of my school bus & took good care of it & prided myself in the skill of driving & engineering my route, the picking up of my students safely for three years without an accident! Thank the Lord! Nobody was ever hurt & I never missed a student who was there on his corner on time, & I never missed a day driving my bus, both 30 miles to school & 30 miles home!
       20. AND IN LATER YEARS WHEN WE LIVED FOR 10 YEARS in our great big 8-by-9-foot, 26-foot-long camper, it was a house on wheels! With two bedrooms it could sleep 12 people, including some on the floor & across the front seats, which we sometimes did! And it had a bathroom & a kitchen & a refrigerator & a stove & lots of closet space & lots of bunk space!--A whole house on wheels! In many ways I enjoyed manipulating that big vehicle all over the United States. I drove it about 200,000 miles & I went through at least two engines! I used to work on the engine myself, tune it up, overhaul it, & finally when the first one wore out I had to buy a new one at Sears & Roebuck. In fact we lived in the Sears & Roebuck parking lot in Washington, D.C. for two whole weeks while we took out the old one & installed the new one! Thank the Lord!--A real nice place to live!
       21. SO I REALLY ENJOYED DRIVING IN MANY WAYS! Although sometimes, if I have a nightmare, I can dream about some of the very tough situations I got into with that vehicle, places where I got in where I couldn't drive through or drive out & had to back out! Sometimes going down some little country road that came to a dead end, a narrow road, I would have to maybe back up for oh, several hundred feet, & if you know what it is to back a huge vehicle like that blind with nothing but side mirrors, it is quite a trick!--And getting into some other difficult situations which I've dreamed of if I want to have some kind of an almost nightmare!
       22. BUT MOST OF IT I WOULD SAY WAS VERY PLEASANT, LIKE LEADING OUR FAMILY! I really enjoyed it & I was always in a sense proud of my vehicle & took good care of it, pleased with its performance & really sort of gloried in its power & its manoeuvrability & my skill as a driver & my safety record--hundreds of thousands of miles all over the United States & every State in the Union & in almost every city, as well as into Canada & clear down to Mexico! It was quite an experience! So I've always had considerable pleasure & enjoyment in driving & travelling, & especially, believe it or not, in large vehicles like that!
       23. SO WHO KNOWS, MAYBE IN THE MILLENNIUM THE LORD WILL LET ME DRIVE A BUS, HA! Anyhow, I've sure been driving the Bus of the Family for quite awhile & picking up a lot of good passengers & students as well as a few old folks, & we've saved a lot of people in the process, so we can be very happy that we have accomplished so much with our Revolutionary Bus, our Salvation Vehicle! And I'm sure that you're all rejoicing & praising the Lord that you are Children of David! "All happy children are the children of David!" Thank the Lord! And all children of David are happy, I trust, & we are on our way to victory! Thank the Lord!--With shouting & praising & dancing & singing & looking forward to the Resurrection! Amen?
       24. WHETHER THAT WAS SYMBOLIC OF NOW OR THE LITERAL FUTURE IN THE MILLENNIUM, whatever it was & whatever they were, they were both very happy dreams & I really enjoyed them & woke up quite happy, especially thinking about that procession all singing joyfully to David, & then very happy that I had managed to rescue that dear funny little old lady!
       25. SO PRAISE THE LORD! HALLELUJAH! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! KEEP'M ROLLIN' & keep singing & keep rejoicing & keep shouting & keep praising the Lord for all He has done for us & for all He has helped us do for others! Amen? And we're going to shout the victory for sure when we get Over There! In Jesus' name, amen! God bless you all! I love you! So those are just one or two little funny dreams I remembered so vividly that I thought I'd better tell you about them. Maybe they'll encourage & inspire you to do a better job, considering all the happy endings. In Jesus' name, amen!
       26. OH YES, I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THAT THAT FIRST JEWISH CELEBRATION IN JERUSALEM SEEMED TO BE ON YOM KIPPUR, the Day of Atonement, the Day of Salvation in the Jewish religion! Oddly enough, though, they're usually very sad on the Day of Atonement, going around with very sad faces, supposed to be sorry for all of their sins, & the good Orthodox Jews, maybe a lot more, go out to the graveyards of their relatives & they empty out all their pockets, supposedly getting rid of all their sins, and of course, a lot of Jewish sins do have to do with their pockets & pocketbooks & it is very hard for any Jew to empty his pockets! But that is something they do on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement or Salvation.
       27. SO INSTEAD OF ALL THIS SADNESS & WEEPING & WAILING THAT THEY USUALLY DO ON YOM KIPPUR IN THE GRAVEYARDS & SUPPOSEDLY REPENTING OF THEIR SINS, THEY WERE HAVING A VICTORY CELEBRATION & rejoicing & dancing in the streets & praising the Lord & shouting that they were children of David! So that was quite a contrast to the usual Yom Kippur! So what it meant, that it was Yom Kippur, I don't know, unless it was certainly symbolic of a day of Salvation! Thank You Jesus! Amen!
       28. MARIA WAS JUST COMMENTING THAT MAYBE THAT REALLY WILL BE IN THE MILLENNIUM, because although many of us who have received Jesus here & now are Jews or former Jews or of Jewish lineage & Jewish background, perhaps they'll have to do even more to be saved in the Millennium!--Not only receive Jesus & believe the Gospel but receive & believe in us too! Of course, certainly that is true, because how could they believe in Jesus without believing in us too?
       29. EVEN AS JESUS HIMSELF SAID OF SOME OF HIS CRITICS & sceptics & unbelieving Jewish Scribes & Pharisees & hypocritical self-righteous Jewish religious leaders who wanted Him to raise somebody from the dead to prove that He was the Messiah: "They have Moses & the Prophets!"--In other words, Moses' Scriptures & the Scriptures of the Prophets, Books of the Bible. He said, "If they will not believe them & receive them, neither will they believe though one should come back from the dead." (Lk.16:31)--And that was again fulfilled when Jesus Himself came back from the dead! But they still didn't believe!
       30. SO IF THEY WON'T BELIEVE IN US & YOUR MOSES & YOUR PROPHETS, CERTAINLY THEY WON'T BELIEVE IN JESUS! And if they don't believe in Jesus, they certainly won't believe in us! So it's a two-way street, it's got to be both, all or nothing at all! The Jews are going to have to accept us as well as our Jesus! Praise God? Amen?--Whether it's either here or there, now or then!--In this present World or in the next in the Millennium! So hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! The day will come when they'll believe! Some will believe, maybe not all, when we come back from the dead, but I believe lots of folks will, that they will be quite convinced by the presence of Christ on Earth & His royal reign & rule through us throughout the whole World, when seeing will be believing! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!
       31. WELL, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO CALL THIS DREAM, BUT MAYBE YOU CAN CALL IT "A JOYOUS YOM KIPPUR OF TRUE SALVATION!" Hallelujah! TYJ! GBY! ILY! XXXXXXX! Thank you for taking care of my MO Babies! XXXXXXX! I love you, Sweetheart! XXXXXXX! There's three seven's of kisses for you from David! In Jesus' name, amen!--Kpmrolin!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family