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HONG KONG, CHINA!--Booming East, Crashing West!       5/84       DO 1777

       1. AS FAR AS I CAN TELL, CHINA IS ALREADY TELLING HONG KONG WHAT TO DO NOW & they're already submitting, although it's still pretty much run by the British in name. But China is preparing to tell them what to do in any kind of crisis. A crisis would give China the opportunity to have a good excuse to just go ahead & grab it now for so-called protection!
       2. THIS HAS BEEN ONE OF THE MOST NOTORIOUS ACTIONS DURING VARIOUS BIG WARS.--When the big powers suddenly got absorbed in fighting each other, the little powers grabbed off the small ones just as fast as they could when the big powers were too busy to stop them!--And China is a pretty big power at that! Although it is not one of the superpowers, yet it's big enough in the East & strong enough to grab off what she considers is rightfully hers anyhow, but what was unjustly & unfairly ill-gotten from her to begin with.
       3. WHEN CHINA ESTABLISHES ALL THESE RELATIONSHIPS & PLANS, THEN SHE COULD HAVE A VERY GOOD EXCUSE IN AN EMERGENCY TO GO AHEAD & NOT WAIT FOR 1997! So it's something to think about. Besides, Hong Kong is already beginning to comply with a lot of China's ideas.
       4. THE BIG JOKE ABOUT HONG KONG IS THAT THEY ARE SO CONCERNED ABOUT HAVING DEMOCRACY AFTER CHINA TAKES OVER, WHICH IS SOMETHING THEY'VE NEVER HAD EVEN UNDER BRITAIN! They're expecting to get democracy under Red China when even their colonial power, Britain, has never given them democracy! They have no semblance of any kind of a democracy whatsoever, nothing! I mean they've got a little showpiece of a council of some kind that the British select & there is no semblance of any kind of democracy.
       5. HONG KONG HAS NEVER BEEN USED TO DEMOCRACY, THE ACTUAL CHINESE PEOPLE WHO COMPRISE 90-SOME PERCENT OF THE POPULATION have never had any voice in how to run the government at all! The British made sure of that, that their little 5 or 10% of Europeans would have an absolute dictatorship & stranglehold on the Colony & all those millions of Chinese would have no say whatsoever about how it's run, & they never have! But now they're howling for democracy, probably figuring they have a better chance under China than they have had under Britain!
       6. SO IT'S PUTTING THE SQUEEZE ON BRITAIN NOW! It's exposing the whole situation of how she's been dictatorially running that Colony & the fact that they don't even have democracy now, so how could they expect it under China? So the folks who are there still under Britain are beginning to howl for democracy under Britain right now! How can Britain be bothered by China that the Hong Kong Colony should have democracy & the say in how it's run when they haven't given it to them themselves? The Chinese are finally waking up to that fact: "Huh! Look at what we could have been doing all these years! What are we afraid of China for? That's the way Britain has been running us with just as much a stranglehold & dictatorship & bureaucracy as China ever had anywhere!" That place is run by the 5% of the rich who own it, not the 95% of the poor Chinese who do the work!
       7. I HAVE A FEELING THAT AT THE FIRST SIGN OF INTERNATIONAL CRISIS SUCH AS THE CRASH & CERTAINLY IF THERE'S A MAJOR WAR, THAT CHINA WOULD CONSIDER IT HER DUTY TO "PROTECT" HONG KONG, WHICH MEANS SHE COULD JUST SIMPLY TAKE IT OVER, THAT'S ALL! So 1997 could come a whole lot sooner than that if World conditions should have any critical change! Britain is now a third or fourth rate power, so it couldn't even begin to buck against China. China could just move in on Hong Kong right now if she wanted to. I think she's been very patient & very wise & is trying to work out a peaceful amicable deal with Britain so as to make the transition as amenable to both parties as possible.
       8. CHINA IS PARTICULARLY INTERESTED IN HAVING A GOOD FOREIGN CURRENCY INCOME THERE so she can still rake in the foreign exchange there that she'd like to get from Hong Kong--that's the main thing she wants it for, as a financial centre, instead of all that money going to Britain, which is where most of it now goes. It'll then go to China. You can bet your bottom dollar that that's what the whole thing is about!--Money!--Mostly Dollars or any kind of good foreign exchange that China could use to buy what she needs instead of all that stuff going now to Britain where most of it goes now into the pockets of the rich British who own, control, govern & dictate Hong Kong lock, stock & barrel! China wants to be a beneficiary instead. And I think she has a perfect right to be & it'll be a great help to China.
       9. EVERYTHING I READ IN THE PAPERS NOWADAYS IS SO AMAZING & MARVELLOUS!--Mostly just since the Family has come to the Eastern half of the World since God directed us here & showed us to come here, although we didn't know why. It's turning out that the East looks like it is going to be the part of the World most likely to survive! God is blessing it hand over fist with better crops & better everything than they ever had before, booming economically with a tremendous shift in the whole balance of trade, & World power & everything pointing to the East! So God has brought many of us to the part of the World most likely to survive both economically & militarily.--Most likely to survive economically & most likely to escape the War, thank the Lord. I mean everything!
       10. I'M JUST DUMBFOUNDED & AMAZED AS I READ THE PAPER EVERY DAY, HOW EVERYTHING IS POINTED TO THE EAST! It is the most economically viable, fastest growing part of the World economically, with the GNP & trade & surpluses & everything more than any other part of the World!--Right now! It has outstripped the Americas, it has outstripped Europe! Compared to the rest of the World the East is booming, absolutely booming! It has fewer problems about international affairs & fewer problems about conflict with the superpowers than the North, although they're both trying to control it. Neither one really does, they've sort of split it up. But it's Third World & it's working out almost exactly as I saw it years ago, that probably China would become the leader of the Third World while the other Super Powers fight it out.--And that's just what's happening!
       11. SO IT LOOKS LIKE THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GOING TO GO, AT LEAST UNTIL THE ANTICHRIST! And there's one thing for sure, & that is, when all the dust has settled & the radioactive fallout has settled & all the wars are over & Armageddon is past, after which we know that North America & Europe & both the U.S. & Russia & much of the North will be pretty well obliterated, the East is the part of the World most apt to have survived the Crash, the War, the Antichrist, the Wrath of God, Armageddon & all the rest!
       12. THIS MAY BE WHERE GOD IS GOING TO START HIS RECONSTRUCTION PERIOD WITH US RIGHT HERE & IN IT! Praise God! I'm sure He's getting the Family in the East & out of the West to try to spare as many of us as possible to be able to carry on until that time. Of course, after that we'll all be resurrected & raptured! But I'm convinced that things are going to be so similar that He is going to choose people who have had experience in certain areas & maybe know the languages & cultures, we who know something about those areas, to help Him rebuild, reconstruct & rule the Earth!
       13. I DON'T EXPECT THAT JUST BECAUSE WE ARE SUDDENLY TRANSLATED THAT WE ARE GOING TO KNOW EVERYTHING! From all the stories I've heard, even after-death experiences & whatnot, people didn't suddenly know everything just because they died! They even had to be shown their past life. They saw everything more clearly--"Now we see through a glass darkly, then face-to-face" (1Cor.13:12)--but we're not all suddenly going to become God & know everything God knows!
       14. WE ARE STILL GOING TO HAVE THE AMOUNT OF LEARNING WE NOW HAVE & KNOW WHAT WE NOW KNOW, PLUS A LITTLE MORE CLEARLY as we are able to absorb it & learn it, & apparently the process is still going to be pretty slow if it is going to take a thousand years to get us ready for Heaven! It's not only a first chance for the unsaved, but to train us too! We used to always call them the Wicked because that's what the preachers always said, but I don't believe that all those millions who are going to be spared, perhaps even billions who are going to be spared & survive into the Millennium are going to all be wicked! I'm convinced it's going to be mostly the people who are not so wicked, fairly good people who simply didn't have a chance to get saved & never even heard the Gospel!
       15. I DIDN'T INTEND TO PREACH A SERMON BUT I'M JUST ENTHUSED ABOUT IT! I'm really enthused about what's going on!--The wisdom of God, I mean He just turned us around & sent us Eastward, & everything is going this way now! The rest of the World is crashing! The U.S. is experiencing now in some ways a mini-boom & the Stock Market has gone almost wild, but the Dollar has gone even wilder, which is one of the worst things that can happen because it is so inflated it's about to burst!
       16. REMEMBER THE GREEN PAPER PIG (ML #243)? IT'S ONLY GOING TO TAKE ONE LITTLE PIN TO MAKE IT EXPLODE! I mean that dream was amazing when you think about it! The Lord showed me the whole thing in advance.--How it was all coming from Jerusalem, where you can bet your boots the anti-Christs have set up their headquarters & financial centre & everything, because they are crazy about Jerusalem & they plan to never let it go! They'll have to some day, but the pig came from Jerusalem & was being directed by the [EDITED: "ACs"]! It came down the valley trying to gobble us up! That's all symbolic of course, & it got bigger & bigger until it finally exploded!--Remember?
       17. YOU KNOW YOU CAN KEEP BLOWING UP A BALLOON & BLOWING IT UP, & IT GOES A LITTLE SLOWLY, BUT BROTHER, ONCE YOU TOUCH IT WITH A PIN, THAT DOESN'T GO SLOWLY, RIGHT?--IT EXPLODES INSTANTLY WITH A BANG!--And that's what's going to happen with the Dollar & the Stock Market, because this debt crisis is moving now from month-to-month, all over the World, especially Third World debt crisis, & it cannot be solved, it will not be solved because there is no solution without abolition of the System, the whole financial System! Because the financial System is under control of the West, which means the [EDITED: "ACs"].
       18. THE ANTICHRIST MAY BE ABLE TO SOMEHOW TEMPORARILY SAVE THINGS AFTER THE CRASH BY HIS NEW CREDIT SYSTEM, for which they're getting everything prepared. I mean every day there is more news about how they're going to be able to do it! They may temporarily establish that new system long enough to try to control things, but that is going to crash too, as we know. Obviously he has a lot of trouble in the middle of the seven years, which is why he has to take a firm dictatorial divine stance to rule tyrannically, & then things go from bad to worse, both for him & everybody, except us, praise the Lord! The Lord is going to take care of us somehow.
       19. SO, HERE WE ARE IN WHAT IS ALREADY THE BEST PART OF THE WORLD! North America is in a mess! All you have to do is read the papers to know how bad off they are, & Europe too, & Russia pretty much too. And Latin America, they are totally bankrupt & know it & the World knows it! The U.S. & Europe are bankrupt too but don't know it, except for a few smart ones who are worried about it. But the common people in general are being kept in the dark & not really being warned how bad it is, although the warnings are coming out a little louder all the time, a little clearer, & more & more people are beginning to catch on.
       20. AND EVENTUALLY ENOUGH PEOPLE WILL KNOW SO THAT IT BECOMES WIDESPREAD KNOWLEDGE THAT THERE IS NO SOLUTION to this banking crisis & that it's impossible for these Third World countries to ever pay back those loans, especially as long as the banks & the countries that have loaned the money, the anti-Christs refuse to take them off the hook & insist on making them slaves, which is the whole idea! They are never going to get off the hook except as outright, downright slaves of the anti-Christs! So they're being put more under the power of the anti-Christs every day. There is no other solution, because they cannot repay those debts, & the anti-Christs are clamping down, first with these austerity measures more & more--every paper has something about it. But then, knowing that the austerity measures will not work because it is impossible for the country to do these things & still be able to pay back the money, what they plan to do when they can't pay back the money, I can't see any other alternative than just to make absolute slaves out of them!
       21. THE ONLY OTHER ALTERNATIVE IS FOR THE WHOLE MONEY SYSTEM TO CRASH, WHICH, OF COURSE IT EVENTUALLY WILL, & by that time they will have their Antichrist credit system set up--the Antichrist credit system, World control system, World communication system, World finance system, completely set up so that they'll be able to grab a grip on the whole situation as soon as the present financial system goes crash!
       22. SO WE ARE IN THE BEST PART OF THE WORLD MOST LIKELY TO SURVIVE, THANK THE LORD! Isn't that wonderful? The East is the most economically viable part of the World right now. It is booming compared to the rest of the World, most of it is, except for a few trouble spots like the war on three borders of Thailand, violence & threatening Communism in the Philippines & their big economic troubles. I can see no other alternative but for the [EDITED: "ACs"] to finally get control there, which is what they've been aiming at for years. Then they will of course immediately save the country because they've got the money, the banks & everything that it will take to do it. They are deliberately trying to bankrupt the Philippines & the Marcos administration right now in order to dump him & make the economy go crash so they can take it over, & then they can save it! The anti-Christs will never be satisfied there till he's out!
       23. JUST LIKE THEY HAVE ALREADY DONE TO SEVERAL DIFFERENT COUNTRIES IN SOUTH AMERICA: They squeezed them until they went dry & their economy crashed & the government crashed with it, & then they grabbed it! Then all of a sudden the country could get all kinds of loans & all kinds of money & the economy was saved! Some of them went through that already. But now, once they got control, they're squeezing again. Just to loan them the money is not enough. Just making money off of them is not enough. They want to control them lock, stock & barrel, body & soul, to where they run the whole thing & dictate to them exactly what to do, total power!
       24. THE [EDITED: "ACS"] HAVE GOTTEN TO THE POINT WHERE MONEY IS NOT ENOUGH. NOW THEY WANT POWER, THEY WANT TO CONTROL THE WORLD & EVERY COUNTRY IN IT, & THEY'RE GETTING THERE FAST! And right now they're getting ahold of it. They've already got the rest of the World, the Western World, they control & run that already. I wouldn't be surprised if they run the Communist World too! The Third World has just been a little more independent. It's actually the most religious part of the World, the most believing among its religions, of any part of the World, & so they're tackling it you might say last, for it's the hardest to get control of. Also it's the poorest, the part which they weren't all that interested in until they got the richest part of the World first.--So now they're after the Third World, as it's been a little more independent.
       25. AND THE ONLY WAY THEY COULD GET AHOLD OF IT WAS BY FIRST OF ALL JUST POURING THE MONEY ON THEM, just giving them money like gifts, only it turned out to be loans, & pretty soon they began asking for it back! And now that they can't pay it, they'll have to slave in whatever way the anti-Christs tell them to slave! So they will now have control of the East eventually too, but last of course. Possibly in some of these thriving parts of the East that are booming & making money, maybe they already control it! Who knows? [DELETED]
       26. THE HOMES IN THE MAJOR PART OF THE EAST ARE THE HIGHEST GIVERS IN THE WORLD TODAY, OUT-GIVING EUROPE & NORTH AMERICA! Think of that! And I'm sure the more of our Folks who would move East, the more God would bless them & they'd have better income & there'd be more support, the faster they obey & the faster they go East. Because there is going to be all kinds of trouble & already is in South America, Latin America, economically. There are going to be riots & revolutions & everything else as the anti-Christs put the squeeze on & take over!
       27. THE ANTI-CHRISTS PUT THE SQUEEZE ON & MAKE A COUNTRY FALL APART & THE GOVERNMENT TOPPLE JUST BY PUTTING THAT ECONOMIC SQUEEZE ON! Then when the country is willing to bow down & kneel down & say "Uncle!", "Uncle AC", they will make them come to terms & make some kind of arrangements whereby they realise they are being ruled by them & they promise to obey. And once the country really is theirs lock, stock & barrel, government, economy, businesses, trade, everything, they'll pour in the help & the money like they have done time & again & revive it under their control.
       28. SO I'M REALLY ENTHUSED ABOUT THE NEWS! This is one time you can be enthused about the news! For it shows the wisdom of God in bringing as much of the Family East as possible to survive as long as possible. So praise the Lord! TYJ!--Amen? Where are you?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family