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TRIBULATION SURVIVAL!--And Why the Millennium!--To Learn & Teach!       6/84       DO 1779

       1. YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY!--THERE WILL BE COPIES OF OUR LIT SOMEWHERE THAT WILL SURVIVE THROUGH THE TRIBULATION INTO THE MILLENNIUM that you can dig up & reprint from, our Family materials! Just look how they found copies of some Books of the Bible in the Wall of the Temple when they were refurbishing the Temple! Look at the Dead Sea Scrolls, how they hid those Scrolls in clay-sealed jars in caves near the Dead Sea that survived for hundreds of years!--In fact, over 2,000 years, some of them! Think of that!--Why, just surviving a little 3-&-1/2-year Tribulation is nothing! They're going to resurrect these materials from all over the World! I mean millions of people have got them & tens of thousands of our own people have even full sets & full Books & things like that!
       2. AND WE'LL HAVE SUCH A TREMENDOUS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM, BOTH NATURAL & SUPERNATURAL, THAT WE'LL BE ABLE TO LOCATE ALL OF THESE THINGS! In the Millennium, even the World will have all of this tremendous advanced communication system that the Antichrist system has been using to control the whole World & keep tabs on everybody in the World & every bit of knowledge & every library & everything! We will then have control of it!
       3. (MARIA: OH, SO YOU MEAN THAT ALL THIS SUPER TECHNOLOGY WON'T GET WIPED OUT DURING THE TRIBULATION OR THE WARS?) Not everything is going to get wiped out, no. Honey, our people are in over 100 countries throughout the World, most of which are not going to get wiped out at all! Why do you think the Lord is sending us all South?--Not just to preserve our work but to preserve us & our works & our literature & everything! Don't worry! They'll find every piece of it somewhere! I mean they may not find every piece but they'll find samples or examples of every piece, copies of every piece.
       4. THEY USED TO SAY THAT IF SOME TIME IN RECENT MODERN HISTORY, some of the dictators or even the Catholic church had been successful in wiping out every Bible in the World, that most of its contents could be reconstructed from the writings of the great writers & great literature like Shakespeare & so many different men who used to quote the Bible! (Maria: That's encouraging, since I always remember the stories I read about the big purges they used to have where the soldiers would go from house-to-house seizing all the Bibles & searching for those that had been hidden in the walls & the floors.) They never got them all! Look what you've got! Look at the millions of Bibles in the World today, hundreds of millions of them! They never got them all, ever!
       5. SO DON'T WORRY, OUR LIT WILL SURVIVE, OUR WORKS WILL SURVIVE, OUR BOOKS, THE WORKS, EVERYTHING!--"They Can't Stop Our Rain!" (See No.128.) They're not going to be wiped out by some little old 3-&-1/2-year Tribulation! It may be the worst the World has ever suffered, but the World has been suffering tribulation, some parts of the World have been suffering tribulation for the last 6,000 years! Somebody has always been suffering tribulation. There is tribulation for somebody all the time. I mean you can't have any more tribulation than people being in prison & tortured & killed, etc., for their faith. What more tribulation can you have than that?
       6. THIS IS JUST SIMPLY GOING TO BE THE FIRST WORLDWIDE TRIBULATION & THE FIRST WORLDWIDE GOVERNMENT. Do you understand? It will be the first World government with the first World dictator with the first World religion that is going to try to wipe out all other religions. It will be the worst time in the World's history because it will be the biggest. That's why it will be the worst, because it will be the biggest. It will be worldwide, not just in individual countries. But there are countries which are suffering Tribulation right now, tribulation conditions.--Like Russia & even restrictions in China & a lot of Communist countries & a lot of dictatorships, they're already suffering tribulation, some more severe than others, some milder than others, but various forms & degrees of tribulation right now are going on all over the World!
       7. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK THOSE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUFFERED NOW A LOT, THE LORD WILL SOMEHOW SPARE THEM FROM HAVING TO SUFFER DURING THE TRIBULATION?) Well, more than likely those who are suffering tribulation now He is going to take them Home, probably before the Tribulation. He promised to keep us in that hour. (Rev.3:10)
       8. SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE I'VE HAD MY TRIBULATION, I'VE HAD 65 YEARS OF TRIBULATION, HA! If you'd add all of mine up & concentrate it into 3-&-1/2 years, I think I'd feel I've pretty well suffered mine! We went through all kinds of hair-raising experiences & privations & hardships & sufferings & persecutions & dangers & threatenings to our lives & everything for many years in many different places & many different forms! If you'd shove'm all into 3-&-1/2 years, I bet I could cook you up a pretty good Tribulation I've suffered for the last 65 years, ha!
       9. SO THERE IS TRIBULATION GOING ON SOMEWHERE ALL THE TIME RIGHT NOW & some people are suffering, thousands of people or probably millions of people are suffering as much tribulation right now as people will suffer in the Great Tribulation! The only reason it's the Great Tribulation is because it's going to be everywhere, all over the World, the greatest Tribulation there ever was! He says, "A time of Great Tribulation such as was not since the World began, neither indeed shall be" (Mt.24:21), because never before has there been a worldwide government, a worldwide dictatorship, a One-World dictator & a worldwide Devil's religion that tries to stamp out all true religion worldwide! But there have been plenty of them on a small scale, even on a pretty big scale.
       10. TAKE A LOOK AT RUSSIA & SOME OF THE PAST YEARS IN CHINA during the Red Guard purge, etc.! And even under the Roman Government in the Early Days of the Church, there were 10 separate great persecutions that are recorded in History as 10 separate great persecutions of the Church by the Romans, in which Christians were hunted down, tracked down, killed, slaughtered, executed! They were trying to wipe them out because they thought they were a threat to the World dictatorship of Rome. I mean there have been tribulations ever since the World began! It began with Cain killing his brother Abel for his religion, "The beginning of sorrows!"--(Mt.24:8)
       11. SO TRIBULATION IS NOTHING NEW, THIS IS JUST GOING TO BE THE GREATEST THERE EVER WAS, THAT'S ALL. There's not going to be anything new about it. People are going to have the same kind of experiences & sufferings & persecutions & everything. You can't suffer any more, be persecuted any more than people have already suffered & have been persecuted all over the World for the last 6,000 years. So there is nothing new about the Great Tribulation except that it is going to be worldwide under a One-World government & a One-World dictator. That's why it's going to be the greatest, because it's the biggest! That's what it means by the "greatest," the biggest, not necessarily the most severe. Tribulations, persecutions & sufferings of God's children have been going on throughout the World ever since the World began, & they couldn't have suffered any more than they have suffered!
       12. MANY PEOPLE COULDN'T HAVE BEEN PERSECUTED ANY MORE OR SLAUGHTERED ANY WORSE! When you're killed you're killed! What greater persecution or tribulation can there be than that? And tens of thousands, yea, millions of Christians have suffered & been persecuted & been slaughtered for their faith! There have been examples throughout History of major slaughters of Christians, even as recently as the attempt by the Muslim Turks to wipe out the Armenian Christians! I think they claim they killed about a million of them! And look how the Communists have tried to wipe out Christians in various countries. Have they succeeded? No! But they have succeeded with some of them, right?--Not most of them! They haven't wiped out most of the Christians! They haven't found & slaughtered most of the real Christians. I would say it's just the opposite.
       13. I WOULD SAY THAT THOSE THEY FINALLY CATCH UP WITH & REALLY IMPRISON & WHO REALLY SUFFER & ARE TORTURED OR KILLED ARE THE SMALL MINORITY, only a fraction of the Christians, most are still at large & still functioning in Russia today. In fact, several people have come back from Russia & said that the church, the real Christians are thriving! I mean this has been the report time & time again from everybody from Peter Dyneka to Billy Graham. The Baptists are recognised in Russia, there is the recognised Church & everything from the Baptists to the Orthodox. It's only unrecognised denominations & unregistered ones that are really in danger, like us & the hippies, the Christian Jesus Revolution & things like that, those who refuse to obey the rules & follow the restrictions & to have a known organisation & known leaders & known places of worship, & no unauthorised services & that sort of thing, so they can always be sure to have a spy there to hear what you've got to say about what's going on.
       14. THE BEST CHRISTIANS WHO ARE DOING THE MOST WITNESSING & SOUL WINNING & ARE THE MOST ACTIVE & THE MOST FRUITFUL, OF COURSE, ARE THE ONES THEY'RE OUT TO GET! But there are millions of Baptists & millions of Orthodox Christians & all the various Christians & various denominations in between who are also Christians. (Maria: But don't you think they eventually do get most of the Christians who are doing anything for the Lord?) No, no, they don't get all of them. They don't get all of them. Look what's going on in Russia right now! What are you talking about? They don't get most of them. It looks to me from everything I've read that's coming in right now that most of them are getting away with it. They're catching up with very few of them.
       15. MY GOODNESS! LOOK AT ALL THE JEWS WHO ARE GETTING AWAY WITH IT IN RUSSIA & look at how few of them are even classed as dissidents & publicised like Sakharov & a few others! [DELETED] I mean that's such a planned campaign of publicity [DELETED] create sympathy for these Russian Jewish dissidents! [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey make more noise over one little Russian Jewish scientist who is being fairly well treated & taken care of by the government & everything else, he & his wife. He's fed, housed, clothed & given a job by the government, whatever it is.
       16. BUT THEY GIVE IT WORLDWIDE PUBLICITY THAT ONE [DELETED] JEW HAPPENS TO BE SUFFERING A LITTLE RESTRICTION--I WOULDN'T EVEN SAY PERSECUTION--IN RUSSIA! In order to suffer any, he had to go into a persecution complex & fast himself! I mean, you talk about persecution, [DELETED] [EDITED: "some people"] have a persecution complex! They start suffering long before they even suffer just through worrying about it, & they're worried about some of these people more than they even have to be! [DELETED]
       17. (MARIA: THEY DO HAVE THOUSANDS OF CHRISTIANS & DISSIDENTS IN SIBERIA.) Of course they do, because that's where they used to banish all of those that they didn't want to kill, that they had any trouble with! They wanted to colonise & populate Siberia, so they used to send them there. Even when I was a kid, that was the place that they sent everybody that they didn't like but whom they wanted to be useful somehow. They didn't actually want to kill them, so they sent them to Siberia. They made them go out there & settle & colonise it in order to have that worst part of Russia developed. It's the worst, coldest, most miserable part of Russia!
       18. SO THEY SENT THEM OUT, & LISTEN, IT'S NOT ALL TORTURE! They sent them out there, most of them actually to try to build their own houses & try to find their own food & try to survive. It was kind of like survival, sent them out in the woods, in the cold & the snow to try to survive, & most of them made it, they made it! So Siberia today is a hotbed of Christianity! Instead of a frozen Hell, it's a hotbed of Heaven! And they're thriving, that's where most of them are today! That's where most of the Christians are today. Most of the Christians managed to survive the persecution & the exile & banishment to Siberia, that's why Siberia is one of the most Christian & liveliest parts of all Russia!
       19. (MARIA: I'VE READ STORIES, ACTUAL TRUE STORIES ABOUT CHRISTIANS WHO HAD TO TRY TO SURVIVE IN THE WORK CAMPS IN SIBERIA FOR YEARS & YEARS...) Yes, & how old were those stories? How old are most of those stories? Most of those stories date back to the early days of the Russian Revolution in which Christians were really severely persecuted then, yes.--When the Russian Communists were extremely over-zealous & extremely anti-God, anti-Christ in their earliest days, when they were absolute red radicals, zealots, fanatics about persecuting Christians, killing them, torturing them, slaughtering them! I mean it was worse in those early days really than it is today. Today Russian persecution of the Church or Christians is fairly civilised & fairly educated & intelligent. Today instead of direct open persecution, they try other tactics, harassment, demotion, deprivation, discouragement, etc.
       20. COMMUNIST PERSECUTION OF CHRISTIANS IN RUSSIA USED TO BE OVERT & OPEN & COMMON & CONSTANT. And that was the day when they estimate that there might have been a couple of million Christians killed, when they were really trying to wipe them out. But they found out that instead of wiping them out, it made the Christians more zealous than ever & they thrived & they multiplied & it was having just the opposite effect from what the Communists wanted it to have!
       21. BUT IT WAS NOT WIPING OUT THE CHURCH, THE CHURCH WAS GROWING & BOOMING INSTEAD! So they stopped that overt persecution & overt opposition & they went into what is known as covert opposition instead, to try to undermine their faith instead by re-education of their children, brainwashing by literature, their devilish, demonic doctrines of unbelief such as evolution. It's the same junk they're teaching the kids in the Western World & undermining their faith & have already undermined it & become just as atheistic as Russia!
       22. THE KIDS OF THIS GENERATION ARE ALREADY LOST & GONE BECAUSE THE WESTERN CAPITALIST WORLD SYSTEM HAS ALREADY BECOME JUST AS ANTI-CHRIST AS RUSSIA & the Communists ever were & they have almost totally destroyed the faith of the youth, if they were ever going to have any at all, by their God-damned Evolution & their ridiculous palaeontology & their absolutely unbelievable astronomy & a few other silly things, undermining faith in God's Word & in the Bible & faith in God, etc., by all these doctrines of devils & anti-Christ, anti-Bible, anti-Christian, so-called scientific theories & blah, blah!
       23. SO THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM HAS DONE JUST ABOUT AS THOROUGH A JOB OF BRAINWASHING & RE-EDUCATION & WIPING OUT THE FAITH OF ITS YOUTH AS HAVE THE RUSSIANS! In fact, I think in some ways it's been much more successful because there hasn't been the religious persecution, overt, drastic, violent religious persecution that there used to be in Russia & which there is actually very little of today in Russia, from all we've heard & read, even the present reports. Look how they're letting those drifters the hippies wander around with no jobs & no place to go & no education & considered leeches on the body of society, & yet they're not just slaughtering them like they used to in the early days of their Communist Revolution! They're not just killing a hippy every time they see one! That's what they used to do. Instead, they're letting them survive & letting them get away with it!
       24. THEY'RE TRYING TO APPEAR MORE HUMANE, MORE CIVILISED, TODAY'S MODERN COMMUNISTS, LIKE A MORE NOR-MAL GOVERNMENT. They want more World respect. They're doing this of course to try to inspire the faith of the as-yet unconverted World, as yet unconverted to Communism & World Communism. They're saying it's not going to be so bad, that they're not as uncivilised & savage & cruel & merciless as they were in the early days of the early Communist revolutions, but that they have become educated, civilised, normal people & are not as wild & woolly & hair-raising as they used to be. They're trying to create faith in themselves & their system by even modifying their economies & becoming more Capitalistic & all the rest, both Russia & China. They're being more liberal, with more contact with the World & more communication, more détente.
       25. DETENTE WAS COMING ALONG JUST FINE WITH RUSSIA & THE U.S. WAS GETTING ALONG JUST GREAT WITH RUSSIA UNTIL THE SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS, JIMMY CARTER & RONALD REAGAN, CAME INTO POWER! The so-called "born again" zealous Bible-thumping Christians came into power, & they're the ones who virtually destroyed all détente with Russia! Whereas that is one thing you can give dear Nitler Nixon credit for, that at least he tried to make friends with the Russians & the Chinese, & the World was heading toward a certain amount of agreeing to disagree & a certain amount of détente & "let's at least live together, live & let live." It looked like things were going to go great & there was maybe going to be World peace after all. There got to be an amazing amount of détente, an amazing amount of agreement & agreeing to disagree & agreeing to live together, etc. I presume they went about as far as they could get, especially considering some of your radical, fanatical over-zealous Christian politicians who cannot compromise about anything or get along with anybody unless they happen to belong to their denomination or their particular faith, that's about how fanatical some of these so-called Christian religious zealots are!
       26. SO SOME OF THOSE GUYS LIKE JIMMY CARTER & RONALD REAGAN GOT IN POWER & THEY DESTROYED ANY HOPE THAT THERE WAS AT ALL OF COMING TO TERMS WITH THE RUSSIANS! Things with China did develop a little bit better after that, but Ronald Reagan just put the end to détente with Russia! He signed the U.S.'s own death warrant as far as getting along with Russia is concerned! Russia is now convinced she's got to wipe the U.S. out, & she will no doubt, eventually.
       27. (MARIA: COULD THERE BE A CHANGE IN THAT IF REAGAN WASN'T RE-ELECTED--DO YOU THINK ONE OF THESE OTHERS WOULD DO BETTER?) I don't know right now, but I'll tell you, I think what is going to happen first from every indication is the economic Crash! And that's going to hit the West & the U.S. worse than anything, worse than any war has ever hit them! It'll bring down their economic system, the Capitalist system, like Marx said, it is going to crumble of its own weight & corruption, & that is exactly what it is doing! The greed & covetousness & greediness & selfishness of the Western banking system is destroying the Western World!--And it is going to bring it down really because the Third World nations of the poorer countries just can't bear it! They can't stand these austerity measures & this slavery by that system, so they're just going to bring it down!
       28. IN A WAY THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE GUYS WHO ARE REALLY CLOSE TO THE ANTICHRIST & IN CONTROL OF THE WHOLE OPERATION ARE PROBABLY TRYING TO DO. A lot of their fellow anti-Christs & banks are going to crumble in the process. But they don't mind destroying part of themselves. [DELETED]
       29. [DELETED] They don't mind even destroying themselves or part of themselves if it is going to jockey them into an advantageous position of World control, which it will do, even if it destroys the Western [EDITED: "AC"] banks, or at least some of them. Undoubtedly they've got their picked banks & their picked industries, etc., that they are manoeuvering to survive & not go down with the rest of them.
       30. BUT IN THE MEANTIME I'M EXPECTING THE WORLD ECONOMIC CRASH TO COME FIRST & THAT WILL THEN MAKE THE WESTERN CAPITALIST WORLD DROP TO ITS KNEES FOR A SAVIOUR, ANYBODY WHO CAN SAVE THEM! And when he comes forth with the solutions which they've got already prepared & the Antichrist & his new World economic system & credit system & all the rest, the World will be tickled pink to receive it just to survive! PTL! I mean the Lord is working out His Will in every way, according to His plans!
       31. BUT BACK TO COMMUNIST PERSECUTION & THE RUSSIANS: I BELIEVE THE CHURCH IN RUSSIA TODAY, FROM EVERY REPORT WE'VE HAD, IS ACTUALLY THRIVING! It's not only surviving, it's actually thriving! And if the truth were known, there are probably more Christians, as well as what you call "real" Christians, active, hard-working, militant Christians, witnessing & soul-winning Christians, in Russia today than there were before the Communist revolutions 60-some years ago! So, instead of having wiped out the Church, the Communists by their various policies & persecution & even re-education & everything else have actually caused the Church to grow stronger & to survive & thrive! God takes care of His Own! And they are still surviving & still thriving in spite of everything!
       32. SO DON'T TELL ME THEY'VE CAUGHT UP WITH MOST OF THE REAL CHRISTIANS! It's obvious they haven't from the stories we're getting out of Russia right now! They don't even seem to be hardly trying half-heartedly, they've got so many other things to worry about now without having to worry about the Christians, they've got that situation pretty well under control. They've got the Christians banished or banned or squelched to either the lowest echelons of education or jobs or even out of school & out of jobs, like those drifting hippies, etc.
       33. SO THEY'RE NOT SO WORRIED ABOUT CHRISTIANITY THERE ANYMORE because they think or they feel they've got it under control, that it can't get very far without them knowing about it. That's why they're a little bit worried about the new youth Jesus Revolution because it seems to be thriving a little too much & growing a little too fast & they can't keep it under control or surveillance, because they have secret leadership & meet secretly & have unauthorised literature & meetings & are spreading like wildfire in Russia today! You know that! You read it! (See GNs 140 & 142, No.1648, etc.)
       34. THERE ARE STILL MANY MANY CHRISTIANS IN RUSSIA TODAY! When I was young, Peter Dyneka came out of Russia with tremendous stories of how the people packed the churches, & would stand up, packed body-to-body, crammed in these little tiny country church buildings, Baptist churches with hundreds of people outside trying to listen through the windows for two, three or four hours! Think of it!--In order to fellowship & hear the Gospel, etc. That's when I was young. When my children were young, Wurmbrandt came out of Russia with stories about how the people were hungry for the Gospel & would pack the churches to hear the Truth.--And it's still so today!--Billy Graham & other great evangelists say so!
       35. THE RUSSIANS HAVE NOT SUCCEEDED, THE COMMUNISTS HAVE NOT SUCCEEDED IN WIPING OUT THE CHURCH OR EVEN HARDLY SQUELCHING THE CHURCH! THERE'RE STILL MILLIONS OF REAL CHRISTIANS IN RUSSIA!--Real believers, from Baptists to Orthodox, even Pentecostals! There're Christians from one end of the scale to the other. Yes, a few of them are getting a little persecution if they get a little out of line & a little uncooperative, but most of whom are not being that militant or that active, but they're obeying the rules & the laws & staying in church & having their meetings at certain times that the spies can be there & having their preachers make sure they don't preach against Communism, as long as they just preach. I mean Billy Graham came out of Russia & there's another famous evangelist I remember who came back from Russia, a famous Baptist evangelist, who said he had just as much freedom preaching in Russia as he ever had in the United States!--Meetings, big meetings with thousands of Christians & church people! Think of that!--Right in Moscow!
       36. THE RUSSIANS TODAY ARE TRYING TO PUT ON A GOOD FRONT, A GOOD FACE OF NOT BEING CRUEL & SAVAGE & UNCIVILISED. They even put freedom of religion into their Constitution, & they're trying to pretend they're not that way anymore. They're not harem-scare'm, ripsnortin', wild-&-woolly, bomb-totin' terrorists runnin' around with a bomb in each hand like they used to be pictured as in all the newspapers when I was a kid! In all the political cartoons a Russian had on his Russian tunic & his hair stood straight up like a big woolly bushy head of hair & he was going around with a big round lighted bomb in each hand just ready to go off! That's the way they pictured the Russians then. Well, maybe that's the way they were in Russia, but not now. Russia has got a good solid bold front of being civilised, intelligent, educated & tolerant, even with so-called religious freedom in their Constitution. They are just trying to keep, you might say, the church under control without actually wiping out the church with genuine militant severe persecution as they did in the early days.
       37. THE CHURCH IN RUSSIA TODAY ACTUALLY HAS MORE FREEDOM & IS WIDER SPREAD, IS GROWING, IS SURVIVING & THRIVING BETTER THAN IT DID IN THE EARLY DAYS OF COMMUNISM!--From every report I have received.--From the days of Peter Dyneka to the days of Richard Wurmbrandt! He was a militant Christian who did suffer persecution because he refused to conform, he refused to obey the rules & he refused to stay in church, refused to have regular meetings that could be observed & watched, he kept working underground & publishing pamphlets underground & doing some of the same things some of our kids are doing there right now that they're apt to get in trouble for, & so he spent some time in prison, several years, but they finally let him out!
       38. WELL, I MEAN HE WAS A TOUGH EGG, & THAT KIND OF MILITANT, OBSTREPEROUS,STUBBORN CHRISTIANITY that just thumbs its nose openly & insolently at the authorities is bound to get in trouble! If in spite of many warnings & scoldings & everything you insist & keep right on doing what they've told you not to do, naturally you're going to get in trouble & naturally you are going to have problems & you're going to get what you call persecution. I'd almost say to you what I used to say to Wurmbrandt, I think he almost deserved it, considering the way he behaved! I mean you can't cause the Government to lose face like that & to be insulted & just publicly humiliated by some of the things that he did! That's not the way to try to survive in the System & under the System! At least you're not going to survive very long! You may be like the shooting star or the meteor, you may rise to great blazing fame & publicity, but you're going to die out real quick!--Anyway, he won his guards to the Lord!
       39. THE WAY TO SURVIVE IS [DELETED] working completely unknown & clandestinely so that nobody knows who they are, what they are or what they're doing! [DELETED]
       40. LOOK AT FAITHY, SHE GOT THROWN IN JAIL BECAUSE SHE WAS A LITTLE TOO OPEN & OBVIOUS, THEY WERE HAVING HUGE MEETINGS IN ARGENTINA WITH HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE ATTENDING! Naturally, a very restrictive government is going to get interested. They put them in jail for awhile till they found out what they were up to & what they were doing & finally let them go. They found out they were harmless, weren't militants, didn't have guns & they weren't preaching the overthrow of the government! That's all the government is worried about.
       41. (MARIA: IT SOUNDS LIKE IN RUSSIA WE'RE PREACHING THAT, HA, HA!) WELL, THEY BETTER BE CAREFUL! (MARIA: THEY'RE EXPLAINING TO PEOPLE THAT WE'RE A SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION, THAT THE LORD IS READY TO TAKE OVER THE EARTH & is right now gathering an army of soldiers in all parts of the World to be His collaborators, who will help run this country!) Well, that's kind of the way we used to preach in our early days in the U.S. too, which is one reason we got in a lot of trouble & thrown in jail & persecuted! History sort of repeats itself. But we're not quite as radical as we were then, we're not harem-tear'm-scare'm-wild-&-woolly-bushy-haired-wild-eyed radical revolutionaries like we were then! We've learned a few things: How to accommodate, how to even compromise, how to get along, how to cooperate with the government. [DELETED]
       42. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD USE THE SAME METHODS IN RUSSIA, WHICH IS A FAR MORE REPRESSIVE GOVERNMENT THAN THE U.S. WAS WITH THE HIPPIES?) I certainly think I would if I were over there! Of course maybe that kind of message wouldn't appeal to those hippies. But I think if I were over there I'd certainly advise those dear Christians to stay undercover & out of sight more & not do things that are apt to aggravate & provoke & displease the government & naturally bring the wrath of the authorities on their heads! I think they ought to try to cut their hair & dress according to the System so they wouldn't stick out like sore thumbs & always be so easily identified wherever they are! (Maria: Do you think it's necessary to sing the early songs of the Revolution?--"There's a Cry of Revolution" & such songs? It seems like doing those things is pretty risky!) Well, I guess that's what appeals to them, Honey.--It's according to their faith! (Mt.9:29)
       43. I GUESS THAT'S JUST LIKE IT APPEALED TO OUR KIDS IN THE EARLY DAYS, & I guess they've got to wear those funny clothes in order to find each other & recognise each other & feel that bond of fellowship & that bond of communication in the very earliest days. How else are they going to find each other? That's the way it was with us in the early days. We had a ready-made revolution already amongst the hippies, ready-made drop outs, ready-made rebels! We had a ripe & ready field already to harvest, the people who were fed up with the System & showed it & said it & looked it, so that we were able to find them & know where they were & could go to their habitats & preach to them because they were obviously fair game! They were obviously the ones who were the most ripe & ready to fall into our laps, & they did!
       44. BUT ONCE WE GOT THEM IT DIDN'T TAKE MORE THAN ABOUT A YEAR TO FIND OUT THAT IT DIDN'T PAY TO RUN AROUND WITH LONG HAIR & FUNNY CLOTHES & BE SO EASILY & READILY IDENTIFIED AS THE REBELS & REVOLUTIONARIES THAT THE SYSTEM WAS AFTER! So we cleaned up, washed up, cut our hair, dressed up & faced up to the fact that it was safer to look more like a Systemite, & I think most of our people do today. (See No.1202.) They've taken that advice, & that's how they can easily flow from one country to another, because they're not so easily identified. (Maria: We've changed our language too so we don't use those particular words like "revolution" & other words that scare the System!) Right!
       45. WE HAVE DONE EVERYTHING WE CAN NOWADAYS TO HIDE! There are enough of us & we've gone enough undercover & we've changed our looks & actions & language enough that we can stay out of sight & unidentified in such a way as to continue our work & still reach the youth & still reach the college students & still reach the high school students. We know where to find'm. They're around the schools. You don't have to look funny or dress funny, although a lot of them do, even in Russia!
       46. I THINK THAT'S PROBABLY ONE REASON THE LORD HAS ALLOWED THOSE HIPPIES IN RUSSIA TO LOOK FUNNY & DRESS FUNNY & ACT FUNNY & HAVE FUNNY HAIR, BECAUSE THEY ARE EASIER FOR US TO FIND THAT WAY! But I think once we've really got it rolling, & it looks like it is, they'd better start dressing up & cuttin' up or cuttin' down their hair, & I wrote a Letter on this somewhere. (ML No.1202.) "Face Up, Dress Up, Trim Up, Straighten Up!" Spruce up, face up, shape up, & look more like the System so the System can't find you so easily! (Maria: And don't run around crying "Revolution!") Yes, shut up! Right now they are looking sort of like we did in the Early Days. I think the Lord has allowed that to help us find them, but once we've got them, that is the time to start sprucin' up & shuttin' up & to stop cuttin' up, & cut their hair & shape up & look more like the System so they can't find them.
       47. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, THERE ARE MORE CHRISTIANS, EVEN ACTIVE CHRISTIANS, IN RUSSIA TODAY THAN THERE WERE IN THE DAYS OF THE EARLY RUSSIAN REVOLUTION WHEN THEY SLAUGHTERED THEM BY THE MILLIONS! Today they're not slaughtering them by the millions in Russia, they're letting them survive & they're hoping they'll just die out of old age, & of course, probably most of them will! They're older, middle-aged, old-aged, & they'd never take to our message any more than the church people in the U.S. took to it! We're after the youth, the young people--they're the ones who are reachable, they're the ones who are convertible! They're the ones that are fed up with their system & sold on our message!
       48. YOU CAN'T REACH THE OLD CHURCHIFIED CHRISTIANS WITH OUR MESSAGE! But they're already Christians, they're already saved. Go ahead & let them die of old age, so what? But there are even millions of them! There are millions of Baptists in Russia, the Baptists will tell you!--And millions of Orthodox in Russia, the Orthodox will tell you, & various shades & colours & Pentecostals in-between! So there are still millions upon millions of Christians in Russia today who are surviving, cooperating, collaborating, not disobeying & doing what they're supposed to be doing, just having church & just going to church, but saved, lots of them, even if dying of old age!
       49. BUT IT IS THE YOUTH WHO ARE THE RED-HOT HOTTENTOTS OF TODAY, & it seems like they have to be that way & we have to be that way to appeal to them, just like we did in the early days of the Jesus Revolution in the U.S.! But once we've found'm & got'm, God help them to change & change their way of dress & cut their hair & look more System & be less identifiable so they can survive longer! Amen? I mean that's what we did. They're going through the same stages we did. It looks like they have to be that way right now, but they'll learn.
       50. SO WHERE WERE WE?--PERSECUTION, TRIBULATION, WILL WE SURVIVE? WILL OUR LEADERSHIP SURVIVE? YES! Millions of Christians are surviving right now even in Russia under already Tribulation conditions! They've got one--not a One-World government, they're getting it ready--but they've got a one-empire government! They've got a one-empire religion, Communism, & they've got a one-empire persecution system! They've got it all right now in Russia!--And are surviving!
       51. THERE ARE PARTS OF THE WORLD RIGHT NOW WHERE CHRISTIANS ARE GOING THROUGH TRIBULATION & BEING PERSECUTED & HAVE TO LIVE UNDERGROUND & HIDE THEIR LIT & BIBLES & MEETINGS, ETC.! There is nothing new about it! It's been happening ever since the earliest times! The real Christians, the real religionists or people who have real faith in God have always suffered persecution from place-to-place, but never more than they could bear & never sufficient to wipe them out! The Lord has allowed them just to suffer enough to cause them to grow stronger & to survive & thrive, & also get out of their damned ruts & get into some other places out from under the persecution to spread the Gospel!--And it's been the history & the story of Christianity, Jews & Gypsies since the beginning of time, & I've been over & over that again & again!
       52. IT'S GOD'S PROCESS, HOW AT FIRST YOU PREACH THE MESSAGE, THEN YOU GET PUBLICITY & REAP THE HARVEST, & THEN YOU REAP PERSECUTION & THEN YOU MOVE ON TO SOME NEEDIER PLACE! I mean it was true of the Early Church, it's true of the Jews & Gypsies, it's been true all through History! There's nothing new about it! Don't worry! Christians, Jews, Gypsies & others have always suffered persecution throughout History. Yet there're probably more millions of Jews & Gypsies today than there ever were, & we know there are more millions of Christians than there ever were!
       53. SO THE DEVIL HAS NEVER SUCCEEDED IN WIPING EITHER ONE OUT. [DELETED] But he certainly has not succeeded in wiping out Christianity or faith in God! There are more millions of people with faith in God today than ever, in fact billions!--And there are more millions of Christians today than ever, in fact hundreds of millions!--And always have been & always will be!
       54. SO WHAT ARE YOU WORRYING ABOUT? THE DEVIL HAS NEVER BEEN ABLE TO WIPE US OUT! In fact, Christians have survived through the centuries, yea millenniums, & have not only survived but thrived & multiplied, & the World is more full of them today! So all our people are not going to get wiped out & all our literature is not going to get wiped out & totally lost, etc. Even those who have had to leave their lit behind, they're not the majority of people, & usually they left them somewhere with somebody to take care of, right? Maybe it got buried in the library or buried with their books or buried with their stuff in an attic or a garage or somewhere.
       55. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, IT'S GOING TO GET DUG OUT IN THE MILLENNIUM & we are going to be able to use it! I am convinced, absolutely convinced, & I could just say I'm sure, I know we are going to be able to put together every bit of lit that we have ever pubbed & that we need or want for the new educational system of the Millennium! (Maria: Do you think all of it will still be relevant? You know how we change our methods from time-to-time.) It'll be history! Historical!
       56. THAT'S WHY WE NEED THESE TOOLS, THESE REFERENCE WORKS. That's why we need these Indexes & Concordances & stuff like that, to just look up certain things that you want to look up. My goodness, Honey, look at the libraries of the World & their knowledge!--Billions of books! You don't have to read them all, nobody can read them all, right? You just study the subjects you're interested in. You just check out the books that you're interested in, right? If you're studying something in the Encyclopedia you just go along a certain train of thought, a certain line of investigation, a research about just the thing that you need to know & you're interested in. You don't read the whole set!
       57. EVEN THE BIBLE! THERE ARE VERY FEW PEOPLE THAT I KNOW WHO HAVE READ THE WHOLE BIBLE BUT ME! I don't know if you ever read it all! But I've read it all & I could almost say I know it all. But today I don't read it all. I haven't got time to read it all anymore! I just look up Verses I'm concerned about, & I use my Concordance to find passages that I need to quote & that sort of thing. We don't have to teach everybody everything! We don't have to go back to first grade again. We're just going to simply teach people what they need to know & they'll research whatever they need to know. We'll have the educational tools for every kind of people to re-educate them & brainwash them & inform them, everything we need!
       58. A LOT OF OUR LIT WILL BE MERELY HISTORICAL, OF COURSE. (Some might say hysterical!) (Maria: But love & faith & prayer are always the same, right? And all our basic teachings like litnessing & witnessing, which is our main job, & FFing, etc., haven't changed.) Oh, I'd say virtually all of the MOP & the KIDz MOP & apropos Komix & everything else that you've been getting out & working so hard on are going to be useful tools & up-to-date & just as effective & just as good for today & tomorrow as they were for yesterday!
       59. THAT'LL STILL BE OUR MAIN JOB, TO GET OUT THE WORD & TO RE-EDUCATE THE PEOPLE! We won't have to say "know the Lord" for everyone will know Him (Jer.31:34), because they can virtually see Him on the throne! But they'll certainly have to know a lot more than just to know that the Lord exists & He's here & ruling the World! They need to know a lot more than that! They need to know what He has to say. They need to know what Love is. They need to know what it is to be a Christian. They need to know what faith is. They need to know how to get saved & all the rest!--Amen?
       60. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK IT IS GOING TO BE A LOT LIKE IT IS NOW?) I THINK IT'S GOING TO BE A LOT LIKE IT IS NOW, EXCEPT WE WILL BE RUNNING IT, & that's a lot different than it is now, huh! So I think most of the material we are producing now is going to be useful in the re-educational programs of the Millennium! Think of the billions of ignorant heathen pagans, other religions, non-Christian religions who know little or nothing about Christ! "Yeah, well, we see Him sittin' on the Throne, but who the Heaven is He?--What is He? What's this all about? We don't even know what is going on!"
       61. THAT'S THE KIND OF PEOPLE WHO ARE GOING TO BE SPARED & ALLOWED TO LIVE INTO THE MILLENNIUM: THE IGNORANT, THE UNINFORMED, THE UNREACHED, THE UNEVANGELISED!--The people who don't know what's going on! They're the ones God is going to have mercy on & help to survive the Tribulation & the Wrath of God & live on into the Millennium, so that we can give them the Gospel & re-educate them & tell them all about Jesus & all about God & all about Love & even about the Bible & the history of faith in Christianity & even about the Family & the Jesus Revolution & its history & how our faith managed to survive & all the rest!
       62. (MARIA: AND ARE WE GOING TO TEACH THEM ABOUT THE FUTURE?) OF COURSE! THEY DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT BIBLE PROPHECY! THEY WON'T EVEN KNOW THEY'RE LIVING IN THE MILLENNIUM! Why do you think it's going to take a thousand years? It's going to take a thousand years to re-educate them & to tell them & to explain to them & help them all to understand, so that they will all have had their chance at least in that thousand years of the personal rule & reign of Jesus Christ & His Saints on the Earth, they will have had as much if not more chance to hear the Truth & either receive it or reject it, as the rest of the billions of the Earth have had for the past 6,000 years!
       63. WE'RE ONLY GOING TO HAVE A THOUSAND YEARS TO DO WHAT THE CHURCH HAS TRIED BUT LARGELY FAILED TO DO IN THE PAST 6,000 YEARS OF NOT REACHING THE WHOLE WORLD! (Maria: How many people do you think will be in the World then?) Millions!--Probably most of the billions that are on Earth right now! How many would you say have never really heard the Gospel? How many would you say have never really been witnessed to or understood what we were talking about or never have seen our lit or read it?--There are millions! (Maria: Probably at least two-thirds of the World's population!) I would say at least hundreds of millions, or I wouldn't be a bit surprised that you're right, probably two or three billion! They claim there are four billion people in the World today.
       64. I'D SAY, CONSIDERING HOW LITTLE GOSPEL HAS BEEN PREACHED EVEN BY THE CHURCHES & HOW LITTLE REAL EVANGELISM HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED in going into all the World & preaching the Gospel to every creature, how little has been done & how few have been reached, there are probably two or three billion people on Earth even to this very day who've never heard the Gospel! Although they may have heard about Jesus as some kind of a distant, vague, religious leader of one of the religions of the Earth, they still have never really heard the Gospel or Who He was or what He was or what it was all about! I would say there are probably two or three billion people on Earth who have never really had a fair chance to really hear the Gospel sufficiently to get saved, to either receive it or reject it! They've never really had a chance to see & hear Jesus in us & either knowingly understand & receive Him or to knowingly understand & reject Him! Billions!
       65. (MARIA: MAYBE YOU BETTER UP THAT TO THREE-QUARTERS OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION, HA!) You're uppin' the ante already, ha! I mean look at all the Christians & the church people & Christian religions of today who don't preach the Gospel, who don't even know the Gospel, who don't even understand Salvation & are even unsaved! The vast majority of the so-called Christian church of today on this Earth are unsaved & have never heard the Gospel & don't even know how to get saved! (Maria: Maybe you better up that too! Ha!) Oh, you're going up to 90% now! Ha, ha, ha!
       66. (MARIA: YOU MEAN WE'RE GOING TO HAVE 90% OF THE WORLD'S PRESENT POPULATION IN THE MILLENNIUM?) I wouldn't be surprised if the Lord is going to be that merciful that most of them are going to survive! I don't know about 90%, but most of them are going to survive into the Millennium so they can have their chance. I believe it.--And who is going to give it to them?--We're it! It's going to be up to us to tell it & to explain it to them. (Maria: We're going to have to increase our ranks!) Why yes, of course! That's why I said we are going to use the most available tools!--Our Lit!
       67. THE FIRST PEOPLE WE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO RE-EDUCATE ARE THE CHURCH PEOPLE! We are going to have to train them to witness & preach the Gospel & get people saved! Believe it or not! (Maria: You mean we're going to do the same thing then as we're doing now?)--Why not? Well, that's a little bit different since we are going to be the rulers & in control & we'll run the schools & the colleges & the whole educational system, including the seminaries & everything else! That's going to be quite a bit different, not the same thing! (Maria: No wonder it's going to take a thousand years!)
       68. I MEAN IT IS GOING TO TAKE YEARS TO DO THIS THING IN THE MILLENNIUM! Because then the Curse is removed & there is not going to be as much death! Therefore, there won't be as many dying or needing to have as many babies also. You look back in Bible history during the days before the Flood, they didn't have near as many children, but they lived to be nearly a thousand years of age! I mean they couldn't have had so many children because they'd have overpopulated the World in a hurry! So He said actually it was a result of the Curse that He was going to multiply woman's conception (Gen.3:16) because He knew that the Curse & sin was going to destroy so many people, He'd have to have women have more babies & faster to replenish the Earth & keep up the population so that mankind would survive! Otherwise they would have killed themselves off a long time ago! They would have perished ages ago! So God had to multiply the babies in order to have some people left! Look at all the wars that have slaughtered thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions! That's why He's had to have so many babies keep popping out all over in order to replenish the Earth! That's a job that began way back with Genesis & has continued to the present, replenishing the Earth! Faster than man & the than Man & the Devil can kill them off, God has got to replenish, so there will still be some more people to get saved! Praise God! Amen?
       69. BUT IN THE MILLENNIUM THERE WON'T BE THE DESTRUCTION, THERE WON'T BE THIS SLAUGHTER, THERE WON'T BE THE VIOLENCE, THERE WON'T BE THE DISEASE & ALL THE REST THAT TODAY SLAUGHTERS MILLIONS!--In fact, most everybody, in fact everybody eventually! If in the Millennium anybody dies even at 100 years of age, they are going to be considered a young child! (Isa.65:20) In other words, they're going to live to be a thousand again! Think of that! Not only we who have supernatural immortal bodies & live forever, but the natural normal mortal people on the Earth who survived are now going to live the greatest longevity ever known to man--a thousand years! So probably most of the people who survive into the Millennium are going to live to the end of it! Think of that!
       70. (MARIA: WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO FOR ALL THAT TIME?) WE'RE GOING TO KEEP BUSY RE-EDUCATING THEM & EDUCATING THEIR CHILDREN & THEIR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN! There is going to be some progeny! (Maria: Why are people going to need to live that long?) Because the World needs what I call not a Second Chance, but a first one!--Most of the World! So they need to live that long in order to survive long enough to get thoroughly indoctrinated & trained & brainwashed & ready for Eternity, ready for Heaven!--Amen? HAL! TYJ!
       71. (MARIA: IT DIDN'T TAKE US A THOUSAND YEARS, WHY IS IT GOING TO TAKE THEM A THOUSAND YEARS?) What do you mean it didn't take us a thousand years?--We don't know it all yet! What are you talking about? (Maria: We'll be learning a lot in the Millennium too?) For God's sake, yes! I mean we've just scratched the surface, what are you talking about? (Maria: Well, I thought we were going to be so busy teaching others that we'd hardly have time to do much else.) You must think you know everything just because you belong to the Family, just because you read the MO Letters, just because you read the Bible, you think you know everything! (Maria: Wait, I didn't say that!) You haven't even begun to know everything! There we've got a whole new educational process & system to have to go through ourselves to learn what God knows & what the Angels know & all about the Universe & all about God's History & Creation! What do you think we have that fairground in that corner of Heaven for anyhow? It's a part of an educational system!--Millennium nothin'!--It's going to go right on into Heaven!
       72. (MARIA: WAIT, BUT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT ALL THIS LEARNING IN THE MILLENNIUM OR IN HEAVEN?) WE'RE STILL GOING TO BE LEARNING IN HEAVEN TOO! (Maria: In Heaven yes, but also in the Millennium?) Well, of course it's going to be in the Millennium! Honey, we are also going to be learning & in school & being educated & taught, only we're going to be in upper echelons! They're going to be in kindergarten & grade school & high school, while we are going to be in college & university & the Universal University, the University of the Universe! No wonder we're going to need a thousand years! The normal people of the World of course will be living the same hours of the day, day & night, springtime & summer & fall & harvest & winter, & it's all going to continue right on through the Millennium & people are going to be virtually just the same as they are today, except it is going to be a new World government & they are going to have Angels they can see, us, all-powerful, supernatural, miraculous!--And no more devils or curses till the End!
       73. (MARIA: AND WE WON'T HAVE TO WASTE TIME WITH SLEEP!) We don't have to sleep, no. We won't even get tired or hungry! If we sleep, it's only to maybe try to experience it & see what sleep was like. We don't even have to eat! Jesus even ate after He was resurrected, but just for the pleasure & fellowship. I believe it was just more or less for fellowship, just to enjoy! Because you can still even enjoy eating, the physical thrills, sex & all the rest, even having babies right on through the Millennium & in fact right on into Heaven, as we've already shown!
       74. BUT MY GOD, HONEY, LOOK AT ALL WE HAVE YET TO LEARN! WE'VE GOT TO LEARN EVERYTHING THAT THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE PASSED ON BY THE BILLIONS ALREADY IN HEAVEN HAVE ALREADY BEEN LEARNING! They are going to be teaching us, they've been learning what the angels know & what God knows & they're going to be teaching us! We're still going to be in school! But we'll be supervisors of college grads & the teachers of the high schools & the grade schools & the kindergartens & whatnot while at the same time we are going to be sitting in Heavenly teachers' seminars learning what we need to know. (Maria: I guess we'll get our education in during the hours that they're sleeping, so we'll have a headstart.) Well, that quite possible.--Teach them all day & we take classes all night. Night school for us. (Maria: I wondered how we were going to do both.)
       75. IT'S SIMPLE!--IT'S COMPLICATED BUT IT'S SIMPLE. IT'S COMPLEX, BUT IT'S PRETTY PLAIN WHY WE NEED A THOUSAND YEARS! How could you ever even ask such a question! (Maria: I can see now, ha!) You can see now? Well, I'm glad I made it plain to you. (Maria: Because I'm very dumb & that's why I ask such dumb questions.) Well, Honey, those are just the questions the Family would ask & what they need to know. XXX! And that's why the Lord made you simple &, as you say, dumb, but you're not really dumb. No, you're not stupid, but just simple & simple-minded enough that you ask the same questions that our people would ask, things they want to know. So there you are. So we'll still be in our own schools & in the process of being educated while we are educating others who don't know as much as we do, while we're educating the whole World!
       76. IT'S GOING TO TAKE A THOUSAND YEARS! Apparently the Lord knows it's going to need a thousand years or He certainly wouldn't be giving us a thousand years, for the Saints are going to rule & reign with Christ for a thousand years. (Rev.20:4) God's Word says so, so we know it's true! What for?--To get our education in ruling & reigning & how to rule & reign & to know what the other Saints & Angels have found out already & to teach the poor dumb World! Talk about stupid & simple & dumb, the World is going to be dumb know what's in the Bible! They don't even know Bible Prophecy or the Future! They don't even know Salvation much less the deeper life or Holy Spirit or healing or Bible Prophecy or all the rest of the deeper things!
       77. LOOK HOW DUMB THE CHURCH IS! I MEAN WE'VE GOT TO RE-EDUCATE THEM! But we're going to use even them, because at they can teach the people, the common ordinary people of the World of other faiths & religions & even the dumb people of the churches, they can at least teach them what they know. Right? (Maria: Yes, sir!) So, what are you worried about, thinking you've got too much time in the Millennium?--A thousand years? What do you need a thousand years for? Well, you'll see! You'll need a thousand years to teach billions of people & re-educate hundreds of millions of church people, Christians, & teach them to teach others to teach others to teach others! (2Tim.2:2)
       78. I BET YOU JUST DELIBERATELY COOK UP THESE QUESTIONS & save them up till you get back in bed with me to rouse my ire & get me mad so I'll give you the answers! (Maria: Well, when you're waking up from a nap it's a good time to do it before you get started on any other projects or anything else you need to do.)--When I'm still half in the Spirit! But that is enough! I'm getting up! I have work to do! OK, so that was part of my work, so that's part of my job but that part is done & I think an hour is enough. Most of my Letters are too long.
       79. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING THAT MY MOTHER SAID: She said one thing she learned in Bible college was, after studying all the philosophers & great religious leaders of the World & ancient History & everything, there is one thing that was different about Jesus Christ she had to admit: He had the most wonderful system of ethics of any of them & nothing He had ever said was out of date or obsolete! It all was just as good for today as it was for when He first said it! So I would say that that is true of most of what we have taught you.
       80. TIMES CHANGED FROM THE DAYS OF MOSES TO THE DAYS OF JESUS. We're no longer under that law & things are different from the times of the Jews. There are some changes. But God & His Love & His Salvation (Maria: Love, prayer & healing), all those things will never change, & that's what most of what we have had to say has been about. (Maria: Witnessing.) Yes.--Teaching, training, witnessing, learning to live the good life, the deeper life, the spiritual life & learning to love & serve others & serve the Lord, that's what most of it has been about.
       81. I THINK WE'RE STILL GOING TO BE ABLE TO USE MOST OF WHAT WE ARE PRODUCING & PUBLISHING TODAY!--Both "Here & Now for There & Then!" (See No.1092.) Now that I am convinced of! I could almost say I know, I'm sure of! Because what we need now for all of our own converts & our people, even our own people, we are going to need then just as much as for the World of that day!--Not for ourselves, we'll be more supernatural & we'll have our own schools & colleges, so to speak, where we're learning what the Angels & the Saints & God knows.
       82. BUT WHAT WE'RE PUBLISHING NOW IS GOING TO BE EXTREMELY USEFUL FOR THE WORLD OF THAT DAY!--Shall I say the Worldly people, the natural, normal people, flesh-&-blood people of the World, the billions of people who are going to live a thousand years, that we are going to have to educate & train & evangelise & teach for a thousand years!
       83. I BELIEVE THAT MOST OF THE MATERIAL WE ARE NOW PRODUCING IS GOING TO BE BASICALLY USEFUL FOR THEN, WHAT WE'RE USING RIGHT NOW! If it is good for our own people now it is going to be good for those then, the people of the World & the Christians & the church people then. If it is good for the World now, it is going to be good for those then.
       84. ALL OF WHAT WE ARE PUBLISHING NOW IS GOING TO BE USEFUL RIGHT NOW & THROUGH THE TRIBULATION. But I think most of it, if not all of it, is going to also still be useful with the World population after the Tribulation, after the Wrath of God & in the Millennium! Those people are going to be natural, normal human beings like we were, & going to be going through a lot of the same things we did then, & need the same sort of instruction we need now.
       85. (MARIA: WELL, YOU OUGHT TO BE GLAD I ASK DUMB QUESTIONS OR WE WOULDN'T HAVE GOTTEN SUCH BRILLIANT ANSWERS!) OK, Sweetheart.--Amen. God bless you! You're inspired! Obviously your questions are inspired. Praise the Lord! God bless you, Honey! I love you! Your "dumb" questions, I must admit, do inspire smart answers, ha, ha, ha! (Maria: The Lord can use it even if the Devil brings it, huh? Ha!) The Devil didn't bring it, you know that!--A little child brought it!--The kind of little children we have all over the World that need to know these things.--You!
       86. THE LORD MADE YOU A LITTLE CHILD SO YOU'D ASK A LITTLE CHILD'S QUESTIONS, SO THAT OUR CHILDREN ALL OVER THE WORLD WILL HAVE THE ANSWERS to the very same questions they're asking or would be asking if they could, or they would if they were here. (Maria: If they had the gall & the presumption & the doubt like I do, ha!) Honey, you don't have doubt! (Maria: Yes, I do, that's why I ask all these doubtful questions.) No, Honey, you're like the man who said, "Lord, I believe, help Thou mine unbelief!" (Mark 9:24) You believe enough, but I have to keep helping your unbelief, ha, ha, ha! So there you are! I hope that encouraged your faith & eliminated some of your unbelief in the present & the future. TTL! GBY! ILY! XXXXXXX!
       87. I'VE SAID ALL THESE THINGS BEFORE. (Maria: I'm sorry, my memory is so bad, I just don't remember.) I guess the Lord made you that way with a bad memory, because they forget too. I love you, Honey! You're just perfect! You're just the way the Lord made you to be & just perfectly what I need to keep me answering questions. Your questions have inspired a lot of talks, a lot of lessons & a lot of Letters, so don't be ashamed to ask "dumb" questions. I daresay they wouldn't have gotten as many Letters & lessons if you hadn't asked questions. I don't think your questions are all so dumb. I think most of them are pretty smart, things people need to know or things that once they were told but they've forgotten. (Maria: Well, you never say it exactly the same way twice. You always add a little different angle to it & we learn something from that too.)--Amen.
       88. THAT'S THE WAY THE LORD DOES WITH US: HE KEEPS TELLING US A LITTLE BIT MORE EACH TIME, A LOT OF THE SAME THINGS OVER AGAIN TO REMIND US, PLUS A FEW NEW ITEMS THAT WE NEVER HEARD BEFORE! (Maria: I guess that's the way the Bible is.) Think how many centuries & millenniums the church has heard of the Millennium, but how often did you hear the church teaching what was going to happen in the Millennium or what we were goin to be doing? How much did you really ever hear about the Millennium other than floating around on a cloud & playing harps? (Maria: That was in Heaven. I don't know, they never said what you were going to do in the Millennium!) They kind of skipped over that, didn't they? They couldn't figure out what it was for in the first place! I don't think they liked the idea of ruling & reigning over the Earth, it sounded too much like work! They don't want to do it now, so why should they do it then? (Maria: Christians are really rather lazy people, most of them.) Yes, even the Christians in Russia! It takes some a little persecution to get them off their butts & busy & get them to move along, or get them to move at all!--Including some of us!--How about you?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family