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MILLENNIAL PREP!--What This Life Is For!       DO1780       6/84

       1. YOU SHOULD NEVER PAY ANY ATTENTION TO WHAT I SAY ABOUT NOT WORRYING ABOUT RECORDING.--JUST GO AHEAD & STICK THE TAPE RECORDER DOWN THERE, whatever I say, because that whole little talk would have been a good one for everybody. The lessons you're learning around the house just in supervising maintenance & the water system & the electrical system & the ventilation & all these different small items in just one small physical plant like this house is a pretty good sample of what you are going to have to do with whole cities in the Millennium where you'll be concerned about their electricity & their water & their sewage & safety, etc.

       2. THANK GOD WE HAVEN'T HAD TO WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT SEWAGE HERE, except the downstairs bathroom.--And that's working pretty well? (John: They flush it once in the morning & once at night.) Well, if it gets too bad during the day they might try a third, maybe a noontime flush, especially if the girls are starting to use it more now. They shouldn't have to go anyplace else just to urinate. Advise & counsel them on that, will you? Even in the daytime they shouldn't have to go to another toilet, except if it is something more serious, a BM. Will you tell'm that? Now women have a little problem along that line: Once they sit down they sometimes have an unexpected BM, so they're going to have to look out for that. But if it gets pretty stinky down there, maybe they can flush three times, in the morning, middle of the day & evening. They could see what happens, because it will get most of its use in the daytime.

       3. BUT IN THE MILLENNIUM YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE TO THINK & PLAN & SCIENTIFICALLY ANALYSE LOTS OF THINGS, because your mind is going to be clearer & better than it ever was before, with supernatural wisdom & all of that. But you're going to supervise normal human beings who are still in their normal mortal bodies who've managed to survive through the Tribulation & Armageddon & the Wrath of God!--And they certainly, will have to be blessed of God to do that! But they're going to be the best of the people who were on the Earth, as God is going to have destroyed the worst.

       4. THE ANTICHRIST & HIS WHOLE KINGDOM & ALL OF HIS PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE DESTROYED IN ARMAGEDDON & THE WRATH OF GOD. We'll finish them off, so that we're only going to get what's left, which is going to be the best of the people of the Earth, TG!--You might say the "good" people, the innocent & the ignorant & the unevangelised & the people who didn't really have a chance. For the Millennium we are going to have the best people who were on the earth left, & I wouldn't be surprised if we are going to have two or three billion of them left!

       5. ALTHOUGH ONLY A SMALL MINORITY OF THE WORLD'S POPULATION IS REALLY SAVED, THERE ARE LOTS OF GOOD MORAL PEOPLE IN THE WORLD who have a good moral code of ethics & they've had some kind of religion which has taught them to be good & the difference between right & wrong & not to do wrong. And I would almost venture to say that the majority of the World's population are "good" people in most countries which have good moral religions, be they Christian or not! You know what I would say proves that?--The fact that you don't have absolute chaos, anarchy & nothing but criminals in most countries!

       6. MOST COUNTRIES, MOST PEOPLE YOU KNOW, ARE PRETTY WELL-BEHAVED. They may cheat a little here or there, or they may lie a little here or there, but they don't all go around killing people & robbing & attacking people & really vicious & violent! You know what I mean? Most people are fairly moral & fairly good & at least consider themselves so. In fact, in some countries most of them are pretty self-righteous, they really think they're the best, they don't really think they're bad at all like some places, especially in the North. But as for self-righteousness, the North hasn't got a monopoly on that either! There are plenty of people in the World that are so good that they're pretty self-righteous about it, they really think they're pretty good.

       7. BUT I WOULD SAY THE AVERAGE WORLD'S POPULATION IS FAIRLY WELL-BEHAVED. You take the poor, even the poor little peons working out in the fields, they don't go around chopping each other up & murdering their families & robbing their neighbors all of the time! There would be all-Hell let loose, there would be chaos, there would be mayhem! There would be absolute anarchy! So criminals & the bandits & the murderers & the robbers & the family beaters etc. are really in the minority, & I would say those are the "bad" people.

       8. I WOULD SAY IN THE WORLD TODAY, ALTHOUGH THERE IS A VERY SMALL MINORITY THAT IS SAVED, THAT THERE IS A LARGER MAJORITY WHO ARE FAIRLY GOOD, & only a very small minority of actual criminals & very bad people. Most people behave & keep the law most of the time, at least they don't break it enough to where they can't get away with it, you know, where it is bothering anybody too much. They cheat the government a little bit on their taxes or cheat a little bit in business where they're not hurting somebody else so much that they are going to holler about it. A lot of people probably do as much as they can get away with safely, & still save face & put up a good front to the community & the neighbors & the government as being a good person. Otherwise, the World would be in absolute chaos & anarchy & it wouldn't be safe anywhere! I mean it would be just like the World without any Police!

       9. THIS IS WHY THE LORD SAYS HE SENT THE POLICE & HE HAS THE POWERS-THAT-BE IN POWER TO KEEP THE PEACE & to keep everybody from turning criminals & anarchists & robbers & murderers & slaughterers!--If those Police didn't carry those guns, brother, we wouldn't be safe anywhere! "He carries not the sword in vain!" (Rom.13:4) If they didn't carry guns, it wouldn't be safe to walk out into the street! You wouldn't even be safe in your house, because you can bet your boots the robbers would have guns & the murderers would have guns! So thank God for the government! Thank God for the Police!--Amen? So I would consider that the average case--that most folks are fairly good.

       10. OF COURSE, GOD'S JUDGEMENTS MAY BE A GOOD DEAL DIFFERENT FROM MINE, but I've been talking to Maria about this, & I'd say that the majority of the World's population, since they have not been evangelised & they have not really heard the Gospel & not really seen the Love of God nor heard the Word & really don't know, are really ignorant of the Truth. I would say, if I were God, that they really deserved another chance.--And I think that's exactly what the Millennium is for!

       11. IN THE TRIBULATION, ARMAGEDDON & WRATH OF GOD HE IS GOING TO REALLY PURGE THE WORLD OF THE WORST ELEMENTS OF ALL!--I mean really clean'm out, clean out the worst people, the bad people! The preachers always used to say the wicked, & "wicked" included everybody that didn't belong to their denomination! Ha, ha, ha! Everybody else was a sinner unless they believed like they did. Well, with maybe a little broader Christian charity they might have considered maybe a few other people who were Christians of some other denominations at least, denominations which were pretty close to theirs that might be safe. But generally speaking anybody outside of their denomination was probably wicked or considered so!

       12. WELL, WE'RE A LITTLE BROADER-MINDED & WE BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE MANY CHRISTIANS & many really Christ-believing, Gospel--preaching, Salvation-teaching denominations that are really saved, born again!--But of course that it is even a very small minority of the churches! Just think, of the hundreds of millions of Christians, there are supposed to be maybe 600 million Catholics in the World, & I'd say certainly not more than a billion people, who count themselves nominally as professed Christians, at least, because they are citizens of a Christian country or something. Even if they don't know anything about the Lord or the Bible or never go to church, they still think they're Christians!

       13. IN FACT, IN LATIN AMERICA, IN SOME OF THOSE COUNTRIES THEY CLAIM UP TO 90% OF THE PEOPLE PROFESS TO BE CATHOLICS, BUT NOT 10% OF THEM ARE PRACTICING, CHURCH-ATTENDING CATHOLICS!--And how many of them would you even say were saved?--Why might they not be saved? The Catholic church doesn't preach Salvation! It is a "works" religion, self-righteousness, penance, do good works, merit, earn your grace, that kind of stuff! So very few of the 600 million Catholics are even good Catholics, much less saved! If you'd go by the average of most of the Catholic countries of Latin America, that's the case!--And if you'd apply the same stick, it's probably even worse in some of the European Catholic countries like ltaly & France & Spain & Portugal etc.

       14. IF 90% CLAIM TO BE CATHOLICS & ONLY 10%, ACCORDING TO ACTUAL STATS, ARE PRACTICING CATHOLICS, THEN YOU'VE GOT A MIGHTY SMALL BUNCH WHO ARE SAVED, IF AT ALL! And I'd say those practicing Catholics--& by the way, most of them are women who attend church--I'd say that they are fairly good people, trying to be good, trying to be religious, trying to worship the Lord, really trying to love God. They're doing the best they know how, but ignorantly, they don't know how to be saved. They don't really know Jesus, they haven't really received Him, much less the Holy Spirit, so that they really are not born again.

       15. NOW LOOK AT ALL THOSE GOOD PEOPLE, lots of good Catholics & good religionists who are sincere, honest, moral, righteous people, who go to church faithfully & try their best to worship & love God & give & do good to others & who know that God is Love, but still don't know how to be saved! There are very few people really saved! We are sort of in a small minority.

       16. IF IT WEREN'T FOR ALL THE HELP OF THE BILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS ALREADY GONE ON, brother, if we only had what few Christians, real Christians, saved Christians are left at the end of the Tribulation to be raptured, we'd have a pretty tough job on our hands coming back to run the World! But thank God we've got billions of Christians already in Heaven!

       17. IN OUR BROAD ASSESSMENT, ABOUT 7 BILLION PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY DIED DURING ALL WORLD HISTORY.--SO I'D SAY WE'VE GOT AT LEAST TWO OR THREE BILLION SAVED ALREADY THERE who have already been getting a good education & learning & preparing been getting a good education & learning & preparing for this big job! So when we get there, although we will be more recently arrived from actual experience here, & maybe like travellers from afar, we'll be more up-to-date on all the latest on what's going on, in a way. We'll just be adding a little bit more to what they already know.

       18. SO WE WILL HAVE A LOT OF GOOD TEACHERS & A LOT OF GOOD HELPERS! TTL! SO WE ARE NOT ALONE! We are not going to be doing this all by ourselves! We'll have at least a couple of billion others to help us who are already there & have been learning & have been studying & been taught by the Lord & the angels, learning the ropes & the whole works, & have been getting a lot of experience at it too!

       19. THE JOBS OF THOSE ANGELS & SAINTS ON THE OTHER SIDE IS A PRETTY BIG JOB when you consider how many people every day they have to usher into both Hell & Heaven, how many millions die every day! That's a big job in itself!--Besides all the educational program that is going on in both places right now! I mean the other World is full, of workers & a big job & a lot of work! Also, some're real busy right now taking care of us, angels around us to guard us. There are angels that are guards & angels that are messengers, angels who are rulers of countries & angels who stand by the Throne of God etc. Just read the Bible, there are all kinds of angels! They have all kinds of different jobs.--And there're even Archangels who are over a whole people, like Michael is our Archangel, & even Gabriel has a lot to do with us!

       20. SO THE ANGELS HAVE GOT A BIG JOB, & of course they are totally supernatural beings, very powerful beings who are undoubtedly educating & training & teaching the newcomers as well as maybe some of the oldtimers, but especially the newcomers, you know, sort of teaching them how to use their wings, so to speak. Well, maybe that job is given to the other Saints who are a little further down the line. Wouldn't that be fun? I mean it's going to take a little while to get used to that kind of power & how to use it, & I don't think it is going to be all that different. You might even have to learn how to fly, ha!

       21. MY IDEA OF HEAVEN & THE OTHER WORLD IS A PRETTY PRACTICAL, COMMON SENSE, DOWN-TO-EARTH JOB! I didn't intend to be preaching to you a sermon, but I'm explaining to you why I think even the handyman work we're doing & learning about water systems & electrical systems & ventilation systems & all kinds of things are very important, because we'll have whole cities, & even whole countries! God help us to try to get them out of cities, & have no more cities than necessary! But we'll have whole countries full of people who are still natural, normal human beings who will need water & lights & power & sewage disposal & all the normal, natural things that people need, that we need today! And you guys are learning these fundamental basic things just in taking care of our Family now.

       22. IF YOU ARE FAITHFUL IN THESE FEW THINGS, THEN YOU ARE GOING TO BE FAITHFUL IN THOSE MANY THINGS. (Lk.19:11-27) The ruler told the guy that he'd only given one pound but who'd gained 5 pounds from it, "I'll make you a ruler over five cities!" And the guy who gained 10 pounds, he gave 10 cities! Well, that's quite a bit nowadays! A pound then was 1/60 of a talent, which was about a hundred pounds of gold!--That's a talent--exactly 104 pounds, I think it is. That's the old Biblical term, "talent." Brother, that's a lot of gold! You add up a hundred pounds of gold today & you've got 1,600 ounces & you multiply that by about $400 & see what you get! Do you want to know? I like stats! (Dad figuring 1600 ounces times $400.)

       23. IN MATTHEW 25 IT WAS TALENTS, SO THERE YOU'VE GOT $640,000!--THAT'S JUST ONE TALENT OF GOLD! THAT'S 2/3 OF A MILLION DOLLARS!--TIMES 10 TALENTS, WHICH IS WHAT HE HAD GAINED, THAT'S $6,400,000! So the Lord figured, I'm sure, if He could trust him with his talents to earn over six Million Dollars that he could sure trust him with more!--Right? (John: I always thought it was a few pennies or something!) No, a talent was a hundred pounds of gold, so 10 talents is $6,400,000! And even one talent is $640,000, which is 2/3's of a million. That's quite a bit of money! So if he could trust that guy with that much money, he could sure trust him with more!

       24. IN LUKE 19:11-27 IT WAS ONLY POUNDS, ONLY 1/60 OF A TALENT, SO A POUND WAS STILL WORTH ABOUT $10,000! So when the one guy multiplied his 1 pound by ten it jumped to $100,000!--So the Ruler gave him 10 cities!--And the other multiplied his by 5, which made it $50,000, & he gave him 5 cities! But the other guy buried his $10,000!--In Matthew 25 one guy buried one whole talent, or $640,000! No wonder the Boss got mad!

       25. AND REMEMBER, IN THOSE DAYS IT BOUGHT A WHOLE LOT MORE THAN IT WOULD TODAY! I mean if you go by the devaluation of the Dollar since my youth, it's about 90%! In other words the Dollar today is only worth about 10 cents of what it was when I was a kid! So multiply that by another 10 & you've got another big increase, so that when I was a kid that much gold would have been worth $64 million! Imagine what it was worth in Jesus' day! I'll best it was worth billions compared to what we've got today--maybe $64 Billion!--Who knows? Anyhow, it was lot of money & the Lord figured if he could trust him with that much & he earned that much more, put it to profitable use, he could certainly trust him to rule 10 cities! Now he meant it! That was probably over a whole province too, you know!

       26. SO WE ARE GOING TO HAVE WHOLE TOWNS, COUNTIES, CITIES, NATIONS & CONTINENTS TO RULE OVER! And somebody has got to have the wisdom to do it! We can't trust the Worldly people. We can't even trust the people that survive the Holocaust of the Tribulation, Wrath & Armageddon! (TWA!) You talk about Holocaust, that's what I'd call Holocaust! Lump the Tribulation, Armageddon & the Wrath of God all together, that's Holocaust! And you take the people, even if it is two or three billion as most of the World's population of the good people, the ignorant, the simple & innocent who would be blessed by God, that's a lotta people!

       27. HE SAID, "BLESSED IS HE THAT COMETH UNTO THE 1335 DAYS!" (DAN. 12:12)--OR THE END OF THE TWA & BEGINNING OF THE MILLENNIUM! IN OTHER WORDS, IF YOU SURVIVE THAT LONG YOU'RE BLESSED! Nevertheless, they're still ignorant, still pretty dumb of God's ways, our God's ways, the God's ways of our religion. They won't have to say "know the Lord" then, as it says, "for all shall know Him," because He is going to be right there in Person running the World! They'll know He's God then! They'll know Jesus is God & is Lord, & "every knee shall bow & every tongue shall confess that Christ is Lord." (Phil. 2:10-11)

       28. BUT JUST KNOWING THAT HE IS THE BOSS DOESN'T REALLY EXPLAIN EVERYTHING & what all the rules are & the Law of Love & how to behave & how to treat your neighbours & how to get along with each other & have no more wars, if possible. There are still going to be a few rebels who are going to rebel & disobey. There are going to be a few who are given a second chance who are even going to reject it then! Think of that!--Going to resist & refuse to obey! Because the Bible says clearly in some countries where they refuse to obey He is going to withhold the rain, they're going to have drought & famine as punishment, chastisement because they're rebellious, obstreperous, recalcitrant, renegade nations or countries or towns or peoples of whatever they may be! (Zec.14:17-19) So it's not all sweetness & light!

       29. SO THIS IS WHERE THE SECOND PURGE HAS TO COME AT THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM! Not all the people got saved in the Millennium. But I believe there is going to be some kind of another rapture because God has got to get the Saved out of the World somehow before He burns up all the rest of them!--Right? Let's talk about the Holocaust. (John: Tribulation, Wrath & Armageddon, that's right.) Yes, I was saying it wrong at first, but Tribulation, Wrath & Armageddon, TWA, ha! That's a good way to remember it. It's not going to be "Trans World Airlines"--It's going to be Trans World, that's for sure, & we're going to take the Airline! But the Holocaust is going to be Trans-World, & we will be on the Airline!--God's Trans World Airline!

       30. TRIBULATION, WRATH & ARMAGEDDON! Well, maybe I made that mistake so I can help a few other people get out of the confusion & get it straight--TWA! That's a real good way to remember, it right? I mean we've had to change our ideas several times as the Lord showed us more, so it is no wonder that some of us are a little bit confused, including me!

       31. BUT I'D SAY THAT'S THE FIRST HOLOCAUST, THE WRATH & ARMAGEDDON, THE REALLY GREAT HOLOCAUST WHICH WILL PURGE OUT HE ANTICHRIST & HIS KINGDOM & FOLLOWERS & ALL THE WORST PEOPLE, THE REAL BADDIES!--Get rid of them & give the better people & the good people another chance, right? But even then there are going to be people who even see the miracles & see the miraculous people running the World, supernatural people like us & angels & the presence of the Lord, & yet are still going to be led astray by the Devil when he comes out of his hole, that ol' Snake, Serpent, Viper, Satan! Think of it! He is still going to deceive some of those people after a Thousand Years of Millennial training, brainwashing, re-education & rehabilitation, some are still going to revolt!

       32. AND IN THE FINAL BATTLE OF GOG & MAGOG THEY EVEN BESIEGE THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS!--In other words, some place where the Saints are all going to gather together apparently, & that I'm sure is talking about Earthly Saints at that time, not us Heavenly supernatural Saints! We don't have to run from the Devil, you know what I mean? We're in supernatural bodies & we can fly & get away & everything. But the Millennial Saints, that's a good name for them, will be besieged. They're still in their normal natural bodies, see? They'll be besieged by the armies of Satan's wicked at the end of the Millennium at the time of the Battle of Gog & Magog, & that's when God has to get those Millennial Saints out of this World somehow before He burns it up along with Satan & all his wicked forces!

       33. SO THAT GOG-MAGOG HOLOCAUST IS THE SECOND & THE LAST PURGE, you might say. There's the TWA purge before the Millennium, to give the good people & the best people another chance. Then there's the G & M purge at the end of the Millennium to get rid of all the bad people once & for all, even those who have had a second chance! So the people that get to Heaven by that time really more or less deserve to be there! I mean they are really saved & are good people. Who knows? I don't know whether or not the Millennial saints are going to have access to the Holy City, but I don't see why not if they are saved, right? But maybe there will still be some people bad enough to be outside, & apparently there are. (Rev.22:15)

       34. (MARIA: WILL THEY ALL BE SAVED THE SAME WAY?) OF COURSE, EVERYBODY GETS SAVED THE SAME WAY!--By Jesus! There is other way, no other Salvation, "no other name given under Heaven amongst men whereby ye must be saved!" Jesus is the only Way to get saved! He said, "I am the way & the truth & the life. No man cometh unto the Father but by Me!" (Jn.11:25; Acts 4:12; Jn.14:6) There is no other way, right? How can you ask such a question? (Maria: Because I thought somewhere you said in one of the Letters that you didn't know if they'd be saved in quite the same way.)

       35. WELL, WHAT I MEANT BY THAT WAS: WE'RE ALL SAVED THE SAME WAY. THERE'S NO OTHER WAY TO BE SAVED BUT BY JESUS. BUT THE REWARDS & THE CONDITIONS OR THE STATUS OR THE LEVEL IN WHICH SOME WILL THEN EXIST WILL NOT BE THE SAME. (Maria: Because I think you said some didn't have to believe it by faith like we did.) Yes, see, we have the toughest job of all, believing by faith. Now believing is seeing. In the Millennium seeing is believing, so then it is not going to be quite as hard to believe, & they are going to have it a lot easier to both believe & serve, because they won't have the opposition of the Devil & all the demons of Hell & all the very worst people that have been already purged in the first Holocaust, TWA!

       36. AND SO IT IS NOT GOING TO BE NEARLY AS HEARD ON THE MILLENNIAL SAINTS! Now there may be other ways of trial & testings, I'm sure there will be. But it is going to be easier to get saved, you might say, in the Millennium than it is now. Well, now actually it is just as easy to get saved because everybody gets saved the same way, not by works but by faith. "For by grace are ye saved through faith, & that not of yourselves, it is a gift of God. Not of works lest any man should boast." (Eph.2:8&9) So it is just as easy for people to get saved any time, now or then, as far as just getting saved is concerned, if they just believe.--But even believing will be easier then!

       37. BUT LIVING THE LIFE, THAT'S WHAT'S TOUGH! GETTIN' SAVED, THAT'S EASY! But then being a Christian & staying a good Christian & witnessing & helping others & managing to survive & all the rest, that's pretty rough, for some at least. God has been pretty easy on us, but we do have trials & tribulations & we have battles with the Devil & Satan's demons of Hell & Devil-possessed people & all the rest, which they will not have during the Millennium!--No curse, no Satan, no devils, mostly good people to deal with, all the worst elements purged & expunged & gotten rid of & in Hell!

       38. SO LIFE IS GOING TO BE A LOT EASIER IN THE MILLENNIUM, a lot easier on the people who survived into the Millennium, because after all, they are the most ignorant, the most innocent, you might say, & in some ways you might say the weakest. They will be the weakest of the Saints because they didn't go through what we had to go through, which makes us strong & sifts us & strengthens us.

       39. BUT IT WILL BE A LOT EASIER to live for the Lord & obey, because He is the Government! And they'll have supernatural help from all of us without any spiritual Satanic supernatural opposition! The only opposition they may get, & there will be some, is from the people who insist on going the wrong way, the Devil's, those who I would say are the final wicked.

       40. AS THERE ARE MILLENNIAL SAINTS, SO THERE WILL ALSO BE MILLENNIAL WICKED. Savvy?--And how large a proportion of them that will be, I don't know. It doesn't give any indication really in that 20th Chapter of Revelation whether those forces that Satan deceives are in the majority or in the minority. But judging by this present World, they could turn out to be the majority! Even after the Millennium maybe even a majority of the people will turn because they're still weak characters! See, they've never really been tested before. Here comes the first real test, Satan comes back to deceive the World again, & they fall for it!

       41. SO IT COULD BE THAT THE MILLENNIAL SAINTS WILL BE IN THE MINORITY. It says Satan's forces "surrounded the Camp of Saints (Rev.20:9), so it sounds like the Saints were in the minority to me, doesn't it to you? In fact, it looks like the Wicked were winning the victory, right? So the Lord had to come to the Saints' rescue & burn up their enemies with fire! So we may find that even the Millennial Saints are going to be in the minority! But anyhow, during the Millennium we've got a big job training both, teaching everybody & trying to salvage what we can out of what was left. Right?--After the first Holocaust, between the two Holocausts, before the next one, between the TWA & G&M--during the Millennium!

       42. ALL THAT TO SAY THIS, THAT THESE LITTLE JOBS OF YOURS RUNNING THIS HOUSE, LEARNING HOW TO TAKE CARE OF PEOPLE & THEIR PHYSICAL NEEDS & SUPERVISION, ARE ALL PART OF YOUR TRAINING FOR THE FUTURE IN WHICH YOU ARE GOING TO BE SUPERVISING WHOLE TOWNS, COUNTIES, COUNTRIES, CITIES, NATIONS, CONTINENTS & THE WORLD! So don't belittle it! Don't pooh pooh it! Don't minimise it! Don't underestimate what God is now training you for & how important it is!--Just me getting out there hammering away with a hammer showing you how to hammer, how to straighten bent nails or figuring out some of these little technical jobs & how to analyse a situation, how to regulate the ventilation or adjust the electricity or take care of the water, whatever it may be.

       43. YOU MAY FIND YOU ARE GOING TO BE USING SOME OF THESE SAME GENERAL BASIC PRINCIPLES TO RUN WHOLE CITIES! If the reservoir keeps running dry, like it did in Tenerife, you know you've got to have an extra auxiliary tank of some kind, & maybe proportion it just exactly like what we've done with nothing but out little tanks! Savvy? And if you have trouble with the water supply, you may just find that's the solution just like we solved it before, or any of the other little things, that may seem small to you now around the house, are going to be very very important, & the knowledge you learned, just this basic knowledge you learn in taking care of people & their physical needs & safety is very important!

       44. AND HAVING BEEN FRESH FROM THIS WORLD, YOU ARE GOING TO UNDERSTAND IT IN MORE MODERN TERMS EVEN THAN MAYBE THE BILLIONS OF SAINTS ALREADY IN HEAVEN, except for the ones who have perhaps been operating down here, like some of the angels, & are pretty familiar with Earthly scenes & earthly circumstances & conditions, because that is their job. But think of all the other people who have a lot of other jobs like ushering people into Heaven & Hell & training them up there etc.!--Not all the angels & all the Saints are down here on Earth supervising all of us. Everybody has got their job there just like we have here. So I'm sure the Lord can't spare all the angels & all the Saints just to take care of us on the surface of the Earth! He's got billions up There to take care of! Right?--And millions more dying every day who have to be taken care of!

       45. SO I'LL TELL YOU, THE NEXT WORLD IS A BIG JOB & THERE IS A LOT TO BE DONE!--AND THE MILLENNIAL WORLD IS A BIG JOB & THERE'S A LOT TO BE DONE! So thank God you're getting ready for it! He is testing you right now to see how well you take these little jobs & how patient you are, how willing you are to do the most menial tasks, carry the mop bucket or empty the slop or fix the sewer or take care of the garbage or wash the dishes or mop the floor or clean the toilet, or fix the fans or fix the water or fix the lights, all these little things that you have to do. God is testing you & even judging you right now about how faithful you are, how concerned you are, how loving you are, how willing you are to do the least little thing to help others & make sure that they are happy & comfortable & satisfied & that things are convenient & conducive to His Work.

       46. THAT'S WHY THESE LITTLE THINGS ARE IMPORTANT! They don't seem important to some people. Some people don't even want to do them! "Oh, that's too low for me to clean toilets or mop floors or do dishes! I ought to have some big important job!" Well, let me tell you right now, that may be the biggest & most important that some people can do, until they've been tested & found that they are willing & cheerful to do it & do it well before He can trust them with any more! Savvy?

       47. THAT'S THE WAY WE USED TO DO WITH OUR BABES IN OUR FIRST COLONIES. WE PUT THEM RIGHT ON THE LOWEST JOBS OF ALL, cleaning toilets, mopping floors, doing dishes, changing diapers, whatever it was, right? If they couldn't take that, they flew the coop! But those who survived the lowest, hardest, most menial jobs of all & were willing & sweet & cheerful & loyal & faithful & diligent & did it well & took a pride in their work, they soon won advancement, right? You found out if you could trust them with the littlest things, you could trust them with bigger things, more important things, that they would do those just as well, just as faithfully, diligently, cheerfully, thoroughly & well, right?

       48. THAT'S JUST THE WAY THE LORD DOES: HE'S PUTTING US ALL THROUGH THIS SCHOOL OF TESTINGS, TRIALS & TRIBULATIONS RIGHT NOW TO FIND OUT JUST HOW MUCH WE CAN TAKE, WHAT WE'RE WORTHY OF, WHAT WE CAN HANDLE. And He is going to assign the jobs Then in the Millennium according to your score card down here, what grades you made down here, right?--And what your talents are, right?--And your gifts & your skills.

       49. YOU'RE GOING TO GO UP THERE TO THE GUY WHO ASSIGNS THE JOBS, WHOEVER THAT IS, & HE IS GOING TO KNOW ALL ABOUT YOU, of course, & say, "Well now, let's see, I can trust you to run this town." Or, "I can trust you to run that school." Or, "I can trust you to supervise that city." Or, "You can be the governor of that state or that whole country," according to how well you did your job down here & what kind of experience you've had. Because it takes experience to teach you a task, to learn a real job, you know?--Not just because you had the training or the skill or the education, you've got to do it to show how well you can do, right?

       50. SO IT IS GOING TO TAKE THE PEOPLE WHO CAN DO THE JOB, & probably a lot of the same workers & leaders who are workers & leaders here now because they have been faithful & diligent, hard working & willing to suffer & willing to do anything just to make others happy because they love them, & they are good supervisors. They will probably have the same kind of jobs over there, only much bigger! Right? I believe it!

       51. WELL, THAT'S A SERMON I HADN'T INTENDED TO PREACH THIS MORNING when I started out just figuring out the temperatures & how to adjust to the weather! It just shows you how these little things are important! I am very very careful & faithful about little things, the tiniest details, you've found that out, right? I keep careful records of everything. That's another thing. God is going to need bookkeepers, the World is going to need bookkeepers & scientists & analysts & people to figure it all out & systemise it & analyse it & get everything organised. That is a big job, & we are going to have billions of people to take care of! Thank God we've got billions in Heaven to help us & millions of angels! Praise the Lord?--And the Lord Himself! So He is going to make it so it is not too hard for us.--Just whatever we can do. Praise the Lord?

       52. BUT OUR TASK THERE IS GOING TO BE PRETTY WELL JUDGED BY HOW WELL YOU DID HERE & NOW! What you get in the way of reward there & then & what kind of job you are qualified for when that time comes in the Millennium, will depend on how you did yours here!--Right? So he that is faithful in the smallest things is going to be made ruler over many things--ruler, think of that! If you are faithful in a few little things, He may make you a ruler over many cities! "He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in that which is much!" (Lk.16:10) That's how God looks at things--not how big your job is, but He looks at how small it is & how big you are to be willing to do it no matter how small it is! That's how God judges bigness.

              53. IF YOU ARE WILLING TO DO A LITTLE JOB FAITHFULLY, WELL & DILIGENTLY, SUCCESSFULLY, THEN YOU'RE BIG IN GOD'S SIGHT, & HE IS ABLE TO TRUST YOU WITH MORE. But if you fiddle around & waste time & waste energy & waste materials & waste people & waste money with jobs you do here because you don't think they're very important, even sometimes maybe bigger jobs, then you are not God's kind of big man! You're just a little fellow who doesn't deserve a very big job either Here or in the Hereafter! In fact, you not only don't deserve, you couldn't even handle it! Some of these people may still be cleaning toilets & mopping floors & doing dishes because they never learned how to do it cheerfully, willingly & well here & now, so they've got to back to kindergarten & first grade & learn it all over again! Think of that!--That's what the Millennium is for!--And that's what Now is for!

              54. YOU MIGHT SAY, "WHAT'S THIS LIFE FOR RIGHT NOW?"--WELL, IT'S TRAINING FOR THE MILLENNIUM!--And what's the Millennium for?--Training for Heaven! Praise God? So there you are! Well, that's enough said, I think. My goodness! I don't know how long I talked! I didn't intend to say all that, but I guess it was important! I've been thinking a lot about that lately!--Have you?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family