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THE ANTI-CHRISTS & THE ECONOMY!       6/84       DO 1783
--What's Next?--It Won't Be Long Now!

       1. THIS IS ONE OF THE [EDITED: "ACs"]' FAVOURITE TOOLS: THEY HAVE CONFERENCES OF VARIOUS KINDS WITH HIGH-SOUNDING NAMES FOR PUBLICITY! You can call yourselves anything if you want to--look at us!--But a skunk by another name stinks just as bad! They can call it the Council of Europe or they can call it the International Jurists Conference or blah, blah, blah, when the thing is nothing but a propaganda ploy by the [EDITED: "ACs"] to get publicity! Because if you have a big conference of a bunch of doctors or a bunch of lawyers or whatever--& they can always get them called up almost at a moment's notice if they need to--that's news! You can issue a press notice at the end of your conference of what you discussed, or even during the conference, & tell the world: "All these doctors or all these lawyers from so many nations gathered here & they're now releasing a press release that this, that or the other ought to be done!"

       2. THIS IS PROPAGANDA, PURE PROPAGANDA! These conferences have no authority whatsoever, they only have propaganda weight. But to the simple public who read the paper & listen to the radio & watch the news on TV, it sounds like something official, like it might even be governmental, so they take it for a lot more than it's worth. They figure that's the way things are.

       3. WHEN FAITHY WENT TO THE PHILIPPINES YEARS AGO FOR THAT SUPPOSED INTERNATIONAL LEGAL CONFERENCE, THE WHOLE THING WAS HELD TO BLAST MARCOS & THE PHILIPPINE REGIME! They wouldn't let anybody have the floor but [EDITED: "ACs"] & the ones who were in sympathy with their cause & who wanted to make the international Penal codes the way they wanted it, the way the [EDITED: "ACs"] wanted it & the way the guys running this Conference wanted it, & they issued the publicity statements, they issued the press releases. They had the whole thing under total control & nobody else could even get up & say anything!

       4. FINALLY ONE GUY GOT UP & GOT SO MAD HE JUST SCREAMED ON THE FLOOR & YELLED & YELLED UNTIL THEY FINALLY HAD TO LET HIM SPEAK! And some other people who were getting pretty fed-up began to yell too, "Let him speak! Let him have the floor!" None of the opponents could get on the program or get on the podium. Anybody with any different views were absolutely ruled out, they had such an absolute total vice grip & control on the whole thing, & the whole thing was designed to blast Marcos! The [EDITED: "ACs"] have hated him for a long time. What he did to them, I don't know, but apparently they don't like just the fact that he exists. And of course the fact that he is a Christian.

       5. THIS SAKHAROV DEAL IS THE MOST DISGUSTING, SICKENING THING! [DELETED] It's made front-page news time & time again that this [EDITED: "dissident"] is causing the whole world trouble! But you see, they harp on a thing like that & play it up & play it up & play it up for propaganda that the Russians are the villains, the Russians are these ogres, these monsters, the Russians are cruel, the Russians are this, the Russians are that!--Just using one damn dissident to try to prove it!

       6. GOOD NIGHT, IF THE RUSSIANS ARE AS BAD AS THEY SAY, I WONDER WHY THEY DIDN'T KILL HIM A LONG TIME AGO?--Or why didn't they put him in jail a long time ago? He's been sitting up, well-cared for in an apartment in Gorky. Even though they wouldn't let him come back to Moscow, they put him up in an apartment in Gorky where he could even see his family & friends & was well-cared for, fed & probably didn't even have to work, just to get him out of their hair because he was such a troublemaker!

       7. SO WHAT DO THE [EDITED: "ACs"] DO?--OH MY! NOW THEY'RE RAISING A GREAT HOWL! [DELETED] The Russians finally got fed-up with that & hid the two of them away, & the news got out, the supposedly false report that they'd killed him, & now they don't know what's happening & blah, blah, blah! But this is typical [DELETED] propaganda just to keep the pot boiling, keep it stirred up & keep stirring it up!

       8. A LOT OF THESE OUTFITS [EDITED: "ARE"] CALLED "SOCIALISTS" [DELETED] another name for Communists. In fact, in the United States you might as well say Communists as to say Socialists. The [EDITED: "ACs often"] hide under that cover even if they're Communists time & again, & a lot of places where they don't want to be known as Communists, they're known as Socialists. Of course now they certainly don't want to be known as Communists because Russia is Communist, even though they brought Communism to Russia. [DELETED]

       9. THE [EDITED: "ACs"]' FINANCIAL TACTICS ARE EXACTLY WHAT THEY PREDICTED IN THE {\b \i PROTOCOLS}. Do you recall some of the things? You ought to reread that some time. (No.1342) They said, "We'll have our banks loan these countries money until they're in debt up to their ears & then we'll foreclose on them"--or words to that effect--"until they have to say 'uncle' & be our slaves!" Well, I don't remember the exact quote, but that was the idea, that they were going to enslave the World by getting them into financial bondage to them & their banks, & that is exactly what they have done!

       10. AND NOW THEY'VE FINALLY GOT THEIR WORLD BANK, THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND [EDITED: "IMF"], ETC. They even go under several different names on that thing, so it's a little hard to put your thumbs on them. Like the Irishman's flea, they've already hopped over to something else! Most people don't know one from the other or what this is or what that is, & the [EDITED: "ACs"] kind of like it that way because they can always disguise themselves under some other name or some other front.

       11. WHEREVER THERE IS ANY MONEY YOU'LL FIND [EDITED: "ACs"], & IF A COUNTRY IS PROSPERING IT'S NO DOUBT BECAUSE OF [EDITED: "AC"] BANKING & FINANCIAL BACKING. Some Governments obviously haven't limited them locally in their business, because that's their most sensitive nerve! That's when they got upset with the Argentine government, when they suppressed [EDITED: "one"] newspaper [DELETED] & apparently were kind of clamping down on the banking policies & procedures down there. There was some big banking scandal I recall in Argentina some years back involving Eva Peron & her bankers that the government really clamped down on & those could have been [EDITED: "AC"] bankers.

       12. AND IT'S OBVIOUS NOW THAT THE [EDITED: "ACs"] & THE [EDITED: "AC"] BANKERS HAVE TURNED AGAINST ARGENTINA because, well, you read the Letter. ("The Trouble with Argentina," No.1053.) An extremely prosperous, indigenous, industrious country suddenly finds itself in financial troubles, & the [EDITED: "ACs"] are the only people that could bring that about & have got the power to swing that against a prosperous, industrious, indigenous country like Argentina, which is virtually self-sufficient in everything & has been thumbing its nose at the U.S. ever since I was a little kid! [DELETED]

       13. [DELETED] [EDITED: "That"] little English-language newspaper there in Buenos Aires, which was pretty well circulated throughout Latin America. They even sold it in Peru. See? With that newspaper they were influencing thought, propagandizing throughout Latin America. I don't know whether it got any further than that. I wouldn't even be surprised if it was sold in Miami, because there're so many Latins there.

       14. (FAMILY: PERU USED TO HAVE 45 SOLES TO THE DOLLAR, NOW IT'S UP TO 1500!) That's pitiful for some of those poor countries! You can bet your boots the [EDITED: "ACs"] are manipulating something somewhere & making money off it! [DELETED]


       16. THE [EDITED: "ACs"] TAKE THE LEAD, THEY'RE AGGRESSIVE, & THEY'RE SO SMART & THEY MAKE SO MUCH MONEY--UP INTO THE BILLIONS & BILLIONS--THAT THEY'VE GOT THE WORLD BY THE THROAT NOW! I don't have to go into the whole detail, I think you know pretty much how they did it. The commercial & private banks saw these big-money-boy [EDITED: "ACs"] & all their banks, World Bank, government banks, loaning lavishly, all these billions of dollars to these poor little countries, so they thought, "My goodness, if they think they're such good risks, why, we'll loan them money too! Those guys usually know what they're doing, I guess we ought to do the same. Somebody is going to make a mint & clean up here!" So they even got the big commercial banks, that weren't [DELETED] weren't under their control & weren't World Bank or IMF & persuaded them to loan billions of dollars to all these countries too, & now some of those banks are failing because they did, because they don't have the [EDITED: "ACs"] to back them!

       17. THEY KNEW THAT IT WAS GOING TO MAKE THESE [EDITED: "OTHER"] BANKS EVENTUALLY GO TO THE WALL, because nobody ever has as much money as the [EDITED: "ACs"] who run the governments & who can just print the money whenever they want it! So they knew that this was going to run the commercial, private [DELETED] banks up to the wall & broke when finally the countries couldn't pay, & then they'd have it all, because they handle the loans & all the rest & they could just foreclose on these other banks & they'd soon have not only the World, but all of the banks & all of it, exactly what they predicted in the Protocols!: "We will lend to the countries until they cannot pay & then they'll be our slaves!"--Words to that effect.

       18. I RECEIVED A NOTE FROM SOMEONE ABOUT THAT CHICAGO CONTINENTAL WHICH HAS JUST GONE BROKE, I THINK THE SEVENTH LARGEST BANK IN THE STATES. (WND 38 pg.21) In fact, there are rumours around that Hanover Trust in New York is going too! All this was predicted long ago & I gave it to you even from the book that was written called The Crash of '79. (No.762) The guy was just a little premature. He didn't realise how many different safeguards & fail-safes & brakes & different things that the governments had put on banks to try to prevent this sort of thing, so it's taken a little bit longer for the [EDITED: "ACs"] to effect it.

       19. BUT THE WAY THEY HAVE DONE IT, OF COURSE, IS PRIMARILY, SIMPLY BY WHAT THE SCRIPTURE SAYS: "THE BORROWER IS SERVANT TO THE LENDER!" (Prov.22:7) The actual translation there is "slave to the lender." They have gotten the whole World into their financial slavery! They knew they could make slaves out of the World by forcing these loans on them & insisting on it, & the poor little countries were happy to have all this money just showered on them! Now they're cracking down! They knew the people wouldn't be able to pay it back, & they are now dictating to the countries their internal policies & economic policies & telling them exactly what to do about their government, their industry, their finances, their banks, everything! They are running these governments!--By money pressure!

       20. MONEY TALKS, MONEY WALKS, MONEY FIGHTS & MONEY CONTROLS IN THIS PARTICULAR ECONOMIC SYSTEM, & they are ruling the World financially & have made slaves of these countries, particularly the poor countries first, of course! But they're working out their purpose even with the big banks of the West who have made loans, who were not wise & thought the [EDITED: "ACs"] must be right & so they loaned them money. Now they're going broke!--And the U.S. will soon be the biggest debtor!

       21. SEE HOW CLEVER THEY ARE? THEY'VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING, AS THE OLD SONG GOES!--In fact, they've got the World in a noose! They don't care about these big banks going broke & bankrupt, even if some of them are [EDITED: "there own"]! "If some [DELETED] weren't smart enough to know what to do, let them close, then we'll have it all!" So that's what they're doing.

       22. WHO ARE GOING TO BE THE RECEIVERS?--ALWAYS THE [EDITED: "ACS"]! They're the big-money boys who have got the big backing & they are internationally-organised like the Protocols said, & nobody would believe them but stupid idiots[DELETED]! I've heard about that since I was a kid. I heard people lecturing on it & telling & warning us then. I wish I could remember the guy's name who was so persecuted by the Communists.


       28. THEY OWN ANY COUNTRY WHERE YOU FINALLY LET THEM HAVE FULL SWAY! They buy up everything, invest in everything & they own & run the country! They own & run the United States & Europe & so on & so on, & probably Russia & China too! They used to run Cuba & a lot of other places, such as the Philippines. But that guy, Marcos, he was stubborn & apparently he just would not let them take over. He made them mad to begin with by kicking out [EDITED: "some foreign AC"] businessmen & insisting that Filipinos own the businesses there. This is one reason the U.S. is so mad at Cuba.

       29. DID YOU KNOW THAT THE U.S. & THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IMMEDIATELY RECOGNISED THE CASTRO GOVERNMENT WHEN IT FIRST TOOK OVER? Everybody was saying, "Hurrah! Hurrah! Cuba is free!"--Because they knew what a rotter Batista was & what a corrupt, rotten, cruel, despotic, totalitarian, dictatorial government he had! Batista was virtually run by the Mafia & the Mafia ran & owned Cuba then, except for some of its big business. The Mafia hadn't gotten into big business yet then, but the big U.S. [DELETED] businessmen owned all the big businesses down there. They owned the utilities, the big sugar plantation, they owned Cuba lock-stock-&-barrel--not the poor Cubans! You say, "Well, the U.S. had a right to own it! They beat Spain in a war & got Cuba." Well, they used that right & they took it over & they owned it & ran it & made the money while the poor Cubans were starving!

       30. THIS IS WHY CASTRO WAS FIGHTING BATISTA! HE WANTED TO KICK BATISTA OUT SO THE CUBANS COULD TAKE OVER THEIR OWN COUNTRY & get fair wages instead of only working in the cane harvest for four months out of the year & starving the rest of the time! He was rich as a little boy living on his father's huge sugar cane plantation of 4,000 acres, but when he played with those poor little Cuban labourers' kids & saw how they suffered & how little they had to eat & what poor clothes they had & how they were starving--& during the hard parts of the year when there was no cane harvest they didn't get paid--he determined he was going to do something about it when he grew up!

       31. SO HE DECIDED THE FIRST THING TO DO WAS TO BECOME A POLITICIAN, & THE WAY YOU DO THAT IS YOU USUALLY BECOME A LAWYER--SO HE DID! He became a lawyer & an outstanding politician & opponent of the Batista government & got thrown in prison for it several times. He led the Opposition to Batista & finally got run off into the woods & up into the hills, the Sierra Madre they call it, I think. Until finally he had enough power & enough backing & the majority of the Cuban people were with him & they eventually marched on Havana. By this time dear Batista had seen which way the wind was blowing & had deposited several billion dollars of gold in Daytona Beach banks, had bought a huge palatial mansion there, & he just took his wife & kids & flew off to Daytona Beach!--And that was the end of Batista, he retired in luxury. Some of those guys who tried that got assassinated, like Somoza of Nicaragua.

       32. WELL, THE U.S. WAS ALL FOR CASTRO'S TAKEOVER AT FIRST, THEY THOUGHT IT WAS GREAT & IMMEDIATELY RECOGNISED HIS GOVERNMENT! Now that they'd gotten rid of Batista who had been this sort of businessman & a dictator & who they'd sort of had to kowtow to & his will down there, the U.S. thought, "Now, we've really got Cuba! This Castro boy is going to do whatever we tell him to do! We've gotten rid of this tough egg, this Mafia guy Batista, & this little upstart Castro is nobody! He certainly knows who runs things & he'll do what we say!"--Instead of that he threw them all out!

       33. HE NATIONALISED THE BANKS, THE UTILITIES, THE INDUSTRIES, EVERYTHING, & SPLIT THE BIG PLANTATIONS & GAVE THEM TO THE POOR! He built hospitals, clinics, schools, & anybody who had been paying rent for 10 years, he said the place was theirs, & he turned the whole caboodle over to the Cuban people! You couldn't persuade the poor of Cuba to hate Castro, they love him! They'd die for him!--In fact, some of them did!

       34. SO THOSE [DELETED] BUSINESSMEN WHO HAD OWNED CUBA GOT RUN OUT & WERE FURIOUS & TURNED THE U.S. GOVERNMENT AGAINST CUBA & CASTRO, & AT THAT TIME CASTRO WAS NOT A COMMUNIST!--HE WAS HARDLY EVEN A SOCIALIST! His brother Raul, the Defense Minister, was sort of a Communist sympathiser & his cousin Che Guevara was an outright Communist, so of course they probably had a lot of pressure & influence on him. At worst you'd say maybe Castro was sort of Socialistic because he meant to rob the rich & share with the poor, which he did. For awhile the U.S. even had a Naval Blockade & a Trade Embargo against Cuba, trying to starve him out, which is another tactic. If they didn't actually use naval vessels to stop the trade, they just refused to let Cuban & American businessmen trade with each other.

       35. AND OF COURSE GUESS WHO CAME TO HIS RESCUE? With the help of Che Guevara & Raul, they persuaded Castro that Russia was their only hope, & that was their only hope! What could they do? I mean, the U.S. Government wouldn't give in, so their only hope was to turn to Russia, & Russia offered help to the tune of about a million dollars a day to support their economy & military, etc. As a result, they're the strongest Caribbean nation in the whole area today & are prospering & economically they are doing fine & their people are happy, contrary to U.S. lies!

       36. SO THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR CUBA BEING COMMUNIST! They drove Cuba into the arms of the Russians like they have driven many other Governments, including Nicaragua & other places into the arms of the Russians, into the arms of the Communists. They refused to help them & they tried to control them dictatorially with an iron hand, which the Latin American countries didn't like, so Russia offered them help & they went to Russia for help.

       37. WHAT DID THE U.S. TRY TO DO RIGHT AWAY AFTER THIS?--ANY MILITARY ACTION? (Fam: Yes Sir, the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 when all the people that had been supporting Batista & didn't like Castro went to the U.S., where they were armed & trained by the CIA & tried to invade Cuba.) In other words, it was a U.S. sponsored invasion using the rich Cubans that Castro had kicked out!--But they lost!--A fiasco!

       38. ONE OF THEM WHO LEFT CUBA WAS ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS, ARTURO PIQUE, WHO HAD LIVED WITH US IN MIAMI SON OF A MULTI-MILLIONAIRE INDUSTRIALIST IN CUBA. But he wasn't that much interested in money, he was interested in sports, one of the champion swimmers of Cuba. My Mother had met him while she was in Cuba & invited him to come spend a Summer with us when he was out of school, & he was a wonderful fellow.

       39. HIS FATHER LOST EVERYTHING, OF COURSE. Although he was a Cuban, there were a lot of Cubans who supported Batista, so they lost all that too. Finally Arturo was happy to get out of Cuba with his wife & four children with just their suitcases & only $5 apiece! I saw him in Miami right after he got there & he was happy as a lark! Well, he was always happy no matter what, but he thought it was going to be great to live in Florida, but I'm not too sure what happened after that.

       40. SO BY ITS STUBBORN, BULLHEADED, SATANIC [EDITED: "AC"] LEADERSHIP, THE U.S. HAS ACTUALLY LOST MORE FRIENDS & LOST MORE COUNTRIES THAN IT HAS GAINED! And now, of course, they're getting control of everything financially: "So what if the government is Communist, Socialist, Republican or Democratic or anything else, we're going to run it! We've got a hold on their lifeline, we've got them by the financial throat & that's it! We don't give a damn what kind of political colour they are, as long as we control them!"--And that's the U.S. attitude!

       41. THESE COUNTRIES ARE GOING MORE & MORE INTO SLAVERY & THERE IS NO WAY OUT! Does anybody know which two little countries of South America have already thumbed their noses at the IMF & said, "Well, we're not going to pay! At least not now, we'll pay when we're able." One of them declared a five-year moratorium on their payment! Ha! Bolivia is one of them, & what was the other one? (Fam: Argentina?) No, Argentina is still dickering. (Maria: Ecuador?) Ecuador! Good girl!

       42. TWO OF THE LITTLEST, TINIEST COUNTRIES IN LATIN AMERICA WERE THE FIRST TO THUMB THEIR NOSES AT THE IMF & say, "We're not going to pay! The terms are too hard, too difficult!" Many of these countries have borrowed so much they can't repay it, so now they've got to borrow just to meet their interest payments! And every time the U.S. interest rates go up another half-a-percent, they owe hundreds of millions more dollars!

       43. AND IT'S FUNNY HOW THEY HARDLY EVER TELL YOU IN THE [DELETED] AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS WHY THE INTEREST RATES GO UP. They say, "Well, you know, it's because of these high interest rates & the interest rates are going up." Well, you'd think the interest rate was something they couldn't control, that interest rates just raise themselves all by themselves! Who controls the interest rates? Who owns the money & interest? (Fam: The [EDITED: "ACs"]!) The [EDITED: "ACs"], the banks, the governments, etc., they're the ones that set the interest rates. It's amazing how they don't come out & tell you flatout what's happening. They really are hesitant about making accusations against themselves--not me! Ha!

       44. IT'S BECAUSE THE DAMNED BANKS & [EDITED: "AC"] GOVERNMENTS ARE PUTTING THE SQUEEZE MORE & MORE ON THESE COUNTRIES! They don't want to lower the interest rates. They want to hike them, they want these countries to be more & more in debt so that they're absolutely bankrupt & their slaves!

       45. WELL, THE LONDON CONFERENCE HAS NOW DISCUSSED THE PROBLEM & THEY'RE DIVIDED. THEY'RE SPLIT ON THE ISSUE. The U.S. Spokesman doesn't want to give the poor countries an inch, not an inch! He doesn't believe in liberalising the terms or lowering interest rates, nothing! He says, "They borrowed it, they pay!" But Volcker, the Fed & some wise financiers are saying, "Well, we've got to give them some kind of mercy of we're going to bring down the whole System!" That's what they're afraid of! They're afraid that if these countries start refusing to pay like Ecuador & Bolivia have, they might all take that tack & bring a Crash!

       46. THAT'S WHY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT WAS SO READY TO IMMEDIATELY LOAN MONEY TO MEXICO, ARGENTINA, COLOMBIA & VENEZUELA, TO SAVE THEM & SAVE THEIR BANKS. They didn't give a damn about those countries! They were saving their own banks & their own necks & the U.S. Government! Because if those outfits refuse to pay, down comes the whole System & the [EDITED: "AC"] tricks didn't work.--Or did they? Maybe that's what they want!

       47. BUT SINCE WE ALL KNOW THE [EDITED: "ACS"] ARE GOING TO WIN IN THE LONG RUN--VERY LIKELY, AT LEAST IT LOOKS LIKE IT--THEY'LL PROBABLY KNUCKLE UNDER & the smart ones will persuade the others that they've got to do something to at least keep the "slaves" alive to be able to work, because if you starve the slave to death he is not going to do you any good, right? That's how simple it is. You can understand that. They're making slaves out of all these countries, so what good is a dead slave? What good is a weak, sick slave that can't work? So they've got to make some kind of terms to try to keep them alive to keep them in tighter, stricter, more cruel bondage, absolute total control but alive & strong enough to do the work.

       48. SO THAT'S THE WAY THEY'LL PROBABLY WORK IT OUT IF THEY CAN, & IF THEY CAN'T, THEN WHAT WILL HAPPEN? Can anybody tell us? (Fam: The whole financial system will collapse, it will completely cave in!) The [EDITED: "ACs'"] big master plan of enslaving the World through money will collapse! But what if in the long run they should want that to happen? Why would they want it to happen?--Only why? (Fam: So that the Antichrist will come & pick up the pieces!)--Right!

       49. IF THEY CAN GET THE WORLD IN SUCH A MESS & even its present financial system which they created can drive the countries & the banks & everything to the wall & totally wreck the present monetary & financial system, this would then be the ideal opportunity for them to put into effect a brand new system in which they then absolutely, totally control with a World Government, World Dictator, World Religion & no more need of banks! He is the bank, he is the government, he is the religion & that is it, & that is the way it looks like it is going to go very soon!

+ + + + + + +

       50. THE WORLD IS GOING INTO A GREATER SLUMP & DEPRESSION THAN EVER BEFORE! At least some economists & some government officials are a little more a honest than others & are facing the facts that the World is not recovering & they're not making a come-back from this so-called Recession, & that they're getting into almost downright Depression!

       51. IF YOU'VE EVER BEEN THROUGH ONE OF THOSE THINGS, AS THE SNOWBALL STARTS ROLLING, THE FASTER IT ROLLS, THE BIGGER IT GETS, & THE WORSE IT GETS THE FASTER, until it's almost a nosedive like the Black Monday 1929 stock market crash & things like that! The whole public begins to see what's happening & that they're out of a job, no salary, no money & even the welfare runs out & the unemployment insurance runs out & the government begins to cut down on that because their funds are going bankrupt, even governments going bankrupt!

       52. IT REMAINS TO BE SEEN YET WHICH WILL COLLAPSE FIRST, THE ECONOMIC SITUATION OR THE MILITARY SITUATION. Of course the standard pattern, stand pat, for pulling out of an economic slump had been to get the world into another war, which always results in a huge amount of government spending & employment & higher wages & pulls them out of the slump--war, boom, bust! (No.H) Then to pull them out of the bust they've got to have another war which creates another boom, until another bust!

       53. I'M EXPECTING THE FINAL BUST TO GET INTO FULL SWING MOST ANY TIME, & IT'S GRADUALLY GETTING WORSE ALL THE TIME! It's only all these government programs & stopgap & startgap & all the rest of it that keeps things going as long as they do, insurances, etc., but when things keep getting worse in spite of it, the insurance runs out & the laws can't even handle it any more, then they've got to do something worse! It may be a funny thing to say, but let's hope the Depression lasts as long as possible, because I don't think there's going to be any Recovery but a War or the Antichrist!

       54. AS THINGS GO ALONG IT'S GOING TO GET EVEN TIGHTER FINANCIALLY ON THE GENERAL ECONOMIC FRONT & I DON'T EXPECT THINGS TO GET VERY MUCH BETTER! I'm just thankful we've been able to really roll for awhile & really go, & I want to keep going full blast & even faster with what we can as fast as we can right now while we have a chance.

       55. YOU SAY, "WELL WHERE'S YOUR FAITH? IT SOUNDS LIKE A PRETTY DISMAL, DISCOURAGING BLACK PICTURE?" No, I expect the Lord to keep us going as long as we're needed, as long as we still need to get some things into the hands of the soldiers, some more weapons & ammo, lit--the tools to do the job. As long as we're needed to keep that rolling, He'll keep us going & He'll keep financing somehow, anyhow, no matter what!

       56. GOD'S GOOD GUARANTEES ARE UNCONDITIONAL! The Lord will take care of us no matter what! He'll take care of His work, His workers, their support, their witness, their supplies, their tools, weapons, ammo & all the rest as long as they need it, as long as He wants to give the people a chance. Of course there always comes an end to God's patience regarding the heathen, when He figures they've had enough, they've heard enough, they had their chance, then He usually tries to get His people out before He detroys'm, & then you've got to move again.

       57. WELL, I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN THERE'S NO PLACE TO MOVE OR YOU CAN'T MOVE UNDER THE NEW WORLD GOVERNMENT, but we don't have to worry about that now. Today's today & now we're going great guns, & we'll fight the battle while we're winning & trust the Lord to supply the needs. PTL? So that's the way I want you to think about the finances.--Let's do all we can while we can, because it's gonna get darker, when we won't be able to do as much. We've never had it so good & may never have it so good again, so we have to plan accordingly & push accordingly or retrench accordingly, whatever. Amen? PTL!--What are you doing to finish the job?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family