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MORE ON THE FALSE PROPHET!       DO 1784       6/84

       1. THE ENEMIES OF CHRIST FOLLOWED EXACTLY THE SAME PATTERN WITH JESUS! They found that out in that persecution in Indonesia, the attacks followed the very same pattern as those initiated by the foes of Christ. First they tried the religious angle & said He was a blasphemer & said He claimed to be God, etc., but the Government just laughed at them & said, "That has nothing to do with us, that's your religion." So when they found out that the religious accusations didn't work, then they concentrated on the claims of sedition & treason & being opponents of the Government, etc., & that worked! Because even though the Government didn't want to do anything, they had to because the enemies threatened to report the officials to Caesar!

       2. AND THAT'S EXACTLY THE PATTERN IT FOLLOWED A YEAR BEFORE. The churches had tried to get them banned on the grounds of religion, but the Government had said their Constitution forbade religious persecution, so they couldn't. So that's why they cooked up this whole other attack that they were Communists, seditionists & insurgents, etc.

       3. BOY, OH BOY! I'LL TELL YOU, KHOMEINI IS REALLY HAVING INFLUENCE WORLDWIDE! Just think! They cooperated with the churches! The churches cooperated with the Khomeiniites to persecute us & get us kicked out! Boy, they're going to regret that some day! There're all going to regret it some day, but the churches in particular!

       4. I'LL TELL YOU, IF KHOMEINI SHOULD HAVE A VICTORY IN THE GULF, I DON'T THINK ANYTHING COULD STOP HIM! If he gains power over his own Islamic enemies like the rich Gulf States, etc., & gets control of the Gulf, I think all the dominoes would totter & the whole Islamic World would collapse to Khomeini control!--And that would just immediately spread Khomeiniism worldwide!--Everywhere you find Moslems, Islamic Temples & Mosques, etc. They would be under the control of Khomeini, & that's worldwide! That's in Washington, Rome, everywhere! Everywhere! They would have cells or units then in almost every country in the World with worldwide power!--If Khomeini gets control of worldwide Islam!--And it looks like that's the way he is headed!

       5. IF HE WINS IN THE GULF WAR & CONQUERS IRAQ & THE GULF STATES, IT WOULD TAKE A LOT TO STOP HIM. And the way the U.S. is acting now, they are chickening out just like they did in Lebanon. They don't want to go to bat for Saudi Arabia or the Gulf States. And you know why!--Because the [EDITED: "ACs"] don't want them to! The [EDITED: "ACs"] think that if Iran wins it will defeat their Arab enemies. The Israelis have been helping Iran, furnishing arms & everything, spare parts, technicians & whatnot. And I could tell by the [EDITED: "AC"] newspaper that they are definitely anti-Iraq, but they are kind of careful about what they say about Iran.

       6. THE ISRAELIS ARE HOPING, I THINK, THAT IRAN WILL LICK IRAQ & THE GULF STATES, WHICH ARE THE HEADS OF THE ARAB STATES of the World, so that it will weaken their enemies & their Opposition, & then they can turn around & trounce them! Well, we'll see. It's possible. The [EDITED: "ACs"], as they are coming into World power, just might let Iran overrun the Islamic World & the Arab States.--And then if Khomeini is in power, they could make some kind of a deal just like the Antichrist does with the False Prophet!

       7. SO IF THEY THEN GET IT TOGETHER, IF THE [EDITED: "ACS"] HELP KHOMEINI TO LICK THE ARAB WORLD & MAKE ALL ISLAM KHOMEINIITE, THEY'D HAVE A POWERFUL TOOL THEN! And if they made a deal that, "We'll help you conquer the Arab States & the Islamic World if you will help us conquer the World!--And you can be our False Prophet!"--That would be a perfect deal, & that looks exactly like what the [EDITED: "ACs"] are doing!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family